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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Garland and Hot Spring Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Garland County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Garland County World War I Soldiers

Alexander, Albert
Alford, Charles A.
Allbritton, Robert L.
Allen, Lee G.
Allen, Lewis W.
Allman, Herbert S.
Anderson, Allen
Anderson, Arthur E.
Anderson, Charles N. Jr.
Anderson, Griffin
Anderson, James A.
Anderson, William J.
Anthony, Charles Hailas
Anthony, Jesse
Apostolopulos, Gus
Appler, Edward C.
Arapakis, George
Arnold, Doss C.
Arnold, Paul F.
Ashley, William D.
Athanas, Athas J.
Ault, Coil W.
Ault, Edward L.
Ault, Ethere W.
Ault, Roy A.
Austin, John
Aven, James M.
Bagas, Gust
Bagley, Charles L.
Bain, Dave
Bain, Louis
Baker, Connor W.
Baker, William J.
Bankston, Marion Z.
Banski, Floyd
Barnes, James K.
Bates, August
Bauer, George Peter
Bauer, Jake Alexander
Beall, Stanley J.
Beam, Jesse D.
Bearden, Frank J.
Beaty, Cyrus N.
Beavert, Art. C.
Bendix, Siegfried
Bennett, Lewis G.
Benson, Herbert
Berger, Harold R.
Berrow, Dean Jay
Berry, James
Berry, Rellis
Billingsley, Jordan
Birmingham, John
Biven, Hubert W.
Black, Ward M.
Black, William A.
Bledsoe, Earnest
Bledsoe, Edward
Blocker, Edmond J.
Blocker, John R.
Blocker, Okes M.
Bluthenthal, Charlie
Bolic, Johnathan L.
Boone, Lee R.
Boone, Sam E.
Boozoff, Maurice
Borchers, Charles S.
Bouehm, Martin
Bouic, William Garner
Bowling, William T.
Box, George A.
Boyd, Marion
Boyd, Willie
Boyer, Irving B.
Boyer, Irving Blythe
Bozeman, Ira
Brady, James H.
Brandon, Leon
Bratton, Willie R.
Braughton, William D.
Brewer, Howell
Briggs, Herbert
Brock, Clyde J.
Brock, Darrel A.
Brock, John D.
Brooks, Alfred L.
Brown, Crockett B.
Brown, Dave
Brown, Dave F.
Brown, Frank Lee
Brown, James T.
Brown, Sid
Brown, Sion L.
Brown, Vincent D.
Brown, William J.
Brown, William Phillips
Bruce, Coatus Clarence
Bryant, John H.
Bryant, Walter
Buchanan, Lewis
Buchanan, Sterling
Buckley, Fred
Burch, Floyd E.
Burch, William Lee
Burchett, Oscar
Burgess, Dolpha C.
Burgess, James C.
Burrow, Lemuel I.
Bush, John W.
Butler, Mike
Byers, Willis C.
Byrd, Hugh
Cain, Willie I.
Caldwell, Charles B.
Caldwell, David J.
Caldwell, William E.
Callihan, Wilber Jr.
Campbell, James Otto
Carmody, Thomas
Carpenter, Audie
Carpenter, Edward L.
Carpenter, John H.
Carpenter, Leonard
Carpenter, Oscar W.
Carr, Otto N.
Carter, John
Cartney, Clarence W.
Casselberry, Luther A.
Cassell, James W.
Cearley, Clement W.
Cearley, John L.
Cearley, Lon A.
Chambers, John T.
Chew, Preston S.
Childers, Walter M.
Clack, John Herbert S.
Claridy, Harold
Clark, Cecil L.
Clark, Henry
Clark, Louis H.
Clark, Sam
Clayton, Albertus Jr.
Clifton, Joseph G.
Cobb, Junie C.
Cochran, Harry S.
Cochran, Temperance
Cockman, Benjamin
Cockman, John F.
Coker, John Hood
Cokes, Hubert L.
Coleman, James Arthur
Coleman, Robert Owen
Collier, James W.
Collings, Benjamin P.
Collings, Herbert S.
Collins, Ernest G.
Compton, Oscar
Connally, Charles M.
Connell, Wade P.
Cook, Abner H.
