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Name list from Index of Death Notices Appearing in the Arkansas Gazette, 1918

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Note: the book itself lists names, ages (when given), and towns from which reported; and the date, page and column number for the newspaper issue in which it appears. This information lets you look up or order copies of the news items themselves from a repository which has the Arkansas Gazette microfilm in its collection. When names below are listed more than once, it means there was more than one item about them in the newspapers.


?alfrbridge, Pvt. Clifford Beaugen
Aannow, Pvt. Theodore F.
Aaron, Cpl. Betram
Aaron, Lula
Abbas, Ehrabin
Abbott, Cpl. O. G.
Abbott, E. H.
Abbott, Mrs. Warren
Abbott, Pvt. James F.
Abbott, Pvt. Leon E.
Abbott, Pvt. Mike
Abbott, Pvt. Thomas H.
Abbott, Sgt. William L.
Abe, Cpl. Edward
Abels, Cecil C.
Aberalle, Pvt. Guiseppe
Abercrombie, Cpl. Lewis
Aberman, Pvt. Harry
Abernathy, Minnie Clibourn
Ables, John James
Ables, John James
Ables, Pvt. Crawford L.
Ables, Pvt. Robert A.
Abner, Ed
Abney, Mattie May
Abney, Pvt. George M.
Abrahams, Sgt. Clarence J.
Abrams, Pvt. Walter W.
Abremwitz, Pvt. Harry
Achen, Pvt. Glen L.
Acker?, Sgt. Orgie L.
Ackerman, Sgt. Lloyd C.
Ackley, Pvt. Charles L.
Ackley, Pvt. Earl L.
Acree, Pvt. Arthur
Acton, Mrs. G. W.
Acton, Pvt. Alexia
Acton, T. N.
Acuff, Cpl. John F.
Acuff, Cpl. Robert E.
Adalebach, Pvt. Harry Ben
Adams, Adult Female
Adams, Alberta
Adams, Allen
Adams, Andrew
Adams, Capt. John Carver
Adams, Catherine R.
Adams, Charles Follen
Adams, Charles Frederick
Adams, Cpl. Charles
Adams, Cpl. Edward J.
Adams, Cpl. James Andrew
Adams, Cpl. Jim
Adams, Cpl. Lewis B.
Adams, Cpl. Lloyd L.
Adams, Cpl. Robert D.
Adams, David H.
Adams, Ella
Adams, Elmo
Adams, Ernest S.
Adams, Ervie
Adams, Florence
Adams, Jess
Adams, John A.
Adams, Katherine B.
Adams, Mrs. C. L.
Adams, Olive Bell
Adams, Pvt. Albert
Adams, Pvt. Carl C.
Adams, Pvt. Cary V.
Adams, Pvt. Cary V.
Adams, Pvt. Dave
Adams, Pvt. Douglas
Adams, Pvt. Earnest Charley
Adams, Pvt. Ellis D.
Adams, Pvt. Ernest
Adams, Pvt. Frank J.
Adams, Pvt. James E.
Adams, Pvt. James W.
Adams, Pvt. John
Adams, Pvt. John
Adams, Pvt. John V.
Adams, Pvt. John W.
Adams, Pvt. Joseph
Adams, Pvt. Lee
Adams, Pvt. Leon
Adams, Pvt. Perry C.
Adams, Pvt. Ranzie
Adams, Pvt. Ranzie
Adams, Pvt. Robert F.
Adams, Pvt. Sanford N.
Adams, Pvt. Walter H.
Adams, Robert
Adams, Rufus
Adams, Sgt. Curtis L.
Adams, Sgt. Edward C.
Adams, Sgt. Martin L.
Adams, Sgt. William T.
Adams, Thomas N.
Adams, Troy W.
Adams, William P.
Adamson, Cpl. Paul D.
Adamson, Pvt. Bob
Adamson, Pvt. Wesley M.
Adcock, Pvt. Floyd
Adcock, Pvt. Thomas D.
Adcock, William D.
Adcox, Pvt. Cyrus P.
Addante, Pvt. Frank
Addenizio, Sgt. Louis L.
Addington, Pvt. Spaulding I.
Address, Pvt. Max
Adelsperger, Lt. Leon W.
Aden, Lt. Charles
Aden, Lt. Harvey B.
Adkins, Derby S.
Adkins, Derby S.
Adkins, Gladys
Adkins, Gladys
Adkins, Pvt. Frank L.
Adkins, Pvt. Harry J.
Adkins, Sgt. Frederick Louis
Adkinson, Pvt. Robert
Adkisson, Anderson
Adlagh, Pvt. Konstanty
Admire, Pvt. Roger C.
Adrian, Pvt. John W.
Afremoff, Pvt. Charles
Agee, Pvt. Lee F.
Agee, Sgt. George T.
Ager, Pvt. Thomas H.
Agger, Pvt. Godfrey
Agnew, Pvt. Albert
Agnew, Pvt. Sam
Agnew, Sgt. Edward Reamer
Aguires, Pvt. Theodore
Ahearn, Cpl. James J.
Aherns, Mrs. Elmo
Aherns, Pvt. Max
Ahlberg, Pvt. Harold H.
Ahlstrand, Sgt. Ernest L.
Ahnaquist, Fred A.
Ahring, Pvt. Harry C.
Aiken, John
Aiken, Mrs. A. G.
Aikens, Pvt. Frank
Aikins, Capt. Charles W.
Aimola, Sgt. George A.
Airheart, I. B.
Airheart, S. B.
Aitken, Pvt. William H.
Aitkens, Pvt. George F.
Akeley, Pvt. Walter E.
Akers, Eve D.
Akers, Mrs. Will
Akers, Pvt. John B.
Akers, Pvt. Kelley
Akers, Pvt. Waltman J.
Akes, Harve
Akins, Pvt. Samuel L.
Akroyd, Pvt. Herbert F.
Alamand, Jr., John Parks
Alawski, Pvt. Edward
Albaugh, Morton
Albert, Pvt. Bernard
Albert, Pvt. Gillet M.
Albert, Pvt. Philip L.
Albert, Pvt. Wilford
Alberta, George S.
Albettson, Pvt. Charles H.
Albino, Pvt. Tony
Albrecht, Cpl. Charles
Albrecht, Pvt. Charles F.
Albright, Mrs. J. S.
Alcedey?, Pvt. Amos
Alcock, Sgt. Rutherford D.
Alcorn, Lt. Lawrence C.
Aldereta, Isaac
Alderman, Pvt. Dell
Alderton, Marion L.
Alderts, Pvt. Leopoldo
Aldridge, Lester W.
Aldridge, Pvt. Lester W.
Aldridge, Pvt. Otis
Aldridge, Robert H.
Aldunte, Santiago
Aleexoff, Pvt. Vasie
Alerman, Cpl. Claude William
Alesworth, Pvt. Joseph L.
Alewine, James
Alexander, Adult Male
Alexander, Arthur Lee
Alexander, Byron
Alexander, Cpl. Arthur G.
Alexander, Cpl. Mearl C.
Alexander, Cpl. Perry D.
Alexander, Cpl. Ralph L.
Alexander, Fred
Alexander, Lt. Gail H.
Alexander, Mrs. W. H.
Alexander, Pvt. Bundy
Alexander, Pvt. Clyde E.
Alexander, Pvt. John F.
Alexander, Pvt. John W.
Alexander, Pvt. Leslie
Alexander, Pvt. Lige
Alexander, Pvt. Robert B.
Alexander, Pvt. Robert E.
Alexander, Sgt. Percy
Alexander, Susan A.
Alexander, Susan A.
Alexander, Walter Earl
Alexander, Walter Earl
Alexander, Jr., Arthur Lee
Alexandrovitch, Grand Duke Michael
Alexief, Gen. Adult Male
Alford, Child
Alford, Lee
Alford, Pvt. Allison O.
Alford, Pvt. James F.
Alford, W. H.
Alfred, Pvt. Will
Alft, Pvt. Joe
Alicas, Pvt. William
Aliex, Pvt. John
Aligood, Isam
Alkins, Pvt. Harry A.
Allain, Lt. Charles D. V.
Allamore, Sgt. Harrison G.
Allan, Pvt. S.
Allaria, Pvt. John
Allbright, Pvt. Miles C.
Allein, Lt. Henry C.
Alleman, Cpl. Fravel E.
Allen, Ben
Allen, C. C.
Allen, Cdt. Lloyd
Allen, Cpl. LeRoy A.
Allen, Cpl. Shelly
Allen, Fred
Allen, Grace
Allen, J. C.
Allen, J. L.
Allen, James
Allen, Jasper
Allen, Julia M.
Allen, Julia M.
Allen, Julia M.
Allen, Lt. Frank J.
Allen, Lt. Holcombe R.
Allen, Lt. Will C.
Allen, M. B.
Allen, Mariah
Allen, Mrs. Frank
Allen, Mrs. R. C.
Allen, Mrs. R. E.
Allen, Odette B.
Allen, Otis Grey
Allen, Pvt. Alonza D.
Allen, Pvt. Birt B.
Allen, Pvt. Charles C.
Allen, Pvt. Charlie
Allen, Pvt. Clarence B.
Allen, Pvt. Clay C.
Allen, Pvt. Clifford James
Allen, Pvt. Dexter
Allen, Pvt. Ernest
Allen, Pvt. Frank C.
Allen, Pvt. Frank Harry
Allen, Pvt. Fred
Allen, Pvt. Fred R.
Allen, Pvt. George
Allen, Pvt. George H.
Allen, Pvt. Glen C.
Allen, Pvt. Grant
Allen, Pvt. Harry J.
Allen, Pvt. Ira D.
Allen, Pvt. Isaac
Allen, Pvt. James A.
Allen, Pvt. James N.
Allen, Pvt. Jesse J.
Allen, Pvt. Jesse R.
Allen, Pvt. John
Allen, Pvt. John E.
Allen, Pvt. Julius F.
Allen, Pvt. Landrum
Allen, Pvt. Lavator L.
Allen, Pvt. Leo G.
Allen, Pvt. Leon Ellsworth
Allen, Pvt. Leslie
Allen, Pvt. Leslie
Allen, Pvt. Louis
Allen, Pvt. Marcus
Allen, Pvt. Merion L.
Allen, Pvt. Monty
Allen, Pvt. Myrl L.
Allen, Pvt. Oby
Allen, Pvt. Orba N.
Allen, Pvt. Phillip S.
Allen, Pvt. Ralph
Allen, Pvt. Raymond A.
Allen, Pvt. Roy
Allen, Pvt. William
Allen, Pvt. William A.
Allen, Pvt. William H.
Allen, Pvt. William L.
Allen, Robert
Allen, Robert
Allen, Sgt. Alford N.
Allen, Sgt. Doy L.
Allen, Sgt. Ellwood D.
Allen, Sgt. Elward L.
Allen, Sgt. John Q.
Allen, Sgt. Thomas H.
Allen, Sgt. Tim M.
Allen, Tom E.
Allen, Tom E.
Allen, W. S.
Allen, William
Allen, Jr., Lt. Clarence C.
Alley, Cpl. Hosea P.
Alley, Hosea
Alley, Pvt. Cedric
Alley, Pvt. James
Alley, Pvt. Russ H.
Allin, Pvt. Elijah F.
Allinson, Pvt. Claude C.
Allio, Pvt. Francis
Allison, Cpl. Lyman J.
Allison, Cpl. Stephen C.
Allison, John
Allison, Pvt. Arthur T.
Allison, Pvt. Herbert W.
Allison, Pvt. Woodville
Allison, Sarah Ann
Allison, Sgt. Elmer R.
Allman, Pvt. Henry J.
Allmond, Carl K.
Allmond, Pvt. Carl E.
Allor, Sgt. Lillard E.
Allred, Pvt. George W.
Allred, Pvt. John
Allridge, Cpl. Frank
Allsopp, James H.
Allsopp, James H.
Allsopp, James Herbert
Allyn, Pvt. James H.
Almand, Jr., John Parks
Almanovicz, Pvt. Kostle
Almaraz, Pvt. Juvencio
Almarode, Pvt. August R.
Almond, Mrs. C. D.
Almond, Mrs. C. D.
Almos, Pvt. Fred H.
Aloise, Pvt. Joe M.
Alongi, Pvt. Nicolo
Alpha, Jr., Pvt. Oscar
Alred, Pvt. William H.
Alsey, Mrs. Libe
Alsobrook, Pvt. James A.
Alsobrook, Pvt. Marvie
Alson, Pvt. Carl H.
Alston, Mrs. A. W.
Alsup, Pvt. James M.
Alsup, Pvt. Joseph E.
Altenthal, Pvt. Clarence George
Althiser, Pvt. Jason
Althoff, Sgt. Paul J.
Altobell, Pvt. Frank
Altwein, Pvt. George A.
Alvarez, Felippe
Alverson, Sgt. Gerry L.
Alverson, T. C.
Alves, Pvt. Frank
Alvey, Pvt. Floyd G.
Amarel, Cpl. Frank B.
Amato, Pvt. Samuel
Ambelany, Lt. Lislo Phillip
Ambrust, Cpl. Charles R.
Amedes, Gilberti
Ament, Dr. A. F.
Ames, Cpl. Bert E.
Ames, Cpl. Frederick C.
Ames, Lt. Oliveo?
Ammons, J. H.
Amodei, Sgt. Anthony
Amory, Pvt. John F.
Amos, Eva
Amox, Pvt. Gordie C.
Amstutz, Sgt. Fred
Amundson, Orin E.
Amundson, Pvt. Ralph
Anaueski, Pvt. Joseph
Ancefriata, Pvt. Antonio
Anders, Mrs. Charles
Anders, Pvt. Joe A.
Anderson, Alfred V.
Anderson, Ben
Anderson, C.
Anderson, C.
Anderson, C.
Anderson, Capt. James A.
Anderson, Capt. Orville L.
Anderson, Cdt. Thomas Clifford
Anderson, Child
Anderson, Cpl. Carl
Anderson, Cpl. Christian S.
Anderson, Cpl. DeMarquis
Anderson, Cpl. Demarquis
Anderson, Cpl. Ernest W.
Anderson, Cpl. Gillis
Anderson, Cpl. Gustav Herman
Anderson, Cpl. Otmere
Anderson, Cpl.. Bryan
Anderson, Dave
Anderson, Edgar
Anderson, Elmer L.
Anderson, Frederick
Anderson, George W.
Anderson, John Forrest
Anderson, John H.
Anderson, Lt. Francis S.
Anderson, Lt. George A.
Anderson, Lt. George R.
Anderson, Lt. Richard
Anderson, Lt. Robert B.
Anderson, Lt. Winston P.
Anderson, Lydia
Anderson, Lydia
Anderson, Martha
Anderson, Max A.
Anderson, Mrs. W. L.
Anderson, Pvt. Albert B.
Anderson, Pvt. Albert J.
Anderson, Pvt. Allen H.
Anderson, Pvt. Allyn T.
Anderson, Pvt. Benjamin F.
Anderson, Pvt. C. E.
Anderson, Pvt. Clay T.
Anderson, Pvt. Dave
Anderson, Pvt. Dave
Anderson, Pvt. Donivan Milton
Anderson, Pvt. Eddie A.
Anderson, Pvt. Eddie O.
Anderson, Pvt. Edward
Anderson, Pvt. Edward A.
Anderson, Pvt. Elmer
Anderson, Pvt. Ernest G.
Anderson, Pvt. Ernest L.
Anderson, Pvt. Godfrey W.
Anderson, Pvt. Harry L.
Anderson, Pvt. Harry W.
Anderson, Pvt. Henry
Anderson, Pvt. Henry
Anderson, Pvt. Horace C.
Anderson, Pvt. James
Anderson, Pvt. James D.
Anderson, Pvt. Jens C.
Anderson, Pvt. John C.
Anderson, Pvt. John J.
Anderson, Pvt. Laverne W.
Anderson, Pvt. Lee O.
Anderson, Pvt. Major
Anderson, Pvt. Mike
Anderson, Pvt. Nils Oscar
Anderson, Pvt. O.
Anderson, Pvt. Olaf A.
Anderson, Pvt. Oscar S.
Anderson, Pvt. Raymond A.
Anderson, Pvt. Robert
Anderson, Pvt. Rose D.
Anderson, Pvt. Roy
Anderson, Pvt. Sidney J.
Anderson, Pvt. Sigurd O.
Anderson, Pvt. Stanley
Anderson, Pvt. Theodore
Anderson, Pvt. Thomas D.
Anderson, Pvt. Walter Clayton
Anderson, Pvt. Wilbur G.
Anderson, Pvt. Will
Anderson, Pvt. William B.
Anderson, Pvt. William H.
Anderson, Pvt. William M.
Anderson, Sgt. Alfred
Anderson, Sgt. Harry W.
Anderson, Sgt. Ora R.
Anderson, Sgt. Oskar
Anderson, Sgt. William L.
Anderson, Virgil
Anderson, W. L.
Anderson, W. M.
Anderson, W. M.
Anderson, William
Anderson, Jr., Ben
Andrea, Sgt. Frank E.
Andres, Mrs. Charles
Andres, Pvt. Carl August
Andrett, H. C.
Andrews, Cpl. Earl W.
Andrews, Mrs. N.
Andrews, Mrs. N.
Andrews, Mrs. Sam
Andrews, Pvt. Bennie A.
Andrews, Pvt. Harold T.
Andrews, Pvt. Henry A.
Andrews, Pvt. Henry W.
Andrews, Pvt. LeRoy
Andrews, Pvt. Peter Paul
Andrews, Pvt. Robert H.
Andrews, Pvt. William R.
Andrews, Sgt. Albert
Andrezyiewsky, Pvt. Branslaw
Androxelvies, Pvt. John
Andrych, Pvt. Stanislaus
Angel, Pvt. Everet
Angel, Sgt. Henry F.
Angelarno, Cpl. William A.
Angell, Emily Dohyna
Angell, Lt. Cyril M.
Angell, Pvt. Jerome
Angelo, Pvt. Bartelemo
Anglin, Cpl. Henry
Anglin, Jack B.
Anglin, Jack Baldwin
Ankrum, Cdt. Elam A.
Ankrum, Pvt. Samuel
Annis, Pvt. Clarence L.
Annis, Pvt. Claude T.
Annunziata, Pvt. Alfred
Anrseajenjk, Pvt. Andrew
Anslow, Cpl. George
Anthony, Pvt. Elmer E.
Anthony, Pvt. Henry Aubrey
Anthony, Pvt. Lansing M.
Anthony, Ray
Antkewich?, Pvt. Gust
Anton, Pvt. Jay Lee
Antonio, Pvt. Aros H.
Antrobus, Pvt. Rome
Apel, Pvt. Henry
Apling, Pvt. Charlie
Apodaca, Pvt. Alfred
Appin, Mrs. N. J.
Appleby, Pvt. Andrew T.
Appleton, Columbus
Applewhite, Sgt. Thomas D.
Aptiz, Pvt. Oswald E.
Ar, Leonias
Arant, Pvt. Allen B.
Arcaneaux, Pvt. Agirin
Archer, Pvt. Howard S.
Archie, W. H.
Archuleta, Pvt. Jose F.
Arcomano, Pvt. John
Arden, Edwin Hunter Pendleton
Ardston, J. E.
Arendall, Pvt. Felix E.
Arenson, Louis
Arenson, Pvt. Ole K.
Argiropios, Pvt. James J.
Arlitt, Pvt. Gus J.
Armand, Pvt. Edgar J.
Armebruster, Nellie Dowd
Armentrout, Lt. Dale
Armes, Pvt. Arthur L.
Armes, Pvt. Thomas W.
Armigo, Pvt. Mateus B.
Armitage, Pvt. Willfred
Armor, Floyd
Arms, Harold G.
Arms, Pvt. James W.
Armstrong, Capt. Carroll
Armstrong, Cpl. John
Armstrong, Cpl. John W.
Armstrong, David Maitland
Armstrong, Herman
Armstrong, James Roy
Armstrong, Jeff
Armstrong, Lt. Henry Guion
Armstrong, Lt. Henry Guion
Armstrong, Mary J.
Armstrong, Mary J.
Armstrong, Pvt. ????an
Armstrong, Pvt. Clarence David
Armstrong, Pvt. Coleman R.
Armstrong, Pvt. Edwin T.
Armstrong, Pvt. Homer R.
Armstrong, Pvt. Huey G.
Armstrong, Pvt. James
Armstrong, Pvt. Joseph A.
Armstrong, Pvt. Mervin J.
Armstrong, Pvt. Oscar O.
Armstrong, Pvt. Walter R.
Armstrong, Pvt. Wells
Armstrong, Pvt. Willie P.
Armstrong, Sgt. Leonard B.
Armstrong, Sgt. Norfleet E.
Armstrong, Jr., Roy
Arndt, Pvt. Harry C.
Arnett, Lt. John D.
Arnett, Pvt. Andy M.
Arnett, Pvt. George
Arnett, Pvt. William
Arnett, Pvt. Winston
Arnett, Sgt. Thomas P.
Arnett, Wylie
Arnette, Joe
Arnette, Joseph M.
Arnheim, Cdt. S. W.
Arnholdt, Pvt. Floyd Ames
Arnn, Sam J.
Arnn, Sam J.
Arnno, Pvt. Carlo
Arnold, Cpl. Charlie
Arnold, Cpl. Jesse N.
Arnold, Dewey
Arnold, Fletcher
Arnold, George
Arnold, George
Arnold, Jim
Arnold, John
Arnold, John H.
Arnold, Lt. Howard W.
Arnold, Lt. James P.
Arnold, Mrs. Dewey
Arnold, Pvt. Balle
Arnold, Pvt. Bryan
Arnold, Pvt. Cyrus M.
Arnold, Pvt. Edward E.
Arnold, Pvt. Harry
Arnold, Pvt. John W.
Arnold, Pvt. Lee C.
Arnold, Pvt. Marvin T.
Arnold, Pvt. Seguine A.
Arnold, Pvt. Virgie
Arnold, Roy
Arnold, Sgt. Guss
Arnold, Sgt. Thomas
Arnold, Sgt. William C.
Arnold, Virginia L.
Arowood, Pvt. Riley A.
Arrington, Cpl. George
Arrington, Sgt. Hamp N.
Arrupe, Cpl. Jeferino
Arsenaull, Pvt. Benjamin G.
Arsenault, Pvt. Lucien
Arseneault, Pvt. Manual
Arthur, Pvt. Charles E.
Arthur, Pvt. Lester H.
Arthur, Wilma
Arton, Pvt. John A.
Arts, Peter H.
Arvin, Pvt. Robert C.
Ary, Pvt. Herbert L.
Asbill, Pvt. Charlie E.
Asby, Pvt. Lewis
Ash, Allen
Ash, Joseph
Ash, Pvt. Clark W.
Ash, Pvt. Joseph
Ash, Pvt. Lesley C.
Ashabranner, Hettie
Ashbaugh, Clarence V.
Ashburn, Pvt. Sam B.
Ashby, Pvt. Sam D.
Ashcraft, B. F.
Ashcraft, Charles
Ashe, Pvt. Arthur J.
Ashe, Pvt. George
Ashe, Sgt. John B.
Ashemoth, Sgt. Denis
Ashley, 2Lt. Thomas W.
Ashley, Alex
Ashley, Arthur
Ashley, Cpl. Irving
Ashley, Dorsey
Ashley, Pvt. Fred B.
Ashley, W. H.
Askefein, Pvt. Frank
Aslinger, Pvt. Calvin
Asten, Pvt. Arthur
Aston?, PVt. James
Astor, Henry
Aswell, Adult Female
Atchison, Pvt. Claudo
Atchison, Pvt. George B.
Atchley, Odie C.
Atchley, Pvt. James H.
Atchley, Rev. R. C.
Atchley, Rev. R. M.
Atha, Sgt. Ernest
Atherton, Edward J.
Atkerson, Mrs. James
Atkins, J. E.
Atkins, Ludie
Atkins, Pvt. Harold D.
Atkins, Pvt. Rufus S.
Atkins, Pvt. Walter P.
Atkinson, Mrs. M. H.
Atkinson, Pvt. Clemmie
Atkinson, Pvt. John H.
Atkinson, Thomas
Attaway, Mrs. E.
Attaway, Pvt. Carroll
Atwood, Dillon
Atwood, Dillon
Atwood, Dillon
Atwood, Ellen
Atwood, Lt. Frederick M.
Atwood, Sgt. Pierce B.
Atwood, W. G.
Atwood, W. G.
Aubin, Pvt. Joseph C.
Aucoin, Cpl. Joseph W.
Aucoin, Pvt. Horace
Aueillo, Pvt. Giuseppie
Auen, Sgt. Ellert
Auer, Pvt. Charles
Auer, Pvt. Walter S.
Aufdermaur, Pvt. Mainrad
Auguatiak, Sgt. Walter
August', Betty
August', Pvt. Ernest R.
Augustus, Cpl. Joseph
Augustus, Pvt. James
Aukstikulais?, Pvt. Joseph
Aulay, Pvt. Joseph P.
Ault, Shelby
Ault, Shelby
Aulto, Pvt. Bartholemea
Auritt, Pvt. Nathan
Ausburne, Robert
Ausmer, Pvt. Perry
Aust, Pvt. Clarence E.
Austad, Pvt. Gunder G.
Austin, Capt. George Leroy
Austin, Harry
Austin, Lt. E. M.
Austin, Mildred
Austin, Mrs. Leonard
Austin, Pvt. Edwin
Austin, Pvt. George W.
Austin, Pvt. Gerald N.
Austin, Pvt. James Montgomery
Austin, Pvt. James T.
Austin, Pvt. Layton
Austin, Pvt. Leslie Barlow
Austin, Pvt. Merrrill
Austin, Pvt. Walter S.
Austin, Pvt. William
Austin, Pvt. William A.
Austin, Roe A.
Auten, H. F.
Auten, Henry F.
Autrey, Pvt. John F.
Autrey, Pvt. William A.
Autry, Pvt. Alfred
Autry, Sgt. Fitz
Auxier, Estelle
Avant, Sgt. Lester
Avanzini, Giorgio
Avent, Pvt. Joseph C.
Avery, Pvt. Billings Theophilus
Avery, Pvt. Edward L.
Avery, Pvt. Jesse
Avery, Pvt. Rollin J.
Avery, Pvt. Walter A.
Awlet, Pvt. Ross G.
Axtell, Pvt. Clyde
Axton, Pvt. Andrew K.
Aycock, Pvt. Clyde A.
Aycock, S. E.
Aydelott, Mrs. Patrick
Ayer, Frederick F.
Ayer, Lt. Lawrence S.
Ayer, Pvt. Peter E.
Ayers, Mrs. Ed
Ayers, Mrs. Ed
Ayers, Pvt. George A.
Aylor, Pvt. John
Aylor, W. L.
Aylor, W. L.
Ayotte, Napoleon
Ayoub, Cpl. Tony
Ayres, Pvt. Ambrowe R.
Baar, Samuel W.
Babb, Fred
Babb, Pvt. Claude A.
Babb, Troy
Babchak, Mike
babcock, Allen
Babcock, Cdt. Ellis Bernard
Babcock, G. Allen
Babcock, Pvt. Clayton S.
Babcock, Pvt. Clin H.
Babiani, Rogers
Baccus, Pvt. John A.
Bach, Antoinette
Bachman, Pvt. Earl E.
Backer, Pvt. Alex
Backlea, Pvt. William
Bacleske, Pvt. Frank
Bacon, Mrs. Augustus O.
Bacon, Pvt. Arthur N.
Badeaux, Pvt. Michael
Badentah, Lt. Wilmer
Badgreow, Mrs. J. T.
Badstuebner, Cpl. Frank A.
Baecilles, Pvt. Jacques
Baggett, Pvt. Monroe J.
Baggett, Pvt. Nick
Bagley, Pvt. Nathan L.
Bagley, Ray
Bagwell, Pvt. Harshall G.
Bagwill, Pvt. Robert L.
Bahanca, Pvt. Harry Broshanso
Bahr, Pvt. John
Baia?, Pvt. Arthur
Baier, Pvt. Ernest H.
Bailey, Albert H.
Bailey, Bertha Fowler
Bailey, Burt
Bailey, J. H.
Bailey, John W.
Bailey, Joseph E.
Bailey, Lt. Oliver W.
Bailey, Mrs. John Mayne
Bailey, Mrs. John Mayne
Bailey, Mrs. John Mayne
Bailey, Mrs. John Mayne
Bailey, Pvt. Abe M.
Bailey, Pvt. Edgar A.
Bailey, Pvt. Edward O.
Bailey, Pvt. Fester
Bailey, Pvt. Frank H.
Bailey, Pvt. George M.
Bailey, Pvt. Hobart E.
Bailey, Pvt. John M.
Bailey, Pvt. Thomas L.
Bailey, Pvt. Vernon
Bailey, Pvt. Walter M.
Bailey, Pvt. William
Bailey, Sgt. Joe E.
Bailey, T. B.
Bain, Alice
Baines, Pvt. Robert E.
Baird, Arthur K.
Baird, Charles Roy
Baird, James W.
Baird, Maj. Charles G.
Baird, Martha E.
Baird, Pvt. Charles A.
Baird, Pvt. Emory E.
Baird, Pvt. Jury R.
Baker, Bert
Baker, Bert
Baker, Capt. Hobart A. H.
Baker, Claud Arnold
Baker, Cpl. Artrhur W.
Baker, Cpl. Bert B.
Baker, Cpl. Eddie A.
Baker, Cpl. Robert L.
Baker, Dad"
Baker, Elzie
Baker, Kate
Baker, Lt. H.T.
Baker, Lt. Livingston L.
Baker, Mrs. L. L.
Baker, Pvt. Alvin
Baker, Pvt. Ara
Baker, Pvt. Arthur E.
Baker, Pvt. Beverly
Baker, Pvt. Bruce W.
Baker, Pvt. Charles W.
Baker, Pvt. Claude A.
Baker, Pvt. Clayton H.
Baker, Pvt. Cleveland H.
Baker, Pvt. Coy E.
Baker, Pvt. Earl E.
Baker, Pvt. Edward M.
Baker, Pvt. Emery T.
Baker, Pvt. Florence
Baker, Pvt. Floyd William
Baker, Pvt. Forrest H.
Baker, Pvt. Frank
Baker, Pvt. Frank A.
Baker, Pvt. George H.
Baker, Pvt. Herman
Baker, Pvt. James T.
Baker, Pvt. John R.
Baker, Pvt. Joseph T.
Baker, Pvt. Nathan D.
Baker, Pvt. Norman Cleveland
Baker, Pvt. Oscar
Baker, Pvt. Reuben E.
Baker, Pvt. Roy
Baker, Pvt. Sidney W.
Baker, Pvt. Virgil L.
Baker, Pvt. William
Baker, Pvt. William A.
Baker, Pvt. William W.
Baker, Pvt. Willie
Baker, Raymond
Baker, S. F.
Baker, Scott
Baker, Sgt. Francis P.
Baker, Sgt. George
Baker, William H.
Baldi, Pvt. Ora Guiseppe
Baldknap, Pvt. Clanie C.
Baldridge, Blanche Victoria
Baldridge, Dorothy Mae
Baldridge, Dorothy May
Baldridge, Dorothy May
Baldridge, Pvt. George G.
Baldridge, Pvt. Philip S.
Baldridge, W. L.
Baldus, Pvt. Alfred J.
Baldwin, Allie E.
Baldwin, Capt. William W.
Baldwin, Cpl. Benjamin Earl
Baldwin, Edgar
Baldwin, Elizabeth
Baldwin, Elizabeth
Baldwin, Louis
Baldwin, Lt. Joseph
Baldwin, Mrs. J. B.
Baldwin, Mrs. Louis
Baldwin, Pvt. Alonzo P.
Baldwin, Pvt. George K.
Baldwin, Pvt. Herbert
Baldwin, Pvt. Herbert
Baldwin, Pvt. Julian W.
Balenger, Pvt. Joseph G.
Bales, Anson L.
Bales, K. M.
Bales, Pvt. Clint
Balick, Pvt. Tony T.
Balinski, Pvt. Samuel
Ball, Bessie
Ball, Bessie
Ball, George Washington
Ball, Lt. Eugene C.
Ball, Lt. George A.
Ball, Lt. Robert E.
Ball, Pvt. claude D.
Ball, Pvt. E. Joseph
Ball, Pvt. Evan
Ball, Thomas Luther
Ball, Warren
Ball, Warren G.
Ballah, Pvt. Charles
Ballard, Arthur
Ballard, Cpl. Forest C.
Ballard, Pvt. Gaston O.
Ballard, Pvt. John H.
Ballard, Pvt. Orville F.
Ballard, Pvt. Smith F.
Ballard, Pvt. William
Ballard, Walter
Ballard, Jr., John Alexander
Ballentine, Samuel L.
Ballew, Essie
Ballin, Albert
Ballinger, Homer
Ballinger, Pvt. Wesley
Balliski, Pvt. William
Ballmant, Pvt. William John
Balmat, Joseph Peter
Balmat, Joseph Peter
Bamby, Pvt. Leo
Bamforth, Pvt. Jack
Banarzak, Balbina
Bancroft, Hubert Howe
Bandwell, Lt. R. R.
Bangs, Cpl. Louis S.
Bangs, Pvt. Theodore E.
Banholzer, Pvt. Albert A.
Banister, Pvt. Ira H.
Banks, Pvt. Will
Banks, Pvt. Worley
Bankson, Cpl. Ross E.
Bankston, Pvt. William E.
Banner, Pvt. Robert E.
Bannister, Pvt. Ernest D.
Bannister, Pvt. Henry Francis
Bannon, Pvt. Frank L.
Banta, Pvt. Loren D.
Banton, Pvt. Felix Longdale
Bantowski, Pvt. Roch
Baran, Pvt. John
Baranowski, Pvt. Stanley
Barbarino, Pvt. John
Barbee, Cpl. David B.
Barben, Pvt. Walter A.
Barber, Cpl. Sam
Barber, Estella
Barber, Marion
Barber, Mrs. John
Barber, Mrs. John
Barber, Mrs. W. A.
Barber, Pvt. Cato
Barber, Pvt. Francis F.
Barber, Pvt. Poseph?
Barber, Pvt. Rueben
Barber, Pvt. Sebastino
Barber, Sgt. Simon D.
Barbie, C. D.
Barbour, Sgt. Grant M.
Barchers, Pvt. Ernest
Barclay, Cpl. Ira Francis
Barclay, Pvt. Benjamin C.
Barcroft, Cpl William L.
Barden, Pvt. Charlie
Bardwell, Lt. R.
Bare, Pvt. Ray W.
Barefoot, Pvt. Herman
Barefoot, Pvt. Rowan S.
Barent, Cpl. Walter E.
Baresa, Pvt. Eugenio
Barfield, Pvt. William H.
Barfield, R. H.
Barger, Nannie
Bargerstock, Cpl. Clea
Bargiel, Stanislaus J.
Bargiel, Stanislaus J.
Bargiel, Stanislaus Joseph
Bargy, Burchard C.
Barham, C. W.
Barham, Mary Jane
Barham, Pvt. Willis S.
Barham, William
Barhard, Pvt. Minor Edgar
Baribault, Cpl. Leon A.
Baridon, Edith
Barker, Ben
Barker, C. M.
Barker, Dolphus
Barker, Grenville
Barker, Harrison F.
Barker, Pvt. Alvis Martin
Barker, Pvt. Dalph
Barker, Pvt. Oscar J.
Barker, Pvt. Robert H.
Barker, Pvt. Roy L.
Barker, Sgt. Ralph
Barker, W. A.
Barkley, Pvt. Jesse L.
Barksdale, Pvt. Earl Worth
Barland, Pvt. Lonnie A.
Barlett, Pvt. Harold H.
Barley, Lt. R. J.
Barnaby, Lt. Walter Victory
Barnaby, Pvt. Wilburn B.
Barnard, Cpl. John
Barnby, Pvt. John T.
Barneby, 1Lt. Walter V.
Barnes, Bill
Barnes, Bill
Barnes, Cordelia
Barnes, Edgar C.
Barnes, Francis
Barnes, Frank
Barnes, James
Barnes, Mrs. W. T.
Barnes, Pvt. Arch
Barnes, Pvt. Bartony
Barnes, Pvt. Bruno
Barnes, Pvt. Frank
Barnes, Pvt. Harvey A.
Barnes, Pvt. Herbert J.
Barnes, Pvt. Joe
Barnes, Pvt. John Edgar
Barnes, Pvt. Lindsay
Barnes, Pvt. Lyle W.
Barnes, Pvt. Norris H.
Barnes, Pvt. Pete
Barnes, William
Barnes, William
Barnes, Jr., Lt. Harry C.
Barnet, Pvt. Remus
Barnett, Cdt. Howard D.
Barnett, Cpl. Henry P.
Barnett, Cpl. William M.
Barnett, John
Barnett, Lester A.
Barnett, Louis L.
Barnett, Pvt. J. R.
Barnett, Pvt. John W.
Barnett, Pvt. Thomas E.
Barnett, Pvt. William D.
Barnett, Remus
Barnett, Samuel
Barnett, W. H.
Barnett, W. H.
Barnett , Pvt. Cecil M.
Barnette, Pvt. Russel G.
Barnhard, Cpl. Harley
Barnhill, Pvt. Morris E.
Barnick, Pvt. George C.
Barnicki, Pvt. Roman
Barns, Pvt. John P.
Barnstead, Pvt. Albert C.
Baron, David
Baroutsas, Pvt. John
Barr, Jennie
Barr, Pvt. Carl H.
Barr, Pvt. Chauncy W.
Barr, Pvt. Clyde C.
Barr, Pvt. Dewey G.
Barr, Pvt. Hugh
Barr, Pvt. James L.
Barr, Pvt. Melvin A.
Barr, Pvt. Willie L.
Barr, Sgt. Clarence W.
Barran, Mrs. M. J.
Barre, Cpl. Bernhard G.
Barret, Pvt. Walter J.
Barrett, Charles Calhoun
Barrett, Cpl. Ezra L.
Barrett, Harry
Barrett, Harry
Barrett, Mrs. L. J.
Barrett, Mrs. L. J.
Barrett, Pressly
Barrett, Pvt. Claude A.
Barrett, Pvt. Owen M.
Barrett, Pvt. Sherry M.
Barrett, Robert
Barrett, Robert
Barrett, William
Barrick, Pvt. Harry
Barriger, J. E.
Barringer, Mrs. S. H.
Barron, Alice
Barrows, Pvt. Ezra
Barry, Ens. Edmund B.
Barry, Lt. David M.
Barry, Pvt. Bernard
Barry, Pvt. Edgar S.
Barry, Pvt. Lewis W.
Barry, Pvt. Phillip M.
Bart, Pvt. John J.
Bartee, Pvt. George A.
Bartels, Sgt. William A.
Barthelette, Pvt. Patrick
Bartholomew, Woolford
Bartlein, Pvt. Thomas
Bartlett, Cpl. Carl H.
Bartlett, Ellsworth Henry
Bartlett, Pvt. Harry R.
Bartlow, Pvt. Montgomery L.
Bartmill, Sgt. Perry
Bartolero, Pvt. Dominick
Barton, Archie
Barton, Archie L.
Barton, Clifford
Barton, Cpl. Wilbur E.
Barton, Earle
Barton, Howard B.
Barton, J. H.
Barton, John
Barton, Lt. Adult Male
Barton, Mrs. L. S.
Barton, Mrs. W. D.
Barton, Pvt. Gay R.
Barton, Pvt. John
Barton, Pvt. Joseph J.
Barton, William E.
Barzare, Pvt. Sidney
Bas?ler, Cpl. Paul H.
Basel, Pvt. Charles
Basel, Pvt. Otto A.
Basemore, Peter
Bash---?, Pvt. Joseph
Bashaw, Pvt. Clarence
Bashaw, Pvt. Francis X.
Bashor, Pvt. Byrd
Basile, Pvt. Edward L.
Basinger, Pvt. Elmer L.
Baskin, Cpl. Andrew
Baskin, Pvt. William H.
Baskin, Ruth Elyse
Baskin, T. J.
Baskins, Thomas Jefferson
Bason, Pvt. Clement
Bass, Cilfford Flinn
Bass, Clifford F.
Bass, clifford Flinn
Bass, Clifford Flinn
Bass, Clifford Flinn
Bass, J. M.
Bass, J. R.
Bass, Jim
Bass, Pvt. Louis
Bass, Pvt. Walter S.
Bassham, Ed
Bassie, Pvt. Charles S.
Bassy, Capt. James D.
Bastic, Pvt. J. T.
Batchla, Pvt. Leroy L.
Bateman, Adult Male
Bateman, Pvt. Russel L.
Bateman, Pvt. William E.
Bateman, Sgt. William D.
Bateman, Jr., W. T.
Bates, Bettie
Bates, Cpl. Percy J.
Bates, Fleetie
Bates, Fleetie
Bates, Fleetie
Bates, Fleetie
Bates, George R.
Bates, J. C.
Bates, James
Bates, James A.
Bates, John Francis
Bates, John Francis
Bates, John Francis
Bates, Pvt. Alvin S.
Bates, Pvt. David M.
Bates, Pvt. Earl C.
Bates, Pvt. George F.
Bates, Pvt. George F.
Bates, Pvt. Gerald Hunt
Bates, Pvt. Gordon Ward
Bates, Pvt. James E.
Bates, Pvt. John F.
Bates, Pvt. John P.
Bates, Pvt. Roy H.
Bates, Pvt. Virgil W.
Batjer, William Minter
Baton, Pvt. Frederick P.
Battaglia, Pvt. Charles W.
Batterman, Pvt. Herman C.
Batterson, Pvt. Bishop S.
Battle, Lt. John M.
Battles, R. E.
Batton?, Pvt. Hubert
Batts, Pvt. Thomas
Baty, John N.
Baucon, Pvt. William T.
Baucum, Pvt. Oran R.
Baude, Pvt. Carl F.
Bauder, Cpl. Wilfred M.
Baudista, Cpl. Alberto M.
Baudry, Sgt. Charles L.
Bauer, Mrs. William
Bauer, Pvt. Chester D.
Bauer, Pvt. Fred
Bauer, Pvt. Victor E.
Bauer, Pvt. Walter E.
Baugh, Cicero
Baugh, Pvt. Cicero T.
Baughton, Pvt. Tony
Bauhof, Pvt. William J.
Bauley, Pvt. Fafayette? P.
Baum, Pvt. William T.
Bauman, Lt. Lester C.
Bauman, Lt. Louie C.
Bauman, Pvt. Adolph T.
Baumgarner, Pvt. Clint
Baumhoefer, William
Baumhoefer, William
Baumler, Pvt. George
Baur, Pvt. Gustav H.
Bauschholster, Pvt. Ernest L.
Bauve, Adult Female
Bauve, Child
Baw, Olie
Baxley, Pvt. W. Brown
Baxter, Lt. Christopher
Baxter, Lt. Harold S.
Baxter, Pvt. Elgin R.
Baxter, Pvt. John
Baxter, Pvt. John P.
Baxter, Pvt. William L.
Baxter, Samantha Caroline Jones
Bayless, Pvt. Roy B.
Bayless, Thomas M.
Baylor, Sgt. John R.
Bayly, Sgt. Harry E.
Bayne, Lt. James A.
Bazarek, Pvt. Stanley F.
Bazin, Cpl. Charles
Beabout, Pvt. Lawrence G.
Beach, Frederick Converse
Beach, Lt. Clayton W.
Beach, Lt. Robert Williams
Beach, Pvt. George A.
Beaddle, Mrs. W. M.
Beakley, George Miller
Beal, Daniel
Beal, Maj. Howard W.
Beal, Pvt. Jacob H.
Beale, Sgt. Myron H.
Beall, 1Lt. D. W.
Beals, Sgt. Paul B.
Beam, Mude
Beam, Pvt. Dewey C.
Beam, Pvt. John
Beam, Pvt. Joseph
Bean, Child
Bean, J. A.
Bean, John
Bean, Pvt. Clasbie
Bean, Pvt. Everett Reum
Bean, Pvt. Lawrence H.
Bean, Pvt. Roy
Bean, Pvt. Roy
Bean, Rosie Homer
Beane, Cpl. Stanley A.
Beard, Pvt. Carl
Beard, Pvt. Charley
Beard, Pvt. Clifford A.
Beard, Pvt. Julian D.
Beard, Pvt. Kirkle M.
Beard, Pvt. Peter
Beard, Pvt. Tommie L.
Bearden, John W.
Bearden, John W.
Bearden, Mrs. E. D.
Bearden, Pvt. John Arthur
Beardsley, Pvt. Floyd Charles
Beasley, Earl Adult Male
Beasley, James
Beasley, Leon
Beasley, Pvt. Alvin M.
Beasley, Pvt. Charles
Beasley, Pvt. Homer H.
Beasley, Pvt. William
Beason, I. R.
Beason, Pvt. George A.
Beason, Thelma Mae Armburst
Beason, Thelma McDonald Armbrust
Beaton, Pvt. Harold
Beatte, Herman L.
Beatten, Lt. Clyde Olaf
Beattie, Cpl. Arthur C.
Beattie, Pvt. Paul J.
Beatty, Leon
Beatty, Pvt. Harry
Beatty, Pvt. Skelton B.
Beatty, Pvt. Skelton B.
Beatty, Sgt. Arthur
Beatty, Sgt. Edward J.
Beatty, Sgt. James H.
Beaty, Sgt. Virgil
Beauchamp, Lt. Oliver T.
Beauton, Lt. Joseph E.
Beauttler, Pvt. Frank
Beaver, Henry
Beaver, Pvt. George D.
Beaver, Pvt. James F.
Beaver, Pvt. Sam
Beavers, Cora May
Beavers, Frank F.
Beavers, Frank J.
Beavers, Herman
Beavers, Pvt. Frank A.
Beavers, Pvt. Willie
Beavers, Sgt. Roy G.
Beavers, Sgt.Roy U.
Beavers, Jr., Newton G.
Bebe, Pvt. Legrande
Bebee, Pvt. Clarence
Bechold, Frederick
Bechtel, Sgt. Richard G.
Bechter, Sgt. Donald
Beck, Martin
Beck, Mattie
Beck, Mattie
Beck, Mrs. Clyde
Beck, Mrs. J. A.
Beck, Pvt. Cecil C.
Beck, Pvt. Frank L.
Beck, Pvt. James B.
Beck, Pvt. James H.
Beck, Pvt. Leonard William
Beck, Pvt. Ole
Beck, Pvt. Omar D.
Beck, Pvt. Ralph H.
Beck, Pvt. Reuben
Beck, Pvt. William E.
Beck, William
Becker, Cpl. Grover C.
Becker, John Henry
Becker, Lt. Fred H.
Becker, Pvt. Charles F.
Becker, Pvt. Clarence
Becker, Pvt. Clarence H.
Becker, Pvt. Frederick
Becker, Pvt. John A.
Becker, Pvt. Joseph L.
Becker, Pvt. Lawrence M.
Beckeris, Pvt. Louis F.
Beckett, Pvt. Frank
Beckford, Pvt. Stephen
Beckham, Pvt. James R.
Beckham, Pvt. Willard
Beckman, Pvt. Henry J.
Beckmann, Pvt. August
Beckner, Pvt. Howard O.
Beckwith, Pvt. Levy
Becon?, Pvt. Herman
Bedard, Pvt. Gilbert
Bedford, Cpl. Oscar
Bedford, Pvt. Andrew P.
Bedford, Pvt. Arthur
Bedford, Thelma
Bedker, Pvt. Wesley G.
Beebe, Herman
Beebe, Sgt. Harold V.
Beechley, Arthur Gehring
Beechner, Pvt. Roy E.
Beedehoft, Pvt. Carl F.
Beehler, Cecil
Beely, Pvt. Clarence E.
Beely, Pvt. Clarence E.
Beers, Pvt. Edward A. C.
Beerstel, Pvt. Mandel
Beggs, Clarence H.
Beggs, Pvt. James H.
Begley, Pvt. Clyde E.
Behan, Mrs. W. J.
Beheles, Pvt. George W.
Behler, Sgt. Walter
Behr, Pvt. Frederick C.
Behrens, Cpl. Walter J.
Behrman, Cpl. August M.
Beiado, Pvt. Peter E.
Beier, Ray
Beifry, Sgt. Earl
Beillal, Pvt. Frank
Beiniw, Pvt. Frank
Beker, Pvt. Richard C.
Belcher, Mrs. T. N.
Belcher, Sgt. Fred
Belden, Cpl. W. O.
Belden, Pvt. Ralph A.
Belk, Cpl. Edward
Belk, Pvt. Charles
Belk, Pvt. Oscar M.
Belknap, Cdt. William
Belko, Alexander
Bell, Charley
Bell, Clark
Bell, Cpl. Edward J.
Bell, Cpl. George
Bell, Ella
Bell, Hessie
Bell, J. B.
Bell, J. J.
Bell, J. N.
Bell, John
Bell, Lt. Forest L.
Bell, Lt. Julius E.
Bell, Lt. Spencer M.
Bell, Ludie
Bell, Maj. J. H.
Bell, Mrs. B. F.
Bell, Mrs. C. A.
Bell, Mrs. E. J.
Bell, Mrs. E. J.
Bell, Mrs. Ed
Bell, Mrs. John
Bell, Percy
Bell, Pvt. Charles
Bell, Pvt. Clarence L.
Bell, Pvt. Ernest C.
Bell, Pvt. Ernest M.
Bell, Pvt. Fred
Bell, Pvt. Guy
Bell, Pvt. Harry H.
Bell, Pvt. Ivan A.
Bell, Pvt. Leo
Bell, Pvt. Osburn
Bell, Pvt. Simon
Bell, Pvt. Tommie
Bell, Pvt. William
Bell, Pvt. William E.
Bell, Pvt. William F.
Bell, Pvt. Willie
Bell, Rev. W .H.
Bell, Sgt. Fred T.
Bell, Sgt. Hubert H.
Bell, Sgt. Patrick
Bell, Thomas G.
Bell, Jr., Sgt. William
Bellamy, Capt. John Henry
Bellar, Pvt. Rube
Belle, Frank
Bellows, Pvt. Charles
Bells, Pvt. Max
Belmore, Pvt. Lewis D.
Belnap, H. W.
Belote, Joe W.
Belser, 2Lt. King
Belser, Lt. King
Belskin, Pvt. Hearman H.
Belt, Pvt. James E.
Beltinokoff, Pvt. Frank
Beltz, Pvt. Claude
Belyea, O. C.
Bemberg, Pvt. Henry
Bemis, Pvt. Frank O.
Bemrose, James
Bemrose, James
Bemusdaffer, Pvt. Claude C.
Benavidez, Pvt. Moses
Benbrook, Pvt. Floyd C.
Bench, Pvt. Robert N.
Bench, Robert
Benda, Pvt. Frank
Bender, Cpl. Charles
Bender, Francis A.
Bender, John D.
Bender, Pvt. Christian R.
Bender, Pvt. John E.
Bender, Pvt. John Francis
Bender, Pvt. Ralph
Bene, T. A.
Bene, T. A.
Benedict, A. N.
Benedict, Cpl Ernest
Benedict, Susan
Benedict, Susan
Benford, Pvt. Ernest
Benge, Cpl. William F.
Benham, Jr., Julius
Benieuicz, Pvt. Teodor
Benijno, Pvt. George
Benjamin, Pvt. Roy W.
Benjamin, Pvt. Russell
Bennedetti, Pvt. Dominico
Benner, William B.
Benners, Pvt. Archibald D.
Bennett, Adult Male
Bennett, Adult Male
Bennett, Adult Male
Bennett, Boy
Bennett, Child
Bennett, Cpl. Charles S.
Bennett, Cpl. Dee
Bennett, David E.
Bennett, Earl
Bennett, Frank
Bennett, Girl
Bennett, Harry
Bennett, Ira A.
Bennett, James Gordon
Bennett, John M.
Bennett, Phoebe Mary
Bennett, Pvt. Andrew E.
Bennett, Pvt. Artie
Bennett, Pvt. Carroll T.
Bennett, Pvt. Charles W.
Bennett, Pvt. Charlie
Bennett, Pvt. Chester L.
Bennett, Pvt. Clifford K.
Bennett, Pvt. Elwood A.
Bennett, Pvt. Fred
Bennett, Pvt. Frederick S.
Bennett, Pvt. Gardner H.
Bennett, Pvt. Hyram M.
Bennett, Pvt. James
Bennett, Pvt. Jesse N.
Bennett, Pvt. Leander
Bennett, Pvt. Robert J.
Bennett, Pvt. Robert K.
Bennett, Pvt. Russell F.
Bennett, Pvt. Walter O.
Bennett, Rose
Bennett, Roy
Bennett, Roy Lee
Bennett, Sgt. Thomas H.
Bennett, William E.
Bennett, William Earl
Bennett, Willis
Bennetts, Harry
Bennicker, Pvt. Charles N.
Bennink, Pvt. Martin
Bennit, Pvt. Phillip
Benoit, Pvt. Alme
Bensinger, Pvt. Howard O.
Bensly, Mike
Benson, James
Benson, Pvt. Reinhold
Benson, Pvt. Samuel
Bentley, Judge O. T.
Bentley, Sgt. Gordon
Bentley, W. B.
Benton, A. L.
Benton, Anna Austin
Benton, B. B.
Benton, Cpl. Edward
Benton, E. L.
Benton, Isola
Benton, Pvt. Philip R.
Benton, Pvt. William A.
Beoty, Cpl. Howard Pardee
Bepitto, Pvt. Vincenso
Beran, Pvt. James J.
Beranek, Pvt. Charles
Berbey, Pvt. Paul
Bercal, Pvt. Anthony Charles
Berchtold, Capt. Adult Male
Berg, Pvt. Elek J.
Berg, Pvt. George
Bergan, Pvt. Percy
Berganon, Pvt. Henry J.
Bergen, Pvt. William J.
Berger, Cpl. Elwood D.
Berger, Mrs. L.
Bergeron, Pvt. Nicholas P.
Bergeron, Pvt. Urban
Bergford, Pvt. Gudstein
Bergguist, Pvt. Rudolph W.
Bergman, Cpl. John J.
Berinchik, Pvt. Nicoli
Berkefsky, Pvt. Frank
Berkley, Cpl. Homer L.
Berkley, Homer
Berlin, Pvt. Clay
Berlin, Pvt. Oren C.
Bernard, Cpl. Harry F.
Bernard, Maj. William H.
Bernard, Mrs. Henry
Bernardino, Pvt. Nicholas
Bernatz?, Pvt. Anton
Berner, Pvt. Henry J.
Berner, Pvt. Robert
Bernett, Pvt. Roy B.
Bernhart, Pvt. Henry C.
Bernitt, Sidney W.
Bernstein, Adult Male
Berriman, Lt. George W.
Berror, Pvt. Clarence
Berry, Alpheus
Berry, Buchard
Berry, Cpl. Charles L.
Berry, Cpl. Lemuel L.
Berry, Cpl. Mart
Berry, Daniel P.
Berry, Dr. A. A.
Berry, Edward
Berry, Girl
Berry, J. M.
Berry, Minerva
Berry, Mrs. L. S.
Berry, Mrs. P. C.
Berry, Nathaniel
Berry, Nathaniel
Berry, Pvt. Clarence L.
Berry, Pvt. Dan W.
Berry, Pvt. Ernest L.
Berry, Pvt. Floyd E.
Berry, Pvt. Lucian T.
Berry, Pvt. Stanley H.
Berry, Steve
Berry, Sue
Berry, W. S.
Berryman, B. D.
Bershinsky, Pvt. Victor
Bertran, Pvt. William F.
Berube, Pvt. Thomas H.
Bery, Cpl. Benjamin
Besan, Cpl Leonard
Besnet, Cpl. Alfred
Bessard, Pvt. Harry Vern
Besser, Melville Mendell
Best, Cpl. Roe
Best, Jewell
Best, Pvt. Claude D.
Best, Walter
Best, William C.
Bestermann, Pvt. Ernest H.
Besty, Pvt. Charles
Betcher, Pvt. Ervin C.
Beter, Pvt. Charlie
Beth, Pvt. Ernest
Bethea, Pvt. Cecil G.
Bethea, Pvt. William Arthur
Bethel, Pvt. Bedford Brown
Bethoa, Pvt. MIllard S.
Betowski, Capt. Paul E.
Betsworth, Pvt. Vern F.
Bettenhausen, Cdt. Joseph A.
Bettis, John
Bettis, Karl Kelly
Betts, Pvt. Theron
Betty, Cpl. Martin H.
Betz, Pvt. James O.
Beursaw, Cpl. Isaac V.
Beutnagel, Pvt. August F. M.
Beversdorf, Pvt. Carl B.
Bevilaeques, Pvt. Anthony J.
Bevill, Pvt. Beb
Bevill, Sam
Bevin, Cpl. Peter Joseph
Bevins, Pvt. Thomas E.
Bevins, Tabor
Beyer, Cpl. George
Beyer, Pvt. Charles J.
Beyer, Pvt. Charles O.
Beyer, Pvt. Emil G. A.
Beyer, Pvt. William Wofford
Beyer?, Sarah Jane
Bhurrough, Pvt. Dewitt T.
Biaignani, Pvt. Alfred J.
Biasyk, Sgt. John
Bibb, Pvt. Everett H.
Bice, Josie
Bickford, Cpl. Ernest E.
Bickhart, Sgt. Harry J.
Bickman, Pvt. William M.
Bicknell, Pvt. James H.
Biddle, Julian C.
Biegert, Louise
Biegert, Louise
Bieker, Pvt. Gregor Chris
Bierce, Pvt. Jerome Arthur
Bierenthal, Pvt. Arthur
Biester, Pvt. Henry W.
Bietzen, Pvt. Otto C.
Bigbee, Pvt. Lawrence
Bigden, George
Bigden, Sgt. George H.
Bigelow, Lt. Donald A.
Bigelow, Pvt. Leslie
Bigelow, Roland
Bigely, Pvt. Walter S.
Bigger, Pvt. Walter
Biggins, Pvt. Thomas
Biggs, Pvt. Zollie
Bilberry, William J.
Bilbo, Pvt. William A.
Biles, Pvt. Claude L.
Biles, Pvt. Clyde M.
Billard, Capt. Phil
Billard, Lt. Paul
Bille, Frank Ernest
Billiams, Sgt. Cecil A.
Billings, Lt. Earl A.
Billingsley, Sgt. Roy
Bills, Pvt. Claude W.
Bilotta, Frank A.
Bilsbarrow, Lt. George A.
Bilthe, Pvt. Clarence H.
Bilvon, Pvt. Raymond E.
Bilza, Pvt. Michael
Bimbo, Pvt. Arthur
Binckley, Pvt. Herbert J.
Binford, Col. James R.
Binford, Jr., Cpl. Walter B.
Bingham, Ens. William E.
Bingham, Mrs. L. N.
Bingham, Mrs. L. N.
Bingham, Mrs. Robert W.
Bingham, Pvt. James
Binkley, Pvt. Otto F.
Binsmore, Pvt. Ernest
Binst, Pvt. Henry E.
Biormhang, Cpl. Herman
Bipe, Pvt. Robert C.
Birce, Charles
Birch, Pvt. Fred O.
Birchfield, Vesta
Bird, Floyd
Bird, Francis W.
Bird, Minnie
Bird, Minnie
Bird, Pvt. Charles H.
Bird, Pvt. Daniel W.
Bird, Pvt. Dyer J.
Bird, Pvt. Leo
Bird, Virgil
Bird, Will
Birdsong, John
Birdsong, Mrs. J. D.
Birdsong, Pvt. John
Birdwell, Lt. Robinson E.
Birks, Cpl. Thomas
Birmele, Pvt. William J.
Birmingham, Pvt. Allen G.
Birse, Charles
Birse, Charles
Birse, Charles
Birtsch, LeClair
Birtsch, LeClair
Birtsch, LeClaire
Bischnow, Cpl. Joe C.
Bischoff, Sgt. Elmer Joy
Bishoff, Cpl. George K.
Bishop, Cpl. Benjamin F.
Bishop, Cpl. John C.
Bishop, Cpl. Truitt B.
Bishop, E. J.
Bishop, F. F.
Bishop, John B.
Bishop, Josephine
Bishop, Lt. Ransom
Bishop, Mrs. L. J.
Bishop, Pvt. Earl
Bishop, Pvt. Lafayette
Bishop, Pvt. Oscar L.
Bishop, Pvt. Ray M.
Bishop, Pvt. Robert M.
Bishop, Pvt. Roscoe W.
Bishop, Pvt. Steve
Bishop, Pvt. Walter
Bishop, Pvt. William J.
Bishop, Sgt. Milton L.
Bishop, Susie L.
Bishop, Susie L.
Bishop, W. R.
Bissell, Cpl. James H.
Bissett, Lt. Wiley C.
Bissonette, Arthur
Biswell, Pvt. Frank
Bittner, Cpl. Leo W. J.
Bitts, Paul E.
Bitz, Pvt. George S.
Bivens, Pvt. James E.
Bivens, Pvt. Richard
Bivin, Pvt. Loyd J.
Bixby, Clair L.
Bixley, Cpl. Wallace M.
Bixter, Pvt. Clarence M.
Black, B. K. "Bob"
Black, C. M.
Black, Capt. Roschus H.
Black, Cassie
Black, Fred M.
Black, Girl
Black, Golden
Black, Maggie
Black, Mrs. B. K.
Black, Mrs. W. G.
Black, Pvt. Atole Adlie
Black, Pvt. Grover
Black, Pvt. Henry G.
Black, Pvt. Homer
Black, Pvt. James W.
Black, Pvt. John M.
Black, Pvt. Leonard
Black, Pvt. Simon F.
Black, Pvt. Warren
Black, Robert
Black, Sgt. Carroll H.
Black, Sgt. Edgar P.
Black, Sgt. Joseph Theodore
Black, T. N.
Black, Thomas N.
Black, W. L.
Blackard, Pvt. Lonnie G.
Blackburn, Hoyt
Blackburn, J. N.
Blackburn, Joseph C. H.
Blackburn, Pvt. August L.
Blackburn, Pvt. Floyd L.
Blackburn, Pvt. Peter R.
Blacker, Pvt. Robert
Blackman, Pvt. Thomas N.
Blackman, Pvt. Wylie
Blackmon, Pvt. James C.
Blacknall, Girl
Blacknall, Mrs. O. W.
Blacknall, O. W.
Blackstocks, Cpl Wyatt
Blackwell, Cpl. Dick
Blackwell, Ellen
Blackwell, Pauline
Blackwell, Phebie
Blackwell, Pvt. Andrew
Blackwell, Pvt. Florence
Blackwell, Pvt. Raymond
Blackwell, Pvt. Willis J.
Blackwell, Richard
Blackwood, Pvt. Harold F.
Blahoveo, Pvt. Vincent J.
Blair, A. B.
Blair, Cpl. Bernard W.
Blair, Cpl. Harry H.
Blair, Cpl. John M.
Blair, Pvt. Albert
Blair, Pvt. Andrew
Blair, Pvt. Charley
Blair, Pvt. Charlie
Blair, Pvt. Howard
Blair, Pvt. Hubert E.
Blair, Pvt. Joseph E.
Blair, Pvt. Maurice
Blair, Pvt. Sidney
Blair, Jr., Pvt. Edward H.
Blake, 1Sgt Frederick
Blake, Cpl. Andrew F.
Blake, Cpl. Maurice
Blake, Pvt. James A.
Blake, Pvt. Raymond E.
Blake, Pvt. William C.
Blakely, Cpl. Walter M.
Blakely, Harold
Blakemore, Pvt. Wilbur J.
Blakesley, Pvt. Eli
Blalock, Pvt. John F.
Blalock, Sgt. Guy A.
Blanchard, Clinton D.
Blanchard, Clinton D.
Blanchard, Lt. Hugh C.
Blanchard, Pvt. James Willard
Blanchard, Pvt. Joseph M.
Blanchard, Walter
Blanchette, Pvt. Frank C.
Blanchette, Pvt. Oscar
Blanchfield, Capt. John
Bland, Lawrence
Bland, Maj. William J.
Bland, Pvt. Thomas C.
Blankenburg, Rudolph
Blankenship, Daniel
Blankenship, Lt. Benjmain F.
Blankenship, Pvt. Bert M.
Blankenship, Pvt. Burney
Blankenship, Pvt. Donald M.
Blankenship, Pvt. Donald M.
Blankenship, Pvt. James A.
Blankenship, Sgt. Richard
Blankenship, William Hunt
Blankerts, Sgt. Walter Tillman
Blankford, Cpl. Charles J.
Blankinship, James W.
Blanks, Pvt. James L.
Blann, Pvt. Lawrence Roy
Blanton, Pvt. Jesse
Blanton, Pvt. Jesse James
Blanton, Pvt. Lee
Blaschke, Pvt. Willie John
Blasius, Jr., Pvt. John
Blaszak, Walter
Blaul?, Pvt. Frank
Blayney, Hubert
Blaze, Edward H.
Blechfield, Pvt. Sam
Blechoff, Pvt. Ernest
Bledsoe, George O.
Bledsoe, Lt. Alex L.
Bledsoe, Marvin
Bledsoe, Sgt. Roscoe
Bleecher, Lt. Raymond F.
Bleecker, Pvt. Reuben
Blettenburg, Lt. Henry J.
Blevins, Pvt. Grover
Blevins, Pvt. Homer H.
Blevins, Pvt. Roy E.
Blevins, Pvt. Wiliams
Blevins, Pvt. William E.
Blevins, Segel
Blevins, W. E.
Bli?, Pvt. Ralph
Blighthall, Cpl. James G.
Blinden, Pvt. Alex
Blissitt, Pvt. Thomas H.
Bloce?, Pvt. Charles
Block, Hester C.
Block, Pvt. Adolph
Block, Pvt. Frank A.
Blocker, Leo
Blockinger, Pvt. Frank
Blodgett, Lt. Richard
Blodgett, Richard
Bloom, Pvt. Walter
Bloomquist, Cpl. John W.
Bloomquist, Pvt. Charles V.
Blotto, Pvt. Dominick
Blount, Maj. James H.
Blount, Mrs. Henry Roulbar
Blount, Sgt. William W.
Blowers, Pvt. Marshall
Bloyd, Sgt. Henry B.
Blucher, William M.
Blue, Gordon D.
Blue, Pvt. Barron P.
Blue, Pvt. Paul E.
Blum, Lt. Herbert C.
Blum, Pvt. Herman R.
Blumenthal, Pvt. Alabel
Blust, Jr., Pvt. Julius J.
Blyler, Pvt. George H.
Blythe, Pvt. Roderick
Blythe, Sam
Blythe, William
Blythswood, Baron Adult Male
Boad, Cpl. Ruel M.
Board, E. M.
Boas, Harry
Boatman, A. D.
Boatman, Pvt. Hilliard
Boatner, A. B.
Boatner, A. D.
Boatner, A. D.
Boatner, A. D.
Boatner, A. D.
Boatner, A. D.
Boatner, A. D.
Boatner, A. D.
Boatner, D. A.
Bobbitt, Horace
Bobbitt, J. W.
Bobenmeyer, Pvt. Andy
Bobo, G. M.
Bobo, Sgt. John
Bobo, Sgt. John
Bocage, Charles William
Bodah, Pvt. William
Bodd, Pvt. James I.
Bode, Pvt. Conrad A.
Bodell, Cpl. Lloyd Joseph
Bodenhamer, Capt. B. F.
Bodenix, Pvt. Frank
Bodluc, Pvt. Placide L.
Boehm, Pvt. Christian
Boekenoogen, Pvt. J. L.
Boerstler, Pvt. Harry E.
Boetel, Pvt. William E.
Boetger, Pvt. Marin J.
Bogart, Pvt. Lemuel H.
Boggan, Pvt. James
Boggess, Pvt. Rolley E.
Boggs, Cpl. Edwin W.
Boggs, Cpl. Eph
Boggs, Pvt. Charles E.
Bogsted, Pvt. Christ
Bogus, Pvt. Stephen
Bohan, John
Bohan, John
Bohannon, Lt. Shirley D.
Bohannon, Pvt. Harry R.
Bohlman, Sgt. George V.
Bohman, Pvt. Carl A.
Bohn, Sgt. Charles E.
Bohon, Mrs. J. L.
Boito, Argito
Bokolsky, Pvt. Troffim
Bokosky, Pvt. Frank J.
Bolcom, Frederick
Bolder, Pvt. Willie
Boldt, Jr., Lt. Herman St. J.
Bolen, Child
Bolen, Pvt. Robert L.
Bolen, Pvt. Stanley
Bolen, Ray
Boler, Ray
Boles, Pvt. Arthur R.
Bolich, Pvt. John N.
Bolin, Mrs. P. J.
Bolin, Pvt. Howard A.
Boling, Pvt. Frank Miron
Bollack, Pvt. Edmund
Bolliman, Sgt. William A.
Bolling, Blanche Byars
Bolling, Col. R. C.
Bolling, Col. Raynal C.
Bolling, Pvt. Clyde W.
Bollinger, Pvt. Albert
Bollinger, Pvt. Allen
Bollinger, Pvt. August
Bolls, Fred
Bolner, Pvt. Ies P.
Bolo, Paul
Bolssonneau, Pvt. Omer
Bolt, Pvt. Bernard H.
Bolt, Pvt. Willa
Bolte, Pvt. Fred
Boltman, Pvt. Charles E.
Boltnott, Pvt. Eura
Bolton, Girl
Bolton, Pvt. John C.
Bolton, Pvt. Samuel H.
Bolton, Pvt. Thomas H.
Bolton, Pvt. Willie M.
Bolyston, Pvt. Benny
Bonanas, Pvt. Alfred M.
Bond, Cpl. Arthur E.
Bond, Elizabeth
Bond, Essye
Bond, Henry
Bond, Pvt. Arthur F.
Bond, Pvt. Gilbert
Bond, Pvt. Gilbert F.
Bond, Pvt. James
Bond, Pvt. Thomas M.
Bond, Sgt. James N.
Bonds, Pvt. Jimmie
Bone, Boy
Bone, Leonard
Bone, Pvt. Albert B.
Bonenni, Pvt. Anacheto
Bonesall, Lt. Herman E.
Bonheur, Lucian L.
Bonin, Pvt. Jesse
Bonne, Pvt. Napoleon B.
Bonney, Pvt. Joseph W.
Bonniwell, Pvt. Gustave D.
Bonnon, Pvt. Paul St.
Bonsa, Pvt. Frank I.
Bontempa, Pvt. Clement R.
Bonvillian, Pvt. Ernest H.
Bonvillian, Pvt. Ernest H.
Bonyea, Fred
Bonz, Cpl. Carl J.
Booha?, Lt. Frank
Book, C. E.
Booker, Anna Rose
Booker, Pvt. Robert L.
Booker, Pvt. Willie K.
Bookholtz, Pvt. George Norris
Bookout, Floyd
Books, Pvt. James
Boone, Cpl. George V.
Boone, Cpl. Jacob O.
Boone, Cpl. Matton F.
Boone, Ida
Boone, Lt. Edwing
Boone, Mrs. Juptin J.
Boone, Pvt. Albert C.
Boone, Pvt. Charles E.
Boone, Pvt. Isaac
Boone, Pvt. Jess S.
Boone, Pvt. Reid
Boone, Pvt. W. B.
Boone, R. D.
Boone, Will O.
Boone, William B.
Boone, William D.
Boorse, Ens. Arthur L.
Boosalis, Pvt. George D.
Boose, Pvt. Ralph D.
Booth, Carl G.
Booth, Pvt. Biram B.
Booth, Pvt. James M.
Booth, Pvt. William K.
Booth, Jr., Lt. W. Vernon
Boothby, Earl
Boothe, Pvt. Willie
Boothroyd, C. J.
Boothroyd, C. J.
Boots, Pvt. Wade A.
Bopp, Pvt. Frank
Bordeitt, Pvt. Vial
Bordelon, Pvt. Filmore William
Borden, Judge H. L.
Borders, Pvt. Will
Bordus, Pvt. Frank
Borelli, Pvt. Louuwice
Boren, Mrs. Mary
Borgeron, Pvt. Albert Joseph
Borland, Lt. William F.
Bormann, Pvt. Alvin
Born, Henry William
Born, Henry William
Born, Henry William
Borrono, Pvt. John
Borsechi, Pvt. Gelindo
Boschner, Pvt. Henry J.
Bosh, Pvt. Earl J.
Bosh, Pvt. Harley E.
Boshears, Mrs. Mount
Boshears, Venona
Bosley, Clyde
Bosley, Edwin
Bosley, Pvt. Clyde E.
Bosley, Pvt. Ervin W.
Bosso, Capt. John T.
Bostick, Lt. Ray Eura
Bostick, Pvt. Lenton
Boston, Pvt. Harry
Bostowa, Pvt. Joe Cobeisky
Bostwick, Pvt. Clifton T.
Boswell, Pvt. Daniel T.
Boswell, Pvt. Harold
Boswell, Pvt. Merritt Harrison
Bott, Pvt. Arthur V.
Bottles, Pvt. Robert E.
Bottomley, John
Bottoms, C. H.
Bottoms, Lt. John A.
Boucher, Pvt. Leon
Bouchet, Paul
Boudreaux, Lamont
Boulton, Pvt. Mallace F.
Bounds, E. J.
Bounds, Pvt. Eddie L
Bounds, Pvt. Welch
Bouret, Pvt. Henry L.
Bouret, Pvt. Joe W.
Bourgeois, Pvt. Lawrence L.
Bourgeois, Pvt. Sully
Bourland, William
Bourn, Pvt. William A.
Bournique, Ens. J. P.
Bourque, Pvt. Willie
Bours, Cpl. McKinley L.
Bousfield, Cdt. H. W.
Boutewell, Pvt. Lewis L.
Bouton, Maj. Arthur E.
Bouyeu, Pvt. Lewis A.
Bovee, Pvt. Clinton M.
Bover, Pvt. Samuel A.
Bovie, Sgt. Michael A.
Bowden, Pvt. John C.
Bowden, Pvt. Virgil
Bowden, Pvt. Will
Bowen, Dr. A. R.
Bowen, Lois Rene
Bowen, Mattie E.
Bowen, Mattie E.
Bowen, Pvt. James E.
Bowen, Pvt. Joseph
Bowen, Pvt. Winston Davis
Bower, Cpl. Frank
Bower, Pvt. John L.
Bowers, Alvin P.
Bowers, Boy
Bowers, Child
Bowers, Jerry
Bowers, John M.
Bowers, Mrs. E. D.
Bowers, Mrs. Will
Bowers, Pvt. Wladren
Bowker, Pvt. Albert
Bowleg, Pvt. Bud S.
Bowles, Lt. Martin F.
Bowles, Sgt. Vincent M.
Bowlin, Pvt. Luther F.
Bowlin, Pvt. Norvin W.
Bowlin, Jr., Pvt. John L.
Bowling, Cpl. William L.
Bowling, Pvt. Phillip S.
Bowman, Cpl. Frank J.
Bowman, George W.
Bowman, Howard E.
Bowman, Josephine
Bowman, Pvt. Albert A.
Bowman, Pvt. Edward F.
Bowman, Pvt. Elbert
Bowman, Pvt. William H.
Bowser, G. H.
Bowser, G. H.
Bowser, G. H.
Bowser, G. W.
Bowyer, Pvt. Robert C.
Box, Mary E.
Box, Pvt. John E.
Box, Pvt. Luke
Boyce, Cpl. Roy L.
Boyce, Pvt. Archie
Boyce, Pvt. Joseph W.
Boyce, Pvt. Leonard H.
Boyce, Pvt. Noah M.
Boyce, Pvt. Samuel H.
Boyd, A. J.
Boyd, A. J.
Boyd, Capt. Jaames S.
