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Johnson County Census Indexes

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Johnson County, Arkansas, 1890 Personal Property Tax Book
By Johnson County Historical Society, ISBN 1-56546-208-4, 98 pages, $19.00

Without the missing 1890 federal census, we're at a loss to trace our relatives in that big gap between 1880 and 1900. Many years ago, Arkansas Genealogical Society asked individuals and genealogical societies to compile census substitutes from available records. Researchers interested in Johnson County are fortunate that the personal property tax book for 1890 is extant.

Johnson County, Arkansas, 1920 Federal Census
By Jimmie W. Dewberry, ISBN 1-56546-337-4, 413 pages, $46.00
Click here to View a head-of-household index to 1920

Johnson County, Arkansas, 1910 Federal Census
By Jimmie W. Dewberry, ISBN 1-56546-206-8, 368 pages, $39.00
Click here to view a last-name index to 1910

Johnson County, Arkansas, 1880 Federal Census
By Jimmie Dewberry and Doris Evans Dewberry, ISBN 1-56546-072-3, 305 pages, $28.00

These books are extremely helpful to researchers interested in Johnson County who find it inconvenient or difficult to use the microfilmed census schedules. This transcription lists most of the information found in the census records themselves: full names, relationships, ages, birthplaces, occupations, and reported birthplaces of parents. While there is a microfilmed Soundex index that includes Johnson County in 1880, it only includes families with children aged 10 and under. This transcription for 1880, on the other hand, includes a surname index to everyone in the county.

Johnson County, Arkansas, Federal Census, 1900
Compiled by Jimmie Dewberry, ISBN 1-56546-107-X, 440 pages, $45.00

Census records are some of the most valuable records genealogists use. This volume contains an excellent, accurate, complete transcription of the 1900 federal census of Johnson county. Households are listed in enumeration order and the month and year of birth for each person is shown. The number of years married is given for married couples, and for women, the number of children and number of those living is listed. The birthplaces of everyone are listed along with the reported birthplaces of each of their parents. The information is invaluable, but you can do more than just look up the names of all your family members and their relatives -- you can study the listings to see when and from where folks moved into the county. You can learn about migration patterns and family groups. If you have Johnson County ancestors, this reference work needs to be on your bookshelf.

Johnson County, Arkansas, 1860 United States Census
Compiled by Bill Hanks and Bobbie Jones McLane, ISBN 978-0-929604-58-9, 165 pages, $18.00

This compilation, first published in 1988, lists the households in enumeration order, with names, ages, birthplaces, occupations, and value of real and personal property. Even with online access, there's nothing like having all the data at your fingertips.

Johnson County, Arkansas, 1870 United States Census
Compiled by Bill Hanks and Bobbie Jones McLane, ISBN 978-0-929604-64-0, 137 pages, $15.00

This compilation was first published in 1989, long before the days of online access to original copies of the federal census schedules. This transcription, however, is still valuable because it presents the information in a different format, enabling researchers' eyes to catch something they might otherwise miss. It's in enumeration order with all the details about each family member.

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