Cook, Carlton C.
Cooks, Joe
Cooper, Lewis D.
Cooper, Rice
Corrington, Cale
Corssfield, Marion [should this be Crossfield?]
Couch, Harvey W.
Couch, Wiley O.
Counts, Alfonso
Cox, Everett O.
Cozart, William David
Crane, Ernest J.
Craven, Josh
Cravens, Mack
Crawford, James Noah
Crews, Henry H.
Croom, Fred H.
Crosby, Henry Elmer
Crosby, Roy L.
Crossan, Howard H.
Cruey, William P.
Crutchfield, Harrison
Crutchfield, Randolph
Cunningham, Allen
Curry, Wesley
Dalton, Lewis H.
Dalton, William Andrew
Daly, David W.
Davidson, Elmer
Davies, Allen Thurman
Davis, Chester Vilas
Davis, Don L.
Davis, Frank Gilbert
Davis, Mack R.
Davis, Otto Edward
Davis, Raymond B.
Davis, Willie
Day, Warren F.
Dean, George
Deaton, Willis Vander
Devanny, John
Dickson, Calvin H.
Dicus, Leon E.
Diemer, Frederick E.
Diez, Samuel Max
Dill, Aaron M. Jr.
Dillard, Obert Elmer
Dillard, William F.
Disheroon, Roy
Dismuke, Bryan G.
Dodson, Leo C.
Dodson, Lynn W.
Donaho, Evin H.
Donohue, Henry W.
Douthit, Arthur A.
Drake, Robert
Drury, Bernard
DuVall, George
DuVall, McKinley
Dugan, Daniel E.
Dugan, Henry
Dugan, James
Duncan, James M.
Duncan, Robert C.
Dunn, Floyd A.
Durfield, Cecil
Echols, James H.
Eddleman, Minor C.
Edds, Jesse M.
Edgin, George Thomas
Edwards, Daniel W.
Edwards, Eugene
Edwards, Jack S.
Edwards, Jackson S.
Eisele, Garnett Martin
Elam, Edward C.
Elliott, Roscoe B.
Ellis, Ernest Cedric
Ellis, George W.
Ellis, Joe R.
Ellis, Leonard R.
Ellis, Richard C.
Ellis, Walter P.
Ellison, Jessie E.
Ellsworth, Frank Van P.
Elrod, James Ather
English, Ernest
Erwin, Harry C.
Evans, Frank L.
Evans, Gilbert
Evans, Oatum E.
Ewing, William A.
Ezell, Fred W.
Fagans, Earnest
Faris, William R.
Felts, Ernest E.
Ferguson, John
Fickle, Floyd F.
Fielding, Charles C.
Fielding, John H.
Fields, Dewey S.
Figg, Harry F.
Finley, Theodore F.
Fisher, Charles P.
Fisher, Fred
Fisher, George W.
Fisher, James B.
Fisk, Jim
Flanakin, Rural Kirkwood
Flannigan, Buren
Flemister, Louis C.
Flessner, Wert H.
Fletcher, Merrill E.
Flowers, Will
Foote, Wilburt W.
Ford, Lonnie Lee
Fox, Charles E.
Fox, Willie Albert
Franklin, William R.
Franklin, Yancie L.
Franks, Barney F.
Freeman, James T.
Freeman, William Earl
Frisby, Arthur D.
Fryson, Garland J.
Fuller, James L.
Fulton, George A.
Fulton, Jim
Galentine, Norman E. Jr.
Gallaher, Samuel E.
Gardner, Joe W.
Garner, Jesse A.
Garner, Loransy Dow
Garner, Toy E.
Gartenberg, Lee
Gassett, Willie Thomas
Gay, Emmett
Geter, William H.
Geurin, Holbert H.
Gibbs, Lee L.
Gilham, Herman
Gillenwater, James L.
Gillenwater, William F.
Gillespie, Robert W.
Gillewater, Walter D.
Gillham, Charles H.
Gillham, Phillip G.
Gilliam, Jesse James
Gillian, Patrick J.
Gladson, Clarence
Glenn, Freddie H.
Glidewell, Finis
Glidewell, Fred H.
Glidewell, Willie
Glover, John D.
Glover, Nelson C.
Glover, Rudolph Leslie
Godbehere, Lucien Clyde
Godwin, Henry Albert
Godwin, Henry Alfred
Godwin, James A.
Gold, Max E.
Golden, Jack
Goldstein, Percy Arthur
Goodwin, Hosea T.
Goslee, John M.
Gossett, Frank
Gossett, Otto C.
Graham, Frank
Grammer, Flournoy E.
Graves, Charles C.
Graves, Ernest D.
Graves, Frank
Graves, Ward R.
Gray, Clifford
Green, Alonzo M.
Green, George Ezell
Green, Leon
Greene, Harry H.
Greer, Harry M.
Gregory, Charlie H.
Griffee, Arthur Willette
Griffin, Charles W.
Grigsby, Vernon
Guest, James Joseph
Guinn, James H.
Guinn, Nelson
Guinn, Paul
Gullett, Leonard Franklin
Guy, John
Hackett, Curtis F.
Hain, Andrew
Hale, Grover B.
Haley, John W.
Haley, Lee
Hall, Carlie
Hall, George W.
Hall, John W.
Hall, Walter (J.W.)
Hallman, Jay G.
Hamilton, Samuel E.
Hampton, Ernest E.
Hampton, Ernest E.
Hanna, Andrew D.
Harden, William
Harding, Jabez C.
Harman, Joseph M.
Harper, Aaron
Harrell, Ramon L.
Harrell, Raymon Louis
Harries, Abe
Harris, Blaine
Harris, Craven F.
Harris, Harvey Hollen
Harris, Lee H.
Harris, Robert
Harrison, Ben
Harvey, Edward Carson
Harvey, Harm
Head, Frank B.
Hebert, Gaston A.
Hebert, Walter Jones
Hefley, Willie
Helms, Ernest
Helms, William M.
Henderson, Leo Hartman
Hendricks, Carl T.
Hendrix, James C.
Herron, Jessie
Hickman, James M.
Hicks, Delmar H.
Hicks, Elmer Francis
Higdon, Ernest
Higgins, Harry
Hildreth, Rex L.
Hill, Dock E.
Hill, Edward G.
Hill, Fred
Hill, Walter F.
Hill, William D.
Hilliard, Lee General
Hilliard, William G. Jr.
Hillman, Charles W.
Hines, Roy
Hinkle, Berry H.
Hinkle, Edwin Booth
Hinshaw, Willie B.
Hobby, Kelsey Rass
Hobgood, John W.
Hofrichter, Martin E.
Hogaboom, Gilbert E.
Holland, Walter
Holmes, Clinton B.
Holt, Harry
Holt, Thomas A.
Hooker, Howard
Horner, Charlie T.
Hoskins, James William
Hoskins, John D.
Houpt, Morte
Houpt, Oba D.
Houpt, Orie C.
Houpt, Sidney C. Jr.
House, Elonzo Frederick
House, Harry M.
Housley, Albert H.
Housley, Elza T.
Housley, Floyd Amanuel
Houston, James Hollie
Howard, George
Howard, James Mitt
Howard, Samuel
Howard, Wilbert
Howard, Will
Howe, Joe E.
Howell, William J.
Howerton, John W.
Huddleston, Pleas M. Jr.
Huddleston, Walter S.
Huey, Preston D.
Huff, Clarence E. Jr.
Hummer, Forrest W.
Hunter, Ruben C.
Hurst, Calvin Anderson
Irons, George J.
Irwin, Hiram B.
Ison, Chester
Jackson, Alexander
Jackson, Alexander
Jackson, Floyd
Jackson, Joseph W.
Jackson, William Henry
Jackson, Willie
Jacobs, A.D.
Jacobs, Robert L.
James, Ben A.
Jamison, Robert Ather
Jeffries, E.C.
Jehl, Charlie F.
Jenkins, Alfonzo Everett
Jenkins, Charley
Jerwick, Harry D.
Jett, Andrew Jackson
Jewell, Clarence B.
Jobe, Frank H.
Johnson, Augustus R.
Johnson, Cary Frank
Johnson, Cy
Johnson, Henry W.
Johnson, Jasper D.
Johnson, Joe J.
Johnson, John Arthur
Johnson, John T.
Johnson, Nahor
Johnson, Nathaniel Franklin
Johnson, William N.
Jones, Benjamin F.
Jones, Charles P. Jr.
Jones, Elmer J.
Jones, Ferlander
Jones, Fletcher D.
Jones, Henry
Jones, Jesse
Jones, John H.
Jones, John Landers
Jones, John W.
Jones, Julian
Jones, Julian E.
Jones, Myron W.
Jordan, Fred R.
Jordan, Paul Howard
Jordan, Thomas D.
Jordan, William E.
Kacheulas, Sam
Kahn, Earl G.
Karis, Louis Athor
Katz, Felix J.
Kauffman, Wallace R.
Kaufman, Jerome Minor
Kaufman, Vivian Stewart
Kearney, Patrick J.
Kearns, Arthur E.
Keeble, Floyd S.
Keirsey, John K.
Kellar, James O.
Keller, Harry R.
Keller, John G.
Kelley, Daniel L.
Kelley, F. Dee
Kelley, Francis M.
Kemp, Abner R.
Kenifick, Richard P.
Kennedy, Clifton B.
Kennedy, Paul J.
Ketchum, Will P.
Kidd, John
Kidd, John E.
Kilgore, John Elmer
Killingsworth, Robert H.
Kimzey, Lawton
Kincannon, Gilbert B.
Kincannon, Marvin N.
Kincannon, William J.
Kindred, John O.
King, Nelson
King, Ossian Homer
King, Willie F.
Kirkpatrick, Clarence A.
Knight, Garland A.
Kraechan, Peter
Kranz, Harry T.
Kreuzer, Charles
Lacroy, Thomas T.
Lafont, Fred
Lafont, Henry C.
Lafont, Stanley
Laing, Mathew H.
Lambert, Reuben W.
Langford, Barry F.
Langford, Dewey I.
Lansdowne, Leslie U.
Large, Fred A.
Lauher, Jean E.
Lautman, Maurice Farvish
Lavender, Miles E.
Lawrence, Richard Lee
Lawson, Charlie M.
Lawson, William A.
Lay, John W.
Lazarus, Sidney L.
Leatherman, Leon T.
Leatherwood, Bowman B.F.
Lecroy, Gordon
Lecroy, Sam B.
Lecroy, William D.
Ledgerwood, Cecil Howard
Ledgerwood, William Hugh
Ledwidge, Cecil R.
Lee, George
Lee, Willis E.
Lemon, Richard
Leonard, Wash A.
Link, Percy C.
Link, Percy Charles
Little, Sam Jones
Long, Loyd E.
Long, Sidney
Longinotti, Leo C.
Longinotti, Leo C.
Louton, Floyd A.
Lucas, Frank C.
Lucas, Frank C.
Lumpkins, Murphy
Lunard, John Chas.
Lund, Alexander R.
Lynch, Benjamin E.
Macon, Phillips
Magby, Louis E.
Mahan, Alexander
Mahan, Clarence N.
Mahoney, Edward F.
Malone, Edgar Fisher
Malpasse, William H.
Manitaras, George
Mann, Charles L.
Mann, George
Manning, William B.
Manser, Dee
Marler, Jim P.
Martin, James E.
Martin, Jesse C.
Martin, Michael J.
Marx, Herman
Marzetts, Arthur
Mason, Will
Mathews, Ben Buford
Mathews, Benjamin
Maxwell, Earl J.
May, Joe
Mazzie, Joseph E.F.
McCabe, Rassie L.
McCafferty, James E.
McCafferty, Thomas J.
McCain, William
McCallister, Frank Renick
McCarty, Arthur W.
McCarty, Floyd E.
McCauley, Walter
McCauley, William M.
McClanahan, Arthur
McClard, Cecil V.
McConnell, Henry William
McCormick, G.G.
McDanel, Walter
McDaniel, James Coy
McDaniel, Sam
McDowell, Daniel B.
McDowell, Henry W.A.
McEachern, Norman M.
McEachern, Norman Murdock
McFarland, Ellis O.
McGinis, Buck
McGowan, Elbert W.
McGregor, Harry P.
McGrew, Alex
McGrew, David C.
McGrew, William D.
McGuire, James Eagle
McKay, James L.
McKee, Emory
McKee, Jesse A.
McKenzie, Ernest Monroe
McKnight, Charles A.
McKnight, William A. Jr.
McLaughlin, George J.
McLaughlin, Leo P.
McMiller, Alfred
McNaughton, James
McQuire, Jeff Davis
Meadows, Asbury Watkins
Medders, George I.
Meeks, Ulyes [sic]
Meeks, Wade
Melson, Jesse L.
Mendel, Ernest J.
Mendel, Hubert
Merck, Herbert N. Jr.
Merriott, Charles
Merriott, Elmer E.
Merriott, James Franklin
Merriott, James Willan [sic]
Merriott, John T.
Merriott, John W.
Merriott, Walker Lee
Merrit, Lyman R.
Merritt, Ray
Metcalf, Walter A.
Meux, Clarence D.
Meyer, Thurston B.
Midkiff, George Dee
Midkiff, John
Miller, Charley Clenton
Miller, Robert L.
Miller, William O.
Mills, Emery L.
Mitchell, Charlie J.
Mobley, Dan
Moon, McKinley
Mooney, Claude
Mooney, Herbert K.
Mooney, James J.
Mooney, Leo H.
Moore, James C. Jr.
Moore, Joe F.
Moore, Thomas
Moore, Verner
Moore, Wayne H.
Morehead, Robert Helder
Morehead, William E.
Morrow, William A.
Morrow, William Alvis
Morzettes, Thomas
Moses, Dennis N.
Moshier, John Henry
Mott, Fred A.
Mulinax, Jesse D.
Muncrief, David L.
Murphrey, Samuel
Murphy, Harry Gaody
Murphy, Henry
Murphy, Henry B.
Murphy, Samuel
Murphy, Willie B.
Murray, Guy T.
Murray, William H.
Myers, Govan A.
Nation, James William
Neighbors, Sam E.
Nelson, Edward A.
Nelson, Robert B.
Nelson, Walter T.
Newcom, Abram
Newcomb, Walter C.
Newsom, Thomas C.
Nichols, Raymond
Nielson, Joseph M.
Nooner, Wesley W.
Norman, John C.
Norman, Walter D.
Norsworthy, Jewel J.
North, Thomas C.
O'Banion, Fred I.
O'Brien, Frank J.
O'Neill, John
Oaks, John B.
Oates, Jesse Thomas
Obee, Arthur S.A.
Obee, William S.
Ogden, Jaems M.
Ohman, Carl G.
Orrell, James Thomas
Orrell, Robert F.
Owen, Roscoe C.
Owens, William
Palmer, James Allen
Palmer, Sam P.
Pamplin, Lawerence L.
Papadakis, James
Papas, Angelo
Papoulias, Peter
Pappas, John
Parker, Frank C.
Parker, Henry S.
Parker, Taylor
Parks, Grady W.
Parks, Guy B.
Parks, James C.
Partain, Elmer H.
Patterson, Francis D.
Patterson, Sterling William
Pattison, George
Pattison, Ray O.
Patton, Crofton
Payne, John
Pedigo, Herbert E.
Peel, Warren Richard
Pennington, Reubin
Perkins, William H.
Perry, William
Petty, Kirk
Petty, William
Phillips, Fred R.
Phillips, Lewis A.
Photopulos, William
Pickering, Roy
Pittman, Enoth T.
Pittman, Newit Warren
Poe, James S.
Pollard, Frank Claybrook
Pollard, Robert Watkins
Porter, Olie H.
Posey, Spencer B.
Poulopoulos, James S.
Pounders, Victor J.
Powell, Homer E.
Powell, Jack
Powers, Allen
Powers, Robert L.
Preston, Charles M.
Price, Carl Alvin
Prichard, Allen Courtland
Pruitt, John Alexander
Pryor, Robert L.
Purdie, George E.
Purdum, Ernest Alexander
Purifoy, Elisha
Putnam, Barney R.
Queen, Noble L.
Quick, Floyd L.
Quick, James H.
Quinn, Ernest
Radley, Vernon C.
Raley, Thomas E.
Ramseur, William H.
Randle, Robert
Randolph, Joseph P.
Rankin, Chace
Rapley, Juba R.
Rasberry, John R.
Rather, William Grey
Rauson, Ben
Ray, William Cleveland
Reader, Luke J.
Reamey, Herbert K.
Reamey, James S.
Rector, Lee
Redwine, James W.
Redwine, Pierce L.
Reed, George
Reed, John M.
Reeves, John W.
Renfro, John H.
Resor, Fred C.
Rhodes, George Lawson
Rhodes, Horace Huffman
Ribelin, Earl
Rice, Ovie Rae
Richardson, Henry T.
Richardson, James E.
Rieben, Harold Albert
Riggs, Elbridge M.
Riggs, Henry
Riggs, Robert B.
Rigsby, George R.
Rigsby, Henry
Riley, Roy
Roach, Dave
Roach, Sam
Roach, Will
Robbins, Edward D.
Robbins, Edward D.
Robbins, Jefferson W.
Robbins, Jefferson W.
Robbins, William F.
Robbins, William F.
Robbins, William T.
Robbins, William T.
Roberts, Boss
Robinson, Austin
Robinson, Joe
Robison, Oscar
Rogers, Clyde
Rogers, John D.
Rogers, John R.
Rogers, Kenneth B.
Rogers, Raymond
Rogers, Thad
Rose, Shelton Lee
Rosen, Morris
Ross, Bert A.
Rosser, Nicholas O.
Rouse, Edward E.
Rowe, Will R.
Rowe, William H.
Rowell, Arthur T.
Runnells, Samuel
Runyon, Franklin R.
Runyon, Franklin R.
Russell, John C.
Rutherford, David H.
Ryan, Claude R.
Rynders, Arnold D.
Rynders, Douglas
Rynders, Hobert M.
Sammons, Louis A.
Samuel, Otis
Samuels, Lewis
Samuels, Otis
Sanders, Jefferson W.
Sanders, Levi F.
Sanders, Thomas Earl
Sanders, William
Sanford, William W.
Sangster, Grover
Sangster, Robert F.
Sapps, Daniel D.
Savage, Elzy W.
Saylor, Calvin
Scholem, Jesse M.
Scholem, Samuel C.
Schrader, Henry Walter
Scoggins, James R.
Scott, Albert F.
Scott, Arthur A.
Scott, Arthur P.
Scott, Chirley [sic]
Scott, Manuel Espinosa
Scroggins, Yancie F.
Sever, Pete
Sewell, Cleo G.
Shackelford, William Franklin
Sharp, William F.
Shaw, John B.
Shaw, Joseph Velle
Sheets, William G.
Sheffield, Dexter
Shelton, Herbert M.
Shelton, Warren Brinkley
Shepherd, James H.
Sherrells, Earl
Shirley, Roy C.
Shive, Ivan Earnest
Short, Enous M.
Short, Ollie L.
Sigman, Virgil L.
Simmons, Grover D.
Simms, Bill L.
Simpson, Roy Virgle
Sims, Ernest
Sims, Sidney Lee
Sinclair, George
Singleton, Ivo F.
Singleton, Peyton A.
Sipes, Alfred C.
Sisney, Philip Edgar
Skirving, Elnora E.
Smallwood, George
Smith, Archer J.
Smith, Carl R.
Smith, Charles
Smith, Earl V.
Smith, Everett E.
Smith, Felix M.
Smith, Golder
Smith, Guy D.
Smith, John C.
Smith, John C.
Smith, John Henry
Smith, John Thomas
Smith, Louis F.
Smith, Matthew R.
Smith, Miles Burton
Smith, Ray S.
Smith, Wesley
Smith, Will
Smith, William Kate
Smith, William R.
Smith, Zeb H.
Snider, Warren Laws
Sparlin, Gee S.
Sparlin, Roy
Spear, Virgil
Speer, Dave M.
Speers, Elmer W.
Spencer, Charles H.
Spierling, Paul R. Jr.
St. Clair, John Wilson
Standefer, Edgar C.
Standefer, Samuel H.
Stanley, Lonzo F.
Stanley, Wm. F.
Starlard, Sam
Staton, Henry R.
Stearns, Dave
Steelman, Calvin
Stevens, Charlie R.
Stevens, Girley L.
Stevens, Waldo E.
Stinson, Grover H.
Stokes, William T.
Stone, Samuel F.
Stone, Walter L.
Stonebraker, Harlie A.
Stooksbery, Henry J.
Stout, Herbert C.
Strachan, Harry Morris
Strachan, James Boyd
Stratton, Alta J.
Stratton, Charlie H.
Stratton, Francis M.
Strong, Paul
Strong, Silas
Stute, Benjamin F.
Stute, Robert G.
Sullivan, Alvan De
Sullivan, William Edward
Sutton, Benjamin F.
Swain, Floyd W.
Swain, Will
Swaney, Arthur G.
Swaney, Jay W.
Swaney, Paul R.
Swayze, Frederick Alfonso
Swindal, Julius M.
Sykes, Albert M.
Sykes, Columbus J.
Sykes, Columbus J.
Tackett, Arthur Lee
Talley, Ernest G.
Tanner, John Henry
Tarkington, Grayson Emery
Tart, Roy C.
Taylor, George W. Jr.
Teague, Troy T.
Terry, Iore E.
Terwische, Adolph M.
Thomas, Clarence
Thomas, Matthew E.
Thompson, Loyd
Thompson, Murray G.
Thompson, Percy
Thornton, Robert Emile
Thurman, James A.
Tisdale, W.L.
Todd, James T.
Torrence, Willis J.
Townsend, Myron
Townsend, Richard Warren
Trammell, Lawrence
Trantham, George Robert
Tribble, Albert Henry
Triffet, Robert W.
Truman, John W.
Tschanz, Fred
Tubberville, James W.
Tubberville, Joe
Tubbs, James Alexander
Turner, Henry
Turner, William W.
Tweedle, Matthew
Vallas, James G.
Van Dyke, William A.
Vanderburg, James A.
Vanderslice, Thomas D.
Varnadore Earl S.
Vaughan, Arthur E.
Vaughn, John William Franklin
Vaughn, Louis F.
Vinsant, Walter
Vinyard, Otto O.
Viosca, James B.
Voege, Roy W.
Wade, Clive C.
Wade, Henry King
Waggoner, Robert F.
Waldrip, Paul B.
Walker, Kizer
Walker, Willie
Wall, Charles Allen
Wall, James A.
Walters, Thomas E.
Ward, Calvin
Warford, Jason N.
Warner, Lester W.
Washington, Joe Jr.
Washington, Sherman
Watkins, Richard F.
Watson, George
Watson, John E.
Watt, James
Weatherford, Walter S.
Weaver, Charles James
Weaver, Elmer
Webb, Charles F.
Webb, Jesse R.
Weddington, Chesley
Weldon, Richard K.
Wells, Emory George
Wells, Frank S.
Westbrook, Sawnie
Westbrooks, Samuel C.
Westfall, James E.
Wheeler, Dorsey G.
Wheeler, William
Whisenant, Louis
White, Erma L.
White, Harvey
White, John E.
Whitford, Albert
Whitford, Walter H.
Whitley, Velpeau
Whitlow, Leroy
Wideman, Andrew J.
Wilborn, George M. Dallas
Wilkerson, Herbert
Wilkins, Josiah
Willey, Clarence C.
Williams, Birkett Livers
Williams, Charlie
Williams, Ezekial
Williams, Walter R.
Williams, Walter R.
Williams, Willie
Williamson, Frank J.
Williamson, George M.
Williamson, Joseph H.
Willis, Elroy William
Willis, Joe R.
Willis, Mack
Wilson, Clarence E.
Wilson, Ed? [filed as William E., then lined through]
Wilson, James E.
Wilson, James O.
Winkle, Bennie B.
Winkle, Fred
Wisenhunt, George L.
Withem, George G.
Witherspoon, Elmer
Witt, Gibson Jr.
Womack, Alford L.
Wood, Robert V.
Wootten, John T.
Wootton, Edwin Hartley
Worferd, Clarence
Wright, Charles E.
Wright, Charles R.
Wright, Henry Tom
Wright, Jesse
Wright, Robert L.
Wunderlin, Peter T.
Youngblood, Ed
Ziegler, James R.
Ziegler, James R.
Ziegler, Louis Benjamin
Zoutes, Peter

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