Boyd, Cpl. John W.
Boyd, Everett
Boyd, Harry
Boyd, Kate
Boyd, Lt. Richard H.
Boyd, Mrs. William
Boyd, Pvt. Clarence
Boyd, Pvt. Clarence F.
Boyd, Pvt. Everett
Boyd, Pvt. Foy
Boyd, Pvt. John J.
Boyd, Pvt. Lake C.
Boyd, Pvt. Marshall D.
Boyd, R. D.
Boyd, W. W.
Boyd, Willard Morris
Boyd-Carpenter, Rev. William
Boyer, Cpl. George
Boyer, Lt. Herbert
Boyer, Pvt. John C.
Boyer, Pvt. Walter E.
Boyett, Pvt. Stephen S.
Boyld, Pvt. Jesse J.
Boyle, 2Lt. John T.
Boyle, Cpl. Joseph H.
Boyle, Pvt. William H.
Boyle, Sgt. James
Boyle, Sgt. William
Boylen, Pvt. William C.
Boyt, Ike
Boz, Pvt. Frank
Bozeman, Pvt. Alcus R.
Brabant, Pvt. Alfred S.
Brabason, Pvt. Vernon Andrew
Bracken, Michael H.
Bracken, Pvt. Harold A.
Bracken, Pvt. Leslie C.
Bracken, Pvt. Walter G.
Brackett, Cpl. Jeff
Brackett, Jack
Brackett, John Quincy Adams
Bracketts, Pvt. Tobe
Brackin, Pvt. Roy
Brackman, Pvt. William F.
Bracky, Pvt. C. A.
Bracus, Pvt. Earl R.
Bracy, Pvt. Aoland S.
Bracy, Pvt. Walter L.
Bradburn, Pvt. Donald
Braden, Capt. Wiley F.
Braden, Pvt. Wayne Scott
Brader, Cdt. C. A.
Bradey, Claud
Bradford, Boy
Bradford, Cpl. Columbus
Bradford, Cpl. Ray S.
Bradford, John H.
Bradford, Judge H. T.
Bradford, Judge H. T.
Bradford, Judge H. T.
Bradford, Judge Henry Taylor
Bradford, Judge Henry Taylor
Bradford, Mrs. H. T.
Bradford, Mrs. H. T.
Bradford, Pvt. August
Bradford, Pvt. Collier
Bradford, Pvt. William B.
Bradley, Claude
Bradley, Cpl. Clarence L.
Bradley, Cpl. Claud
Bradley, Cpl. Henry C.
Bradley, Ida
Bradley, Lt. Thomas R.
Bradley, Mary
Bradley, Mary
Bradley, Mary
Bradley, Mrs. Oscar
Bradley, Mrs. Sim
Bradley, Pvt. Conley W.
Bradley, Pvt. Fred T.
Bradley, Pvt. Prince
Bradley, Pvt. Sam Waldo
Bradley, Pvt. Thomas J.
Bradley, Pvt. Walter L.
Bradley, Sgt. Alfred C.
Bradshaw, Cpl. George F.
Bradshaw, Ike
Bradshaw, Pvt. Fred
Bradshaw, Pvt. Noah N.
Bradshaw, W. D.
Bradway, William E.
Brady, Adult Male
Brady, Cpl. Frank R.
Brady, Daisy
Brady, Mike
Brady, Mike M.
Brady, Pvt. Alexander M.
Brady, Pvt. Emory
Brady, Pvt. John W.
Brady, Pvt. Phillip J.
Brady, Russell
Brady, Sen. James H.
Brady, Sgt. Fred W.
Braeder, Cpl. Reynold A.
Braff, Pvt. John C.
Bragg, Addie White
Bragg, Ernest
Bragg, John
Bragg, Pvt. Harvey W.
Bragg, Pvt. Thomas G.
Bragg, Pvt. Thomas G.
Bragg, Virginia Evans
Brahm, Henry
Brailsford, 2Lt. Thomas R.
Brainam, Pvt. Barney
Brainerd, Pvt. Robert L.
Brakefield, Pvt. Joe D.
Brakefield, Pvt. Joe D.
Braker, Lt. George E.
Bralatta, Pvt. Nicolo
Braley, B.
Brame, Pvt. Charles H.
Bramel, Pvt. Oscar M.
Bramlett, Pvt. Charlie H.
Brammer, Pvt. Lee I.
Brams, Pvt. Magnus M.
Bran, Pvt. Howard R.
Bran, Pvt. William C.
Branch, Marion A.
Branch, Pvt. Leslie
Branchini, Cpl. Alfred
Brand, James
Brand, Pvt. Ben
Brandes, Pvt. Eddie O.
Brandon, Cpl. Carl D.
Brandon, Pvt. Ray C.
Brandon, Pvt. Thorval D.
Brandstetter, Pvt. Ferdinand
Brandt, Cpl. Henry C.
Brandt, Cpl. Robert H.
Brandt, Otto J.
Branland, Pvt. Verner C.
Brann, Pvt. Caycet
Brannan, Cpl. Thomas
Branner, Pvt. William B.
Brannon, Clara
Brannon, William
Brannon, William H.
Brannon, William H.
Brannon, William Ross
Branom, William M.
Branshaw, Pvt. Raymond Leo
Branski, Pvt. Zigmunt
Branson, Pvt. Ray
Branstetter, Pvt. Reaves
Brantley, Cpl Clyde Leo
Branton, Cpl. David C.
Branum, Cpl. Erits S.
Brasflat, Pvt. Theodore L.
Brashear, J. W.
Brashear, Leona
Brashears, B.
Brashears, J. G.
Brashers, Pvt. Charles J.
Brashure, Pvt. Thomas G.
Brask, Pvt. Oscar A.
Brassell, R. T.
Brastetter, Pvt. Louis
Braswell, Mrs. W. H.
Braswell, Pvt. Carradine E.
Braswell, Roy
Braswell, Samuel B.
Bratcher, Cpl. Clarence E.
Bratcher, Pvt. Oscar T.
Bratcher, Pvt. Willie
Bratton, Dot
Bratton, J. E.
Bratton, Pvt. Willie R.
Brattstrom, Pvt. Allen G.
Braubrook, Pvt. William
Braum, Cpl. James H.
Braumer, Pvt. Lenty A.
Braun, Cpl. George W.
Braun, Pvt. Carl
Braun, Pvt. Leon
Bravert, Mrs. Joe
Bravo, Gen. Ignacio
Brawley, Pvt. James W.
Brawley, Pvt. Walter M.
Brawley, Jr., Pvt. James C.
Bray, Pvt. Frank H.
Bray, Pvt. William K.
Brayant, Pvt. Earl B.
Brazil, Pvt. Robert Emmet
Brazun, Pvt. Frank
Brease?, Pvt. John Howard
Brebner, Cpl. Charles R.
Breckenridge, Pvt. Charles S.
Breckenridge, Pvt. Robert M.
Breckenridge, Pvt. Wilford, J.
Breeburg, Lt. George W.
Breeden, Pvt. Hobart
Breeden, Pvt. Rector
Breeden, Pvt. Rex
Breeden, Roderick
Breeding, Lt. Dick B.
Breedlove, Pvt. Elza
Breen, Pvt. Michael
Breese, Pvt. Moffard E.
Brekke, Pvt. John
Brem, Pvt. Roy E.
Bremer, Cdt. Clarence J.
Brendle, Cpl. Charles H.
Brendler, Pvt. David
Breneman, Rilla Wooten
Brennan, John
Brennan, Pvt. Edward
Brennan, Pvt. John
Brennan, Pvt. Patrick J.
Brenneke, Cpl. Louis A.
Brenner, G. B.
Brenner, Pvt. Charles
Brent, Pvt. Ray
Brents, Mrs. R. E.
Brents, Mrs. R. E.
Bresch, Edward
Bresnihan, Pvt. John W.
Brethan, Pvt. Arthur W.
Breton, Pvt. Joseph J.
Brettingen, Abraham
Brew, Pvt. Mathew
Brewer, A. Y.
Brewer, Cpl. James W.
Brewer, Hugh
Brewer, J. O.
Brewer, Joe L. V.
Brewer, Lt. James C.
Brewer, Mrs. Arch l.
Brewer, Mrs. Hugh
Brewer, Pvt. Ezra Edwin
Brewer, Pvt. Howard E.
Brewer, Pvt. James N.
Brewer, Pvt. Jesse
Brewer, Pvt. John
Brewer, Pvt. Leonard T.
Brewer, Pvt. Robert A.
Brewer, Pvt. Teddy C.
Brewer, Robert D.
Brewer, Tipton P.
Brewster, Harlan C.
Brewster, Joe
Brewster, Lt. Sidon F.
Brewster, Pvt. G.
Brewster, Pvt. Will
Brice, F. C.
Bricker, Adult Female
Bricker, Child
Brickner, Pvt. Clyde W.
Bridewell, Josephine
Bridge, F. W.
Bridge, Pvt. Ray
Bridgenhagen, Pvt. Arthur
Bridgers, Emily Reed
Bridges, Jesse D.
Bridges, Pvt. Dewitt
Bridges, Pvt. Frank
Bridges, Pvt. James F.
Bridges, Pvt. Julius H.
Bridges, Pvt. Robert
Bridges, Pvt. Thomas T.
Bridges, Pvt. Thomas W.
Bridges, Pvt. William G.
Bridges, William
Bridt, Pvt. Stanley F.
Bridwell, Pvt. Will M.
Briegel, Pvt. Albert Henry
Brier, Pvt. Cecil B.
Briese, Sgt. Hasso A.
Briggman, Cpl. John F.
Briggs, Capt. Leon E.
Briggs, Felicia Ann
Briggs, Mrs. J. J.
Briggs, Pvt. Archibald L.
Briggs, Pvt. Brace A.
Briggs, Pvt. Charles F.
Briggs, Pvt. Chester L.
Briggs, Pvt. George H.
Brigham, Lt. Stephen O.
Brigham, Jr., Lt. William M.
Bright, Adult Male
Bright, Dr. D. W.
Bright, Lt. Elijah A.
Bright, Mrs. S. C.
Bright, Pvt. Alexander
Brightman, Cpl. William T.
Brigmaldelli, Joe
Brignall, Pvt. Leon
Briley, Pvt. Felix R.
Briley, Pvt. Maxey Lee
Brillhart, Pvt. Ryland E.
Brindley, Maj. Oscar A.
Briner, Pvt. Fay
Bringman, Fred W.
Brinkman, Charles W.
Brinkrolf, Pvt. Edmund
Brisby, Pvt. Chester
Briscoe, Pvt. Arch Louis
Brisendine, Pvt. Robert O.
Brison, Pvt. Walter C.
Bristol, Pvt. Fera W.
Bristow, A. W.
Britsch, Pvt. George
Britt, E. L.
Brittain, Cpl. Thomas W.
Brittain, Pvt. Benjamin Y.
Brittain, Pvt. Joseph
Brittain, Sgt. George
Britton, John
Britton, Pvt. Samuel W.
Britton, Pvt. Sylvester S.
Britton, Sgt. Joe
Britts, John Quincy
Brixey, Clark
Brkzendine, Pvt. Al
Broadfoot, E. T.
Broadhead, Sgt. Joshua K.
Broadley, Lt. John W.
Broadus, Sgt. Lloyd
Brober, Pvt. Edward A.
Brock, Edward
Brock, Erurah
Brock, Henry
Brock, Jewel
Brock, Pvt. Joe McKinley
Brock, Pvt. Rube H.
Brock, Pvt. Warren
Brock, Pvt.Robert L.
Brockman, Pvt. W. L.
Brockmeyer, Pvt. William F.
Brode, Pvt. Emanuel
Broderick, Pvt. Edward J.
Brodeur, Sgt. Clarence P.
Brodie, Bess
Brodnax, Jennie Octavia
Brogan, Cpl. William
Brokaw, Pvt. Albert F.
Brokay, Pvt. Fred H.
Brolander, Pvt. Peter A.
Bromberg, Pvt. Charles E.
Bromley, Pvt. Dewey Volley
Brook, Cpl. Clarence J.
Brooke, Bishop Francis Key
Brooker, Joe E.
Brooker, Pvt. Benjamin S.
Brooking, Pvt. Harry T.
Brookman, Pvt. Floyd
Brooks, Capt. Henry N.
Brooks, Clarence B.
Brooks, Cpl. Frank D.
Brooks, Cpl. Joel M.
Brooks, Cpl. Weaver R.
Brooks, Joe E.
Brooks, Maj. Robert E.
Brooks, Marion
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, Pvt. Alfh
Brooks, Pvt. Arthur
Brooks, Pvt. George A.
Brooks, Pvt. Gilbert C.
Brooks, Pvt. Harold Alfred
Brooks, Pvt. Harry V.
Brooks, Pvt. John W.
Brooks, Pvt. Prosper B.
Brooks, Pvt. William H.
Brooks, Sgt. Charles J.
Brooks, Sgt. Earl L.
Brooks, Susan
Brooks, Susan
Brookshear, Pvt. Willie C.
Brooksher, Pvt. James W.
Brookshire, Pvt. Granville E.
Brookshire, Pvt. Green
Broombaugh, Pvt. John
Brophy, Pvt. William H.
Brothers, Pvt. Percy M.
Brotherton, Mrs. Y.
Brotherton, Sgt. Lewis F.
Broudwell, Pvt. Charlie C.
Brough, Frank C.
Brough, Pvt. Charles
Broughton, Pvt. William
Brouk, Pvt. Oscar
Broussard, Arthur L.
Broussard, Pvt. Reuben
Broussard, Jr., Sen. Robert F.
Brow, Pvt. Charlie
Brower, Cpl. Charlie C.
Brown, A.
Brown, A. M.
Brown, Abe
Brown, Arthur F.
Brown, August A.
Brown, Benjamin H.
Brown, Bernard
Brown, Bernard M.
Brown, Carl
Brown, Charles Lee
Brown, Charles O.
Brown, Chester W.
Brown, Clarence E.
Brown, Col. T. Alliston
Brown, Cpl. Charles O,
Brown, Cpl. Charles O.
Brown, Cpl. Charles O.
Brown, Cpl. Edward J.
Brown, Cpl. Frank
Brown, Cpl. Jack
Brown, Cpl. James W.
Brown, Cpl. Jennings
Brown, Cpl. John C.
Brown, Cpl. Lloyd E.
Brown, Cpl. Nichoas E.
Brown, Cpl. William W.
Brown, Don P.
Brown, Ed
Brown, Ed
Brown, Ed
Brown, Edward
Brown, Edward
Brown, Edward
Brown, Edward T.
Brown, Eliza
Brown, Ernest C.
Brown, G. Roy
Brown, G. Roy
Brown, Harry
Brown, J. Roy
Brown, J. W.
Brown, J. W.
Brown, James A.
Brown, James Allison
Brown, James Allison
Brown, James Harris
Brown, Jim
Brown, Jim
Brown, John
Brown, Liza
Brown, Lt. Arthur S.
Brown, Lt. Presley R.
Brown, Lt. William D.
Brown, Lt. Wilmarth
Brown, Maggie
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Meda
Brown, Meda
Brown, Mrs. C. L.
Brown, Mrs. James
Brown, Mrs. James
Brown, Mrs. John
Brown, Mrs. M. E.
Brown, Mrs. S. B.
Brown, Mrs. S. G.
Brown, Mrs. S. G.
Brown, Prof. J. W.
Brown, Pvt. Abraham
Brown, Pvt. Adam
Brown, Pvt. Alfred N.
Brown, Pvt. Artie E.
Brown, Pvt. Bennie L.
Brown, Pvt. Campbell S.
Brown, Pvt. Charles
Brown, Pvt. Charles C.
Brown, Pvt. Charles F.
Brown, Pvt. Charles W.
Brown, Pvt. Charlie
Brown, Pvt. Chester W.
Brown, Pvt. Clarence E.
Brown, Pvt. Dan
Brown, Pvt. Daniel D.
Brown, Pvt. Decordia A.
Brown, Pvt. Edgar J.
Brown, Pvt. Edmond F.
Brown, Pvt. Edward L.
Brown, Pvt. Francis E.
Brown, Pvt. Francis W.
Brown, Pvt. Frank
Brown, Pvt. Frank
Brown, Pvt. Frank H.
Brown, Pvt. Frank R.
Brown, Pvt. Gariett W.
Brown, Pvt. George
Brown, Pvt. Grady W.
Brown, Pvt. Harry
Brown, Pvt. Henry
Brown, Pvt. Hogey
Brown, Pvt. Ira C.
Brown, Pvt. Jack
Brown, Pvt. James
Brown, Pvt. James
Brown, Pvt. James Clarence
Brown, Pvt. James F.
Brown, Pvt. James M.
Brown, Pvt. James T.
Brown, Pvt. Jerry A.
Brown, Pvt. Jesse C.
Brown, Pvt. Joe
Brown, Pvt. John F.
Brown, Pvt. John F.
Brown, Pvt. John W.
Brown, Pvt. Joseph
Brown, Pvt. Joseph E.
Brown, Pvt. Joseph H.
Brown, Pvt. Lee L.
Brown, Pvt. Louis A.
Brown, Pvt. Lowell S.
Brown, Pvt. Mose A.
Brown, Pvt. Paul E.
Brown, Pvt. Reginald L.
Brown, Pvt. Robert E.
Brown, Pvt. Robert T.
Brown, Pvt. Roy
Brown, Pvt. Thomas
Brown, Pvt. Vesse J.
Brown, Pvt. Virgil A.
Brown, Pvt. Walter
Brown, Pvt. Webb D.
Brown, Pvt. William A.
Brown, Pvt. William E.
Brown, Pvt. William Earl
Brown, Pvt. William H.
Brown, Pvt. William H.
Brown, Pvt. William Herbert
Brown, Pvt. William S.
Brown, Pvt. Winfred F.
Brown, Sarah H.
Brown, Sgt. Francis J.
Brown, Sgt. Griffin E.
Brown, Sgt. Otis E.
Brown, Sgt. Walter L.
Brown, Sgt. William C.
Brown, Sgt. William Joseph
Brown, T. L.
Brown, Thelma
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Tully
Brown, W. B.
Brown, W. F.
Brown, Warren B.
Brown, Warren B.
Brown, Warren R.
Brown, Will
Brown, William R.
Brown, Woodrow
Brown, Zora
Brown, Jr., Capt. Sanford M.
Browne, Helen Effie
Browne, J. T.
Browne, Pvt. George J.
Browne, Sgt. Frank A.
Browne, Sgt. Ralph W.
Browne, Jr., Pvt. Alleny O.
Brownfield, William W.
Brownfield, William W.
Brownfield, William W.
Brownfield, William W.
Browning, Luther
Browning, Pvt. John W.
Browning, Pvt. Stephen
Browning, Pvt. William L.
Browning, Sgt. Ben F.
Browning, Sgt. George F.
Brownlee, Pvt. Llewellyn W.
Brownley, Pvt. Willey
Broxton, Pvt. George V.
Broyles, Pvt. Ernest
Broyles, Pvt. Fobert F.
Broyles, Pvt. Herbert L.
Broyles, Pvt. Jesse
Broyles, Pvt. Jesse
Brshears, Pvt. James I.
Bruce, Dr. W. H.
Bruce, James William
Bruce, James William
Bruce, James William
Bruce, Lt. Parker
Bruce, Mrs. W. H.
Bruce, Pvt. Elmer B.
Bruce, Pvt. Leslie J.
Bruce, Pvt. Noah
Bruce, Pvt. Tom
Bruce, Pvt. Walter
Bruce, Sgt. Harry G.
Bruder, Pvt. Emil
Brueggen, Pvt. Harry H.
Brugere, Gen. Adult Male
Brumback, Lt. J. C.
Brumbelow, Pvt. Ernest E.
Brumley, Pvt. Grover C.
Brumley, Pvt. Herman L.
Brummett, George B.
Brummette, Mrs. J. G.
Brun, Pvt. Franklin O.
Brundage, Pvt. Cloe E.
Brundidge, Sam Watson
Brunner, Pvt. Mike
Brunner, Pvt. Otto
Bruno, Cpl. Edwin H.
Bruno, Pvt. Alfred
Bruno, Pvt. Louis
Bruns, Mrs. John
Brunson, Joe
Brusati, Maj. Count Renzo
Brush, Pvt. Harry
Bruskin, Cpl. Julius
Bruton, Peter
Bruton, Pvt. Charles
Bruton, Pvt. William A.
Bryan, Charles Page
Bryan, Cpl. Shah
Bryan, John
Bryan, Judge Beauregard
Bryan, Junior
Bryan, Pvt. Joseph C.
Bryan, Pvt. William
Bryan, Sgt. E. Jay
Bryan, T. S.
Bryan, Thomas S.
Bryant, Alta Mae
Bryant, Alta Mae
Bryant, Alta May
Bryant, Cpl. Clyff A.
Bryant, J. E.
Bryant, Mary
Bryant, Mrs. J. K.
Bryant, Pvt. Arthur C.
Bryant, Pvt. Davis F.
Bryant, Pvt. Israel B.
Bryant, Pvt. Oto
Bryant, Pvt. Ray Harvey
Bryant, Pvt. Tuck
Bryant, Pvt. Vernon L.
Bryeana, Newton
Brymer, Pvt. Earney
Bryn, Pvt. John E.
Bryn, Pvt. Torsten O.
Bryne, Cpl. Robert Edward
Bryson, Margaret
Bryson, Margaret
Bryson, Mrs. M. E.
Bryson, Pvt. John R.
Bryson, Pvt. Reed C.
Bryson, Pvt. W. C.
Brzowski, Pvt. Walter
Brzozowski, Cpl. Jacob
Brzyski, Pvt. Joseph
Buchalter, Pvt. Samuel
Buchanan, Cdt. J. F.
Buchanan, Cpl. Mathew L.
Buchanan, E. C.
Buchanan, Edward C.
Buchanan, Edward Cunningham
Buchanan, Girl
Buchanan, Lt. Max C.
Buchanan, Mrs. Henry
Buchanan, Pvt. Bert
Buchanan, Pvt. George N.
Buchanan, Pvt. Ressie R.
Buchanan, Pvt. Thomas J.
Buchbinder, Pvt. Adam J.
Bucher, Pvt. Emil
Buchlein, Pvt. Edward Raymond
Buchman, Pvt. Sam
Buchner, H.
Buchner, Herman
Buck, Charles Francis
Buck, Lt. Adult Male
Buck, Mrs. Homer
Buck, Paul E.
Buck, Pvt. Carl E.
Buck, Pvt. Clarence E.
Buck, Pvt. David R.
Buck, Pvt. Homer
Buck, Pvt. John R.
Buck, Pvt. Kinsley C.
Buck, Pvt. Stanley L.
Buck, Pvt. Stewart E.
Buck, Sophia
Bucker, Pvt. Joseph
Buckert, Pvt. Nick
Buckingham, Pvt. Joshua
Buckle, Pvt. Abraham S.
Buckles, Pvt. George O.
Buckley, Cpl. Gerald J.
Buckley, G. V.
Buckley, Lt. Claude J.
Buckley, Pvt. Francis J.
Buckley, Pvt. Fred
Buckley, Pvt. M.
Buckley, Pvt. Patrick H.
Buckman, Pvt. Jewell
Buckner, Pvt. Clyde I.
Buckstrem, Pvt. Fred
Buckwalter, Capt. Harris D.
Budd, A. L.
Budd, Bert
Budlong, Pvt. William T. R.
Budzak, Pvt. Stephen A.
Budzynski, Pvt. William
Bueger, Pvt. Coert L.
Buell, Pvt. Bruce B.
Buell, Jr., Cpl. Charles J.
Bueller, Pvt. Paul G.
Buento, Cpl. Bernard L.
Buenty, Cpl. Howard Amos
Buenz, Karl
Buerger, Louisa
Buerger, Louisa A.
Buett, Milton
Buffridge, 2Lt. G. A.
Bugala, Pvt. Stanley F.
Bugall, Pvt. Julian J.
Bugg, Capt. T. W.
Bugg, Mrs. W. T.
Buhrman, Levi
Buie, A. D.
Buk, Pvt. Charles
Bukolt, Pvt. Kazmieur W.
Bulder, Pvt. Charlie F.
Bull, Clarence
Bull, Mrs. J. B.
Bull, Pvt. John
Bull, Sgt. Ebenezer
Bullard, Sgt. Arthur L.
Bullene, Fred S.
Bulleri, Pvt. Guiseppe J.
Bullion, Jessie Louise
Bullion, Jessie Louise
Bullion, Jessie Lucile
Bullis, Sgt. Elmer W.
Bullitt, Lt. Richard S.
Bullock, Capt. Harry A.
Bullock, Cpl. Henry T.
Bullock, Pvt. Gustave Harry
Bullock, Pvt. James W.
Bullock, Sam
Bullock, Sam
Bulman, Cpl. Willie H.
Bumgarner, Cpl. William
Bumley, Pvt. Lee
Bumpas, Pvt. James
Bunce, Pvt. Arthur H.
Bunch, Martha C.
Bunch, Martha C.
Bunch, O. B.
Bunch, Prof. J. C.
Bunch, Pvt. Clancy E.
Bunner, Pvt. Clifton E.
Bunt, Pvt. Frederick B.
Bunting, Cpl. Leon R.
Bunting, Jr., Cpl. Chambers L.
Buntley, Pvt. Robert M.
Bunton, Sgt. George T.
Bunyan, Sgt. Charles O.
Buran, Pvt. Frank
Buran, Pvt. Frank
Buran, Victor
Burbank, Pvt. Lester A.
Burch, Jesse Cornelius
Burch, Pvt. Waldo
Burchfield, Pvt. John Henry
Burdick, Pvt. Clyde R.
Burdick, Pvt. Earl
Burdine, Cpl. Ballard
Buren, Pvt. Robert L.
Burgard, Cpl. Lester C.
Burge, Cpl. James L.
Burge, Pvt. Dewey M.
Burger, Pvt. Florence
Burger, Pvt. Horace
Burger, Pvt. Lewis A.
Burger, William Emil
Burgess, Cpl. Richard I.
Burgess, Dr. True N.
Burgess, Leon F.
Burgess, Pvt. Urious L.
Burgess, Pvt. William E.
Burgess, Sgt. Robert T.
Burgess, T. M.
Burgess, W. H.
Burgin, Geneva
Burk, Caroline
Burk, John M.
Burk, John M.
Burk, Lt. Hobart E.
Burke, Cpl. Thomas E.
Burke, Cpl. Thomas E.
Burke, Cpl. Thomas J.
Burke, Pvt. Charles B.
Burke, Pvt. Frank E.
Burke, Pvt. Jesse D.
Burke, Pvt. John W.
Burke, Pvt. Leo T.
Burke, Pvt. Lester James
Burke, Pvt. Willard M.
Burke, Richard
Burke, S. A.
Burke, Sgt. Walter K.
Burkee, Cpl. John
Burkett, Alma E.
Burkett, Capt. John R.
Burkett, James A.
Burkett, Pvt. Homer W.
Burkett, Pvt. James M.
Burkett, Pvt. Roy L.
Burkey, Cpl. Edgar C.
Burkhart, Pvt. Bradley
Burks, Cpl. Charles H.
Burks, Pvt. Ethel L.
Burks, Pvt. Foster N.
Burks, Pvt. William
Burks, Rachel
Burleson, Cpl. Worth B.
Burma, Pvt. Charles R.
Burmeyer, Lt. Herbert A.
Burna, Pvt. John W.
Burne, Pvt. Leonard F.
Burner, Pvt. Henry K.
Burnester, Pvt. Oswald R.
Burnett, Pvt. Luther L.
Burnett, Pvt. Thomas B.
Burnett, Pvt. Willie
Burnett, Savannah
Burnett, Savannah
Burnette, Lt. Arleigh
Burnham, Herbert E.
Burnham, J. S
Burnis, Albert
Burns, Capt. John F.
Burns, Cpl. Joseph John
Burns, D. C.
Burns, Henry
Burns, Hubert H.
Burns, James
Burns, Lt. James S. D.
Burns, Mary A.
Burns, Mary A.
Burns, Mary A.
Burns, Pvt. Alexander B.
Burns, Pvt. Arthur W.
Burns, Pvt. Charles C.
Burns, Pvt. Harrison B.
Burns, Pvt. James A.
Burns, Pvt. John A.
Burns, Pvt. John E.
Burns, Pvt. Myron
Burns, Pvt. Raymond J.
Burns, Pvt. Richard D.
Burns, Pvt. Richard W.
Burns, Pvt. Richard W.
Burns, Pvt. Robert S.
Burns, Pvt. Stanky C.
Burns, Pvt. Wallace
Burns, Sgt. Kenneth K.
Burns, T.
Burns, Tony
Burns, W. S.
Burns, William S.
Burnside, Pvt. Will
Burnside, Sgt. George M.
Burpee, Lt. Benjamin P.
Burr, Pvt. Tom W.
Burrell, Lewis G.
Burridge, Howard
Burris, Charles E.
Burris, J. F.
Burris, Pvt. Benjamin H.
Burrough, Harry C.
Burrough, Harry C.
Burroughs, Willard Harding
Burrow, E. M.
Burrow, James Sanford
Burrow, R. E.
Burrows, Pvt. Edgar F.
Burrows, Pvt. Edgar F.
Burrows, Pvt. Melvin
Burrus, Hattie
Burson, Pvt. Guy C.
Burson, Pvt. Guy C.
Burt, Sgt. Frank G.
Burtch, T. P.
Burten, Henry V.
Burtner, Pvt. Winston P.
Burton, Lt. Edward Arthur
Burton, Pvt. Charles R.
Burton, Pvt. Clarence
Burton, PVt. Eber R.
Burton, Pvt. Eddie
Burton, Pvt. Henry N.
Burton, Pvt. Howard P.
Burton, Pvt. James
Burton, Pvt. James
Burton, Pvt. John
Burton, Pvt. Orlando
Burton, Pvt. Paul E.
Burton, Pvt. William E.
Burud, Pvt. Charley B.
Burwell, John C.
Burwell, W. M.
Busby, Alex L.
Busby, Pvt. Adolphus G.
Busby, Pvt. John H.
Busby, Pvt. Willis
Busch, Adolphus
Busch, Cpl. Roy H.
Busch, Pvt. Chris
Buschmoehle, Pvt. Edward William
Buser, Agnes R.
Buser, Ruth
Busey, Pvt. Paul B.
Bush, Cpl. Joseph E.
Bush, Cpl. Juel
Bush, H. B.
Bush, Ponie
Bush, Pvt. Albert F.
Bush, Pvt. Alexander
Bush, Pvt. Eath
Bush, Pvt. Edward L.
Bush, Pvt. Elmer W.
Bush, Pvt. Frank H.
Bush, Pvt. William C.
Bushey, Pvt. Ederen
Bushey, Sgt. George F.
Bushey?, Pvt. Clifton E.
Bushong, Edward A.
Bushwell, Pvt. Everell J.
Busker, Pvt. Joe
Buskey, Cpl. Charles M.
Bussey, Lueretia
Bussey, Pvt. John T.
Bussey, Sgt. Melville G.
Bussing, Pvt. Thomas L.
Buster, Sgt. Enoch L.
Butcavage, Pvt. Simon
Butcher, David T.
Butcher, Pvt. Lowell C.
Butcovich, Pvt. Kasimer
Buteau, Pvt. Laurence J.
Butera, Pvt. Alphonso
Butka, Edgar E.
Butledge, Alta
Butler, Arlis
Butler, Barbara
Butler, Cdt. Edward E.
Butler, Chester M.
Butler, Chester M.
Butler, Cpl. Fred T.
Butler, Cpl. Lester F.
Butler, Delphie
Butler, J. G.
Butler, J. O.
Butler, Mary
Butler, Mrs. A. W.
Butler, Mrs. Ramsey
Butler, Pvt. Charles
Butler, Pvt. Clarence
Butler, Pvt. Dennis
Butler, Pvt. Frank T.
Butler, Pvt. John A.
Butler, Pvt. John R.
Butler, Pvt. John W.
Butler, Pvt. John Z.
Butler, Pvt. Joseph J.
Butler, Pvt. Lee
Butler, Pvt. Legal T.
Butler, Pvt. Morris J.
Butler, Pvt. Oliver
Butler, Pvt. Paul W.
Butler, Pvt. Pearley
Butler, Pvt. Ted A.
Butler, Pvt. Tillman
Butler, Rev. John
Butler, Robert
Butler, Virginia
Butner, C. H.
Butser, Pvt. Bert
Buttero, Pvt. John
Button, Pvt. Flynn F.
Button, Pvt. George C.
Button, Pvt. Zachary H.
Buttrell, Pvt. Bedford B.
Butts, Pvt. Bethel
Butts, Sgt. Owen B.
Buyatte, Sgt. Amborse Xavier
Buzan, Pvt. Oliver W.
Buzzard, Eido
Byars, Pvt. Charles C.
Byars, Pvt. Pleasant V.
Bybee, Homer
Bybee, Samuel E.
Bye, Cpl. Arthur
Byerley, Sgt. Carl C.
Byerly, Pvt. Elmer Mathews
Byers, Pvt. Benjamin F.
Bykowski, Pvt. Stanislaus
Byram, Cpl. Wilfred C.
Byrd, Child
Byrd, Ed
Byrd, Mrs. W. N.
Byrd, Paul
Byrd, Pvt. Ed M.
Byrd, Pvt. Eddie C.
Byrd, Pvt. Peter P.
Byrd, W. W.
Byrd, Will
Byrdsong, Pvt. Aulston
Byrne, Cpl. Hugh O.
Byrne, Cpl. Robert L.
Byrne, Pvt. Charles R.
Byrns, Sgt. Christopher J.
Byrom, Pvt. Eddie M.
Cabal, Pvt. Louis
Cabaniss, Pvt. John D.
Cabanne, Cpl. William Henry
Cabasino, Pvt. Louis Francis
Cabasos, Pvt. Hilario
Cabe, Pvt. John R.
Cabe, Rev. R. L.
Cabiness, George
Caboon, Pvt. Herbert A.
Cacotakec, Pvt. Nick
Cade, Pvt. Vidal
Cadman, Pvt. Seth C.
Cadwallader, Richard
Caffrey, Pvt. Edward C.
Cagle, Carroll
Cagle, Daisy
Cagle, Daisy
Cahill, Pvt. Raymond J.
Cahill, Sgt. Clifford W.
Cahn, Abe
Cahn, Abraham
Cain, Agnes
Cain, Jake
Cain, Mrs. R. B.
Cain, Pvt. John
Cain, Pvt. Salvatore
Cain, Pvt. Waldo
Cairns, Sgt. William B.
Calahan, Cpl. Aubrey H.
Caldwel, Pvt. Lloyd E.
Caldwell, Cpl. George D.
Caldwell, Mrs. M. S.
Caldwell, Pvt. Albert L.
Caldwell, Pvt. Ernest J.
Caldwell, Pvt. George W.
Caldwell, Pvt. James C.
Caldwell, Pvt. James E.
Caldwell, Pvt. John P.
Caldwell, Pvt. Leo W.
Caldwell, Pvt. Luther P.
Caldwell, Pvt. Luther R.
Caldwell, Pvt. Robert P.
Caldwin, Pvt. Raymond
Calhoun, Mrs. C. C.
Calhoun, Mrs. S. R.
Calhoun, Mrs. S. R.
Calhoun, Pvt. Grover W.
Calhoun, Pvt. Gus B.
Calhoun, Sgt. Bruk
Calk, Floy
Calk, Floyd
Calkin, Pvt. Samuel
Calkins, Lt. Reginald J.
Call, L. G.
Call, Pvt. Darrell H.
Call, Sgt. Sidney C.
Callahan, Cpl. William Walter
Callahan, Pvt. Daniel F.
Callahan, Pvt. John
Callahan, Pvt. John J.
Callahan, Pvt. John K.
Callahan, Pvt. Wilburn H.
Callahan, Pvt. William J.
Callahan, W. M.
Callahan, Jr., Pvt. John
Callan, Pvt. Joseph P.
Callonn, Pvt. Sterling
Calo, Pvt. Marciano
Calvert, Lt. Ollis S.
Calvert, Mattie
Calvin, Cpl. Carl Lee
Calvin, Pvt. Arthur G.
Camali, Pvt. Giovanni
Cambell, Lt. Raymond C.
Cambre, Pvt. Leo
Camden, Pvt. Abb
Cameau, Pvt. Wilbur
Cameron, Hugh
Cameron, James D.
Cameron, Lt. Duncan C.
Cameron, Pvt. Fred Little?
Cameron, Pvt. Frederick A.
Cameron, Pvt. William W.
Camerote, Pvt. Antonio
Cammons, Cpl. Douglas
Camp, Eddie
Camp, Pvt. Jesse B.
Campbell, A. J.
Campbell, Annie M.
Campbell, Annie M.
Campbell, Chick H.
Campbell, Cpl. Henry S.
Campbell, Cpl. Willard M.
Campbell, Dale Verne
Campbell, Mark
Campbell, Mrs. Tom
Campbell, Oliver
Campbell, Olivia
Campbell, Olivia
Campbell, Peter B.
Campbell, Pvt. Alfred I.
Campbell, Pvt. Avery
Campbell, Pvt. Cecil E.
Campbell, Pvt. Chester F.
Campbell, Pvt. Cullen L.
Campbell, Pvt. Ernest
Campbell, Pvt. Ernest G.
Campbell, Pvt. Frank A.
Campbell, Pvt. Fred R.
Campbell, Pvt. Garrett
Campbell, Pvt. Glenn H.
Campbell, Pvt. Harold L.
Campbell, Pvt. Harry
Campbell, Pvt. Hiram W.
Campbell, Pvt. Ira S.
Campbell, Pvt. John C.
Campbell, Pvt. Joseph M.
Campbell, Pvt. Leon
Campbell, Pvt. MArk C.
Campbell, Pvt. Michael
Campbell, Pvt. Scott C.
Campbell, Pvt. Sydney
Campbell, Pvt. Walter A.
Campbell, Pvt. William
Campbell, Pvt. William C.
Campbell, Pvt. William J.
Campbell, Sgt. ??? E.
Campbell, Sgt. Sam M.
Campbell, Theodore
Campbell, Tom
Campbell, Walter
Campbell, Will
Campbell, Jr., Cdt. Fred C.
Camperdown, Earl Adult Male
Campino, Pvt. Antonio
Campo, Pvt. Fred
Canada, M. C.
Canada, Mary
Canada, Mrs. M. E.
Canady, Cpl. Alvin R.
Canady, Harrison C.
Canady, Harrison C.
Canady, Pvt. Harwood
Canary, Pvt. Theophilus
Canas, Gen. Juan J.
Canavan, Pvt. Roy
Candage, Pvt. Robert L.
Candle, Pvt. James A.
Candy, Harry
Caney, Sgt. Austin H.
Canfield, Cpl. John R.
Canfield, Louise Jane
Canfield, Mrs. J. S.
Canfield, Pvt. Claude L.
Canfield, Pvt. Harold F.
Cann, Pvt. Will W.
Cannarozel, Cpl. John
Cannell, Pvt. S. W.
Cannon, Emil
Cannon, Jennie Watson
Cannon, Jennie Watson
Cannon, Mrs. Marion
Cannon, Pvt. Gus
Cannon, Pvt. James L.
Cannon, Pvt. John H.
Cannon, Pvt. Newton
Cannon, Pvt. Rollin M.
Cannon, Pvt. Walter D.
Cannon, Pvt. Wiley N.
Cannon, Thomas W.
Cansler, Pvt. Douglas H.
Cansler, S. P.
Cansler, S. P.
Cansler, Sampson Philip
Canter, Pvt. Mose
Cantoni, Cpl. Edward Joseph
Cantrell, Alta
Cantwell, Alfred
Cantwell, James
Cantwell, Sgt. Blair
Canty, Sgt. Eugene P.
Canwell, Pvt. Fred D.
Capallo, Pvt. Tony
Cape, Cicero
Capehart, Pvt. Lawrence H.
Capotisto, Pvt. Augusto
Capp, Cicero
Capparos, Pvt. John
Cappela, Pvt. Antonio
Cappello, Pvt. Nick
Cappiello, Sgt. Michael
Capps, Almer
Capps, Elmer
Capps, Lt. Calvin L.
Cappusza, Pvt. Carmen
Capraullo, Pvt. Anthony
Capsack, Pvt. Michael Dana
Caputa, Pvt. Miro
Caputo, Pvt. Anthony C.
Caputo, Pvt. Domenico
Carabine, Pvt. Thomas F.
Caraceto, Antonio
Caralunae, Pvt. Frank
Carap, Cpl. John B.
Carbaugh, Pvt. Calvin A.
Carbaugh, Sgt. Frank
Carbon, Pvt. Joe A.
Carby, Pvt. Fletcher
Carcaro, Pvt. Giovanni
Card, Pvt. Arthur
Card, W. C.
Carden, Andrew
Carden, Julius
Carden, Julius
Carden, Pvt. Ross
Carder, J. W.
Carder, J. W.
Carding, George W.
Cardosi, Pvt. Benjamin
Cardwell, Pvt. Corbett
Cardwell, Sgt. Sheri---?
Carelock, Cpl. Albert A.
Carey, James O.
Carey, Pvt. Charles H.
Carey, Pvt. James F.
Carey, Pvt. Orlis H.
Carey, Pvt. Will A.
Carey, Pvt. Winfield Geary
Cargile, Mrs. George
Cariker, Pvt. John A.
Caringetio, Pvt. Mike
Carl, Eldridge D.
Carleton, Cpl. William Wallace
Carleton, Pvt. Kenneth
Carletta, Pvt. Cataldo
Carlew, W. R.
Carlisle, B. Adult Male
Carlisle, Cpl. John C.
Carlisle, Cpl. William R.
Carlisle, Pvt. Hichs E
Carlisle, Sgt. William S.
Carllie, Cpl. James
Carlock, Riley
Carlock, Riley
Carlon, Lt. Orrin S.
Carlson, Carl A. J.
Carlson, Cpl. Edward Martin
Carlson, Dollie E.
Carlson, Pvt. Benjamin R.
Carlson, Pvt. Calmer Melcher
Carlson, Pvt. Carl G.
Carlson, Pvt. Frank E.
Carlson, Pvt. Frank S.
Carlson, Pvt. Gannard E.
Carlson, Pvt. Hans
Carlson, Pvt. Joseph H.
Carlson, Pvt. Oscar E.
Carlson, Sgt. Carl C.
Carlton, Cdt. Donald E.
Carlton, J. T.
Carlton, Pvt. John L.
Carlton, Pvt. Phillip S.
Carlton, Shad
Carlyle, Boy
Carmichael, John
Carmody, Cpl. James C.
Carmony, Roy J.
Carnes, Pvt. Barney G.
Carney, Cdt. J. Francis
Carney, Cpl. Everett F.
Carney, Lt. Daniel J.
Carney, Pvt. Rayond M.
Carnley, Jackson
Carola?, Sgt. Raymond J.
Caron, Cpl. Henry F.
Carothers, Cpl. Joseph L.
Carpender, Ava Wray
Carpenter, Cpl. Quincy C.
Carpenter, Cpl. Quiney C.
Carpenter, J. M.
Carpenter, Mrs. A. G.
Carpenter, Pvt. Charles Samuel
Carpenter, Pvt. Henry F.
Carpenter, Pvt. James E.
Carpenter, Pvt. Jesse
Carpenter, Pvt. John E.
Carpenter, Pvt. Ralph J.
Carpenter, Pvt. Stanley D.
Carpenter, Pvt. William H.
Carpenter, Vint
Carpenter, Jr., George A.
Carr, Cpl. Ralph Diehand
Carr, Dora
Carr, George S.
Carr, George S.
Carr, Hazel Ruth
Carr, Hazel Ruth
Carr, Lt. Roy E.
Carr, Pvt. Bob
Carr, Pvt. Edward M.
Carr, Pvt. Melvin M.
Carr, Pvt. Orwin E.
Carr, Sgt. Edward Oakley
Carr, Sgt. John M.
Carr, Susan Wesley
Carrague, Cpl. Michael T.
Carravatta, Pvt. Pasquale
Carrejo, Pvt. Moises N.
Carrel, Mrs. A. B.
Carrick, Pvt. George W.
Carrick, Sgt. James W.
Carrico, Edd
Carrigan, Jr., Lt. Alfred H.
Carroll, Atwell
Carroll, Grady
Carroll, Joseph D.
Carroll, Pvt. Edward L.
Carroll, Pvt. Frank
Carroll, Pvt. Michael G.
Carroll, Pvt. Preston H.
Carroll, Pvt. William C.
Carroll, Pvt. William G.
Carroll, Sgt. William F.
Carroll, W. C.
Carroll, W. S.
Carron, Pvt. Albert J.
Carry, Pvt. William Emmett
Carsell, Pvt. Philip
Carson, Cpl. Millard W.
Carson, David F.
Carson, Lt. W. L.
Carson, Milford H.
Carson, Mrs. L. G.
Carson, Pvt. Dwight E.
Carson, Pvt. James
Carson, Pvt. James F.
Carson, Pvt. Joseph H.
Carson, Pvt. Thomas W.
Carson, Pvt. William W.
Carta, Pvt. John A.
Carter, 1Lt. Grover
Carter, Aldredge
Carter, Aldridge
Carter, Alldredge
Carter, Cpl. Frederick C.
Carter, Cpl. Martin L.
Carter, Cpl. Overton
Carter, Cpl. William
Carter, Dona
Carter, J. R.
Carter, James L.
Carter, Lt. Grover
Carter, Lt. Roy C.
Carter, Martha
Carter, Neely
Carter, Neely C.
Carter, Pvt. Benjamin L.
Carter, Pvt. Chester William
Carter, Pvt. Clarence L.
Carter, Pvt. Dan
Carter, Pvt. Eddie P.
Carter, Pvt. Ernest
Carter, Pvt. Ernest C.
Carter, Pvt. Eugene K.
Carter, Pvt. George L.
Carter, Pvt. James
Carter, Pvt. Jesse A.
Carter, Pvt. Jesse D.
Carter, Pvt. John T.
Carter, Pvt. Lester G.
Carter, Pvt. Matt W.
Carter, Pvt. Millard D.
Carter, Pvt. Rufus
Carter, Pvt. Russell E.
Carter, Pvt. Walter O.
Carter, Pvt. William E.
Carter, Pvt. Worther
Carter, R. J.
Carter, Rev. J. C.
Carter, Robert
Carter, Roxie
Carter, Sgt. Alfred
Carter, Sgt. Carl C.
carter, Sgt. Theodore N.
Cartet?, Sgt. Harry Oliver E.
Cartland, Sgt. William H.
Cartledge, Sgt. Clifford
Cartwright, I. M.
Cartwright, Lester
Cartwright, Pvt. Lester
Cartwright, Pvt. Roger N.
Cartwright, Sgt. Algie
Cartwright, William
Caruso, Pvt. John J.
Carusome, Pvt. Patsy
Caruther, Cpl. Verdo W.
Carver, A. B.
Carver, Chiophillius
Carver, Freeman
Carver, Mrs. John
Carver, Pvt. Rock
Carvin, Pvt. James S.
Cary, Pvt. Edgar C.
Cary, William
Casanova, Pvt. Simon A.
Cascio, Pvt. John
Case, Pvt. Everett C.
Case, Pvt. Ovila
Case, Pvt. Thomas L.
Caser, Elmer
Casey, Adult Male
Casey, Cpl. E. M.
Casey, Emmett M.
Casey, Louis Fletcher
Casey, Louis Fletcher
Casey, Lyndon D.
Casey, Lyndon D.
Casey, Lyndon L.
Casey, Mrs. L. E.
Casey, Pvt. Charles Joseph
Casey, Pvt. George
Casey, Pvt. John A.
Casey, Pvt. Lonzo
Casey, Pvt. LOuis W.
Casey, Pvt. William G.
Casey, W. E.
Cash, Cpl. Claude C.
Cash, James Edward
Cash, Lt. Frank P. M.
Cash, Pvt. Paul J.
Cash, Pvt. Sam R.
Cashion, Smith L.
Cashmore, Pvt. Walter
Caskey, Pvt. James
Caskey, Pvt. Oren B.
Cason, Dudley R.
Cason, E. A.
Cason, Elmer
Cason, Pvt. Dudley R.
Cason, Pvt. George W.
Cason, Pvt. William L.
Casper, Cpl. Earl P.
Casper, Pvt. Edward L.
Cassady, Reval
Cassard, Lt. Daniel W.
Cassealeno, Pvt. Alexandro
Cassell, Pvt. Frederick
Cassidy, Cpl. John T.
Cassidy, Martin H.
Cassidy, Pvt. William J.
Cast, Ella
Casteel, Cpl. Harvey
Casteel, Pvt. Benton
Casteel, Pvt. Charles Robert
Castellos, Jack
Castigilone, Sgt. Guido
Castinado, Pvt. Publito
Castle, Capt. Vernon
Castleberry, Eunice Lila
Castleberry, Eunice Lila
Castleberry, Eunice Lila
Castleberry, Mrs. Sam
Castleberry, Mrs. Sam
Castleman, Gen. John B.
Castling, Peyton
Caston, Pvt. Carey T.
Castro, Pvt. Louis V.
Caststeel, Pvt. Charles R.
Caswell, William
Casy, Pvt. John E.
Catabo, Pvt. James
Cataldo, Sgt. Frank C.
Catalina, Nick
Cate?, Pvt. Thomas J.
Catelini, Pvt. Bambino L.
Cates, Mrs. Ezra
Cates, Pvt. H. P.
Cates, Pvt. John O.
Cathcart, J. A.
Cathcart, S. B.
Cather, Lt. Grosvenor P.
Catherina, Anthony
Cathers, Pvt. William S. P.
Catherwood, Pvt. Patrick J.
Cathey, Lucy
Cathey, Pvt. George
Catlett, Isaac
Cato, Pvt. Floyd
Cato, Pvt. James B.
Cato, William P.
Catron, Pvt. Jack J.
Caudle, Cpl. Juett
Caudle, Pvt. Lee
Caughron, Ben C.
Caul, Cpl Walter G.
Cauldwell, Margaret E.
Cauldwell, Margaret Eliza
Causbie, Pvt. Billie
Cavabaugh, Charles
Cavalieri, Pvt. Giovanni
Cavan, Pvt. Edward N.
Cavanagh, Pvt. Daniel W.
Cavell, Edith
Cavell, Ida
Cavett, Clarence
Caville, Pvt. Francis Leo
Caviness, Pvt. Carl L.
Caw, Pvt. Clarence Henry
Cawley, Pvt. Peter
Cawood, Thomas C.
Cawood, Tom
Cawthorn, Cpl. Joseph R.
Caya, Pvt. Alvy
Caylor, F. C.
Caylor, Pvt. Grayson
Caylor, Pvt. James H.
Caylor, Pvt. Joseph B.
Cayzeski, Pvt. John
Cazrigani?, William
CcVey?, Pvt. William M.
Cease, Pvt. Eugene R.
Cebuske, Minnie
Cebuske, Minnie
Cebuske, Minnie
Cecil, Chester
Cecil, Pvt. Edwin F.
Cederholm, Sgt. Arvid A.
Ceech, Pvt. Simon
Cella, Louis
Cerallo, Pvt. Lewis
Cerradina, Cpl. Hugh C.
Cerulo, Pvt. Luigi
Chabot, Cpl. Ralph L.
Chadbourne, Sgt. Arthur V.
Chaffee, Lt. Herbert N.
Chaffee, Pvt. Orle S.
Chagnon, Pvt. Eugene
Chailders, Leslie A.
Chaisson, Sgt. Joseph P.
Chalfant, Jefferson C.
Chamberlain, Adult Male
Chamberlain, Albert
Chamberlain, Guy F.
Chamberlain, Guy L.
Chamberlain, Lt. Cyrus F.
Chamberlain, Lt. Cyrus F.
Chamberlain, Lt. William F.
Chamberlain, Pvt. Willie L.
Chamberlain, Sgt. Thurston R.
Chambers, C. A.
Chambers, Capt. Charles A.
Chambers, Chester A.
Chambers, Lillian L.
Chambers, Lillian L.
Chambers, Lillie L.
Chambers, Mrs. J. B.
Chambers, Pvt. Ernest A.
Chambers, Pvt. Harry U.
Chambers, Pvt. Johnnie
Chambers, Sgt. Sam
Chamblin, Cpl. Charley L.
Chambliss, Pvt. Bruce S.
Chambliss, Raymond U.
Champagne, Lt. John C.
Champagne, Pvt. Alfred G.
Champagne, Pvt. Arthur
Champion, Lt. Cloyd B.
Champion, Pvt. Frank C.
Champion, Pvt. John
Chance, Pvt. Clyde
Chance, Pvt. Miles M.
Chancellor, Pvt. Joseph
Chancelor, Cpl. Clarence E.
Chandler, Lt. Leslie G.
Chandler, Pvt. Edgar R.
Chandler, Pvt. Elmer
Chandler, Pvt. Grover C.
Chandler, Sgt. James T.
Chandru, Ham
Chanen, Pvt. Samuel
Chaney, Child
Chaney, Cpl. Ralph V.
Chaney, Jacob
Chaney, Mrs. A. L.
Chaney, Pvt. Jesse
Chaney, Pvt. Milo R.
Chanslor, Pvt. Earl D.
Chapart, Jean B.
Chapdealine, Pvt. Alfred
Chapin, Mrs. Charles E.
Chapin, Mrs. Charles E.
Chapin, Mrs. Charles E.
Chapin, Mrs. Charles E.
Chapin, Pvt. Leslie D.
Chaplin, Mrs. Charles E.
Chapman, Allen
Chapman, Cpl. Albert L.
Chapman, Dr. Hanry N.
Chapman, Harry "Chappie"
Chapman, Homer
Chapman, Lt. Charles W.
Chapman, Pvt. Cecil C.
Chapman, Pvt. Clyde
Chapman, Pvt. George C.
Chapman, Pvt. James E.
Chapman, Pvt. Joseph W.
Chapman, Pvt. Leo R.
Chapman, Pvt. Wyatt M.
Chapman, Sgt. Edgar E.
Chapman, Jr., Charles W.
Chappel, Lemuel A.
Chappell, Cpl. Fred
Chappell, Pvt. Royden L.
Chappell, Sarah
Chapple, J. C.
Chapple, James
Charby, Pvt. Frank
Charistian, Pvt. Claude R.
Charistie, Pvt. David H.
Charlboneau, Pvt. Elmer
Charles, J. R.
Charles, Pvt. Earl F.
Charles, Pvt. Morris
Charles, Pvt. Ray T.
Charles, Pvt. William T.
Charlton, Lt. Donald H.
Charlton, Pvt. William E.
Charon, Pvt. Will
Chartler, Pvt. David
Chartler, Pvt. Louis
Chartler, Pvt. Louis C.
Chase, Earl M.
Chase, Pvt. Daniel T.
Chase, Pvt. Kenneth U.
Chase, Pvt. Lester W.
Chase, Pvt. Neal
Chason, Carson B.
Chastain, Elva
Chastain, Elva
Chastain, Pvt. Claude L.
Chatard, Bishop Francis Silas
Chatfield, Sgt. Clarence S.
Chatham, Pvt. Elmer A.
Chatterton, Sgt. Charles H.
Chaute, Pvt. James
Chauuette, Cpl. Nelly O.
Chaves, Pvt. Santiago
Chavez, Pvt. George
Chavez, Pvt. Joaquin
Cheadle, Pvt. Albert K.
Cheatham, Augustine M.
Cheatham, Cpl. Kirby H.
Cheatham, Pvt. James T.
Chedotal, Pvt. Theogene
Cheek, Florence Daisy
Cheek, Hamby
Cheek, J. B.
Cheek, J. B.
Cheek, Pvt. Charles C.
Chenaed, Albert J.
Cheney, 1Lt. William H.
Chenoweth, Pvt. Carl C.
Cherington, Pvt. Jesse N.
Cherney, Pvt. Nick
Cherouvis, Pvt. Mike
Cherry, Cpl. Herman H.
Cherry, Cpl. Roy T.
Cherry, Pvt. Cozy
Cherry, Pvt. Stone A.
Cheshire, Pvt. George Bishop
Chesnut, Pvt. James
Chestang, Pvt. Lee J.
Chestang, Pvt. Leo J.
Chester, Mrs. Sam K.
Chester, Pvt. Claud T.
Chestnut, Pvt. Albert G.
Chestnutt, Hattie
Chestnutt, Mrs. Edgar
Chevreuse, Duke Adult Male
Chiasson, Maurice
Chickieillo, Pvt. Sam
Chilcoat, Pvt. Harry D.
Childers, Mrs. J. C.
Childers, Mrs. J. C.
Childers, Pvt. Howard D.
Childers, Pvt. Lonnie A.
Childers, Pvt. Wilmar L.
Childers, William L.
Childers, Wilmar L.
Childress, Cpl. Amos R.
Childress, Pvt. Willie
Childs, Charles
Childs, Charles
Childs, Lt. Wayne Freed
Childs, Sgt. Arthur
Childs, Sgt. P. P.
Chiles, Ineva
Chilson, Sgt. Carl A.
Chilson, Sgt. Clyde C.
Chilton, Lt. Arch G.
Chime, George A.
Chimeresky, Pvt. Aaron
Chipman, Pvt. John C.
Chirhart, Pvt. Edward J.
Chisam, Pvt. Earl
Chisholm, Cpl. Daniel A.
Chisler, George W.
Chism, Pvt. Ellery A.
Chittick, Pvt. Michael
Chitwood, A. B.
Chitwood, A. B.
Chitwood, A. B.
Chitwood, Pvt. Tate W.
Chitwood, R. Y.
Chivers, Sgt. Frank H.
Choat, Pvt. Vince R.
Choate, Joseph Hodges
Choate, Pvt. Freddie E.
Choate, Pvt. Jasper D.
Choinski, Mrs. P. B.
Chorba, Pvt. Joseph J.
Chord, Pvt. Alton L.
Choroski, Edward
Chricsanevica, Pvt. Nicolai
Christ, Pvt. James F.
Christensen, Capt. Carl F. A.
Christensen, Cpl. George G.
Christensen, Pvt. James T.
Christian, Charles
Christian, Persia L.
Christian, Pvt. George A.
Christian, Pvt. John W.
Christian, Pvt. Victor T.
Christian, Pvt. Wilbur
Christianson, Pvt. Bertina
Christianson, Pvt. Charles
Christianson, Pvt. Mike
Christie, Pvt. Harold J.
Christman, Blanch Nagel
Christmas, Pvt. George O.
Christofferson, Pvt. Arthur C.
Christofferson, Silas
Christoperson, Pvt. Conrad
Christopher, Ervin
Christopher, Pvt. Coles D.
Christopher, Pvt. Ruben T.
Christy, Eva
Christy, Eva
Christy, Eva
Christy, Mrs. C. W.
Chube, Henry S.
Chuning, Cpl. Edwin V.
Church, J. M.
Church, Lela
Church, Pvt. Benjamin
Church, Pvt. David F.
Church, Pvt. Franklin A.
Church, Pvt. Lorin Jasper
Church, Pvt. Raymond S.
Churchill, Cpl. Oscar
Churchill, James Lloyd
Churchill, Lt. Earl R.
Churchill, Samuel
Churchill, Samuel
Churchill, Samuel
Churchwell, Bob
Cianai, Pvt. Antonio
Ciceome, Pvt. Daniel J.
Cieraskiewicz, Pvt. John
Cigas, Pvt. Jimmie
Cihocki, Pvt. Tadeney
Cilburn, Pvt. Edison P.
Cimci, Pvt. Victor
Cimino, Pvt. Toney
Cina, Sgt. Joseph
Cingenpeel, Mary
Cioccotiai, Pvt. Oriste
Cione, Pvt. William H.
Cipolia, Pvt. John
Ciravegna, Sgt. Louis A.
Cirulio, Pvt. Mariono
Cisek, Pvt. Julian
Claborne, Cpl. George
Clack, Pvt. John
Claffey, Pvt. Edward S.
Claiborne, Pvt. Jim W.
Clair, Capt. Frederick D.
Clair, Pvt. Albert O.
Clancy, Cpl. John Francis
Clancy, Pvt. Dan B.
Clancy, Pvt. Leyland S.
Clancy, Pvt. Wilmer
Clanders, Sgt. Michael J.
Clanton, Pvt. Cleveland
Clapp, Lt. Roger H.
Clapp, Lt. Roger Harvey
Clapp, Robert
Clapper, Pvt. Carl Joseph
Clardy, Harrison
Clarence, Cpl. Albert
Clark, 2Lt. Halbert
Clark, Bryant
Clark, Cpl. Buford
Clark, Cpl. Clyde
Clark, Cpl. David O.
Clark, Cpl. John E.
Clark, David
Clark, David
Clark, Dr. C. B.
Clark, Dr. Dyton
Clark, Earl R.
Clark, Ed
Clark, Floy
Clark, Genevieve
Clark, George
Clark, Gus
Clark, H. B. "Ham"
Clark, Isom
Clark, Isom
Clark, J. M.
Clark, Jodie
Clark, Jodie
Clark, Lettie
Clark, Love
Clark, Lt. Eldon B.
Clark, Lt. Eliot B.
Clark, Lt. Franklin W.
Clark, Mark
Clark, Matilda
Clark, Mrs. David
Clark, Mrs. David
Clark, Mrs. Peter
Clark, Mrs. Peter
Clark, Mrs. W. D.
Clark, Mrs. Woods
Clark, Philo M.
Clark, Pvt. Alexander
Clark, Pvt. Alton W.
Clark, Pvt. Carey W.
Clark, Pvt. Charles
Clark, Pvt. Charles M.
Clark, Pvt. Charley M.
Clark, Pvt. Clarence A.
Clark, Pvt. Clarence E.
Clark, Pvt. Clint
Clark, Pvt. Emory S.
Clark, Pvt. Ernest M.
Clark, Pvt. Ernest O.
Clark, Pvt. Frank A.
Clark, Pvt. George R.
Clark, Pvt. Gus E.
Clark, Pvt. Harry Elton
Clark, Pvt. Henry H.
Clark, Pvt. Herbert
Clark, Pvt. Herman W.
Clark, Pvt. Ira V.
Clark, Pvt. Jerry
Clark, Pvt. John J.
Clark, Pvt. Joseph C.
Clark, Pvt. Joseph E.
Clark, Pvt. Julian G.
Clark, Pvt. Neills W.
Clark, Pvt. Ora Ruchen
Clark, Pvt. Sid
Clark, Pvt. Van G.
Clark, Pvt. Virgil Omar
Clark, Pvt. Walter
Clark, Pvt. Willard Franklin
Clark, Pvt. William A.
Clark, Pvt. William C.
Clark, Pvt. William Oscar
Clark, Pvt. Winton
Clark, Robert F.
Clark, Roda
Clark, Roda
Clark, Sgt. AuLyn E.
Clark, William H.
Clarke, Benjamin B.
Clarke, Birchet "Kit"
Clarke, Capt. Bruce W.
Clarke, Capt. John M.
Clarke, Isom
Clarke, Lt. Henry W.
Clarke, Maj. Lloyd W.
Clarke, Pvt. Charles A.
Clarke, Pvt. George C.
Clarke, Pvt. Harry J.
Clarke, Pvt. Jeff D.
Clarke, Pvt. William A.
Claudio, Pvt. Thomas
Claunch, Clarence
Claunch, Cpl. Oscar L.
Claunch, Dr. J. R.
Clausen, Pvt. Harry E
Clausen, Pvt. Robert L.
Clausing, Pvt. Edwin L.
Clawson, Pvt. Albert
Clawson, Pvt. Ernest A.
Clay, Erby
Clay, Myrtle C.
Clay, Pvt. Leonard Louis
Clay, Pvt. Margie
Clay, Pvt. Pinkney M.
Clay, Sgt. Floyd W.
Clay, Jr., Pvt. Rhodes
Claycome, Pvt. Robert H.
Claypool, Sgt. Elsa H.
Claypool, Sgt. Thomas L.
Clayton, Col. Bertrand T.
Clayton, John
Clayton, Menta
Clayton, Pvt. Arthur L.
Clayton, Pvt. Berry M.
Clayton, Pvt. Berry M.
Clayton, Pvt. Camel W.
Clayton, Pvt. James A.
Clayton, Pvt. Virgil A.
Clayton, Sgt. Oscar R.
Clayton, Walker
Cleary, Pvt. Albert F.
Cleary, Pvt. John J.
Cleary, Pvt. Joseph M.
Cleary, Pvt. Thomas W.
Clegg, Dr. Moses T.
Clegg, Dr. Moses Tran
Clegg, Moses Tran
Clegg, Pvt. Lloyd D.
Cleightman, Pvt. Paul
Cleland, Pvt. Charles H.
Clem, Mary
Clemens, Girl
Clemens, Pvt. Harry C.
Clement, Cpl. George Edward
Clement, Pvt. Reily Franklin
Clements, Elizabeth
Clements, John C.
Clements, John C.
Clements, Lt. Frederick R.
Clements, Pvt. Allen H.
Clements, Pvt. Charles B.
Clements, Pvt. Martin J.
Clements, Pvt. Marvin
Clements, Pvt. Robert Thomas
Clements, Pvt. William T.
Clements, SGM Will H.
Cleminski, Pvt. Max
Clemmer, Pvt. Herman L.
Clemmer, Jr., Lt. Jay F.
Clemmons, Spencer
Clemons, Pvt. James
Clendenning, Pvt. Charles J.
Clerget, John B.
Clesser, Pvt. Hallie J.
Cleveland, Mrs. M. C.
Cleveland, Pvt. Baker B.
Cleveland, Pvt. George E.
Cleveland, Sgt. William R.
Cleveland, Treadwell
Clevenger, Elmer E.
Cleversoy, Pvt. Arthur Albert
Clibourn, Ada
Clibourn, Coy Louise
Click, Pvt. Ollie L.
Cliett, Pvt. Earl L.
Clifford, Lt. Paul L.
Clifford, Pvt. Andrew O.
Clifft, Pvt. Luther T.
Clifton, Hayden
Clifton, Henry
Clifton, Nelson B.
Clifton, Pvt. Fred
Clifton, Pvt. Joseph H.
Clifton, Pvt. Larkin C.
Clifton, Randall
Climle, Pvt. John S.
Clinard, Pvt. Raymond
Cline, Cpl. David Earl
Cline, Henry C.
Cline, Pvt. Lonnie E.
Cline, Pvt. Randolph V.
Clinefelter, Sgt. Clyde Cilfford
Clingan, Mrs. W. J.
Clingan, Pvt. William Ellis
Clingen, Mrs. Lou
Clingenpeel, Mary E.
Clinton, Col. James W.
Clinton, Mrs. Eli
Clogher, Cpl. Edward
Cloninger, Pvt. James D.
Clopton, J. R.
Clopton, Pvt. Archie Lathon
Clore, Cpl. Robert L.
Clorn, Pvt. Luther H.
Close, Pvt. Arthur C.
Clough, Fred
Clough, Pvt. Charles H.
Clough, Pvt. Harmon
Clouser, Pvt. Leroy S.
Clubb, Sgt. Harry
Cluck, Pvt. Britton
Cnessalak, Pvt. Roman M.
Coakley, Thomas B.
Coarley, Thomas B.
Coates, Pvt. Howard C.
Coates, Pvt. Jopseh A.
Coats, Edgar
Coats, Herman
Coats, Herman
Coats, Pvt. Hollie L.
Coats, Pvt. Linzy L.
Coats, Pvt. Thomas L.
Coats, Pvt. Walter G.
Coats, Sgt. Ralph D.
Cobb, Charles H.
Cobb, Charles H.
Cobb, Charles H.
Cobb, Cpl. Bruce
Cobb, Edna
Cobb, Gordon
Cobb, Mrs. J. B.
Cobb, Pvt. Perry E.
Cobb, Pvt. Richard Bryant
Cobb, Pvt. William
Cobble, Crockett
Cobeldick?, Sgt. John R.
Cobner, Pvt. Jess Daniel
Coburn, Pvt. George E.
Cochran, Cpl. George R.
Cochran, Cpl. James J.
Cochran, James Willie
Cochran, Pvt. Frank B.
Cochran, Pvt. Grady M.
Cochran, Pvt. Ira D.
Cochran, Pvt. Joe
Cochran, Pvt. Lee
Cochran, Pvt. Paul
Cochran, Pvt. Wilson C.
Cochran, Thomas M.
Cochran?, Clifford
Cochrane, Pvt. John
Cockell, Sgt. Clell C.
Cocker, George
Cockmon, Margaret
Cockrell, Pvt. Frank T.
Cockrell, Pvt. Frank T.
Cockrill, Garland
Cockrill, Garland
Cockrill, Garland
Cockrum, Ellen
Cockrum, Ellen
Cockrum, Ellen
Cockrum, May'
Cockrum, Sgt. Lawrence W.
Cocoran, John J.
Codd, Pvt. Raymond P.
Codirane, Cpl. Richard
Coduti, Pvt. Phillip
Cody, Cpl. Thomas C.
Cody, Pvt. George
Cody, Pvt. John F.
Coe, Clarence E.
Coe, J. T.
Coe, Otis
Coe, Otis
Coe, Pvt. Charles C.
Coe, Pvt. Earl
Coessens, Pvt. Matthew J.
Coffee, J. A.
Coffee, J. T.
Coffee, Pvt. Holley
Coffee, Pvt. James
Coffey, Pvt. Walter W.
Coffey, Sr., N. F.
Coffin, Cpl. Allen R.
Coffin, Pvt. Charles J.
Coffman, Clark
Coffman, Lon
Coffman, Pvt. Clark B.
Cofield, J. A.
Cogbill, B. A.
Cogbill, Glenn
Cogbill, Glenn
Coggins, James Lynes
Cohen, Cpl. Aaron
Cohen, Cpl. Louis
Cohen, Harry
Cohen, Harry
Cohen, Leon
Cohen, Lewis
Cohen, Pvt. Jacob
Cohen, Pvt. Louis
Cohen, Pvt. Louis L.
Cohen, Soloman
Cohn, Morris
Cohn, Theresa
Cohn, Theresa
Cohoe, Pvt. Wallace T.
Cohren, Pvt. Emory C.
Cointepas, Cpl. Charles M.
Coizino, Pvt. Antonio
Coke, Pvt. Joseph
Coke, Pvt. Randolph
Cokel, PVt. Harold J.
Coker, Child
Coker, Thomas A.
Cokley, Pvt. William T.
Colbert, 2Lt. Kenneth P.
Colboch, Pvt. Bruce M.
Colburn, Lt. Harry C.
Colburn, Pvt. Clarence
Colburn, Pvt. Homer Nicholas
Colburn, Pvt. Nela M.
Colburn, Pvt. William
Colby, Cpl. Elwood
Coldwell, Cpl. Elijah H.
Cole, 2Lt. Edmund R.
Cole, Col. Clarence LeRoy
Cole, Hiram L.
Cole, John
Cole, Lt. Charles Clayton
Cole, Lt. Sidney T.
Cole, Maj. Edward B.
Cole, Mrs. D. D.
Cole, Pvt. Alfred B.
Cole, Pvt. Alton C.
Cole, Pvt. Cassie Hiram
Cole, Pvt. Cecil R.
Cole, Pvt. Edgar
Cole, Pvt. Elder M.
Cole, Pvt. Emmett
Cole, Pvt. Ernest
Cole, Pvt. Frank R.
Cole, Pvt. Gilbert L.
Cole, Pvt. James C.
Cole, Pvt. John W.
Cole, Pvt. Ora G.
Cole, Pvt. Roland E.
Cole, Pvt. Simon
Cole, Pvt. Thomas W.
Cole, Pvt. Walter W.
Cole, Sgt. Arthur J.
Colem, Marshall H.
Coleman, Andrew N.
Coleman, Bruce
Coleman, Cpl. Clarence N.
Coleman, Cpl. Lowell F.
Coleman, Cpl. William R.
Coleman, D. R.
Coleman, Ed
Coleman, Eva Carroll
Coleman, Girl
Coleman, Girl
Coleman, Jefferson
Coleman, Jesse
Coleman, John
Coleman, Lt. Eugene W.
Coleman, Marina
Coleman, Pvt. Arnet B.
Coleman, Pvt. Brown W.
Coleman, Pvt. James Millard
Coleman, Pvt. John E.
Coleman, Pvt. Leo
Coleman, Pvt. Sid
Coleman, Pvt. Warren
Coleman, T. C.
Coleman, Will
Colenza, Pvt. Vincent
Coles, Pvt. Bernice L.
Coley, Pvt. Louis
Coley, S. S.
Coley, S. S.
Colfatto, Pvt. Fillipo
Colgan, John J.
Colgrove, Cpl. Ed
Coll, Pvt. Edward J.
Collatte, Mrs. Frank
Collatte, Mrs. Frank
Collette, Pvt. Moses J.
Collier, Dan
Collier, Lt. Ralph P.
Collier, Maude
Collier, Mrs. S. E.
Collier, Paul J.
Collier, Pvt. Arthur L.
Collier, Pvt. Babe
Collier, Pvt. Charles Ashley
Collier, Pvt. Charles J.
Collier, Pvt. Henry Lewis
Collier, Robert
Collier, Sgt. Orlon E.
Collier, Sidney
Collins, A. D.
Collins, Albin H.
Collins, Arthur W.
Collins, Capt. Phelps
Collins, Cpl. Charles C.
Collins, Cpl. Charles E.
Collins, Cpl. Charles O.
Collins, Cpl. Frank H.
Collins, Cpl. Fred Loice
Collins, Cpl. James
Collins, Cpl. Lee
Collins, Cpl. Lester S.
Collins, Frank
Collins, Frank
Collins, Frank
Collins, J. S.
Collins, Jerry
Collins, John C.
Collins, John D.
Collins, John J.
Collins, Ned
Collins, Ned
Collins, Phelps
Collins, Phelps
Collins, Pvt. Asa L.
Collins, Pvt. Claude
Collins, Pvt. Columbus O.
Collins, Pvt. Frank R.
Collins, Pvt. Glen
Collins, Pvt. Hez
Collins, Pvt. Homer Edward
Collins, Pvt. James
Collins, Pvt. James
Collins, Pvt. Jim C.
Collins, Pvt. Jim E.
Collins, PVt. Joe B.
Collins, Pvt. John A.
Collins, Pvt. John McFolk
Collins, Pvt. John W.
Collins, Pvt. Julius F.
Collins, Pvt. Raymond S.
Collins, Pvt. Robert
Collins, Pvt. Robert D.
Collins, Pvt. Samuel
Collins, Pvt. Soloman
Collins, Pvt. Wesley J.
Collins, Pvt. William M.
Collins, Pvt. Willie H.
Collins, R. D.
Collins, R. D.
Collins, R. L.
Collins, runyan
Collins, Sgt. Edward Alexander
Collins, Sgt. Emmett E.
Collins, Sgt. Ora Leon
Collins, Sterling E.
Collins, W. H.
Collins, William
Collis, William
Collom, Spencer R.
Collopy, Pvt. Joseph A.
Colody, Cpl. Stanley
Colon, Pvt. Frank
Colson, Pvt. Elmer C.
Colson, Pvt. Jess L.
Colt, Pvt. Frank Walter
Coltart, Earl
Coltart, Earle
Coltart, Earle V.
Coltart, Earle V.
Colter, Pvt. Floyd B.
Colton, Pvt. Grant L.
Colton, Sterling E.
Coltra, Lt. Isaac V.
Coluro, Pvt. Johnnie M.
Colver, Arthur
Colvert, John H.
Colvin, Gsgt David P.
Colvin, Will
Colwell, Pvt. Frank L.
Colwin, Pvt. Clyde
Coly, Cpl. Joseph F.
Comato, Pvt. Antonio
Comes, John
Comfort, Capt. Willis C.
Compere, Sue
Compere, Sue
Compley, RADM Adult Male
Compton, Archie D.
Compton, Cpl. John Fred
Compton, Curtis
Compton, J. H.
Compton, Pvt. Arch D.
Compton, Pvt. Archie
Compton, Pvt. Charles
Compton, Jr., T. E.
Conahan, Pvt. Francis X.
Conant, John Loyal
Condel, Pvt. John
Conditt, Herschell
Conditt, Jessie
Conditt, L. M.
Conditt, Mildred
Conditt, Mrs. J. F.
Conditt, Rufus L.
Conditt, Jr., Joseph
Condon, Pvt. Thomas S.
Cone, Chester
Cone, Cpl. Ben
Cone, Cpl. Cornelius B.
Cone, J. S.
Cone, Lt. Charles L.
Conelly, Pvt. Thomas J.
Coner, Pvt. Henry
Coney, Pvt. Isaac P.
Congdon, Pvt. Warren Allen
Conger, Everett J.
Conger, Hamilton
Conger, Pvt. Miller J.
Congleton, Pvt. Lawrence M.
Conicello, Pvt. Agostano
Coniff, Pvt. William A.
Conkey, Pvt. William M.
Conklin, Pvt. Charles
Conklin, Pvt. Sherman L.
Conklin, Pvt. Walter R.
Conley, Cpl. Jehue H.
Conley, Pvt. Earl J.
Conley, Pvt. Francis X.
Conlon, Pvt. William
Conn, Milburn
Conn, Pvt. George I.
Connally, Girl
Connally, L. P.
Connell, Albert D.
Connelly, Cpl. Raymond F.
Connelly, Sgt. John J.
Conner, Sgt. Earl
Connevey, Pvt. Robert L.
Conney, Pvt. Aloysius B.
Connor, Pvt. Eugene M.
Connor, Pvt. Oscar
Connor, Robert
Connors, Cpl. John
Conover, Cpl. Charles C.
Conover, Cpl. Richard S.
Conover, Lt. Alfred P.
Conrad, Cpl. Barrett
Conrad, Pvt. Clifton Harding
Conrad, Pvt. Clint
Conrad, Pvt. Donald Ross
Conrad, Pvt. George D.
Conrad, Pvt. Jim E.
Conrath, Pvt. Lawrence
Conroy, Cpl. John J.
Conroy, Sgt. Frank
Constantine, Pvt. Charles F.
Constantinovitch, Nicholas
Constler, Pvt. John C.
Constry, Pvt. John J.
Contally, Sgt. Douglas
Contini, Cpl. Peter
Conway, Cpl. Martin
Conway, Ernest
Conway, Pvt. Allie
Conway, Pvt. John
Cooiack?, Cpl. Adolph
Cook, Benie
Cook, Boy
Cook, Capt. James
Cook, Capt. Paul L.
Cook, Corneline
Cook, Cpl. George W.
Cook, Cpl. Lester C.
Cook, Cpl. Melvin O.
Cook, Cpl. Thomas F.
Cook, Edwin E.
Cook, Ellen
Cook, Elmer
Cook, Fanny
Cook, J. Phillip
Cook, James
Cook, John W.
Cook, Lt. Richard E.
Cook, Pvt. Albert
Cook, Pvt. Arthur S.
Cook, Pvt. Carl J.
Cook, Pvt. Charles E.
Cook, Pvt. Columbus J.
Cook, Pvt. Edward Everett
Cook, Pvt. Edward J.
Cook, Pvt. George Dwight
Cook, Pvt. Newton
Cook, Pvt. Otto K.
Cook, Pvt. Patrick J.
Cook, Pvt. Sigel F.
Cook, Pvt. Virgil C.
Cook, Roscoe C.
Cook, Sam
Cook, Sgt. Lewis Calvin
Cooke, Cpl. Patrick G.
Cooke, Pvt. Ralph
Cooke, Pvt. Robert S.
Cooksey, Pvt. David F.
Cooksley, Pvt. Frank
Cooley, H. B.
Cooley, John R.
Cooley, Mrs. W. O.
Cooley, Mrs. W. O.
Cooley, Pvt. James R.
Coolidge, Fannie Leslie
Coombes, Pvt. John H.
Coombs, Sgt. Eddie B.
Coon, Cpl. Daniel V.
Coon, Cpl. William A.
Coon, Pvt. David A.
Coon, Pvt. Frank
Coon, Pvt. Robert S.
Coon, Pvt. Russell Waldo
Cooney, Pvt. William J.
Cooper, Ben
Cooper, Ben
Cooper, Cdt. Gordon W.
Cooper, Clare
Cooper, Cleve
Cooper, Cpl Merle C.
Cooper, Cpl. Daniel F.
Cooper, Cpl. Lawrence L.
Cooper, Hedley
Cooper, John F.
Cooper, Judge S. B.
Cooper, Lt. James A.
Cooper, Lt. William E. G.
Cooper, Mary
Cooper, Mary
Cooper, Matt
Cooper, Merle C.
Cooper, Pvt. Abner W.
Cooper, Pvt. Abraham
Cooper, Pvt. Clyde H.
Cooper, Pvt. Dolphus C.
Cooper, Pvt. Edmund
Cooper, Pvt. Eugene
Cooper, Pvt. Floyd
Cooper, Pvt. Franklin
Cooper, Pvt. Fred L.
Cooper, Pvt. George H.
Cooper, Pvt. Hal
Cooper, Pvt. Henry B.
Cooper, Pvt. James A.
Cooper, Pvt. John S.
Cooper, Pvt. Lloyd O.
Cooper, Pvt. Robert L.
Cooper, Pvt. Walter Stanley
Cooper, Pvt. William N.
Cooper, R. M.
Cooper, Sgt. William M.
Cooperider, Pvt. Luke
Cooperrider, Luke
Cooperrider, Pvt. Lorin H.
Copato, Pvt. Alexander
Cope, Arthur Martin
Cope, Cpl. Laverne Gynt
Cope, Eldridge
Cope, Lt. Don R.
Cope, Pvt. Loranzo P.
Cope, Pvt. Riley G.
Copeland, Cecil
Copeland, Cpl. Jim
Copeland, Lessie
Copeland, Pvt. Clinton A.
Copeland, Pvt. Glen
Copeland, Pvt. Joe A.
Copeland, Pvt. Roy
Copeland, Pvt. Tony
Copeland, Sgt. Samuel I.
Copeley, Pvt. Kenneth M.
Coper, Pvt. Thomas D.
Cophal, John
Copp, Girl
Copp, Mrs. John L.
Coppin, Pvt. Mart E.
Coppinger, Lt. Harry M.
Coppinger, Pvt. Thomas D.
Coppola, Pvt. Caspare
Coppola, Pvt. Ralph
Coppus, Pvt. Charley C.
Coram, Pvt. Herbert W.
Corbel, Pvt. John H.
Corbell, Bun
Corbett, Pvt. Clarence
Corbett, Pvt. William
Corbin, Pvt. Francis B.
Corbin, Pvt. Frank
Corbin, Pvt. Maurico A.
Corbin, Sgt. Harry T.
Corcoran, Pvt. Luke
Corcoran, Timothy M.
Cordell, Pvt. John B.
Corder, Lt. Corwin H.
Cordes, Cpl. John W.
Cordia, Cpl. Michael
Cordova, Jesse M.
Cordova, Pvt. Justo B.
Core, Glen Allen
Core, Glen Allen
Core, Glen Allen
Core, Glenn Allen
Core, Pvt. James M.
Coreodilas, Pvt. John
Corey, Pvt. James L.
Corgill, Myrtis B.
Cork, Pvt. Willie
Corley, Pvt. Eliot D.
Corman, Pvt. John Jay
Corman, Sgm. Abram H.
Cormier, Pvt. Peter
Corn, Pvt. Leslie E.
Cornelius, Mary A.
Cornelius, Mary A.
Cornelius, Mary A.
Cornelius, Pvt. William
Cornell, Cpl. Larry
Cornell, Edward
Cornell, Walter
Cornell, Walter R.
Cornett, Pvt. Charles Bert
Cornish, Will
Cornwell, Arthur G.
Cornwell, Pvt. Harry
Cornwell, Virginia H.
Corpening, Pvt. Albert C.
Corrato, Louise
Correan, Cpl. Jack
Correll, Cpl. Frank B.
Corridan, Pvt. James Henry
Corrigan, Pvt. Andrew B.
Corrigan, Pvt. Fritz D.
Coryell, Pvt. Stanley
Cosby, Bud
Coschi, Pvt. George
Cosentino, Pvt. Filippo
Cosgrove, James J.
Cosgrove, Lt. John D.
Cosma?, Pvt. Charles D.
Cossette, Cpl. Edward L.
Cossna, Cpl. James N.
Cost, Cpl. Allen D.
Costa, Frank S.
Costello, Pvt. Charles A.
Costello, Pvt. Frank M.
Costen, Lt. Charles B.
Coster, Pvt. Tom
Costigan, Cpl. James Thomas
Costlow, Cpl. William B.
Coston, Pvt. Earl M.
Cote, Pvt. Theobald P.
Cothren, Pvt. Earl
Cotlingham, Pvt. Charles
Cottam, George
Cotter, Pvt. James T.
Cotter, Pvt. James T.
Cotter, Sgt. Marvin
Cottingham, Pvt. Cardie E.
Cotton, Cpl. Norman A.
Cotton, Pvt. William R.
Cotton, Pvt. Willie W.
Cotton, S. T. Van
Cotton, Zera
Cottone, Pvt. Charles B.
Cottrell, Pvt. David C.
Cottrell, Pvt. Jesse H.
Cottrell, Pvt. Joseph F.
Cottrell, Pvt. Oscar
Couch, John
Couch, Mrs. Ben
Couch, Mrs. Mela
Couch, Pvt. Elmer
Couch, Pvt. Henry E.
Couch, Pvt. Joseph C.
Couch, Pvt. William R.
Couch, Pvt. Willie
Couch, Walter L.
Couch, William
Couchman, Pvt. Harry King
Couey, Jr., J. E.
Coughlin, Cpl. Francis A.
Coughlin, Jeremiah J.
Coughlin, Pvt. Michael J.
Coughlin, Pvt. Paul E.
Coughlin, Pvt. Thomas J.
Coughlin, Pvt. William H.
Coulborn, Pvt. Lloyd R.
Coulen, Pvt. William F.
Coulson, Cpl. Joseph
Coulter, Capt. David S.
Coulter, Frances
Coulter, Hortense
Coulter, Mrs. J. M.
Coulter, Pvt. Joseph
Coulter, Pvt. Paul
Council, Pvt. Julius K.
Council, Reuben L.
Counter, Pvt. Kenneth Edward
Counts, Carl Nevin
Counts, Cpl. Glenn H.
Counts, Cpl. Henry
Counts, Ellen
Counts, Glen
Counts, Lillie
Counts, Pvt. Ole E.
Courdin, Pvt. Laurence E.
Coursey, W. D.
Courtney, Baron Adult Male
Courtney, Claud C.
Courtney, Cpl. Frank C.
Courtney, Harry
Courtney, J. M.
Courtney, Pvt. Doublew E.
Courtney, Pvt. James Frederick
Courtney, Pvt. Willard Edwin
Covell, Pvt. Wyatt D.
Cover, Cpl. Leroy M.
Cover, Pvt. William P.
Covert, Pvt. Joseph F.
Covey, Pvt. Clarence A.
Covey, Pvt. John W.
Covington, J. T.
Covington, Pvt. Claude T.
Cowan, Lt. John W.
Cowan, Pvt. Andrew S.
Cowan, Pvt. Charles E.
Cowan, Pvt. Clarence E.
Cowan, Pvt. Jack
Cowan, Pvt. Joseph
Cowan, W. B.
Cowart, Lt. Albert H.
Cowder, D. L.
Cowen, John L.
Cowgill, Pvt. Clarence J.
Cowgill, Pvt. Walter William
Cowl, Pvt. John O.
Cowles, Cpl. Dwight J.
Cowley, Pvt. Joseph Robert
Cowpland, Maurice
Cox, C. H.
Cox, C. H.
Cox, C. R.
Cox, Cpl. Byron C.
Cox, Cpl. Guy M.
Cox, Cpl. Jim
Cox, Cpl. Martin V.
Cox, Cpl. William A.
Cox, Ella Mae
Cox, Jane
Cox, John
Cox, John F.
Cox, June'
Cox, June'
Cox, Laura
Cox, Lt. Aubrey W.
Cox, Lt. Paul G.
Cox, Maitland
Cox, Marie
Cox, Mrs. Pinkney
Cox, Pvt. Al??is
Cox, Pvt. Albert L.
Cox, Pvt. Altus S.
Cox, Pvt. Archie L.
Cox, Pvt. Aubrey
Cox, Pvt. Brittain Ples
Cox, Pvt. Bunt
Cox, Pvt. Eugene Eldridge
Cox, Pvt. Forest
Cox, Pvt. George Calvert
Cox, Pvt. Hiram Q.
Cox, Pvt. James C.
Cox, Pvt. John C.
Cox, Pvt. Marvin F.
Cox, Pvt. Nelvry E.
Cox, Pvt. Porter
Cox, Pvt. Romeo W.
Cox, Pvt. Samuel C.
Cox, Pvt. Walter J.
Cox, Pvt. William Thomas
Cox, Sgt. Filbert H.
Cox, Sgt. Ralph
Cox, William
Cox, Jr., J. W.
Cox, Jr., J. W.
Coxe, Cpl. Edward Grant
Coxe, Sgt. Harold J.
Coy, Pvt. Ludwig
Coyle, Pvt. Frank A.
Coyle, Pvt. John H.
Coyle, Stanley
Coyne, Patrick J.
Coyne, Pvt. Charles Michael
Coyne, Pvt. Joseph H.
Coyne, Pvt. Raymond E.
Coyne, Pvt. Thomas
Coyne, Pvt. Thomas M.
Coz, Pvt. Fred
Cozart, Mrs. C. H.
Cozzie, Pvt. Victor A.
Crabb, Viola
Crabb, Viola
Crabbe, Cpl. Earl E.
Crabtree, Cpl. Malcolm M.
Crabtree, Pvt. Arthur W.
Crabtree, Pvt. Clarence D.
Crabtree, Pvt. Paul
Crabtree, Pvt. Perry W.
Crabtree, Pvt. Sylvester P.
Craddock, James
Crader, Bernard
Cradle, Charles Asa
Craft, Grover W.
Craft, Pvt. Oberne H.
Craidge, Cpl. Robert Nelson
Craig, A. J.
Craig, Boy
Craig, Capt. Samuel R.
Craig, Cpl. Walter R.
Craig, Edmond
Craig, Edmund
Craig, Laura B.
Craig, Lt. Walter W.
Craig, LtCol. J. M.
Craig, Pvt. Cecil C.
Craig, Pvt. Everett C.
Craig, Pvt. John R.
Craig, Pvt. Mood
Craig, Pvt. Ottis E.
Craig, Pvt. Richard J.
Craig, Pvt. Robert
Craig, Pvt. Sydney J.
Craig, Robert Edward
Craig, Robert Edward
Craig, Sgt. Welby N.
Craig, Tom
Craigh, Pvt. Charles V.
Crain, Cora Lorena
Crain, Pvt. Houston
Crain, Pvt. Perry Newton
Cramer, Fred
Cramer, Pvt. Charles
Cran, Oscar
Crandall, Lt. Robert G.
Crandall, Melvin L.
Crandell, Marion G.
Crandell, Marion G.
Crandell, Pvt. Samuel
Crandell, Sgt. Joseph B.
Crane, 2Lt. Mortimer
Crane, Lt. Leolite
Crane, Pvt. Charles D.
Crane, Pvt. Edward B.
Crane, Pvt. Giles
Crane, Pvt. John W.
Crane, Pvt. Lester J.
Crane, Pvt. Louis D.
Crane, William
Crane?, Lt. Victor O.
Cranfield, Lt. Marion C.
Cranford, F. M.
Cranford, Pvt. Gary R.
Crank, Capt. Robert K.
Crank, Pvt. Guilford L.
Crank, Pvt. Woodrow I.
Craun, Pvt. Ray R.
Craven, Pvt. Charlie
Craven, Pvt. William C.
Craven, William S.
Cravens, Pvt. Varner M.
Craw, Pvt. Albert J.
Crawford, Cpl Thomas L.
Crawford, J. T.
Crawford, James
Crawford, Jesse
Crawford, Lt. John Douglas
Crawford, Mrs. H. H.
Crawford, Mrs. S. S.
Crawford, Pvt. Carl C.
Crawford, Pvt. Floyd W.
Crawford, Pvt. Francis J.
Crawford, Pvt. Guy L.
Crawford, Pvt. Harold E.
Crawford, Pvt. Jim C.
Crawford, Pvt. John H.
Crawford, Pvt. Joseph
Crawford, Pvt. Joseph H. W.
Crawford, Pvt. Samuel I.
Crawford, Pvt. Walter T.
Crawford, Pvt. William N.
Crawford, Tom
Crawford, Tom
Crawford, Wann
Crawley, Cpl. Ery E.
Crawley, Cpl. Ery E.
Crawley, Mrs. Jasper
Craycraft, Kate Segmond
Craycraft, Kate Sigmond
Creasey, Pvt. Walter H.
Creek, Cpl. Hosea
Creek, Grover
Creighton, Rev. Charles F.
Creller, Pvt. Karl W.
Crenna, Cpl. John P.
Crenshaw, J. L.
Crenshaw, Pvt. Robert
Creockett, David R.
Cress, Roscoe
Creston, Lt. Leroy B.
Cretors, Pvt. Keith
Crews, Cpl. Rupert B.
Crews, Maggie Barton
Crews, Pvt. Elliott A.
Crews, Pvt. Paul E.
Cribb, Pvt. Edwin A.
Cribbs, Otis
Crider, Jesse E.
Crigler, Pvt. John
Crim, Pvt. James C.
Crim, Pvt. Robert L.
Criner, Pvt. Howard Edward
Criner, Pvt. John W.
Criner, Pvt. William C.
Crino, Pvt. Joe
Crippen, Pvt. Ditton W.
Crippon, Pvt. Felix
Crisp, Amos
Crisp, Pvt. Walter
Crist, Pvt. Angelo J.
Crist, Pvt. Garry
Crist, Pvt. Theodore Joseph
Cristini, Pvt. Frank
Critchards, Capt. James N.
Crittenden, Cpl. Chester D.
Crittenden, Harry R.
Crittendon, Pvt. Thomas R.
Critz, William McGan
Critzback, Pvt. George
Croale?, Pvt. James
Croatt, Pvt. William G.
Crocker, Ned
Crocker, Norman G.
Crockett, Pvt. Charlie A.
Crockett, Pvt. Joe
Crocos, Pvt. Angel
Croft, Pvt. Bruce C.
Cromer, Pvt. William
Cromwell, Tom
Cronan, Cpl. Tom C.
Cronin, Pvt. George
Cronin, Sgt. Raymond B.
Cronkhite, Maj. Alexander P.
Cronshaw, Pvt. Clinton
Crooks, Jack "King"
Croom, Boy
Crooms, Pvt. Robert
Crosby, Oscar
Crosby, Pvt. Herman
Crosby, Pvt. William G.
Crosley, Cpl. LeRoy H.
Crosnoe, John M.
Cross, Cecille
Cross, Clyde
Cross, Dr. Edward
Cross, Henry H.
Cross, Jay E.
Cross, Lt. Robert P.
Cross, Mary
Cross, Pvt. Claude R.
Cross, Pvt. Isaac
Cross, Pvt. John R.
Cross, Pvt. Joseph F.
Cross, Pvt. Paul F.
Cross, Pvt. Raphael E.
Cross, Pvt. Robert H.
Cross, Pvt. Robert S.
Cross, Pvt. Somer
Cross, Victor I.
Cross, William McK.
Crossen, Capt. Kenneth T.
Crossett, James
Crossland, James W.
Crossno, Mrs. Jacob
Crosswell, Pvt. Wiley M.
Crosswhite, Pvt. Joseph E.
Croteau, Pvt. Louis M.
Crotts, Samuel
Crotty, Sgt. Peter J.
Crouch, Lt. Hutt
Crouch, Pvt. Barney E.
Crouch, Pvt. Joseph H.
Croumpton, Milton Hawkins
Crow, Lt. James R.
Crow, Maggie
Crow, Mrs. L. D.
Crow, Mrs. L. D.
Crow, Pvt. Charles James
Crow, Pvt. Raymond Franklin
Crow, Raymond
Crow, Raymond D.
Crowder, Pulaskia
Crowder, Pvt. Ernest
Crowder, Pvt. Henry E.
Crowder, Pvt. John
Crowder, Pvt. John W.
Crowder, Pvt. William A.
Crowder, Sgt. Frank T.
Crowder, Will
Crowe, Cpl. Charles Caleb
Crowe, Lt. James S.
Crowell, John Frank
Crowfor, Jim
Crowley, Cpl. John J.
Crowley, Edward J.
Crowley, Herbert
Crowley, Julia M.
Crowley, Peter F.
Crowley, Pvt. Jerome J.
Crowley, Pvt. Patrick F.
Crowley, Pvt. Sydney M.
Crowley, Sgt. Timothy John
Crowninshield, Frederick
Crownover, Lawrence L.
Crownover, Sidney L.
Crowther, Lt. Orlando C.
Crowther, Mary
Crowther, Mary
Crozier, Pvt. Waldo H.
Crube, Sgt. Charles C.
Crum, Pvt. William M.
Crumb, Homer
Crumb, Homer
Crumb, Lt. Harry
Crumb, Pvt. Homer
Crume, Cpl. William Willard
Crump, Pvt. Willie
Crumpley, Pvt. Sam
Crusan, Pvt. Fred
Cruse, Adult Female
Cruson, L. M.
Crutchfield, Mrs. Jim
Crutchfield, Pvt. Guy R.
Crux-Medus, Mrs. Raymond E.
Cruzenberry, Pvt. Robert
Cryer, Cdt. Edwin D.
Crystal, William L.
Cubage, Rosser
Cudmore, Pvt. James W.
Culbert, 2Lt. Kenneth Pickens
Culbert, Lt. Kenneth P.
Cullen, Frank W.
Cullen, Pvt. Austin
Cullen, Pvt. Howard P.
Cullerot, Pvt. Stanis J.
Cullins, J. S.
Cullins, Mrs. C. L.
Cullom, Pvt. Malcolm
Culp, Pvt. Julian
Culp, Jr., Horace
Culp?, Pvt. Lloyd
Culvahouse, May'
Cumberland, Pvt. Joseph F.
Cumbie, J. W.
Cumbo, Sgt. James S.
Cumerford, Pvt. George B.
Cumiskey, Pvt. Charles J.
Cummens, Pvt. Forrest B.
Cummings, Harriett M. L.
Cummings, John
Cummings, Lena
Cummings, Lt. Thomas W.
Cummings, Pvt. Frank A.
Cummings, Pvt. Herman A.
Cummings, Pvt. John A.
Cummings, Pvt. Stuart L.
Cummings, Pvt. Wade
Cummings, Pvt. William Willis
Cummings, Wells B.
Cummins, Cpl. Charlie
Cummins, Pvt. Charles E.
Cummins, Sgt. John E.
Cunder, Pvt. Don Francis
Cunen, Pvt. Aldino Francis
Cuneo, John D.
Cuneo, John D.
Cuneo, John D.
Cuneo, John D.
Cunlon, Pvt. George N.
Cunningham, Cpl. Martin J.
Cunningham, Jennie S.
Cunningham, John S.
Cunningham, Judge Y. J.
Cunningham, Lt. James R.
Cunningham, Myrtle
Cunningham, Myrtle
Cunningham, Myrtle
Cunningham, Nyrtle
Cunningham, Pvt. Arthur
Cunningham, Pvt. Ben
Cunningham, Pvt. Bernard D.
Cunningham, Pvt. Charles F.
Cunningham, Pvt. Clifford
Cunningham, Pvt. Donald F.
Cunningham, Pvt. Harry
Cunningham, Pvt. James
Cunningham, Pvt. John
Cunningham, Pvt. Kerr Andrew
Cunningham, Pvt. Leonard E.
Cunningham, Pvt. Lucius A.
Cunningham, Pvt. Patrick
Cunningham, Pvt. Philip
Cunningham, Pvt. Robert
Cunningham, Pvt. Thomas A.
Cunningham, Pvt. Thomas F.
Cunningham, Pvt. Wilsie P.
Cunningham, Rhoda
Cunningham, S.
Cunningham, Sgt. Charley C.
Cunningham, T. J.
Cunnnhan?, Pvt. Robert J.
Cupp, Texanna
Cupp, Texanna
Curington, Pvt. Uzzia
Curlee, Adult Male
Curley, Pvt. Lawrence T.
Curotto, Vottorio
Curran, Pvt. Arthur E.
Curran, Pvt. Patrick
Currie, Lt. John M.
Currier, Bishop Charles Warren
Currin, Pvt. Henry L.
Curry, Charles C.
Curry, Cpl. William L.
Curry, Lt. Irby R.
Curry, Lt. Irby Rice "Rabbit"
Curry, Mora
Curry, Pvt. Charlie
Curry, Pvt. Fred L.
Curry, Pvt. Kit
Curry, Pvt. Thomas
Curry, Pvt. Tom J.
Curry, Trimble C.
Curry, W. A.
Curry, Will
Curry, William
Curtain, Pvt. Matthew
Curtis, Al
Curtis, Calvin
Curtis, Cpl. Harry L.
Curtis, Cpl. Mansom F.
Curtis, Cpl. Oliver L.
Curtis, Cpl. Roy C.
Curtis, Cpl. Samuel D.
Curtis, Lt. Marvin K.
Curtis, Pvt. Alfred J.
Curtis, Pvt. Elmer M.
Curtis, Pvt. George K.
Curtis, Pvt. Henry V.
Curtis, Pvt. James H.
Curtis, Pvt. Joe
Curtis, Pvt. John Knox
Curtis, Pvt. Robert L.
Curtis, Pvt. William G.
Curtis, Sgt. Thomas A.
Curtiss, Pvt. Will C.
Curtiss, Robert G.
Curtiss, Robert G.
Curwen, Cpl. Harry T.
Curzon, Rev. John
Cusack, Pvt. James S.
Cusack, Rt. Rev. Thomas F.
Cushen, Harry P.
Cushman, Cpl. Clifford S.
Cushman, Martha June Smith
Cushock, Pvt. Simeon
Custer, Dr. J. B.
Custer, George F.
Custer, Sophia
Cutcliffe, Cpl. Clarence T.
Cuthbertson, Pvt. Raymond E.
Cutherland, Cpl. Donald J.
Cuthern, Pvt. Willie B.
Cutillo, Pvt. Vincent J.
Cutrer, Pvt. Ambrose
Cutright, Pvt. Demetrius
Cutter, Pvt. Ernest
Cutter, Pvt. Grant H.
Cutting, Pvt. Benjamin G.
Cuza, Pvt. Nick
Cypert, L. J.
Cyphers, Pvt. Joseph Gilbert
Czaja, Cpl. Stanislaw
Czarniewsky, Pvt. Isadore
Czarnikow, Pvt. Joel B.
D???l, Pvt. Willie
Dabney, C. J. M.
Dachyk, Cpl. Benjamin
Dade, Pvt. Alvin
Daecy, Pvt. John P.
Daffern, Cpl. James A.
Daffin, Pvt. Jim M.
Daffron, Solomon Eli
Dagostino, Cpl. Guido
Dagostino, Pvt. Patrick
Dahl, Pvt. Arthur
Dahl, Pvt. Gunnar
Dahl, Pvt. Martin J.
Dahleheimer, John
Dahlein, Pvt. Henry
Dahlen, Oscar A.
Dahm, A. E.
Dahrens, Pvt. Royal L.
Daigle, Pvt. Charence G.
Dailey, Jennie
Dailey, Pvt. Albert G.
Daily, Lt. Edwin A.
Daily, Martha
Daily, Martha
Daily, Pvt. Bernard J.
Daily, Pvt. Henry
Dalam, Pvt. Ivey
Dalbey, Pvt. Joseph L.
Dalcour, Pvt. Albert
Dale, Girl
Dale, John
Dale, John
Dale, Pvt. Heige
Dale, Pvt. Joseph Gibson
Dale, Sgt. Gleason M.
Daley, Cpl. James
Daley, Cpl. Joseph N.
Daley, Edward M.
Daley, Pvt. James F.
Daley, Pvt. LeRoy H.
Dallas, Cpl. William B.
Dallas, Pvt. Marcus N.
Dalman, Pvt. Edward
Dalrymple, Pvt. Henry H.
Dalrymple, Sgt. Theron E.
Dalton, Jock
Dalton, Pvt. Eddie A.
Dalton, Pvt. Leonard L.
Dalton, Pvt. Leonard Lee
Dalton, Pvt. Ray F.
Dalton, Pvt. William B.
Dalton, Sgt. William E.
Daly, George
Daly, Pvt. Edward
Daly, Pvt. Harry
Daly, Pvt. John
Damm, Col. Adult Male
Damon, Cpl. Henry L.
Damons, Pvt. Ralph
Damore, Pvt. John
Dampeer, Pvt. James
Damrel, Pvt. John H.
Danbrosid, Pvt. Toney
Dancey, Sgt. James A.
Danfield, Pvt. Edward G.
Danford, Sgt. Erwin
Danforth, George C.
Danforth, Pvt. Antone
Danforth, Pvt. Harry L.
Dangelo, Pvt. Mariano
Daniel, Cpl. Isham M.
Daniel, J. J.
Daniel, J. J.
Daniel, Pvt. Fox
Daniel, Pvt. George M.
Daniel, Pvt. William N.
Daniel, Pvt. Young F.
Daniel, Rufus
Daniels, Benjamin Nash
Daniels, Capt. Huddle Wilbur
Daniels, Cpl. Chester
Daniels, Cpl. John C.
Daniels, F. J.
Daniels, Mrs. G. F.
Daniels, Pvt. Frank
Daniels, Pvt. Heber W.
Daniels, Pvt. Henry P.
Daniels, Pvt. Jesse A.
Daniels, Pvt. Lewis E.
Daniels, Pvt. Victor
Daniels, Pvt. William E.
Daniels, Sallie
Daniels, Thelma
Daniels, W. M.
Daniels, Zade
Danielson, Pvt. Joseph
Danilink, Pvt. Vasily
Danker, Rev. Walton B.
Danker, Walter E.
Danko, Pvt. Albert B.
Danley, Cpl. John R.
Dann, Sgt. Erwin L.
d'Annolfo, Pvt. Calvador
Danskie, Boris
Dantoni, Pvt. Jim
Danysch, Pvt. Steve E.
Dapport, Lt. James Ivan
Darby, Cpl. Beal M.
Darby, Pvt. Hildred S.
Darcy, Pvt. Claymeal
Dardane, Mrs. Sam
Darden, Pvt. Henry L.
Dardenne, Mattie
Dardenne, Mattie
Dardenne, Mattie
Darga, Pvt. Leo
Darling, Pvt. Elton B.
Darling, Pvt. Rolley W.
Darling, Pvt. William H.
Darling, Samuel
Darnall, Will P.
Daron, Cpl. Paul C.
Darr, Frank J.
Darr, Frank J.
Darr, Pvt. Frank J.
D'Arrigo, Oratzo
Darringer, Norman Woodrow
Darrow, Pvt. Charles W.
Darsch, Margaret
Dartwiler, Pvt. Walter
Darvene, Pvt. George
Das, Pvt. Henry
Dasby, Pvt. Allen P.
Daska, Gabriel
Daskin, Pvt. Don C. A.
Daugherty, Pvt. Ernest M.
Daugherty, Pvt. Harvey N.
Daugherty, Pvt. James D.
Daugherty, Pvt. Robert
Daughery, Cpl. John G.
Daughty, Walter C.
Daughty, Walter C.
Dauphinais, Pvt. Harry
Davenport, Arthur
Davenport, Cpl. Arthur W.
Davenport, Pvt. Charles R.
Davenport, Pvt. Floyd Elisah
Davenport, Pvt. Foster A.
Davenport, Pvt. Joseph B.
Davenport, Pvt. Robert G.
Davenport, Pvt. Zellie
Davenport, William Abner
Davenport, William Abner
Davenport, William Abner
David, Cpl. Jesse W.
David, Pvt. Armistead L.
David, Pvt. Clinton G.
David, Pvt. Harvey S.
David, Pvt. Jules
David, Pvt. Paul
Davidoff, Pvt. Bernard
Davidson, 2Lt. Edward C.
Davidson, Charlie
Davidson, Edward W.
Davidson, Harold
Davidson, Lt. Joseph M.
Davidson, Mack
Davidson, Pvt. John M.
Davidson, Rep. James H.
Davidson, William H.
Davies, Pvt. Charles Arthur
Davies, Pvt. John R.
Davis, A. G.
Davis, Adult Female
Davis, Adult Male
Davis, Adult Male
Davis, Arthur
Davis, BG Edward
Davis, Blanche
Davis, Capt. Murray
Davis, Carrie
Davis, Col. William D.
Davis, Cpl. Benjamin
Davis, Cpl. Cleo B.
Davis, Cpl. Dave
Davis, Cpl. David W.
Davis, Cpl. Francis
Davis, Cpl. Henry
Davis, Cpl. Jacob C.
Davis, Cpl. John W.
Davis, Cpl. Norman
Davis, Cpl. Robert
Davis, Cpl. Van T.
Davis, Cpl. Wesley E. K.
Davis, Cpl. Will T.
Davis, Dr. Ellery M.
Davis, Dr. J. D.
Davis, E. D.
Davis, Emerson
Davis, Eva Garling
Davis, Everett C.
Davis, Frank L.
Davis, Frank L.
Davis, Frankie Lee
Davis, Fred N.
Davis, George Edward
Davis, J. C. B.
Davis, J. F.
Davis, James
Davis, James
Davis, John W.
Davis, Lizzie
Davis, Lt. Louis Eddy
Davis, Lt. Phillip W.
Davis, Mada
Davis, Marvin
Davis, Minnie
Davis, Mrs. Henry
Davis, Mrs. M. D.
Davis, Mrs. R. Hoyt
Davis, Mrs. R. Hoyt
Davis, Mrs. R. Hoyt
Davis, Mrs. R. Hoyt
Davis, Mrs. S. D.
Davis, Mrs. S. D.
Davis, Mrs. Sidney E.
Davis, Mrs. T. D.
Davis, Mrs. W. T.
Davis, Mrs. Wesley
Davis, Nash
Davis, Paul
Davis, Pvt. Arthur C.
Davis, Pvt. August
Davis, Pvt. Ben
Davis, Pvt. Charlie B.
Davis, Pvt. Claude E.
Davis, Pvt. Coley M.
Davis, Pvt. Columbus
Davis, Pvt. Columbus
Davis, Pvt. Earl
Davis, Pvt. Earle W.
Davis, Pvt. Ervine
Davis, Pvt. Eugene
Davis, Pvt. Eugene C.
Davis, Pvt. George
Davis, Pvt. George
Davis, Pvt. George A.
Davis, Pvt. Harold
Davis, Pvt. Henry
Davis, Pvt. Henry
Davis, Pvt. Herman K.
Davis, Pvt. Irvin E.
Davis, Pvt. James D.
Davis, Pvt. James E.
Davis, Pvt. Jeff
Davis, Pvt. Jeff B.
Davis, Pvt. John
Davis, Pvt. John R.
Davis, Pvt. John T.
Davis, Pvt. Joseph
Davis, Pvt. Joseph
Davis, Pvt. Lee
Davis, Pvt. Leo E.
Davis, Pvt. Leonard Seymour
Davis, Pvt. Luther
Davis, Pvt. Lynne
Davis, Pvt. Mallie L.
Davis, Pvt. Miles
Davis, Pvt. Oliver L.
Davis, Pvt. Owen
Davis, Pvt. Paul C.
Davis, Pvt. Peter
Davis, Pvt. Peyton David
Davis, Pvt. Ralph R.
Davis, Pvt. Ralph W.
Davis, Pvt. Randolph
Davis, Pvt. Sam
Davis, Pvt. Theron
Davis, Pvt. Thomas L.
Davis, Pvt. Walter
Davis, Pvt. Walter
Davis, Pvt. Willaim B.
Davis, Pvt. William A.
Davis, Pvt. William H.
Davis, Pvt. Willie A.
Davis, Pvt. Zack
Davis, Rev. Charles
Davis, Ruth
Davis, Ruth
Davis, Samuel F.
Davis, Sgt. Bush C.
Davis, Sgt. Carl B.
Davis, Sgt. Charles F.
Davis, Sgt. Charley
Davis, Sgt. Joe Johnson
Davis, Sgt. Lewis
Davis, Sgt. Neil A.
Davis, Sgt. Powell
Davis, Thomas E.
Davis, Violet
Davis, Walter
Davis, Walter C.
Davis, Walter C.
Davis, Will F.
Davison, Cpl. George L.
D'Avolio, Pvt. Guervial
Dawe, Pvt. Walter
Dawley, Pvt. Elmer G.
Dawson, Cpl. Murray R.
Dawson, Mrs. Jeffie
Dawson, Pvt. Charles James
Dawson, Pvt. Dayton L.
Dawson, PVt. Homer
Dawson, Sgt. Albert Martin
Dawson?, Pvt. Collins
Day, Cpl. Claude M.
Day, Cpl. Melvin
Day, Frank Miles
Day, Pvt. John P.
Day, Pvt. Mannard J.
Day, Sgt. Douglas
Day, Jr., Pvt. Thomas C.
Dayard, Pvt. Robert R.
Dayton, Pvt. John
Dayton, Pvt. Lester B.
D'Conno, Pvt. James H.
De Bussy, Claude
De Cunha, Pvt. William P.
De Flavin, Pvt. Frank
De Forest, Clifton W.
de Garmo, Cdt. Lindley H.
de Graffenreid, Claude C.
de Laurna, Pvt. Benjamin
de Modica, Pvt. Domenica
de Pena, Dr. Carlos Marie
de Pietro, Pvt. Cesteano
de Postamolles, Pvt. Jean
De Priestfi, Pvt. Carroll
de Rothschild, Alfred Charles
De Schepper, Fr. Denis
De Schepper, Fr. Mora
De Sola, Rev. Menda
Deadman, Pvt. William C.
Deadrick, J. Franklin
Deady?, James E.
Deal, Boy
Deal, Girl
Dean, C. A.
Dean, Child
Dean, Cpl. Arthur J.
Dean, Cpl. Herbert H.
Dean, E. W.
Dean, E. W.
Dean, George L.
Dean, George L.
Dean, Maj. William R.
Dean, Mrs. T. M.
Dean, Pvt. Alvin R.
Dean, Pvt. Emory
Dean, Pvt. Frank
Dean, Pvt. Garrison M.
Dean, Pvt. George E.
Dean, Pvt. Henry G.
Dean, Pvt. James L.
Dean, Pvt. John
Dean, Pvt. John A.
Dean, Pvt. Shirl E.
Dean, Pvt. Tom
Dean, Sgt. Alvin W.
Deans, Pvt. James
Dearborn, Pvt. Pal
Deardorff, Pvt. Everett A.
Deardosky, Pvt. John
Dearing, Lt. Vernon Adams
Dearman, Pvt. Joe G.
Dearmon, Pvt. Omer C.
Dearmon, Pvt. Wayne
Dearrington, E. F.
Deatheridge, Everett
Deathrage, Cecil Doyle
Deaton, Cpl. Julius W.
Deaton, Pvt. Frank
Deaton, Pvt. McKinley
Deaver, Mattie
Deaver, Walter
DeBacker?, Pvt. Albert
Debbt, Mrs. Lum
Deberry, Pvt. Colonel
Debmer, Sgt. Frederick W.
Debobbelecro, Pvt. Cambel
DeBole, Lt. Northen D.
DeBow, John G.
DeBow, John Grant
DeBusk, Willie
Decardova, Cpl. Allan L.
Decatur, Pvt. Robert Batesman
Decker, Frank
Decker, Frank
Decker, Pvt. Herbert N.
Decker, Pvt. Tracy K.
Decker, Pvt. William A.
Deckman, Pvt. Vaughn
Deckro, Pvt. Floyd
Decorah, Cpl. Foster
Decorah, Pvt. Robert
Dedrick, Harry
Deere, Pvt. Jesse L.
Deetz, Pvt. John L.
Defabio, Pvt. Nicholas
DeFazio, Pvt. Frank
Defries, 1Lt. T. C.
Defroe, Joe
Dega, Lt. Anthony A.
Deggs, Pvt. George E.
DeGittio, Pvt. Alexandria
Degnan, Pvt. John
DeGree, Pvt. Wilford
Degunem, Cpl. Ernest A.
Dehart, Pvt. Arthur
Dehart, Pvt. Elmer H.
DeHaven, Pvt. Edwin A.
DeHaven, Pvt. Ernest
Deihl, Pvt. Herman
Deis, Sgt. James Frederick
del Pilar, Princess Maria
Delancy, Pvt. John A.
Deland, Pvt. Norris J.
Delanewille, Pvt. T.
Delaney, Cpl. William H.
Delaney, Pvt. Forest L.
Delaney, Pvt. George E.
Delaney, Pvt. Howard A.
Delay, Ola
Delbeato, Pvt. Beraldo
DeLee, Sgt. James E.
Delegargs, Pvt. Manuel
Delehunty, Ens. Adult Male
Deliak, Pvt. John
Delisle, Pvt. William J.
Delius, Cpl. Flolinton F.
Delk, Pvt. Luther C.
Dell, Pvt. George William
Delman, Lt. Harry
Delmanico, Cpl. Anthony
Delnero, Pvt. Emilio
Deloach, Pvt. Walter
Delozier, Cpl. John E.
Delozier, Pvt. Nealie H.
Delray, Pvt. Edward C.
Deltrick, Pvt. Franklin
Deluca, Pvt. William
Delvin, Franklin
Demaraski, Cpl. Adam
Demaske, E. F.
Demaske, Edward
Demby, Josiah H.
Demeazkivice, Pvt. Josepheus
DeMello, Capt. Cozar Augusto
Demerski, Pvt. Joseph
Demikat, Pvt. Joseph
Deming, Pvt. Edgar J.
Deming, Sgt. Hardeman D.
Demnicki, Pvt. Joseph
Demosey, Pvt. Duffey
DeMoss, Pvt. William W.
Dempsey, Etta
Dempsey, James A.
Dempsey, Pvt. David C.
Dempsey, Pvt. Earl T.
Dempsey, Sgt. John
Denfoase?, Pvt. Frank E.
Denlinger, Pvt. Clinton E.
Denman, Pvt. Henry E.
Dennen, Pvt. Cassey
Dennis, Cdt. Vital L.
Dennis, Cpl. Frank P.
Dennis, John Gideon
Dennis, Lt. Clarence A.
Dennis, Pvt. Boxley C.
Dennis, Pvt. Clifford A.
Dennis, Pvt. France E.
Dennis, Pvt. Homer N.
Dennis, Pvt. John A.
Dennis, William
Dennis, William M.
Dennison, Pvt. Edgar
Dennison, Pvt. Roy H.
Denny, Pvt. Elza E.
Densley, Pvt. Charles
Dent, Katherine
Dent, Mary Frances
Denton, Hiram
Denton, Pvt. Clarence
Denton, Pvt. Hiram F.
Denton, Pvt. John L.
Denton, Pvt. Richard C.
DeOlive, Pvt. Rufus E.
Depatte, Pvt. Romo
Depermette, Sgt. Lingens L.
Deperro, Ames
Dequette, Pvt. Frank J.
DeRoo, Pvt. Floyd
DeRositt, Louise
Derown, Pvt. Elen
Derrickson, Lt. Paul Waples
Derrington, Adult Male
Derrington, Charles
Derrington, E. F.
Derusha, Pvt. Henry W.
des Impelarse, Pvt. Alfonso
Des Roster, Pvt. Louis A.
Desabe, Pvt. Edward C.
Desannie, Cpl. Tony
Desch, Pvt. Gaylord Clermont
Deschamps, Cdt. John
Deshalzo, Pvt. Charile L.
Deshong, Pvt. Walter H.
Desileta?, Cpl. Leo A.
Desmarais, John B.
Desmarias, Pvt. Joseph T.
Desmond, Lt. Thomas W.
Desoudf, Pvt. Adrien J.
Despain, Cpl. Harry H.
Desselles, Pvt. George
Dessoito, Pvt. Raffe
Dethman, Pvt. Leonard H.
Detwiler, Pvt. James H.
Deuber, Capt. Karl M.
Deusch, Pvt. Hugo
Deutsch, Pvt. Anton
Deutsch, Regina
Devaney, Lt. Frank
Devanie, James Arthur
Devanie, Pvt. James A.
Deveillo, Pvt. Joseph O.
Deveny, Pvt. Harry W.
Deveraux, Cornelius P.
Devers, Pvt. Roldan? F.
Devert, Tom
Devert, Tom
Devese, Pvt. John M.
Devine, Pvt. Michael
Devine, Ralph
Devinsey, Pvt. Jerry O.
Devitt, Pvt. William C.
Devlin, Pvt. John
Devore, Pvt. Joseph W.
Devriene?, Pvt. Henry Archie
Dewald, Pvt. Arthur V.
Deweese, Edward H.
Deweese, Fanny Fisher
Dewey, Pvt. Peter E.
Dewey, Sgt. John
Dewhurst, Pvt. John
Dewilla, Pvt. Charles Edward
DeWitt, Mrs. Henry
Dewitt, Pvt. Fred J.
Dewitt, Pvt. John E.
Dewitt, Pvt. Samuel
Dewolf, Pvt. Milford G.
Dewoody, Dr. W. L.
Deyden, Pvt. Thomas
Deyer?, Pvt. Alva S.
Dfiro, Pvt. Tony
Di Matieo, Pvt. Camillio
di Noto, Salvatore
di Seiascio, Pvt. Rocco
Diacon, Pvt. Leo M.
Diaion, Allen
Dial, Pvt. Harvey G.
Diamond, Cpl. Albert
Diamond, Pvt. Thomas E.
Diaz, Cpl. Juan
Diaz, Cpl. Leonardo
Diaz, Pvt. Rosendo
Dibble, Pvt. William H.
Dicello, Cpl. Anthony
Diceton, John S.
Dick, Pvt. Robert J.
Dick, Jr., James F.
Dickens, Andrew A.
Dickerman, W.
Dickerson, Albert
Dickerson, Cpl. Howard
Dickerson, Sgt. Charles B.
Dickerson, Sgt. George F.
Dickey, Cpl. Irvin E.
Dickey, Ethel
Dickey, Jewel
Dickey, Pvt. Garrett N.
Dickhaus, William Aloysius
Dickie, George W.
Dickie, Pvt. David
Dickinson, Dr. Putnam
Dickinson, Lt. Clement Parks
Dickinson, Lt. Harry
Dickinson, Mrs. M. M.
Dickinson, Pvt. Howard H.
Dickop, Lt. Ray C.
Dicks, Pvt. Rolla A.
Dickson, 2Lt. Samuel J.
Dickson, Cpl. Richard R.
Dickson, Lt. Harrison A.
Dickson, Lt. Samuel J.
Dickson, Pvt. Earl S.
DiCresco, Pvt. Francisco
Dicus, Pvt. Iva
Dieball, Cpl. Arthur
Diebennett, Pvt. Curtis E.
Diefenthal, Cpl. Clement
Diehl, Samuel W.
Diemer, Frank M.
Diemer, Frank M.
Diemer, Lendil Alvern
Diemer, Lendil Alvern
Dienman, Annie
Dierks, Pvt. Herman W.
Dietrich, Cpl. Walter C.
Dietrich, Pvt. Francis
Diettel, Capt. Arthur A.
Dietz, Adult Male
Digby, Pvt. Russell B.
Digelman, Pvt. Charles W.
Diggs, Pvt. Sack M.
Digiorio, Pvt. Raffeale
Digman, Pvt. Kevil
Dike, Pvt. John A.
Dilboy, Pvt. George
Dill, Mrs. A. J.
Dill, Pvt. George F.
Dillaha, T. A.
Dillaha, T. A.
Dillaha, T. A.
Dillahunty, Pvt. Paul H.
Dillard, Hazel F.
Dillard, Hazel F.
Dillard, Pvt. Rop P.
Dillavon, Pvt. Joe W.
Dille, Pvt. Paul F.
Diller, Cpl. Henry O.
Dilley, Pvt. Joseph
Dillon, Capt. W. F.
Dillon, Cpl, John J.
Dillon, Hiram P.
Dillon, Pvt. Ernest
Dillon, Sgt. John
Dillon, Sgt. Joseph
Dillon, William A.
Dillworth, Elizabeth
Dillworth, Elizabeth
Dilts, William G.
Dimares, Pvt. Joseph
Dimast, Pvt. Domenico
Dime, Mary
Dimiski, Pvt. Leon
Dimock, Anthony W.
Dina, Pvt. Michael
Dinab?, Pvt. Claud J.
Dineen, Pvt. William E.
Dingfelder, Pvt. John M.
Dingle, Pvt. Richard W.
Dingle, Pvt. William
Dingley, Frank L.
Dingley, Nellie M.
Dinitto, Erasmo
Dinkin, Pvt. Felix
Dinner, Pvt. Harry
Dinter, Pvt. William A.
Dion, Pvt. Joseph A.
Disabatine, Pvt. Francisco
Disalve, Pvt. Charles
Discario, Pvt. Zobito
Discher, Pvt. Frank E.
Dishong, Pvt. James R.
Dismukes, Pvt. George R.
Distler, Pvt. Walter H.
Dittman, Pvt. Carl J.
Dittmar, Cpl. Harry
Dittmer, Pvt. Hans H.
Ditzler, Pvt. Frank H.
Diuzak, Sgt. Zygmond
Diver, Cpl. Kenneth L.
Divine, Pvt. Earnest
Divins, Sgt. Louis S.
Dix, Jr., Cdt. Roger B.
Dixon, Birdie
Dixon, Cpl. Fred K.
Dixon, Cpl. Walter J.
Dixon, Dr. Sam G.
Dixon, Elbert
Dixon, George E.
Dixon, James Monroe
Dixon, James Monroe
Dixon, James Monroe
Dixon, Lt. Bolton
Dixon, Margaret A.
Dixon, Margaret A.
Dixon, Mary
Dixon, May'
Dixon, May'
Dixon, Mrs. Fred
Dixon, Pvt. Arthur Vivian
Dixon, Pvt. Carl A.
Dixon, Pvt. Daniel W.
Dixon, Pvt. Elbert E.
Dixon, Pvt. Jesse L.
Dixon, Pvt. Levi B.
Dixon, Pvt. Maurice H.
Dixon, Pvt. Nelson
Dixon, Roy
Dixon, Virginia
Dixon, William
Doak, Sada
Doake, Pvt. Thomas M.
Doan, Pvt. Charles
Doas??e, Pvt. Willard
Dobbs, Cpl. Harry H.
Dobbs, Mrs. W. W.
Dobbs, Mrs. W. W.
Dobbs, Newton Lee
Dobbs, Pvt. David H.
Dobbs, Pvt. Houston
Dobbs, Pvt. Walter T.
Dobie, Pvt. Stanley
Doboss, Stanley
Dobrowoiski, Pvt. Lewis
Dobson, Pvt. Elmer E.
Dobson, Pvt. Herbert
Dobyan, Cpl. Celpar E.
Dock, Cpl. Francis
Dockal, Cpl. Bennie L.
Doctor, Pvt. David
Dodd, Bertha
Dodd, Cpl. Joseph C.
Dodd, Leonard
Dodd, Pauline
Dodd, Pvt. Henry
Dodd, Pvt. John S.
Dodd, Pvt. Perry
Dodd, Sidney S.
Dodd, Solon
Dodd, Solon
Dodd, W. L.
Dodds, Lt. Harry
Dodds, Pvt. Harvey W.
Dodds, Pvt. John A.
Dodds, R. D.
Dodds, Sam M.
Dodeabo, Pvt. Hugh B.
Dodge, Cpl. Alexander
Dodge, Gen. A. G. P.
Dodge, Pvt. Frank A.
Dodgen?, Sgt. Daniel L.
Dodin, Pvt. James
Dodson, Adult Male
Dodson, J. M.
Dodson, Pvt. Edward O.
Dodson, Pvt. Henry
Dodson, Pvt. Preston
Dodson, Pvt. William H.
Dodson, Sgt. Leslie H.
Doe, Pvt. Arnold
Doerfer, Pvt. Frank Benjamin
Doering, Pvt. Herman F.
Doerr, Cpl. John
Doggett, Cpl. Mahon H.
Doggett, John R.
Doggett, Mrs. A. B.
Doherty, Lt. John Andrew
Dokken, Pvt. Thomas T.
Dolan, Cpl. Edward M.
Dolan, Pvt. Bernard J.
Dolan, Pvt. Charles J.
Dolan, Pvt. John
Dolan, Pvt. John
Dolan, Pvt. William F.
Dole, Cpl. George D.
Doless, Jr., Pvt. Alphonse F.
Dolin, Pvt. James O.
Doll, Pvt. Charles M.
Dollar, Pvt. Walter
Dollar, Walter
Dollard, Pvt. William B.
Dollarhide, J. S.
Dollarhyde, J. Sam
Dollish, Cpl. George M.
Dolven, Pvt. Albert J.
Dommel, Cpl. Elmer B.
Donahoo, Sgt. Daniel E.
Donahoo, Sgt. John
Donahue, Pvt. Arthur K.
Donahue, Pvt. Daniel
Donahue, Pvt. John J.
Donahue, Sgt. Harry J.
Donaldson, J. M.
Donaldson, Pvt. Frank H.
Donaldson, Pvt. Robert P.
Donaldson, Sgt. James H.
Donders, Pvt. Frederick Joseph
Doney, Cpl. Everett
Doney, Pvt. John D.
Donges, Cpl. Louis F.
Dongler, Cpl. Stanley O.
Donham, J. H.
Donley, Cpl. Carl
Donley, Pvt. Arcadio
Donnelian, Pvt. Timothy
Donnelly, John
Donnelly, Pvt. Peter
Donnelly, Pvt. Richard P.
Donnohue, Lt. John J.
Donns, Pvt. Williams
Donovan, Sgt. John F.
Donovan, Jr., Pvt. Charles
Doodwin, Pvt. Raymond B.
Dooley, Cpl. Douglas S.
Dooley, Edgar
Dooley, Pvt. Tom
Doome, William
Dooms, William
Doonan, Pvt. James J.
Dopp, Pvt. Daniel G.
Doran, Pvt. George E.
Doraty, Pvt. John H.
Dorfmound?, Pvt. Alphonse
Dorhak, Pvt. Ludwig
Dorian, Pvt. Gregory Alan
Doricourt, Pvt. Charles
Doris, Max
Doris, Pvt. John D. J.
Doris, Jr., Sgt. James T.
Dormak, Pvt. Steve E.
Dorman, Pvt. Frank Herbert
Dorman, Rebecca C.
Dorman, Jr., Cpl. John Henry
Dorn, Frank C.
Dornblaser, Pvt. Ray E.
Dorninger, Pvt. Richard H.
Dornstad, Pvt. Albert
Doro, Edward A.
Dorough, John E.
Dorough, John Edward
Dorough, John Edward
Dorough, John Edwin
Dorough, John Edwin
Dorris, C. A.
Dorris, Clinton B.
Dorsey, Pvt. Jesse
Dorsey, Pvt. Lewis V.
Dorsey, W. P.
Dorsey, Will
Doss, Artie
Doss, George
Doss, George
Doss, Pvt. James L.
Doswell, Pvt. Fred Albert
Doty, Pvt. John H.
Dotz, Pvt. Herman
Doubleday, Mrs. Frank N.
Doucett, Pvt. Thomas R.
Doucette, Pvt. Frank G.
Doucette, PVt. Howard F.
Doucette, Pvt. William Edward
Dougherty, Hughey
Dougherty, Pvt. Edward
Dougherty, Pvt. Forrester Hester
Dougherty, Pvt. Hugh F.
Dougherty, Pvt. James Alfred
Dougherty, Pvt. James D.
Dougherty, Pvt. James J.
Doughney, Sgt. Frank
Doughty, D. M.
Douglas, Cpl. Miles
Douglas, Dr. James
Douglas, Henry
Douglas, Pvt. Dewey
Douglas, Pvt. Joseph
Douglas, W. H.
Douglass, Cpl. Earl J.
Douglass, Pvt. Arthur W.
Douglass, Pvt. Edmond
Douglass, Pvt. Ora J.
Douglass, W. H.
Douthit, Cpl. Leland E.
Dove, Pvt. James
Dovel, Pvt. Tasel
Dow, Lt. Julian N.
Dow, Pvt. Norman T.
Dow, Pvt. Vernon E.
Dowd, Mrs. Thomas
Dowd, Sgt. Harold E.
Dowdle, Cpl. Henry L.
Dowdy, Jr., Pvt. James A.
Dowell, Lena Maxine
Dowell, Lt. Julian N.
Dowles, Pvt. Ira
Dowling, Lt. Patrick J.
Dowling, Pvt. Joseph E.
Dowling, Pvt. William F.
Downard, Pvt. Hugh E. G.
Downard, Pvt. Louis L.
Downer, Sgt. Frank
Downey, Otha R.
Downey, Pvt. Ashby J.
Downey, Pvt. Joseph
Downey, Sgt. Edgar
Downing, Helen Irene
Downing, Pvt. Albert
Downing, Pvt. Bob
Downing, Pvt. George H.
Downing, Sgt. Dennis
Downs, Cpl. Verne R.
Downs, Frank J.
Downs, Joseph
Doyen, BG Charles
Doyle, Adult Male
Doyle, Cpl. Patrick J.
Doyle, Evelyn Willard
Doyle, Pvt. Arthur J.
Doyle, Pvt. Cornelius J.
Doyle, Pvt. John
Doyle, Pvt. Maurice J.
Doyle, Sr., Thomas N.
Drabek, Pvt. Jerry
Drabekin, Cpl. Joseph
Dragard, Cpl. Thomas A.
Drager, George W.
Dragon, Pvt. John C.
Drahn, Beatrice
Drails, Pvt. Albert E.
Drake, Columbus
Drake, Frances M.
Drake, Francis
Drake, Lauren J.
Drake, Lt. Charles J.
Drake, Priscilla
Drake, Priscilla W.
Drake, Pvt. Arthur W.
Drake, Pvt. Charles A.
Drake, Pvt. William S.
Drake, Sarah
Draper, Ens. Adult Male
Dreja, Nichols M.
Drelich, Cpl. Alexander
Dreppard, Charles
Dresselle, Pvt. William
Dresser, Pvt. John J.
Drew, Cpl. R. Sidney
Drew, George S.
Drew, Josephine Baker
Drew, Mrs. George S.
Drew, Pvt. Oscar
Drews, Pvt. Will H.
Drey, Pvt. Frank Elmer
Dreyer, Pvt. William E.
Drinker, Harry
Drinker, Robert
Driscoll, Pvt. Timothy
Driscoll, Sgt. Jerry J.
Dritt, C. B.
Dritt, C. B.
Driver, Mrs. S. L.
Driver, Pvt. Carl
Driver, Pvt. Dib
Droddy, Cpl. Herbert L.
Droit, Pvt. Anthony
Droughton, Cpl. Dan
Drumm, Lt. Clarence Milton
Drummond, A. C.
Drummond, Pvt. Alexandro A.
Drummond, Robert
Drumright, Pvt. Doma O.
Drury, Pvt. Arthur M.
Dry, Mrs. John
Dry, Pvt. Walter
Dry, Sgt. Clarence Chester
Drye, D. B.
Drye, J. B.
Drye, P. B.
Du Fesu?, Pvt. Phillip
Duane, Pvt. Leon J.
Duane, Pvt. Mark Ira
Duba, Nelson
Dubbs, Pvt. F. E.
Dubbs, Pvt. Warren W.
Dube, Pvt. William
Dublinskie, Pvt. John J.
Dubose, Pvt. Will
Dubose, Rev. William Porcher
DuBossey, Cpl. John
Dubouchet, Pvt. Charles W.
Dubovski, Pvt. John
Dubry, Pvt. William M.
Dubuque, Pvt. Charles
Ducio, Pvt. George E.
Duck, Cpl. Rogers E.
Duckett, Mert
Duckworth, Elijah J.
Duclow, Cpl Clifford A.
Ducote, Pvt. Lamar Paul
Duda, Mike
Duda, Pvt. Mike
Duda, Sgt. Walter F.
Duddy, Lt. Michael J.
Dudley, Christopher Marion
Dudley, Pvt. Andrew
Dudley, Pvt. Newton J.
Dudley, Pvt. Timmie
Dudley, Pvt. Walter H.
Dudney, Mrs. Marvin
Dudney, Pvt. George H.
Duduala, Pvt. John
Dudzik, Pvt. Andre
Duerry, Cpl Theodore L.
Duff, Pvt. Charles H.
Duff, Pvt. James
Duff, Raymond Lee
Duff, Sir Beauchamp
Duffer, Pvt. Fred O.
Duffield, Cpl. George C.
Duffin, Pvt. Arthur T.
Dufford, Pvt. Oliver J.
Duffy, Everett H.
Duffy, Lt. Frank J.
Duffy, Pvt. Arthur M.
Duffy, Pvt. Charles F.
Duffy, Pvt. Cleveland T.
Duffy, Pvt. Michael
Duffy, Pvt. William
Dugal, Dona J.
Dugan, Cpl. Walter Sanford
Dugan, Pvt. Joseph Patrick
Dugan, W. R.
Duget, Cpl. George T.
Duggar, William J.
Dugger, Pvt. Arthur S.
Dugger, Pvt. Dennis C.
Duhig, Pvt. John
Duhill, Pvt. Stephen B.
Duhon, Watkins
Duke, Col. Charles T.
Duke, Col. Charles T.
Duke, Cpl. Julian O.
Duke, Noah
Duke, Pvt. Allen
Duke, Pvt. Ary A.
Duke, Pvt. Herbert C.
Duke, Pvt. Jimmie L.
Duke, Pvt. Walter E.
Dukes, Harry S.
Dukes, Pvt. George
Dukes, Pvt. Gheen?
Dulaney, Pvt. Dick
Dulen, Pvt. Lewis A.
Dulin, Pearl
Dull, Pvt. Oscar
Dulleck, Pvt. Joseph
Dulmage, A. Adult Male
Dumas, Elizabeth
Dumas, Pvt. Alonzo C.
Dumas, Pvt. Hugh Leon
Dumbadze, Gen. Adult Male
Dume, Pvt. William
Dumey, Pvt. Albert O.
Dumminskey, Pvt. Henry
Dummit, Pvt. Mike
Dunavan, Cpl. James M.
Dunaway, Cpl. Monte
Dunaway, E. F.
Dunaway, E. F.
Dunaway, F. M.
Dunaway, Jerry
Dunaway, Pvt. Fred L.
Dunaway, Pvt. Lewis G.
Dunbar, Lt. Donald H.
Dunbar, Lt. Merrill
Dunbar, Pvt. Joseph
Duncan, Ann
Duncan, Arthur B.
Duncan, Capt. Donald F.
Duncan, Cpl. Benton E.
Duncan, Gilbert N.
Duncan, Lt. Jesse M.
Duncan, Lt. John Thomas
Duncan, Lucille
Duncan, Mrs. H. L.
Duncan, Pvt. Charles T.
Duncan, Pvt. Herbert S.
Duncan, Pvt. James
Duncan, Pvt. Thomas
Duncan, Pvt. Thomas E.
Duncan, Sgt. Charles M.
Duncan, Sgt. Ernest F.
Dunfee, Pvt. Allen L.
Dungan, Alma
Dunham, Cdt. Francis L.
Dunham, J. Lawrence
Dunham, Pvt. James A.
Dunham, Pvt. Joe L.
Dunker, Pvt. Andrew P.
Dunkin, Pvt. Elmer
Dunkle, Pvt. Darrell M.
Dunklin, Joe
Dunklin, Joe
Dunklin, Joe
Dunlap, Cpl. Clarence S.
Dunlap, Pvt. Harry
Dunlap, Pvt. Harry
Dunlap, Pvt. John C.
Dunlap, Pvt. Lee
Dunlap, Pvt. Lee A.
Dunlap, Robert
Dunlavey, Pvt. Frank O.
Dunlop, Pvt. Dallas
Dunn, Allen
Dunn, Allen
Dunn, Bertha L.
Dunn, Bud
Dunn, Cpl. Charles L.
Dunn, Cpl. Fred R.
Dunn, Cpl. James A.
Dunn, Cpl. Morris
Dunn, Cpl. William B.
Dunn, Frances M.
Dunn, Gates E.
Dunn, Hannah
Dunn, James
Dunn, James W.
Dunn, James W.
Dunn, Junior
Dunn, L. A.
Dunn, Lee A.
Dunn, Mrs. H. A.
Dunn, Mrs. H. A.
Dunn, Pvt. Claudie J.
Dunn, Pvt. Claudie J.
Dunn, Pvt. Harry
Dunn, Pvt. Harry
Dunn, Pvt. Harvey L.
Dunn, Pvt. James W.
Dunn, Pvt. Joe B.
Dunn, Pvt. Paul W.
Dunn, Pvt. Robert T.
Dunn, Pvt. Russell B.
Dunn, Pvt. Ulus E.
Dunn, Pvt. William
Dunn, Sgt. Robert
Dunn, W. C.
Dunn, W. C.
Dunn, Walter C.
Dunn, Jr., Pvt. John W.
Dunnagan, Sgt. Sam R.
Dunnam, Pvt. Ernest C.
Dunnavant, Pvt. Edwin E.
Dunwette?, Pvt. Edward
Dupas, Pvt. Horace
Dupes, Pvt. Earl A.
Duplessis, Pvt. Louis
Dupras?, Eugene
Dupre, Pvt. Deane
Dupre, Pvt. Peter C.
Duran, Fred
Duran, Fred
Duran, Fred
Durand, Pvt. James
Duraski, Pvt. Karol
Durff, Pvt. William H.
Durham, Pvt. Bartlett C.
Durham, Pvt. Ulysses
Durham, Tennessee
Durham, Tennessee
Durio, Pvt. Charles P.
Durkee, Pvt. Sydney R.
Duron, Pvt. Michael
Durr, Pvt. William M.
Durward, Pvt. Allen J.
Durwin, Pvt. Frank
Dusannki, Pvt. Steve
Dusold, Pvt. Charles
Dussau, Edward
Dussau, Edward
Dussau, Edward
Duston, Pvt. James E.
Dutjen?, Lt. William L.
Duto, Pvt. George J.
Dutrell, Adult Female
Dutrenz, Pvt. Sidney
Dutton, Maj. Robert M.
Duval, Earl
Duval, M.
Duvall, Pvt. John G.
Duvall, Pvt. Raymond
Duwe, Margaret
Duwe, Margaret
Duwe, Margaret
Dvorak, Pvt. George
Dvorak, Pvt. George
Dwyer, F. J.
Dwyer, Pvt. Frank
Dyar, Mattie
Dycus, Pvt. Jasse W.
Dyer, Frances Helen
Dyer, Hal
Dyer, Hershel
Dyer, Keith
Dyer, Mrs. Fred
Dyer, Mrs. J. B.
Dyer, Mrs. Luther
Dyer, Pershel
Dyer, Pvt. Francis E.
Dyer, Pvt. John W.
Dyer, Pvt. Lem M.
Dyer, Pvt. Samuel C.
Dyer, Sgt. Glenn H.
Dyke, A. P.
Dyke, Pvt. Allie B.
Dynan, Pvt. John
Dyrdal, Pvt. Arut
Dyson, Cornelius
Dyson, Pvt. Alva O.
Dyson, Sgt. Richard
Dyvad, Pvt. Carl C.
D'Zadonionia, Pvt. John
Dzinski, Frank W.
Dzura, Pvt. Anton
Eacus, Pvt. John
Eades, Pvt. Amon
Eades, Pvt. Vincent
Eadie, 2Lt. Harold F.
Eads, Lt. Lee S.
Eads, Pvt. Walter
Eagan, Tom
Eagle, Pvt. Charles A.
Eagleman, Pvt. Albert
Eagleson, Pvt. William J.
Eames, Pvt. Raymond R.
Eamond, Pvt. Frank C.
Earl, Clarence
Earl, Cpl. Charles A.
Earl, Lt. Marmaduke
Earl, Pvt. Claud
Earl, Pvt. Claude
Earl, Sgt. Homer W.
Earle, John L.
Earles, Eagle
Earles, Sgt. Alexander S.
Earley, Cpl.Thomas C.
Earley, Pvt. Arnell G.
Earls, Pvt. Curd W.
Earls, Pvt. Eugene
Early, Cpl. Joseph L.
Early, Pvt. Lee
Early, Pvt. Thomas V.
Earmora, Pvt. Jose
Earner, Pvt. John
Easley, Green
Easley, Mary
Easley, Pvt. Green B.
Easley, Pvt. John B.
Easley, Pvt. Roy Blegg
Easly, Pvt. Lionel H.
Eason, Capt. J. T.
Eason, Capt. J. T.
Eason, Cpl. Paul M.
Eason, Emerson
Eason, Pvt. Paul
East, Maj. Whitten J.
East, Mrs. George
East, Pvt. Abram A.
East, Pvt. Bennie W.
East, Toper
Easter, Pvt. Joe T.
Easter, Pvt. Roy R.
Easterday, Cpl. Orville L.
Eastlick, Pvt. Fred
Eastman, Laura
Easton, Pvt. Roscoe
Eastwood, Theo
Eaton, Mrs. S. A. D.
Eaton, Pvt. Charles M.
Eaton, Pvt. Roy P.
Eaton, Sarah Jane
Eaton, Sarah Lane
Eaves, Pvt. Edward
Ebener, 2Lt. Geroald L.
Ebert, Cpl. Fred
Eby, Pvt. Clifton
Echelmeier, Pvt. Edwin H.
Echeveria, Frank R.
Echols, George D.
Echols, P. J.
Echols, Pvt. Noah
Eckardt, Lt. Herman J.
Eckberg, Cpl. Edward Harold
Eckel, Pvt. Conrad
Eckhardt, Pvt. Albert F.
Eckles, Cpl. Frank Junior
Eckles, Lloyd L.
Ecklesly, Pvt. Herbert
Eckweiler, Pvt. Robert J.
Eddings, Cpl. Noah E.
Eddins, Pvt. Sam H.
Eddy, Cpl. Charles L.
Eddy, Lt. Harry L.
Eden, Cdt. Thomas W.
Eden, Mrs. Sam
Eden, Pvt. George A.
Eden, Sam
Edgar, Mrs. Frank W.
Edgar, Pvt. Adult Male
Edgar, Pvt. Jim F.
Edgar, Pvt. Rubin
Edgell, Benjamin W.
Edgins, Lucy
Edinger, Pvt. Henry
Edkel, Lt. William H.
Edmond, Lt. John M.
Edmonds, Pvt. Ernest W.
Edmonds, S. J.
Edmondson, Pvt. Elton L.
Edmonson, Pv. Barry
Edmonson, Pvt. Marvin E.
Edmonson, William
Edner, Pvt. Keith M.
Edson, Pvt. Elmer G.
Edwards, Allen Seth
Edwards, Bessie
Edwards, Charlie
Edwards, Cpl. Dover W.
Edwards, Cpl. John H.
Edwards, David W.
Edwards, Eva
Edwards, Eva
Edwards, Eva
Edwards, James
Edwards, James
Edwards, Joe A.
Edwards, Lt. Adrian C.
Edwards, Mrs. C. A.
Edwards, Mrs. E. L.
Edwards, Orrin H.
Edwards, Pvt. Benton L.
Edwards, Pvt. Benton L.
Edwards, Pvt. Carl T.
Edwards, Pvt. Charles C.
Edwards, Pvt. Edward N.
Edwards, Pvt. Ernest
Edwards, Pvt. Fred
Edwards, Pvt. George S.
Edwards, Pvt. John
Edwards, Pvt. John G.
Edwards, Pvt. Lawernce J.
Edwards, Pvt. Leo H.
Edwards, Pvt. Oliver
Edwards, Pvt. Phillip
Edwards, Pvt. Wilburn H.
Edwards, Pvt. William
Edwards, Roosevelt
Edwards, Sgt. Charles E.
Edwards, Sgt. Garrett
Edwards, Sidney
Edwards, Sim
Edwards, Tressie
Edzard, Pvt. Edward
Egan, Edward F. "Ned"
Egan, Mrs. Edward F.
Egbert, Arthur S.
Eggers, Pvt. Ben
Eggleston, Pvt. Clare Kent
Eggleston, Pvt. Ed
Egle, Pvt. William
Egleston, Pvt. Edward
Ehlers, Pvt. Hugo J.
Ehlert, Henry
Ehrbardt, Pvt. Raymond E.
Eich, Ursula
Eicheluberger, Albert
Eichholtz, Cpl. William H.
Eichoff, George
Eichoff, George
Eichoff, George
Eichoff, Marie Agnes
Eichorn, Cpl. Sanford C.
Eick, Sgt. Everett Sleeter
Eickhoff, Marie Agnes
Eidy, Pvt. Victor P.
Eiffingham, Pvt. Andrew E.
Eigenheimer, William
Eills, Pvt. Richard
Eilopulos, Pvt. George D.
Einstein, Henry L.
Eippen, Pvt. Jesse R.
Eissens, Charles
Ekblom, Pvt. Conrad F.
Ekinner?, Bea S.
Eklund, Cpl. George E.
Ekstrand, Lt. Carl E.
Ekstrom, Pvt. Edgar R.
Elam, John
Elam, Pvt. Clifford
Elbon, Cpl. Ben W.
Elder, Lt. James G.
Elder, Mrs. John
Elder, Pvt. Albert G.
Elder, Pvt. Charlie B.
Eldermaon, Pvt. William E.
Elderson, Pvt. William F.
Eldredge, Pvt. Seth A.
Eldridge, Lucile
Eldridge, Pvt. Gardiner
Eldridge, Pvt. Rex B.
Eldson, Pvt. Eddie
Elfrank, Mrs. J. E.
Elfrank, Mrs. J. H.
Elfrank, Mrs. J.H.
Eliason, Pvt. John
Elkey, Pvt. Lewis R.
Elkin, Pvt. Jasper
Elkins, Cpl. Orville A.
Elleingson, Conrad M.
Eller, R. R.
Eller, William O.
Ellerbruch, Pvt. George
Ellett, Capt. Alexander M.
Ellig, Victor H.
Ellig, Victor M.
Ellig, Victor M.
Elligson, Pvt. Knute
Ellinger, J. R.
Ellinger, Pvt. William
Ellinger, William
Ellingson, Harry F.
Ellington, Cpl. John T.
Elliot, Sgt. Harvey L.
Elliott, Arthur Lee
Elliott, Cpl. Frank
Elliott, Cpl. Stanley
Elliott, Earl W.
Elliott, Lt. Hammitt K.
Elliott, LtCdr. Richard McCall
Elliott, LtCol. Clark R.
Elliott, Mrs. Judge M.
Elliott, Pvt. Anderson
Elliott, Pvt. Edgar L
Elliott, Pvt. Elmer J.
Elliott, Pvt. Karl
Elliott, Pvt. Richard H.
Elliott, Pvt. Thomas Herbert
Elliott, Sgt. Theodore S.
Elliott, Sgt. Theodore S.
Elliott, Viola
Elliott, Violet
Elliott, Jr., LtCdr Richard McCall
Ellis, Ab
Ellis, George
Ellis, Howard
Ellis, Howard
Ellis, Howard
Ellis, Howard
Ellis, Howard
Ellis, Judge Thomas W. C.
Ellis, Mrs. L. W.
Ellis, Mrs. M. R.
Ellis, Mrs. M. R.
Ellis, Pvt. Alton B.
Ellis, Pvt. Clayton C.
Ellis, Pvt. Edward A.
Ellis, Pvt. Harry G.
Ellis, Pvt. Ivan E.
Ellis, Pvt. James P.
Ellis, Pvt. Leonidas V.
Ellis, Pvt. Newton M.
Ellis, Pvt. Roy
Ellis, Pvt. Valter S.
Ellis, Sam Braschear
Ellis, Sam Braschear
Ellis, Sam Braschears
Ellis, Sarah A.
Ellis, Sarah A.
Ellis, Sgt. Richard H.
Ellis, Thomas
Ellis, Jr., Capt. James G.
Ellis, Jr., Sgt. Fife W.
Ellison, Lt. Eugene M.
Ellison, Pvt. Clarence E.
Ellison, Pvt. William
Elmer, Mrs. O.
Elmore, 1Lt. Arthur E.
Elmore, F. B.
Elmore, Ford
Elmore, Mrs. H. C.
Elmore, Pvt. Buel J.
Elmore, Pvt. Chap J.
Elmore, Thomas
Elms, Mary
Elrod, Cpl. Charles F.
Elrod, Cpl. Chester F.
Elrod, Pvt. Ray
Elrod, Pvt. Roy T.
Elsen, Pvt. Hosie
Elsenbrand, Dr. George
Elsner, Pvt. Lambert T.
Elston, Child
Elston, Clifford E.
Elston, Gertrude Eappen
Elston, Pvt. Eugene W.
Elston, Thomas H.
Elsweirth, L. B.
Elvidge, Pvt. Mack
Elwin, Cpl. Joseph T.
Elwood, Cpl. William F.
Ely, 2Lt. Dinsmore
Ely, Lt. Dinsmore
Ely, Lt. William S.
Ely, Pvt. Robert L.
Elzey, Fay
Elzey, Mary
Elzey, Mary
Emanuel, Pvt. Thomas
Embree, Sgt. Joseph
Embree, Thomas Gordon
Embree, Thomas Gordon
Embry, Pvt. Walter F.
Embry, Sidney E.
Emerson, Carson
Emerson, Carson
Emerson, Lt. William K. B.
Emerson, Pvt. Charles T.
Emerson, Pvt. Herbert E.
Emerson, Rev. A. J.
Emerson, Walter
Emerson, Walter
Emery, Jr., Lt. Joseph W.
Emig, PVt. Elmer
Emig, Pvt. John L.
Emillen, Pvt. Louis
Emmerta, Pvt. Lawrence J.
Emmons, Edward H.
Emmons, Pvt. Jesse B.
Emory, Pvt. Gwynne R.
Empfield, Pvt. Harry A.
Emporate, Pvt. Louis
Empson, Pvt. Robert T.
Emrich, Charles L.
Emwood, Clifford
Enbow, William
Enderlin, Pvt. Carl C.
Enders, Mary E.
Endsley, Mary
Endsley, Mrs. W. F.
Engel, Sgt. William Henry
Engelke, Pvt. Louis C.
England, Pvt. George W.
England, Pvt. John Cleveland
England, Pvt. Joseph Fred
England, Pvt. Robert J.
England, Pvt. William E.
England, Pvt. Zummer
Englehardt, Pvt. Henry H.
Engles, Cpl. Brooklyn Ray
English, Pvt. Robert I.
Engram, Pvt. Claud
Engrom, Pvt. Leon
Engstrom, Pvt. Emil A.
Enide, Cpl. Roscoe
Enis, Mrs. Joe
Enkoff, Arthur
Enkoff, Cora
Enkoff, Frank
Enloe, Pvt. Claude A.
Enloe, Pvt. Luna Wesley
Ennis, Bessie
Ennis, Sgt. Frank
Ennis, Jr., Lt. James S.
Enno, Pvt. John
Enright, Pvt. Thomas P.
Ensko, Sgt. William E.
Ensley, Pvt. James H.
Enterken, James Rudolph
Enters, Cpl. Frank
Eoff, John
Eoff, John
Eoff, John
Eoff, John
Eoff, John
Epperson, Cpl. Frank
Eppestein, Pvt. Delmar
Epple, Pvt. CHarles W.
Epps, Pvt. James
Erb, Pvt. Francis L.
Erb, Sgt. Thomas J.
Erdwein, Pvt. William G.
Erickson, Cpl. Jonas H.
Erickson, Harry W.
Erickson, Pvt. Albert A.
Erickson, Pvt. Carl E.
Erickson, Pvt. Charles P.
Erickson, Pvt. Donald E.
Erickson, Pvt. Frederick
Erickson, Pvt. Gunnard
Erickson, Pvt. Gustaf
Erickson, Pvt. Joseph E.
Erickson, Pvt. Kort H.
Erickson, Pvt. Martin
Erickson, Pvt. Peter
Erickson, Pvt. Selmer J.
Erinton, Pvt. Walter
Erisman, Pvt. Harry L.
Erman, Lt. Earl H.
Ernest, David L.
Ernest, David L.
Ernst, George C.
Ernst, Pvt. Arnold E.
Ernst, Pvt. Lawrence F.
Erras, Pvt. Florence
Erskine, Pvt. Lester Dewey
Ervick, Pvt. John
Erwin, John T.
Erwin, John T.
Erwin, Nathan
Erwin, Pvt. John N.
Erwin, Pvt. Louis
Eryavich, Pvt. Joseph F.
Esalinger, Pvt. Andy L.
Eschbach, Pvt. Harry P.
Escue, Pvt. Maynard
Eskart, Pvt. Edolph?
Esparcia, Alfred E.
Estabrook, Pvt. Sylvester
Estees, Pvt. John D.
Esterling, Pvt. Floyd
Estes, Dennis
Estes, Pvt. Clarence S.
Estes, Pvt. Denis
Estes, Pvt. James E.
Estes, Pvt. Orville
Estes, Pvt. Ray G.
Estes, Pvt. Tom
Estill, Pvt. Reid P.
Estle, Pvt. George
Estopy, Rth?
Estrange, Julian
Estridge, Pvt. Esaw E.
Esvang, Pvt. Ernest P.
Esween, Pvt. Walter S.
Etchison, Pvt. John C.
Etheridge, Pvt. Jesse W.
Ethler, Cpl. Alfred Follet
Ethridge, Mary Gertrude
Etter, James
Etter, Pvt. Sidney H.
Ettlin, Albert J.
Etue, Pvt. Walter Frederick
Eubank, Pvt. Lafayette
Eubanks, Carrie
Eubanks, Cpl. Edgar H.
Eubanks, E. B.
Eubanks, Mrs. Will
Eubanks, Mrs. William E.
Eubanks, Pvt. Osie
Eubanks, Pvt. Willie D.
Eubanks, Will
Eubanks, William E.
Euckelshausen, Frederick E.
Euper, Pvt. Clarence A.
Evands, Cpl. Clyde
Evangelicti, Pvt. Hugo
Evanik, Sgt. Thomas E.
Evans, 1Lt. Thomas R.
Evans, Adult Male
Evans, Carey Richard
Evans, Cpl. Herman L.
Evans, Eugene
Evans, John
Evans, Lt. Charles H.
Evans, Lt. G. B.
Evans, Lt. Richard W.
Evans, Mark
Evans, Mary P.
Evans, Mrs. Leonard
Evans, Mrs. W. A.
Evans, Nellie
Evans, Pvt. Abraham D.
Evans, Pvt. Arthur H.
Evans, Pvt. Aubrey E.
Evans, Pvt. Cary E.
Evans, Pvt. Clifford E.
Evans, Pvt. Ed
Evans, Pvt. Evan
Evans, Pvt. Frank L.
Evans, Pvt. Gilbert O.
Evans, Pvt. Horace C.
Evans, Pvt. Hugh L.
Evans, Pvt. Ira
Evans, Pvt. James T.
Evans, Pvt. Jesse R.
Evans, Pvt. Joe M.
Evans, Pvt. John Lester
Evans, Pvt. Joseph F.
Evans, Pvt. Leroy
Evans, Pvt. Lester N.
Evans, Pvt. Lloyd V.
Evans, Pvt. Lorenzo
Evans, Pvt. Richard A.
Evans, Pvt. Wesley J.
Evans, Pvt. William Albert
Evans, Pvt. William E.
Evans, Robert S.
Evans, Sgt. Arthur G.
Evans, Sgt. Frederick
Evans, Sgt. James A.
Evans, Sgt. Pryce N.
Evans, Sir Samuel
Evans, W. H.
Evans, Weldon
Evans, William M.
Evatt, Pvt. Carl E.
Eveland, Pvt. John W.
Everett, Cpl. Carl A.
Everett, Pvt. Erias
Everett, Pvt. Joe W.
Everett, Sgt. Leslie D.
Everett, W. H.
Everhart, Pvt. Odas N.
Evers, Pvt. Sovern Ruse
Evills, Pvt. William J.
Evin, Pvt. Peter
Ewell, Pvt. Frank B.
Ewell, Jr., Lt. James H.
Ewin, Cpl. Albert V.
Ewing, Cpl. Edwin Harold
Ewing, James S.
Ewing, Joseph
Ewing, Lt. David J.
Ewing, Lt. David J.
Ewing, Lt. John A.
Ewing, Pvt. Alexander W.
Ewing, Pvt. George M.
Ewing, Pvt. James
Ewing, Pvt. Lewis R.
Exner, Pvt. William P.
Exum, Julia
Eyler, Lt. William H.
Eyster, Sarah Moore
Fackrell, Pvt. Hugh
Facundas, Pvt. D. A.
Faduntec, Walter
Faffi, Pvt. Frank
Fagains, Cpl. Walter C.
Fagan, Pvt. Frederick J.
Fagan, Pvt. Joseph
Fagen, Pvt. James M.
Fagg, Sgt. Auis
Fagnani, Charles
Fahnestalk, Pvt. Harvey W.
Fails, Pvt. David J.
Fain, Child
Fain, M. A.
Fain, Will
Fair, Lt. Wilford A.
Fair, Mrs. Bud
Fair, Pvt. Harry William
Fair, Pvt. Nate I.
Fairbairn, Lt. Dudly C.
Fairbanks, Charles Warren
Fairbanks, Henry
Fairbrother, Pvt. Jesse
Fairchild, Cdt. Franklin
Fairchild, George A.
Fairclough, Pvt. Frank D.
Fairfield, Richard Cutts
Fairlamb, Pvt. Joseph W.
Fairley, Pvt. Porter M.
Fairley, Pvt. Porter M.
Faisst, Bernard
Faken, Pvt. Pete
Falcone, Pvt. Frank
Falconer, Capt. Addison B.
Falkner, Pvt. Charles H.
Fall, Cpl. Henry H.
Fallon, Cpl. John T.
Fallon, Cpl. William R.
Fallon, Jud
Fallon, Pvt. William T.
Falls, J. E.
Falls, Pvt. Robert P.
Faltz, Pvt. Deemer H.
Falvey, Cpl. Dennis
Fanck, Paul
Fannell, Lizzie
Fannick, Pvt. David F.
Fanning, Pvt. William H.
Fannon, Pvt. Frank M.
Fansen, Pvt. Bernard E.
Fant, Pvt. Edward W.
Fant, Pvt. Guy W.
Fanucchi, Pvt. Guiseppe
Fanucci, Pvt. Guiseppe
Farber, Charles W.
Farewicz, Leon
Farey, Pvt. Patsey
Farg, Pvt. Alois A.
Farharj, Pvt. Dahar
Farhee?, Pvt. Leddie
Farias, Pvt. Canuto
Farington, Ivan E.
Faris, Pvt. Bruce R.
Farko, Pvt. Andrew D.
Farley, Cardinal John Murphy
Farley, Pvt. James O.
Farley, Pvt. Patrick J.
Farley, Raymond
Farlow, Pvt. Charlie J.
Farman, Pvt. Joseph C.
Farmer, Cpl. Joshua B.
Farmer, Cpl. Tobey
Farmer, Pvt. Dave L.
Farmer, Pvt. Fred
Farmer, Pvt. Joseph T.
Farmer, Pvt. William H.
Farmer, Walter
Farney, James J.
Farnsworth, Cpl. Claudius R.
Farnum, Pvt. Paul J.
Farquahar, John McCreath
Farr, James
Farr, Lewis
Farr, Pvt. Cleo V.
Farr, Pvt. William
Farrady, Pvt. Hugh
Farrand, Pvt. Arthur Dewey
Farrant, Sgt. Oliver C.
Farrar, Cpl. Gus S.
Farrar, Pvt. Clarence
Farrar, Pvt. Jesse M.
Farrar, Pvt. Virgil F.
Farrar, Sgt. James B.
Farraro, Frank W.
Farrel, Pvt. Frank R.
Farrell, Belle
Farrell, Clement S.
Farrell, Cora
Farrell, Cora
Farrell, Cpl. Patrick
Farrell, Maj. Louis
Farrell, Maj. Louis
Farrell, Mrs. John
Farrell, Pvt. George
Farrell, Pvt. James L.
Farrell, Pvt. John J.
Farrell, Pvt. Joseph
Farrell, Pvt. Leo Francis
Farrell, Pvt. Raymond F.
Farrell, Sgt. Paul R.
Farrell, Jr., Cpl. Edward J.
Farren, Cpl. Harry J.
Farren, Lt. Phil
Farris, John N.
Farris, Pvt. William A.
Farrow, Pvt. Joseph C.
Farup, Pvt. Paul
Fasano, Pvt. Don A.
Fassanacht, Pvt. Harry W.
Fassen?, Cpl. Ernest
Fatecher, Pvt. Andrew
Fatseas, Pvt. Paul
Faubie, Pvt. Arthur N.
Faucett, Cpl. John T.
Faucett, Nannie
Faught, Clayton
Faught, Clayton
Faulconer, Pvt. Gus S.
Faulk, Harry G.
Faulk, Lt. William M.
Faulk, Pvt. Grover E.
Faulkner, Bettie
Faulkner, Pvt. Earl M.
Faulkner, Pvt. Ernest P.
Faulkner, Pvt. Gordon L.
Faulkner, Pvt. Herman
Faulkner, Robert B.
Faulkner, Rosie
Faulkner, Rosie
Faunce, Pvt. Willmer
Faust, Pvt. Charles M.
Faust, Pvt. Noah M.
Fauth, Pvt. George J.
Fauver, Pvt. Silas E.
Fawbush, Woodrow
Fay, Edward Joseph
Fay, Pvt. Edward M.
Fazio, MM Charles John
Fazio, Pvt. Gregorio
Fearing, Sue
Fears, Pvt. Andrew P.
Featherer, Pvt. Edgar
Featherkyle, Pvt. Leo F.
Feathers, Sgt. Kinzie M.
Fecas, Pvt. Daniel
Federklewicz, Pvt. Michael
Fee, James
Feeback, Pvt. Gilvert
Feeney, Pvt. Thomas Francis
Feeny, Pvt. John
Feezell, Pvt. Meek
Feggers, Sgt. George
Fehring, Pvt. Walter R.
Fehrs, Pvt. Peter John
Feidman, Pvt. Elmer A.
Feigl, Lt. Jefferson
Feild, Earnest J.
Feild, Jennie C.
Feild, Mrs. Ernest
Feild, Mrs. Ernest
Feild, Mrs. Ernest J.
Feinson, Pvt. Max
Feist, Pvt. Leo Sylvester
Feitz, Ellen
Feld, Pvt. George
Feldman, Cpl. Hyman
Feldman, Mary A.
Feldman, Mary A.
Feldman, Pvt. Jacob L.
Feldman, Pvt. Joseph E.
Feldman, Pvt. Morris
Felgmano, Pvt. Otto F.
Felinsky, Pvt. Joseph
Felix, Pvt. Albert H.
Felker, Mrs. W. H.
Felker, Mrs. William
Fell, Pvt. Herman
Feller, Pvt. Theodore
Fellers, Pvt. Edward F.
Fellowes, Pvt. Raymond H.
Felonzi, Cpl. James B.
Felter, Pvt. Adam
Feltner, Pvt. Anton L.
Felton, Cpl. Horace E.
Felton, Fred A.
Felton, Pvt. James
Felton, Sgt. George
Fencannon, Ernest L.
Fenelan, Lt. Harry W.
Fenhouse, Pvt. Albert
Fenlechia, Pvt. Salvatore
Fennell, Pvt. Fred
Fenness, Pvt. John V.
Fenstermacher, Pvt. Peter J.
Fenton, Col. Charles W.
Fenton, Pvt. Leland O.
Fenwich, Pvt. William D.
Ferdinand, Archduke Francis
Ferdinand, Marie
Ferguson, Alec
Ferguson, Burdette
Ferguson, Cpl. Francis B.
Ferguson, Cpl. Reid
Ferguson, E. D.
Ferguson, J. A.
Ferguson, James A.
Ferguson, Jerry
Ferguson, Jim
Ferguson, Pvt. Alfred A.
Ferguson, Pvt. David R.
Ferguson, Pvt. Dick
Ferguson, Pvt. George
Ferguson, Pvt. James H.
Ferguson, Pvt. Jodie N.
Ferguson, Pvt. John H.
Ferguson, Pvt. Roby
Ferguson, Pvt. William C.
Ferguson, Pvt. William H.
Ferguson, Pvt. William H.
Ferguson, R. W.
Ferguson, Roy
Ferrell, Cpl. Jacob L.
Ferrell, Godden
Ferrell, Pat
Ferrell, Pvt. Robert T.
Ferrell, Pvt. Willis T.
Ferrera, Pvt. Enrico
Ferrerie, Pvt. John
Ferrill, Clay Stanley
Ferris, Cpl. William C.
Ferry, Lt. Clifford
Ferry, Pvt. Michael J.
Fessenden, Pvt. Warren
Fessenden, Sgt. Guy A.
Fetser, LtCol. Wallace Wilmer
Fettham, Jr., Lt. John M.
Fey, Pvt. Carl
Fiala, Cpl. Lon
Ficklin, Pvt. Alvin
Fidler, Pvt. Phil
Fidler, Pvt. William C.
Field, Lt. Charles W.
Field, Margaret
Field, Pvt. Caldwell
Field, Pvt. Samuel R.
Field, Pvt. Thomas C.
Field, R. L.
Fielder, Pvt. Max
Fielding, PVt. Jesse N.
Fieldkamp, Pvt. Hiram J.
Fields, A. L.
Fields, H. C.
Fields, Pvt. Alexander
Fields, Pvt. Anthony
Fields, Pvt. Clarence
Fields, Pvt. James
Fields, Pvt. James W.
Fields, Pvt. Luther A.
Fields, Pvt. Preston
Fields, Pvt. William R.
Fields, Sgt. Cleburn
Fields, William
Fien, Pvt. Wigbert A.
Fierberg, Pvt. Samuel
Fietrompnaco, Pvt. Antonio
Fife, Sgt. Millard E.
Fiffer, Pvt. Albert
Figgins, Louisa
Figgins, Pvt. William W.
Fike, Orval
Fikes, Francis Marion
File, Pvt. Lemuel J.
Files, Edna
Files, Jr., A. C.
Filley, Lt. John D.
Fillingem, Linnie G.
Fillingim, Pvt. Marshal B.
Filson, Pvt. John William
Finch, Cpl. John R.
Finch, George
Finch, Pvt. Thomas
Finckbeiner, Pvt. William
Findley, Cpl. Don Lorenben
Findley, Mrs. D. B.
Findley, Mrs. D. B.
Findley, Mrs. T. S.
Findley, Pvt. George E.
Findley, Pvt. Tom
Fine, Pvt. John F.
Fine, Pvt. Stacy J.
Fine, Sgt. Sam N.
Finicle, Pvt. George E.
Fink, Cpl. Dewey W.
Fink, Pvt. John G.
Finklestine, Pvt. Samuel
Finlay, Reginald Bruce
Finley, Charles A.
Finley, Lt. Neil B.
Finley, Pvt. Howard L.
Finley, Sgt. Earl S.
Finley, Thomas
Finley, Virginia
Finley, W. F.
Finn, Pvt. Henry
Finnegan, Cpl. Arthur F.
Finnegan, Cpl. Robert
Finnegan, John Thomas
Finnegan, John Thomas
Finnegan, Lelia
Finnegan, Sgt. Gerald R.
Finneran, Pvt. Loyd W.
Finnerty, Sgt. Bernard R.
Finney, Emmery O.
Finney, Pvt. Royal L.
Finsen, Pvt. Joseph E.
Firth, Pvt. Ernest
Fischer, Pvt. Herman E.
Fischer, Pvt. Louis
Fischer, Pvt. Terry L.
Fish, Cpl. Crowell G.
Fish, Maurine
Fish, Pvt. Gerald E.
Fish, Pvt. Roy Jason
Fishback, Pvt. Mike
Fisher, Cpl. John L.
Fisher, Cpl. John R.
Fisher, Cpl. Robert McC.
Fisher, Cpl. William
Fisher, Ed
Fisher, Ed
Fisher, Eliza
Fisher, Ethel
Fisher, Ethel
Fisher, Ethel
Fisher, Ethel
Fisher, Iva
Fisher, Lt. Edgar A.
Fisher, Milford G.
Fisher, Mrs. Walter
Fisher, Pvt. Albert W.
Fisher, Pvt. Aubrey A.
Fisher, Pvt. Charles
Fisher, Pvt. Edgar C.
Fisher, Pvt. Edward
Fisher, Pvt. Frank E.
Fisher, Pvt. George
Fisher, Pvt. Henry S.
Fisher, Pvt. James E.
Fisher, Pvt. James E.
Fisher, Pvt. John
Fisher, Pvt. LeRoy C.
Fisher, Pvt. Luther W.
Fisher, Pvt. Ran D.
Fisher, Pvt. William
Fisher, Sgt. Elmer F.
Fisher, Sgt. Raymond O.
Fishetti, Pvt. William
Fiske, Capt. Newell R.
Fist, Cpl. Jules V.
Fitch, A. H.
Fitch, Pvt. Charlie
Fitch, Pvt. Edwin L.
Fitch, Pvt. Edwin L.
Fitch, Rev. William Strickland
Fitch, Rev. William Strickland
Fite, Thomas
Fitspatrick, Pvt. Glenn
Fittenger, Pvt. William F.
Fitz, Pvt. George H.
Fitzgerald, Cpl. Gerald D.
Fitzgerald, Cpl. Jesse W.
Fitzgerald, Cpl. Joseph J.
Fitzgerald, Cpl. Thomas
Fitzgerald, James R.
Fitzgerald, Lt. Stephen E.
Fitzgerald, Lt. William P.
Fitzgerald, Pvt. Dempsey E.
Fitzgerald, Pvt. Howard P.
Fitzgerald, Pvt. Rossiter S.
Fitzgerald, Pvt. Thomas
Fitzgibbon, Pvt. Thomas
Fitzhugh, Leroy
Fitzhugh, Leroy
Fitzhugh, Will
Fitzmarice, Cpl. Allen J.
Fitzmorris, Capt. James
Fitzpatrick, Clarence
Fitzpatrick, Pvt. Charles
Fitzpatrick, Pvt. John M.
Fitzpatrick, Sgt. Patrick J.
Fitzpatrick, Thomas L.
Fitz-Roy, Augustus Charles Lennox
Fitzsimmons, Pvt. Bernard T.
Fitzsimmons, Pvt. George
Fitzwilson, Cpl. James F.
Fixico, Pvt. Sonny
Flach, Pvt. Alva J.
Fladaess, Pvt. Peter
Flagg, Jessie
Flagler, Mrs. Henry M.
Flaherty, Cpl. William J.
Flaherty, Lt. Lawrence J.
Flaherty, Pvt. John T.
Flahive, Thomas P.
Flamand, Adult Male
Flanagan, Daniel L.
Flanagan, Pvt. John M.
Flanagan, Pvt. Joseph M.
Flanagan, Pvt. William R.
Flanagan, Sgt. James
Flanigan, Pvt. Thomas F.
Flannery, Pvt. Edward J.
Flansburg, Lt. Robert H.
Flato, Lt. Walter Cecil
Flatt, Pvt. James L.
Fleet, Pvt. Chester A.
Fleisner, Pvt. Louis
Fleming, Charles B.
Fleming, Charles B.
Fleming, Cpl. Frank H.
Fleming, Cpl. William
Fleming, Pvt. Arthur W.
Fleming, Pvt. Bayliss M.
Fleming, Pvt. Bert M.
Fleming, Pvt. Claude D.
Fleming, Pvt. Harry A.
Fleming, Pvt. James G.
Fleming, Pvt. Jesse L.
Fleming, Pvt. John W.
Fleming, Pvt. Lawrence E.
Fleming, Pvt. Peter J.
Fleming, Pvt. William M.
Fleming, Pvtl Oliver L.
Fleming, Thomas J.
Flemings, Pvt. Frank
Flemings, Pvt. Jasper
Flemins, Sgt. Robert
Flemming, Pvt. Patrick Francis
Flemming, Pvt. William McK.
Fleniken, 2Lt. John
Flenninken, Pvt. John J.
Fleseier, Cpl. Rudolph
Flessner, Pvt. Henry W.
Fletchall, Pvt. Berjle L.
Fletcher, Capt. Francis Drennan
Fletcher, Clarence S.
Fletcher, Cpl. James E.
Fletcher, Cpl. Olen
Fletcher, Laura J.
Fletcher, Laura J.
Fletcher, Lucy N.
Fletcher, Mrs. L. E.
Fletcher, Pvt. Charles E.
Fletcher, Pvt. Edward
Fletcher, Pvt. Frank
Fletcher, Pvt. John W.
Fletcher, Pvt. Newman
Fletcher, Pvt. Roy
Fletcher, Pvt. Willie E.
Fletcher, Sam
Fletchner, Lt. George A.
Fleur, Capt. Edward O.
Fleury, Cpl. Abraham Timothy
Fleury, Pvt. Oscar
Flick, Pvt. Frank B.
Flick, Pvt. Frederick S.
Flink, Olaf W.
Flint, William E.
Flint, William E.
Flippin, John Leslie
Flom, Pvt. Sam
Flood, Pvt. Philip J.
Flore, Pvt. Frank G.
Flores, Charles
Flores, Pvt. Dave J.
Flores, Pvt. George E.
Flores, Pvt. Jose Seoundino
Flores, Pvt. Sixton
Flori, Cpl. Oscar A.
Florian, Jr., Pvt. Frederick W.
Florida, Boy
Florida, Lt. Frank E.
Florine, Pvt. Paul J.
Flower, Lt. Edward Wilson
Flowers, David
Flowers, Ernest
Flowers, Harold
Flowers, Lillian C.
Flowers, Lillian C.
Flowers, Lillian Cox
Flowers, Lillian L.
Flowers, Pvt. John
Flowers, Pvt. Martin L.
Flowersmith, Dr. Kirby
Floyd, Cpl. William R.
Floyd, Dr. R. G.
Floyd, Pvt. Andrew H.
Floyd, Pvt. Chester F.
Floyd, Pvt. Easie
Floyd, Pvt. Francis H.
Floyd, Pvt. James C.
Floyd, Pvt. John W.
Fltecher, Philip
Flucks, Dr. C.
Flucks, Dr. Carl
Fluegel, Pvt. Alfred E.
Flugge, Pvt. Frederick E.
Flum, Nancy A.
Flunder, Pvt. Grover L.
Fly, Lt. Montgomery
Fly, Mrs. R. A.
Fly, Mrs. R. A.
Fly, Mrs. R. A.
Fly, Pvt. Ernest
Fly, Pvt. Prentis
Flynn, Gsgt Francis J.
Flynn, Irene Mercedes
Flynn, Lt. Vincent
Flynn, Luther
Flynn, Pvt. Harry
Flynn, Pvt. Richard B.
Fobb, Pvt. Edmond
Fobbs, Pvt. Mose
Fockler, Pvt. Harold Hames
Foeil, Cpl. Harry R.
Fogel, Pvt. Albert F.
Fogelstadt, Pvt. Elmer
Fogg, Cpl Cecil W.
Fogle, Pvt. Joe
Fohrman, Pvt. Walter A.
Foissy?, Pvt. Stanley
Folden, Pvt. James M.
Foley, Bishop John S.
Foley, Cpl. John F.
Foley, Joe
Foley, Pvt. Edward C.
Foley, Pvt. Henry C.
Foley, Pvt. Pickney H.
Foley, Pvt. Ralph M.
Foley, Pvt. Ralph M.
Foley, Ralph M.
Foley, Ralph M.
Foley, Walter J.
Folgero, Cpl. Obed H.
Follett, William
Folley, Christopher
Folse, Sgt. Arthur Francis
Folsom, John R.
Folsom, Pvt. Roger P.
Folsom, Sgt. Henry P.
Fomby, J. S.
Fomby, J. W.
Fondren, Pvt. John W.
Fonger, Pvt. Harry E.
Fonsbarger, Mrs. D. I.
Fontana, Pvt. Fred
Fontana, Pvt. Giuseppe
Fontane, Elliott
Foohey, Pvt. John F.
Foote, Pvt. Charles W.
Foote, Pvt. Ernest
Foraker, Pvt. Roy B.
Forbes, Clarence
Forbes, Cpl. James Louis
Forbes, Lt. Guy Raymond
Forbes, Maizie
Forbes, Pvt. Edward P.
Forbes, Sgt. Jerry
Forbis, Pvt. Charles W.
Force, Boy
Force, Mrs. Will
Ford, Adult Male
Ford, James K. Polk
Ford, James K. Polk
Ford, James K. Polk
Ford, James K. Polk
Ford, Lena
Ford, Mabel
Ford, Mattie
Ford, Mrs. J. M.
Ford, Pvt. Alexander L.
Ford, Pvt. Charlie Joseph
Ford, Pvt. Eugene
Ford, Pvt. Gordon J.
Ford, Pvt. Jesse G.
Ford, Pvt. John
Ford, Pvt. John E.
Ford, Pvt. Lawson
Ford, Pvt. Lewis T.
Ford, Pvt. Louis Elmer
Ford, Pvt. Modie
Ford, Pvt. Roy J.
Ford, Pvt. Virgil
Ford, RADM John D.
Fore, Pvt. Dewitt
Fore, Pvt. Wiley D.
Foreman, Clara V. Wayne
Foreman, Lloyd T.
Foreman, Mrs. W. C.
Foreman, Pvt. Adolphus G.
Foreman, Pvt. Fleming McG.
Foreman, Pvt. Louis
Forero, Pvt. Gonzale
Forester, Pvt. J. E.
Forestt, Sgt. Frank
Forhout, Pvt. Nahib
Forkin, Pvt. James A.
Forlines, Pvt. George
Formall, Cpl. John
Forman, Pvt. Samuel W.
Forney, Sauel Raymond
Forrest, Lewis
Forrest, Lewis
Forrest, Pvt. Alfred C.
Forrest, Pvt. Troy E.
Forrest, Troy C.
Forrest, Troy E.
Forrester, Pvt. Jim
Forrester, Pvt. John W.
Forristall, Pvt. Early O.
Forshan, Pvt. Fritz C.
Forster, Louis George
Forster, Melissa
Forsyth, Sgt. Dwight
Forsythe, Pvt. William A.
Forsythe, Sgt. Leon A.
Fort, Pvt. Daniel C.
Forte, Ada F.
Fortenberry, Pvt. George M.
Fortier, Cpl. Victor
Fortier, Pvt. John R.
Fortinburg, Pvt. Dave
Fortner, Marjorie Florence
Fortner, Mildred Frances
Fosdick, Pvt. Harry R.
Foss, Pvt. Gilmore L.
Foster, A. J.
Foster, Cpl. Clifton R.
Foster, Cpl. John C.
Foster, Glover
Foster, Griver
Foster, Harry H.
Foster, Harry H.
Foster, Harry H.
Foster, J. G.
Foster, J. G.
Foster, Lt. George E.
Foster, M.
Foster, Mrs. J. J.
Foster, Pvt. Clarence L.
Foster, Pvt. Cleburn
Foster, Pvt. George H.
Foster, Pvt. George W.
Foster, Pvt. Grover
Foster, Pvt. Harry
Foster, Pvt. Henry A.
Foster, Pvt. Jack
Foster, Pvt. John T.
Foster, Pvt. Johnnie
Foster, Pvt. Orion B.
Foster, Pvt. Robert A.
Foster, Pvt. Thomas E.
Foster, Pvt. Vitcher
Foster, Pvt. William F.
Foster, R. A.
Foster, Robert C.
Foster, Sgt. Arthur S.
Foster, Sgt. Otto
Foster, Sgt. Wesley
Foulke, Lt. Walter
Fournier, Pvt. Joseph T.
Fournier, Jr., Sgt. Joseph M.
Foust, Pvt. Arnold J.
Foust, Sgt. Charles C.
Fowers, Sgt. Dennis E.
Fowler, Cpl. Charles C.
Fowler, Harden Wallace
Fowler, Ira
Fowler, James E.
Fowler, May Stark
Fowler, May Stark
Fowler, May Stark
Fowler, May Stark
Fowler, Oscar W.
Fowler, Pvt. Almos M.
Fowler, Pvt. Ben
Fowler, Pvt. Ernest E.
Fowler, Pvt. Will
Fowler, Pvt. William R.
Fowlkes, Pvt. Willie
Fox, Cpl. Frederick H.
Fox, Lt. Franklin Gray
Fox, Martin
Fox, Martin
Fox, Martin J.
Fox, Pvt. Herschell H.
Fox, Pvt. James F.
Fox, Pvt. Jesse J.
Fox, Pvt. Robert
Fox, Pvt. Thomas C.
Fox, Pvt. William McK.
Fox, W. H.
Fox, William P.
Fox, Jr., William P.
Foy, Madeline
Foy, Pvt. Mike
Foy, Will
Fraas, Pvt. Frank X.
Frally, Guy B.
France, Pvt. Charles C.
France, Pvt. Will F.
Frances, Cpl. Oliver E.
Francesco, Pvt. Fiore
Franchetti, Pvt. Eugene
Francis, Cpl. Benjamin T.
Francis, Joseph
Francis, Pvt. James W.
Francis, Pvt. John
Francis, Pvt. Willie
Francis, Jr., Joseph
Francisco, Pvt. Alfred T.
Francisco, Pvt. James T.
Francovic, Peter
Francs, Arthur C.
Francsek, Cpl. Frank W.
Frank, Aaron
Frank, Aaron
Frank, Aaron
Frank, Aaron
Frank, George A.
Frank, Mrs. J. D.
Frank, Phillip
Frank, Pvt. Edwin L.
Frank, Pvt. Henry
Frank, Pvt. John A.
Frank, Pvt. John W.
Frank, Pvt. Joseph
Frank, Pvt. Oscar C.
Frank, Pvt. Philip
Frank, Pvt. Philip
Frank, Pvt. Phillip
Frank, Pvt. Samuel
Franke, Pvt. Elo
Franklin, Charles
Franklin, Cpl. Francis B.
Franklin, Cpl. Fred
Franklin, Pvt. George
Franklin, Pvt. herbert
Franklin, Pvt. Herbert
Franklin, Pvt. James A.
Franklin, Pvt. Jesse
Franklin, Pvt. Rogers
Franklin, Pvt. William V.
Frankling, Pvt. Luke G.
Franklyn, Pvt. Wayne G.
Franks, Cdt. G. O.
Frans, Pvt. Claud Lee
Frar, Pvt. Sammie N.
Frasier, Pvt. Walter R.
Frausto, Pvt. Frank
Fravell, Pvt. Guy
Frazer, Pvt. John B.
Frazier, Arthur
Frazier, Cpl. Alexander
Frazier, James R.
Frazier, John A.
Frazier, Lt. Francis V.
Frazier, Lt. Walter D.
Frazier, Pvt. Benjamin T.
Frazier, Pvt. Collman P.
Frazier, Pvt. Donald R.
Frazier, Pvt. Grover Russell
Frazier, Pvt. John A.
Frazier, Sgt. Glenn
Freborn, Cpl. Alex
Frech, Cpl. Raymond C.
Frederick, Pvt. Charles A.
Frederick, Pvt. Elmer M.
Frederick, Pvt. Grover C.
Frederick, Pvt. John
Frederick, Pvt. Samuel Lee
Frederick, II, Duke Adult Male
Fredericks, Ferdinand
Fredericks, Pvt. Cornelius
Frederiksen, Pvt. Simon E.
Fredman, Pvt. Raymond
Fredo, Pvt. Gullio
Fredrickson, Pvt. Lorenzo
Fredrickson, Pvt. Louis C.
Free, Lillie
Free, Lillie
Free, Pvt. Charlie C.
Free, Pvt. David C.
Freeman, Adult Male
Freeman, Archie
Freeman, Cdt. Stuart
Freeman, Harry P.
Freeman, Mrs. James
Freeman, Pvt. A. J.
Freeman, Pvt. Clyde Allen
Freeman, Pvt. Clyde W.
Freeman, Pvt. Daniel F.
Freeman, Pvt. Frank T.
Freeman, Pvt. Thomas J.
Freeman, Pvt. Walker
Freeman, Pvt. William L.
Freeman, Pvt. William T.
Freeman, Robert J.
Freeman, Sgt. James W.
Freeman, Tom
Freeman, Jr., Cpl Fred S.
Freerichs, Pvt. Melvin L.
Freeze, Pvt. Lawrence
Frehr, Pvt. John D.
Frehse, Pvt. Charles J.
Freidman, Mamie
Freisig?, Sgt. Frederick
French, Bradley
French, Cpl. David
French, Pvt. Charles G.
French, Pvt. Charles M.
French, Pvt. Clinton L.
French, Pvt. Marshall
French, Pvt. Sam D.
French, Pvt. Samuel P.
French, Pvt. William D.
Frenzel, Pvt. not shown
Frericha, Cpl. William H.
Freriche, Pvt. Lee H.
Frerichs, Pvt. John J.
Fresher, Pvt. Elmer Lester
Fresonkel, Pvt. Henry
Frey, Capt. Amel
Frey, Pvt. Frank W.
Frey, Pvt. Frank W.
Frey, Pvt. William A.
Freyermuth, Pvt. Earl P.
Freymouth, Pvt. Leonard J.
Freyrer, Pvt. Edward C.
Friday, Cpl. George E.
Friday, Walter
Fridge, Tommie Mae
Fridge, Tommie May
Friedheim, J. L.
Friedheim, Leon J.
Friedhof, Pvt. Louis
Friedl, Pvt. George
Friedman, David
Friedman, Pvt. Isadore
Friedman, Pvt. James H.
Friedman, Pvt. Robert F.
Friedman, Sgt. Abraham
Friedman, Sgt. Maurice H.
Friend, Robert W.
Frierson, Pvt. Jim
Fries, Clarence W.
Friesenbahn, Pvt. Roman P.
Frink, Edward Charles
Frink, Noah C.
Fripp, Caroline
Frisse, Pvt. Theodore G.
Frith, Pvt. Thomas R.
Fritts, Capt. Fred W.
Fritz?, Julia
Frizzell, Pvt. Ralph
Frizzell, Sr., Jim
Frock, Pvt. Maurice E.
Froelich, Cpl. Albert
Fromb, Lt. Wesley
Fromby, Pvt. Leslie R.
Fromm, Pvt. Victor A.
Frommeyer, Pvt. Cornelius
Frontzel, Pvt. Joe F.
Frost, Ernest F.
Frost, Leon
Frost, Pvt. Abe O.
Frost, Pvt. Abe O.
Frost, Pvt. Elvin A.
Frost, Pvt. Jay C.
Frost, Pvt. Leon
Frost, Pvt. Robert L.
Frost, Ross
Frostholm, Pvt. Neils
Frothingham, Ens. Philip
Frugitt, John D.
Fry, Cdt. Clarence H.
Fry, Pvt. Dean F.
Fry, Pvt. Les L.
Fry, Pvt. Mack
Fry, Pvt. Oscar L.
Fry, Pvt. Tom
Fry, Pvt. William A.
Fry, Walter L.
Fryant, Pvt. Ralph W.
Fryberger, Henrietta
Fryberger, Henrietta
Frydeland, Sgt. John O.
Frye, Cpl. Daley S.
Frye, Howard A.
Frye, Lt. Abram R.
Frye, Pvt. Dean B.
Frymire, Pvt. George J. Jacob
Fuabzio, Pvt. Nicholas
Fuerback, Pvt. Fred
Fulcher, Pvt. William P.
Fulghum, Pvt. Henry F.
Fulghum, Pvt. Milton D.
Fulkerson, Pvt. Ernest B.
Fulkrod, Pvt. Samuel E.
Fuller, B. C.
Fuller, Capt. Edward C.
Fuller, Charles E.
Fuller, Charles H.
Fuller, Charles Henry
Fuller, Cpl. Harry A.
Fuller, Cpl. Theodore
Fuller, Cpl. William
Fuller, J. D.
Fuller, Lt. Kenneth E.
Fuller, Lt. William H.
Fuller, Mrs. P. V.
Fuller, Pvt. Ben W.
Fuller, Pvt. Charles L.
Fuller, Pvt. Earl
Fuller, Pvt. Frank
Fuller, Pvt. Joe
Fuller, Pvt. John
Fuller, Pvt. Leonard C.
Fuller, Pvt. Monte H.
Fuller, R. M.
Fuller, Sgt. Fred W.
Fuller, Sgt. Orville G.
Fullerton, Pvt. Vern J.
Fullerton, Jr., Cpl. Joseph P.
Fullmore, Pvt. David
Fullor, Pvt. Raymond F.
Fullwood, Pvt. Stephen
Fulmer, Pvt. Clifford J.
Fulmer, Pvt. Fred
Fulmore, Nettie E.
Fulsom, John R.
Fulton, Pvt. Egbert P. C.
Fulton, Pvt. Wilbur
Fulton, Sgt. Glenn
Fulton, T. P.
Fulton, T. P.
Fultz, Cpl. Henry
Funderburk, Cpl. Phillip K.
Funderburk, Pvt. Will Ford
Funderburke, Pvt. Silas H.
Fuoze?, Pvt. William
Fuqua, Cpl. Isom H.
Fuqua, Pvt. Claude
Furdy, Sgt. William B.
Fureheas, Cpl. Wesley M.
Furguson, Pvt. Charles E.
Furley, Pvt. Vincent
Furlong, Lt. Joseph Alphons
Furman, Pvt. Thomas J.
Furr, Alma
Furr, Alma M.
Furr, Alma M.
Furr, Alma M.
Furry, Pvt. William F.
Fusillier, Cpl. Alfred
Fussell, Anna
Futrall, T. A.
Fyfe, Sgt. Charles G.
Gaddis, Pvt. George D.
Gaddola, Pvt. Edward J.
Gaedike, Pvt. Fritz A.
Gafney, Capt. Joseph F
Gage, J. G.
Gage, J. W.
Gage, Mart L.
Gage, Pvt. Robert H.
Gagle, Pvt. Thomas G.
Gagnon, Pvt. Rene J.
Gahagan, Pvt. Sam
Gailhand, Pedro
Gaillauroux, Adult Male
Gainer, Pvt. Henry
Gaines, Albert
Gaines, Albert
Gaines, Albert F.
Gaines, Fred
Gaines, Mattie
Gaines, Pvt. Charlie T.
Gaines, Pvt. Fletcher W.
Gaines, Pvt. Thomas K.
Gainor, Pvt. Charles B.
Gaither, Bettie
Gaither, J. E.
Gaither, J. Earnest
Gaither, Mrs. Jerry
Gajda, Pvt. Jan
Gajer, Pvt. Frank
Galaska, Pvt. Edward J.
Galbraith, Frank E.
Gale, Cpl. Harry T.
Gale, Gordon
Gale, Gordon
Galey, John H.
Galin, Pvt. Fritz W.
Galitsock?, Pvt. Harry L.
Gall, Pvt. Michael
Gall, Pvt. Paul W.
Galla, Pvt. Stephen W.
Galladay, James D.
Gallager, Pvt. Neill
Gallagher, Bishop Nicholas Aloysius
Gallagher, Capt. Charles H.
Gallagher, Cpl. Floyd
Gallagher, Cpl. Joseph
Gallagher, Cpl. William P.
Gallagher, Pvt. Joseph
Gallagher, Pvt. Thomas A.
Gallagher, Pvt. William
Gallagher, Pvt. William R.
Gallagher, William
Gallagher, William
Gallagly, Pvt. Roy E.
Galle, Pvt. Oscar T.
Galleger, Pvt. James D.
Gallegher, Mrs. G. C.
Gallegos, Pvt. Hermino
Gallegos, Pvt. Joseph
Galliagher, Pvt. David
Gallinger, Jacob H.
Gallion, Eugene B.
Gallipeau, Pvt. Joseph L.
Gallone, Pvt. Lorenzo
Galloway, Catherine W.
Galloway, Lt. Judson P.
Galloway, Pvt. George E.
Galloway, Pvt. John F.
Galloway, Pvt. Jules F.
Galloway, Pvt. Louis
Galloway, Pvt. Orin
Galloway, Pvt. William M.
Galloway, Pvt. Willie
Galloway, Raymond
Gallwoay, Robert
Galsler, Matt
Galster, Matt
Galvin, Lt. John J.
Galvin, Pvt. Michael
Galyon, Pvt. Charles
Galyon, Sgt. Daniel D.
Galyro, Tony
Gamble, Cpl. John B.
Gamble, Ivory
Gamble, L. B.
Gamble, Pvt. Ethel
Gamble, Pvt. Jess
Gamble, Pvt. Jess
Gamble, Thomas
Game, Robert P.
Gammell, Flora
Gammell, Frank
Gammon, Pvt. Lewis
Gamond, Pvt. Raymond T.
Ganadu, Pvt. Lorenzo
Gander, Pvt. William U.
Gandy, Pvt. John
Ganier, Cpl. John M.
Ganipe, Pvt. Guyser
Gann, Lucy
Gann, Lucy
Gann, Pvt. Douglas L.
Gann, Pvt. Henry L.
Gann, Pvt. Richard L.
Gann, Pvt. Wyatt
Gann, Sarah
Gann, Wyatt
Gannaway, R. S.
Gannon, John T.
Gano, Pvt. Haley Perle
Ganski, Pvt. Eggi
Gant, Mrs. S. S.
Garber, Efton
Garber, Henry E.
Garber, Pvt. Arthur
Garber, Pvt. Efton
Garcia, Juan
Garcia, Pablo
Garcia, Pvt. Francisco
Garcia, Pvt. James
Garcia, Pvt. Jose
Garcia, Pvt. Wbaldo
Gard, Pvt. Fred
Gard, Jr., Lt. Edwin Samuel
Gardenshire, Bernice
Gardin, Earl D.
Gardiner, Cpl. William S.
Gardiner, Pvt. Tommie R.
Gardiner, Sgt. Frank
Gardner, Cpl. John Martin
Gardner, Cpl. Leroy W.
Gardner, Garland Edward
Gardner, James C.
Gardner, Lt. Benjamin H.
Gardner, Lt. Charles T.
Gardner, Maj. Augustus Peabody
Gardner, Mrs. R. H.
Gardner, Pvt. Curtis G.
Gardner, Pvt. Earl
Gardner, Pvt. Frank R.
Gardner, Pvt. Harry Earl
Gardner, Pvt. Howard J.
Gardner, Pvt. Jacob S.
Gardner, Pvt. John L.
Gardner, Pvt. Kenneth S.
Gardner, Pvt. Oliver S.
Gardner, Pvt. Verne W.
Gardner, Pvt. Willie L.
Garfield, Lucretia Rudolph
Garland, A. E.
Garland, A. E.
Garland, A. E.
Garland, A. E.
Garland, Cpl. Robert C.
Garland, Eugene
Garland, Pvt. Eugene H.
Garland, Pvt. James L.
Garland, Pvt. Loney
Garland, Pvt. William M.
Garland, Raymond A.
Garlow, Irma Cody
Garman, Pvt. Harry V.
Garmunk, Lt. William G.
Garner, K.
Garner, Louise
Garner, Louise
Garner, Louise
Garner, Mrs. W. C.
Garner, Pvt. David L.
Garner, Pvt. Edwin B.
Garner, Pvt. Elbert O.
Garner, Pvt. George W.
Garner, Pvt. Henry G.
Garner, Pvt. Raymond E.
Garner, Pvt. Roy
Garner, Pvt. Verg
Garner, T. H.
Garner, Jr., William Franklin
Garner, Jr., William Franklin
Garns, Cpl. Almo
Garodine, Cpl. John G.
Garrard, James
Garretson, Pvt. Jesse K.
Garrett, Cpl. Earl
Garrett, Dick
Garrett, Ella
Garrett, Lt. Edward L.
Garrett, Pvt. Alexander P.
Garrett, Pvt. Benny
Garrett, Pvt. Eliga O.
Garrett, Pvt. Hardy W.
Garrett, Pvt. James L.
Garrett, Pvt. Jesse D.
Garrett, Pvt. Richmond B.
Garrett, Pvt. Thomas E.
Garriguen, Pvt. Samuel C.
Garrigus, T. M.
Garringer, Pvt. Roy D.
Garrish, Cpl. Frank T.
Garrison, Cpl. William N.
Garrison, Pvt. Chesley
Garrison, Pvt. Edward T.
Garrison, Pvt. Job A.
Garrison, Pvt. John
Garrison, Pvt. Lee
Garros, Lt. Roland G.
Garten, Pvt. Leon B.
Gartin, Cpl. Alva
Gartland, Cpl. Nyles P.
Garuella, Pvt. John H.
Garver, Cdt. Roy O.
Garvey, Pvt. John H.
Garvin, James
Gary, Pvt. Alfred
Gary, Pvt. Marion
Garza, Pvt. Guadalupe
Garza, Pvt. Rafael P.
Garza, Pvt. Victoriano
Gascold, Lt. Randolph B.
Gassenberger, Pvt. George
Gaston, Anna Marie Elizabeth
Gaston, Cpl. Robert A.
Gaston, Lt. Perry
Gaston, Pvt. Richard G.
Gaston, Jr., R. M.
Gaston, Jr., R. M.
Gates, Dellora R.
Gates, Mrs. Charles
Gates, Pvt. Carroll C.
Gates, Pvt. Millard M.
Gatti, Pvt. John
Gattis, Mrs. S. M.
Gauch, Sgt. Oliver W.
Gaudin, Joseph C.
Gault, R. W.
Gavaghan, Pvt. James W.
Gavelick, Pvt. Harry
Gavin, Pvt. Lawrence P.
Gavin, Pvt. William F.
Gay, Pvt. Rankin D.
Gay, Thomas Norman
Gay, Thomas Norman
Gay, Thomas Norman
Gay, Thomas Norman
Gayes, Pvt. Porter
Gayeski, Pvt. Theodore E.
Gayhart, Pvt. Earl
Gayle, Sgt. Frederic P.
Gaylor, Annie
Gaylord, Lt. Arthur R.
Gaynor, Pvt. John Joseph
Gazerro, Pvt. Giovanni
Geains, J. H.
Geains, J. H.
Gearin, Pvt. John P.
Gearty, Capt. Walter M.
Geary, SgM William J.
Geary, Sgt. John L.
Gebhart, John J.
Gebika, Pvt. Charles
Gecas, Pvt. Waclowas
Geceleak, Pvt. David
Gedeon, Cdt. G. F.
Gedig, Pvt. Ernest A.
Gee, Pvt. Clarence E.
Gee, Pvt. Robert L.
Geel, Pvt. Frank E.
Geer, Cpl. Connie
Geesey, A. B.
Gegers, Sgt. Paul M.
Gehelert, Pvt. Edward C.
Gehring, Cpl. William
Gehrke, Pvt. Emil H.
Geiger, Cpl. John C.
Geiger, Florence G.
Geiger, Pvt. Fred R.
Geiger, Pvt. Harold C.
Geigle, Pvt. Raymond M.
Geisert, Victor J.
Geisey, Cpl. Adolphus
Geisler, Cpl. James R.
Geissman, J. J.
Geist, Cpl. Harry I.
Geistweldt, Pvt. Albert H.
Gelden, Pvt. Charles S.
Gelecock?, Albert H.
Geliske, Pvt. Emil F.
Geller, Pvt. Samuel
Gellerup, Marjorie E.
Gellerup, Marjorie E.
Gellerup, Marjorie E.
Gellerup, Marjorie E.
Gellwick, Lt. Nile
Gelstritch, Pvt. August G.
Gemuent, Cpl. Louis A.
Genard, Lt. Almos D.
Gendron, Pvt.Arthur J.
Geness, Pvt. Henry Olen
Genet, Cpl. Edmond C. O.
Genn, Frank F.
Genson, Pvt. William F.
Gentry, Cpl. Will
Gentry, Mrs. Ed
Gentry, Pvt. Add W.
Gentry, Pvt. Audie F.
Gentry, Pvt. Herman D.
Genz, Pvt. Edward J.
Geogan, Pvt. Daniel E.
George, Alice
George, Lt. Calvin
George, Lt. Harry B.
George, Mike
George, Mrs. Jesse
George, Pvt. Guy
George, Pvt. Guy S.
George, Pvt. Howard
George, Pvt. John D.
George, Pvt. Peter
George, II, King Adult Male
Georgulla, Pvt. Edgar Atis
Geosansklowski, Pvt. Bronistan
Gerald, Henry M.
Gerald, Sgt. Charles G.
Gerald, Jr., Lt. George M.
Gerard, Dorothy Ray
Gerard, Pvt. George R.
Gerbitz, Konrad
Gerew, PVt. Orval
Gerhardt, Pvt. Fred
Gerkovel, Pvt. Michael
Gerl, Pvt. Edward I.
German, John
German, Mrs. H. H.
German, Pvt. Sam
Gero, Adult Female
Gero, Adult Male
Gerondo, Pvt. Vito
Geroux, Pvt. John
Gerow, Pvt. William H.
Gerrald, Cpl. Elmage W.
Gerred, Pvt. Ralph Ernest
Gershner, Annie
Gersic, Pvt. John A.
Gerve, Pvt. Christopher
Gesell, Pvt. Benjamin E.
Gestrine, Frank Severest
Getgen, Pvt. John Ozome
Getting, Sgt. Gordon J.
Gettys, Pvt. Lloyd W.
Getz, Pvt. Peter D.
Getzhler, Sgt. Oliver
Gewehr, Walter Ellsworth
Geyer, Pvt. Clarence L.
Geyer, Pvt. Leon F.
Geyer, Sgt. George D.
Gheen, Cpl. Frank Peter
Ghelfi, Philip
Ghent, Lt. Donald F.
Ghent, Martin G.
Ghiradri, Pvt. George
Gholson, Edward
Gialonelia, Pvt. Amedeo R.
Giandano, Alfred
Gibbes, Cpl. Lacy W.
Gibbie, Pvt. Ammon
Gibbons, Pvt. Arthur W.
Gibbons, Pvt. Eba Dee
Gibbons, Pvt. Edd
Gibbons, Pvt. Mark
Gibbons, Sgt. James J.
Gibbs, Bryant
Gibbs, Maud
Gibbs, Pvt. Rufus M.
Gibbs, Siddie W.
Gibeault, Pvt. Arthur
Gibersoh?, Pvt. Cecil
Gibson, Barney H.
Gibson, Barney H.
Gibson, Capt. Robert M.
Gibson, Cpl. David O.
Gibson, Cpl. Elmer W.
Gibson, E. A.
Gibson, E. S.
Gibson, James E.
Gibson, Laurence
Gibson, Loranie
Gibson, Pvt. Hugh L.
Gibson, Pvt. James
Gibson, Pvt. John Wesley
Gibson, Pvt. Judson
Gibson, Pvt. Will G.
Gibson, Rev. W. E.
Gibson, Robert
Gibson, Sgt. Samuel O.
Gibson, William
Gibson, William
Gibstein, Sgt. Harry
Gick, Pvt. Cleo M.
Giddings, Lt. Lee C.
Giddsons, PVt. Huey B.
Gideon, Mrs. G. J.
Gideon, Mrs. G. J.
Giemser, Pvt. Charles
Gifan, Cpl. Luther
Gifford, Benn J.
Gifford, Benn J.
Gifford, Benn J.
Gifford, Pvt. Charles
Gifford, Pvt. Claude C.
Gifford, Rosa
Gigante, Pvt. Frank P.
Giger, Pvt. Willie
Gilbert, Cpl. Albert A.
Gilbert, Cpl. Harvey E.
Gilbert, Cpl. Oscar
Gilbert, Ernest
Gilbert, Eugene
Gilbert, James
Gilbert, John F.
Gilbert, Lynn T.
Gilbert, Mrs. Frank P.
Gilbert, Pvt. Floyd J.
Gilbert, Pvt. Jerome F.
Gilbert, Pvt. Luther
Gilbert, Pvt. Oscar
Gilbert, Pvt. Reuben
Gilbert, S. E.
Gilbert, Sgt. Carl L.
Gilbreath, Pvt. Archie
Gilbreath, Pvt. John W.
Gilder, Pvt. Leon
Gilder, Pvt. Wilfred
Giles, Cpl. John F.
Giles, Ike
Giles, Pvt. George R.
Giles, Pvt. William E.
Gilham, John
Gilkey, Pvt. Edward H.
Gill, Cpl. Bernard A.
Gill, Cpl. George W.
Gill, Floyd W.
Gill, Pvt. John Bailey
Gill, Pvt. Roy
Gill, Pvt. Willie
Gillahan, Sgt. Fred A.
Gillam, Pvt. Echel L.
Gillen, Pvt. Frank
Gillen, Sgt. Carl E.
Gillespie, Cpl. Clyde
Gillespie, Cpl. Jesse D.
Gillespie, Lt. Gordon
Gillespie, Pvt. Alonzo
Gillespie, Pvt. Gillmore
Gillespie, Pvt. Rufus
Gillespie, Pvt.Harry
Gillespie, Sgt. James A.
Gillespie, W. M.
Gillett, 1Lt. Robert S.
Gillett, Pvt. Robert F.
Gillette, Pvt. Ted F.
Gilleylen, Wlaton J.
Gillham, Pvt. Phillip G.
Gillian, Howard James
Gillie, Pvt. Phillip Henry
Gilliend, Pvt. Irwin
Gilligan, Earl Phillip
Gillihan, Pvt. Edward L.
Gilliland, Pvt. James L.
Gillis, Pvt. Edward T.
Gillman, Gilbert R.
Gillman, Gilbert R.
Gillman, Gilbert Ridgeway
Gills, Mrs. J. A.
Gillum, Cpl. William W.
Gilmore, Dr. Joseph Henry
Gilson, Lt. Proctor C.
Giltner, Sgt. Rolla A.
Gilyard, Pvt. Jim
Ginn, Rev. I. N.
Gino, Sgt. Gianfelice
Ginsberg, Pvt. Barney
Gior, Pvt. Lester L.
Gipson, Cpl. Ben H.
Gipson, Pvt. Alfred B.
Gipson, Pvt. Clyde A.
Gipson, Pvt. M.
Girado, Pvt. Sameul
Girand, Charles W.
Girard, Sgt. George
Girard, Theodore
Girlinghouse, Pvt. Mattie
Girolamo, Pvt. Martino
Giroux, Lt. Ernest A.
Girtner, Floyd N.
Girton, Floyd
Girton, Pvt. Floyd N.
Gisvenet?, Lt. G. E.
Gitsky, Pvt. Laverne B.
Givens, Pvt. Oliver
Givins, Pvt. John J.
Gjestvang, Melvin
Glackman, Cpl. George
Gladback, H. R.
Gladden, Rev. Washington
Gladen, Pvt. Edwin
Glader, Pvt. Ferdinand P.
Gladman, Willie
Gladson, Pvt. James B.
Glamsteaff, Pvt. John C.
Glandin, Pvt. Paul
Glansmann, Pvt. Joseph E. R.
Glant, Cpl. Vincent K.
Glasco, Sgt. William A.
Glasky, Pvt. William
Glass, D. M.
Glass, David M.
Glass, Leon H.
Glass, Leon H.
Glassbrook, Pvt. Preston D.
Glazener, Pvt. Branch L.
Gleason, Cpl. John E.
Gleason, Lt. William T.
Gleinser, Pvt. George
Glen, Jr., Pvt. Thomas D.
Glendenning, Lt. Frank M.
Glendon, William M.
Glenhill, Pvt. Herbert F.
Glenn, B. E.
Glenn, H. S.
Glenn, Hiram S.
Glenn, Pvt. George
Glenn, Pvt. Samuel L.
Glick, 1Sgt. Frank Lewis
Glick, Sgt. Vera R.
Glidehaus, Pvt. Joseph
Glidewell, John G.
Glidewell, Pvt. Richard L.
Glidewell, Sgt. Ralph R.
Glidwell, Pvt. Albert L.
Gliento, Pvt. Gastena
Glines, Pvt. John A.
Glisman, Pvt. Phillip
Glitiland, Cpl. Floyd W.
Glover, Cpl. Clifford C.
Glover, Etta
Glover, J. A.
Glover, Linnie
Glover, Lt. Edmund Patton
Glover, Lt. Joseph A.
Glover, Lt. R. F.
Glover, Nora
Glover, Pvt. Amos
Glover, Pvt. Harry L.
Glover, Pvt. James L.
Glover, Susan
Glowscki, Pvt. Walter
Glubosky, Pvt. Joseph Z.
Glynn, Pvt. William
Glyrius, Pvt. Johnny
Goacher, Capt. William H.
Goad, Pvt. Willie M.
Goad, Pvt. Willie M.
Goatcher, Harvey A.
Goatcher, Prof. H. A.
Gober, Hopkins C.
Gober, Pvt. Dewitt
Goble, Pvt. Clifford W.
Goble, Sgt. Theodore
Goddard, Lt. Thomas Warner
Godesky, Pvt. Emet
Godfrey, A. M.
Godfrey, Pvt. James T.
Godinsky, Cpl. Harry
Godman, Lt. Adult Male
Godreau, Pvt. Ernest
Godsby, Pvt. Benton
Godshaw, Pvt. Samuel G.
Godson, Pvt. Nathaniel
Godwin, Cpl. Eli
Godwin, Pvt. George R.
Goebel, William
Goech, Pvt. Bernard B.
Goecks, Pvt. Arthur W.
Goetz, Pvt. Herman
Goff, Matt
Goff, Pvt. John
Goff, Pvt. Lee T.
Goff, Pvt. William S.
Goff, Sgt. Otis L.
Goff, William
Goffrion, Pvt. Dona
Goforth, Pvt. Luther Burton
Gogel, Hazel
Gogel, Hazel
Gogna, Pvt. Lenigi
Gohl, Pvt. George B.
Gohler, Pvt. Louis
Going, Alonzo
Gold, Pvt. Clarence R.
Gold, Pvt. Harry
Gold, S. O.
Gold, S. O.
Gold, Sgt. Charles F.
Gold, Sterling
Goldbeck, Cpl. Eris A.
Goldberg, Pvt. David
Goldberg, Sgt. Samuel A.
Goldbury, Pvt. Samuel
Goldcamp, Pvt. Frank J.
Golde, Lt. Thomas M.
Golden, Laile
Goldhahan, Pvt. Henry L.
Goldmacher, Pvt. Bodo W.
Goldman, Lt. Jerome L.
Goldman, Pvt. Bennie
Goldon, Sgt. Harry
Goldsberry, Pvt. John V.
Goldsby, Hugh T.
Goldsby, Pvt. Ernest E.
Goldsmith, Cpl. David
Goldstein, Pvt. Louis
Goldstein, Pvt. Peter
Goldsworthy, Pvt. Eugene V.
Goldthorpe, Pvt. James E.
Goldworthy, Martin R.
Golightly, Pvt. Walter L.
Golladay, Pvt. John M.
Gollman, Mrs. George
Golson, John E.
Gomillion, Sgt. James T.
Gompers, Sadie
Gondeck, Pvt. Frank I.
Gonder, Pvt. Amos Robert
Gonnerman, Pvt. Pearl E.
Gonsuron, Pvt. Octav
Gonyes, Pvt. Frank
Gonzales, Gen. Tirzo
Gonzales, Pvt. Caveleno
Gonzales, Pvt. Jose
Gonzales, Pvt. Nick
Gonzales, Pvt. Simon
Gooch, Mrs. N. C.
Gooch, Mrs. N. C.
Gooch, Mrs. N. C.
Good, Pvt. Jack
Good, Thomas B.
Goodale, Oscar
Goodasri, Pvt. Alfred B.
Goodbar, J. F.
Goodbear, Pvt. Harvey
Goode, Fount
Goode, Pvt. Henry
Goode, Pvt. Mark
Goode, Pvt. Thomas E.
Gooden, Sgt. Chester E.
Goodfellow, Lt. Thomas
Goodfellow, Jr., Lt. John J.
Goodhue, Pvt. James W.
Goodkin, Pvt. Ira C.
Goodlett, Mrs. D. M.
Goodlett, Pvt. Henry G.
Goodman, Cpl. Henry D.
Goodman, Cpl. John Warren
Goodman, James K.
Goodman, Pvt. Holly L.
Goodpasture, Cpl. Harry L.
Goodrich, Pvt. Harold C.
Goodrich, Pvt. Sheridan G.
Goodridge, Phillip R.
Goodrow, Pvt. Leon
Goodrow, Willis Martin
Goodsell, Pvt. Clyde M.
Goodsey, Pvt. John J.
Goodsom, Pvt. Raymond M.
Goodwich, Cpl. George R.
Goodwin, Charles M.
Goodwin, Charles M.
Goodwin, Judge George T.
Goodwin, Levi
Goodwin, Mrs. C. E.
Goodwin, Pvt. James D.
Goodwin, Pvt. Linzy A.
Goodwin, Pvt. Ray
Goodwin, Pvt. Sam Virgil
Goodwin, Pvt. Walter D.
Goodwin, Pvt. William H.
Goodwin, Sgt. Harold G.
Goodykoontz, Cpl. Robert E.
Goolson, Lt. Samuel C.
Goranson, Pvt. Theophil J.
Gorcister, Pvt. David
Gordon, 1Lt. Donald
Gordon, Alvin W.
Gordon, Charles W.
Gordon, Cpl. Frank A.
Gordon, Cpl. Frank P.
Gordon, Cpl. James
Gordon, Leon W.
Gordon, Oscar V.
Gordon, Oscar V.
Gordon, Pvt. Bufford C.
Gordon, Pvt. Burt
Gordon, Pvt. Carl Elet
Gordon, Pvt. Clyde A.
Gordon, Pvt. Dow B.
Gordon, Pvt. Grant H.
Gordon, Pvt. Hubert E.
Gordon, Pvt. Jarred
Gordon, Pvt. Jefferson
Gordon, Pvt. Phillip
Gordon, Pvt. Samuel
Gordon, Pvt. William H.
Gordon, Pvt. Willie
Gore, Cpl. Harmon M.
Gore, Marvin
Gore, Pvt. Perry Alvin
Gorenotte, Pvt. John
Gorgmann, Pvt. Arnold J.
Goria, Pvt. Frank
Gorman, H. F.
Gorman, Pvt. Francis W.
Gorman, Pvt. Thomas J.
Gorman, Robert
Gorner, Cpl. William O.
Gornto, Pvt. Ira E.
Gorse, Pvt. Joe
Gosdin, Minnie D.
Gosell, Pvt. Henry C.
Gosnell, Pvt. William L.
Goss, Judge John Q.
Gossett, Pvt. Horace W.
Gossett, Pvt. James A.
Gosztowt, Cpl. Bronislaw
Gotshall, Howard
Gottenberg, Pvt. Redwald
Goudle, C. A.
Gould, Cpl. Daniel S.
Gould, Frank H.
Gould, Pvt. William L.
Gould, Sgt. Harold E.
Gould, Sgt. Prescott W.
Goulder, Pvt. Emille T.
Gourley, Pvt. Charley O.
Gourley, Pvt. David M.
Gourley, Pvt. Robert C.
Gourley, Pvt. William T.
Govan, Pvt. Claud
Gow, Pvt. Mack
Gowan, J. W.
Gowan, Pvt. Boyce L.
Gowan, Pvt. James
Gowen, Pvt. Edwin A.
Gower, Pvt. Theodore
Gowing, Sgt. Frank
Goza, Robert D.
Grabamer, Pvt. Edward C.
Grabherr, Theresa
Grabowski, Pvt. John
Grace, Cpl. Robert R.
Grace, Mrs. W. H.
Grace, Pvt. Mike
Graci, Pvt. Giuseppe
Grader, Cpl. Ray I.
Gradow, Pvt. Monte
Grady, Pvt. Edward J.
Grady, Pvt. Vivian
Grady, Ruth Lee
Graethe, Elizabeth
Graethe, Elizabeth
Grafton, Duke of
Grafton, Pvt. Henry
Grafton, Pvt. Homer E.
Graham, 2Lt. John R.
Graham, Adult Male
Graham, Adult Male
Graham, Beulah
Graham, Beulah
Graham, Capt. Robert M.
Graham, Cpl. Chester A.
Graham, Cpl. Joseph A.
Graham, Cpl. Tolbert P.
Graham, Cpl. William Henry
Graham, Eva
Graham, Gilbert
Graham, Howard G.
Graham, John
Graham, John
Graham, John
Graham, Laura
Graham, Laura
Graham, Lt. Cyrus E.
Graham, Lt. Edward F.
Graham, Lt. John K.
Graham, Lt. R. E.
Graham, Mary Catherine
Graham, Pvt. Charles D.
Graham, Pvt. Charles F.
Graham, Pvt. David S.
Graham, Pvt. Frank L.
Graham, Pvt. Howard E.
Graham, Pvt. Irving H.
Graham, Pvt. Jacob S.
Graham, Pvt. Joe L.
Graham, Pvt. Leonard
Graham, Pvt. Mount
Graham, Pvt. Noel H.
Graham, Pvt. Renial
Graham, Pvt. Warren W.
Graham, Sgt. James H.
Graham, W. J.
Gral, Sgt. Kurt
Gralper, Pvt. Joe
Grames, Francis
Gramley, Pvt. John J.
Grammer, Pvt. Ralph C.
Grams, Pvt. Otto
Gran, Sgt. Wilis H.
Granberry, Pvt. Jim
Grand, Oscar
Granda, Pvt. Frank
Grandier, Pvt. Andrew
Grandinski, Cpl. Elmer C.
Grandstaff, Pvt. Selby
Grandstaff, Selby
Granneman, Pvt. Arthur E.
Grant, 1Sgt John
Grant, Capt. Eddie
Grant, Cpl. Elmer J.
Grant, Edward
Grant, Gen. L. A.
Grant, Harvard" Eddoe
Grant, Lt. Duncan R.
Grant, Mrs. J. W.
Grant, Pvt. Albert S.
Grant, Pvt. Arthur
Grant, Pvt. Arthur
Grant, Pvt. Chester A.
Grant, Pvt. Clinton A.
Grant, Pvt. Standford M.
Grant, Pvt. William H.
Grant, Wayman
Grant, Wayman
Grant, Wayman
Grant, William Hugh
Grappin, Pvt. Bert B.
Grass, Chief John
Grass, Pvt. Albert
Grass, Pvt. Albert
Grassi, Pvt. Antonio
Gratton, Pvt. Alfred J.
Graued, Pvt. Cornelius
Grauer, Jennie
Grauman, Pvt. Marvin M.
Graumann, Marvin
Graunke, Cpl. William Emil
Gravell, William J.
Gravelle, Pvt. Clement W.
Graves, B. M.
Graves, Claude
Graves, Cpl. Ira
Graves, Cpl. Paul
Graves, Cpl. Roy
Graves, Cpl. Steve A.
Graves, Edgar E.
Graves, Lt. Hendes L.
Graves, Nat S.
Graves, Pvt. Benton
Graves, Pvt. Claud
Graves, Pvt. Dan T.
Graves, Pvt. Fred B.
Graves, Pvt. Thomas J.
Graves, Sgt. Hendrix L.
Graves, Sgt. Roburt H.
Graves, William
Gravitt, Pvt. Annias
Gray, Cpl. Edward E.
Gray, Cpl. George L.
Gray, Cpl. Lewis C.
Gray, Cpl. Roscoe
Gray, Dr. Robert A.
Gray, Edwin H.
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, Genette Newton
Gray, J. B.
Gray, Jesse
Gray, John
Gray, John
Gray, Lt. George
Gray, Lt. Norborne R.
Gray, Mrs. R. V.
Gray, Pvt. Arrice
Gray, Pvt. Clifford
Gray, Pvt. Floyd
Gray, Pvt. George C.
Gray, Pvt. George F.
Gray, Pvt. Heeler J.
Gray, Pvt. Howard B.
Gray, Pvt. Morris W.
Gray, Pvt. Ralph
Gray, Pvt. Sherman F.
Gray, Pvt. Will
Gray, Pvt. Will
Gray, Roscoe C.
Gray, Roscoe C.
Gray, Sarah C.
Gray, Sarah C.
Gray, W. R.
Gray, William P.
Gray, Jr., Cdt. Robert
Gray, Sr., Lucy Dodge
Gray, Sr., Mrs. D. L.
Grayson, Cpl. Henry
Grayson, Lt. Henry E.
Grba, Pvt. Mike
Greamann, Pvt. Frederick P.
Greaves, Farley F.
Greber, Pvt. Charley
Greeley, Pvt. Thomas J.
Green, Abe
Green, Bill
Green, Bill
Green, Boy
Green, Cpl. Claude
Green, Cpl. Francis William
Green, Cpl. Moakley H.
Green, Cpl. Thomas
Green, Cpl. Virgil
Green, Cpl. Willie
Green, Don
Green, F. E.
Green, Francis
Green, George W.
Green, Gordon A.
Green, Guy C.
Green, Henry David
Green, Hettie
Green, John Carlton
Green, Katherine Rosemary
Green, Katherine Rosemary
Green, Leslie C.
Green, Lt. Clarence
Green, Lt. Douglas B.
Green, Lt. Harry J.
Green, Lt. Sidney
Green, M. M.
Green, Mark
Green, Mrs. J. C.
Green, Mrs. Vance
Green, Pvt. Armistead A.
Green, Pvt. Benjamin F.
Green, Pvt. Caleb
Green, Pvt. Charles
Green, Pvt. Charles T.
Green, Pvt. Daniel Ernest
Green, Pvt. Earl
Green, Pvt. Earl W.
Green, Pvt. Elbridge Burtis
Green, Pvt. Frank O.
Green, Pvt. Fred G.
Green, Pvt. Henry
Green, Pvt. Hughes P.
Green, Pvt. James J.
Green, Pvt. James Lee
Green, Pvt. Jasper S.
Green, Pvt. Joe E.
Green, Pvt. Jonahan M.
Green, Pvt. Joseph I.
Green, Pvt. Lawyer
Green, Pvt. Lee L.
Green, Pvt. Louis C.
Green, Pvt. Northen C.
Green, Pvt. Otis D.
Green, Pvt. Porter
Green, Pvt. Ray L.
Green, Pvt. Robert
Green, Pvt. Silas
Green, Pvt. Thomas J.
Green, Pvt. Walter
Green, Pvt. William
Green, Pvt. William
Green, Sgt. Bernard F.
Green, Sgt. Herber E.
Green, Thelma
Green, Thelma
Green, Will
Green, William F.
Green, William F.
Greenbeck, Pvt. Ferdinand E.
Greenburg, Harry
Greene, Capt. Walter
Greene, Cpl. Irving
Greene, Lt. Sidney C.
Greene, Pvt. Carl F.
Greene, Pvt. Samuel B.
Greene, Pvt. William G.
Greene, Sgt. John H.
Greener, Pvt. Minor
Greenfield, Mrs. L. B.
Greenfield, Sgt. John
Greenhaigh, Pvt. Edgar H.
Greenlaw, Jim
Greenleaf, Gean Brooks
Greenmyer, Pvt. Robert J.
Greennut, Capt. Joseph R.
Greenthal, Pvt. MIlton J.
Greenwell, Sgt. Alva
Greenwoldt, Pvt. Frank
Greenwood, E. R.
Greenwood, E.R.
Greenwood, Pvt. Clarence L.
Greenwood, Pvt. Clifford
Greer, Cpl Ralph O.
Greer, Cpl. Glenn J.
Greer, Cpl. Linzie B.
Greer, Cpl. Orman P.
Greer, John
Greer, Pvt. Raymond Sleet
Greer, Sgt. Wallace
Greer, T. C.
Gregg, Edith Allourette
Gregg, Pvt. Donald
Gregg, Pvt. Laudo
Grego, Pvt. Dominick
Gregor, Pvt. Frank
Gregory, F. L.
Gregory, F. L.
Gregory, Luther
Gregory, Luther
Gregory, Luther
Gregory, Luther
Gregory, Marion Irene
Gregory, Mrs. H. T.
Gregory, Mrs. M. C.
Gregory, Pvt. Ben P.
Gregory, Rev. H. T.
Greider, Bertha
Greifsu?, Cpl. William C.
Grejber, Pvt. John Joseph
Gremling, Sgt. John B.
Grenes, Pvt. John
Gresham, Cpl. J. B.
Gresham, Pvt. Leland C.
Gribble, Mrs. C. M.
Gribe, Cpl. Stephen F.
Grico, Pvt. Adlai
Grider, J. McGavock
Grider, Lt. John McGavock
Griener, Pvt. Johnson
Griepeutreg, Pvt. Eugene R.
Grier, Henry
Grier, Lt. James F.
Grier, Sgt. John MacMinn
Griffen, Pvt. Sam
Griffeth, Mabel
Griffey, Mrs. James L.
Griffin, Cpl. Herbert
Griffin, Cpl. James
Griffin, Cpl. Lee R.
Griffin, Cpl. William L.
Griffin, E. O.
Griffin, Lt. Henry C.
Griffin, Mary
Griffin, Mrs. J. V.
Griffin, Nannie
Griffin, Pvt. Benjamin F.
Griffin, Pvt. C. M.
Griffin, Pvt. Claude E.
Griffin, Pvt. Frank J.
Griffin, Pvt. George C.
Griffin, Pvt. James E.
Griffin, Pvt. John
Griffin, Pvt. Joseph
Griffin, Pvt. Lawrence J.
Griffin, Pvt. Ray
Griffin, Pvt. Robert
Griffin, Pvt. Thomas J.
Griffin, Pvt. Tom
Griffin, Pvt. William L.
Griffin, Ross
Griffith, Florence
Griffith, Florence
Griffith, Homer
Griffith, Lt. Robert J.
Griffith, Mabel
Griffith, Pvt. Alexander C.
Griffith, Pvt. Fred
Griffith, Pvt. James M.
Griffith, Pvt. Oscar C.
Griffith, Pvt. Walker J.
Griffith, Pvt. Wesley Elwood
Griffith, Pvt. William
Griffon, Pvt. John F.
Grigg, Pvt. Orvis
Griggs, Cpl. William F.
Griggs, Pvt. Bernice
Griggs, Pvt. Leroy Lester
Griggs, Pvt. Robert O.
Grigsby, Cpl. Lawrence E.
Grigsby, Cpl. William C.
Grill, Mary
Grill, Mary
Grimaldi, V.
Grimes, Lt. Carl A.
Grimes, Mrs. Charlie
Grimes, Mrs. Henry
Grimes, Pvt. Henry H.
Grimes, Pvt. James S.
Grimes, Pvt. Omer B.
Grimes, Pvt. Patrick
Grimes, Pvt. Theodore
Grimes, Pvt. Thomas H.
Grimes, Robert G.
Grimes, Sgt. Cecil
Grimes, Tom
Grimm, Pvt. Hugo
Grimm, Pvt. Orth
Grimmett, Eagle
Grimsley, Pvt. Albert V.
Griner, Delaney
Grininger, Pvt. George
Grinnan, Cpl. Thomas P.
Grinnell, David J.
Grinnon, Frank V.
Grinstead, Pvt. Ray
Gripp, Cpl. Alva C.
Grisard, Lt. John K.
Grisby, Mrs. Robert
Grisham, Allie
Grisham, Cpl. Jesse W.
Grisham, Cpl. Jesse W.
Grisham, Pvtr. Acie
Grisso, Sarah
Grissom, Pvt. James B.
Grissom, Pvt. Oliver H.
Grist, Alexander
Grist, Mrs. Alexander
Griswold, Cpl. Frederick M.
Griswold, Cpl. Levi
Groadwalski, Pvt. Charles
Grob, Pvt. Elmer John
Grobowski, Pvt. Walter
Grodsky, Sgt. Albert A.
Groehowski, Pvt. Voleslaw
Grogan, John
Grollman, Cpl. Herman
Grome, Pvt. Joseph
Grondal, Magnus
Groner, Pvt. Lena F.
Groogan, Lt. Earl J.
Groom, Pvt. Wallace H.
Grooms, A. S.
Grooms, A. S.
Grooms, A. S.
Grooms, B. F.
Groser, Lt. Leslie H.
Gross, Carl E.
Gross, Mattie Blakeney
Gross, Pvt. Alfred
Gross, Pvt. Charles A.
Gross, Pvt. Richard
Gross, Pvt. Will
Gross, Sgt. Carl E.
Gross, Sgt. Carl E.
Gross, Jr., Pvt. Charles J.
Grossetti, Gen. Adult Male
Grossman, Cpl. Homer
Grotevant, Pvt. Earl E.
Grothe, William F.
Grothers, Cpl. Gordon M.
Grout, Cpl. Leo M.
Groutz, Cpl. Charles A.
Grover, Cpl. George O.
Grover, Mervin C.
Groves, Cpl. Walter E.
Growe, Pvt. Harold
Grubau, Pvt. Peter
Grubb, Maj. Albert L.
Grubb, Pvt. Wiley H.
Gruber, Pvt. Fred
Gruer, Pvt. Walter J.
Grueter, Pvt. John H.
Gruhn, Pvt. Dewey A.
Grumale?, Pvt. Earl B.
Grumbles, Will C.
Grunden, Pvt. Richard
Grundkoviski, Cp. Max R.
Guallory, Pvt. Alsace
Guarraughty, Mrs. A.
Guartha, Cpl. Charles J.
Gubitickson, Pvt. Harvey Andrew
Guchkoff, Alexander J.
Gudoll, Bernard
Guenther, Janey A.
Guerin, Webster
Guerrieri, Pvt. Joseph
Guerrin, Pvt. Earl M.
Gugiuzo, Pvt. Joseph
Guida, Pvt. Fred
Guido, Pvt. Fred
Guidry, Pvt. Philip
Guilafuss, Pvt. Henry R.
Guilbeau, Romain L.
Guilfoyle, Cpl. Adult Male
Guilo, Pvt. Sam
Guimot, Emile
Guin, W. A.
Guinn, Cpl.Weymuh
Guinn, Pvt. William A.
Guinshi, Pvt. Agostino
Guise, E. M.
Gulick, Dr. Luther Halsey
Gulle, Pvt. Patsey
Gullegher, Pvt. Telenoe?
Gullett, Frank S.
Gulley, Pvt. Henry
Gulliory, Pvt. Levy
Gunn, Pvt. John M.
Gunsburg, Pvt. Charlie
Gunter, Pvt. Leon C.
Gunterman, Pvt. James
Gunther, Sgt. Francis T.
Gura, Pvt. Joseph
Gurdner, Pvt. Ernest E.
Gurley, Pvt. Andrew Jackson
Gurney, Pvt. Cornelius Benjamin
Gurshefski, Cpl. Fred J. J.
Gustafson, Cpl. Gustav B.
Gustafson, Lt. George P.
Gustafson, Pvt. Bernard O.
Gustafson, Pvt. George A.
Gustin, Sgt. Harold A.
Gustine, Pvt. Clyde
Gustsinger, William
Gustus, Pvt. Antona
Guthman, Pvt. Edwin
Guthrie, Col. William L.
Guthrie, Cpl. William
Guthrie, Lt. Adult Male
Guthrie, Mrs. J. S.
Guthrie, Pvt. Thomas
Guthrie, Pvt. William J. B.
Guthrie, Sgt. James C.
Gutowski, Pvt. Bruno
Guttenberg, Pvt. Charles
Gutterrez, Pvt. Louis C.
Guttilia, Pvt. Carmeia
Guy, Emma
Guy, Pvt. Ernest C.
Guyer, Pvt. Arthur G.
Guyette, Pvt. John
Guyger, Cpl. William E.
Guyler, Pvt. Paul E.
Guyton, Pvt. Joseph William
Guzzio, Pvt. Francis
Gwatney, Marion Elrod
Gwinoer, Pvt. Harry W.
Gwyn, Cpl. James H.
Gwynne, Capt. Harry S.
Gwynne, Capt. Harry S.
Haag, Cpl. James I.
Haas, Cpl. Doss B.
Haburn, Pvt. Chester
Hacker, Johnnie
Hacker, Sgt. Lee
Hackett, Cpl. Clarence E.
Hackett, Lt. Harry E.
Hackett, Mrs. Charles
Hackett, Pvt. Edwin
Hackett, Pvt. Fred E.
Hackett, Pvt. Patrick
Hackler, Pvt. Charles F.
Hackman, Chester John
Hackman, Sgt. Edward E.
Hackney, Cpl. Albert B.
Hackney, Pvt. Charles B.
Hacman, Cpl. Fritz H.
Hadden, Pvt. John
Haddix, Lt. Pete
Haddock, Alvis
Haddock, Pvt. A. N.
Haddock, Pvt. Dolphie
Haddox, Pvt. Guy Emmett
Hadfield, Pvt. Joseph E.
Hadford, Peter
Hadinski, Pvt. John
Hadjupoulo, Col. Adult Male
Hadley, Sgt. Lloyd
Haemns, Pvt. William
Hafer, Heary
Haferkamp, Pvt. Harry A. H.
Hafner, Cpl. John M.
Hagadorn, Lt. J.
Hagan, Hope
Hagan, Pvt. Harvey J.
Hagardon, Col. Charles B.
Hage, Pvt. Albert
Hageman, Pvt. William
Hager, Judge S. William
Hagerman, Pvt. Ralph L.
Haggadorn, William
Haggard, Child
Haggin, J. B.
Haggood, Pvt. Henry
Hagler, Lt. Elmer E.
Hagood, Sgt. Vincent Cephus
Hagstrom, Pvt. Ray A.
Hahlman, Pvt. Claude
Hahn, Pvt. Herman
Hahn, II, Pvt. Walter
Hahne, Sgt. Hazlett F.
Haight, Lloyd H.
Haigler, Pvt. Henry W.
Haines, Pvt. Edward
Hainline, Pvt. George W.
Hair, Pvt. Morton V.
Hair, Pvt. William O.
Haird, Pvt. Charles W.
Haire, Pvt. Luther E.
Haken, Pvt. Claude
Haku, Pvt. Antone George
Halbert, Hannah
Halbert, Marion Elizabeth
Halbert, Mrs. James
Halbert, Mrs. James
Halbert, Mrs. John
Halblaud, Pvt. Steve
Halcomb, Mrs. Walter
Haldane-Duncan, Robert Adam Phillips
Haldeman, Harriett
Halden, Cpl. Edwin W.
Hale, Cpl. Harry H.
Hale, Earl E.
Hale, Eleanor Harriett
Hale, Eleanor Harriett
Hale, Erman
Hale, Erslan E.
Hale, Eugene
Hale, Mary
Hale, Mrs. William
Hale, Pvt. Carroll Pollan
Hale, Pvt. Charles C.
Hale, Pvt. Enoch R.
Hale, Pvt. Erman E.
Hale, Pvt. Lloyd
Hale, Sgt. Edward S.
Hale, Jr., Thomas
Hales, Cpl. Howard J.
Haley, Henry "Texas Tate"
Haley, Henry "Texas Tate"
Haley, Henry "Texas Tate"
Haley, James Barrett
Haley, James J.
Halford, Pvt. Robert M.
Halker, Pvt. David C.
Hall, Boy
Hall, Cecil
Hall, Charles
Hall, Church B.
Hall, Col. Albert
Hall, Cpl. Henry
Hall, Cpl. Henry
Hall, Cpl. Oliver
Hall, Dallmos
Hall, Dobber
Hall, Ewell
Hall, Ewell
Hall, George D.
Hall, Girl
Hall, J. L.
Hall, Josie Price
Hall, Lola A.
Hall, Lt. Glenn N. G.
Hall, Marguerite
Hall, Mrs. Johnnie
Hall, O. S.
Hall, Pvt. Arnold D.
Hall, Pvt. Charles C.
Hall, Pvt. Charles F.
Hall, Pvt. Clark
Hall, Pvt. Clay F.
Hall, Pvt. Edgar W.
Hall, Pvt. Fell
Hall, Pvt. Floyd Dowain
Hall, Pvt. Frank N.
Hall, Pvt. Fred E.
Hall, Pvt. Harry W.
Hall, Pvt. Henry E.
Hall, Pvt. James J.
Hall, Pvt. Jesse F.
Hall, Pvt. John
Hall, Pvt. John E.
Hall, Pvt. John L.
Hall, Pvt. Joseph
Hall, Pvt. Louis
Hall, Pvt. Marechal Ernest
Hall, Pvt. Monroe
Hall, Pvt. Richmond
Hall, Pvt. Robert J.
Hall, Pvt. Roy A.
Hall, Pvt. Rueben C.
Hall, Pvt. Walter
Hall, Pvt. Walter J.
Hall, Pvt. William
Hall, Pvt. William Harry
Hall, Pvt. William L.
Hall, Pvt. Willie
Hall, Robert
Hall, Robert Carroll
Hall, Sgt. Burton B.
Hall, Sgt. Hugh
Hall, Sgt. Walter B.
Hall, W. H.
Hall, Walter
Hallenbeck, Harry C.
Haller, L. H.
Haller, Pvt. Richard William
Haller, W. E.
Haller, Will H.
Haller, Will K.
Halley, Pvt. William E.
Hallford, Pvt. Harris B.
Halliburton, Agnes Walker
Halliburton, Agnes Walker
Halliburton, Mattie
Halliburton, Tom
Halliburton, Tom
Halliday, Mrs. Sidney R.
Hallock, May'
Hallock, May'
Hallon, Lt. Travers Lee
Halloway, Pvt. Leonard
Halls, Cpl. Joseph N.
Hallum, Thomas H.
Hallyburton, Sgt. Thomas E.
Halmert, Pvt. Walter
Halperin, Pvt. Morris
Halpin, Pvt. Alexander
Halsey, Claude L.
Halsey, Pvt. Admiral D.
Halstead, Pvt. Roy G.
Halton, Pvt. Acey
Ham, Boy
Ham, Child
Ham, Pvt. Daniel T.
Ham, Pvt. Rolland
Hambarger, Dan
Hambey, P. C.
Hamblin, Charles H.
Hambric, Mrs. R. A.
Hamburg, Mrs. E. S.
Hamburger, Pvt. Henry
Hamby, Cpl. Benjamin J.
Hamby, Cpl. Benjamin J.
Hamby, Sgt. Leonard C.
Hamel, Capt. Alford R.
Hamel, Helen
Hamer, Elliott Tray
Hamer, Elliott Tray
Hamer, Pvt. Farrell L.
Hamer, Sgt. Floyd C.
Hamid, Abdul
Hamill, Cpl. William G.
Hamilton, Cpl. George K.
Hamilton, Cpl. Victor
Hamilton, Dollie
Hamilton, Henry
Hamilton, J. Lee
Hamilton, J. Lee
Hamilton, J. Lee
Hamilton, James G.
Hamilton, John S.
Hamilton, Laura
Hamilton, Orville
Hamilton, Pvt. Charles N.
Hamilton, Pvt. Fred Peterson
Hamilton, Pvt. George P.
Hamilton, Pvt. George W.
Hamilton, Pvt. Howard R.
Hamilton, Pvt. Ivan Raymond
Hamilton, Pvt. James J.
Hamilton, Pvt. Samuel E.
Hamilton, Pvt. Wilbur H.
Hamilton, Pvt. William E.
Hamilton, Pvt. William J.
Hamilton, S. M.
Hamilton, Sallie
Hamilton, Sgt. William A.
Hamlet, Pvt. George O.
Hamm, Elviea
Hamm, Elvira
Hammer, Pvt. Walter
Hammet, Pvt. William H.
Hammett, Pvt. Alphonse
Hammett, Pvt. Marcus Collins
Hammett, Pvt. Walter
Hammock, Pvt. Lee C.
Hammon, A. R.
Hammon, Cpl. Emanuel J.
Hammond, Pvt. James
Hammond, Pvt. Martin F.
Hammond, Sg. Hagen
Hammonds, Pvt. Clayton
Hammons, Cpl. Harry W.
Hammons, Cpl. Jack H.
Hample, Pvt. Ray K.
Hamptman, Sgt. Joseph B.
Hampton, Boy
Hampton, Ida Belle
Hampton, Mrs. E. J.
Hampton, Mrs. E. J.
Hampton, Mrs. E. J.
Hampton, Mrs. E. J.
Hampton, Mrs. Robert
Hampton, Pvt. Frank M.
Hampton, Pvt. Fred
Hampton, Pvt. Guy S.
Hampton, pvt. Lucios
Hampton, Pvt. Oscar
Hamrick, Pvt. James C.
Hamway, Pvt. Sam
Hamzy, Mike
Hanaula, Pvt. John
Hanay, Pvt. Leslie B.
Hanberry, Lt. James W.
Hancock, Mattie
Hancock, Pvt. Henry
Hancock, Pvt. John E.
Hancock, Pvt. John L.
Hancock, Pvt. Robert O.
Hancock, Pvt. Verner
Hancock, Pvt. Vernor
Hancock, Winfrey
Hand, LtCol. Russell C.
Handel, Pvt. Laurence A.
Handley, Cpl. Vester Hubert
Handley, Green
Handley, Green
Hanes, Mrs. Lee
Hanes, W. A.
Haney, Cpl. Charles E.
Haney, Cpl. John Todd
Haney, Pvt. Ernest T.
Haney, Pvt. James O.
Hanf, Lt. Frank S.
Hanford, Pvt. George S.
Hanft, Pvt. Allen
Hankel, Pvt. Anthony
Hankelman, Pvt. Carl F.
Hankins, Boy
Hankins, Capt. W. D. C.
Hankins, Capt. W. D. C.
Hankins, Lola V.
Hankins, Mollie
Hankins, Pvt. David E.
Hanks, Cpl. Harry H.
Hanks, Cpl. William W.
Hanks, Helena T.
Hanks, Pvt. Claude
Hanks, Pvt. Edgar
Hanks, Pvt.Emille
Hanley, Pvt. Alfred J.
Hanley, Sgt. John W.
Hanlon, Lt. Joseph T.
Hann, Pvt. Smith
Hanna, Maj. Mark
Hanna, Pvt. Ewell H.
Hanna, Pvt. Mark H.
Hannah, Pvt. Alexander B.
Hannah, Pvt. John W.
Hannelakis, Pvt. James
Hanner, Pvt. Lewis
Hanning, Etta
Hanning, Pvt. William Robert
Hannon, Pvt. Frank
Hannon, Pvt. William B.
Hannover, Ruolph
Hanrahan, Gray
Hanrahan, Pvt. John J.
Hanrahan, Pvt. Louis C.
Hanry, James
Hansen, Cpl. William
Hansen, Herman
Hansen, Pvt. John M.
Hansen, Pvt. Karl
Hansen, Pvt. Odile
Hansen, Pvt. Peter T.
Hansett, Pvt. John
Hanson, Capt. David T.
Hanson, Cpl. Ray A.
Hanson, Pvt. Arthur
Hanson, Pvt. Edward A.
Hanson, Pvt. George H.
Hanson, Pvt. Hanford
Hanson, Pvt. Lee C.
Hanson, Pvt. Ralph M.
Hanson, Pvt. Robert
Hanson, Pvt. Robert
Hapes, Peter
Happe, Pvt. Norton
Haralson, John L.
Haramiza, Pvt. Stefan
Harbin, Pvt. Charles
Harbinson, Pvt. Henry
Harbison, Pvt. John A.
Harbo, Fred
Harbour, Roy
Harbour, Roy
Hard, Pvt. Clarence M.
Hardcastle, Edgar Malvern
Hardcastle, Edgar Malvern
Hardcastle, Thomas C.
Hardcastle, Thomas C.
Harden, Cpl. Albert J.
Harden, Pvt. Charles Wesley
Harden, Pvt. Joe Henry
Hardenbergh, Henry J.
Harder, Cpl. Paul Lucian
Harder, Pvt. Dan
Harder, Pvt. Daniel
Hardesty, Mollie Bailey
Hardesty, Thomas S.
Hardgraves, Josephine
Hardin, Daniel
Hardin, E. A.
Hardin, Mary Jane
Hardin, Pvt. Amos
Hardin, Pvt. Cecil H.
Hardin, Pvt. Charles C.
Hardin, Pvt. Roy W.
Hardin, Pvt. Willie
Harding, Cpl. Jesse C.
Harding, Pvt. Frank G.
Harding, Sam
Harding, Sgt. Edward
Harding, Zelia
Harding, Zelia
Hardwick, Pvt. Hendon H.
Hardy, Maggie
Hardy, Pvt. Charles
Hardy, Pvt. Joe
Hardy, Pvt. Joseph F.
Hardy, Pvt. Kennedy
Hare, Mabel
Hare, Pvt. Robert
Harelson, Pvt. Ruben B.
Harget, Pvt. James B.
Harget, Roscoe
Hargreaves, Pvt. Paul L.
Hargrove, Arthur
Hargrove, Cpl. Albert H.
Hargrove, Mrs. George
Hargus, H. A.
Harinesworth, Harold Alfred Vivian St. George
Harington, Pvt. John T.
Hariskeker, Sgt. Ralph F.
Haritchis, Pvt. Vasil
Harjo, Pvt. William S.
Harkady, Charles
Harke, Cpl. Francis J.
Harker, Pvt. Claud
Harkins, Pvt. Edward S.
Harkins, Sgt. Thomas E.
Harkow, Pvt. John
Harkrider, Jessie May
Harlan, Joseph
Harld, Pvt. Howard
Harley, Rev. W. C.
Harley, Rev. W. C.
Harlin, M. L.
Harlow, Pvt. William J. B.
Harmon, Cpl. Glenn W.
Harmon, H. A.
Harmon, H. L.
Harmon, Herman
Harmon, Herman
Harmon, Herman
Harmon, Herman
Harmon, Mrs. D. S. A.
Harmon, Pvt. Claud L.
Harmon, Pvt. Robert H.
Harms, Pvt. Herman
Harned, Lt. Charles D.
Harner, Mrs. E. J.
Harner, Pvt. Alfred D.
Harner, Pvt. Marvin
Harnes, Pvt. William T.
Harness, Mrs. Marion
Harney, Pvt. Albert
Harold, Jr., Sgt. John J.
Harp, Mrs. Nelson
Harp, William A.
Harper, Cdt. David N.
Harper, Cpl. Claude R.
Harper, Lt. Milton L.
Harper, Obera
Harper, Pvt. Albert S.
Harper, Pvt. Doctor P.
Harper, Pvt. Frank L.
Harper, Pvt. William P.
Harper, Pvt. Willis
Harper, Sgt. Ralph R.
Harpie, Sam J. C.
Harpoll, Sgt. Carroll D.
Harrack, Pvt. Frederick
Harrell, Lanelle
Harrell, Pvt. Everett F.
Harrell, Pvt. George
Harrell, Vassey
Harren, Pvt. Dominick J.
Harries, 1Lt. Warren
Harries, Lt. Warren G.
Harriman, Lt. Lyon H.
Harriman, Pvt. Harry A.
Harrington, Henry
Harrington, Lt. Royal C.
Harrington, Pvt. Frank A.
Harrington, Pvt. John F.
Harris, Adult Male
Harris, Adult Male
Harris, Albert
Harris, Alice
Harris, C. J.
Harris, Charles F.
Harris, Cornelia
Harris, Cpl Hugh T.
Harris, Cpl. Aaron S.
Harris, Cpl. Lester L.
Harris, D. H.
Harris, Edgar L.
Harris, Ella
Harris, Falson
Harris, George B.
Harris, Hammett D.
Harris, Hubert
Harris, J. C.
Harris, J. P.
Harris, Lt. Arthur F.
Harris, Lt. James C.
Harris, Lt. Sam L.
Harris, Luther
Harris, Luther
Harris, Miller
Harris, Mrs. A. Y.
Harris, Mrs. Carl
Harris, Pvt. Albert H.
Harris, Pvt. Albert L.
Harris, Pvt. Alvin H.
Harris, Pvt. Andrew
Harris, Pvt. Anthony
Harris, Pvt. Charles
Harris, Pvt. Clarence E.
Harris, Pvt. Clark M.
Harris, Pvt. Edward
Harris, Pvt. Edward T.
Harris, Pvt. Estelle C.
Harris, Pvt. Fred Funston
Harris, Pvt. Gaddie
Harris, Pvt. George A.
Harris, Pvt. George L.
Harris, Pvt. George O.
Harris, Pvt. Harman F.
Harris, Pvt. Harvey L.
Harris, Pvt. Harvey L.
Harris, Pvt. Henry O.
Harris, Pvt. Homer G.
Harris, Pvt. James
Harris, Pvt. James Allen
Harris, Pvt. John G.
Harris, Pvt. John H.
Harris, Pvt. Leo
Harris, Pvt. Lester P.
Harris, Pvt. Lucien W.
Harris, Pvt. Milton
Harris, Pvt. Nelson
Harris, Pvt. Roy
Harris, Pvt. Thomas W.
Harris, Pvt. Tom D.
Harris, Pvt. Vaughan R.
Harris, Pvt. William H.
Harris, Pvt. Willie
Harris, Robert H.
Harris, Sgt. Frank A.
Harris, Sgt. Frederick
Harris, Wilson D.
Harrisburg, Pvt. John A.
Harrison, 1Lt. Richard
Harrison, Albert F.
Harrison, Capt. Little
Harrison, Capt. Ray P.
Harrison, Emmett
Harrison, James J.
Harrison, James J.
Harrison, Lr. Richard
Harrison, LtCol. Adult Male
Harrison, Mollie J.
Harrison, Pvt. Ebb Joseph
Harrison, Pvt. Forest H.
Harrison, Pvt. Henry
Harrison, Pvt. Henry V.
Harrison, PVt. Horace G.
Harrison, Pvt. James
Harrison, Pvt. James Thomas
Harrison, Pvt. Raymond
Harrison, Pvt. Thomas M.
Harrison, Pvt. Thomas O.
Harrison, Rev. Allen
Harrison, Sgt. David C.
Harrison, William Mason
Harrod, C. E.
Harrow, A. G.
Harry, Pvt. Floyd E.
Harry, Pvt. Forrest
Harsch, Pvt. Charles H.
Harshaw, Pvt. Fred L.
Hart, Capt. Juan S.
Hart, Capt. Leonard K.
Hart, Cpl. George
Hart, Lt. Vernon Duggan
Hart, Pvt. Charles H.
Hart, Pvt. Clinton
Hart, Pvt. Elmer S.
Hart, Pvt. John J.
Hart, Pvt. Mark B.
Hart, Pvt. Robert
Hart, Pvt. Samuel H.
Hart, Sgt. Harry
Hartfield, Cpl. James L.
Hartfield, Mrs. Ed
Hartfield, Mrs. Ed
Harti, Pvt. Joseph
Hartigan, Pvt. Richard J.
Hartley, John
Hartley, Maynard L.
Hartley, Pvt. Paul F.
Hartley, Pvt. Richard J.
Hartline, Pvt. Clifford
Hartman, George C.
Hartman, Pvt. Allen K.
Hartman, Pvt. Edward F.
Hartman, Pvt. Ernest C.
Hartman, Pvt. Frank P.
Hartnett, John K.
Hartsell, Pvt. Mont
Hartsell, Sarah P.
Hartsfield, Adult Female
Hartsfield, Pvt. William B.
Hartshorn, Pvt. Louis S.
Hartsman, Louis
Hartwell, Pvt. Chester A.
Hartwick, Maj. Edward E.
Harvard, Cpl. Henry
Harvey, Elbert D.
Harvey, I. N.
Harvey, Leo
Harvey, Lt. Alfred H.
Harvey, Mrs. J. B.
Harvey, Mrs. J. B.
Harvey, Pvt. Arthur N.
Harvey, Pvt. George H.
Harvey, Pvt. Ira E.
Harvey, PVt. James W.
Harvey, Pvt. Otto B.
Harvey, Pvt. Robert
Harvey, Pvt. Walter A.
Harvey, Richard Furmax
Harvey, W. H.
Harvie, Leo Shott
Harvill, Pvt. William Alfred
Harwdick, Pvt. Roy M.
Harwell, Mrs. J. B.
Harwell, Pvt. Howard Lee
Harwell, Pvt. William H.
Harwood, Cpl. Chester C.
Harwood, Pvt. Marion Stanley
Hase, Pvt. Walter H.
Hasey, Lt. Willard H.
Hash, Pvt. John H.
Hashbarger, Pvt. Alvin R.
Haske, Pvt. William J.
Haskell, Sgt. G. B.
Hass, Cpl. Eugene F.
Hass, Pvt. James F.
Hassel, Lt. John W.
Hastie, Pvt. William M.
Hasting, Pvt. Walter R.
Hastings, Charles C.
Hastings, George H.
Hastings, Mary
Hastings, Mary A.
Hastings, Pvt. Ben
Hasty, Pvt. John K.
Hatch, Pvt. David
Hatch, Samuel G.
Hatchard, Pvt. Wallace
Hatchcock, Pvt. James E.
Hatchcock, Pvt. Robert
Hatcher, Cpl. Ollie R.
Hatcher, Cpl. William F.
Hatchett, C. C.
Hatchett, C. C.
Hatfield, Martha
Hatfield, Martha
Hatfield, Pvt. Benjamin B.
Hatfield, Pvt. Obah
Hatfield, Sgt. Luster E.
Hathaway, 1Lt. Edward T.
Hathaway, Pvt. Guy Andrew
Hathaway, Pvt. Harry F.
Hatika, Pvt. Benedict
Hatmaker, Pvt. David
Hatmaker, Pvt. Harye
Haubris, Jr., Paul F.
Haucke, Pvt. Ernest H.
Hauert, Magdelena
Haug, Pvt. Adolph
Haugen, Pvt. Elmer
Haugh, Cpl. Richard
Haugh, Pvt. Cad Cft
Haught, Pvt. Artie
Hauk, Pvt. Herbert S.
Haulifaux, Pvt. Philip C.
Hauser, Dr. George F.
Hauser, Pvt. Paul F.
Hauser, Pvt. Warren C.
Hausner, Lt. Charles
Hauston, Sgt. Jule
Havens, Cpl. John W.
Havenstrite, Pvt. Rex A.
Havis, Fred
Hawes, Pvt. Harry W.
Hawk, Pvt. Frank P.
Hawk, Pvt. George
Hawk, Pvt. Russell
Hawk, Pvt. Valdria D.
Hawk, Pvt. Walter W.
Hawker, Cpl. George G.
Hawkes, Pvt. John P.
Hawkins, Earl James
Hawkins, Earl James
Hawkins, Earl. James
Hawkins, J. A.
Hawkins, Jesse J.
Hawkins, Pvt. Claude
Hawkins, Pvt. Floyd L.
Hawkins, Pvt. Frank
Hawkins, Pvt. Homer J.
Hawkins, Pvt. John C.
Hawkins, Pvt. Marion O.
Hawkins, Pvt. Marvin
Hawkins, Pvt. Marvin O.
Hawkins, Terry
Hawkinson, Pvt. Norman H.
Hawks, Annie Sherwood
Hawks, Cpl. John
Hawn, Boy
Haws, Pvt. Leon
Hawthorne, Cpl. Francis
Hawthorne, George
Hawthorne, Pvt. Harry
Haxton, William T.
Hay, Pvt. Marcus S.
Hayden, Dr. Jeffrey
Hayden, Melinda
Hayden, Pvt. Thomas M.
Hayden, Pvt. William J.
Haydock, Lt. George H.
Hayek, Cpl. Edward E.
Hayes, Bettie
Hayes, Claude
Hayes, Cpl. Harrison G.
Hayes, Cpl. Ira P.
Hayes, M. Anna
Hayes, Pvt. Gordon
Hayes, Pvt. John B.
Hayes, Pvt. Quillian V.
Hayes, Pvt. Thomas
Hayes, Pvt. Will
Hayes, Pvt. William J.
Hayes, Pvt. William J.
Haynes, B. P.
Haynes, Cpl. Morrison
Haynes, James J.
Haynes, Lt. C. M.
Haynes, Pvt. John W.
Haynes, Pvt. Levoy B.
Haynes, Pvt. Walter L.
Haynie, A. D.
Haynie, M. T.
Haynie, Nora
Haynie, Nora
Haynie, Pvt. Homer F.
Hays, Arthur
Hays, Cpl. Fred
Hays, Irving
Hays, Ivan
Hays, Pvt. Andrew
Hays, Pvt. Mere
Hays, Pvt. Robert A.
Hays, W. W.
Hayslip, Pvt. Charlie C.
Hayward, Pvt. Don L.
Haywood, Pvt. Ernest E.
Hayworth, Pvt. Raymond C.
Hazard, Pvt. Samuel
Hazel, Mrs. C. H.
Hazelton, Cpl. John B.
Hazelwood, Porter
Hazelwood, Porter
Hazelwood, Porter
Hazelwood, Porter
Hazelwood, Porter
Hazen, Cdt. Conrad P.
Hazlewood, Corinne Walton
Heacock, Louis
Heacox, Pvt. Robert J.
Head, J. M.
Head, Joanna L.
Head, Lloyd W.
Head, Oca
Head, Ophelia A.
Head, Ophelia A.
Head, Pvt. Charles
Head, Pvt. Howard
Head, Pvt. Martin P.
Head, Pvt. Phyletus L.
Head, Will
Head, Will
Head, Willet B.
Head, Willet B.
Head, Willet Beauchamp
Heagen, James Nelson
Heagen, James Nelson
Heagen, James Nelson
Healey, Cpl. Francis H.
Healey, Cpl. Richard
Healey, Lt. Jefferson A.
Healey, Pvt. Frank P.
Healey, Pvt. Harry W.
Healey, Pvt. John B.
Healey, Sgt. Pat
Healis, Pvt. Charles A.
Healy, Cdt. Nicholas
Healy, Pvt. Daniel M.
Healy, Rev. John
Hear, Pvt. Harold R.
Heard, Lt. Fleet
Hearin, Mrs. E. A.
Hearn, Pvt. Paul
Hearn, Rutherford
Hearne, Pvt. Patrick
Heartter, Pvt. Harry J.
Heary, M. J.
Heasley, Delilah
Heath, Cpl. Leslie L.
Heath, Ola
Heath, Oscar
Heath, Sgt. George L.
Heath, Sgt. Thomas R.
Heathcote, Pvt. Joseph A.
Heatley, Pvt. Joseph L.
Heaton, James
Heaudry, Capt. Fred Williams
Heavers, Pvt. Harry W.
Hebron, Pvt. George W.
Hecht, Mrs. M. J.
Hecht, Pvt. Paul Richard
Heckelman, Pvt. Charles
Hecklin, Pvt. Walter
Heckroth, Pvt. Vernon H.
Hedges, Charles T.
Hedglia, Floyd
Hedrick, Pvt. Lesley S.
Hedrick, Sarah
Heer, Jr., John Joseph
Heer, Jr., John Joseph
Heets, Pvt. Asa
Heets, Pvt. James H.
Hefelfinger, Pvt. Edwin E.
Hefferan, Lt. Thomas E. M.
Hegolan, Pvt. Christ
Hegwood, Sam
Hehm, Pvt. Henry J.
Heidelberg, Pvt. Roland W.
Heidman, Pvt. Claude E.
Heiland, Pvt. William
Heilberg, Cpl. Harold O.
Heiling, Pvt. Martin H.
Heimbach, Pvt. Harry D.
Hein, Cpl. Thomas
Hein, Pvt. Lowell C.
Heinbuck, Pvt. Francis F.
Heinek, Charles C.
Heinlen, Pvt. Henry M.
Heinsler, Pvt. Barnard
Heintz, Pvt. John A.
Heinz, Edward L.
Heinze, Mrs. Hackbury
Heinzelman, John
Heisel, Pvt. James E.
Heisfeld, Pvt. Walter J.
Heisland, Lt. Benjamin
Heisler, Pvt. William H.
Heiss, Pvt. William Edward
Heisserer, Pvt. Frank Adam
Heistad, Pvt. Evald
Heister, Pvt. Ralph E.
Heitman, Pvt. James G.
Heitmark, Pvt. Walter
Heitz, Oscar
Heitz, Otto
Heitz, Pvt. Frank F.
Heizer, Lt. Robert Stauffer
Helborn, Lt. C. E.
Held, Anna
Held, Anna
Held, Pvt. Walter W.
Helencamp, Pvt. Albert O.
Helfner, Cpl. Rolfe E.
Helikson, Pvt. Frank W.
Hell, Martin C.
Hellbucher, Pvt. Ralph E.
Hellen, Pvt. Ben
Heller, Anna J.
Heller, Pvt. Richard W.
Hellgren, Cpl. Martin
Hellums, J. C.
Helm, Pvt. Eugene
Helman, Pvt. Harry
Helmbock, Pvt. Charles
Helms, Harry
Helms, Mrs. Jack
Helms, Pvt. Elven
Helms, Pvt. Nathaniel
Helms, Pvt. William Murphy
Helna, Capt. Adult Male
Helton, Pvt. James S.
Helton, Pvt. Lee R.
Helvey, Pvt. Don D.
Hemana, C. H.
Hemann, Joe F.
Hemann, Joe F.
Hembree, J. G.
Hembree, Pvt. George H.
Hemmons, Pvt. William
Hemphill, Pvt. Charles P.
Hemphill, Pvt. James
Hempton, M. B.
Henderson, Bessie
Henderson, Capt. Oscar H.
Henderson, Charles
Henderson, Child
Henderson, Clarence H.
Henderson, Cpl. Richard C.
Henderson, Garland
Henderson, Garland F.
Henderson, Grandma
Henderson, Howard
Henderson, J. A.
Henderson, J. A.
Henderson, John
Henderson, Mrs. J. H.
Henderson, Pvt. Archie
Henderson, Pvt. Claude
Henderson, Pvt. Clyde J.
Henderson, Pvt. Dexter L.
Henderson, Pvt. Edward
Henderson, Pvt. Frank W.
Henderson, Pvt. Jesse L.
Henderson, Pvt. John T.
Henderson, Pvt. Richard
Henderson, Pvt. Robert J.
Henderson, Pvt. Roy W.
Henderson, Pvt. W. B.
Henderson, Sgt. Joseph
Henderson, Sgt. William H.
Henderson, W. S.
Henderson, Sr., Fox
Hendrick, Cpl. John C.
Hendrick, John
Hendricks, Constance
Hendricks, Cpl. Cecil M.
Hendricks, Harry
Hendricks, Otto
Hendricks, Pvt. Daniel E.
Hendricks, Pvt. Kinsley C.
Hendricks, Pvt. Ollie
Hendricks, Pvt. Rufus P.
Hendricks, Tom
Hendrickson, Cpl. John L.
Hendrickson, Pvt. George A.
Hendrikson, Cpl. Henry Bertel
Hendrix, Cpl. Roby
Hendrix, Pvt. Bunyon C.
Hendrix, Pvt. Johnston Alvis
Hendrix, Pvt. Ola C.
Hendrix, Pvt. Walter B.
Heneger, Pvt. Hugh M.
Henesek, Pvt. Frank
Heninger, Cpl. Arnold S.
Henington, Cpl. James M.
Henizman, Pvt. Fred W.
Henlinger, Pvt. James D.
Hennegin, Myrtilla Oladine
Hennessey, Pvt. Walter P.
Hennighaussen, Louis P.
Henries, Pvt. Israel P
Henrita, Pvt. Alexander P.
Henry, Arthur
Henry, Capt. John
Henry, Charity
Henry, Cpl. Otis
Henry, Dr. J. T.
Henry, Dr. James Taylor
Henry, Dr. M. E.
Henry, Jack
Henry, M. J.
Henry, M. J.
Henry, Mrs. John
Henry, Mrs. Zeb
Henry, Pvt. Charles A.
Henry, Pvt. Donald A.
Henry, Pvt. Ernest B.
Henry, Pvt. Ernest E.
Henry, Pvt. Harry J.
Henry, Pvt. John J.
Henry, Pvt. John S.
Henry, Pvt. John W.
Henry, Pvt. Ralph I.
Henry, Sgt. William E.
Henry, Sue Katherine
Henry, Vestal
Hensarling, Pvt. Jesse L.
Hensley, Mrs. Ed
Hensley, Pvt. Frank M.
Hensley, Pvt. Silva
Hensley, Sgt. Willard E.
Henson, Pvt. Gene E.
Henson, Pvt. John F.
Henson, R. L.
Henson, Roy
Herbert, Lt. Fernand
Herbert, Pvt. Cleopha P.
Herbert, Pvt. James R.
Herbold, Cpl. Georget Carl
Hercek, Pvt. Otto
Herdman, Cpl. John W.
Herman, George
Hermandez, Pvt. Sirido
Hermann, Joe F.
Hermann, Pvt. William A.
Herndon, Mary
Herndon, Pvt. Ed
Herndon, Pvt. Lewis W.
Herr, Lt. Wilmer E.
Herrera, Pvt. Louis
Herrick, Mrs. Myron T.
Herrick, Pvt. Ovid
Herrick, Pvt. Paul H.
Herrieo, George
Herring, Cpl. Garner M.
Herring, Logue
Herring, Mrs. Will
Herring, Pvt. J. B.
Herrington, Lt. William G.
Herrington, Pvt. Stuart M.
Herrlott, Cdt. Paul
Herrod, Dr. James
Herrold, Pvt. Palmer William
Herron, Curtis
Herron, Mrs. B. T.
Herron, Mrs. Walter
Herron, Pvt. Anssil
Herron, William A.
Hershaw, Mrs. James
Hershberger, Pvt. Rollin?
Hert, Pvt. Frank E.
Herter, Sgt. Everit A.
Hesh, Pvt. James B.
Hess, Johann
Hess, Johann
Hess, Johanna
Hess, Johanna
Hess, Johanna
Hess, Pvt. Andrew
Hess, Pvt. Harry E.
Hess, Pvt. Raymond J.
Hesse, Cpl. Otto G.
Hesse, Pvt. Joe
Hesse, Pvt. Theodore
Hessen, Pvt. Henry J.
Hestand, Pvt. Clyde F.
Hestekind, Cpl. Timon
Hester, Pvt. Mathis J.
Hester, Pvt. Taylor D.
Heston, James
Heston, Lt. Howard H.
Hetlage, Pvt. Frank
Hettard, Pvt. Jess A.
Hettler, Pvt. Jacob F.
Hetzener, Cpl. George J.
Hewin, Pvt. McKinley
Hewitt, A. L.
Hewitt, James H.
Hewitt, Pvt. Charles E.
Hewitt, Pvt. George
Hewitt, Pvt. George Edward
Hewitt, Pvt. Gladstone C.
Hewitt, Pvt. James W.
Hewitt, Jr., Cpl. Charles W.
Hewlett, Cpl. Harold
Heyde, Pvt. Albert D.
Heyser, L. W.
Heyser, Pvt. Duncan V. D.
Hgby, Pvt. Francis
Hgele, Pvt. Clarence H.
Hiatt, Pvt. Loren
Hibbard, Pvt. Daniel
Hibbits, Pvt. Hallie D.
Hice, Pvt. Benjamin F.
Hice, Pvt. Louis K.
Hichs, Pvt. Lloyd Paul
Hickerson, Cpl. Ledlie Francis
Hickerson, Pvt. Byron A.
Hickerson, Pvt. Ernest
Hickerson, Pvt. Thomas
Hickey, Cpl. Callie M.
Hickey, John J.
Hickey, Mrs. Ed
Hickey, Pvt. Edward H.
Hickey, Pvt. Fred J.
Hickey, Pvt. Leo L.
Hickman, Cpl. Clark
Hickman, Cpl. Claude D.
Hickman, Grady
Hickman, Pvt. Clarence M.
Hickman, Pvt. Floyd T.
Hickman, Pvt. Horace
HIckman, PVt. Roy S.
Hickman, Pvt. William F.
Hicks, Allen N.
Hicks, Allen N.
Hicks, Allen W.
Hicks, Edna
Hicks, Mrs. Burk
Hicks, Pvt. Baxter
Hicks, Pvt. Earl P.
Hicks, Pvt. Fred
Hicks, Pvt. George E.
Hicks, Pvt. Howard S.
Hicks, Pvt. John H.
Hicks, Pvt. John W.
Hicks, Pvt. Leroy C.
Hicks, Pvt. Marion S.
Hicks, Pvt. Samuel
Hicks, Pvt. William A.
Hicks, Pvt. Willie
Hicks, Pvt. Willie
Hicks, Sgt. Bernard L.
Hidalgo, Pvt. Christabel
Hidbon, Sgt. Arthur
Hiemenz, Pvt. Nicolas Casper Anthony
Hier, Pvt. Morris
Higdon, Pvt. John T.
Higgason, J. H.
Higginbotham, Cdt. Horace
Higginbotham, Ora
Higginbotham, Pvt. Charlie
Higgins, Adult Female
Higgins, Adult Male
Higgins, Adult Male
Higgins, Alfred
Higgins, Edward
Higgins, Jack
Higgins, Judge C. C.
Higgins, Pvt. Abner J.
Higgins, Pvt. Andrew J.
Higgins, Pvt. Charles E.
Higgins, Pvt. James M.
Higgins, Pvt. Michael
Higgins, Pvt. Michael
Higgins, Pvt. Nicholas
Higgins, Pvt. Thomas
Higginson, 1Sgt William P.
Higgs, Pvt. David T.
High, Annie
High, Cpl. John E.
High, Pvt. Ben S.
High, Pvt. Benjamin E.
High, Pvt. James Arthur
High, R. O.
High, Royce
Highfill, H.
Highfill, Mrs. D. H.
Highland, Pvt. Claude
Hightower, J. M.
Hightower, Mattie
Hightower, Pvt. George G.
Higinbotham, Pvt. Henry
Hilburn, Pvt. William P.
Hilburn, Thomas Jefferson
Hildebrand, Pvt. Charles D.
Hildebrandt, Pvt. Ben W. O.
Hildg?, Pvt. Henry L.
Hildreth, Cpl. William Jackson
Hile, Earnest L.
Hiler, George
Hilgard, Maj. Gerorge E.
Hilgardner, Pvt. Carl
Hilger, Sgt. John
Hilkert, Pvt. Rhen
Hill, Adult Male
Hill, Belle
Hill, Benjamin
Hill, Charles C.
Hill, Cpl. Harry C.
Hill, Cpl. Harry E.
Hill, Cpl. Leo J.
Hill, Cpl. Lon A.
Hill, Cpl. Theodore B.
HIll, Cpl. William D.
Hill, Frances
Hill, Inez Porter
Hill, J. E.
Hill, Joe
Hill, Lee
Hill, Lt. Henry C.
Hill, Lt. Maury
Hill, Martin S.
Hill, Mary
Hill, Mary
Hill, Mrs. Bolt
Hill, Mrs. J. M.
Hill, Mrs. J. M.
Hill, Mrs. Joseph
Hill, Mrs. Marion
Hill, Mrs. P. H.
Hill, Mrs. S. J.
Hill, Mrs. Veit
Hill, Mrs. Voyt
Hill, Nettie
Hill, Nettie
Hill, O. M.
Hill, Opie
Hill, Oscar N.
Hill, Oscar N.
Hill, Pfc. Arthur M.
Hill, Pvt. Arthur D.
Hill, Pvt. Charles D.
Hill, Pvt. Charles H.
HIll, Pvt. Charlie P.
Hill, Pvt. Clayton D.
Hill, Pvt. Columbus C.
Hill, Pvt. EArl G.
Hill, Pvt. Edward
Hill, Pvt. George W.
Hill, Pvt. Henry A.
Hill, Pvt. Herbert T.
Hill, Pvt. Homer
Hill, Pvt. James
Hill, Pvt. James A.
Hill, Pvt. James A.
Hill, Pvt. James A.
Hill, Pvt. Jewell T.
Hill, Pvt. John T.
Hill, Pvt. Leroy
Hill, Pvt. Michael
Hill, Pvt. Roger
Hill, Pvt. Roy
Hill, Pvt. Roy R.
Hill, Pvt. Samuel M.
Hill, Pvt. Sandy M.
Hill, Pvt. Stanwood M.
Hill, Pvt. William
Hill, Pvt. Willie
Hill, Pvt. Wright
Hill, W. O.
Hill, Winfield
Hillabrant, Cpl. Neal E.
Hillart, Pvt. Gustav
Hillcoat, Frederick
Hillcoat, Jerry
Hillcoat, Mrs. Frederick
Hille, Carroll Anderson
Hillex, Cpl. Harry
Hilliard, Cpl. Doniphan
Hilliard, Pvt. J. G.
Hillis, Mattie
Hillis, Pvt. Alf
Hillman, Josh
Hillman, Pvt. Anton
Hillman, Pvt. Batist
Hills, Carroll Anderson
Hillsburg, Sgt. Charles J.
Hillson, Hyman
Hillyer, Ulysses Grant
Hilt, Pvt. H. D.
Hilton, Pvt. Alexander J.
Hilton, Pvt. James W.
Hilton, Pvt. Robert I.
Hilton, Walter
Hiltrop, Sgt. Albert
Hilty, Pvt. Ely F.
Himes, Mrs. Charlie
Himmelwright, Howard A.
Hinckley, Thomas
Hindelly, Pvt. John S.
Hindertong, Emmitt C.
Hindman, Pvt. James R.
Hindman, Pvt. Robert E.
Hinds, Capt. Elliott P.
Hinds, Cpl. Arthur J.
Hinecker, Pvt. George
Hines, Allen N.
Hines, Allen W.
Hines, J. W.
Hines, John H.
Hines, Lt. Leo M.
Hines, Mrs. E. E.
Hines, Pvt. Earl H.
Hines, Pvt. Luther
Hines, Pvt. Ponepy
Hines, Pvt. Thomas J.
HInes, Pvt. Wiley
Hines, Pvt. Willis
Hines, Jr., Lt. Edward
Hink, Cpl. Harry
Hink, Cpl. Harry
Hink, Pvt. William H.
Hinkle, Cpl. Paul Lapp
Hinkle, Pvt. Jesse R.
Hinkle, Pvt. John L.
Hinkle, William Boone Magley
Hinkley, Frank B.
Hinman, Pvt. Sherwood Willard
Hinsley, William
Hinsley, William
Hinson, Mrs. A.
Hinton, Cpl. Allen
Hinton, F. J.
Hintz, Pvt. John Anthony
Hintz, Pvt. Richard Louis
Hiral, Cpl. Edward
Hire, Bryan J.
Hirt, Pvt. Horace
Hiser, Cpl. Clell
Hitchcock, Pvt. Albert I.
Hitchcock, Pvt. Albert M.
Hitchcock, Pvt. Walter
Hitchcock, Robert G.
Hite, Pvt. Edward W.
Hitt, Andrew J.
Hivelay, Jake
Hively, Jake
Hix, Cpl. Oscar A.
Hjelm, Pvt. Joseph E.
Hloupe, Pvt. Stanley
Ho???l, Pvt. James H.
Hoard, William D.
Hobbs, James
Hobbs, Lt. Warren T.
Hobbs, Pvt. Luther H.
Hobbs, Pvt. Russell L.
Hobbs, Waren T.
Hobe, Mrs. A. C.
Hobeday, Pvt. William
Hobson, Dick
Hobusch, Pvt. Alfred J.
Hoce, Joseph W.
Hoch, Pvt. Fred W.
Hochard, Sgt. Herbert H.
Hockenberry, Pvt. Glen
Hockman, Pvt. Grover C.
hoden, Pvt. Thomas
Hodge, Pvt. Amos
Hodge, Pvt. Arnold
Hodge, Pvt. George E.
Hodge, Pvt. James W.
Hodge, Pvt. Joe
Hodge, Pvt. Matthew
Hodge, Pvt. Monroe C.
Hodge, Sgt. Harry L.
Hodges, Dr. Jesse D.
Hodges, Jesse Dibrell
Hodges, Matilda
Hodges, Matilda
Hodges, Pvt. Ben M.
Hodges, Pvt. Fred
Hodges, Pvt. Henry E.
Hodges, Pvt. Henry G.
Hodges, Pvt. James S.
Hodges, Pvt. Johnny
Hodges, Pvt. Thaddeus
Hodges, Sgt. James S.
Hodgson, Pvt. Milton B.
Hodler, Ferdinand
Hoeb, Pvt. Charles R.
Hoedelsperger, Cpl. Carl Emil
Hoeerr, Conrad
Hoefner, Hattie
Hoeing, Pvt. Louis H.
Hoenaker, Pvt. William
Hoer, Pvt. Humbert
Hoermann, Sgt. Ernest E.
Hoerr, Pvt. Ernest P.
Hoes, Pvt. Theodore
Hoey, Pvt. John E.
Hoff, Conrad
Hoff, Cpl. Rudolph O.
Hoff, Pvt. Fred E.
Hofferica, Pvt. John
Hoffman, Cpl. Harry
Hoffman, E. F.
Hoffman, George B.
Hoffman, J. P.
Hoffman, J. P.
Hoffman, Nat
Hoffman, Pvt. Raymond
Hoffman, Pvt. Roy L.
Hoffman, Pvt. Sam
Hoffman, Roland
Hoffman, Sgt. Clyde O.
Hogan, Cpl. John J.
Hogan, Herbert
Hogan, James
Hogan, Pvt. Sutton
Hogan, Pvt. William Y.
Hogan, Sgt. John J.
Hogarty, Lt. John L.
Hogdon, Pvt. Winslow
Hogg, Pvt. Robert H.
Hoghes, Dr. Thomas
Hogland, Pvt. Leander
Hogood, Paul
Hohensolms Lich, Prince Ferdinand
Hohensu, Albert C.
Hohlman, Pvt. Alvin
Hohn, Pvt. Joseph
Hokanson, Pvt. John
Holaday, Cdt. Howard
Holbert, Pvt. Leonard M.
Holbrook, Pvt. Clarence E.
Holcomb, Mrs. H. A.
Holcombe, Cpl. Lynn S.
Holcombe, Pvt. James M.
Holdegar, Pvt. Lawrence J.
Holden, Charles H.
Holden, Cpl. Edward
Holden, Lt. George D.
Holden, Lt. Vernon A.
Holden, Pvt. James A.
Holden, Pvt. Wade
Holder, John
Holder, Pvt. Doak
Holecky, Pvt. Frank H.
Holes, Lt. Alvin
Holibaugh, Pvt. Burton G.
Holiman, Dr. J. E. T.
Holiman, Dr. J. E. T.
Holiman, Dr. J. R. T.
Holiman, Mrs. Thomas
Holinger, Pvt. Oscar N.
Hollan, Pvt. D. S.
Hollan, Pvt. Frederick
Holland, Arthur
Holland, Cpl. John Francis
Holland, Jennie
Holland, Nancy Alpatrine
Holland, Pvt. Albert F.
Holland, Pvt. Fate W.
Holland, Pvt. Henry
Holland, Pvt. Henry
Holland, Pvt. James C.
Holland, Pvt. Milburn
Holland, Sgt. Carl E.
Hollenberg, Amelia Adelaide
Hollenberg, Mrs. H. G.
Hollenberg, Mrs. H. G.
Holley, Miles H.
Holley, Pvt. Walter Marion
Holliday, Capt. Charles P.
Holliday, Mrs. Clem
Holliday, Mrs. Clem
Holliman, Pvt. Hula W.
Hollingshead, Sgt. Charles
Hollingsworth, Harry E.
Hollingsworth, Pvt. Perc
Hollinshed, Pvt. Percy L.
Hollis, Lt. Henry F.
Hollis, Moses W.
Hollis, Pvt. John G.
Hollis, Pvt. Thomas W.
Hollis, Jr., Mrs. Joe
Hollmig, Sgt. Walter L.
Hollobaugh, Girl
Hollobaugh, Mrs. Neeley
Hollobaugh, Neeley
Hollomon, Pvt. Grover K.
Hollonshed, Cpl. Hoyt Milton
Holloway, Ed
Holloway, Edd
Holloway, Pvt. Clyde
Holloway, Pvt. Guy Marcullus
Holloway, Pvt. Highie
Holloway, Pvt. Leonard
Holloway, Pvt. Thomas A.
Holm, Pvt. George W.
Holman, Pvt. Ira W.
Holman, Wilson D.
Holmes, Capt. James H.
Holmes, Charley O.
Holmes, Cpl. Floyd Dillon
Holmes, Cpl. Louis M.
Holmes, Harry C.
Holmes, J. L.
Holmes, J. R.
Holmes, John C.
Holmes, Julia
Holmes, Mrs. Gray
Holmes, Pvt. Charles T.
Holmes, Pvt. Clyde E.
Holmes, Pvt. Edmund G.
Holmes, Pvt. Frank W.
Holmes, Pvt. George
Holmes, Pvt. John W.
Holmes, Pvt. Louis A.
Holmes, Sgt. Oliver W.
Holmgreen, Pvt. Mandus?
Holstegge, Frank
Holstegge, Frank
Holstegge, Frank
Holstegge, Frank
Holt, J. K. P.
Holt, Judge E. G.
Holt, Mrs. Charles S.
Holt, Mrs. T. L.
Holt, Mrs. W. H.
Holt, Ollie
Holt, Pvt. Adolphus O.
Holt, Pvt. Carl T.
Holt, Pvt. Henry
Holt, Pvt. Melvin
Holt, Pvt. William W.
Holt, William Alonzo
Holt, Jr., Col. Robert W.
Holtgrewe, Pvt. Carl J.
Holthan, Cpl. Raymond W.
Holthaus, Pvt. Gustav C.
Holtice, Herbert
Holtman, Pvt. George P.
Holwerk, Sollie
Holzechuh, George
Holztin, Pvt. Ervin R.
Hon, Sgt. Paul L.
Honaker, Pvt. Zed S.
Honeycutt, Cpl. Dewey J.
Honeycutt, Wesley
Honeycutt, Wesley
Honnett, Mrs. A. H.
Honnian?, Pvt. Katherine
Hooba, Sgt. Clem
Hood, Lt. Norman F.
Hood, Pvt. Scott L.
Hood, S. B.
Hoofer, Pvt. Michael
Hooker, Pvt. Sam
Hooker, Sam
Hooker, Sgt. Earl M.
Hoomes, Pvt. Charles L.
Hooper, Amanda
Hooper, Amanda
Hooper, Aselia
Hooper, Blanche Mathews
Hooper, Kate
Hooper, Pvt. Floyd
Hooper, Pvt. George
Hooper, Pvt. James J.
Hooper, Pvt. Orbitt P.
Hooper, Pvt. Walter G.
Hoopes, Lt. Joseph E.
Hoops, Pvt. Martin S.
Hooten, Ollie
Hooten, Pvt. Wilson L.
Hoover, 1Lt. Stewart W.
Hoover, A. D.
Hoover, Mrs. George
Hoover, Mrs. George
Hoover, Mrs. George
Hoover, Pvt. Houston
Hoover, Pvt. Isaac James
Hoover, Pvt. Jesse
Hoover, Pvt. Phillip H.
Hoover, Rosie Patton
Hope, George
Hopkins, Bessie
Hopkins, Bessie
Hopkins, Bessie
Hopkins, Capt. Otis
Hopkins, Cpl. Linwood W.
Hopkins, Lawrence
Hopkins, Lt. Thomas
Hopkins, Pvt. Fred
Hopkins, Pvt. Frederick B.
Hopland, Pvt. Obert
Hoponberg, Lt. Julian W.
Hopp, Cpl. Charles F.
Hopp, Cpl. Henry E.
Hopp, Pvt. Roy
Hopp, Sgt. George A.
Hoppe, Pvt. Frank W.
Hoppe, Pvt. Robert S.
Hopper, Blanche Mathews
Hopper, Donald A.
Hopper, George
Hopper, O. N.
Hopper, Pvt. Lewis W.
Hopper, Walter
Horgan, Pvt. Roy L.
Horn, Dr. A. E.
Horn, George Adolph
Hornaday, Pvt. Paul W.
Hornberger, Henry
Hornby, Pvt. William H.
Horner, Cpl. John V.
Horner, Mrs. E. J.
Horner, Pvt. Gerald
Horsfall, Pvt. George H.
Horsley, Pvt. Montague S.
Horton, Claud
Horton, Cpl. William E.
Horton, Cpl. William H.
Horton, Pvt. Charles F.
Horton, Pvt. Donald C.
Horton, Pvt. Ernest
Horton, Pvt. Ernst G.
Horton, Pvt. Flavore
Horton, Pvt. George
Horton, Pvt. Henry
Horton, Pvt. Reuben C.
Horton, Pvt. Sherman
Horton, Pvt. Winston
Horton, S. A.
Horton, Sgt. Carl H.
Hortsmann, Pvt. Paul F.
Hosea, Cpl. Jefferson Alonzo
Hoseman, Pvt. Theodore
Hoskins, Lt. Leonard C.
Hoskins, Pvt. Earl
Hoskins, Pvt. Lee
Hosmer, Cpl. Ralph S.
Hospoduras, Pvt. John
Hoss, Abby C.
Hostetter, Geraldine
Hostetter, Lt. Theodore B.
Hostetter, Pvt. William C.
Hotaid, Pvt. Charles B.
Hotard, Pvt. Lenox
Houah, George
Houchin, Pvt. Grover
Houdek, Sgt. George E.
Houf, Pvt. Harry B.
Hough, Dr. C. L.
Houghton, Pvt. Willard C.
House, Amy
House, Edgar
House, Jefferson J.
House, Jefferson J.
House, Lt. Charles S.
House, Luther
House, Mrs. Dock
House, Porter
House, Pvt. Joe W.
House, Pvt. Lawrence F.
House, Pvt. Robert E.
House, Pvt. Thomas J.
Housel, Capt. Oscar Lloyd
Houseley, Jack
Housley, Pvt. Joseph L.
Houston, Cpl. Henry
Houston, Cpl. T. C.
Houston, Lt. Henry Howard
Houston, Lt. Raymond F.
Houston, Maj. Samuel Humes
Houston, Pvt. Charles J.
Houston, Pvt. Marion E.
Houston, Pvt. Robert A.
Houtchen, Mrs. G. B.
Houze, Sgt. James A.
Hovey, Pvt. George E.
Hovey, Pvt. Geroge E.
Howalt, Sgt. Axel N.
Howard, Cpl. Francis D.
Howard, Cpl. Roy A.
Howard, Fernald G.
Howard, John
Howard, John
Howard, Leatha E.
Howard, Leatha E.
Howard, Leatha Evelyn
Howard, Lottie
Howard, Lt. George L.
Howard, Pvt. Benjamin M.
Howard, Pvt. Elijah A.
Howard, Pvt. Fred R.
Howard, Pvt. Fred Winfield
Howard, Pvt. Glenn N.
Howard, Pvt. Henry
Howard, Pvt. James A.
Howard, Pvt. James A.`
Howard, Pvt. James M.
Howard, Pvt. Lerlowe E.
Howard, Pvt. Raymond
Howard, Pvt. Walter
Howard, Pvt. Walter
Howard, Pvt. Walter E.
Howard, Pvt. William G.
Howard, Rev. Thomas
Howard, S. D.
Howard, Samuel D.
Howard, Sgt. Charles Harrell
Howarth, Pvt. Clarence
Howe, J. Harry
Howe, Mrs. L. A.
Howe, Pvt. Allen N.
Howe, Pvt. Earl F.
Howe, Pvt. John
Howe, Pvt. Lloyd Stanley
Howe, Pvt. Myrt W.
Howe, Pvt. Roy L.
Howe, W. A.
Howell, Lawrence
Howell, Lawrence
Howell, Pvt. Bertrand C.
Howell, Pvt. Cormack
Howell, Pvt. Eldridge R.
Howell, Pvt. Henry Perry
Howell, Pvt. James E.
Howell, Pvt. John B.
Howell, Pvt. Richard C.
Howell, Pvt. Walter
Howell, RADM John Adams
Howell, Walter A.
Hower, Pvt. Freeman N.
Howerton, Salina
Howeth, Pvt. Pearl
Howland, Harold E.
Howlett, Sgt. George B.
Hown, Boy
Howzer, Sgt. Marvin W.
Hoxie, Pvt. Guy D.
Hoxie, Pvt. Sylvester
Hoy, Cpl. Sylvester J.
Hoyer, Lt. Theodore Robert
Hoyle, Pvt. Warren Findley
Hoyt, Cpl. Russell A.
Hoyt, Pvt. Henry H.
Hoyt, Pvt. Wesley A.
Hpoten?, Cdt. H.
Hubbard, Bud
Hubbard, Lt. Eugene P.
Hubbard, Mary
Hubbard, Pvt. Everett H.
Hubbardt, Cpl. Charles E.
Hubbel, Pvt. Max L.
Hubbell, Frank I.
Hubbell, Mrs. Asa
Hubbell, Mrs. Asa
Hubbell, Pvt. Ross Allen
Hubbs, Cpl. Alvis
Huber, Mrs. J. G.
Huber, Pvt. George William
Hubert, Pvt. Harold Charles
Hubert, Pvt. Harold W.
Hubert, Sgt. George D.
Hubick, Pvt. Henry J.
Hubner, Pvt. Louis J.
Huck, 2Lt. Herbert
Huckett, Edwin
Huddleston, Bob
Huddleston, Lee W.
Huddleston, Leslie
Huddleston, Pvt. Frank B.
Huddleston, Pvt. Leslie F.
Huddleston, Pvt. T. M.
Huddleston, Pvt. William M.
Hudek, Pvt. Joseph S.
Huderson, Pvt. Benjamin E.
Hudgins, Cpl. Samuel L.
Hudgins, Pvt. Walter J.
Hudke, Pvt. Charles
Hudman, Pvt. Olen W.
Hudson, Capt. Will B.
Hudson, Cpl. N. Lottie M.
Hudson, James
Hudson, Mrs. J. A.
Hudson, Pvt. Eugene
Hudson, Pvt. Hal L.
Hudson, Pvt. John T.
Hudson, Pvt. John W.
Hudson, Pvt. Noah M.
Hudson, Pvt. Robert L.
Hudson, Sgt. Harley L.
Hudspeth, Pvt. Silas H.
Huegel, Pvt. Andrew L.
Huellman, Pvt. Rob
Huerwagon, Pvt. Fred A.
Huey, Pvt. Willman H.
Huff, Pvt. Claude
Huff, Pvt. Claude Alexander
Huff, Pvt. Demetrus H.
Huff, Pvt. Henry H.
Huff, Pvt. Kenny J.
Huff, Pvt. William McKinley
Huff, Pvt. William N.
Huff, Sgt. George L.
Huff, Sgt. Jeames O.
Huffman, Cpl. Wilbert G.
Huffman, Fred
Huffman, Georgia
Huffman, Georgia
Huffman, Georgia E.
Huffman, Sgt. John D.
Huffner, Pvt. Wesley
Huffstadt, J. S.
Hufstutler, Pvt. Virgil
Hugaenia, Lt. S.
Huggins, Addie
Huggins, Cpl. Thomas
Huggins, Pvt. Howard H.
Hugh, Pvt. Joseph
Hughart, Mrs. E. J.
Hughes, Col. William R.
Hughes, Cpl. Eugene M.
Hughes, Cpl. Frank Stephen
Hughes, Cpl. George G.
Hughes, Cpl. Russell G.
Hughes, Edma Miller
Hughes, F. M.
Hughes, Forest
Hughes, Freeman
Hughes, G. W.
Hughes, Lt. James H.
Hughes, Lt. Norman D.
Hughes, Pvt. Eing D.
Hughes, Pvt. General B.
Hughes, Pvt. Glenn V.
Hughes, Pvt. Gug?
Hughes, Pvt. Harvey
Hughes, Pvt. Jesse G.
Hughes, Pvt. Russell
Hughes, Pvt. William B.
Hughes, Richard C.
Hughes, Robert
Hughes, Sen. William
Hughes, Sen. William
Hughes, William
Hughes, William Robert
Huguenin, Lt. Stanley
Huhn, Hugh H.
Huie, Pvt. Charles R.
Hulett, Capt. Frank W.
Hull, Mary E.
Hull, Pvt. Albert R.
Hull, Pvt. Paul L.
Hulme, Cpl. Lewis W.
Hulsey, Mrs. P. B.
Hulshouser, Cpl. Exter
Humble, Pvt. John C.
Hume, Forrest T. D.
Hume, Pvt. Paul
Hummelsheim, Herbert R.
Humphrey, Cpl. John W.
Humphrey, Pvt. Bert H.
Humphrey, Pvt. Jack
Humphreys, Cpl. Abner
Humphreys, George
Humphreys, James
Humphreys, John
Humphreys, Pvt. Colvin
Humphreys, Sgt. George
Humphries, Mrs. Will
Humphries, Pvt. Lewis G.
Humphries, Pvt. Tom F.
Hungerford, Capt. J. D.
Hunigan, Pvt. George B.
Hunsacker, Sgt. George E.
Hunsicker, Col. Millwood
Hunsucker, Pvt. William E.
Hunt, Cpl. Edward B.
Hunt, Cpl. Ralph William
Hunt, Cpl. Sterling Robert
Hunt, Herbert
Hunt, Norman F.
Hunt, P. F.
Hunt, P. F.
Hunt, Pvt. Charles
Hunt, Pvt. Charles James
Hunt, Pvt. Frank M.
Hunt, Pvt. Henry C.
Hunt, Pvt. Leon Wesley
Hunt, Pvt. Oliver
Hunt, Pvt. Oliver G.
Hunt, Pvt. Willie
Hunt, Richard Roy
Hunt, Sgt. Feve? Lee
Hunter, 1Sgt Daniel A.
Hunter, Cpl. Alger Russell
Hunter, Cpl. Clarence
Hunter, Cpl. Jesse J.
Hunter, Cpl. John L.
Hunter, Mrs. S. W.
Hunter, Pvt. Conrad
Hunter, Pvt. David F.
Hunter, Pvt. Hale
Hunter, Pvt. Irvin F.
Hunter, Pvt. James W.
Hunter, Pvt. Luke Duly
Hunter, Pvt. Luther
Hunter, Pvt. Nuell
Hunter, Pvt. Robbie R.
Hunter, Pvt. Robert S.
Hunter, Pvt. Robert T.
Hunter, Pvt. Thomas E.
Hunter, Pvt. Walter
Hunter, Pvt. William A.
Hunter, Pvt. William D.
Hunter, Robert Taylor
Hunter, W. H.
Hunterson, Pvt. Roy David
Hunting, Lt. Warren B.
Huntington, Lt. Cecil S.
Huntsinger, Sgt. Omer Albert
Huntsman, A. S.
Huntsman, Adam S.
Hurd, J. M.
Hurd, Pvt. John Clinton
Hure, G. M.
Hurhio, Sgt. Lester D.
Hurlbert, Pvt. Dexter L.
Hurlburt, Burton
Hurlburt, Ed
Hurlburt, Ed
Hurlburt, Ed
Hurlburt, Ed
Hurlburt, Lt. Evan
Hurley, Helen Louise
Hurley, Mrs. T. J.
Hurley, Pvt. Arthur B.
Hurley, Pvt. Thomas
Hurley, Sgt. Frank J.
Hurmana, Cpl. John W.
Hurr, Pvt. Karl W.
Hursey, Annie
Hursey, Annie
Hursley, Lloyd
Hurst, Harvey
Hurst, Marynol
Hurst, Pvt. Bernard
Hurst, Pvt. Howard
Hurst, Pvt. John
Hurst, Pvt. Zeek
Hurst, Raymond T.
Hurst, Sgt. Muiles P.
Hurt, Pvt. Edward
Hurt, Pvt. Frank J.
Hurt, Pvt. Paul George
Husband, Roy
Huschka, Bernard H.
Hushlow, William J.
Huske, Pvt. Herman F.
Huslsman?, Cpl. Bernard Henry
Hussey, John
Hussey, John H.
Hussey, Mrs. Tom
Hussey, Pvt. John P.
Hussman, Frank Dorsey
Hussman, Frank Dorsey
Hussman, Frank Dorsey
Hussman, Pvt. Frank Dorsey
Husted, Pvt. Harvey M.
Huston, Cpl. Chester I.
Huston, Pvt. John H.
Huston, Pvt. Leonard C.
Hutches, Pvt. John W.
Hutcheson, Mrs. Robert
Hutcheson, Pvt. Clarence E.
Hutcheson, Pvt. Clarence E.
Hutcheson, Pvt. Jesse O.
Hutcheson, Pvt. Lloyd E.
Hutchin, Sue Marguerite
Hutchings, John Butler
Hutchins, Margaret Sue
Hutchins, Mrs. George
Hutchins, Mrs. L. E.
Hutchins, Mrs. Lewis E.
Hutchins, Nora
Hutchins, Pvt. Creighton
Hutchins, Pvt. Fred A.
Hutchins, Pvt. George D.
Hutchins, Sue Margaret
Hutchinson, Clarence
Hutchinson, Clarence E.
Hutchinson, Cpl. Merio M.
Hutchinson, Lt. Robert J.
Hutchinson, Mrs. William M.
Hutchinson, Pvt. George W.
Hutchinson, Pvt. James F.
Hutchinson, Pvt. Lyman D.
Hutchinson, Pvt. Sam C.
Hutchison, Pvt. Alfred E.
Hutchison, Pvt. William C.
Hutin, Adult Male
Hutson, Pvt. Clarence M.
Hutson, Pvt. Malcome B.
Hutson, Sgt. Henry J.
Hutt, Jefferson Beauregard
Hutton, Cecil J.
Hutton, Frederick Remsen
Hutton, H. N.
Hutton, H. N.
Hutton, Pvt. John T.
Hutton, Pvt. Ralph
Huus, Pvt. Isaac J.
Huxford, Pvt. Hurley C.
Huxtable, Pvt. Wayne F.
Hyatt, Arthur
Hyatt, Benjamin Franklin
Hyatt, Pvt. James A.
Hyatt, Pvt. John S.
Hyatt, Wesley
Hyde, Cpl. Earl A.
Hyde, Lt. Charles J.
Hyde, Pvt. Calvin
Hyde, Pvt. George
Hyde, Sgt. Allen K.
Hyghley, 1Lt. T. H.
Hyland, John T.
Hyler, George
Hylkema, Pvt. Hirlke
Hyman, Pvt. Adolphus Andrew
Hyman, Pvt. Hubert A.
Hyre, Pvt. Vern H.
Hystad, Pvt. Alfred N.
Iantorne, Pvt. Pietre
Ibbotson, Cpl. Floyd
Ichein, Pvt. William
Icouesi, Pvt. Josef
Idlett, Fred
Ieneo, Carmine
Igo, Pvt. George H.
Igo, Pvt. John Thomas
Igo, Robert I.
Igoe, Sgt. Frank
Ihm, Pvt. Robert M. J.
Ikard, Pvt. Willis A.
Imbler, Pvt. Frank Arthur
Imhof, Pvt. George H.
Inden, Pvt. Charles E.
Ingehart, Pvt. Robert
Ingerham, Pvt. Clarence
Ingersol, Cpl. Dewey W.
Ingersoll, Lt. Clayton C.
Ingle, Cpl. Peter A.
Ingraham, Sgt. Thomas Corvan
Ingram, Elwood
Ingram, Elwood
Ingram, H. T.
Ingram, Judson Elsworth
Ingram, Pvt. Charles L.
Ingram, Pvt. John
Ingram, Pvt. Lewis
Ingram, Pvt. Roy J.
Ingram, Pvt. Tillman
Inman, Arthur J.
Inman, Cpl. Samuel J.
Inman, Maude
Inman, Pvt. George L.
Innes, Capt. A. H.
Innes, Capt. Alexander Hamilton
Insinger, Cdt. John
Insley, Pvt. Jack H.
Inverso, Pvt. Angelo
Irby, James H.
Irby, Pvt. Thomas B.
Irby, Sgt. Walter L.
Ireland, Archbishop John
Ireland, Pvt. Benjamin M.
Ireland, Sgt. Harry
Irons, Pvt. Oliver
Irps, Pvt. Arthur P.
Irvin, Pvt. John E.
Irvin, Pvt. John E.
Irvin, Pvt. John F.
Irvine, Pvt. John
Irving, Boy
Irving, Capt. John D.
Irwin, Cpl. Clarence W.
Irwin, J. T.
Irwin, Katherine F.
Irwin, Pvt. Charles E.
Irwin, Pvt. Thomas H.
Irwin, Pvt. William
Irwin, Sgt. Hal A.
Isaacs, Pvt. Charles F.
Isbell, B. O.
Isbell, Pvt. Richard C.
Iselt, Pvt. George W.
Isenhower, Jim
Ish, Sgt. Rex W.
Isham, Pvt. William O.
Ismett, Cpl. Albert
Isom, Mrs. John
Isom, Pvt. Claude
Isom, Pvt. Daniel M.
Isom, Pvt. Forrest
Israel, Cpl. Alfred G.
Iukela, Pvt. Elias
Ives, 2Lt. R. F.
Ivey, Pvt. Barney C.
Ivey, Pvt. Richard
Ivey, Pvt. William L.
Ivie, Pvt. Walter G.
Ivie, Vard E.
Ivosevitch, Pvt. Mirko
Ivy, Pvt. Elbert C.
Ivy, Pvt. Jesse
Izzo, Pvt. Frank X.
Izzo, Pvt. Luigi
Jabine, Harriet M. Woodruff
Jabine, Harriet M. Woodruff
Jablonski, Pvt. Frank
Jaceuicz, Cpl. John
Jack, Ida Mae
Jack, Pvt. Henry H.
Jack, Pvt. Robert
Jackola, Pvt. Alex Rudolph
Jacks, 2Lt. R. L.
Jacks, Pvt. David T.
Jacks, Sarah Eliza
Jackson, Alex
Jackson, Benny
Jackson, Billy
Jackson, C. S.
Jackson, Charles B.
Jackson, Claude C.
Jackson, Cpl. Carl E.
Jackson, Cpl. Floyd E.
Jackson, Cpl. Grady W.
Jackson, Cpl. Harold A.
Jackson, Cpl. Norman R.
Jackson, Cpl. Robert H.
Jackson, Cpl. Sam
Jackson, Della E.
Jackson, Elizabeth
Jackson, Frances S.
Jackson, Grace
Jackson, James Henderson
Jackson, James M.
Jackson, John L.
Jackson, Judge G. W.
Jackson, Lt. George D.
Jackson, Manley D.
Jackson, Mrs. Charles B.
Jackson, Mrs. E. F.
Jackson, Mrs. Edwin F.
Jackson, Mrs. J. R.
Jackson, Mrs. J. R.
Jackson, Mrs. John M.
Jackson, Mrs. John M.
Jackson, Mrs. John R.
Jackson, Pvt James I.
Jackson, Pvt. Albert S.
Jackson, Pvt. Anas
Jackson, Pvt. Arthur
Jackson, Pvt. Arvin R.
Jackson, Pvt. Claude L.
Jackson, Pvt. David T.
Jackson, Pvt. Ed
Jackson, Pvt. Eliec
Jackson, Pvt. Elmer
Jackson, Pvt. Ervin
Jackson, Pvt. Ffank P.
Jackson, Pvt. Floyd A.
Jackson, Pvt. Floyd N.
Jackson, Pvt. George D.
Jackson, Pvt. Henry
Jackson, Pvt. Herbert J.
Jackson, Pvt. Horwell C.
Jackson, Pvt. Ira
Jackson, Pvt. James
Jackson, Pvt. John D.
Jackson, Pvt. John E.
Jackson, Pvt. John Elmer
Jackson, Pvt. John L.
Jackson, Pvt. Otis C.
Jackson, Pvt. Robert
Jackson, Pvt. Robert
Jackson, Pvt. Robert W.
Jackson, Pvt. Sam
Jackson, Pvt. Walter
Jackson, Pvt. Wash
Jackson, Pvt. Wayne C.
Jackson, Pvt. William C.
Jackson, Ralph
Jackson, Rev. Adult Male
Jackson, Robert
Jackson, Robert
Jackson, W. A.
Jackson, Wild W.
Jackson, William
Jackson, William
Jackson, William A.
Jackson, Jr., Lt. Byron
Jacob, Cpl. Monroe
Jacobs, Bessie T.
Jacobs, Harry C.
Jacobs, Mrs. M. E.
Jacobs, Mrs. T. R.
Jacobs, Pvt. Raymond F.
Jacobs, Pvt. Wilton B.
Jacobson, Cpl. Martin A.
Jacobson, Mandel
Jacobson, Pvt. Alec A.
Jacobson, Pvt. Clarence E.
Jacobson, Pvt. Dale Nelson
Jaconini, Lt. Clement R.
Jacoway, Pvt. Calvin B.
Jacquet, Theodore E.
Jaffy, Pvt. Samuel
Jaggers, Adult Female
Jaggers, Adult Female
Jaggy, Pvt. Frank J.
Jagionowski, Pvt. Wladylaw
Jagon, Lt. Jean
James, 2Lt. Edwin D.
James, Alfred J.
James, Clay
James, Effie L.
James, George H.
James, Pvt. Andrew J.
James, Pvt. Harry
James, Pvt. Michael
James, Pvt. Otis
James, Pvt. Pleasant
James, Pvt. Robert S.
James, Pvt. Roe
James, Pvt. Thomas J.
James, Pvt. William
James, Rct. Harry D.
James, Sen. Ollie M.
Jameson, Pvt. Frank A.
Jameson, Pvt. Thomas
Jameson, Pvt. Tom H.
Jameson, Vera Ladd
Jamison, George W.
Jamison, Pvt. Melvin Nathan
Jamison, Sgt. Pose
Janczysk, Pvt. Stanislaw
Janes, Lt. C. R.
Janes, Pvt. Harold Peter
Janes, Pvt. Thomas A.
Jankowiak, Cpl. Alexender A.
Jannart, Leon
Janowski, Walter
Jansen, Pvt. Waldmer
Janski, Pvt. Jenen
Jantszewski, Cpl. John V.
January, Dan
January, Paul
Janzen, Pvt. Gustavo
Jaques, Pvt. Charlie
Jarboe, Pvt. James Claude
Jarmon, Pvt. Edgar R.
Jarnagin, Pvt. Alexander Jefferson
Jarnagin, Pvt. William O.
Jarrett, Henry
Jarrett, Pvt. Marshall H.
Jarvais, Pvt. Louis G.
Jarvin, Donaldson A.
Jarvis, Cpl. John R.
Jarvis, Pvt. James T.
Jaski, Pvt. John
Jasset, Pvt. Ernest L.
Jasumback, Pvt. Frank
Jauns, Lt. Raymond B.
Jaworski, Pvt. Jacob
Jaworski, Pvt. Stephen
Jaworsky, Pvt. Nikolaj
Jay, Pvt. Michael
Jay, Pvt. Sam
Jayne, Cpl. William W.
Jedynak, Pvt. Andrew P.
Jefferies, Jr., James B.
Jefferies, Jr., Pvt. James B.
Jefferies, Jr., Pvt. James R.
Jeffers, Thomas
Jefferson, Arthur T.
Jefferson, Pvt. Walter
Jefferson, Sgt. Earl N.
Jeffery, Mrs. H. B.
Jeffres, Capt. Henry M.
Jeffress, Fannie A.
Jeffress, Sgt. Willie R.
Jeffrey, Beulah
Jeffreya, Pvt. Willie R.
Jeffries, Mrs. A. B.
Jeffries, Pvt. Willie Forda
Jeffries, Roy
Jehl, Ferdinand
Jehling, Pvt. Albert
Jeith, Pvt. Norman H.
Jeka, Pvt. John Edward
Jendrosrak, Pvt. Steve
Jendrzey, Pvt. Jerome Ben
Jenkins, Cpl. Grover C.
Jenkins, Cpl. John O.
Jenkins, Eli
Jenkins, Homer
Jenkins, John A.
Jenkins, Pvt. Azell M.
Jenkins, Pvt. Carl Melvin
Jenkins, Pvt. Fred B.
Jenkins, Pvt. Harvey
Jenkins, Pvt. Irvy Eidon
Jenkins, Pvt. Jack G.
Jenkins, Pvt. Louis
Jenkins, Pvt. Mack M.
Jenkins, William M.
Jenks, Francis M.
Jenks, Lt. Dean N.
Jenning, Pvt. Francis Granville
Jennings, Catherine
Jennings, Charles Spencer
Jennings, Charles Spencer
Jennings, Charles Spencer
Jennings, Pvt. James E.
Jennings, Pvt. John A.
Jennings, Pvt. John M.
Jennings, Pvt. Lemuel L.
Jennings, Pvt. Nathaniel N.
Jennings, Pvt. William C.
Jennings, Waunita
Jennings, Jr., Joseph Franklin
Jensen, Cpl. Earl E.
Jensen, Pvt. John Martin
Jensen, Pvt. Julius R.
Jensen, Pvt. Nels Albert
Jensen, Pvt. Oscar P.
Jensen, Pvt. Peter
Jensen, Sgt. Walter
Jenson, Pvt. Conrad A.
Jenson, Pvt. Victor M.
Jeqries, Pvt. Walter B.
Jerabek, Pvt. Anton
Jeremy, John
Jernigan, Pvt. Joe
Jernigan, Pvt. Joseph
Jerome, Lt. Gilbert H.
Jerrold, Laurence
Jerson, John A.
Jesclke?, Pvt. Herman E.
Jesseman, Pvt. Arthur F.
Jessie, Sgt. Frank
Jester, Pvt. Albert H.
Jeter, Pvt. George S.
Jeter, Sgt. Maurice C.
Jett, Capt. Richard Laurence
Jett, Frank
Jett, Price
Jett, Pvt. Adrian O.
Jewell, John
Jewell, John W.
Jewell, Pvt. Harvey
Jewell, Pvt. Hewitt C.
Jewell, Pvt. James A.
Jewell, Pvt. Victor A.
Jewell, Sgt. Carlton F.
Jewett, Pvt. Allen W.
Jimerfield, Pvt. Herbert W.
Jimmerson, Cpl. Angus
Jinas, Pvt. Abe
Jindra, Cpl. Joe
Jindra, Dr. Anton
Jindra, Dr. Antone J.
Jinkins, W.
Jirkovsal?, Pvt. Anton
Jiroux, Pvt. Frank
Jobe, Pvt. Joe A.
Jobe, Pvt. Samuel W.
Jobe, Sgt. John W.
Joblin, Daniel
Jockett, Cpl. Jacob J.
Joech, Pvt. Howard W.
Joens, Pvt. Giles
Joernes, Pvt. Clark Adam
Johanningmier, Sgt. Ollie Henry
Johannsen, Cpl. John H.
John, James G.
John, Mary E.
John, Mary J.
John, Mrs. Frank
Johns, Cpl. A. W.
Johns, Girl
Johns, Sgt. George
Johnson, Arthur J.
Johnson, B. F.
Johnson, C. M.
Johnson, Carl Wesley
Johnson, Cpl Andrew J.
Johnson, Cpl. Bentley C.
Johnson, Cpl. Daniel
Johnson, Cpl. David A.
Johnson, Cpl. Eaker L.
Johnson, Cpl. Everett Hale
Johnson, Cpl. George Wesley
Johnson, Cpl. Graves
Johnson, Cpl. Harry Walter
Johnson, Cpl. Homer B.
Johnson, Cpl. Hudie John
Johnson, Cpl. Leo
Johnson, Cpl. Louis Wirt
Johnson, Cpl. Tom
Johnson, Cpl. Tom
Johnson, Cpl. William B.
Johnson, Dr. C. R.
Johnson, Dr. T. P.
Johnson, Everett
Johnson, Francis L.
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, G. B.
Johnson, G. H.
Johnson, Harold
Johnson, Hattie
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Horace R.
Johnson, Jamie
Johnson, John A.
Johnson, John J.
Johnson, John J.
Johnson, John J.
Johnson, John W.
Johnson, John W.
Johnson, Julius S.
Johnson, Kate
Johnson, Kate
Johnson, Laura Glenn
Johnson, Lee
Johnson, Lt. Albert E.
Johnson, Lt. Carl Adolph
Johnson, Lt. Harry F. W.
Johnson, Lt. J. W.
Johnson, Lt. Orville P.
Johnson, Lt. Walter J.
Johnson, Lt. William Campbell
Johnson, Marston H.
Johnson, Mary Eliza
Johnson, Mary Fulton
Johnson, Mary Livingston
Johnson, Maurice H.
Johnson, May F.
Johnson, May F.
Johnson, Mrs. A. C.
Johnson, Mrs. Andrew
Johnson, Mrs. Andrew N.
Johnson, Mrs. Bob
Johnson, Mrs. E.
Johnson, Mrs. Frank
Johnson, Mrs. George G.
Johnson, Mrs. George G.
Johnson, Mrs. George O.
Johnson, Mrs. L. W.
Johnson, Mrs. Lon
Johnson, Mrs. William
Johnson, Nelson
Johnson, Oscar
Johnson, Pearl
Johnson, Peyton
Johnson, Peyton
Johnson, Pike
Johnson, Pvt Prentiss M.
Johnson, Pvt. Alfred
Johnson, Pvt. Allen W.
Johnson, Pvt. Andrew
Johnson, Pvt. Arendt T.
Johnson, Pvt. Arthur Bernard
Johnson, Pvt. Arvel
Johnson, Pvt. Bedney?
Johnson, Pvt. Ben
Johnson, Pvt. Carl
Johnson, Pvt. Carl D.
Johnson, Pvt. Charles
Johnson, Pvt. Charles A.
Johnson, Pvt. Charles B.
Johnson, Pvt. Charles F.
Johnson, Pvt. Christopher
Johnson, Pvt. Clarence T.
Johnson, Pvt. Clem
Johnson, Pvt. Clifford
Johnson, Pvt. Cyrus
Johnson, Pvt. Edwin Rice
Johnson, Pvt. Elmer B.
Johnson, Pvt. Elmer C.
Johnson, Pvt. Elso S.
Johnson, Pvt. Emil
Johnson, Pvt. Emil K.
Johnson, Pvt. Ephriam H.
Johnson, Pvt. Eric J.
Johnson, Pvt. Ernest Peter John
Johnson, Pvt. Everett
Johnson, Pvt. Forest
Johnson, Pvt. Forrest
Johnson, Pvt. Frank R.
Johnson, Pvt. Frederick
Johnson, Pvt. Frederick A.
Johnson, Pvt. Frederick O.
Johnson, Pvt. Frederick P.
Johnson, Pvt. George
Johnson, Pvt. George
Johnson, Pvt. George
Johnson, Pvt. George
Johnson, Pvt. George A.
Johnson, Pvt. George B.
Johnson, Pvt. Gilfred T.
Johnson, Pvt. Hardy
Johnson, Pvt. Harold J.
Johnson, Pvt. Harrison
Johnson, Pvt. Harry
Johnson, Pvt. Henry
Johnson, Pvt. Henry
Johnson, Pvt. Henry
Johnson, Pvt. Horace R.
Johnson, Pvt. Ivan J.
Johnson, Pvt. Ivor
Johnson, Pvt. James J.
Johnson, Pvt. James O.
Johnson, Pvt. Jesse L.
Johnson, Pvt. Jesse S.
Johnson, Pvt. Joe O.
Johnson, Pvt. John
Johnson, Pvt. John
Johnson, Pvt. John
Johnson, Pvt. Jonas
Johnson, Pvt. Leland
Johnson, Pvt. Lester W.
Johnson, Pvt. Marion F.
Johnson, Pvt. Martin
Johnson, Pvt. Melvin T.
Johnson, Pvt. Oscar
Johnson, Pvt. Owen H.
Johnson, Pvt. Ralph A.
Johnson, Pvt. Ralph Clay
Johnson, Pvt. Raymond O.
Johnson, Pvt. Richard
Johnson, Pvt. Robert T.
Johnson, Pvt. Robert W.
Johnson, Pvt. Rodney H.
Johnson, Pvt. Roy
Johnson, Pvt. Sam
Johnson, Pvt. Samuel B.
Johnson, Pvt. Shelby
Johnson, Pvt. Tennis
Johnson, Pvt. Van
Johnson, Pvt. Vernon
Johnson, Pvt. Victor B.
Johnson, Pvt. Victor Earl
Johnson, Pvt. Walter F.
Johnson, Pvt. Walter H.
Johnson, Pvt. Will
Johnson, Pvt. William
Johnson, Pvt. William
Johnson, Pvt. William H.
Johnson, Pvt. William N.
Johnson, R. A.
Johnson, Roy Lee
Johnson, Sallie
Johnson, Sallie
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Severt
Johnson, Sgt. Albert F.
Johnson, Sgt. Dewey M.
Johnson, Sgt. Harold
Johnson, Sgt. Harry E.
Johnson, Sgt. Peter D.
Johnson, Sgt. Robert
Johnson, Sgt. Roy B.
Johnson, Sgt. Wilfred H.
Johnson, Sidney M.
Johnson, Sylvester
Johnson, Teenie
Johnson, Thomas A.
Johnson, Victor M.
Johnson, W. B.
Johnson, W. H.
Johnson, William Alfred
Johnson, William B.
Johnson, Jr., Pvt. Jackson
Johnson, Jr., Pvt. Steven J.
Johnson, Jr., W. J.
Johnston, 2Lt. Scott M.
Johnston, Albert L.
Johnston, Ben
Johnston, Carl J.
Johnston, Cpl. Charles D.
Johnston, Cpl. John A.
Johnston, Cpl. John A.
Johnston, Cpl. John F.
Johnston, Guy
Johnston, John A.
Johnston, Pvt. Albert S.
Johnston, Pvt. Collie
Johnston, Pvt. David M.
Johnston, Pvt. Edgard L.
Johnston, Pvt. FrankJ.
Johnston, Pvt. Lemuel L.
Johnston, Pvt. Percy L.
Johnston, Pvt. Samuel R.
Johnston, Sgt. Dainel S.
Johnston, William Allen
Johnston, Jr., W. J.
Johnstone, Lt. Malcolm A.
Johnstone, Mollie
Johnstone, Mollie
Johnstone, Mollie E.
Joiner, Pvt. Robert Marion
Joines, Pvt. Talmadge
Joisville, Pvt. Victor Edward
Jokeam, Manuel
Jolley, Cpl. Edwin H.
Jolliff, Thomas E.
Jonas, Pvt. Samuel W.
Jones, A. D.
Jones, Adloph
Jones, Adolph
Jones, Adult Female
Jones, Adult Male
Jones, Alfred
Jones, Alfred
Jones, Alice
Jones, B. F.
Jones, Benjamin M.
Jones, Benjamin M.
Jones, Bobby
Jones, Bolivar
Jones, Brooks
Jones, Cdt. Charles E.
Jones, Cdt. Forest Dean
Jones, Charles C.
Jones, Claude W.
Jones, Cpl. Alfred E.
Jones, Cpl. Aubrey C.
Jones, Cpl. Bennie A.
Jones, Cpl. Charles
Jones, Cpl. Clyde B.
Jones, Cpl. James T.
Jones, Cpl. John B.
Jones, Cpl. John L.
Jones, Cpl. Oscar
Jones, Cpl. Rogers C.
Jones, Cpl. Willie A.
Jones, Dan W.
Jones, Dr. Samuel J.
Jones, E. L.
Jones, Elbridge M.
Jones, Ethel
Jones, Frederick D.
Jones, George
Jones, George
Jones, Harvey
Jones, Henry M.
Jones, Herbert L.
Jones, Irvine
Jones, J. P.
Jones, Jack
Jones, Jake
Jones, James A.
Jones, Jim
Jones, Judith
Jones, L. L.
Jones, Lt. Hamlet P.
Jones, Lt. Herbert J.
Jones, Lt. Herbert K.
Jones, Lula
Jones, Marguerite
Jones, Mary Ruth
Jones, Mary Ruth
Jones, Mary Ruth
Jones, Mrs. J. M.
Jones, Mrs. Luther
Jones, Mrs. Monroe
Jones, Mrs. Roy L.
Jones, Mrs. W. H.
Jones, Myrtle
Jones, Pvt. Albert E.
Jones, Pvt. Alfred P.
Jones, Pvt. Barnet
Jones, Pvt. Benjamin B.
Jones, Pvt. Bennie I.
Jones, Pvt. Bert M.
Jones, Pvt. Charles C.
Jones, Pvt. Charles H.
Jones, Pvt. Charles Wesley
Jones, Pvt. Charley
Jones, Pvt. Clarence M.
Jones, Pvt. Claude W.
Jones, Pvt. Clifford
Jones, Pvt. Clifton
Jones, Pvt. David S.
Jones, Pvt. David T.
Jones, Pvt. Earl
Jones, Pvt. Early B.
Jones, Pvt. Elisha
Jones, Pvt. Elmer
Jones, Pvt. Ernest H.
Jones, Pvt. Estie L.
Jones, Pvt. Everett E.
Jones, Pvt. Forest G.
Jones, Pvt. Fred
Jones, Pvt. Fred
Jones, Pvt. Fred E.
Jones, Pvt. George
Jones, Pvt. George S.
Jones, Pvt. Harry F.
Jones, Pvt. Henry H.
Jones, Pvt. Henry W.
Jones, Pvt. Ira L.
Jones, Pvt. Jack
Jones, Pvt. James S.
Jones, Pvt. Jasper
Jones, Pvt. John A.
Jones, Pvt. John W.
Jones, Pvt. Leo
Jones, Pvt. Lindsey
Jones, Pvt. Luther N.
Jones, Pvt. Mack
Jones, Pvt. Marcus
Jones, Pvt. Merritt
Jones, Pvt. Nathaniel
Jones, Pvt. Odes O.
Jones, Pvt. Oklahoma
Jones, Pvt. Oren
Jones, Pvt. Paul
Jones, Pvt. Ross
Jones, Pvt. Ross C.
Jones, Pvt. Roy C.
Jones, Pvt. Samuel S.
Jones, Pvt. Victor
Jones, Pvt. Walter J.
Jones, Pvt. Wesley
Jones, Pvt. William A.
Jones, Pvt. William H.
Jones, Pvt. Willie
Jones, Pvt. Willie J.
Jones, Pvtr. Sudreth
Jones, Rev. Jenkin Lloyd
Jones, Robert C.
Jones, Robert C.
Jones, Roscoe
Jones, Sgt. Charles C.
Jones, Sgt. Charles F.
Jones, Sgt. Erwin I.
Jones, Sgt. Hobard B.
Jones, Sgt. John M.
Jones, Thomas O.
Jones, W. L.
Jones, William
Jones, William J.
Jones, Willie
Jones, Willie
Jones, Willie
Jonod, Cpl. William
Jordan, Capt. Mortimer F.
Jordan, Cpl. Percy
Jordan, Cpl. Walter
Jordan, John
Jordan, Lt. Louis J.
Jordan, Lt. Marcus A.
Jordan, Pvt. Claude B.
Jordan, Pvt. Frank
Jordan, Pvt. James A.
Jordan, Pvt. Joseph
Jordan, Pvt. Joshua T.
Jordan, Pvt. Miles F.
Jordan, Pvt. Roscoe
Jordan, Pvt. Thomas R.
Jordan, Shelby
Jordon, Pvt. Carl
Jordon, Pvt. Roy C.
Jorgenson, Pvt. Tarval M.
Josellyn, Cpl. Robert R.
Joseph, Edwin B.
Joseph, Pvt. Abraham
Journey, Lt. James Britt
Joy, Cpl. Charles L.
Joy, Mattie D.
Joyce, Charles L.
Joyce, Charles L.
Joyce, Charles L.
Joyce, Charles L.
Joyce, James
Joyce, James
Joyce, James
Joyce, James
Joyce, James N.
Joyce, Joe
Joyce, John J.
Joyce, Lt. Whitney H.
Joyce, Pvt. John R.
Joyce, Pvt. Patrick W.
Joyce, Pvt. Thomas H.
Joyner, Amanda
Joyner, Amanda Josephine
Judd, Richard W.
Juden, Lt. Louis K.
Judkins, Pvt. William G.
Judson, Ralph A.
Judy, Pvt. Howard W.
Julian, James Basil
Julian, Pvt. Edgar W.
Junette, Pvt. Mario
Jung, George J.
Juniel, J. Warren
Junkerman, Pvt. Albert F.
Junkins, Ezra
Jurach, Pvt. Anton L.
Jurasinski, Pvt. Joseph
Jureick, Cpl. John W.
Juriak, Jr., Pvt. Anton
Jury, Leroy
Juryevich, Pvt. John
Jusleadona, Pvt. Andrew
Just, Pvt. Frank
Justice, Pvt. Arnold
Justice, Pvt. Ira H.
Justice, Pvt. Louis O.
Jutz, Lt. John F.
Kabra, Pvt. Reino
Kadeiski, Pvt. Stanley
Kado, Pvt. Joseph
Kaecht, Lt. Harold J.
Kaempf, Dr. Johannes
Kaesor, Sgt. Joseph
Kaffenberger, Sgt. Lewis Leo
Kagy, Sgt. Lewis
Kahaller, Patrick
Kahler, Pvt. Howard W.
Kahn, Capt. Eugene M.
Kahn, Girl
Kahn, Ike
Kahn, Ike
Kahn, Leo
Kahn, Leopold "Admiral Dot"
Kahn, Mrs. H. S.
Kahre, Cpl Edward
Kain, Mrs. Fred
Kaiser, John Smith
Kaiser, Pvt. Fred C.
Kaiser, Pvt. Hugh B.
Kaiser, Pvt. John M.
Kaiser, Pvt. Joseph
Kaiserling, George
Kaladines, Gen. Adult Male
Kalbea, Pvt. John
Kalensky, Pvt. Tony
Kales, Pvt. Gust
Kalinec, Pvt. John A.
Kalinski, John
Kalka, Pvt. J. V.
Kalkbrenner, Fred
Kallas, Pvt. Gust
Kalley, Pvt. John R.
Kalser, Cpl. Clayton B.
Kamienski, Pvt. Frank
Kammerling, Lt. Gordon
Kampl, Cpl. Aino
Kane, Cpl. John J.
Kane, Lt. Bothwell B.
Kane, Pvt. Frank G.
Kane, Pvt. Henry L.
Kane, Jr., Pvt. James E.
Kanher, Cpl. Michael
Kanieski, Pvt. Joseph
Kanouse, Pvt. Simon W.
Kanzier, Pvt. Fred F.
Kapalia, Pvt. John R.
Kapanke, Fred
Kaparon, Pvt. Nicholas P.
Kapich, Pvt. Blaz
Kapitake, Arthur G.
Kapitake, Pvt. Willie
Kaplan, Pvt. Samuel A.
Kapschull, Pvt. William M.
Karbowski, Sgt. Otto H.
Karcher, Pvt. Urban
Karkela, Pvt. Albert M.
Karla, Sgt. Ray M.
Karnoff, Rev. August
Karnowsky, Sgt. Frank E.
Karpas, Maj. Morris J.
Karr, Pvt. James A.
Karston, Cpl. Gilbert D.
Kart, Pvt. Herman A.
Kaser, Pvt. Mathies
Kasica, Pvt. Benjamin
Kasper, Joie
Kasper, Pvt. Joe
Kasteudick, Cpl. Waldo H.
Kastner, Pvt. John
Kater, Pvt. George V.
Katopodes, Pvt. John
Kattenborn, Sgt. George Christian
Katy, K. T.
Katz, Pvt. Maxwell D.
Katzkamhof, M.
Kaucher, John M.
Kaucher, Walter Leslie
Kaudette, Pvt. Joseph F.
Kaufman, Isador
Kaufman, Isadore
Kaufman, Pvt. Ernest H.
Kavanaugh, Anna Mariah Kimbrough
Kavanaugh, E. M.
Kavanaugh, Ella
Kay, Samuel L.
Kaylor, J. N.
Kayser, Pvt. Alfred
Kayseyeyna, Pvt. Stanley
Keadle, Rev. Oliver H.
Keadle, Rev. Oliver H.
Keahy, Pvt. John C.
Kean, Capt. Joseph
Keane, Martin
Keane, Martin
Keane, Pvt. Patrick
Keane, Rev. John Joseph
Kearden, Cpl. Alonza
Kearney, Edward W.
Kearns, Cpl. Fred
Kearns, Thomas
Keating, Pvt. Michael
Keaton, Pvt. Thomas F.
Kebzinsky, Pvt. Stanley
Keck, Cpl. ??? R.
Kedzuf, Pvt. MIchael
Kee, Pvt. James
Kee, Pvt. James
Keefe, Guy
Keefe, Sgt. William
Keefer, Sgt. William M.
Keeger, Sgt. Frank O.
Keek, Pvt. James L.
Keel, Pvt. Edward M.
Keele, Lt. Orlon Alonzo
Keele, Pvt. William P.
Keeling, Lt. Walter S.
Keeling, Pvt. Howard S.
Keen, Pvt. Cabe
Keen, Pvt. Joe
Keenan, P. F.
Keenan, Pvt. Joseph J.
Keene, Pvt. Harry H.
Keene, Pvt. John
Keeney, Pvt. Rankin L.
Kees, Pvt. George B.
Keese, Guy
Kefalos, Pvt. Eusthathios
Kehoe, Ernest G.
Kehoe, Pvt. Charles Bernard
Keifer, Cpl. Daniel W.
Keifer, Pvt. Vaughan
Keiffer, Pvt. Adolph C.
Keirn, Eleanor M.
Keiser, Lt. Harry M.
Keismahl, Pvt. Bruno G.
Keith, A. Paul
Keith, Judge James
Keith, Mrs. John
Keith, Mrs. W. M.
Keith, Mrs. W. M.
Keith, Pvt. Leo
Keith, Sgt. Henry P.
Keitz, Pvt. Harry A.
Keizer, Capt. Phil J.
Kelbeasa, Pvt. William D.
Kelch, Pvt. George A.
Keler, Pvt. Royal
Kell, Pvt. Charles L.
Kellar, A. J.
Kellar, Andrew J.
Kellar, Cdt. George G.
Kellar, Pvt. Dewain E.
Kellar, Pvt. John
Kellberg, Pvt. Otho
Kelleher, Cpl. James W.
Kellenbach, Pvt. Joseph H.
Keller, Lt. Frederick W.
Keller, Lt. William S.
Keller, Norman
Keller, Pvt. Carl Raymond
Keller, Pvt. Claude W.
Keller, Pvt. Ira Cranmer
Keller, Pvt. Robert S.
Keller, Pvt. Wallace W.
Keller, Pvt. Wesley N.
Kelleras, Pvt. James L.
Kellerman, Pvt. Alfred
Kellett, Pvt. Joseph A.
Kelley, Clarence F.
Kelley, Clark
Kelley, Cpl. John J.
Kelley, Cpl. Robert E.
Kelley, Girl
Kelley, Girl
Kelley, J. T.
Kelley, J. T.
Kelley, Margaret
Kelley, Mathew
Kelley, Michael J.
Kelley, Mrs. I. N.
Kelley, Nora
Kelley, Pvt. Andrew Joseph
Kelley, Pvt. Charles R.
Kelley, Pvt. Daniel O.
Kelley, Pvt. Edward J.
Kelley, Pvt. John
Kelley, Pvt. Michael F.
Kelley, Pvt. Ollie P.
Kelley, Pvt. Paul D.
Kelley, Pvt. Richard T.
Kelley, Pvt. Robert
Kelley, Pvt. Sam
Kelley, Pvt. Sylvester F.
Kelley, Pvt. Thomas
Kelley, Pvt. William O.
Kelley, Sarah M.
Kelley, Sgt. Arthur F.
Kelley, Jr., Cpl James J.
Kellish, Pvt. William
Kellogg, B. M.
Kellogg, Bert M.
Kellogg, Bert M.
Kellogg, Bert M.
Kellogg, Pvt. Bertie
Kellogg, William Pitt
Kellow, Cpl. James A.
Kellum, Pvt. Charles H.
Kellum, Pvt. James B.
Kelly, Cpl. Daniel J.
Kelly, Cpl. Eugene Francis
Kelly, Cpl. Joseph A.
Kelly, Cpl. Patrick J.
Kelly, Cpl. Sidney
Kelly, George C.
Kelly, Lt. Gerald F.
Kelly, Lt. John G.
Kelly, Mrs. J. L.
Kelly, Pvt. Albert
Kelly, Pvt. Arl B.
Kelly, Pvt. Daniel F.
Kelly, Pvt. Edward J.
Kelly, Pvt. Edward Vincent
Kelly, Pvt. Emmett S.
Kelly, Pvt. Evert
Kelly, Pvt. Francis I.
Kelly, Pvt. John J.
Kelly, Pvt. John J.
Kelly, Pvt. Joseph
Kelly, Pvt. Joseph Bryan
Kelly, Pvt. Louis M.
Kelly, Pvt. Lynn E.
Kelly, Pvt. Malachi
Kelly, Pvt. Martin M.
Kelly, Pvt. Phillip V.
Kelly, Pvt. William J.
Kelly, T. J.
Kelly, W. R.
Kelly, Walter P.
Kelly, Will R.
Kelly, Jr., Sgt. Thomas W.
Kelsan, Cpl. George L.
Kelso, Child
Kelso, Pvt. John
Kelton, John Howard
Keltonic, Pvt. John T.
Kemble, Pvt. Frank E.
Kemble, Pvt. Joe R.
Kemig, Pvt. John F.
Kemp, Capt. L. H.
Kemp, Capt. L. H.
Kemp, Edgar
Kemp, Otho
Kemplin, Pvt. Arthur D.
Kenady, Capt. James C.
Kendall, Cpl. Jean
Kendall, Pvt. Orville V.
Kendall, Sgt. Clarence M.
Kendall, Sgt. Harry N.
Kendrick, Capt. Hugh A.
Kendrick, Ed
Kendrick, John
Kendrick, John
Kendrick, Joseph
Kendrick, Joseph
Kenison, Cpl. Budant J.
Kenla, Pvt. Walter
Kenna, Pvt. William A.
Kennamer, Cpl. Samuel R.
Kennard, Harriett
Kennedy, Cpl. Joe T.
Kennedy, David T.
Kennedy, Millie
Kennedy, Pvt. Abe L.
Kennedy, Pvt. Arthur
Kennedy, Pvt. Floyd
Kennedy, Pvt. George R.
Kennedy, Pvt. Hamilton J.
Kennedy, Pvt. Joseph A.
Kennedy, Pvt. Joseph F.
Kennedy, Pvt. Leander W.
Kennedy, Pvt. Leo Joseph
Kennedy, Pvt. Lester L.
Kennedy, Pvt. Martin P.
Kennedy, Pvt. Roy
Kennedy, Pvt. Sam
Kennedy, Pvt. Taylor
Kennedy, Pvt. Thomas
Kennedy, Pvt. Thomas H.
Kennedy, Pvt. William B.
Kennedy, Susan E.
Kennedy, Walter D.
Kennedy, Walter D.
Kennemer, Zemazine
Kennerly, Pvt. Sam B.
Kenney, Cpl. Edward J.
Kenney, Pvt. Thomas B.
Kenney, Pvt. William
Kennington, Lt. Robert E.
Kennon, Col. Lyman V.
Kenny, John C.
Kenny, Margaret
Kenny, William
Kent, Laura V.
Kent, P. W.
Kent, P.W.
Kent, Pvt. George N.
Kenworthy, Cpl. Charles
Kenyon, Pvt. Lee N.
Keogh, Henry J.
Keogh, Pvt. James J.
Keough, Pvt. Edward
Keown, William
Keppler, Pvt. William
Kepplin, Jr., Pvt. Richard
Kerconsky, Pvt. Morris
Kerfoot, Rev. Frank
Kerfoot, Rev. Frank W.
Kerlin, Cpl. Alfred J.
Kern, J. F.
Kern, Mrs. J. F.
Kern, Pvt. Albert J.
Kerner, Pvt. Leo J.
Kerney, Lt. Thomas Emmet
Kerp, Pvt. Christian N.
Kerr, Cpl. Harold R.
Kerr, Lt. Harry S.
Kersey, Pvt. James Robert
Kershaw, Pvt. William
Kersher, Pvt. Anton F.
Kersky, Cpl. Joseph W.
Kervigan, Pvt. Frank A.
Kesierson, Pvt. Vestus
Kesler, Pvt. Robert L.
Kessler, Pvt. Claude E.
Kessler, Pvt. Harry A.
Kessler, Pvt. Otto
Kester, Capt. Tom P.
Kester, Pvt. William E.
Ketch, Pvt. Franklin N.
Ketchem, Pvt. James
Ketcher, Pvt. Bill
Ketcher, William
Kettering, Pvt. Lester E.
Kettering, Ralph G.
Kettering, Ralph Grandison
Kettier, Pvt. Frederick H.
Kettin, Cpl. Arthur Adolf
Key, Atlas
Key, Aunt Kate
Key, Mary A.
Key, Pvt. Austin W.
Key, Pvt. Floyd M.
Key, Pvt. Nat B.
Keyes, Pauline Fiesenbach
Keys, John M.
Khris, Pvt. Howard S.
Khron, Pvt. Edward M.
Kiaiski, Pvt. Frank
Kibble, Pvt. Oscar
Kidd, Cpl. Odrian W.
Kidder, Dr. Edward
Kidder, Pvt. Charley M.
Kidwell, Pvt. Paul M.
Kiefer, Cpl. Earl K.
Kiefer, Pvt. Arthur H.
Kiely, Mathew
Kiely, Pvt. Frank A.
Kiernan, Sgt. Henry J.
Kiestler, Pvt. Robert L.
Kilburn, Lt. Harold E.
Kilburn, Mrs. C.
Kilby, Pvt. Willie
Kilfoyle, Pvt. John A.
Kilgore, Emma
Kilgore, Emma
Kilgore, Pvt. John I.
Kilgore, Pvt. William S.
Kilgore, Pvt. William S.
Kilkana, Cpl. Herman J.
Kilkeary, Pvt. William P.
Killan, Pvt. Andrew J.
Killan, Sgt. Daivd Chenowith
Killebrew, Pvt. George W.
Killerin, 2Lt. George W.
Killey, Pvt. Charlie W.
Killgrove, Joseph
Killian, Albert S.
Killian, Bill
Killian, Gilbert
Killian, Pvt. Gilbert
Killian, Pvt. Gilbert
Killkenny, George L.
Killmeyer, John A.
Kilman, Cpl. Jack
Kilmer, Sgt. Joyce
Kilpatrick, William
Kilsber, Pvt. Walter John
Kimball, Mary E.
Kimball, Pvt. George A. M.
Kimball, Pvt. Richard
Kimbell, Pvt. Ashley
Kimberlin, Sgt. Clarence R.
Kimble, Cpl. Herman
Kimble, Maj. Edwin R.
Kimbler, Mrs. A. J.
Kimbrough, Mary E.
Kimbrough, Mary E.
Kimbrough, Mary E.
Kimbrough, Pvt. Charley C.
Kimbrough, Ruth
Kimbrow, Pvt. Charles B.
Kime, Nora Frances
Kimes, Cpl. Clarence F.
Kimmel, Pvt. Harry
Kimnberlin, L. F.
Kimpel, Ben Grew
Kinard, Odie
Kinard, Roy
Kincaid, Benjamin Franklin
Kincaid, Pvt. Walter F.
Kinchen, Cpl. Leander J.
Kinclaid, Pvt. Rufus O.
Kindle, Pvt. Clyde D.
Kindricks, Edward L.
Kinealy, Pvt. Daniel P.
King, Belle
King, Bud
King, Capt. Charles A.
King, Cdt. W. J.
King, Charlotte
King, Cpl Vance A.
King, Cpl. Charles Sylvester
King, Cpl. Clarence
King, Cpl. Felix M.
King, Cpl. George Henry
King, Cpl. Roy R.
King, Cpl. Rupert W.
King, D. E.
King, Frederick P.
King, Gen. Horatio G.
King, J. T.
King, James W.
King, John P.
King, John T.
King, Lee
King, Lee G.
King, Lloyd
King, Maude A.
King, Mrs. E. W.
King, Mrs. E. W.
King, Mrs. E. W.
King, Nera D.
King, Pvt. Daniel I.
King, Pvt. Alfred P.
King, Pvt. Benjamin F.
King, Pvt. Clyde R.
King, Pvt. Earl S.
King, Pvt. Everett A.
King, Pvt. Frank M.
King, Pvt. Frank M.
King, Pvt. Frank V.
King, Pvt. Fred W.
King, Pvt. Frederick B.
King, Pvt. George
King, Pvt. George E.
King, Pvt. George R.
King, Pvt. Grover C.
King, Pvt. James F.
King, Pvt. James F.
King, Pvt. Jesse M.
King, Pvt. Jesse M.
King, Pvt. Jim A.
King, Pvt. Joe E.
King, Pvt. John E.
King, Pvt. Lester
King, Pvt. Marshall W.
King, Pvt. Thomas B.
King, Pvt. Thomas F.
King, Pvt. William C.
King, Pvt. William G.
King, Rosie
King, Thomas M.
King, Toney
King, W. F.
King, W. F.
Kinge, Pvt. William F.
Kingel, Pvt. George W.
Kingery, Pvt. Lloyd
Kingery, Pvt. Ralph T.
Kinght, Mrs. J. W.
Kinghton, Pvt. John N.
Kingsley, Pvt. Kenneth F.
Kingston, Anna
Kingston, Pvt. Harry G.
Kinington, Sgt. Lloyd W.
Kinkelin, Pvt. August
Kinnaman, Pvt. William C.
Kinnard, Pvt. James L.
Kinnard, Pvt. Roy V.
Kinnard, Walter
Kinnard, Walter
Kinne, Lt. Harold E.
Kinnebrew, Nannie M.
Kinney, Pvt. Austin R.
Kinney, Pvt. Barney E.
Kinney, Jr., Lt. Charles
Kinseler, Cpl. Ernest J.
Kinser, Pvt. William
Kinskern, O. R.
Kinsley, George
Kinslow, Mrs. Warren
Kintz, Sgt. John C.
Kious, Alice N.
Kious, Pvt. John W.
Kipp, Pvt. Joseph H.
Kirbin, W.
Kirby, Ada F.
Kirby, Ada F.
Kirby, Alvis B.
Kirby, Alvis Benton
Kirby, Cpl. Manooh J.
Kirby, Cpl. Willis
Kirby, Ivey
Kirby, Pvt. Burl
Kirby, Pvt. Charles F.
Kirby, Pvt. Everett R.
Kirby, Pvt. Fred E.
Kirby, Pvt. Fred L.
Kirby, Pvt. George W.
Kirby, Pvt. Henry
Kirby, Pvt. James R.
Kirby, Pvt. John T.
Kirchner, C. F.
Kirdalk, Pvt. William
Kirk, Charles
Kirk, Charles
Kirk, Cpl. Frank L.
Kirk, James
Kirk, James
Kirk, Lt. Theodore T.
Kirk, Mrs. M. E.
Kirk, Philip
Kirk, Pvt. Jesse L.
Kirk, Pvt. John S.
Kirk, Pvt. Robert R.
Kirk, Pvt. Simon
Kirk, Pvt. Walter J.
Kirkendal, Cpl. John
Kirkey, Raymond V.
Kirkham, Cpl. Robert E.
Kirkham, Oleta
Kirkin, Pvt. Thomas M.
Kirkland, Charles
Kirkland, Charles
Kirkland, Charles
Kirkland, Charles
Kirkland, Charles
Kirkland, Charles
Kirkland, Charles
Kirkland, Charles
Kirkland, Charles
Kirkland, Charles
Kirkland, Charles
Kirkland, Charles C.
Kirkland, Charley
Kirkland, Charley
Kirkland, Mary E.
Kirkland, Pvt. Joseph W.
Kirkland, Pvt. Ralph Furr
Kirkpatrick, Cpl. John D.
Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth
Kirkpatrick, Lillian R.
Kirkpatrick, Lillian R.
Kirkpatrick, Lillian Reita
Kirkpatrick, Walter E.
Kirschner, John
Kirschner, Mrs. John
Kirschner, Pvt. Henry
Kirscht, Pvt. Adam B.
Kirtley, H. O.
Kirtley, Pvt. Arthur P.
Kirtley, Pvt. Willard
Kirtley, Romie
Kirtly, Viene
Kirwen, Cdt. M. W.
Kise, Pvt. Clayton S.
Kiseane?, Pvt. Jerry J.
Kishler, Edwin P.
Kisilowski, Pvt. Antoni
Kiss, Lt. Adult Male
Kissel, Lt. Gustav H.
Kissel, Sgt. Joseph W.
Kisseling, Pvt. Charles Burch
Kissle, Pvt. Peter P.
Kister, Ella
Kitchell, Charles Wesley
Kitchell, Charles Wesley
Kitchell, Charles Wesley
Kitchen, Elizabeth A.
Kitchen, Elizabeth Ann
Kitchens, Lt. Lewis W.
Kitchens, Pvt. Clarence
Kitchens, Pvt. Richard L.
Kitchens, Richard L.
Kite, Cpl. Vernie Francks
Kite, Pvt. Ambrose S.
Kite, Pvt. John Franklin
Kite, Sgt. Clement C.
Kitelinger, Pvt. George
Kitler, Cpl. Edward
Kitt, Cpl. Don H.
Kittredge, Sarah E.
Kizer, Daniel H.
Kizer, William Henderson
Klaber, Pvt. Albert A.
Klah, Cpl. Martin J.
Klahre, Charles H.
Klapp, Cpl. Joseph G. W.
Kleba, Pvt. Herbert C.
Kleeber, Pvt. Louis B.
Klefhaber, Pvt. Conrad K.
Klein, Charles J.
Klein, Max
Klein, Pvt. Homer W.
Klein, Pvt. Hyman
Klein, Pvt. Kenneth
Klein, Sgt. Harry
Kleinent, Pvt. Charles E.
Kleinman, Pvt. Maroni
Klekar, Pvt. Louis
Klelland, Lt. Casper M.
Klem, J. F.
Klemme, Pvt. Harold W.
Klemmer, Pvt. Louis A.
Klenunc?, Cpl. Edward
Klesson, Pvt. Edward
Klestler, Pvt. Realis C.
Kley, Pvt. John Augusta
Kligelion, Sgt. John E.
Klimanski, Pvt. Toni
Klimowecuz, Pvt. Edward
Kline, Azle B.
Kline, Pvt. Samuel J.
Kline, Pvt. William H.
Kline, Sgt. E. J.
Kline, Sgt. Frank A.
Kline, Sgt. Orris F.
Kling, Bobbie
Kling, Bobbie Elva
Kling, Robbie Elva
Klingensmith, Sgt. John M.
Klinger, Pvt. Arthur J.
Klinker, Pvt. August J.
Klinski, Pvt. Victor
Klippie, Pvt. Henry A.
Klonder, Pvt. Walter
Klopfer, Pvt. Louis H.
Klucka, Pvt. Anthony
Kluth, Pvt. William C.
Klymasiwiki, Pvt. John
Knapp, Clyde W.
Knapp, Lt. Lee Henry
Knapp, Pvt. David L.
Knapp, Pvt. George G.
Knapp, Pvt. Harold A.
Knapp, Sgt. Clarence C.
Knapp, Sgt. William R.
Knapp, Walter
Knarr, Pvt. Donald C.
Knatt, Walter R.
Knaub, Cpl. Clarence E.
Knaus, Pvt. Harry B.
Knees, Pvt. Rupert D.
Kneip, Edward Charles
Kneip, Pvt. Isador M.
Knelly, Pvt. Henry F.
Knickerbocker, Alice Z.
Knieps, Sgt. George John
Knight, Cpl. Leroy
Knight, Lt. Henry R.
Knight, Pvt. Clarence G.
Knight, Pvt. Elijah J.
Knight, Pvt. Otla
Knight, Pvt. Sidney A.
Knight, Sgt. Edmund H.
Knight, Sgt. Floyd C.
Knighton, Pvt. Otho V.
Knighton, W. F.
Knod, Mrs. Paul
Knoell, Pvt. Elmer G.
Knoll, Pvt. William C.
Knopp, Pvt. Richard W.
Knorr, Cpl. George
Knorr, Pvt. Harry F.
Knott, Gen. Leo A.
Knott, George
Knott, Pvt. Charles I.
Knott, Sgt. George T.
Knowles, Pvt. Howard E.
Knowles, Rev. Prince Albert
Knowleton, Pvt. Forrest S.
Knowlton, Cpl. Guy R.
Knowlton, Pvt. Walter H.
Knox, A. J.
Knox, J. E.
Knox, James K.
Knox, Joseph E.
Knox, Joseph E.
Knox, Mrs. M. C.
Knox, Pvt. Douglas H.
Knox, Jr., William T.
Knsak, Sgt. Frank J.
Knutsen, Sgt. Leslie
Knutson, Pvt. Charlie B.
Knutson, Pvt. Leonard A.
Kobayaski, Sgt. Adult Male
Kobbe, Gustav
Kobus, Pvt. John
Kobylazak, Walter Lee
Koch, Katherine
Koch, Pvt. Bruno
Koch, Pvt. Eugene L.
Koch, Pvt. Herbert E.
Koch, Pvt. John J.
Koch, Pvt. Joseph Frank
Koch, Pvt. Ralph
Koch, Pvt. Walter E.
Koch?, Pvt. Fred A.
Kocher, Sgt. Hart F.
Kochia, Pvt. John
Koebrick, Pvt. Louis E.
Koefski, Pvt. Theofil
Koegan, Ray
Koehler, Otto
Koehler, Pvt. George W.
Koehler, Pvt. George W.
Koeing, Pvt. Joseph B.
Koenick, Oliver E.
Koenig, Pvt. Krist
Koenig, Sgt. Frank
Koenig, Susie
Koenig, Susie
Koerner, H. T.
Koeshel, Pvt. Aaron W.
Koethe, Pvt. Herbert
Koethon, Pvt. Theodore C.
Koeune, Cpl. Jacob T.
Koger, Cpl. Victor H.
Kohen, Pvt. Joseph
Kohimeir, Pvt. George
Kohl, Pvt. Bennie M.
Kohl, Pvt. Frank E.
Kohler, Pvt. Norman C.
Kohler, Sgt. Peter J.
Kohlmeier, Lt. C. L.
Kohlsaat, C. C.
Kokoszka, Pvt. Haul
Kolar, Cpl. Gust
Kolar, Pvt. Edward
Kolar, Pvt. James
Kolb, Pvt. Oscar
Kolb, Thomas
Kolkov, E. R.
Kollar, John
Koller, Pvt. Mike
Kolodzeonsyk, Pvt. Alexander
Kolwyck, Pvt. Oren C.
Konabel, Pvt. Howard
Konopck, Pvt. Frank J.
Koo, Mrs. Wellington
Kool, Pvt. William P.
Koon, Pvt. Carter H.
Koonce, Lillie
Koonce, Lillie
Koonce, Pvt. Curtis H.
Koonce, Sgt. George S.
Kooney, George Joseph
Koontz, Pvt. Floyd T.
Koop, Carl W.
Koop, Carl W.
Koop, Carl W.
Koop, Carl W.
Koopman, Pvt. Jesse L.
Kooris, Steve
Kopansky, Pvt. Fred
Kopecwicz, Pvt. Anthony
Kopfrivica, Pvt. George
Koplon, Henry
Koplon, Henry
Koplon, Henry
Kopp, Pvt. George E.
Kopplin, Robert
Koraschewicz, Pvt. Bruce
Korn, Pvt. Leroy
Kornas, Pvt. John Clistaw
Korngold, Cpl. Nathan
Korniloff, Gen. Adult Male
Kornmayer, Bert J.
Kornmayer, Fred J.
Kornmayer, Fred J.
Korspeak, Pvt. Frank
Korte, Bernard F.
Kosalia?, Pvt. John
Kosbell, Pvt. Andrew
Koschak, Pvt. Nicholas
Koser, Pvt. Abe
Kosezynski, Frank
Kosgel, Howard A.
Kosicki, Adult Male
Kositzke, Pvt. Arthur
Koski, Pvt. Martin
Koskoska, Pvt. Michael
Kosminski, Pvt. Robert R.
Kosnig, Rosa
Kosseth, Pvt. Frank
Kossewski, Pvt. Antoni
Kotelov, Pvt. Abe
Koth, Ada Marie
Koth, Christ
Kothmann, Pvt. Alfred E.
Kotinsky, Pvt. Victor
Kotlyn, Pvt. Joseph
Kotouch, Pvt. Robert
Kotsum, Pvt. William
Kountz, Pvt. Erwin O.
Koutny, Pvt. John
Kowalak, Cpl. Anthony S.
Kowalski, Pvt. Chris
Kowalski, Pvt. Macacej
Kowalski, Sgt. Adam W.
Kowker, Cpl. Tathoay? J.
Kowlewski, Vitold
Kozloski, Pvt. Joseph John
Kraakmo, Pvt. Theodore
Kraeger, Pvt. Ray D.
Kraemer, Pvt. Edward
Kraft, Cpl. Samuel M.
Kraft, Leo W.
Kraft, Louis P.
Kraft, Louis P.
Kraft, Louis P.
Kraft, Pvt. Emil F.
Kraft, Sgt. Helmuth F.
Krajewski, Cpl. Felix
Kral, Pvt. Joseph L.
Kramer, Emma
Kramer, Emma C.
Kramer, Pvt. Harry
Krantman, Pvt. Nathan
Kratski, Pvt. Ernest
Kraus, Pvt. Anton
Krause, GSgt. Max
Krause, John
Krause, John H.
Krauss, Cpl. Joseph H.
Krautman, Pvt. Adult Male
Krawfcyk, Jr., Pvt. Peter
Kreck, Pvt. Cyril
Kregel, Pvt. Edward
Kreibaum, Cpl. George F.
Kreiger, Pvt. Edward L.
Kreiger, Jr., Theodore
Krellerman, John
Krem, Pvt. Walter R.
Krenek, Pvt. Joseph J.
Krensing, Pvt. William
Krep, Lt. Fred A.
Kresick, Pvt. Stojan
Kressler, Lee I.
Kreuger, Pvt. Martin
Kreusen, Cecil E.
Krider, Frank A.
Krieg, Pvt. Elmer M.
Krift, Cpl. George E.
Krim, H. E.
Krites, Pvt. William McK.
Kroeger, Lt. Henry Augustus
Krohov, Pvt. Anton
Kromer, Sgt. Bernard G.
Krompota, Pvt. Anton
Krone, Joseph
Krostopovitch, Pvt. Vosolia
Kroutch, Pvt. Frank J.
Krueger, Pvt. Edward J.
Krug, Lt. Walter C.
Krug, Pvt. Charles E.
Kruger, Pvt. Henry J.
Kruh, Pvt. Edward G.
Krull, Pvt. Clark Edmond
Krull, Pvt. Reuben
Krumboidis, Pvt. John
Krumrey, Pvt. Charles J.
Krupnik, Pvt. Solomon
Krupot, Pvt. Marvin
Kruse, Pvt. Paul W.
Kryvey, Pvt. Zachery
Kryzewski, Pvt. Charles
Krzicky, Pvt. Wydenty
Kubatsky, Pvt. Joseph
Kubiachi, Pvt. Wedo
Kubicki, Pvt. Alonjay
Kubik, Pvt. Edward R.
Kubil, Pvt. Walter R.
Kucera, Cpl. Jerry J.
Kuebler, Pvt. Louis J.
Kuehl, Cpl. Edward G.
Kuen, Lt. William B.
Kuhn, Cpl. John L.
Kuhner, Pvt. Harry F.
Kuhnert, Victor J.
Kuhnle, Edward H.
Kujawa, Pvt. Walter
Kuleaza, Fabian
Kulhanok, Pvt. Vladimir J.
Kulowiak, Pvt. John C.
Kumpianinen, Pvt. Valeryun
Kunert, Pvt. Otto M.
Kunkel, Pvt. William R.
Kunow, Cpl. Harold W.
Kuntz, Elizabeth Mafendt
Kuntzman, Pvt. John R.
Kunzil, Cpl. Emil Walter
Kuoni, Cpl. Arthur M.
Kupp, Sgt. Clarence L.
Kurako, Pvt. Peter
Kurkendell, Pvt. Tyre?
Kurkpatrick, Bettie
Kurmisky, Mike
Kurtz, Lt. Adult Male
Kurtz, Lt. Paul B.
Kurtz, Pvt. John W.
Kurtzhale, Anna
Kurtzhalz, Anna M.
Kurtzson, Paul
Kush, Pvt. Michael
Kussmaul, Pvt. Harold
Kutch, Pvt. Frank
Kutchen, Frank J.
Kuttler, Mrs. Frederick
Kuttler, Pvt. Edward
Kutz, Pvt. Laurel R.
Kuykendall, Pvt. Walter
Kuykendall, Pvt. Walter A.
Kuzbanakis, Pvt. Felix
Kuzina, Pvt. Michael
Kwyechiski, Pvt. Wladyslaw
Kyland, Pvt. Dale
Kyle, Charles E.
Kyle, Cpl. Joseph W.
Kyle, Cpl. Levers
Kyle, Cpl. Ralph Bionden
Kyle, Ernest
Kyle, Pvt. John M.
Kyzak, Pvt. Louis A.
L?ovlere, Pvt. Jerry
La Band, Prof. Paul
La Blanc, Pvt. Edmond
La Blanche, George
la Vasseue, Leonard E.
La Vergna, Cpl. Albert
LaBata, Pvt. Domonico
Lablanc, Pvt. Victor
Labona, Pvt. Philip
LaBonte, Pvt. Edmond J.
Labonty, Pvt. Nester
Labounty, Pvt. Nelson A.
Labron, Capt. Lee B.
Lacabo, Pvt. Warren B.
Lacasee, Sgt. Oliver
Lacey, Capt. Alex
Lacey, Cpl. Charles S.
Lacey, Sgt. Harry N.
Lachowsky, Paul
Lack, Pvt. Erin
Lackasse, Pvt. Lawrence A.
Lackey, James
Lackey, James
Lackey, Pvt. Robert L.
Lackshire, Pvt. Archie
Lacreteria, Pvt. Angelo
LaCroix, Capt. George A.
LaCroix, Capt. George A.
LaCrosse, Pvt. William E.
Lacy, Pvt. Charlie A.
Lacy, Pvt. Merlin C.
Lacy, Pvt. William P.
Ladd, J. S.
Ladd, Pvt. Albert F.
Ladd, Pvt. Walter E.
Ladd, Walter Ernest
Ladenberger, Fred
Ladenberger, John Frederick
Lading, Pvt. Henry C.
Ladner, Pvt. Rosy
LaDue, C. H.
LaDue, C. H.
LaDue, C.H.
Ladue, Lt. Charles P.
Laemell, George
Laeoske, Cdt. George H.
Laero, Alfredo
Laero, Salvator
Laescher?, Pvt. Charles
Lafasse, Pvt. Louis
Lafaver, Pvt. Andrew R.
Lafayette, Wallace W.
Lafevre, Cpl. Claude
Lafex, Pvt. Robert
Laffere, Pvt. Monroe
Lafferty, Pvt. John W.
Lafferty, Pvt. Robert L.
Laflamme, Cpl. D. J.
LaForge, Sgt. Carl
Lage, Pvt. Lawrence H.
Lagiora, Pvt. Michael
Lagragren, Pvt. William Rudolph
Lagrone, Cpl. Robert E.
Laidlaw, Pvt. William
Lair, Elijah
Lair, Pvt. Benjamin F.
Laird, Cpl. George W.
Laird, Sgt. Leroy
Lajournes, Pvt. Myrtle Q.
Lakatsky, Pvt. Samuel
Lake, Sgt. Benjamin H.
Lakey, Sgt. General M.
Lakner, Phillip
Lalich, Pvt. Maxim
Lalla, Anthony S.
Lalla, Anthony Solomon
LaLonde, Pvt. Earl V.
LaLone, Pvt. Harry T.
Lam, Pvt. Redford C.
Lama, Pvt. Albert
Lamare, C. Adult Female
Lamb, Child
Lamb, Child
Lamb, Cpl. Herbert E.
Lamb, Julia
Lamb, Mrs. James
Lamb, Pvt. Harold
Lamb, Sgt. Alda M.
Lamb, Theo
Lamb, Jr., Theodore
Lamb, Jr., Theodore
Lamb, Jr., Theodore
Lamber, Pvt. Connie
Lambert, Ed
Lambert, J. B.
Lambert, Mary
Lambert, Pvt. Albert
Lambert, Pvt. Clifford N.
Lambert, Pvt. George
Lambert, Pvt. John
Lambert, Pvt. John W.
Lambert, Pvt. Joseph D.
Lambert, Pvt. Walter G.
Lambert, Samuel T.
Lambert, Sgt. Rudolph H/
Lambert, Sgt. Walter L.
Lamberts, John
Lambreth, Pvt. Elbert Gilbert
Laminack, William
Lamm, Pvt. George Frank
Lammers, Albert
Lammons, Pvt. Roy
Lamonica, Pvt. Callagera
Lamont, Daniel
Lamont, Earl Adelbert
Lamont, Pvt. Edward H.
Lamont, Pvt. Owen B.
Lamont, Sgt. Thomas E.
Lamore, Pvt. Alma
Lamperton, Pvt. Tom
Lampery, Nelson M.
Lampman, Pvt. Frederick W.
Lampton, Pvt. James C.
Lananer, Pvt. Lawrence C.
Lancaster, Cpl. Daniel E.
Lancaster, Mrs. Lloyd
Lancaster, Roy "Kansas City Blackie"
Lance, Earl D.
Lance, Earl D.
Lance, Pvt. Edward B.
Lancer, Pvt. James J.
Land, Pvt. Emil A.
Lande, Millie
Lande, Pvt. Armin
Landers, C. T.
Landers, Cpl. Harmon B.
Landers, James
Landers, Pvt. Keneston P.
Landers, Pvt. Pammie J.
Landers, Pvt. Pete
Landers, Pvt. William
Landers, Sgt. Thomas E.
Landers, William
Landes, Pvt. Ray B.
Landis, Pvt. Lark
Landon, Beth
Landon, Herschel L.
Landon, Mary G.
Landon, Pvt. Charles L.
Landram, Franklin A.
Landreolette, Cpl. Paul L.
Landrum, Tolbert I.
Landry, Pvt. George
Landry, Pvt. Ignaco
Landry, Pvt. Lazzard L.
Landry, Pvt. Lee
Landry, Pvt. Sylvane
Lands, Pvt. William W.
Landzert, Jr., Sgt. Nicholas A.
Lane, L. T.
Lane, Mrs. A.
Lane, Pvt. Benjamin F.
Lane, Pvt. Bert D.
Lane, Pvt. Charles C.
Lane, Pvt. Dewey
Lane, Pvt. Dewey
Lane, Pvt. Ed
Lane, Pvt. Edward W.
Lane, Pvt. James W.
Lane, Pvt. John P.
Lane, Pvt. Odell
Lane, Sgt. Leo L.
Lane, Sgt. Wilbur F.
Lane, Sgt. William F.
Lanford, Gladys
Lanford, Gladys
Lanford, Gladys
Lang, Cpl. George M.
Lang, Pvt. Andy Martin
Lang, Pvt. Paul
Lang, Pvt. Robert J.
Lang, William J.
Langdon, Cpl. John
Langdon, Francis
Langdon, Pvt. Roy V.
Lange, Harry L.
Lange, Pvt. Edward J.
Langendorf, Pvt. Charles
Langendtein, Cpl. Robert R.
Langford, Cpl. John A.
Langford, Gladys
Langford, Pvt. Neal
Langford, Pvt. Stephen E.
Langley, Harry
Langley, J. C.
Langley, Pvt. Aldatj
Langley, Pvt. Harry
Langsdorf, Cpl. Leonard
Langston, Pvt. Ezra L.
Langston, Pvt. Willie
Langston, Ruby
Langston, Ruby
Langston, Sarah Bell
Langston, Sarah Bell
Langwell, Pvt. George L.
Langwith, Cpl. William C.
Lanham, Pvt. Robert R.
Lanier, Cpl. Fred
Lanier, Cpl. Fred
Lanier, Ernest
Lanier, Ernest L.
Lanier, James H.
Lanier, John L.
Lanier, Pvt. Charles E.
Lanier, Pvt. Fred H.
Lanier, Pvt. Stinson
Lankford, Cpl. Olive S.
Lankford, Pvt. Clayton J.
Lankford, Pvt. John K.
Lankford, Pvt. Kent H.
Lankheet, John
Lannigan, Christina
Lanning, Pvt. Austin C.
Lansford, David
Lantis, Pvt. Clifford L.
LaPage, Sgt. Dewey N.
Lapchuck, Pvt. Wasselly
Lapents, Pvt. Frank
LaPlante, Pvt. Emile
LaPont, Sgt. Edward
LaPorte, Lt. Edmond J.
Larch, Pvt. David W.
Large, Pvt. Lee
Large, Pvt. Roy
Largent, Pvt. Floyd A.
Larimore, Nellie
Larkin, Joel
Larkin, Joel B.
Larkin, Pvt. John J.
Larkosh, Pvt. Edward E.
Larocca, Pvt. Antonio
LaRochelle, Pvt. George
Larry, Pick
Larsen, Cpl. Edwin J.
Larsen, Pvt. Carl
Larsen, Pvt. Henry K.
Larsen, Pvt. Thomas H.
Larsen, Sgt. Peter W.
Larson, Cpl. Arvid
Larson, Cpl. John
Larson, Cpl. William
Larson, Everett
Larson, Lt. Martin N.
Larson, Peter
Larson, Pvt. Albert H.
Larson, Pvt. Albert J.
Larson, Pvt. Alvin P.
Larson, Pvt. Charles
Larson, Pvt. Clarence A.
Larson, Pvt. Clarence A.
Larson, Pvt. Fred
Larson, Pvt. Gabriel
Larson, Pvt. John S.
Larson, Pvt. Norman O.
Larson, Pvt. Thomas V.
Larue, Pvt. Barker T.
Larue, Pvt. Floyd R.
Larue, Pvt. Samuel D.
Larue, Pvt. William H.
Lascola, Pvt. Giovanni
Laseter, Lloyd
Lash, Pvt. Dee
Lash, Pvt. Thomas
Lashbrook, Cpl. Lawrence C.
Lashua, Pvt. Walter
Lasiter, James A.
Lasker, Cerline
Laskowsky, Felix
Lasley, Pvt. William
Lasota, Pvt. Jum
Lassan, Pvt. Nathan
Lasser, Pvt. Ralph H.
Lasseter, Pvt. Richard J.
Lassiter, Lloyd
Laster, Pvt. Arthur E.
Latham, H. D.
Latham, Pvt. Brewster
Latham, Pvt. Livingston
Latham, Jr., Lt. Frank S.
Latham, Jr., Lt. Franks
Lathrop, 2Lt. Louis H.
Latimer, Pvt. James McKinley
Latourette, Pvt. Clarence
Lau, Sgt. James William
Laucjz, Pvt. Joe
Lauderdale, R. S.
Lauer, Sgt. Louis G.
Laufer, Pvt. Howard W.
Laugherty, Sgt. Alison L. R.
Laughlin, Cpl. Herman R.
Laughlin, Pvt. George
Laughlin, Pvt. James R.
Laughlin, Pvt. Russell C.
Laughon, John
Laughrey, Pvt. John C.
Lauingey, Pvt. George B.
Laurin, Pvt. Albert J.
Laurson, LtCol. Emil P.
Lauterwasser, Lt. Emil H.
Lautz, Sgt. Carl J.
Lavanona, Pvt. Charley
Lavelle, Pvt. Alvin
Laven, Sgt. Otto F.
Lavender, Pvt. John H.
Lavers, Sgt. Bennett B.
Laverty, M. B.
Laviolet, Pvt. Henry J.
Law, Pvt. Flavelle E.
Lawhon, Homer
Lawing, Exa
Lawing, Exa
Lawler, Pvt. Charles Edward
Lawless, Mrs. Harvey
Lawrence, Clydean
Lawrence, Cpl. Francis H.
Lawrence, Davis O.
Lawrence, Grover
Lawrence, John B.
Lawrence, Lt. Edgar Alfred
Lawrence, Mrs. W. B.
Lawrence, Paul N.
Lawrence, Pvt. Burtis A.
Lawrence, Pvt. Clayton R.
Lawrence, Pvt. Courtney
Lawrence, Pvt. Edward Joe
Lawrence, Pvt. Henry J.
Lawrence, Pvt. Herbert F.
Lawrence, Pvt. John H.
Lawrence, Pvt. John R.
Lawrence, Pvt. Joseph R.
Lawrence, Robert Leroy
Lawrence, Sarah M.
Lawrence, Sgt. James M.
Lawrence, Will
Lawrence, Will
Laws, Pvt. John O.
Lawson, Cpl. Luke
Lawson, Eleanor
Lawson, Eleanor Causine
Lawson, Gid
Lawson, Giddie
Lawson, Giddie
Lawson, Harry
Lawson, Pvt. John E.
Lawson, Pvt. William E.
Lawson, Pvt. William P.
Lawson, W. C.
Lawson, Jr., Robert Reagen
Lawton, Pvt. Paul R.
Lawton, Pvt. Thomas G.
Lay, H. G.
Lay, Pvt. William J.
Laycob, Pvt. David
Laycock, Cpl. Anders
Layde, Pvt. William L.
Layden, Cpl. Andrew W.
Layfield, Pvt. Aubrey
Layfield, Sgt. Vasco V.
Layher, Pvt. Clarence F.
Layman, Cpl. Roy
Layman, Pvt. Alfred
Laymon, Hugh
Layser, Pvt. Horace L.
Layton, Lt. Lawrence
Layton, Mrs. W. E.
Layton, Mrs. Walter
Layton, Pvt. William C.
Layton, W. S. "Billy"
Layton, William S.
Le Croix, Pvt. Henry A.
Lea, Mrs. B. J.
Leach, Cdt. Ernest H.
Leach, Cpl. Marshall D.
Leach, Pvt. Charles J.
Leach, Pvt. Henry W.
Leach, Pvt. John H.
Leach, Pvt. Larkin W.
Leach, Pvt. Thurman J.
Leach, Ura Belle
Leachikar, Pvt. Emil
Leachy, Capt. Frank M.
Leadinglin?, Pvt. Don
Leaf, Bessie
Leaf, Bessie
Leaf, Pvt. Alvin L.
League, George W.
Leahy, Pvt. Dan J.
Leak, Lt. James V.
Leaky, Cpl. Jeremiah F.
Lean, Pvt. Harry E.
Leaniowski, Pvt. Stanley J.
Leard, Pvt. Terry D.
Learned, Helen
Leary, Lt. Clarence F.
Leas, Rebecca Duke
Lease, Pvt. Frank V.
Leath, Pvt. Webb A.
Leatherwood, Pvt. James L.
Leavel, Pvt. David
Leavel, Pvt. David
Leavitt, Cpl. William
Leber, Pvt. Paul
Leberace, Pvt. Angelo
Lebo, Pvt. Allen Wayne
LeBose, Pvt. Wilinar
Lebron, Capt. Leo P.
Lebron, Capt. Leo P.
Lechener, Cpl. Carl J.
Leck, Sgt. Laurie W.
Leclerc, Clarence
Lecoute, Lt. William L.
Leday, Pvt. Victor
Ledbetter, Cpl. Shirley
Ledbetter, Pvt. Homer P.
Ledbetter, Pvt. John H.
Ledecky, Pvt. Otto
Leder, 2Lt. James C.
Ledford, Capt. Shelby
Ledford, Pvt. Clifford
Ledford, Sgt. Dewey A.
Leduc, Ernest
Lee, Adult Male (Mechanic)
Lee, Cpl. Harold C.
Lee, Edward
Lee, Edward
Lee, Edward T.
Lee, Harold J.
Lee, Ida
Lee, Ida M.
Lee, Johnny
Lee, Lt. John C.
Lee, Mary Custus
Lee, Paul
Lee, Peter
Lee, Pvt. Arthur
Lee, Pvt. Asla A.
Lee, Pvt. Biship M.
Lee, Pvt. Frank
Lee, Pvt. George N.
Lee, Pvt. Harry A.
Lee, Pvt. James M.
Lee, Pvt. James S.
Lee, Pvt. Leslie Robert
Lee, Pvt. Louis E.
Lee, Pvt. Richard L.
Lee, Pvt. Robert E.
Lee, Pvt. Samuel E.
Lee, Pvt. Thomas J.
Lee, Pvt. Walter D.
Lee, Pvt. William Robert
Lee, Pvt. William W.
Lee, Pvt. Willis
Lee, Pvt. Wisdom
Lee, Pvt. Zenovi
Lee, Ruby
Lee, Sallie
Lee, Samuel N.
Lee, Sarah
Lee, Setella
Lee, Sgt. Eddie
Lee, Sgt. Fred D.
Lee, Sgt. Walter R.
Lee, Sue J.
Lee, Jr., Clarence D.
Leech, Rosetta
Leedem, Cpl. Horace Seel
Leeman, Pvt. Harry C.
Leeper, Capt. Dan W.
Leeper, Thomas
Lees, Pvt. James E.
Leeson, Joseph
LeFant, Pvt. Cornelius M.
Lefbel, Pvt. Albert
Lefler, Ed
Lefler, W. E.
LeFleur, Pvt. Ferdinand H.
LeFort, Sgt. Ferdinand J.
Legall, Pvt. John
Legge, Pvt. Blonnie V.
Leggett, Pvt. Archie G.
Leggett, Pvt. Cepus L.
Leggett, Pvt. Denom
LeGrone, Pvt. Melvin
Lehman, Pvt. John F.
Lehman, Pvt. Kerlin
Lehman, Pvt. Wilford
Lehning, Pvt. Henry
Lehoe, Sgt. Thomas L.
Lehr, Cpl. Louis
Lehr, Lt. Manderson
Leifer, Pvt. Sherman W.
Leigh, Cpl. Ray
Leighton, Pvt. George H.
Leighton, Pvt. John J.
Leighton, Sgt. Raymond H.
Leistikow, Pvt. Herman
Leiter, Pvt. Joseph
Leithiser, Pvt. George S.
Leitner, Pvt. Aloysius
Leitzan, Pvt. Joseph S.
Leland, Prof. Erastus D.
Leland, Pvt. Edgar M.
Lemansiu, Cpl. Roman
Lemarie, Pvt. Ernest
Lemaster, Albert
Lemasters, Jr., Alfred
Lemay, Mrs. N.
Lembeke, Pvt. Herbert
Leming, Dr. J. K.
Lemke, Cpl. William C.
Lemke, Pvt. John W.
Lemma, Pvt. Samuel
Lemmon, Pvt. Harrell A.
Lemon, Cpl. Gilbert W.
Lemon, Pvt. Ralph H.
Lemons, John
Lemons, Pvt. Mill K.
Lemons, Sadie
Lenahan, Pvt. Vincent M.
Lenderman, Pvt. Harry
Lendrum, Alex
Lenglett, Oscar
Lenihan, Pvt. James H.
Lennon, Lt. Scott L.
Lennon, Pvt. Francis Regis
Lenow, Mrs. James H.
Lenow, Mrs. James H.
Lenox, Pvt. Clarnece B.
Lensing, Rosa
Lensing, Rosa
Lensing, Rosa
Lentz, Adult Male
Lentz, Pvt. Albert J.
Lenz, Henry
Lenz, Pvt. Frank Charles
Leo, Pvt. Dominico
Leonard, Cpl. James H.
Leonard, Cpl. Michael J.
Leonard, Ed
Leonard, Everett W.
Leonard, Jim
Leonard, Pvt. Bert
Leonard, Pvt. Fred C.
Leonard, Pvt. Rollin E.
Leonard, Pvt. William H.
Leonard, Sgt. Mathew A.
Leonard, Sgt. Wilson
Leonard, William W.
Leonard, William W.
Leopold, Duke Adult Male
Leorpabel, Pvt. Guy
Lepczyk, Pvt. Charles
Lerew, Liddy
Lero, Cpl. Joe F.
Leroy, Pvt. Joseph M.
Leroy, Pvt. Willie
Lertora, Pvt. Albert
Lesan, Pvt. Clinton F.
Lesenby, Pvt. James S.
Lesher, Pvt. Denver A.
Lesieur, Cpl. Freeman E.
Lesley, Pvt. Francis M.
Leslie, Boy
Leslie, Mary C.
Leslie, Mrs. William
Lessard, Pvt. Chester J.
Lessard, Pvt. Harold P.
Lesselyoung, Sgt. William
Lessig, Pvt. Harry B.
Lestan, Pvt. Harry
Lester, Cpl. George J.
Lester, Mrs. M. D.
Lester, Pvt. Charles E.
Lester, Pvt. Dudley J.
Lester, William D.
Leu, Pvt. Edgar B.
Leunhardt, Pvt. Henry P.
Leuze, Pvt. Peter
Leveaux, Cpl. Cosmer Noyes
Lever, Pvt. Joe
Levering, Pvt. Jake
Levesque, Pvt. Joseph
Levesque, Pvt. Leo
Levi, Charles
Levi, Pvt. Claude
Levi, Pvt. George W.
Levi, Robert
Levin, Cpl. Herman F.
Levin, Pvt. Bernard
Levine, Pvt. Abe
Levine, Pvt. Frank
Levine, Pvt. John L.
Levine, Pvt. Meyer
Levington, Pvt. John
Levins, Cpl. John A.
Levinson, Alice L.
Levinson, Pvt. Louis
Levoy, Sgt. Joseph
Levy, H. C.
Levy, Pvt. John
Levy, Pvt. Ralph F.
Lewacki, Pvt. Adam P.
Lewallen, Pvt. Hugh T.
Lewandoski, Pvt. Frank
Lewellen, C. A.
Lewelling, A.
Lewelling, A.
Lewin, Samuel J.
Lewis, Angus G.
Lewis, Angus G.
Lewis, Boy
Lewis, Capt. Orville E.
Lewis, Cpl. Bert
Lewis, Cpl. Harry G.
Lewis, Dr. Jacob F.
Lewis, Dr. Jacob Franklin
Lewis, Dr. Jacob Franklin
Lewis, Dr. Jacob Franklin
Lewis, Dr. John W.
Lewis, Dr. O. B.
Lewis, Dr. O. B.
Lewis, Floyd
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, Inez
Lewis, James
Lewis, James S.
Lewis, Jim
Lewis, Lt. Charles A.
Lewis, Lt. Lee C.
Lewis, Lt. Samuel
Lewis, Nannie
Lewis, Pvt. Benjamin F.
Lewis, Pvt. Benjamin H.
Lewis, Pvt. Bernice M.
Lewis, Pvt. Elsie
Lewis, Pvt. Ennis
Lewis, Pvt. Ernest
Lewis, Pvt. Everett D.
Lewis, Pvt. Floyd L.
Lewis, Pvt. Harry A.
Lewis, Pvt. Herman
Lewis, Pvt. James
Lewis, Pvt. James A.
Lewis, Pvt. Johnson A.
Lewis, Pvt. Kenneth
Lewis, Pvt. Lonnie M.
Lewis, Pvt. Milton Oliver
Lewis, Pvt. Roger Q.
Lewis, Pvt. Sam
Lewis, Pvt. Snoa D.
Lewis, Pvt. Thomas A.
Lewis, Pvt. Tipton
Lewis, Pvt. Toliver M.
Lewis, Pvt. Tony L.
Lewis, Pvt. Webb
Lewis, Pvt. Wilburn
Lewis, Pvt. William D.
Lewis, Pvt. William H.
Lewis, Pvt. William J.
Lewis, Pvt. William T.
Lewis, Rodman G.
Lewis, Sgt. John A.
Lewis, Sgt. Worth
Lewis, Susan
Lewis, Will M.
Lewis, William M.
Lewis, William M.
Lewis, William M.
Lewiston, Clair O.
Leyden, Pvt. Leo T.
Lian, Jr., Lt. Frank C.
Libbey, Pvt. Peter
Liberis, Pvt. John
Libertas, Cpl. Joseph B.
Libstein, Pvt. Alfred
Lichtenfels, Pvt. Frank John
Lickhart, Pvt. Tom
Lidd, Pvt. Vito G.
Lieber, Pvt. Oscar J.
Liebler, Pvt. Earl
Liebman, LtCol Morris N.
Liebman, Pvt. Joseph
Lied, Jacob
Liedberg, Pvt. Clarence A.
Liedke, Pvt. Albert F.
Lien, Pvt. Albert
Lietske, Cpl. John F.
Liggett, D. J.
Light, Bertha Leah
Light, Pvt. Harry
Light, Jr., Pvt. Ely
Lightfoot, Sgt. Cullie
Ligom, Pvt. Joe W.
Ligon, Flossie Alice
Ligon, Flossie Louise
Ligon, Frances McDonald
Ligon, Frances McDonald
Liles, Mrs. J. N.
Liles, Pvt. Barney
Lilildahl, Pvt. Petrus H.
Lillerman, Pvt. William
Lilley, Pvt. Alfred Joseph
Lilley, Pvt. Charles C.
Lilley, Pvt. Vernon L.
Lillie, Pvt. Francis P.
Lillie, Pvt. Frank A.
Limback, Pvt. Gustav J.
Limbert, Pvt. Raymond W.
Linch, Lt. Ballard C.
Linch, Pvt. George I.
Lincoln, Cdt. A. K.
Lincoln, Pvt. Fred C.
Lincoln, Pvt. Lewis D.
Lindberg, Pvt. Carl J.
Linden, Pvt. Elmer G.
Linder, Pvt, Jake
Linder, Will L.
Linder, William L.
Lindgren, David F.
Lindgren, Pvt. Gordon M.
Lindhuldt, Cpl. Fredolph
Lindley, Fannie
Lindloff, Adult Male
Lindsay, Franklin P.
Lindsay, Mrs. J. H.
Lindsay, Pvt. John F.
Lindsay, Pvt. Mont O.
Lindsey, Andrew B.
Lindsey, Nettie
Lindsey, Pvt. Clinton S.
Lindsey, Pvt. Clyde B.
Lindsey, Pvt. Frank
Lindsey, Pvt. Jacob S.
Lindsey, Pvt. John W.
Lindsey, Pvt. William C.
Lindsey, Pvt. William Chesley
Lindsey, Sam G.
Lindsey, Sgt. Fred R.
Lindstrom, Pvt. Solomon
Lindstrom, Pvt. Werner
Line, Pvt. Lige
Liner, Pvt. Leo L.
Lingenfeller, Pvt. Ernest R.
Lingerbaum, Pvt. Donald L.
Lingle, A. Drisus
Lingle, Sgt. Raymond F.
Linihan, Pvt. Edward W.
Link, Pvt. Carl
Link, Pvt. Virgil T.
Linnemann, Pvt. Leo P.
Linnenkamp, Msgr. Christopher
Linski, Pvt. Otto August
Linstedt, Pvt. Walter R.
Linster, Pvt. William B.
Linton, Mrs. I. N.
Linton, Pvt. James R.
Linton, Pvt. John
Linton, Pvt. John
Lintz, Pvt. Noble C.
Linville, Pvt. Joseph W.
Linzel, Mary Foehl
Linzel, Mary Foehl
Linzel, Mrs. A. E.
Liones, James
Lipe, Pvt. Edgar R.
Lipp, Clemmie
Lippert, Pvt. William
Lippincott, Pvt. Paul S.
Lippins, J. L.
Lipsey, B. A.
Lipsey, E. L.
Lipsitz, Henry
Lish, Peter F.
Lisle, Pvt. Samuel Vernon
Lisse, Pvt. Frank M.
Listemeyer, Lt. Irenasus Joseph
Lister, Clide
Liston, Child
Liston, Phillip F.
Liston, Robie Chrisp
Liston, Ruby Chrisp
Liston, Jr., Francis P.
Litchfield, John R.
Little, Cpl. John G.
Little, Cpl. Norman A.
Little, George
Little, Pvt. Herman F.
Little, Pvt. James Franklin
Little, Pvt. John W.
Little, Pvt. William Lee
Little, Sallie T.
Little, Sallie T.
Little, Sallie T.
Little, Sgt. Leery V.
Little, Stanley H.
Little , Lt. Walter N.
Little , Pvt. Harry E.
Littlefield, George B.
Littlefield, Pvt. Harry Arthur
Littleton, Pvt. Curtis
Littleton, Pvt. James L.
Litton, Pvt. Patrick Daniel
Litton, Pvt. Patrick Daniel
Litttle, Bass
Livensparer, George
Livermore, Pvt. Charles R.
Livesly, Pvt. Morris R.
Livingston, Cdt. Ivan D.
Livingston, Cpl. John R.
Livingston, Lt. Clifford R.
Livingston, Pvt. John R.
Livingston, Pvt. Lloyd
Livingston, Pvt. Ralph L.
Lizdas, Pvt. Martin
Lizzie, Pvt. Paul
Llewellyn, Lt. Edwin
Lloyd, Branson
Lloyd, Lt. Richard F.
Loats, Cpl. Herman
Lobas, Pvt. Ronald
Lobb, Pvt. Charles N.
Lock, Louis
Lockaby, J. C.
Lockaby, J. G.
Lockard, Adam
Locke, Capt. A. F.
Locke, Cpl Karl Wilson
Locke, Mrs. John
Locke, Pvt. Daniel Evans
Locke, Pvt. Sim
Locke, Rev. Edwin
Locke, Trett
Lockey, Cpl. John
Lockhardt, Pvt. John W.
Lockhart, Cpl. Elmer D.
Lockhart, Cpl. Oliver T.
Lockhart, Cpl. T. L.
Lockhart, Malcolm
Lockhart, Pvt. Dan A.
Lockhart, Pvt. James N.
Lockridge, Dolph
Lockwood, Pvt. Jay W.
Loeb, Henry
Loehr, Cpl. James Leopold
Loehr, John H.
Loeser, Pvt. Alexander
Loeven, Pvt. Harry
Loflin, Cpl. Harry
Lofton, Dora
Lofton, Matilda
Lofton, Pvt. Bidwell
Loftus, Cpl. Michael
Loftus, Cpl. Michael
Loftus, Pvt. William R.
Logan, Frank
Logan, George W.
Logan, Pvt. William C.
Logle, Lt. Quentin R.
Logwood, Jesse
Lohnes, Adult Male
Loia, Pvt. Charles
Loix, Pvt. Robert H.
Lomax, Pvt. Fred E.
Lomax, Walter
Londingingger, Cpl. John
Lones, Capt. Emerson J.
Long, Callie T.
Long, Cdt. Percy H.
Long, Charles
Long, Cpl. Alvine
Long, Cpl. Harry R.
Long, Cpl. Morris L.
Long, Darby
Long, Darby
Long, Helen May
Long, Henry J.
Long, J. G. "Dink"
Long, john
Long, John Harper
Long, Loda
Long, Loda
Long, Lt. Charles R.
Long, Lt. Jake Franklin
Long, Lt. Rimnl?? W.
Long, Mary E.
Long, Minor Allen
Long, Pvt. Claude
Long, Pvt. Elebert C.
Long, Pvt. Frank A.
Long, Pvt. James
long, Pvt. Jesse J.
Long, Pvt. John C.
Long, Pvt. John E.
Long, Pvt. Joseph O.
Long, Pvt. Lee Ramond
Long, Pvt. Lloyd A.
Long, Pvt. Louis L.
Long, R. M.
Long, Reather
Long, Sgt. Dan
Long, Sgt. Paul R.
Long, Sgt. Tim
Long, Sgt. William H.
Long, Sgt. William H.
Long, Tom
Long, Violet
Long, Will
Long, Jr., John
Long, Jr., Lt. George W.
Longan, Pvt. Layton
Longdin, Pvt. Arthur E.
Longest, Pvt. James
Longever, Pvt. William J.
Longley, Pvt. Hugh M.
Longlin, Pvt. Grisold A.
Longwitz, Pvt. Theobald
Lonning, Pvt. Bert S.
Looger, Cpl. Charles D.
Looley, Pvt. C??ord G.
Loomis, Lt. Dudley A.
Loomis, Pvt. Arthur W.
Loomis, Pvt. Glenn S.
Loomis, Pvt. Joseph Leroy
Loomis, Sgt. Orlando M.
Looney, Esther
Looney, Mrs. Bob
Looney, Pvt. George
Looney, Pvt. George W.
Loop, Cpl. Max
Loop, Pvt. Estell W.
Looper, Emily
Looper, Sgt. Ray
Lopeman, Pvt. Edward
Lopez, Pvt. Charles
Lopez, Pvt. Jose
Lopus, Pvt. Cash H.
Lord, Cpl. Leonard A.
Lord, Edward W.
Lord, Edward W.
Lord, Edwin W.
Lord, Henry A.
Lord, Lt. Orlando M.
Lord, Pvt. Ralph J.
Lorenson, Pvt. Victor J.
Lorenz, Pvt. Arthur
Lorenzen, Pvt. Henry A.
Lorenzt, Pvt. Giovanni
Lorie, Herman O.
Lorie, Herman O.
Lorie, Herman O.
Lorimer, Mrs. William
Loring, Lt. David W.
Losel, Cpl. Edward H.
Loso, Pvt. Alfonso
Loth, Sidney
Lott, Cpl. Fred G.
Lott, Pvt. June
Lotz, Cpl. Barney
Louden, Sgt. Newton
Louderig, Sgt. Paul
Loudon, Cpl. William O.
Loudon, Pvt. John J.
Loughborough, Hope
Loughborough, Hope
Loughran, Edward J.
Loughran, Pvt. David
Loulan, Pvt. John K.
Lovaas, Hjalmer W.
Lovasco, Susanna
Love, Col. Jack
Love, Cpl. James P.
Love, Dr. Roy
Love, Halesoyne
Love, Mrs. Jessie
Love, Pvt. Fred D.
Love, Pvt. Otho I.
Love, Sgt. James O.
Love, Sr., B. F.
Lovejoy, Pvt. Phillip S.
Lovejoy, Thelma
Lovejoy, Willis A.
Loveland, May'
Loveless, Sgt. Patrick
Lovell, Cpl. Arch H.
Lovell, Pvt. Albert W.
Lovell, Pvt. Belton W.
Lovell, Pvt. John C.
Lovely, Pvt. Walter W.
Loventhal, Pvt. Harry
Loverenz, Sgt. Clarence
Lovern, Pvt. Ralph J.
Lovett, Lt. Robert M.
Lovett, Pvt. Jerome
Lovett?, Pvt. Robert W.
Loving, Pvt. Henry
Low, Pvt. John W.
Lowe, Mrs. Ed
Lowe, Mrs. Ed
Lowe, Pvt. Charlie W.
Lowe, Pvt. Howell
Lowe, Pvt. John C.
Lowe, Pvt. Joshua
Lowe, Pvt. Mannie M.
Lowe, Pvt. Orville
Lowell, Lt. Lawrence C.
Lowen, Capt. Jesse
Lowen, Pvt. Amos
Lowensky, Pvt. Frank J.
Lowery, J. W.
Lowery, Mrs. Marion
Lowery, Pvt. Andrew J.
Lowery, Pvt. Elmer
Lowery, Pvt. John A.
Lowery, Pvt. Sullivan
Lowery, Pvt. William E.
Lowery, Pvt. William W.
Lowery, Pvt. Winthrop S.
Lowman, Pvt. Charles W.
Lowrey, Cpl Edd
Lowry, Cpl. Edward
Lowry, Lt. Keith
Lowry, Mrs. Marion
Lowry, Pvt. George A.
Lowry, Pvt. Harley M.
Lowry, Pvt. William R.
Lowry, Walter
Lowry, Walter T.
Lowther, Pvt. William D.
Loy, James M.
Loy, James N.
Loy, Pvt. Wille
Loyd, Mary E.
Loyd, Mrs. A.
Loyd, Sgt. Robert E.
Lozell, J. Frank
Lozzi, Pvt. Antonio
Lubeck, Pvt. Tony
Lubin, Pvt. John Gurney
Lubis, Flossie
Lubis, Flossie
Lubreski, Cpl. Frank M.
Lucas, Cpl. Walter E.
Lucas, Edward
Lucas, Lillie E.
Lucas, Lillie E.
Lucas, Pvt. Charles E.
Lucas, Rosa
Lucas, Sgt. James
Lucas, William
Lucca, Pvt. Pietro Natale
Lucero, Pvt. Pedro
Luchsinger, Pvt. William
Luciano, Pvt. Dominicko
Luck, Mrs. A. B.
Luckett, Pvt. Benjamin H.
Luckey, Pvt. Sidney
Lucking, Pvt. George J.
Lucky, Mrs. Tate
Lucy, Mrs. W. E.
Luden, Lt. J. F.
Ludinghouse, Lester R.
Ludington, Pvt. Wallace W.
Ludovici, Pvt. Carlo
Ludtke, Pvt. Richard P.
Ludwig, Cpl. Harry Louis
Ludwig, Delma
Ludwig, G. C.
Ludwig, O. C.
Ludwig, Pvt. Charles
Luechesal, Pvt. Francisco
Luecke, Pvt. Robert
Luecksmeyer, Cpl. Fred W.
Luedden, Oscar William
Luedden, Oscar William
Lueken, Pvt. Benjamin J.
Lueskow, Pvt. Arthur
Lueuynski, Pvt. Stanley
Lufberry, Maj. Adult Male
Lufberry, Maj. Adult Male
Lufbery, Maj. Raoul
Lufbery, Maj. Raoul
Lufkin, Chauncey F.
Luhman, Pvt. Hiram G.
Luhun, Lt. Graham D.
Luker, William
Lukins, Sgt. Fred
Lukshon, John S.
Lumb, Sgt. George A.
Lumkins, Pvt. Murphy
Lummus, Mrs. A. J.
Lumpkin, Pvt. Edgar
Lumpkin, Pvt. Edgar
Lumpkin, Pvt. Edgar
Lumpkins, Pvt. L. L.
Lumsden, Cpl. Robert G.
Luna, James L.
Lund, Cpl. Paul R.
Lund, Pvt. Eddie C.
Lund, Pvt. Otto J.
Lundell, Pvt. Anton W.
Lundren, Pvt. Henry A.
Lundy, Pvt. James L.
Lunsford, C. F.
Lunsford, Cpl. Redford B.
Lunsford, Foster J.
Lunsford, Mrs. Taylor
Lunsford, Pvt. Henry I. L.
Lunury, Sgt. Edwin H.
Luola, Pvt. Antonas
Lusby, Mrs. William H.
Lusher, Sgt. Eudell M.
Lusk, Lt. Willard T.
Lustig, Pvt. Milton
Luter, Richard M.
Luthe, Pvt. William Bryan
Luther, Cpl. George A.
Luther, Pvt. Joseph W.
Luther, Pvt. Massey
Lutjohann, Pvt. John
Lutterbach, Cpl. Arthur F.
Luttrell, Pvt. Jim L.
Luttrell, Pvt. Shelton C.
Luttrell, Sgt. Hugh
Lutz, Cpl. William J.
Lutz, Pvt. Erle P.
Lux, Pvt. Jesse J.
Lyell, Maj. Charles
Lyell, Pvt. Justice O.
Lyeth, Pvt. George
Lyford, G. H.
Lygdman?, Carl
Lyle, Pvt. Robert P.
Lyle, Pvt. Thomas O.
Lyman, Pvt. Grant H.
Lyman, S. E.
Lymburner, Robert Henry
Lynch, Capt. Edmund W.
Lynch, Cpl. John E.
Lynch, Nora
Lynch, Pvt. Andrew
Lynch, Pvt. Charles H.
Lynch, Pvt. Daniel Mack
Lynch, Pvt. Frank J.
Lynch, Pvt. Fred D.
Lynch, Pvt. James D.
Lynch, Pvt. Jeremiah S.
Lynch, Pvt. John B.
Lynch, Pvt. John J.
Lynch, Pvt. Lewis A.
Lynch, Pvt. Michael
Lynch, Pvt. Sandusky
Lynch, Pvt. Thomas
Lynch, Pvt. Thomas P.
Lynch, R. Walter
Lynch, Rev. G. W.
Lynch, Sgt. John F.
Lynch, William C.
Lynchick, Cpl. Morris
Lyndsay, Pvt. Edward Donald
Lyne, Geroge P.
Lyng, Pvt. Alfred E.
Lynn, Allen Lee
Lynn, Cpl. George Ephriam
Lynn, Pvt. Patrick
Lynn, Pvt. William R.
Lyon, Cpl. Harry T.
Lyon, Gus H.
Lyon, Henry L.
Lyon, Mrs. John E.
Lyon, Pvt. George K.
Lyons, Joseph P.
Lyons, Lt. Perry
Lyons, O. M.
Lyons, Pvt. Edward
Lyons, Pvt. Frank J.
Lyons, Pvt. James
Lyons, Pvt. James M.
Lyons, Pvt. John
Lyons, Sgt. Phillip
Lyons, Thomas
Lytle, Clyde L.
Maas, Peter J.
Maas, Pvt. Evan A.
Maass, Pvt. Robert
Mabie, Rev. Henry Clay
Mabrey, Cpl. Raymond
Mabry, David O.
Mabry, Sgt. Raymond
Mabry, Sgt. Raymond M.
Mac?adden, Cpl. James R.
Macaleb, T. A.
MacArthur, Pvt. John S.
MacAveny, Pvt. Juston I.
Macciocca, Pvt. Joseph
MacComb, John Navarre
MacDonald, 2Lt. W. S.
MacDonald, Pvt. Albert H.
MacDougall, Pvt. Albert V.
Macdougall, Sgt. Hubert
MacDuff, Pvt. John S.
Mace, Pvt. Edmond P.
MacFarland, Pvt. Willie C.
Macgee, Sgt. George
MacGregor, Pvt. Lewis A.
Machac, Pvt. Lois
Machamer, Pvt. Willard L.
Machan, Pvt. Edmund F.
Machemehl, Cpl. Willie
Machen, Ramond O.
Machin, Pvt. Roy E.
Machman, Pvt. William H.
Machryer, Pvt. Harry
Maciejewski, Pvt. John P.
Maciejowski, Pvt. Joseph
MacIntosh, Capt. Angus
Mack, Cpl. Clarence M.
Mack, Lt. William H.
Mack, Pvt. Joseph A.
Mackburn, Florence
Mackensie, Pvt. Gordon R.
Mackey, William E.
Mackris, Pvt. Apostobos D.
Maclejewski, Pvt. Chester M.
MacMahon, Pvt. Henry R.
MacMillan, Pvt. Ralph F.
MacNish, Lt. George
MacNutt, Lt. Donald Paret
Macon, Pvt. Robert W.
Macready, Pvt. Andrew S.
Mactejkowics, Pvt. John
Macurdy, Lt. William V.
Madden, Billy
Madden, Billy
Madden, Cpl. William B.
Madden, Pvt. Ellis
Madden, Pvt. John L.
Madden, Pvt. Joseph L.
Madden, Robert A.
Maddon, Pvt. Lewellyn
Maddox, J. B.
Maddox, Pvt. Hobson
Maddox, Pvt. Tommie Watson
Maddox, Sgt. Frank R.
Maddy, Pvt. Gerald
Madelay, Cpl. Earl W.
Madenford, Walter
Madetra, Pvt. Addison D.
Madigan, Pvt. Robert Parker
Madison, Pvt. Harry D.
Madison, Sgt. Cico E.
Madrid, Pvt. Jose L.
Madsen, Pvt. Peter T.
Madsen, Sgt, Edmund T.
Mae, Virgie
Maetas, Pvt. Reynaldo
Magarrell, Pvt. William M.
Magee, J. W.
Magee, Pvt. James
Magee, Pvt. Malachi
Maggione, Pvt. Charles
Magill, Lt. William L.
Magill, Pvt. Virgil H.H.
Magill, Robert D.
Maginske, Sgt. Edward T.
Magness, S. C.
Magness, Sgt. Harry D.
Magoni, Charles
Magro, Pvt. Slvo
Magruder, Ira
Maguire, Mrs. Lawrence G.
Mahafey, Pvt. Emory
Mahake, Pvt. Leslie E.
Mahan, Cpl. Hansen
Mahan, Dr. W. W.
Mahan, Pvt. Austin E.
Mahan, Pvt. Levi E. T.
Mahan, Pvt. Ollie
Mahl, William
Mahon, Cpl. Robert R.
Mahoney, Pvt. Daniel J.
Mahoney, Pvt. James F.
Maier, Cpl. Charles R.
Main, Woodrow Wilson
Mainard, Pvt. Lawrence
Maine, Pvt. Howard E.
Mainus, Pvt. Nick
Mainy, Pvt. Robert
Majewski, Pvt. Joseph
Major, Capt. Harlen E.
Major, Pvt. James H.
Majors, Nannie
Majors, Nannie
Majors, Pvt. Lloyd
Majors, Rena
Makaravesch, Pvt. Michael
Male, Pvt. Oscar
Malek, Pvt. Joseph
Malesako, Pvt. Wladislaw
Malichis, Pvt. Constantine
Malinowski, Pvt. Nidodym
Mallard, Pvt. Clarence
Mallon, Cpl. John D.
Mallory, Pvt. Harrison
Mallory, Pvt. Lewis N.
Malloy, William J.
Maloch, Pvt. Frank
Malone, C. C.
Malone, Carson Reed
Malone, Carson Reed
Malone, Dan
Malone, Dan W.
Malone, Grace
Malone, Grace
Malone, Grace
Malone, Grace
Malone, Grace
Malone, Pvt. Charley W.
Malone, Pvt. Dudley D.
Malone, Pvt. Frank E.
Malone, Pvt. Jesse
Malone, Pvt. John
Malone, Pvt. John A.
Malone, Pvt. Odes
Malone, Pvt. Samuel J.
Maloy, Cpl. Raymond J.
Malshan, Pvt. Conrad G.
Malski, Pvt. John E.
Malveaux, Pvt. Wilton
Malvihill, Lt. W. M.
Malvy, Cpl. John J.
Mamrul, Pvt. Apear S.
Manahan, Lt. James A.
Mancester, Pvt. Roy
Manchester, Cpl. Clifford R.
Manchester, Pvt. Hugh A.
Manchester, Pvt. Stephen W.
Mandeville, Garrett B.
Manegot, Pvt. George
Manell, Pvt. Benice N.
Mangold, Cpl. Louis A.
Mangrum, Pvt. Will
Mangrum, Pvt. William P.
Mangrum, W. D.
Mangrum, W. D.
Mangum, Pvt. Junius
Manion, Mrs. T. L.
Mankel, Sgt. John
Mankin, Pvt. Robert A.
Mankin, Sgt. Claude Vivian
Manley, Edward
Manley, Pvt. Gerald Anthony
Mann, Claude
Mann, Cpl. Charles C.
Mann, Cpl. Edward T.
Mann, J. E.
Mann, John B.
Mann, Monroe
Mann, Mrs. Sam
Mann, Pvt. Gordon F.
Mann, Pvt. Howard T.
Mann, Raymond
Mann, Raymond
Mann, Raymond
Mann, Raymond
Mann, Sgt. Walter T.
Mannering, Pvt. Wilmer N.
Manney, Pvt. Isaac V.
Mannie, Canada
Manning, Ben A.
Manning, Canada
Manning, Capt. John S.
Manning, Grace
Manning, Lt. Vincent R.
Manning, Lt. Vincent S.
Manning, Maj. W. S.
Manning, Pvt. Carl
Manning, Pvt. Frank W.
Manning, Pvt. Jacob
Manning, Pvt. James H.
Manning, Pvt. James M.
Manning, Pvt. John F.
Manning, Pvt. Phillip
Manning, Pvt. Walter
Manning, Pvt. Walter
Mannis, Pvt. Jesse R.
Mannis, Sgt. Jacob
Mansdeld, Harold H.
Mansell, Victoria
Mansen, Alfred
Mansfield, Asher
Mansfield, G.
Mansfield, Lt. James J.
Mansfield, Lyndon
Mansfield, Pvt. Henry R.
Mansfield, Radm. Henry B.
Mansfield, Richard
Manspeaker, Capt. L. V.
Mantez, Pvt. Joe
Manthey, Pvt. Bernard J.
Manties, Pvt. Charles E.
Manual, Pvt. Frank
Manuel, Pvt. Sidney
Manus, Pvt. George
Manyon, J. M.
Maphis, Pvt. Robert B.
Maple, Pvt. Emerson
Maples, Pvt. Henry E.
Maples, Pvt. John
Mara, Mary
Marahenens, C. F.
Marasco, Pvt. Emil
Marble, Pvt. John A. W.
Marcell, Pvt. Maurice
Marcelle, Pvt. John H.
March', Cpl. Erwin
March', Lt. Peyton C.
March', Pvt. Lester
March', Pvt. Pete
March', Pvt. William C.
Marchant, Pvt. Charles L.
Marchant, W. E.
Marchant, W. E.
Marchbank, A.
Marchbank, Cpl. Charles O.
Marchbanks, Mrs. Henry
Marchbanks, Sgt. John F.
Marcheo, Pvt. Tony
Marchiewski, Franciszek
Marchman, Pvt. Paul H.
Marcotto, Pvt. Joseph A.
Marcum, Sgt. James
Marcus, cpl. Tom
Marcus, Pvt. Carl E.
Marcus, Pvt. Harry
Marcus, Pvt. Joseph
Marekis, Pvt. Tomie?
Marelio, Pvt. Michael
Marello, Pvt. Tom
Marendt, Elizabeth
Marendt, Elizabeth
Mares, Cpl. Joseph A.
Mares, Pvt. Francisco
Mares, Pvt. John
Margolis, Ben
Margraf, Pvt. Enoch G.
Marhoq, Pvt. Clayton A.
Maria, Dowager Empress
Marinie, Pvt. Charlie
Marino, Pvt. Charles
Marino, Pvt. Edward J.
Mario, Pvt. Joseph Davis
Marion, Sgt. William C.
Mark, Theodore
Markham, Harriet J.
Markham, Lt. E. B.
Markland, Pvt. Bliss
Markley, Pvt. John T.
Markley, Sgt. George
Markling, Frank J.
Markling, Frank J.
Marks, Mrs. Henry
Marks, Pvt. Beulah G.
Marks, Pvt. Clyde
Marks, Pvt. Stanley
Marks, Pvt. William C.
Marler, Pvt. Edd
Marler, Pvt. Lonie V.
Marlin, Joe
Marlin, Pvt. Joseph
Marlin, Pvt. Marion H.
Marlor, Essie
Marn, R. S.
Marnarini, Pvt. Francesco
Marnia, Ralph
Marolf, Pvt. William E.
Marone, Pvt. Rocco V.
Maroney, Lester C.
Maroney, Pvt. Hardy A.
Marquard, Pvt. Arthur
Marquardt, Lt. James Crider
Marquarelt, Sgt. Albert R.
Marr, Pvt. Walter A.
Marrs, Lt. Theodore
Marrtz, Pvt. Henry
Mars, Pvt. Jesse
Mars, Pvt. John J.
Marsen, Sgt. Henry W.
Marsh, Charles
Marsh, Cpl. Robert E.
Marsh, Pvt. Douglas G.
Marsh, Pvt. James R.
Marsh, Pvt. Thomas H.
Marsh, Sgt. Henry F.
Marshall, Brady C.
Marshall, Carolina A.
Marshall, Caroline
Marshall, Caroline
Marshall, Cpl. Albert R.
Marshall, G. W.
Marshall, Pvt. Clair H.
Marshall, Pvt. Fred W.
Marshall, Pvt. George
Marshall, Pvt. George E.
Marshall, Pvt. George W.
Marshall, Pvt. James M.
Marshall, Pvt. Maxwell H.
Marshall, Pvt. Ross J.
Marshall, Pvt. Russell E.
Marshall, Sgt. John
Marshall, Sgt. Robert B.
Marshall, Jr., Lt. Wilson
Marston, Lt. Frank R.
Marston, Pvt. William D.
Martell, Capt. William H.
Marten, Pvt. Fred
Martens, Pvt. Conrad F.
Martens, Sgt. Charles
Marthaler, Otis
Martin, Augburn D.
Martin, Capt. William B.
Martin, Charles
Martin, Child
Martin, Cpl. Charles A.
Martin, Cpl. Herbert Brady
Martin, Cpl. James N.
Martin, Cpl. Lyman H.
Martin, Cpl. Orville F.
Martin, David
Martin, Farrar
Martin, George M.
Martin, George S.
Martin, George S.
Martin, Herbert
Martin, Hugh
Martin, J. E.
Martin, Jared C.
Martin, Jared Carrwell
Martin, Jared Carswell
Martin, Jared Carswell
Martin, Jean Batiste
Martin, John
Martin, Lt. William F.
Martin, Matt H.
Martin, Mrs. George
Martin, Mrs. George
Martin, Mrs. James
Martin, Mrs. Riley
Martin, Pvt. Albert R.
Martin, Pvt. Alma M.
Martin, Pvt. Alva L.
Martin, Pvt. Andrew
Martin, Pvt. Benjamin R.
Martin, Pvt. Charles E.
Martin, Pvt. Christopher
Martin, Pvt. Clyde R.
Martin, Pvt. Earl
Martin, Pvt. Edward
Martin, Pvt. Emmitt I.
Martin, Pvt. Floy
Martin, Pvt. George F.
Martin, Pvt. George S.
Martin, Pvt. Harold William
Martin, Pvt. Homer T.
Martin, Pvt. Howard C.
Martin, Pvt. Ira P.
Martin, Pvt. John F.
Martin, Pvt. L. S.
Martin, Pvt. Mauel
Martin, Pvt. Robert
Martin, Pvt. Robert A.
Martin, Pvt. Robert G.
Martin, Pvt. Roy B.
Martin, Pvt. Thomas
Martin, Pvt. Walker W.
Martin, Pvt. William D.
Martin, Pvt. William James
Martin, Pvt. William M.
Martin, Riley
Martin, Ruby
Martin, s
Martin, Sallie Belle
Martin, Sgt. Edward
Martin, Sgt. Irwin S.
Martin, Suzanna M.
Martin, Suzanne M.
Martin, Suzanne Moore
Martin, William
Martin, Winona C.
Martin, Jr., Pvt. Alfred
Martinack, Pvt. Frank F.
Martindale, Pvt. Herman
Martinea, Pvt. Manuel
Martinelli, Cardinal Sebastian
Martinez, Pvt. Amato
Martinez, Pvt. Cilestino
Martinez, Pvt. Pablo
Martini, Pvt. Angelo
Martini, Pvt. Reno
Martino, Pvt. Alberto
Martins, Pvt. Charles J. H.
Martinsen, Sgt. Peter G.
Martinson, Pvt. Carl M. J.
Martinson, Pvt. Erwin
Martlot, Pvt. Angelo
Marton, Pvt. Henry
Martone, Pvt. Vincent
Maruce, Giovanni
Marvel, Myrtle
Marwood, Lt. Franklin A.
Maryland, Pvt. Louis
Marzoolan, Pvt. Avak
Masch, Fred
Maschio, Pvt. Mario
Masguise, A. L.
Mashburn, Cpl. William B.
Mashburn, Pvt. Charlie M.
Mashburn, Ulysses
Masi, Pvt. Rosario
Masloff, Pvt. Harry
Mason, Alice
Mason, Cpl. Albert G.
Mason, Cpl. Harold E.
Mason, Cpl. Lorn F.
Mason, Lt. Harold F.
Mason, Lt. Joseph J.
Mason, Mrs. G. W.
Mason, Pvt. Clifford B.
Mason, Pvt. Edward J.
Mason, Pvt. James G.
Mason, Pvt. Murray
Mason, Pvt. Robert Banks
Mason, Sgt. James T.
Mason, Thomas
Mason, W. S.
Massar, Sgt. Leo
Massar, Sgt. Leo
Massenforder, Cpl. Joseph A.
Massengill, Pvt. Daniel P.
Massey, Dr. J. W.
Massey, John R.
Massey, Lt. Thomas
Massey, Maxine
Massey, Mrs. W. B.
Massey, Mrs. W. B.
Massey, Mrs. W. D.
Massey, Pvt. Clarence L.
Massey, Pvt. Horace
Massey, Pvt. Luther
Massey, Pvt. Oscar
Massey, Smith
Massey, Smith
Massey, Jr., William A.
Massie, Cpl. John
Massie, Lt. Hope W.
Massie, Sgt. Hunter
Massison, Pvt. Lauren J.
Masson, Pvt. Robert Dean
Mastenbrook, Pvt. Frank Charles
Master, Ray A.
Masters, Pvt. William H.
Masterson, Cpl. Barton William
Masterson, Pvt. Thomas J.
Mastin, Pvt. Joseph
Maston, Pvt. Charles F.
Mastroni, Pvt. Aley
Mastropieri, Pvt. Paul
Matbus?, Pvt. Clarence
Mateco, Pvt. Michael
Mateuasyk, Pvt. John
Matheney, James
Matheny, Cpl. Samuel J.
Matheny, Lt. Arthur J.
Mather, 2Lt. Carl S.
Matherbe, Pvt. Arthur L.
Matherly, B. T.
Mathes, Pvt. William G.
Mathev, Rev . M. P.
Mathews, Cpl. James E.
Mathews, Cpl. James E.
Mathews, Cpl. Nova R.
Mathews, J. W.
Mathews, Julia
Mathews, Julia
Mathews, Lt. Alex F.
Mathews, Pvt. Allen P.
Mathews, Pvt. George
Mathews, Pvt. Leland A.
Mathews, Pvt. Robert
Mathews, Sgt. Earl J.
Mathiason, Cpl. August
Mathieson, James A.
Mathieu, Pvt. Walter H.
Mathis, Lt. John D.
Mathis, Mrs. Harry F.
Mathis, Pvt. Edward L.
Mathis, Robert
Mathison, Pvt. Melvin
Matin, Albert
Matney, Pvt. Earl P.
Matoch, Pvt. Frederick
Maton, Pvt. Thomas F.
Matres, Pvt. Gustav
Matromann, Pvt. Morton
Matt, Pvt. Alysius
Mattern, Lt. Quinn W.
Mattern, Pvt. Frank
Matteson, Pvt. Ben W.
Matthes, Cpl. Walter P.
Matthew, Pvt. Edward W.
Matthews, Anna
Matthews, Anna M.
Matthews, Cpl. Arthur W.
Matthews, Cpl. George
Matthews, J. W.
Matthews, James
Matthews, Lewis
Matthews, Lt. Herbert H.
Matthews, Lt. Roy E.
Matthews, Mrs. Jim
Matthews, Mrs. S. M.
Matthews, Orlin
Matthews, Pvt. Charles Edward
Matthews, Pvt. John D.
Matthews, Pvt. John L.
Matthews, Pvt. Leon R.
Matthews, Robert
Matthews, Sgt. Earl J.
Matthews, W. M.
Matthews, Walter
Matthias, Pvt. Charles A.
Matthiessen, F. H.
Mattig, Pvt. Michael
Mattimore, Pvt. Earl W.
Mattingley, Pvt. Randall A.
Mattingly, Pvt. Frank
Mattingly, Pvt. Joseph L.
Mattison, Cpl. Gordon M.
Mattison, George P.
Mattlock, Pvt. James F.
Mattock, Pvt. John Wesley
Mattox, Pvt. Harley
Mattson, Cpl. August
Mattson, Cpl. Helmer
Mattson, John
Mattson, Pvt. Hugo
Matueiewtez, Pvt. Maron
Mau, Henry L.
Mauck, Bentley
Mauck, Pvt. Stanley
Maude, Mrs. William
Maufea, Maxine
Maufino, Pvt. Tony
Maulding, B. M.
Maulding, B. M.
Maule, Lt. Claude W.
Mauler, Pvt. Joseph E.
Maulin, George
Mauney, Cpl. Alvin
Maupin, Pvt. Louis M.
Maurer, Pvt. Elmer Edison
Maurice, Lt. Benjamin V.
Maus, A. D.
Mauus, Cpl. Albert H.
Mavros, Cpl. John
Maxey, Cpl. Richard C.
Maxey, LtCol. Robert J.
Maxey, Pvt. William D.
Maxfield, Pvt. George
Maxted, Cpl. Henry G.
Maxwell, Cpl. Howard S.
Maxwell, David M.
Maxwell, David M.
Maxwell, Edna
Maxwell, George T.
Maxwell, Mollie A.
Maxwell, Mrs. D. A.
Maxwell, Mrs. H. K.
Maxwell, Pvt. Charles
Maxwell, Pvt. David T.
Maxwell, Pvt. Essel W.?
Maxwell, Pvt. Henry T.
Maxwell, Pvt. James C.
Maxwell, Pvt. Louis
Maxwell, Pvt. Walter F.
Maxwell, Rev. A. J.
May', Clabe
May', Cpl. Milton
May', Cpl. Roy
May', Harley
May', Harold L.
May', Lt. James Deg
May', Mrs. Ova
May', Pvt. Clifford E.
May', Pvt. John S.
May', Pvt. Jones
May', Pvt. Neely F.
May', Pvt. Roy W.
May', Pvt. Willie
Mayberry, Pvt. Buford
Mayberry, Pvt. Pete
Mayberry, Pvt. Walter
Mayer, Bert
Mayer, Frank J.
Mayer, Pvt. Allen Benjamin
Mayers, Pvt. Christian F.
Mayers, Pvt. Earl
Mayes, j. M.
Mayfield, Dennis
Mayfield, Pvt. Robert R.
Mayfield, Pvt. Willis
Mayhugh, James Francis
Maylle, Cpl. Jacob L.
Maynard, 1Lt. Charles R.
Maynard, Pvt. Morton
Maynard, William
Mayne, Pvt. John
Maynor, Lt. Eldridge W.
Mayo, Mrs. Hugh Sherwood
Mayo, Mrs. M. V.
Mayo, Msn. Hugh S.
Mayo, Msn. Hugh Sherwood
Mayo, Msn. Hugo Sherwood
Mayo, Pvt. William D.
Mayo, Pvt. William E.
Mays, Allie
Mays, Jesse D.
Mays, Pvt. Frank
Mays, Pvt. Roy
Mayuiers, Joe
Maywood, Pvt. Ed
Mazarro, Pvt. Adult Male
Mazeresuw, Pvt. Richard
McAdams, Cpl. Wallace J.
McAdams, Pvt. Samuel J.
McAdams, Thomas
McAdams, Waldo
McAlestter, Vernon
McAlister, Cpl. Luvelle E.
McAllister, A. J.
McAllister, Clarence W.
McAllister, Cpl. Everett
McAllister, Lt. Arthur
McAllister, Mrs. G. W.
McAllister, Pvt. Harry E.
McAllister, Pvt. Ottie M.
McAllister, Pvt. Wayne
McAllister, Ralph E.
McAlpin, Dr. J. T.
McAmis, Sgt. John J.
McAndrews, Pvt. William
McArdie, Pvt. Peter P.
McArthur, Pvt. Erwin A.
McAskill, Mrs. T. A.
McAvoy, Pvt. Joseph L.
McBeth, Miles W.
McBride, A. H.
McBride, Claude
McBride, Claude
McBride, Pvt. Charles E.
McBride, Pvt. Sershell C.
McBride, Pvt. Stephen D.
McBride, R. F.
McBride, W. E.
McBride, W. E.
McBurnett, Jethro B.
McBurnett, Pvt. Wesley P.
McCaa, William C.
McCabe, A. J.
McCabe, John
McCabe, Mrs. Henry
McCabe, Pvt. Edward
McCabe, Pvt. James
McCabe, Pvt. John Lee
McCabe, Pvt. William H.
McCaffery, Cpl. George W.
McCafigan, Pvt. Daniel L.
McCaleb, James
McCall, Capt. Howard C.
McCall, Dr. W. H.
McCall, Dr. W. H.
McCall, Gladys
McCall, Grace
McCall, Pvt. Andy
McCall, Pvt. Frank
McCalla, Richard C.
McCalla, Richard Caldin
McCallon, Pvt. Charles D.
McCammon, B. C.
McCammon, Gertrude Fox
McCampbell, Pvt. Arthur L.
McCampbell, Pvt. Fowils R.
McCann, A. P.
McCann, A. P.
McCann, Cpl. Edgar E.
McCann, Cpl. George
McCann, Glenna
McCann, Pvt. Fred
McCann, Pvt. James F.
McCann, R. G.
McCann, R. G.
McCann, R. G.
McCantrell, Pvt. Huly?
McCarey, Pvt. Cirenus
McCarkle, Tom
McCarley, Pvt. Benton I.
McCarley, Pvt. Francis
McCarrell, R. G.
McCarrell, R. G.
McCarron, William
McCarron, William
McCarron, William
McCarter, Pvt. Morris Edgar
McCarthy, Cpl. Guy
McCarthy, Cpl. Lester
McCarthy, James J.
McCarthy, John H.
McCarthy, John H.
McCarthy, John H.
McCarthy, Lt. John
McCarthy, Lt. John B.
McCarthy, Pvt. Charles H.
McCarthy, Pvt. Daniel E.
McCarthy, Pvt. James G.
McCarthy, Pvt. John J.
McCarthy, Pvt. Patrick
McCarthy, Pvt. Thomas F.
McCarthy, Pvt. Thorn
McCartney, Anna
McCartney, Jennie
McCartney, Mrs. W. A.
McCarty, Cpl. Sylvius B.
McCarty, James D.
McCarty, Lawrence
McCarty, Margaret E.
McCarty, Pvt. Alfred
McCarty, Pvt. Edward
McCarty, Pvt. Harry G.
McCarty, Pvt. James B.
McCarty, Pvt. Jesse E.
McCarty, Pvt. John D.
McCarty, Pvt. Samuel A.
McCarver, Pvt. Charles F.
McCary, Edna Helen
McCaskill, Pvt. Haley
McCaslin, John
McCauley, Cpl. William F.
McCauley, Pvt. Raymond
McCauley, Pvt. Wylie V.
McCay, Cpl. William R.
McCay, Pvt. John W.
McClain, Cpl. Roy
McClanahan, Pvt. William F.
McClanahan, Vera
McClanahan, Vera
McClane, Pvt. Delbert E.
McClane, Pvt. Roy A.
McClannahan, Cdt. H. W.
McClard, Mrs. C. S.
McClary, Cpl. Ben H.
McClausland, Cpl. Robert G.
McClearly, Pvt. John
McCleary, Pvt. Charles E.
McClellan, 2Lt. John M.
McClellan, Hulda
McClelland, Jim
McClelland, Pvt. William N.
McClelland, R. D.
McClellen, E. J.
McClellen, Pvt. John B.
McClenahan, Pvt. Frank C.
McClendon, Cpl. Madge
McClendon, Mary
McClerkin, Francis
McClerkin, Mrs. J. S.
McClintock, 1Lt. Alexander
McCloskey, Pvt. Douglas
McCloud, Cpl. Charlie Elbert
McCloud, George
McCloud, J. W.
McCloud, Jim
McCluney, Lena
McClung, R. A.
McClure, Cpl. Leonard L.
McClure, Dr. B. T.
McClure, Pvt. Charles P.
McClurken, James W.
McCoanthy, SGM Grover Samuel
McCollum, Carrie
McCollum, Mrs. Harvey E. L.
McCollum, Pvt. Jim G.
McColm, Sgt. William J.
McComb, Lt. Karl S.
McComb, Pvt. William J.
McConahy, Cpl. Nathaniel C.
McConkle, Pvt. Seth
McConnell, Lt. Frank J.
McConnell, Pvt. Oliver W. G.
McConnelles, Pvt. Irving O.
McConnon, Pvt. Vincent A.
McCool, Lee
McCool, Pvt. William B.
McCord, Cpl. Charles M.
McCord, Pvt. Alex Marcous
McCord, Pvt. Edgar L.
McCorkle, Ethel
McCorkle, Ethel
McCorkle, Pvt. James R.
McCormack, Clarence W.
McCormack, Pvt. Leo G.
McCormick, A. J.
McCormick, A. J.
McCormick, Cpl. James L.
McCormick, Cpl. Joe S.
McCormick, Cpl. Lee T.
McCormick, Jim
McCormick, John William
McCormick, Pvt. Ben
McCormick, Pvt. Bev
McCormick, Pvt. Charles T.
McCormick, Pvt. John
McCormick, Pvt. William M.
McCormick, Sgt. George O.
McCormick, Sgt. James J.
McCough, Pvt. Judge
McCoun, Pvt. Harry T.
McCowan, Martha
McCowan, Pvt. Loe
McCown, Pvt. Charles H.
McCown, Pvt. Charlie G.
McCoy, Capt. James
McCoy, Charles
McCoy, Cpl. James W.
McCoy, Lt. George B.
McCoy, Lt. Thomas W.
McCoy, Pvt. Jerry
McCoy, Pvt. Jonathan Stephens
McCoy, Pvt. Marion
McCoy, Pvt. Tom
McCoy, Sgt. Delbert
McCracken, Cpl. William H.
McCracken, Jessie
McCracken, Pvt. Clarence
McCracken, Pvt. Thomas D.
McCrae, LtCol John
McCray, Ella Milham
McCready, Cpl. John O.
McCready, Pvt. James C.
McCreary, James B.
McCreary, Lt. Frank P.
McCreary, Lt. Norman J.
McCreary, Pvt. Harry C.
McCredie, Cpl. Harry
McCree, Junie
McCrery, Pvt. Chester
McCrory, Maj. C. W.
McCudden, Maj. James B.
McCue, Pvt. John
McCuen, Robert Miles
McCuen, Robert Miles
McCuller, Pvt. Autun T.
McCullock, Willie Lee
McCullom, Blanche
McCullough, J. D.
McCullough, Pvt. Arthur
McCullough, Pvt. Earl
McCullough, Pvt. Samuel J.
McCullough, Pvt. William W.
McCullough, Samuel
McCullough, William A.
McCully, Pvt. Thaddeus
McCune, Elouise
McCune, Robert C.
McCune, Walter Bogan
McCunn, Lt. Merle W.
McCurry, Child
McCurry, Cora
McCurry, James Robert Daniel
McCurry, James Robert Daniel
McCurry, Pvt. Lewis M.
McCutcheon, Cpl. Edward F.
McCutcheon, Sgt. Ivan
McCuthan, Pvt. David G.
McDaniel, Dr. J. R.
McDaniel, J. T.
McDaniel, John
McDaniel, Lowde
McDaniel, Pvt. Ben H.
McDaniel, Pvt. Charles
McDaniel, Pvt. Clye
McDaniel, Pvt. Douglas
McDaniel, Pvt. Jewell
McDaniel, Sgt. John F.
McDaniels, Adult Male
McDaniels, George
McDaniely, Dr. John R.
McDenney, Cpl. Fred Lewis
McDermott, Cpl. John F.
McDermott, Pvt. Frank C.
McDermott, Pvt. Horace G.
McDermott, Pvt. John B.
McDermott, Pvt. Patrick
McDermott, Pvt. Thomas W.
McDeviet, Pvt. John C.
McDollard, Pvt. George P.
McDonald, Cpl. Claude C.
McDonald, Cpl. George
McDonald, Decab L.
McDonald, DeKalb L.
McDonald, Dr. H. A.
McDonald, Dr. Henry Ausustus
McDonald, J. A.
McDonald, Mrs. J. A.
McDonald, Pvt. Acy
McDonald, Pvt. Allen J.
McDonald, Pvt. James B.
McDonald, Pvt. John H.
McDonald, Pvt. John R.
McDonald, Pvt. Oscar
McDonald, Pvt. Patrick J.
McDonald, Pvt. Richard M.
McDonald, Pvt. Thomas
McDonald, Pvt. Tom
McDonald, Pvt. William Clifton
McDonald, Pvt. William R.
McDonald, Sgt. Earl
McDonald, Sgt. John L.
McDonald, William C.
McDonald, William Clifton
McDonald, William Clifton
McDonald, William J. "Capt. Bill"
McDonald, Jr., Pvt. Evans
McDonald?, Pvt. William M.
McDongall, Sgt. Charles A.
McDonnell, Susie
McDonough, Pvt. Frank C.
McDougal, Pvt. Eli E.
McDougald, Arthur
McDougald, Pvt. Earl K.
McDowell, Pvt. Claude
McDowell, Pvt. Marion
McDowell, Will
McDufde, Pvt. Levy
McDuff, M. T.
McElduff, Pvt. Stanley
McElfish, Pvt. Roy C.
McElhiney, Sgt. E. Harold
McElhinney, Sgt. Michael L.
McElroy, David C.
McElroy, Ernest
McElroy, J. L.
McElroy, J. L.
McElroy, Pvt. David C.
McElroy, Pvt. George
McElroy, Sgt. Bernard J.
McElroy, William
McElwee, John C.
McEnelly, Pvt. Thomas F.
McEvert, Pvt. John D.
McEwen, Cpl. Thomas Davis
McFadden, Pvt. Ben
McFadden, Sgt. William E.
McFarlan, Pvt. Rolley O.
McFarland, Pvt. Owen
McFarland, Pvt. Robert G.
McFarland, Pvt. William W.
McFarland, Sgt. Clarence
McFarling, George Theodore
McFerran, Lee
McFerrin, John B.
McFlece?, Pvt. Leon
McGahren, Sgt. Patrick J.
McGarr, Pvt. Fred
McGarry, Pvt. John J.
McGarth, Pvt. John J.
McGartland, Pvt. Clarence F.
McGaugh, Mrs. L.
McGeary, Pvt. John
McGee, Cpl. Lee L.
McGee, Cpl. Nate
McGee, Cpl. Newt
McGee, Cpl. Versie V.
McGee, Frank
McGee, J. K.
McGee, Jack
McGee, Newt
McGee, Pvt. David
McGee, Pvt. Floyd D.
McGee, Pvt. Isom
McGee, Pvt. James T.
McGee, Pvt. Paul
McGee, Pvt. Pearson G.
McGee, Sgt. Arthur J.
McGee, Sgt. Gilbert M.
McGehee, John Hayes
McGehee, Myrtle
McGehee, Myrtle
McGhee, Pvt. Joe
McGibney, Ed
McGill, Lougious
McGill, Pvt. Fred R.
McGill, Pvt. Fred R.
McGill, Pvt. Pearlie R.
McGillan, Lt. George F.
McGilloway, Pvt. Vincent
McGinley, Helen Marie
McGinn, Pvt. Joseph V.
McGinness, Pvt. Ernest
McGinnis, Ernest
McGinnis, Pvt. Charles S.
McGinnis, Pvt. Russell R.
McGinnis, Sgt. Charles R.
McGinnis, William
McGinty, Pvt. James
McGlothen, Cpl. Carl
McGlue, Pvt. William Steven
McGolrick, Bishop James
McGovern, Pvt. Philip M.
McGovern, Pvt. Phillip W.
McGovern, Pvt. Thomas
McGovern, Terry
McGovern, Terry
McGowan, C. A.
McGowan, Frank
McGowan, Nolan
McGowan, Nolan
McGowan, Pvt. Charles T.
McGowan, Pvt. Frank T.
McGowan, Pvt. Soraby K.
McGowan, Pvt. Sorsby K.
McGowan, Ruby
McGowan, Ruby
McGrath, Adult Male
McGrath, Adult Male
McGrath, Cpl. Daniel P.
McGrath, Cpl. James K.
McGrath, Martin
McGrath, Pvt. Earl
McGrath, Pvt. Henry B.
McGrath, Pvt. William F.
McGraw, James
McGraw, Leo
McGraw, Lt. C. J.
McGraw, Pvt. Lawrence
McGraw, Pvt. Peter W.
McGraw, Pvt. William T.
McGraw, Sgt. Coleman A.
McGraw, Sgt. Lwerence W.
McGregor, Ed
McGriffin, Lt. F. B.
McGroarty, Lt. Stephen F.
McGrogan, Pvt. Joseph V.
McGuire, C. B.
McGuire, Pvt. Andrew P.
McGuire, Pvt. James R.
McGuire, Pvt. Patrick
McGuire, Pvt. William A.
McGuire, Samuel G.
McGuire, Sgt. Charles R.
McGuire, W. E.
McGuire, W. Eddie
McGuirk, Pvt. Henry
McHay, Donald Harry
McHenry, E. B.
McHenry, Lenora P.
McHenry, Pvt. Velle
McHugh, Pvt. Patrick G.
McHugh, Pvt. Thomas
McIdwain, Pvt. Robert A.
McIlhenny, Lt. James P.
McIlvhine, Lt. Francis A.
McIlwain, Pvt. William S.
McInenny, Lt. Arnold M.
McInnis, Pvt. Daniel K.
McInnis, Pvt. George
McInnis, Pvt. Michael J.
McIntosh, Pvt. Arthur B.
McIntosh, Sgt. South
McInturff, Pvt. Charles H.
McIntyre, James E. Emmanuel
McIntyre, Pvt. Edward J.
McIntyre, Pvt. James C.
McIntyre, Pvt. John
McIntyre, Pvt. William
McIsaac, Pvt. Richard
McIvan, Mrs. Lee
McIver, Cpl. Gavin R.
McIver, John Young
McIver, L. F.
McIver, L. F.
McJunkin, Ona
McJunkin, Ona
McKarness, Sgt. William
McKay, Charles
McKay, Cpl. Leslie B.
McKay, Cpl. William S.
McKay, Pvt. William J.
McKay, Sgt. Charles O.
McKay, Sgt. Roy
McKea, Pvt. Clyde A.
McKean, Pvt. Bateman
McKee, Cpl. Goerge A.
McKee, Elmer
McKee, Pvt. Henry E.
McKee, Pvt. James T.
McKee, Roxie
McKeever, 2Lt. James L.
McKeever, Pvt. James D.
McKeithen, Pvt. Henry E.
McKeller, Pvt. Newton M.
McKelly, Pvt. William
McKelvey, C. W.
McKenna, Cpl. James
McKenna, John
McKenna, Maj. James A.
McKenna, Pvt. George E.
McKenna, Pvt. James J.
McKenna, Pvt. William M.
McKenney, Cpl. Charles O.
McKenney, Pvt. Charles A.
McKennon, Pvt. Donald
McKenny, Pvt. Fred Carlton
McKenry, Pvt. Cecil D.
McKensey, Pvt. Everett N.
McKenzie, Cpl. James H.
McKenzie, Pvt. Frederick J.
McKenzie, Pvt. George R.
McKenzie, Pvt. Gorton K.
McKenzie, Pvt. James I.
McKenzie, Pvt. Jessie R.
McKenzie, Pvt. Robert
McKenzie, Robert
McKenzie, Sgt. Archie
McKenzie, T. H.
McKeon, George P.
McKeon, Pvt. Patrick J.
McKernan, Sgt. Frank J.
Mckert, Pvt. Max H.
McKey, Lt. Edward Michael
McKibben, Pvt. Robert R.
McKibbin, Sgt. Eugene C.
McKie, Mrs. Will
McKimmey, Lt. John C.
McKinley, Emma
McKinley, Pvt. Thomas
McKinley, Pvt. William T.
McKinney, Cpl. Alvin H.
McKinney, Cpl. D. O.
McKinney, Dr. J. F.
McKinney, James
McKinney, James F.
McKinney, Pvt. Edgar L.
McKinney, Pvt. Frank
McKinney, Pvt. Frank
McKinney, Pvt. Fred F.
McKinney, Pvt. Harry
McKinney, Pvt. James P.
McKinney, Pvt. Lee D.
McKinney, Pvt. Wardie R.
McKinney, Pvt. William
McKinney, William Harris
McKissack, Pvt. Suliivan R.
McKissey, Pvt. Samuel
McKnight, Martin
McKnight, Pvt. Clay
McKnight, Pvt. Cornelius
McKnight, Pvt. Luther T.
McKnight, Pvt. William C.
McKone, Pvt. Robert
McKune, Pvt. Bant M.
McLachlan, Cpl. Robert P.
McLain, Pvt. Carl Leonard
McLain, Pvt. John
McLaird, Mrs. D. J.
McLamore, Pvt. Jone
McLane, Pvt. Williard G.
McLaughlin, Pvt. Charles W.
McLaughlin, Pvt. Daniel J.
McLaughlin, Pvt. Edward O.
McLaughlin, Pvt. Frank M.
McLaughlin, Pvt. George W.
McLaughlin, Pvt. James F.
McLaughlin, Pvt. John C.
McLaughlin, Pvt. Joseph
McLaughlin, Pvt. Octavio
McLaughlin, Pvt. Patrick J.
McLaughlin, Sgt. Floyd F.
McLeakey, Pvt. Joseph M.
McLean, Pvt. John C.
McLean, Pvt. Leslie H.
McLean, Pvt. Lester C.
McLean, Pvt. Roderick J.
McLean, W. R.
McLean, Jr., Pvt. George
McLeary, Pvt. Jesse
McLendon, Lt. Joel H.
McLeod, Cpl. Frederick D.
McLeod, Jeanette Sawyers
McLeod, John A.
McLeod, Maj. James M.
McLeod, Pvt. Alfred
McLeod, Pvt. John M.
McLeod, Pvt. Louis F.
McLeod, R. N.
McLernon, John
McLester, L. A.
McLin, Pvt. Edward
McMahon, Isabel
McMahon, Judge A. P.
McMahon, Lt. Philip J.
McMahon, Pvt. Jethro
McMahon, Pvt. Thomas
McMahon, Pvt. Thomas J.
McMakin, Cpl. Luther
McManus, Pvt. Eugene
McManus, Pvt. Louis W.
McMarrer, Pvt. Phillip P.
McMaster, Pvt. Cage
McMaster, Pvt. Frederick A.
McMeen, Pvt. Henry R.
McMillan, Pvt. Bruce
McMillan, Pvt. James A.
McMillan, Pvt. James B.
McMillan, Pvt. Spencer
McMillan, Pvt. William A.
McMillian, R. Lee
McMinlmy, Lt. Joseph L.
McMonigle, Pvt. Milton B.
McMoran, William
McMoran, William
McMullen, Cpl. Charile
McMullen, Pvt. Edwin J.
McMurray, L. D.
McMurry, William F.
McMurtrey, W. M.
McNabb, Pvt. Jacob
McNac, Pvt. Charlie
McNair, Dr. Evander
McNair, Sgt. Jake
McNairy, Mrs. Charles
McNairy, Pvt. John C.
McNally, Emmett
McNally, Pvt. Frank S.
McNamara, Cdt. William S.
McNamara, Hubert
McNamara, J. D.
McNamara, Pvt. Henry A.
McNamara, Pvt. John
McNamara, Pvt. Michael J.
McNamara, Sgt. Lawrence
McNamee, Pvt. William J.
McNatt, L. M.
McNatt, L. M.
McNatt, Mrs. J. L.
McNatt, Sgt. Lynn B.
McNaught, Lt. Roy J.
McNealey, W. H.
McNeary, Pvt. Harold
McNeese, Pvt. Virgil E.
McNeil, John W.
McNeil, Joseph
McNeil, Pvt. Golden
McNeill, James H.
McNeill, Pvt. James N.
McNeill, Pvt. John
McNeill, Pvt. Ronald Bathe
McNeily, Pvt. William J.
McNelly, Cpl. William J.
McNemee, Pvt. Sam
McNiel, Bessie
McNiel, Bessie
McNitay, Pvt. Arthur O.
McNulty, Pvt. Edward H.
McNulty, Pvt. Merle
McOaker, Pvt. Arthur
McPeak, Pvt. Harvey A.
McPherson, J. C.
McPherson, Pvt. Gladys
McPherson, Pvt. John D.
McPolin, Pvt. John J.
McQuarry, Pvt. Claude H.
McQueary, Pvt. John S.
McQueen, Pvt. Emmett
McQuiddy, Pvt. James E.
McQuien, Pvt. Walter P.
McQuillan, Curtis E.
McQuillen, Charlie
McQuiller, Charlie
McQuire, Pvt. Michael
McQuiston, Pvt. Leon C.
McRae, Pvt. John G.
McRae, Jr., Earl O.
McRay, Ella
McReynolds, Pvt. Verdie J.
McRousseaux, Pvt. Ralph
McShane, Pvt. Isaac C.
McShane, SGM John J.
McSherry, Pvt. James C.
McSherry, Pvt. Patrick
McSpadden, Pauline
McSpadden, Pvt. Charles E.
McSpadden, Pvt. Sidney H.
McSpadden, W. T.
McSpaden, Pauline
McSwain, Pvt. Henry
McSwain, Pvt. Robert
McSween, William Louis
McTeague, Pvt. Benedict
McTighe, Lillie Rose
McTighe, Lillie Rose
McTighe, Lillie Rose
McVa, Cpl. William W.
McVay, Pvt. Robert Homer
McVea, Pvt. Gid
McVey, Cpl. Robert B.
McVey, Pvt. Joseph E.
McVey, Pvt. William M.
McWha, Mary
McWha, Pvt. Edgar
McWilliams, Cpl. James H.
McWilliams, Pvt. Ernest P.
McWilliams, Pvt. Eugene L.
McWilliams, Watson
Mead, Berne M.
Mead, Pvt. LeRoy S.
Meade, Cpl. Houston Lee
Meade, Pvt. James E.
Meade, Pvt. William F.
Meaderis, George A.
Meador, Pvt. Robert R.
Meadors, Pvt. Lawrence
Meadors, Pvt. Lon
Meadows, Pvt. John L.
Meadows, Pvt. Lee C.
Meadows, Pvt. Ruel C.
Mealon, Pvt. John W.
Mealy, Sgt. George H.
Means, Pvt. George M.
Means, Pvt. Orville E.
Meashintuby, Sgt. Eastman
Mecklinburg-Strelitz, Grand Duke Adult Male
Medarice, Sgt. Frank L.
Medawar, Pvt. Habit S.
Medearis, Eugene
Medlin, Pvt. John W.
Medlock, Blanche
Medquist, Pvt. Eric G.
Meece, Sgt. Clyde
Meehan, Pvt. Romuius
Meehan, Sgt. John A.
Meek, Arthur J.
Meek, Arthur J.
Meek, Cpl. Chester A.
Meek, Pvt. John W.
Meeker, Jacob E.
Meeker, John C.
Meekins, Pvt. Lee Roy
Meeks, Curtis
Meeks, Martha
Meeks, Pvt. Oscar E.
Meeks, W. F.
Meeks, William
Meenes, Thomas
Mees, Pvt. John J.
Meese, Sgt. Lee
Mefield, Cpl. John W.
Megee, George W.
Mehl, Lt. Byron H.
Mehrtens, Pvt. Adolph C.
Meichi, Cpl. Manford L.
Meier, Pvt. Ernest Henry
Meier, Pvt. Julius
Meiger, Pvt. Joseph P.
Meinen, Agnes
Meinen, William
Meiner, Pvt. August C.
Meinzer, Cpl. William
Melancon, Pvt. Clarence J.
Melarg, Pvt. Otto C.
Melbern, Pvt. Robert L.
Mellchoi, Cpl. Anton
Mellherron, Jim
Mellinger, Lt. Deleth E.
Mellon, Dennis E.
Mellon, Pvt. James M.
Mellwiggan, Cpl. Charles
Melnichuk, Cpl. Sam
Melsa, Pvt. Charlie
Melson, Pvt. James E.
Meltarbarger, Pvt. Hicks R.
Melton, Almon
Melton, Bone
Melton, Cpl. Buff E.
Melton, Cpl. Chester
Melton, Cpl. Hugh W.
Melton, Ernest H.
Melton, Mack
Melton, Pvt. Clarence D.
Melton, Pvt. Clarence D.
Melton, Pvt. William K.
Melville, William
Melvin, Mrs. Charles
Mencey, Pvt. Alton E.
Mendel, Cpl. Ernest H.
Mendenhall, Pvt. Ray S.
Mendillo, Pvt. Frank J.
Mengessi, Pvt. Sylvia
Mennialdt, Pvt. Theodore
Menos, Solon
Menshew, Cpl. David
Mensorati, Pvt. Alexander
Mente, Pvt. Paul G.
Menzie, Harlo
Mequet, Mrs. Edward A.
Mercer, J. T.
Mercer, Jess
Mercer, Jess
Mercer, John T.
Mercer, John T.
Mercer, Julia Almeda
Mercer, Julia Almeda
Mercer, Pvt. Ernest
Mercer, Pvt. James W.
Merchant, W. E.
Meredith, Pvt. George Newton
Meredith, Pvt. Henry E.
Meresca, Pvt.Salvatore
Mereswki, Pvt. Michael
Merkel, Pvt. John
Merkel, Pvt. Magnus A.
Merkle, Pvt. Arthur
Merkle, Pvt. Ernest F.
Merkle, Pvt. William J.
Merlini, Cpl. Julio
Merman, Fred
Mero, Pvt. Levy J.
Merrel, Mrs. G. F.
Merrell, Mrs. George F.
Merrell, Pvt. William L.
Merrell, Jr., Pvt. Fred T.
Merrick, Dr. Henry B.
Merrick, Frank
Merrick, Pvt. Hyde B.
Merrill, Charles F.
Merrill, Melissa
Merrill, Pvt. Bob
Merrill, Pvt. Joseph R.
Merriman, Charlie
Merrin, Sgt. Edgar F.
Merritt, Carrie Allene
Merritt, Carrie Allene
Merritt, Clyde
Merritt, Clyde
Merritt, Mrs. Allen
Merritt, Myrtle
Merritt, Pvt. Harvey J.
Merritt, Pvt. Thomas N.
Merritt, Sgt. Fletcher W.
Merrow, Pvt. Falvious J.
Mesher, Pvt. Claire E.
Messenger, J. O.
Messenger, John O.
Messenger, John Oscar
Messina, Pvt. Charles
Messina, Pvt. Joseph
Messinger, Pvt. William L.
Mestruvitch, Sgt. James I.
Metcalf, Pvt. Edwin H.
Metcalf, Pvt. Erwin H.
Metcalf, Pvt. Ezra
Metcalf, Pvt. John
Metcalf, Pvt. Thomas C.
Metcalf, Pvt. Walter A.
Metsger, Lt. Alfred R.
Mettler, Pvt. Lee
Metzen, Pvt. William J.
Metzger, Cpl. Oliver C.
Meuller, Pvt. Maxwell W.
Meuse, Pvt. Thomas
Meuwley, Peter Paul
Meuwley, Peter Paul
Meyer, Charles
Meyer, Charles
Meyer, Cpl. George F.
Meyer, Cpl. John A.
Meyer, Frank N.
Meyer, Frederick
Meyer, Lt. Lester L.
Meyer, Pvt. Alfred C.
Meyer, Pvt. Arthur S.
Meyer, Pvt. Fred E.
Meyer, Pvt. Huga W. C.
Meyer, Pvt. John
Meyer, Pvt. John Gergardt
Meyer, Pvt. Joseph
Meyer, Pvt. Leo
Meyer, Pvt. Oscar C.
Meyer, Pvt. William H.
Meyer, Sgt. Charles H.
Meyer, Sgt. Henry R.
Meyer, Jr., Cpl. Emil
Meyers, Capt. Potter
Meyers, Cdt. Jefferson O.
Meyers, Cpl. Robert W.
Meyers, Lt. Albert H.
Meyers, Pvt. Charles Edward
Meyers, Pvt. Cletus Dudley
Meyers, Pvt. Edward F.
Meyers, Pvt. Maurice
Meyers, Pvt. Wilfred
Meyers, Roy
Meyers, Sgt. Albert
Meyinhan, Cpl. Frank J.
Michael, Pvt. Clinton C.
Michael, Pvt. Frank J.
Michael, Pvt. George E.
Michael, Pvt. Henry W.
Michael, Pvt. Jess C.
Michael, Sgt. Lester J.
Michaels, Cpl. James T.
Michaelson, Pvt. Milton L.
Michalek, Wincenty
Michalopoulas, Pvt. Athanasios
Michell, Robert U.
Michellotti, Julia
Michels, Pvt. Adrian J.
Michetucce, Pvt. Vincenza
Michie, BG Robert E. L.
Michie, BG Robert E. L.
Michike, Helen
Michis, Cpl. John
Mickaglik, Pvt. Mirofan
Mickle, Pvt. Henry R.
Miconi, Pvt. Hornkedino
Midak, Pvt. Frank
Middaugh, Lt. Charles R.
Middledich, Lt. George O.
Middleton, Hugh O.
Middleton, Pvt. Att
Middleton, Pvt. Hiram
Middleton, Robert
Mider, Cpl. Albert
Midgley, Pvt. David
Midwood, Pvt. William R.
Miears, J. R.
Miefert, Fran M.
Mierach, Pvt. Norman
Miers, Cpl. Frank
Miers, James R.
Migias?, Pvt. Theodore G.
Mignacco, Pvt. Attilio J.
Miguez, Pvt. Frenand J.
Mihleder, Lt. P. G.
Mik??ka, Pvt. Henry W.
Mike, Pvt. Rudolph
Mikeska, Pvt. John J.
Mikkelsen, Johannes S.
Mikle, Pvt. Rudolph
Miko, Pvt. Pete
Mikolajozyk, Pvt. Joseph
Mikolasek, Pvt. Bobumlei
Milam, Cpl. Charles
Milam, Loraine
Milan, Pvt. Roy J.
Milan, Pvt. Tom
Milan, Thomas W.
Milbourn, Pvt. Charles Elmer
Milbratz, Pvt. Augutst H.
Milburn, Charles
Milburn, Sam
Miles, Cpl. George H.
Miles, Lt. W.
Miles, Mrs. J. W.
Miles, Pvt. Archie J.
Miles, Pvt. Grady
Miles, Pvt. Joseph
Miles, Jr., 2Lt. Thomas H.
Mileski, Pvt. Marian
Milewski, Pvt. Tedor
Milford, Scott
Milham, G. P.
Milham, Henry
Milholland, Pvt. John L.
Milhollen, Alma
Milhollen, Alma
Miligan, Pvt. Clayton
Miline, Pvt. Harry
Milk, Cpl. Gerald R. L.
Milkewski, Joseph
Mill, Pvt. Joseph S.
Millar, Henry C.
Millard, Leslie R.
Millard, Pvt. Clyde
Milleken, Pvt. Herbert H.
Miller, Adam
Miller, Barney
Miller, Bryan
Miller, Capt. James E.
Miller, Capt. James E.
Miller, Capt. James E.
Miller, Cpl. Benny
Miller, Cpl. Carl E.
Miller, Cpl. Clarendon Irving
Miller, Cpl. Floyd E.
Miller, Cpl. Harry A.
Miller, Cpl. John M.
Miller, Cpl. John O.
Miller, Cpl. Lawrence H.
Miller, Cpl. Leo M.
Miller, Cpl. Orville J.
Miller, Cpl. Ray L.
Miller, Cpl. Raymond D.
Miller, Cpl. Wade M.
Miller, Cpl. William
Miller, Dewey
Miller, Edgar G.
Miller, Gene
Miller, H. C.
Miller, Harvey
Miller, I. C.
Miller, J. T.
Miller, James M.
Miller, Janie P.
Miller, Joe B.
Miller, Joe G.
Miller, Katie
Miller, L.
Miller, Lt. Frank E.
Miller, Lt. Walter B.
Miller, Lt. William L.
Miller, Maj. Oscar
Miller, Maj. Oscar I.
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mrs. Charles
Miller, Mrs. Frank
Miller, Pvt. Abe E.
Miller, Pvt. Adam J.
Miller, Pvt. Aleck
Miller, Pvt. Alexander
Miller, Pvt. Alexander
Miller, Pvt. Arthur M.
Miller, Pvt. Arthur S.
Miller, Pvt. Boniface
Miller, Pvt. Bonner
Miller, Pvt. Charles
Miller, Pvt. Charles E.
Miller, Pvt. Charles H.
Miller, Pvt. Clark G.
Miller, Pvt. Conrad E.
Miller, Pvt. Daniel S.
Miller, Pvt. Daniel W.
Miller, Pvt. Denver
Miller, Pvt. Earl
Miller, Pvt. Edward J.
Miller, Pvt. Elmer D.
Miller, Pvt. Elmer H.
Miller, Pvt. Ernest E.
Miller, Pvt. Felix A.
Miller, Pvt. Francis
Miller, Pvt. Frank
Miller, Pvt. Frank F.
Miller, Pvt. George C.
Miller, Pvt. Harry
Miller, Pvt. Harry
Miller, Pvt. Harry N.
Miller, Pvt. Henry
Miller, Pvt. Henry L.
Miller, Pvt. Herbert J.
Miller, Pvt. Isidore
Miller, Pvt. Jacob B.
Miller, Pvt. James R.
Miller, Pvt. John C.
Miller, Pvt. John F.
Miller, Pvt. John H.
Miller, Pvt. Joseph C.
Miller, Pvt. Lawrence A.
Miller, Pvt. Lee
Miller, Pvt. Leonard Ralph
Miller, Pvt. Lloyd S.
Miller, Pvt. Lonzo A.
Miller, Pvt. Loren E.
Miller, Pvt. Loren E.
Miller, Pvt. Louis S.
Miller, Pvt. Orem Grover
Miller, Pvt. Pa??es
Miller, Pvt. Ralph
Miller, Pvt. Ralphton S.
Miller, Pvt. Raymond M.
Miller, Pvt. Samuel D.
Miller, Pvt. Thomas A.
Miller, Pvt. Thomas F.
Miller, Pvt. Thomas F.
Miller, Pvt. Thomas Henry
Miller, Pvt. Virgil H.
Miller, Pvt. Walter M.
Miller, Pvt. Walter R.
Miller, Pvt. Wilfred
Miller, Pvt. Will B.
Miller, Pvt. William F.
Miller, Pvt. William J.
Miller, Pvt. Willis
Miller, Pvt. Willis Madison
Miller, Rosie
Miller, Rosie
Miller, Sgt. Edison
Miller, Sgt. Emil F.
Miller, Sgt. Grady M.
Miller, Sgt. LeRoy H.
Miller, Sgt. Peter G.
Miller, W. A.
Miller, W. B.
Miller, W. F.
Miller, Warner
Miller, William
Miller, William Harrison
Milliaan?, Noah M.
Millican, Sgt. Leonard L.
Milligan, Cdt. G. Mark
Milligan, Cpl. William B.
Milligan, Helen
Milligan, L. S.
Milliken, Lt. Alfred S.
Millington, Pvt. Harold H.
Mills, Boy
Mills, Capt. Geoffrey
Mills, Capt. Philip O.
Mills, Capt. Phillip
Mills, Cdt. George O.
Mills, Cpl. Frederick
Mills, Cpl. George W.
Mills, Cuthbert
Mills, Henry
Mills, J. Frank
Mills, J. Frank
Mills, James A.
Mills, Lettie
Mills, Lorrie
Mills, Lt. Harold C.
Mills, Lucille
Mills, Mrs. W. J.
Mills, Pvt. Alfred C.
Mills, Pvt. Connie O.
Mills, Pvt. Lester
Mills, Pvt. Louis J.
Mills, Pvt. Ollie
Mills, Pvt. Wilfred
Milner, Clarence
Milner, Sgt. Raymond M.
Milton, Mary
Milton, Pvt. Howard L.
Mimms, J. N.
Mims, Pvt. Arthur L.
Min???eft, Pvt. Frederick H.
Mince, Pvt. Dominick
Mincey, Cpl. George A.
Minch, Pvt. Floyd
Minerd, Pvt. George E.
Minest, Pvt. Dominick
Minge?, Pvt. Wayne
Mingle, Pvt. Chaude L.
Mingle, Roy C.
Mingus, Pvt. Frank D.
Minigan, Pvt. Everett H.
Minkler, Sgt. Guy
Minney, Cora
Minnick, Pvt. Donald C.
Minnick, Pvt. Elijah
Minniuc?, Pvt. James F.
Minnlear, Pvt. Herbert C.
Minogue, Pvt. Thomas P.
Minor, Pvt. Ernest F.
Minor, Pvt. Thomas L.
Minor, Jr., Lt. Harrell D.
Minteer, Pvt. Dewey
Minthrust, Pvt. Joe
Mints, Pvt. William H.
Mirbach, Count Adult Male
Mire, Pvt. Aurelien
Mirko, Prince Adult Male
Mirth, Lt. Frederick K.
Misek, Cpl. Anton
Miskell, Joe Francis
Mitchel, Maj. John Parroy
Mitchel, Maj. John Purroy
Mitchell, Adult Male
Mitchell, Charles
Mitchell, Charlie
Mitchell, Clarence E.
Mitchell, Cpl. Delnno C.
Mitchell, Cpl. Dorsey E.
Mitchell, Cpl. Earl
Mitchell, Cpl. Edward
Mitchell, Cpl. George R.
Mitchell, Cpl. Joseph P.
Mitchell, Cpl. William
Mitchell, Earl
Mitchell, Elton
Mitchell, Eugene D.
Mitchell, Fred
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, J. R.
Mitchell, J. R.
Mitchell, John A.
Mitchell, John H.
Mitchell, Kitty
Mitchell, Lt. John L.
Mitchell, Lt. John L.
Mitchell, Lt. Lorion J.
Mitchell, Lt. Orion
Mitchell, Lt. Robert F.
Mitchell, Lucien
Mitchell, Maggie
Mitchell, Mike
Mitchell, Mrs. A. E.
Mitchell, Mrs. J. F.
Mitchell, Mrs. Ray
Mitchell, Mrs. Raymond
Mitchell, Oscar G.
Mitchell, Oscar G.
Mitchell, Pvt. Emit E.
Mitchell, Pvt. Frank L.
Mitchell, Pvt. Frederick S.
Mitchell, Pvt. Henry F.
Mitchell, Pvt. Huey V.
Mitchell, Pvt. James O.
Mitchell, Pvt. Lawrence I.
Mitchell, Pvt. Leslie L.
Mitchell, Pvt. Lloyd L.
Mitchell, Pvt. Loren H.
Mitchell, Pvt. Nile
Mitchell, Pvt. Oskar
Mitchell, Pvt. Robert
Mitchell, Pvt. Russell W.
Mitchell, Pvt. Thomas H.
Mitchell, R. H.
Mitchell, R. H.
Mitchell, Raymond
Mitchell, Sgt. Arthur
Mitchell, Sgt. Calvin B.
Mitchell, Sgt. Frank
Mitchell, Sgt. Fred
Mitchell, Sgt. George Eugene
Mitchell, Sgt. Thomas A.
Mitchell, William E.
Mitschele, Pvt. Henry P.
Mittelstat, Sgt. Earl C.
Mivelae, Louis H.
Mivelaz, Louis H.
Mivelaz, Louis H.
Mix, Pvt. Charlie
Mixon, W. H.
Mixtacki, Pvt. Adam V.
Mize, Christopher
Mize, Pvt. Robert
Mize, Pvt. Samuel
Mizeri, Pvt. Calvatore
Mocaygamiba, Pvt. Isaac
Mock, Cpl. Arthur C.
Modgling, Pvt. F. G.
Moeller, Pvt. Otto
Moffa, Pvt. Guiseppi
Moffatt, Charles M.
Moffett, Pvt. Earnest
Moffitt, Pvt. Edward C.
Mohammed, V, Sultan Adult Male
Mohert, Pvt. Fred
Mohnson?, Mrs. William
Mohr, Pvt. Charles M.
Mohr, Jr., Cpl. Christopher A.
Molas, Leon
Moleneck, Pvt. Andrew
Moler, Pvt. Carl A.
Molero, Pvt. Vincent
Molinari, Pvt. Guiseppe
Molinaro, Annie
Molinaro, Annie
Molinaro, Annie
Mollenberger, Floyd
Moltsen, Cpl. George W.
Moltzen, Cpl. George W.
Mona, Pvt. Everett W.
Monahan, Cpl. William H.
Monahan, Pvt. Edward H.
Moncravic, Cpl. Sirley
Monese, Pvt. Manuel
Moneyhun, Cpl. Ralph C.
Monfort, Joe
Monga, Sgt. Chester
Monger, Pvt. Elio C.
Monien, Pvt. Leo M.
Monize, Pvt. Toney
Monk, Leola Ada
Monri, Pvt. Theodore L.
Monro, George
Monroe, Laura c.
Monroe, Lt. D. E.
Monroe, Pvt. Clifford C.
Monroe, Pvt. Daniel
Monson, Pvt. Walter F.
Montague, Pvt. Charles E.
Monteeth, Charles
Monteith, Charles
Montez, Pvt. Darre
Montgall, Capt. Rufus F.
Montgomery, C. W.
Montgomery, Doris
Montgomery, Doris
Montgomery, George
Montgomery, Lt. Roger
Montgomery, Pvt. Claud K.
Montgomery, Pvt. Frank
Montgomery, Pvt. James R.
Montgomery, Pvt. John
Montgomery, Pvt. Lowell
Montgomery, Pvt. Lyman W.
Montgomery, Pvt. William
Montgomery, Sgt. Vincent C.
Montzeski, Pvt. George C.
Mood, Jr., Capt. James A.
Moody, Dr. W. H.
Moody, Hazel
Moody, Irene Forbes
Moody, J. R.
Moody, J. R.
Moody, Lt. Richard W.
Moody, Pvt. Jesse
Moon, Pvt. Charles S.
Moon, Sgt. Ellis J.
Moon, Sgt. Martimer K.
Mooney, Boy
Mooney, Capt. Rolfe
Mooney, Leonard
Mooney, Leonard
Mooney, Lt. E. L.
Mooney, Lt. Thomas F.
Mooney, Lt. Thomas J.
Mooney, Pvt. George E.
Mooney, Pvt. Grover C.
Mooney, Pvt. John J. L.
Mooney, Pvt. John P.
Mooney, Ralph K.
Mooneyham, Pvt. Floyd E.
Moonier, Pvt. Jonas R.
Moore, Ada B.
Moore, Capt. Charles J.
Moore, Capt. Hugh T.
Moore, Capt. James S.
Moore, Carrington
Moore, Charles A.
Moore, Cpl. Emmit R.
Moore, Cpl. George F.
Moore, Cpl. Gilbert
Moore, Cpl. Harry R.
Moore, Cpl. Homer
Moore, Cpl. James
Moore, Cpl. John P.
Moore, Cpl. Oscar J.
Moore, Cpl. Robert D.
Moore, Cpl. Robert Lee
Moore, Cpl. Russell S.
Moore, Cpl. Vinton
Moore, Cpl. Walter G.
Moore, Cpl. Walter L.
Moore, Dr. L. B.
Moore, Edgar
Moore, Ella A.
Moore, Gladys
Moore, Gladys
Moore, Harold J.
Moore, Herbert Paul
Moore, Ida P.
Moore, J. G.
Moore, James S.
Moore, James Upham
Moore, James Upham
Moore, James Upham
Moore, Jesse H.
Moore, Louis Herbert
Moore, Lt. Frank M.
Moore, Lt. Hardwell
Moore, Lt. James H.
Moore, Lt. Jerome E.
Moore, Lt. Zack J.
Moore, Morris D.
Moore, Mrs. Charles
Moore, Mrs. Charles H.
Moore, Mrs. Henry
Moore, Mrs. W. H.
Moore, Mrs. Z. T.
Moore, Nancy
Moore, Nelson
Moore, Pvt. Albert E.
Moore, Pvt. Allen R.
Moore, Pvt. Arthur E.
Moore, Pvt. Arthur I.
Moore, Pvt. Artie
Moore, Pvt. August P.
Moore, Pvt. August P.
Moore, Pvt. Charles C.
Moore, Pvt. Charles F.
Moore, Pvt. Charles S.
Moore, Pvt. Donald C.
Moore, Pvt. Edwin D.
Moore, Pvt. Elzie H.
Moore, Pvt. Ernest
Moore, Pvt. Francis B.
Moore, Pvt. George
Moore, Pvt. George W.
Moore, Pvt. Goldman
Moore, Pvt. Henry D.
Moore, Pvt. Henry D.
Moore, Pvt. Homer
Moore, Pvt. James
Moore, Pvt. James A.
Moore, Pvt. James W.
Moore, Pvt. James Walter
Moore, Pvt. John
Moore, Pvt. John H.
Moore, Pvt. John T.
Moore, Pvt. Johnnie
Moore, Pvt. Lemuel I.
Moore, Pvt. Novie L.
Moore, Pvt. Talmage H.
Moore, Pvt. Thomas M.
Moore, Pvt. Zeke M.
Moore, R. C.
Moore, Raymond
Moore, Sarah A.
Moore, Sarah A.
Moore, Sgt. Earl R.
Moore, Sgt. Morris D.
Moore, Sgt. Morris D.
Moore, Sgt. Shelton
Moore, Thomas G.
Moore, W. B.
Moore, W. B.
Moore, W. S.
Moore, Jr., Cpl. Frederick P.
Moore, Jr., Ernest
Moore, Sr., Mrs. Ernest
Moorhead, Pvt. Harry C.
Moorman, Sarah Elizabeth
Morahn, Pvt. Patrick L.
Morales, Pvt. Florentino
Moran, Cpl. Dennis
Moran, Cpl. Joe A.
Moran, Pvt. Frank
Moran, Pvt. Geroge A.
Moran, Pvt. John W.
Moran, Pvt. Joseph
Moran, Pvt. Marlin T.
Moranci, Emma
Morandt, Karl A.
Morane, Leon
Morant, Major
Morcom, Walter
Morehart, Catherine
Morehart, Ira May
Morehead, Clarence
Morehead, Lillian
Morehead, Pvt. Joe H.
Morehouse, Sgt. Ira
Moreland, Pvt. Adult Male
Moreland, Pvt. Claude D.
Moreland, Robert
Moreno, George
Morey, Pvt. Frank S.
Morey, Pvt. William C.
Morfi, Pvt. Sem
Morgan, A.
Morgan, Amelia A.
Morgan, Clarence
Morgan, Cpl. Allen Irvin
Morgan, Cpl. Frank A.
Morgan, Cpl. John E.
Morgan, Cpl. John H.
Morgan, Elizabeth
Morgan, Eugene
Morgan, John A.
Morgan, Loman
Morgan, Lt. Harold Sydney
Morgan, Mabel
Morgan, Minnie A.
Morgan, Minnie A.
Morgan, Mrs. Irving
Morgan, Mrs. Irving
Morgan, Pvt. Albert M.
Morgan, Pvt. Arthur G.
Morgan, Pvt. Buck
Morgan, Pvt. David H.
Morgan, Pvt. David T.
Morgan, Pvt. Edgar
Morgan, Pvt. Henry B.
Morgan, Pvt. Henry Zadock
Morgan, Pvt. Howard
Morgan, Pvt. Isaac Wiley
Morgan, Pvt. James A.
Morgan, Pvt. James D.
Morgan, Pvt. Laman W.
Morgan, Pvt. Lester
Morgan, Pvt. Mathis
Morgan, Pvt. Riley
Morgan, Pvt. Walter A.
Morgan, Rade
Morgan, Russell
Morganroth, Cpl. Robert J.
Morganthaler, Pvt. Anton
Morgensen, Cpl. Carl C.
Morgonstern, Sgt. Sam
Moriarity, Pvt. Joseph J.
Moriarity, Pvt. Tim
Morino, Joe
Morino, Joseph
Morissey, Pvt. John A.
Morissey, Pvt. Patrick
Morley, Pvt. Alexander J.
Morley, Pvt. Willard
Morley, Sgt. Jeremiah T.
Morningstar, Pvt. George S.
Morotto, Pvt. Attllile
Morreale, Cpl. Herman C.
Morrill, Pvt. Lloyd L.
Morris, A. M.
Morris, B. M.
Morris, Beulah
Morris, Cpl. Guy Clark
Morris, Cpl. James
Morris, Cpl. Ralph V.
Morris, Frederick
Morris, M. C.
Morris, Mrs. L. C.
Morris, Oscar
Morris, Pendleton S.
Morris, Pvt. Amos W.
Morris, Pvt. Charles W.
Morris, Pvt. Clarence
Morris, Pvt. Cleo
Morris, Pvt. Columbus R.
Morris, Pvt. Dennis T.
Morris, Pvt. Edward
Morris, Pvt. Frank Lawson
Morris, Pvt. George
Morris, Pvt. Glenn
Morris, Pvt. Harry D.
Morris, Pvt. Joe
Morris, Pvt. John H.
Morris, Pvt. John H.
Morris, Pvt. Johnnie L.
Morris, Pvt. Leonard W.
Morris, Pvt. Louis J.
Morris, Pvt. Matthew W.
Morris, Pvt. Mereda E.
Morris, Pvt. Orla William
Morris, Pvt. Otis
Morris, Pvt. Victor B.
Morris, Pvt. Walter R.
Morris, Pvt. William C.
Morris, Pvt. Willie L.
Morris, Pvt. Willie Z.
Morris, Sgt. Lyle
Morris, Sgt. William E.
Morrison, Cpl. Herman H.
Morrison, Dr. W. M.
Morrison, J. S.
Morrison, John M.
Morrison, JohnT.
Morrison, Joseph L.
Morrison, Joseph L.
Morrison, Lt. Clyde T.
Morrison, Lt. John S.
Morrison, Mrs. W. R.
Morrison, Pvt. Daniel
Morrison, Pvt. George
Morrison, Pvt. George Dole
Morrison, Pvt. Henry
Morrison, Pvt. Morrill B.
Morrison, Thomas E.
Morrison, Thomas F.
Morrison, Thomas F.
Morrison, Ward B.
Morrissette, Pvt. Cyril P.
Morrissey, John J.
Morro, Mrs. C. R.
Morrow, Charles
Morrow, Charles B.
Morrow, Cpl. Glen A.
Morrow, F. R.
Morrow, Harry Smith
Morrow, John
Morrow, John A.
Morrow, John A.
Morrow, John A.
Morrow, John A.
Morrow, Lt. Carl
Morrow, P. R.
Morrow, Pvt. Charlie W.
Morrow, Pvt. Leslie G.
Morrow, Pvt. Lum F.
Morrow, Pvt. Thomas
Morrow, Sarah Melissa
Morrow, Vickie
Morse, H. H.
Morse, Mrs. H. H.
Morse, Pete
Morse, Pvt. Fred S.
Mortenson, Pvt. Howard W.
Mortimer, Jr., Lt. Richard
Morton, Clara
Morton, Cpl. Clyde C.
Morton, Cpl. Clyde M.
Morton, Cpl. Robert I.
Morton, Mrs. Levi P.
Morton, Pvt. Charles J.
Morton, Pvt. Earl
Morton, Pvt. John T.
Morton, Sgt. Levi B.
Mortorff, Earl M.
Mosby, Pvt. Wilbur
Moscarella, Pvt. Anthony
Moseley, Capt. Arthur F.
Moseley, Cpl. Elbert
Moseley, Jesse
Moseley, Mary J.
Moseley, Monroe
MOseley, Pvt. Robert
Moseley, Pvt. Russell
Moseley, W. Monroe
Mosely, Pvt. King D.
Moser, Pvt. Harvey Raymond
Moserawitz, Pvt. Nathan
Moses, Leonard Leroy
Moses, Leonard Leroy
Moses, Mordecai L.
Moses, Paul V.
Moses, Pvt. Ray H.
Moses, Pvt. William A.
Mosher, Capt. Henry Ephraim
Mosher, Sgt. Cyril
Mosher, Sgt. James C.
Moshler, Lt. Leon N.
Mosier, Cpl. Leon S.
Moskovich, Sgt. David A.
Mosley, Margaret
Mosley, Pvt. Arnie
Mosly, Pvt. Columbus
Mosmeyer, Pvt. John
Moss, Pvt. Carl D.
Moss, Pvt. Charles E.
Moss, Pvt. Charley L.
Moss, Pvt. William M.
Moss, Ralph
Moss, Sarah
Moss, Sgt. Clinton F.
Moss, Sophie Louise
Motler, Pvt. Knud E.
Motley, Sgt. Rufus
Motono, Viscount Ichiro
Motsenbacker, John F.
Mott, Pvt. Charlie
Mott, Pvt. James C.
Mott, Pvt. Joseph
Mott, Pvt. Riley L.
Mouhollon, Pvt. James T.
Moulder, W. D.
Moulton, Pvt. John H.
Mountain, John W.
Mountain, Pvt. Earl W.
Mountain, Sgt. Albert A.
Mounts, Cpl. Roy E.
Mounts, Roy E.
Movv?, Pvt. Loniel T.
Mowak, Cpl. Peter
Mowat, Andrew
Mowery, Howard A.
Mowl, Pvt. Harold L.
Mowrey, Pvt. Allen N.
Mowyck, Pvt. Morgan L.
Moxley, Frank N.
Moyer, Pvt. Delbert M.
Mozingo, Pvt. George W.
Mozingo, Pvt. George W.
Mrecauch, Pvt. John
Muckley, John
Muckley, Mrs. John
Mudawek, Pvt. Nasar
Mudgett, Lt. Bryan
Mudgett, Orris Paearl
Mueller, Cpl. Arthur James
Mueller, Pvt. Adolf William
Mueller, Pvt. Louis E.
Mueller, Pvt. Paul W.
Mulazza, Pvt. Dominico
Mulch, Pvt. James D.
Muldrow, Eugene
Mules, Harley
Mulherin, Pvt. John R.
Mulikin, Ella
Mulkey, Pvt. Frank B.
Mull, Adult Male
Mullaeet, Emil I.
Mullen, Emma
Mullen, Margaret
Mullen, Margaret
Mullen, Pvt. John J.
Mullen, Pvt. Richard J.
Muller, Cpl. James
Muller, Cpl. Robert Carroll
Muller, Pvt. Elmer Reinholt
Muller, Pvt.Julius F.
Muller, Sgt. Max
Mullershoen, Pvt. Albert H.
Mullick, Mrs. A.
Mulligan, Cpl. Edward S.
Mulligan, Sgt. Boyd F.
Mulligan, Sgt. James A.
Mullin, Pvt. Elisha
Mullinax, Pvt. Lee M.
Mullins, Cpl. Troy
Mullins, Pvt. Forrest B.
Mullins, Pvt. Myrel
Mullins, Pvt. Sam Henry
Mullins, Pvt. Stanley
Mullins, Pvt. Will
Mullins, Sgt. Thurlow
Mulvane, John David
Mulvane, John H.
Mulvaney, Pvt. Edward H.
Mulvey, Pvt. Lawrence
Mulvihill, William
Mumford, Gen. Thomas T.
Mummey, Sgt. Clyde
Munch, Pvt. Earl
Muncy, Newt
Munday, Pvt. Corda A.
Mundell, Pvt. William
Mundie, Pvt. John D.
Mundt, I.
Mungavin, Pvt. James P.
Munkres, Cpl. Richard Bland
Munn, Cpl. Simon
Munn, George W.
Munn, Pvt. Donald H.
Munn, Pvt. Frank
Munn, Pvt. James E.
Munn, Pvt. Thomas F.
Munns, Cpl. Joe B.
Munro, Pvt. James
Munroe, Pvt. George
Munsell, Roy Lee
Munsinger, Clyde W.
Munson, Pvt. Charles Dillard
Murch, Pvt. Harry L.
Murdock, Cpl. Robert
Murdock, Daniel E.
Murdock, Pvt. Elmer M.
Murdock, Pvt. Larkin C.
Murdock, Pvt. Lorenzo C.
Murno, Pvt. Donald
Murph, Annie
Murphy, 2Lt. Richard W.
Murphy, Adult Male
Murphy, Cpl. Charles E.
Murphy, Cpl. Eugene F.
Murphy, Cpl. Harold S.
Murphy, Cpl. John B.
Murphy, Cpl. Richard T.
Murphy, Cpl. Riley O.
Murphy, Dan R.
Murphy, Dan R.
Murphy, Don R.
Murphy, John Francis
Murphy, Lt. James Waidlaw
Murphy, Pvt. Charles H.
Murphy, Pvt. Claude C.
Murphy, Pvt. Frederick J.
Murphy, Pvt. George Dallas
Murphy, Pvt. Henry G.
Murphy, Pvt. James
Murphy, Pvt. James L.
Murphy, Pvt. Jasper C.
Murphy, Pvt. John J.
Murphy, Pvt. John R.
Murphy, Pvt. John W.
Murphy, Pvt. Joseph A.
Murphy, Pvt. Joseph H.
Murphy, Pvt. Leo A.
Murphy, Pvt. Louis
Murphy, Pvt. Martin J.
Murphy, Pvt. Thomas
Murphy, Pvt. William Edgar
Murphy, Pvt. William H.
Murphy, R. E. L.
Murphy, Sgt. Fred S.
Murphy, Sgt. Michael J.
Murphy, William A.
Murphy, William A.
Murr, Pvt. Russell A.
Murrah, Pvt. Clarence Edvin
Murrah, Pvt. John V.
Murray, Cdt. Clifford N.
Murray, Charles B.
Murray, Cpl. Thomas
Murray, Cpl. Willie C.
Murray, Esther
Murray, Herbert
Murray, Herbert
Murray, Herbert
Murray, J. P.
Murray, Katherine Veronica
Murray, Kenneth Paul
Murray, Mrs. Charles
Murray, Mrs. J. R.
Murray, Pvt. Albert J.
Murray, Pvt. Clifford J.
Murray, Pvt. Delbert
Murray, Pvt. Frank A.
Murray, Pvt. Glen R.
Murray, Pvt. Harley
Murray, Pvt. Jesse L.
Murray, Pvt. Joe
Murray, Pvt. Joseph
Murray, Pvt. Richard
Murray, Pvt. Sherman A.
Murray, Pvt. Thomas V.
Murray, Pvt. Tonnie
Murray, Sgt. Fred W.
Murray, Sgt. Seldon H.
Murray, Sgt. Willie K.
Murray, Jr., Pvt. Robert A.
Murrell, Pvt. Edgar R.
Murrell, Pvt. Jim
Murrell, Pvt. Luther
Murry, Pvt. Clay H.
Murry, Pvt. Henry B.
Musar, Pvt. Charles
Musbach, Pvt. Carl F.
Muscieltro, Pvt. Giovanni
Muscilack, Pvt. Joseph
Muse, C. J.
Muse, Pvt. Lewis W.
Musguz, Pvt. Lorenzo
Muso, Peter
Musselman, Pvt. John
Musser, Pvt. John M.
Musser, Pvt. Joseph Densil
Mussler, Pvt. Piermienn
Mussmer, Cpl Max
Mustain, Pvt. Ivan L.
Mustard, Pvt. Everett
Myahrall, Pvt. Matthew H.
Myar, Raye
Myer, Bridget
Myer, Raye
Myers, Bridget
Myers, Cdt. Harry J.
Myers, Cpl. Allen G.
Myers, Cpl. Samuel W.
Myers, Emmet Russell
Myers, Emmet Russell
Myers, Glenn
Myers, Glenn
Myers, John
Myers, Pvt. Charles S.
Myers, Pvt. Claude M.
Myers, Pvt. Edward H.
Myers, Pvt. Frank J.
Myers, Pvt. George
Myers, Pvt. Harry C.
Myers, Pvt. John F.
Myers, Pvt. Josie Witcher
Myers, Pvt. Willaim M.
Myers, Pvt. William
Myers, Pvt. William
Myers, Pvt. William P.
Myers, R. D.
Myers, Sgt. Basil Earl
Myers, Theodore W.
Mylott, Pvt. George E.
Mynatt, Pvt. Burley
Myrick, Pvt. Albert S.
Mysinger, James G.
Mystinski, Pvt. Mautaw?
Nabor, Pvt. Edmund G.
Nabors, Pvt. Zellie
Nacella, Pvt. Henry J.
Nacke, Pvt. John J.
Nadeau, Pvt. Diamond L.
Nadeau, Ropiso?
Nadel, Cpl. Abe
Nading, John
Nadolski, Cpl. Walter Mike
Naegcian?, Pvt. Charles A.
Naegle, Pvt. Richard C.
Nagels, Pvt. Harvey
Nagle, Pvt. John J.
Nail, Pvt. Bird Ernest
Nail, Thomas A.
Nailla, Pvt. Charles
Nails, Pvt. Robert C.
Nalling, Pvt. William I.
Nalls, Maj. James B.
Namchick, Pvt. John
Nance, I. H.
Nance, I. J.
Nance, Judge W. L.
Nance, Pvt. Joe W.
Napier, Edward
Napier, Sgt. Thomas H.
Naploeno, Cpl. Luke
Napp, Cpl. Jack
Nardella, Pvt. James
Nardelli, Sgt. Antonio
Narisky, Pvt. Michael
Nartoff, Cpl. Victor J.
Nash, Cpl. Junius
Nash, Louise
Nash, Mrs. W. B.
Nash, Pvt. Belton
Nash, Pvt. Dan E.
Nash, Pvt. Daniel
Nash, Pvt. Homer D.
Nash, Pvt. James S.
Nash, Pvt. Laurie S.
Nash, Pvt. Oscar K.
Nasymski, Pvt. Stanislaw
Nathan, Cdt. Thomas C.
Nation, Mrs. John A.
Nation, Pvt. Rich C.
Nauqokitis, Pvt. John
Nauraskat, Cpl. William
Nazzareno, Pvt. P.
NcCoy, Pvt. James
Neal, Cpl. Joseph G.
Neal, Dr. O. L.
Neal, Mattie F.
Neal, Mattie F.
Neal, Pvt. William K.
Near, J. Earl
Nearbood, Pvt. Albert
Nearn, Pvt. Lawrence A.
Neblett, J. G.
Neckerson, Pvt. Elmer
Nee, Cpl. Leo C.
Needham, Cpl Monroe Allen
Needham, Cpl. Clyde W.
Neegoda?, Pvt. John
Neel, Pvt. Paul E.
Neel, Pvt. Roy
Neeley, Cpl. Claud
Neelly, Annie McRae
Neelon, Pvt. Charles Edward
Neels, Cpl. Harden
Neely, L. H.
Neely, L. H.
Neely, L. H.
Neely, Pvt. Alva O.
Neely, Sarah Emma
Neely, Sarah Emma
Neely, William Allen
Neely, William Allen
Neer, Sgt. Clyde
Neff, Seymour
Nehrbass, Pvt. Henry
Nehrenberg, Pvt. David D.
Neidringhaus, Pvt. Casper H.
Neighbors, Pvt. Cara
Neil, Cpl. Ernest A.
Neil, Pvt. David W.
Neill, Pvt. Halmet C.
Neilson, Pvt. Renyolds
Neir, Clyde A.
Nell, Pvt. William J. B.
Nelms, Pvt. Sidney R.
Nelson, A. B.
Nelson, Ab
Nelson, Albert Leonard
Nelson, Arthur
Nelson, Boy
Nelson, Cpl. Frank
Nelson, Cpl. Harry E.
Nelson, Cpl. James H.
Nelson, Cpl. John L.
Nelson, Fred
Nelson, Lt. Elmer Burdett
Nelson, Lucy T.
Nelson, Martha A.
Nelson, Mrs. W. R.
Nelson, Pvt. Arnold Y.
Nelson, Pvt. Axel E.
Nelson, Pvt. Bert
Nelson, Pvt. Carl E.
Nelson, Pvt. Carles E.
Nelson, Pvt. Decater
Nelson, Pvt. Edward A.
Nelson, Pvt. Edward Dave
Nelson, Pvt. Edward H.
Nelson, Pvt. Emil B.
Nelson, Pvt. Erastus I.
Nelson, Pvt. Ernest R.
Nelson, Pvt. Everett L.
Nelson, Pvt. Finn L.
Nelson, Pvt. Fred W.
Nelson, Pvt. James M.
Nelson, Pvt. Joe
Nelson, Pvt. John
Nelson, Pvt. John O.
Nelson, Pvt. Lester N.
Nelson, Pvt. Lyndon S.
Nelson, Pvt. Mangus
Nelson, Pvt. Marshall B.
Nelson, Pvt. Orville A.
Nelson, Pvt. Paul W.
Nelson, Pvt. Rex E.
Nelson, Pvt. Samuel R.
Nelson, Pvt. Solon A.
Nelson, Pvt. Walter Arnold
Nelson, Sgt. Arthur E.
Nelson, Sgt. Irving S.
Nelson, Sgt. James H.
Nelson, Sgt. Lee
Nelson, W. A.
Nemencheck, Pvt. August
Nemeth, Pvt. Tony S.
Neovals, Mrs. John
Nerrin, Mrs. Luther
Nesbent, Gentry
Nesbest, Pvt. Gentry
Nesbett, Pvt. Athie A.
Nestorwicz, Sgt. Edward
Nethery, Pvt. Albert C.
Nettleton, Pvt. Robert E.
Neufold, Karl
Neuhauser, Capt. Cecil
Neuiet, Earl H.
Neumann, Pvt. Harold H.
Neumark, Pvt. Frank K.
Neuneman, Pvt. Fred W.
Neuwly, Peter Paul
Nevil, Cpl. Stewart K.
Neville, Lt. Earl H.
Nevius, Lt. Ruliff
New, Pvt. Michael J.
New, Pvt. Richard
New, Rosie
New, Sgt. Elmer
Newall, Lt. Clarence C.
Newber, Pvt. George J.
Newberry, Granville
Newberry, Pvt. Ernest R.
Newbohuar, Emmett J.
Newburn, Mary Jane
Newcomb, Pvt. Edgar L.
Newcomb, Sgt. Charlie B.
Newell, Lt. Edward D.
Newell, Pvt. Ben
Newell, Pvt. Claire T.
Newell, Pvt. Loren E.
Newingham, Pvt. Ebbie
Newitt, Lt. William N.
Newitt, Pvt. Joseph F.
Newland, Lt. Jasper J.
Newland, Sgt. George F.
Newman, Cpl. Rolla M.
Newman, Cpl. William H.
Newman, J. E.
Newman, Jake
Newman, Jake
Newman, Jake
Newman, James
Newman, Jennie
Newman, Jennie
Newman, Jennie
Newman, Jennie
Newman, Mary A.
Newman, Pvt. Arthur Eugene
Newman, Pvt. Cecil L.
Newman, Pvt. Joseph T.
Newman, Sgt. Henry T.
Newman, Sgt. John C.
Newman, William H.
Newsbaumd, Pvt. William
Newsom, Edmond
Newsom, Edmond
Newsom, Walter W.
Newstel, Cpl. William H.
Newth, Lille
Newth, Lillie
Newth, Lillie
Newton, Charles
Newton, Cpl. Jasper
Newton, Cpl. Jasper
Newton, Pvt. Fred J.
Newton, Pvt. John V.
Newton, Pvt. Perry E.
Newton, Pvt. Tull
Newton, Pvt. Vernie
Newton, Pvt. Walter
Newton, William
Nial, Andrew
Niblick, Clyde B.
Nichol, Cdt. Clark B.
Nicholaciten, Grand Duke Nicholas
Nicholas, Cpl. James J.
Nicholas, Czar Adult Male
Nicholas, Emperor Adult Male
Nicholas, Pvt. Samuel S.
Nichols, Alan
Nichols, Charlie
Nichols, Cpl. Oscar R.
Nichols, E. F.
Nichols, E. P.
Nichols, Eldon
Nichols, Howard
Nichols, J. W.
Nichols, Mrs. William
Nichols, Pvt. Claude A.
Nichols, Pvt. John E.
Nichols, Pvt. John Noah
Nichols, Raymond L.
Nichols, Steel
Nichols, William H.
Nichols, William H.
Nicholson, Frank
Nicholson, Pvt. Angus
Nicholson, Pvt. Edward L.
Nicholson, Pvt. Ornie
Nicholson, Pvt. Oscar E.
Nicholson, Pvt. Ray C.
Nick, Pvt. Thomas
Nickel, Pvt. Harry C.
Nickels, Jewel
Nickels, Pvt. Harry M.
Nickerson, Pvt. Edwin F.
Nickerson, Sgt. Simeon L.
Nickles, Pvt. William M.
Nicnos, Sgt. Herbert C.
Niczyporek, Cpl. Joseph
Nida, Cpl. Arthur W.
NIdle, Pvt. Howard L.
Niederweiser, Sr., Tony
Niedleman, Irving
Niedlinger, Samuel F.
Nielson, Pvt. John W.
Nielson, Sgt. John H.
Nieman, Pvt. Barney H.
Niemann, Walter
Niemeyer, Pvt. Henry J.
Nies, Pvt. Fred John
Nieswladomy, Pvt. Walter
Niever, Pvt. Jack
Niggel, Pvt. Walter H.
Nilen, Pvt. Herbert A.
Niles, Sgt. Wilfred
Nilgen, Pvt. Frank
Nimuto, Pvt. Wert D.
Ninman, Pvt. Elmer A.
Niobolla, Ens. Allan I.
Nippers, Pvt. Claude
Nippert, Pvt. William C.
Nitsene, Pvt. Roy A.
Nitterhouse, Cpl. Charles Mentzer
Nivens, Pvt. Ribert T.
Nivergel, Adult Male
Nix, Mrs. Bennie
Nix, Zebby D.
Nix, Zebby D.
Nixon, Jane
Nixon, Samuel F.
Njederjohn, Pvt. Louis H.M.
Nnederjohaun, Arnold H.
Nobel, Walter S.
Nobel, Walter S.
Noble, F. J.
Noble, Pvt. William J.
Nobles, Pvt. Billie
Nock, Ivan
Noe, Mrs. T. S.
Noel, Preston
Noel, Pvt. Robert S.
Noel, Pvt. William L.
Nofire, Pvt. Andy
Noifi, Pvt. Roger J.
Noirdquist, Sgt. Roula W.
Noisier, Pvt. Samuel
Nolan, Cpl. Edward J.
Nolan, Pvt. Johnny
Nolan, Pvt. Richard T.
Nolan, Pvt. William G.
Noland, Pvt. Ott
Nolen, Sgt. Harry L.
Nollner, Pvt. John H.
Nolte, J. Adult Male
Nonnemann, Pvt. Gustave J.
Noon, Pvt. William H.
Noonan, Pvt. William H.
Norbel, Pvt. Paul
Norcia, Pvt. James J.
Nordman, Sgt. Walter G.
Nordmeyer, Andrew
Noreill, Pvt. Michael
Noren, Pvt. Oscar A.
Norenberg, Pvt. Carl
Norfleet, Mrs. Willie Thompson
Norfleet, Willie T.
Norfleet, Willie Thompson
Norfleet, Willie Thompson
Norman, Bedford
Norman, Col. G. W.
Norman, Earl P.
Norman, Pvt. Charles C.
Norman, Pvt. Clinton B.
Norman, Pvt. John B.
Norman, Pvt. Merle L.
Norman, Pvt. Steve
Norman, W. N.
Norris, Annie Mariah
Norris, George
Norris, Jasper
Norris, Lt. John L.
Norris, Pvt. David P.
Norris, Pvt. George
Norris, Pvt. George R.
Norris, Pvt. James C.
Norris, Pvt. James S.
Norris, Pvt. Joseph P.
Norris, Pvt. Leon T.
Norsigan, Pvt. George H.
Norstrum, Pvt. Oliver E.
Norsworthy, Mary
Norsworthy, Mary T.
Norsworthy, May'
North, Arthur
Northcutt, Cpl. Perry M.
Northern, Mary J.
Northland, Viscount Adult Male
Northrip, Pvt. Robert E.
Norton, A. J.
Norton, Dr. C. M.
Norton, Dr. M. M.
Norton, Earl
Norton, Lt. Fred
Norton, Mrs. William
Norton, Prof. Richard
Norton, Pvt. Charles S.
Norton, Pvt. Henry D.
Norton, Pvt. Walter V.
Norton, Pvt. William
Norton, Richard H.
Norton, Sgt. George T.
Norton, Sgt. John E.
Norton, Sgt. Otto Kane
Nothwang, Ed
Nothwang, Ed
Nothwang, Edward H.
Nothwang, Pvt. Edward H.
Notting, Pvt. Joseph
Nottingham, Pvt. Marsh W.
Novak, Frank
Nowacki, Jacob J. C.
Nowak, Sgt. John M.
Nowatny, Pvt. John
Nowland, Pvt. Robert Jonathan
Nowlin, Bettie
Nowlin, Bettie
Nowlin, Pvt. James E.
Nowlin, Samuel Bruce
Nowlin, Sgt. William K.
Noyd, Pvt. Ray A.
Noyes, Berry
Nudd, Pvt. Ben
Nuffer, Ernest Gustive
Nugent, Lt. Leo John
Nugent, Rev. Francis V.
Nulty, Cpl. Thomas R.
Numlee, Pvt. Charles H.
Nunley, Pvt. Melvin J.
Nunley, Sarah Ann
Nunn, Pvt. Burrell S.
Nunn, Pvt. Harry W.
Nunn, S. E.
Nunn, Stuart R.
Nunn, Virginia
Nunnally, Pvt. Arnett
Nurd, Pvt. James H.
Nurnberg, Charles H.
Nurnberg, Charles H.
Nuthall, E. W.
Nutt, Pvt. William D.
Nutt, R. E.
Nwoak, Cpl. Charles J.
Nye, Pvt. Ernest
Nystrum, Pvt. Caleb O.
Nyswander, Pvt. Jett H.
Oaken, Sgt. George J.
Oakes, Pvt. Eugene Rockwell
Oakes, Pvt. Tom B.
Oakley, Marvin
Oakley, Pvt. Albert H.
Oakley, Pvt. Elmer Arosa?
Oakley, Pvt. Frank C.
Oates, Mrs. S. A.
Oatewskie, Sgt. Stanley C.
Oatrander, Pvt. George E.
Oats, Dr. V. A.
Oats, Pvt. Jarvis
Oats, Pvt. Stephen Hulin
Oats, Walter E.
Oats?, Pvt. Ira William
Obanasky, Pvt. Benjamin
Obar, Pvt. Stephen A.
Obenauf, Pvt. Herman E.
Oberhaus, Pvt. Walter J.
Oberman, Cpl. Louis
Obermeyer, Pvt. Henry Herman
Oberto, Pvt. Dominick
O'Brien, Joseph
O'Brien, Pvt. Earl C.
O'Brien, Pvt. Edward J.
O'Brien, Pvt. James
O'Brien, Pvt. John T.
O'Brien, Pvt. Joseph
O'Brien, Pvt. Maurice C. J.
O'Brien, William J.
O'Brien, Jr., Pvt. Edward P.
Obrinski, Pvt. Elory
O'Callahan, Cpl. John J.
Ochs, B. P.
O'Clair, Pvt. Albert O.
O'Connel, Pvt. David T.
O'Connell, Cpl. Michael J.
O'Connell, John J.
O'Connell, Pvt. Thomas J.
O'Connell, Pvt. William J.
O'Conners, Pvt. Martin
O'Connor, Francis J.
O'Connor, Frank J.
O'Connor, Mrs. Will
O'Connor, Mrs. Will
O'Connor, Pvt. Charles A.
O'Connor, Pvt. James T.
O'Connor, Pvt. John
O'Connor, Pvt. John
O'Connor, Pvt. John L.
O'Connor, Jr., Pvt. Wilfred E.
Odam, Cpl. Wilbur C.
O'Daniel, Lt. James A.
O'Day, Charles
O'Dee, Pvt. John J.
Odell, Cpl. Lynn
Odell, Frank
Odell, Mrs. John
Odell, Pvt. Frank
Odell, Pvt. Kent
Odell, Pvt. William
O'Dell, Pvt. William L.
Odle, Pvt. Sadie
Odom, Pvt. Frank
Odom, Sgt. Paul P.
Odonnell, Cpl. Frederick W.
O'Donnell, Mrs. M. C.
O'Donnell, Pvt. Gordon S.
O'Dwyer, Jr., Mrs. R. J.
Oefstahl, Pvt. Carl A.
Oeltzen, Pvt. Fritzall L.
Oepon, Cpl. Ralph
Oestrie, Pvt. George J.
O'Farrell, Cpl. John Arthur
Offray, Pvt. Hamilton
Offult, Lt. Jarvis J.
O'Flaherty, Pvt. Marvin B.
O'Flaherty, Sgt. James F.
Oftedahl, Pvt. Norman E.
Ofturnias, Msgr. Adult Male
Ogden, Capt. Ira C.
Ogepetil?, Pvt. Levy? A.
Ogle, Pvt. Elmer M.
Ogle, Pvt. Frank M.
Ogle, Pvt. Samuel A.
Ogler, Pvt. Leon M.
Oglesby, Cpl. Carl R.
Oglesby, Elizabeth
Ogletree, Cecil Eugene
Ogorobaick, Pvt. Thomas
O'Hara, Cpl. John R.
O'Hara, Pvt. James A.
O'Hara, Pvt. William J.
O'Hara, Sgt. Chesly J.
O'Hara, William
O'Hara, William
O'Hara, William
O'Hauner, Capt. Carter
O'Hearn, Pvt. Joseph F.
Ohleson, Carl
Ohleson, Carl
Ohnet, Georges
Ohnis?, Pvt. Arthur Henry
O'Howell, Pvt. Robert
Ohren, Pvt. Abraham
O'Keefe, Pvt. Joseph A.
O'Keefe, Pvt. William S.
O'Kelley, Henry O.
O'Kelley, Sgt. Grover C.
O'Laughlin, Pvt. George D.
Old, Lizzie
Old, Lizzie
Oldenburg, Cpl. Ernest
Oldfield, Fred R.
Oldfield, Lt. John Cushman
Oldfield, Pvt. Fred
Oldfield, Pvt. George W.
Oldham, Lt. Ralph
Oldham, Pvt. Anthony
Oldstrom, Arthur B.
O'Leary, Cdt. H. B.
O'Leary, Pvt. John J.
O'Leary, Pvt. Neal
Olen, Pvt. George
Olezewski, Pvt. Waclaw
Oliescnwahl, Pvt. William J.
Oliphant, Leslie
Oliphant, Leslie
Oliphant, Leslie
Olire, Pvt. Joe Emile
Oliva, Pvt. Felix M.
Olive, Junio
Olive, Pvt. George F.
Oliver, Cpl. Henry C.
Oliver, Cpl. Sherman C.
Oliver, Henry
Oliver, Mrs. Bill
Oliver, Pvt. Clarence Eugene
Oliver, Pvt. Everett D.
Oliver, Pvt. James
Oliver, Pvt. James A.
Oliver, Pvt. John W.
Oliver, Pvt. Robert L.
Oliver, Pvt. Wilson Herbert
Oliver, Robert L.
Oliver, Wallace
Olkonsky, Pvt. Alexander
Olney, Pvt. Guy R.
O'Loughlin, Lt. George T.
Olsen, Alvin F.
Olsen, Pvt. Carl
Olsen, Pvt. Oluf A.
Olson, Pvt. Andrew
Olson, Pvt. Carl F.
Olson, Pvt. Edwin H.
Olson, Pvt. Harry T.
Olson, Pvt. Knute
Olson, Pvt. Nels S.
Olson, Pvt. William L.
Olson, Sgt. Joseph C.
O'Malley, 2Lt. Joseph John
O'Malley, Cpl. Edward J.
O'Malley, Lt. John J.
O'Meara, Timothy
O'Monnor, Pvt. Eddie J.
O'Nail, Pvt. Homer
Oncale, Pvt. Edward P.
Oncken, Pvt. Henry G.
O'Neal, Emma
O'Neal, Emma
O'Neal, Pvt. Henry
O'Neal, Pvt. Henry A.
O'Neal, Pvt. Marvin A.
O'Neal, Vit
O'Neal, Jr., Pvt. David G.
O'Neil, Cpl. Mark L.
O'Neil, Pvt. Chester
O'Neil, Pvt. George L.
O'Neill, John
O'Neill, Pvt. Arthur
O'Neill, Pvt. Francis B.
O'Neill, Pvt. James A.
O'Neill, Pvt. Lawrence P.
O'Neill, Sgt. Daniel J.
O'Neill, Sgt. John
Onstott, Pvt. Claud P.
Ooard, Pvt. Henry Venson
Oocale, Pvt. Bernard F.
Opal, Cpl. Andrew M.
Opdahl, Pvt. Sigval
Opheim, Pvt. Leonard B.
Opie, Pvt. Frank
Oppegaard, Pvt. Alfred
Oppengard, Pvt. Paul M.
Opperman, Pvt. Charles
Opres, Pvt. Gust
Opuichuck, Pvt. Muesic
Orchard, Pvt. James F.
Orchard, Pvt. Jeremiah
Ordway, Sgt. Ellis B.
O'Rear, Cp;. Merle W.
O'Rear, John Davis
O'Rear, John Davis
O'Reilly, Pvt. Wallace M.
Orgie, Pvt. Clifton E.
Orlando, Cpl. Dominick
O'Rourke, Cpl. John J.
O'Rourke, Pvt. Thomas F.
O'Rourke, Sgt. Joseph
O'Rourke, Victor Hugh
Orr, Cpl. Floyd C.
Orr, Cpl. Frank W.
Orr, Cpl. Louis B.
Orr, Frank
Orr, John Lagan
Orr, Pvt. Clarence J.
Orr, Pvt. James R.
Orr, Pvt. Joseph L.
Orr, Pvt. Russel A.
Orr, Pvt. William H.
Orr, Jr., Lt. William C.
Orrell, Pvt. Homer B.
Orrick, Pvt. Jasper H.
Orsburn, Ruel V.
Ort, Pvt. John A.
Ortegon, Pvt. Jose
Orten, Peter
Orten, Peter
Ortiz, Pvt. Conception
Ortman, Pvt. Karl C.
Ortman, Sgt. John W.
Orton, Pvt. Jacob
Orwick, Pvt. Walter
Osborn, Euel V.
Osborn, Frank
Osborn, Pvt. Earl L.
Osborn, Pvt. Eugene
Osborn, Pvt. William E.
Osborne, Adult Male
Osborne, Cpl. Loyal A.
Osborne, Grover
Osborne, J. A.
Osborne, J. M.
Osborne, Jones
Osborne, Mrs. J. A.
Osborne, Pvt. Ernest James
Osborne, Pvt. Lester F.
Osborne, Pvt. Walter
Osborne, Pvt. William H.
Osborne, Rev. I. P.
Osborne, roy
Osborne, Tom
Osborne, Tom
Osburn, Pvt. Richard L.
Osburne, Pvt. John P.
Osement, Pvt. William
Osgood, Pvt. Frank J.
Osgood, Pvt. Robert C.
Oslin, Pvt. Eric J.
Osmolski, Pvt. Boleslaw
Ostrander, Pvt. Albert Howard Lee
Ostrewski, Joseph S.
Ostrowski, Pvt. John
O'Sullivan, Cpl. Allen
O'Sullivan, Cpl. Michael R.
O'Sullivan, Pvt. Michael D.
Oswald, Pvt. Frand
Oswald, Ruth Marie
Oswald, Ruth Marie
Oswald, Ruth Marie
Ott, Pvt. David
Ott, Pvt. Laverne T. Perry
Ottan, Henry
Ottinger, Andrew D.
Ottmo, Pvt. Calvin E.
Otto, Cpl. Edward
Otto, Cpl. William
Otto, Pvt. Louis
Ottonia, Sister Adult Female
Ottum, Pvt. Andrew O.
Oulette, Pvt. Joseph C.
Oury, Annie
Oury, Wilma Louise
Oury, Wilma Louise
Ousley, Pvt. Clinton W.
Ousley, Pvt. Louis
Outlaw, Pvt. George D.
Outon, Pvt. Charles L.
Overend, Marion L.
Overheimer, Joseph W.
Overland, John A.
Overstreet, Pvt. Coy
Overton, Lt. John W.
Overton, Pvt. Leotis C.
Oviatt, Louis Dexter
Ovington, Lt. Carter L.
Owen, Cpl. John H.
Owen, Lt. Clarke
Owen, Lt. Nathaniel J.
Owen, Sgt. Joseph J.
Owen, Will
Owen, William
Owens, Cpl. Benjamin F.
Owens, Cpl. David C.
Owens, Cpl. Dewey L.
Owens, John M.
Owens, John M.
Owens, Lizzie
Owens, Pvt. Ben V.
Owens, Pvt. Ellis A.
Owens, Pvt. Frederick
Owens, Pvt. Halbert A.
Owens, Pvt. Joe C.
Owens, Pvt. John William
Owens, Pvt. Kinley
Owens, Pvt. Levi B.
Owens, Pvt. Walter H.
Owens, William F.
Owensbuy, Pvt. Lois L.
Owensby, Pvt. Lola I.
Owings, Pvt. Willard
Oxford, Pvt. Henry
Oxley, Pvt. William D.
Ozbon, Pvt. John William
Ozment, Luther W.
Pace, Fred
Pace, Kit C.
Pace, Prof. Roy Bennett
Pace, Sgt. George
Pace, Sgt. Robert H.
Pack, Pvt. Phillip
Pack, Jr., Sgt. C. Howard
Packer, Pvt. Samuel
Paco, Pvt. Joseph R.
Paczowski, Prof. Wilhelm
Padden, Pvt. John J.
Padgett, Gus C.
Padgett, Gus C.
Padgett, Pvt. Euly
Padgett, Virgil
Padley, Pvt. Rudolph William
Padrith, Lt. Chester A.
Paff, Pvt. Clarence G.
Paff, Pvt. Frank P.
Page, Bud
Page, Col. Henry
Page, Cpl. William P.
Page, Henry H.
Page, Louis
Page, Marion
Page, Pvt. Curney
Page, Pvt. Warren B.
Paget, Sir Alfred
Pagnani, Cpl. Nicolia
Paine, Mabel
Paine, Pvt. Isaac
Painter, Pvt. Charles E.
Pairs, Cpl. Oscar
Paisley, Lt. John Cannon
Paisley, Marion M.
Paisley, Marion M.
Paisley, Pvt. James J.
Palacho, Lt. James
Palala, Adult Male (Musician)
Palcurich, Pvt. George T.
Paleologus, Gregore
Palequin, Pvt. Ernest
Palitza, Pvt. John E.
Palla, John M.
Pallatinus, Irma
Pallips, Cpl. Cecil B.
Palm, Pvt. Elam B.
Palmer, Cpl. Jack
Palmer, Cpl. Joseph E.
Palmer, Ens. Clyde N.
Palmer, Jack C.
Palmer, Lt. Thomas J.
Palmer, Mrs. Potter
Palmer, Pvt. Basil
Palmer, Pvt. Harvey T.
Palmer, Pvt. James
Palmer, Pvt. James A.
Palmer, Pvt. Jesse A.
Palmer, Pvt. Louis
Palmer, Pvt. Owen P.
Palmer, Pvt. Ralph R.
Palmer, Sgt. Edward R.
Paluajk, Pvt. Mike
Palumbo, Pvt. Ralph
Paluzzi, Pvt. Rocco
Pamoso, Brazzo
Panie, Pvt. William J.
Pankawski, Pvt. Alexander
Pannell, Lizzie
Pannill, Pvt. George E.
Panozza, Pvt. Domenic
Pante, John
Pantecopoulos, Simon
Pants, John
Panuaka, Pvt. George J.
Paone, Pvt. Raphael
Paoschke, Pvt. Ernest
Papa, Pvt. Pasquale
Papageorge, Pvt. Constantine
Papanovich, Pvt. Carl
Papas, Pvt. John
Pape, Pvt. Alvin
Pape, Pvt. Herman
Papernick, Pvt. Henry
Papin, Pvt. Lambert S.
Papineau, Pvt. David
Papineau, Pvt. James
Papoint, Delbert
Papovasilupulos, Pvt. James
Pappas, Sgt. Angel G.
Pappazallo, Pvt. Harry
Para, Sgt. Elmer F.
Paradine, Pvt. Patrick
Paragock, Cpl. John C.
Parcel, Pvt. Clarence M.
Pardee, Pvt. Herman Otto
Parfitt, Pvt. Thomas R.
Parham, John A.
Parham, John A.
Parham, Pvt. Herbert B.
Parham, Roy
Parila, Pvt. Emil
Parish, Edith M.
Parish, Mrs. R. J.
Parish, Pvt. Millard T.
Parish, Pvt. William E.
Parish, Virgil
Parish, Virgil
Parish, Virgil
Parish, Jr., John
Park, Cpl. Anson J.
Park, Earl W.
Park, Pvt. Charles E.
Park, Pvt. Edward John
Park, Pvt. Walter Chandler
Parke, Sarah Jane
Parker, Boss
Parker, Boy
Parker, Boy
Parker, Carrie May
Parker, Cpl. Charles A.
Parker, Cpl. Elmer L.
Parker, Cpl. Howard H.
Parker, Cpl. James R.
Parker, Cpl. Rom V.
Parker, Elmo
Parker, Harley
Parker, Harold
Parker, Homer C.
Parker, Howard G.
Parker, J. M.
Parker, James
Parker, James
Parker, Jefferson C.
Parker, Jefferson C.
Parker, Jennie
Parker, Lucinda
Parker, Mrs. H. K.
Parker, Mrs. W. H.
Parker, Pattie
Parker, Pvt. Alfred
Parker, Pvt. Clinton W.
Parker, Pvt. Harley L.
Parker, Pvt. Harry A.
Parker, Pvt. Harry V.
Parker, Pvt. John L.
Parker, Pvt. Lloyd H.
Parker, Pvt. Marshall L.
Parker, Pvt. Noah Verdy
Parker, Pvt. Samuel
Parker, Pvt. Samuel L.
Parker, Pvt. Walter H.
Parker, Pvt. William E.
Parker, Pvt. William Eugene
Parker, Pvt. William J.
Parker, Pvt. William P.
Parker, Pvt.Irevn E.
Parker, Robert R.
Parker, Verl A.
Parker, W. W.
Parkin, Harvard
Parkin, Pvt. George
Parkins, Cpl. Overton O.
Parkinson, Cpl. Floyd E.
Parkinson, Cpl. Phil W.
Parkinson, Pvt. Norman
Parks, A. R.
Parks, Mattie Lou
Parks, Pvt. Charles
Parks, Pvt. Charles A.
Parks, Pvt. Clayton A.
Parks, Pvt. Hugh I.
Parks, Pvt. Tally
Parks, Pvt. Tuden
Parks, Pvt. Wentz
Parks, Pvt. Will
Parks, Pvt. William R.
Parmeise, Pvt. Ray H.
Parmer, Pvt. William E.
Parmley, Pvt. David T.
Parmley, Pvt. William B.
Parmley, Sgt. Ralph R.
Parnell, Charles Stewart
Parquette, Pvt. Hector
Parr, Pvt. Carl A.
Parr, Pvt. Russell
Parrish, Ed
Parrish, Lt. Roy E.
Parrish, Mrs. Grady
Parrish, Pvt. Otto
Parrish, Pvt. Roger V.
Parsley, Bethel
Parsley, Bethel
Parsley, Roscoe
Parson, Pvt. Robert E.
Parson, Sgt. Almar C.
Parsons, Cpl. William H
Parsons, Pvt. Edgar
Parsons, Pvt. James
Parsons, Pvt. John
Parsons, Pvt. Lee E.
Parsons, Pvt. Manton M.
Parsons, Sgt. Ernest A.
Partain, Pvt. Abner B.
Partner, Pvt. Barnet
Partridge, Pvt. Clarence S.
Parvin, Pvt. Ordley
Parzych, Pvt. Anthony
Pascal, Dora
Paschal, Clarence Roy
Pascoe, Walter
Pascreta, Pvt. Pietro
Pasetto, Pvt. Gugilenlmo
Pasha, Bolo
Pasha, Paul Bolo
Pass, Pvt. Curtis E.
Passett, Pvt. Victor
Passley, Levy
Passwater, Cdt. Charles B.
Pasxchal, Clarence Roy
Patarino, Sgt. John
Patch, Pvt. Eric C.
Pate, Pvt. Aubie U.
Pate, Pvt. George
Pate, Pvt. James L.
Pate, Pvt. John T.
Pate, Pvt. Sylvester
Pateson, Margaret E.
Patete, Pvt. Alesandro
Patillo, James R.
Patineaude, Cpl. Charles R.
Patnode, Cpl. James Dudley
Patrick, Pvt. Albert
Patrick, Pvt. Allen
Patrick, Pvt. Norman H.
Patrick, Pvt. Thomas
Patron, Floy
Patron, Floy
Pattee, Pvt. Ergar
Patten, Cpl. James H.
Patten, Melvin C.
Patterson, Cdt. Roger W.
Patterson, Charley
Patterson, Cpl. Herman R.
Patterson, H. T.
Patterson, H. T.
Patterson, Harvey
Patterson, John S.
Patterson, John S.
Patterson, Lt. Frank Stewart
Patterson, Mrs. Thomas
Patterson, Oliver
Patterson, Oscar
Patterson, Pvt. Arthur D.
Patterson, Pvt. Axel G.
Patterson, Pvt. Beaven E.
Patterson, Pvt. Charles E.
Patterson, Pvt. Dewey
Patterson, Pvt. Eugene
Patterson, Pvt. George L.
Patterson, Pvt. Guy R.
Patterson, Pvt. James A.
Patterson, Pvt. James J.
Patterson, Pvt. Joseph H.
Patterson, Pvt. Oscar Merle
Patterson, Pvt. Robert E.
Patterson, Pvt. Sam
Patterson, Pvt. Thomas A.
Patterson, Pvt. Thomas F.
Patterson, Pvt. Travis B.
Patterson, Sarah
Patterson, Sgt. James A.
Patterson, Sgt. Patrick
Patterson, Sgt. Robert N.
Patterson, Thomas
Pattie, Pvt. Dominico
Patton, Cpl. Joseph
Patton, Cpl. Kenneth E.
Patton, Cpl. William H.
Patton, Pvt. Frank
Patton, Rosie
Patton, Rosie
Patton, Rosie
Patton, Rosie
Patton, Rosie
Patton, Rosie
Patton, Sgt. Edward
Patton, Sgt. Gerald S.
Patton, Sherman H.
Paul, 1Lt. Adult Male
Paul, Cpl. Andrew
Paul, Ed
Paul, Irene C. Aldridge
Paul, Jefferson D.
Paul, John
Paul, John
Paul, Pvt. Clarence
Paul, Pvt. David A.
Paul, Pvt. Phillip
Paul, Pvt. Raymond C.
Paulet, John Joseph
Paulet, John Joseph
Paulet, John Joseph
Paulett, Victor
Paulette, Victor
Pauley, Pvt. Henry C.
Paulson, Cpl. A. J.
Paulson, Pvt. Delmar A.
Paulson, Pvt. John L.
Paulson, Pvt. Philip M.
Pavelock, Pvt. R???yu
Pawketti?, Cpl. Walter
Paxton, Pvt. Oscar F.
Payne, Bertha Davis
Payne, Ed
Payne, Lt. Francis W.
Payne, Mary
Payne, Mary
Payne, Mrs. R. A.
Payne, Mrs. R. A.
Payne, Pearl
Payne, Pvt. Earl C.
Payne, Pvt. Joe
Payne, Pvt. John Turner
Payne, Pvt. Lyman H.
Payne, Pvt. Ralph
Payne, Pvt. Robert
Payne, Pvt. Thomas
Payne, Pvt. Walter J.
Payne, Pvt. William M.
Payne, Sgt. Herbert L.
Payne, Sgt. James
Payne, Wash
Payne, Washington
Payson, Cpl. Carl Frederick
Payson, Pvt. Charles H.
Payton, Pvt. Herbert F.
Payton, Pvt. Jim
Payton, Pvt. Walter
Payton, Pvt. Willie
Peach, Arthur
Peacock, John P.
Peacock, Pvt. Leroy
Peak, Alfonso
Peale, Sgt. Van Horn
Pearce, Capt. Willis L.
Pearce, Cpl. Louis G.
Pearce, Pvt. Joseph L.
Pearce, Pvt. Thomas R.
Pearce, Pvt. Zeno W.
Pearse, Ens. Arthur L.
Pearson, Arthur J.
Pearson, Florence
Pearson, Ike
Pearson, Lt. James
Pearson, Pvt. Harry
Pearson, Pvt. John O.
Pearson, Pvt. Leslie C.
Pearson, Pvt. Lewis F.
Pearson, Pvt. Ortenzo
Pearson, Will Z.
Peccia, Pvt. Nicola
Pecheca, Pvt. Joseph
Pecher, Pvt. Paul
Peck, Gen. Theodore S.
Peck, Pvt. Sterling M.
Peck, Sgt. Theodore
Peckham, Prof, Stephen Farnum
Peden, Cpl. Thomas E.
Pederson, Oscar
Pederson, Pvt. Alfred J.
Pederson, Pvt. Arne
Pederson, Pvt. George
Pederson, Pvt. Harrison F.
Pederson, Pvt. Nels S.
Pedranti, Pvt. Constantine
Pedrozia, Tibarcio
Peebles, Cpl. Edmund E.
Peebles, Pvt. Charles E.
Peel, Pvt. Robert
Peeler, Pvt. William E.
Peeler, Pvt. William E.
Peeples, Joe
Peeples, Joseph
Peeples, Lt. Clarence B.
Peery, Pvt. Franklin
Peet, Pvt. John
Peete, Pvt. John
Peetes, Pvt. John H.
Peevyhousee, Pvt. Paul
Peffer, Pvt. Harry E.
Pegg, Pvt. William
Peggs, Sgt. John C.
Pegula, Pvt. Evans
Peightal, Cpl. James
Peitmeyer, Henry
Pekowski, Pvt. Stanley
Pelech, Pvt. Joe
Pelfrey, Pvt. John E.
Pelham, Pvt. Cramer H.
Pelkey, Pvt. George L.
Pelkey, Pvt. John
Pellacela, Pvt. Pauline
Pelletier, John F.
Pelley, Clyde C.
Pelley, Pvt. Ewart G.
Pellington, Cpl. Raymond
Pellissier, George Jacques Maur
Pellot, Cpl. Joe
Pelner, Pvt. William
Peltz, Pvt. Morris
Pelz, Paul
Pemberton, John
Pemberton, Pvt. Albert S.
Pena, Marcus
Penberthy, Capt. Ira G.
Penberton, John
Penberton, John
Pence, Ona
Pencoch, Joseph A.
Pendergrass, Pvt. Dosse R.
Pendergrast, Rev. Edmund Francis
Pendleton, Mrs. Carl King
Pendleton, Pvt. Harry B.
Pendleton, Pvt. Jim B.
Penius, Sgt. Nicholas
Penland, Pvt. Douglas
Penn, Cdt. Eugene D.
Penn, John
Penn, Pvt. John Earl
Pennewill, Harold Owen
Penney, Pvt. Clifford D.
Penney, Pvt. Henry
Pennill, Pvt. Jeb S.
Pennington, Addie
Pennington, Edward B.
Pennington, John
Pennington, Lizzie May
Pennington, Pvt. Marion Alger
Penrose, Ada
Penrose, Annie
Penrose, Annie
Penrose, Annie
Penrose, Annie
Penrose, Annie
Pensell, Dick
Pentecost, Lt. Edward L.
Pentecost, Pvt. Robert L.
Pentrose, Samuel N.
Penwright, Pvt. Charles A.
Peoples, Cpl. Frederick Lee
Peoples, Cpl. Furman
Peoples, Frank E.
Peppandrikopolous, Pvt. Spero
Pepperman, Pvt. George W.
Peptnsky, Pvt. Peter
Perceilli, Robert
Perchal, Pvt. William P.
Percy, Duke Henry George
Percy, Pvt. Jack
Perdue, Mamie
Perdue, Mamie
Perdue, Mrs. John
Perdue, Ruth
Perelli, Sgt. John A.
Perez, Angel Percy
Perez, Pvt. Juan A.
Perkins, Albert G.
Perkins, Clifton
Perkins, Clinton
Perkins, Lt. Robert E.
Perkins, Mrs. W. F.
Perkins, Pvt. Albert E.
Perkins, Pvt. Byrod R.
Perkins, Pvt. Carl C.
Perkins, Pvt. Charley H.
Perkins, Pvt. Elmer J.
Perkins, Pvt. Frank
Perkins, Pvt. Glenn C.
Perkins, Pvt. John N.
Perkins, Pvt. Ralph E.
Perkins, Pvt. Thurman
Perkins, Pvt. William M.
Perkins, Pvt. Woodruff
Perkins, Roger Conant
Perkins, Sgt. Clarence B.
Perkinson, Judge Louis
Perkinson, Pvt. Fred
Perkner, Pvt. Samuel J.
Perko, Pvt. Walter
Pernell, Pvt. Frank
Pernerstorfer, Englebert
Pero, Ens. Donald C.
Peron, Charles A.
Perrault, 1Lt. Arthur J.
Perrett, Pvt. Arthur L.
Perrez, Octavian
Perri, Pvt. Luigi
Perrien, Pvt. Cecil
Perrin, Pvt. William A.
Perrin, Pvt. Winfred L.
Perrings, W. J.
Perrotta, Pvt. Carmine
Perry, Ens. Lloyd A.
Perry, Lt. Edward H.
Perry, Lucius M.
Perry, Mary P.
Perry, Mrs. Arch
Perry, Mrs. J. T.
Perry, Pvt. Bailey H.
Perry, Pvt. Cecli B.
Perry, Pvt. Clarence L.
Perry, Pvt. Clyde C.
Perry, Pvt. Corbet
Perry, Pvt. Earl A.
Perry, Pvt. Erna G.
Perry, Pvt. Henry
Perry, Pvt. Hyram A.
Perry, Pvt. Manuel
Perry, Pvt. Martin
Perry, Pvt. Ralph
Perry, Pvt. Ross B.
Perry, Pvt. Tobe
Perry, Pvt. Vithia Ira
Perry, Pvt. William J.
Perry, RADM Thomas
Perry, Sgt. Gordon E.
Perry, Thomas L.
Perry, Victor E.
Perry, William G.
Perry, Jr., Cpl. Benjamin
Perry, Jr., Pvt. John M.
Perryman, B. E.
Perryman, B. E.
Perryman, Ermine
Perryman, Pvt. Fred C.
Perryman, Pvt. Homer W.
Perryman, Pvt. Washington L.
Person, Pvt. Howell L.
Personeni, Pvt. Merritt
Peryick, Pvt. Nathan H.
Pestraki, Stanley
Petaway, Child
Peter, Pvt. Arnold George
Peters, Cdt. Joseph S.
Peters, Cpl. Harry
Peters, Cpl. James B.
Peters, Cpl. James R.
Peters, Cpl. Louis
Peters, Cpl. Simon
Peters, Dr. Carl
Peters, Frank M.
Peters, James B.
Peters, Leo
Peters, Lt. Theodore B.
Peters, Mrs. L. H.
Peters, Pvt. Charles F.
Peters, Pvt. Gordon L.
Peters, Pvt. Herman
Peters, Pvt. John J.
Peters, Pvt. Kenneth B.
Peters, Pvt. Michael I.
Peters, Pvt. Nathan
Peters, Pvt. Oliver D.
Peters, Pvt. Ralph H.
Peters, Pvt. William T.
Peters, Robert A. C.
Peters, Jr., John E.
Peters, Jr., Lt. Edward McClure
Peterson, Adelbert
Peterson, Cpl. Allan R.
Peterson, Cpl. Frank E.
Peterson, Dr. Leo S.
PEterson, Ens. Carl Oliver
Peterson, Ethel Velma
Peterson, Ethel Velma
Peterson, Ethel Velma
Peterson, Folke
Peterson, Inez Bell
Peterson, John Arthur
Peterson, Lt. Andrew P.
Peterson, Lt. William B.
Peterson, Lt. William C.
Peterson, Oscar L.
Peterson, Pvt. Axil Julius
Peterson, Pvt. Carl E.
Peterson, Pvt. Charles
Peterson, Pvt. Chris
Peterson, Pvt. Christ A.
Peterson, Pvt. Clifton Earl
Peterson, Pvt. Dick E.
Peterson, Pvt. Edwin
Peterson, Pvt. Henry F.
Peterson, Pvt. Joe
Peterson, Pvt. John M.
Peterson, Pvt. Lars F.
Peterson, Pvt. Lawrence S.
Peterson, Pvt. Louis T.
Peterson, Pvt. Matt
Peterson, Pvt. Oliver
Peterson, Pvt. Oscar T.
Peterson, Pvt. Peter T.
Peterson, Pvt. Phillip
Peterson, Pvt. Phillip J.
Peterson, Pvt. Swen H.
Peterson, Pvt. Victor E.
Peterson, Pvt. Wallace V.
Peterson, Pvt. William A.
Peterson, Sgt. Arnold J.
Peterson, Sgt. John A.
Peterson, Sgt. Theodore
Peterson, Jr., Capt. Meade
Peticelas?, Virginia
Petri, Cpl. William Simon
Petriza, Pvt. Erasno
Petro, Pvt. Anthony
Petro, Pvt. Stephen
Pettigrew, Pvt. Luther A.
Pettineo, Pvt. Martino
Pettis, Sgt. Elijah J.
Pettit, Pvt. Mack
Pettitt, Pvt. Cruz E.
Petty, Pvt. Lawrence P.
Petty, Pvt. William C.
Petty, Pvt. William C.
Peugh, Pvt. Joe Jerome
Pfah, Pvt. Joseph F.
Pfahl, Pvt. George H.
Pfeifer, Charles
Pfost, Pvt. Raymond
Pfseltagraaf, Cpl. A. H.
Phee, Cpl. Jordon Ernest
Phelan, Pvt. John J.
Phelnies, Pvt. Willie H.
Phelps, Marvin K.
Phelps, Pvt. George Harvey
Phelps, Pvt. Lloyd
Phelps, Pvt. Marvin K.
Phelps, W. H.
Phennig, Pvt. William
Phibbs, Pvt. Eugene R.
Phifer, Birdie Brown
Philbrook, Pvt. George Y.
Phillapson, J. A.
Phillip, Matilda E.
Phillip, Pvt. Edward
Phillipail, Lt. Walter A.
Phillipchuk, Pvt. Nick
Phillippi, Neal W.
Phillippoteaux, Cdt. George
Phillips, Alice Strauther
Phillips, Allison
Phillips, Boy
Phillips, Capt. Edward H.
Phillips, Carrie Lou
Phillips, Child
Phillips, Clifford F.
Phillips, Cpl. Floyd
Phillips, Cpl. Floyd
Phillips, Cpl. Gail O.
Phillips, Cpl. Henry
Phillips, Cpl. Ira
Phillips, Cpl. Les
Phillips, Cpl. Norman S.
Phillips, D. E.
Phillips, Dewey
Phillips, Ethel Alberta Milholland
Phillips, Ethel Alberta Milholland
Phillips, Harrison
Phillips, J. A.
Phillips, Jesse
Phillips, Jesse
Phillips, Jesse
Phillips, Joe
Phillips, