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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Hempstead and Nevada Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Hempstead County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Hempstead County World War I Soldiers

Aaron, Walter
Adams, Henry R.
Adams, Leo
Adams, Luke C.
Agee, Claude M.
Agie, Willie
Alford, Claude W.
Alford, Hansel
Allen, Alpheus L.
Allen, Carroll Jackson
Allen, Currie W.
Allen, Horace D.
Allen, Victor Kirkpatrick
Alston, Edley Reaves
Amonette, Samuel E.
Anderson, Albert M.
Anderson, Arnim B.
Anderson, Arthur
Anderson, Bryan S.
Anderson, George H.
Anderson, Hiram Jones
Andres, Finley F.
Andrews, Perry
Antren, John Lee
Armstrong, Monroe
Armstrong, Silas
Arnett, Robert S.
Arnold, Allie
Arnold, Arthur
Arnold, Eley
Arnold, Hosie
Arnold, James O.
Arnold, Lee
Arnold, Walter L.
Aubrey, Clarence
Aurberg, George
Austin, R.C.
Autrey, John L.
Aylett, James A.
Aylett, Sam G.
Bagley, John W.
Bailey, Benjamin Valdes
Bailey, Olin C.
Bailey, Samuel Floyd
Bailey, Thomas T.
Bales, Joseph J.
Bales, Ross H.
Ball, Flavy
Banks, Dudley
Barber, Allen
Barber, William
Barber, Wylie
Barham, Thomas H.
Barlow, Harry R.
Barr, Jesse W.
Bates, Guy L.
Bates, James M.
Bates, Lunsford Guy
Batt, John
Beard, Arce
Beasley, T.A.
Beavers, Jim
Beck, Robert O.
Beckham, James L.
Bedforth, Leroy
Beene, Tandy
Beene, William O.
Bell, William E.
Bennett, James P.
Benson, Royal
Benton, Jona
Berryman, Willie L.
Bish, Gilbert B.
Bishop, Dannie H.
Bishop, Jesse E.
Black, Zannie
Blair, Cecil Clyde
Blevins, Auzie L.
Blevins, Ira W.
Block, Wilson Green
Bobo, Briant T.
Bolden, Ben
Booth, Edward E.
Booth, Harvey D.
Booth, Peter
Bowden, Alton B.
Bowden, Judson D.
Bowden, Paul B.
Bowden, Raymond B.
Bowers, Grant C.
Box, Jonnie H.
Boyce, Samuel L.
Boyd, Charley H.
Boyd, Clay C.
Boyd, Ernest H.
Boyett, Ruffin A.
Bradley, Andrew
Bradley, Henry
Bradley, Lawrence
Bradley, Samuel
Bradley, Sidney
Bradshaw, Leroy
Bragg, Perry Orlando
Breed, Clifton E.
Brewer, Yancy
Brewer, Zannie
Briggs, Essie
Brosius, Edward L.
Brown, Cole Y.
Brown, Elzia
Brown, Jasper
Brown, Jesse A.
Brown, Jesse E.
Brown, Raymond W.
Brown, Wesley
Brown, Will
Brunson, James
Brunson, Pierce
Bryant, William H.
Buchanan, Shirley
Burke, Homer W.
Burnham, Roderick D.
Burns, Dock M.
Burns, Oliver T.
Burns, Robert E.
Burns, Robert L.
Burrell, Craten
Burt, Sly
Butler, Robert H.
Butler, Roy
Byers, Lawrence G.?
Cagle, Alonzo Franklin
Calvin, Lee
Camp, James C.
Cannon, George C.
Cannon, William F.
Carman, Joe H.
Carr, James A.
Carrigan, Emanuel
Carrington, Mack
Carrington, Manuel
Carrington, Scott
Carter, George Benjamin
Carter, Jesse
Carter, Roy Bryant
Cash, James
Cason, Monroe T.
Cason, Will
Catts, Erwin C.
Chambless, Elmer
Cheatham, Arthur
Cheatham, King F.
Cheatham, Lee
Cheathem, Nal
Cheek, Clinton L.
Chism, Frank Lee
Christian, William Earl
Christopher, Tice
Citty, Burnie E.
Clark, Bill
Clark, Harry B.
Clark, Henry
Clark, Robert F.
Clark, Wiley Camper
Clemens, James P.
Clopton, Clifford C.
Cocke, Sammie
Coffee, Jack
Cole, Cornelious
Cole, Reggaer
Coleman, Holsey
Coleman, John Jr.
Coleman, Julius
Collier, Buffie Otis
Collier, DeWard
Collins, Fred
Collins, Fred F.
Collins, Sid
Compton, Luther Osborne
Conner, Charles D.
Conner, Marion
Conner, Samuel G.
Conway, Albert
Conway, David
Conway, George
Conway, Jake
Conway, James S. Jr.
Conway, Thomas
Conway, Willie
Cook, C.
Cook, Frank B.
Cook, G.
Cooks, Clifford
Cooley, John J.
Cooper, Archie F.
Cooper, Ellison R.
Cooper, Henry A.
Cooper, Herbert
Corbin, John H.
Cornelison, Harry C.
Cornelius, Jesse Roland
Cornelius, Roma
Cornelius, Terrell S.
Cox, William E.
Crank, Floyd
Crockett, Benjamin
Crooks, Jacob
Crosby, Landow
Crowell, Horace G.
Crutchfield, Charles R.
Crutchfield, Ernest L.
Cuff, Henry
Cullins, Dorsie B.
Cullins, Lawrence W.
Curry, Albert
Curtis, Floyd
Cusick, Robert E.
Dalton, Newton C.
Daniel, Henry P.
Daniels, Charles
Davis, Arthor L.
Davis, Henry B.
Davis, Kelsey A.
Davis, Malachi
Davis, Robert
Davis, Roy
Dawson, John M.
DeLony, Ernest D.
Deriso, Jesse M.
Dickinson, David
Dixon, Bennie
Dobson, Preston
Dodson, George W.
Downs, Forrest L.
Drake, Bynum J.
Draper, Monroe
Duckett, Ira H.
Dudney, Paul D.
Dudney, Sam
Duffie, J. Patrick
Duffie, John M.
Duffie, Simon
Duke, Talmage M.
Dunlap, Webster
Dunn, Elbert
Dunn, Samuel
Dyer, McRae
Ealy, Earvin
Eason, Wyrene B.
Easter, Charlie
Edmiastoh, Jewell D.
Edmioston, Ben Farney
Elam, Charles P.
Elkins, Eric S.
Ellen, James
Ellen, Robert Crittenden
Elliott, Jesse
Ellis, Fred
Ellis, William L.
Elmore, Terrel
Epps, Londis
Epps, Travis
Erwin, Charles W.
Erwin, Earl B.
Erwin, William H.
Eshleman, Ben
Ethridge, Frank Rice
Eubanks, George C.
Eubanks, James Clifton
Evans, Captain G.
Evans, Joseph
Evans, Lige
Evans, Robert
Evans, Walter M.
Ezell, Wallace Dean
Farles, Grover
Fellows, Frank
Ferguson, Elijah
Ferguson, Fay I.
Ferguson, Fay Ivan
Fezell, Odis
Finn, Arister
Fitzwater, James E.
Fitzwater, Raymond M.
Fleming, Frank E.
Flowers, James Henry
Ford, James
Formby, Clarence E.
Formby, Edgar F.
Fowlkes, George
Franks, Zackary G.
Frazier, William B.
Freeman, John Thomas
Frey, Henry
Freyburger, Herman M.
Friburg, Ollie
Fricks, Roy C.?
Frierson, Hays
Frontz, Louie
Fuller, Theodore
Fulmer, Harvey
Funderburk, Joseph B.
Furgueron, Grover S. [sic]
Galvin, Will
Gamble, Oscar
Gamble, Robert
Gamble, Tom
Garrett, Charles S.
Garrett, Orion
Gates, Charlie
Gauff, Conway
Gentry, James H.
Gentry, James Thomas
Gentry, Younger
Gibbs, Arthur
Gibson, Carter G.
Gilbert, Lee L.
Gilkey, Pears
Gill, Lewis
Gilley, James O.
Gilmer, Joe
Gilmore, Willie
Gist, Everett E.
Gist, James W.
Gladden, James L.
Glenn, Luke
Glenn, Roy
Goff, Willia Jr. [sic, Willie? or William?]
Goggins, Otho
Golston, John
Gowens, John
Graves, Lewis
Gray, Oliver
Gray, Tony
Grays, Jake
Green, James
Green, James R.
Green, John
Green, Oliver
Green, Oscar D.
Greene, John H.
Hadley, Ollie
Hall, Henry
Hall, Hugh B.
Hall, James
Hall, John C.
Halliburton, Ira
Halliburton, William H.
Hamilton, Claude R.
Hamilton, Dan
Hamilton, George E.
Hamilton, Samuel
Hamilton, Wallace
Hamiter, Forest W.
Hanchey, Carey T.
Hannah, Muldrow B.
Harkness, Dan
Harmon, Homer
Harper, Herbert M.
Harper, John W.
Harper, Wilbur W.
Harris, Eddie
Harris, George
Harris, Levi
Harris, Penn T.
Harris, Wynns
Harris, Yancy Cummins
Harrison, Odis
Hartsfield, Olen E.
Hatfield, William E.
Hawkins, Jessie
Hawkins, Ollie
Hawthorne, Gus
Hawthorne, Perry W.
Hayes, William
Haynes, Edgar W.
Hays, Dalco J.
Head, James M.
Heartline, Gus
Hembree, Robert T.
Hendrix, Elmore
Hendrix, Ray C.
Henry, Tully J.
Hervey, T.E.
Hester, George Bryant
Hickman, Ed
Hickman, Warren
Hicks, Charley
Higgason, Grady B.
Higgason, Leonard
Higgason, Thomas M.
Hightower, Osby
Hill, Bedie
Hill, Edmond
Hill, Motton
Hill, Rufus
Hill, Sporty
Hindmon, Ned
Hines, Charles
Hines, Henry B.
Hines, Leon
Hinton, George W. Jr.
Hobson Bennie (Col)
Holland, Clifford P.
Holley, Hoke N.
Hollis, Berlin C.
Holmes, Richard
Holt, Artrus
Holt, David W.
Holt, Edward
Holt, Ferd Goodlett
Honeycutt, Arthur L.
Honeycutt, Jewell J.
Hopson, John
Hosely, Coleman
House, Leo W.
Houser, Alden Cortez
Houston, William S.
Huckabee, George B.
Huckabee, Joseph D.
Huckabee, Oliver C.
Huddleston, Leslie F.
Hudson, Jim H.
Hudspeth, Boone E.
Hunt, Eddie O.
Hunt, Percy C.
Hunt, Victor
Huntley, Arthur
Hurt, Earl R.
Hutson, Ed
Irvin, Elmore M.
Irving, Henry Arthur
Irwin, Wallace F.
Jackson, Daniel
Jackson, Otis Sebastian
Jackson, Stonewall
Jamerson, George
Jeffers, Louis
Jefferson, Lewis
Jefferson, Louis
Jefferson, Oliver
Jefferson, William
Jenkins, McKinley
Johnson, Alfred
Johnson, Allison
Johnson, Arthur
Johnson, Calvin
Johnson, Fred L.
Johnson, Harold
Johnson, Homer
Johnson, James
Johnson, Jerry
Johnson, Lawley C.
Johnson, Lawrence
Johnson, Lazarus
Johnson, Lewis Carter
Johnson, Matthew Allison
Johnson, Richard A.
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Robert L.
Johnson, Roy
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Sidney Albert
Johnson, Timothy
Johnson, Wesley M.
Johnson, William A.
Johnson, William D.
Johnson, William F.
Johnson, Willie
Johnson, Willie
Jones, Bailey D.
Jones, Benjamin R.
Jones, Burgher W.
Jones, Claude Foster
Jones, Claude W.
Jones, Elbert
Jones, John C.
Jones, Stacy
Jones, Urbin
Jordan, Lucious
Joshua, Perry
Kaiser, John L.
Kearby, James E.
Keel, Arthur A.
Keels, McKinley
Keels, Willie
Killey, William Henry
Kindrick, William H.
King, Alvin
King, Paul G.
Kirkpatrick, Lonnie
Kolb, Allie Carl
Kolb, Melvin C.
Kolb, Odo E.
Lacy, James
Lacy, John
Laha, John
Laha, Miles
Landers, Benjamin Y.
Laseter, John W.
Lawrence, Charles W.
Lawson, Grant T.
Legg, James W.
Leverett, Clarence W.
Leverett, Edgar M.
Leverett, Elbert M.
Lewis, William B.
Linton, Wilcha
Lively, Dewey
Livingston, Clarence M.
Loe, Carl B.
Logan, George
Long, William E.
Lonyou, Joe F.
Lyons, Allie H.
Lyons, Roy Barker
Madden, James H.
Maher, Joe H.
Mangum, Wesley J.
Mann, Horace
Mann, William P.
Mariner, Albert G.
Maroon, Christopher C.
Martin, Alvin G.
Martin, Daiso
Martin, Weber A.
Martin, William C.
Martindale, Rufus H.
Mathews, Dennis A.
May, George
May, Robert E.
May, Robert Lee
May, Willie
Mayfield, Robert
McClellan, Albert
McClellan, Henry W.
McClellan, Onie E.
McClendon, Henry
McCorkle, Albert B.
McCorkle, C.R.
McCorkle, Charley Wilson
McCorkle, James T.
McCormack, Robert
McCullough, Bonnie B.
McCullough, Henry A.
McDonald, Isaac M.
McDonald, Ludie
McElroy, Clyde S.
McElroy, William
McFadden, Johnnie
McFaddin, Edward Fitzgerald
McGee, Willie
McGill, Henry
McGill, Will
McIntosh, Robert
McKillion, Albert
McLane, John L.
McLarty, Glen T.
McLarty, Thomas F.
McNeal, Owen Paul
Meadows, Thomas
Meriwethers, Harvey
Merrill, John W.
Middlebrook, Otto S.
Middlebrook, Tom
Middlebrooks, Forrest Otho
Miller, Charles V.
Miller, Jewell
Miller, Marshall Herbert
Mitchell, James D.
Mitchell, Monroe F.
Mitchell, Tom
Mobley, Charles L.
Mobley, Russell Reed
Montgomery, Carl
Montgomery, Jesse
Moore, Allen H.
Moore, Gray
Moore, Robert D.
Moorehead, Younger
Morgan, Claud
Morgan, James
Morris, Aaron
Morris, Thomas H.
Morrison, Charlie Jr.
Morrison, Frank
Morrison, Freddie
Morrissett, Carruth
Morton, George Washington
Moss, Arthur
Moss, Charlie M.
Moss, James
Mouser, Arthur
Muldrew, Walter
Muldrow, Blanch
Muldrow, Dock
Muldrow, Earl
Muldrow, Grant
Muldrow, Hosie
Muldrow, Otter
Muldrow, Sherick
Muldrown, Arthur
Muldrown, Esau
Mullen, Samuel Eugene
Mullins, Mack H.
Mullins, Olen
Murphy, William F.
Nash, George Washington
Neal, John B.
Neely, E.R.
Nelson, Calvin
Nelson, Charley
Nelson, George G.
Nelson, James
Nelson, John
Nelson, Mat Jr.
Nelson, Paul E.
Nelson, Sam
Nelson, Willie
Nelson, Willie
Newton, Basil Edwin
Nichols, Charles E.
Nichols, Don N.
Nisbett, Noel A.
Nolen, Proddia
Northcot, Jack W.
O'Brien, Paul Francis
O'Brien, William Joseph
O'Neal, Ernest P.
Oaks, Joseph
Oastler, Arthur R.
Oberlitner, Floyd C.
Ogden, Ceaser
Oldner, Noah
Olive, John W.
Olmstead, Joe A.
Ornsdorff, Melvin E.
Owens, Harvey G.
Owens, Lawrence Wier
Pardue, Floyd J.
Parker, James
Parson, Mack
Payton, LeRoy
Pennie, Mobeal
Peoples, Ellis
Perdue, Leo D.
Perkins, Mack
Peters, Alfred
Petre, Fred W.
Pettit, Dolph G.
Phillip, Chester J.
Phillips, Arthur
Phillips, Arthur D.
Phillips, Calvin
Phillips, Ed
Phillips, James
Phillips, James
Phillips, Robert R.
Pierce, David Washington
Pierce, Seab
Piggie, Ferdinand
Pilkington, Dan
Pipkin, William G.
Plummer, Harry D.
Poindexter, Charlie
Porter, James
Porterfield, Berry
Potts, Guy Thomas
Powell, Benjamin F.
Powell, George
Powell, Jesse W.
Powell, Samuel J.
Powell, William A.
Powell, Willie
Prator, James T.
Presley, Floyd Stanley
Presley, Luther A.
Presley, Ollie Franklin
Purkins, DeVal L.
Quillin, Berlin A.
Raley, Herbert R.
Rankin, Arthur Edward
Rankin, Street
Reeves, Pony
Rhodes, Colonious
Rhodes, Edward W.
Rice, John Turner
Richard, Dan
Richards, Carl
Rider, Silas E.
Robberts, Jim Terrell
Roberts, Oscar
Roberts, Willie
Robertson, Alvin H.
Robins, Leo E.
Robins, Rufus Benjamin
Robinson, Benny
Robinson, Charles E.
Robinson, Henry
Robinson, Henry T.
Robinson, John F.
Robison, Raymond W.
Rodgers, William Wallace
Rogers, Carl O.
Rogers, Grady
Rogers, Hansel
Rogers, Murry A.
Rogers, Preston P.
Rose, James W.
Ross, Carl C.
Ross, Ed
Ross, Thomas Earl
Rowe, Wallace W.
Rowe, William P.
Rowland, Mathew C.
Rowland, Willie L.
Royal, Eddie
Russaw, Gold
Russell, Martin Van Buren
Ryan, Jerry
Sampson, Archie D.
Sampson, Jasper L.
Sampson, Timothy
Sanders, Paul
Saner, Orlando Bryant
Sanford, Robert A.
Sanford, Tilden A.
Sanford, William Alva
Schmale, George D.
Schults, John Brooks
Schwab, Hobert McKinley
Scoggins, Ben Anderson
Scott, Bodie
Scott, Fletcher
Scott, Kensey
Scott, Walter
Scott, Will
Scroggin, Garret
Scroggin, Sividius
Seward, John H.
Seymour, Thomas H.
Sharpe, F.D.
Shaver, Robert Benjamin
Shepherd, Willie
Shields, Isaac S.
Simmons, Edgar
Simmons, Neal C.
Simmons, Oscar B.
Simmons, Thomas L.
Simmons, Walter
Sims, Charlie A.
Sinclair, Jay
Sloan, William H.
Smith, Adlie S.
Smith, Adonis Don
Smith, Claibourne
Smith, Commodore
Smith, Ed B.
Smith, Ed B.
Smith, Eligah T.
Smith, Henry
Smith, Jesse
Smith, Ode
Smith, Odis
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Will
Smith, Will E.
Snellgrove, Lester L.
Soil, James
Southward, Ben Grady
Spagner, Lon
Spears, Henry
Spence, Jim
Spillers, William C.
Spragins, John F.
Springer, Paul
Stafford, Arthur
Stafford, Ray
Staggrs, Anthony
Stamps, Ben
Stevenson, Edney C.
Stewart, Ernest M.
Stewart, George M.
Stewart, Joe
Stewart, Rhomelus M.
Stone, Sidney G.
Strange, Singleton G.
Street, Eugene
Street, Joseph L.
Strong, Carl
Stuart, Clay
Stuart, Cleburn
Stuart, Crit
Stuart, Eddie
Stuart, Grant
Stuart, Isom
Stuart, Jim H.
Stuart, Joseph
Stuart, Luther
Stuart, Robert C.
Stuart, Royston E.
Stuart, Sam H.
Stuart, Woodie
Stuckey, Isaiah
Sullivan, John Arthur Jr.
Sullivan, Otha G.
Sutton, Fred
Sykes, Silas
Syrons, Calloway
Tarter, Robert A.
Tate, Charles W.
Taylor, Alfred B.
Taylor, Arthur L.
Taylor, Charles E.
Taylor, Dandy
Taylor, Donald B.
Taylor, Robert A.
Tefteller, James W.
Terrell, Hollis
Terry, Henry B.
Thomas, Arthur Lloyd
Thomas, Brice P.
Thomas, Elisha
Thomas, Evert R.
Thomas, John R.
Thomas, Richard
Thomas, William E.
Thompson, Eugene W.
Todd, James S.
Tofteller, James W.
Tommey, William R.
Tompkins, Ben J.
Topps, Floyd
Traylon, Fred
Traylor, Fred
Trotter, Roy
Tucker, George D.
Tuggle, Browning
Turner, Claud
Turner, Clifton L.
Turner, Earl Cole [Earle C. on enlisted card]
Turner, Guy
Turner, Lewis
Turner, Ned Owen
Turner, Thomas
Turner, Washington
Turner, William A.
Turner, Willie
Twitty, LaVannie
Tyres, Ben
Tyson, Jesse
Tyus, Lee Arthur
Tyus, Louie E.
Underwood, George N.
Vaden, James H.
Venable, O.T.
Verge, John L.
Vesey, John P.
Vines, William Alfred
Wade, Arthur H.
Wade, Columbus
Wade, Ernest Lester
Wade, Winton Ulric
Walker, Arthur
Walker, Charles S.
Walker, Claudie
Walker, Elijah
Walker, Maymon
Walker, Moten
Walker, Robert
Walker, William
Wallace, Cecil Theopholis
Wallace, Charles Goldberg
Wallace, Lamar F.
Walston, Roy
Ward, Frank G.
Ward, John P.
Ward, Ray
Ware, Arthur
Ware, James D.
Washington, Bruce
Washington, Chester
Washington, Shelby
Waters, Johnie
Watson, Edgar R.
Watts, Henry
Watts, William A.
Weatherspoon, Isaac
Weaver, Bascomb A.
Weaver, Cecil E.
Weaver, John F.B.
Weaver, Robert Ellis
Webb, Claude E.
Webb, Everett M.
Webb, Harry S.
Webb, John F.
Wells, Edgar
Wells, Isom
Wesson, Eddie
Wesson, Harvey
Wesson, Hayes
West, Boston
West, Willia
Whitaker, Guy C.
White, Claude
White, Claude
White, Claude W.
White, Frank Ellington
White, James H.
White, Lester N.
White, William E.
Whitehurst, Ed
Whitfield, James T.
Whitt, Coyl
Wiggins, Charley F.
Wiley, Charley
Willard, Claude R.
Williams, Albert
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Arthur B.
Williams, David L.
Williams, Douglas
Williams, Floyd
Williams, Floyd
Williams, George S.
Williams, George W.
Williams, Glen L.
Williams, Henry
Williams, Henry
Williams, Henry
Williams, Hezekiah
Williams, Jesse J.
Williams, John
Williams, Lee
Williams, Louis W.
Williams, Milton
Williams, Robert
Williams, Roy L.
Williams, Sid
Williams, Virgil
Williamson, Calvin
Williamson, Clarence
Williamson, Lee
Williamson, Otto
Williamson, Savannah
Williamson, Sevier
Williamson, William S.
Willis, Bennie
Willis, Homer
Willis, John Ishman
Willis, Saner
Wills, Ezra James
Wilson, Claude H.
Wilson, Joe B.
Wilson, Joe H.
Wilson, John C.
Wilson, Johnnie
Wilson, Norman
Wilson, Robert Manton
Wingfield, Jim
Winn, Byron D.
Wise, Robert
Witherspoon, Bobbie
Witherspoon, Hansel
Wolff, Houston B.
Wood, Jesse A.
Wood, March
Wood, Marsh
Woodberry, Chester
Woodberry, John
Woodfork, Sam
Woodson, Ellis
Woodson, Elmer
Woolard, John R.
Wootton, Reuben H.
Wren, Blake W.
Wright, Charley
Wright, Jewell H.
Wyatt, Simeon M.
Yeager, Dallas P.
Yeager, Fred
Yerger, Mose
Yocom, Davy R.
Yocom, Ira J.
Yocum, James T.
Young, Dio
Young, Lee
Young, Luther J.

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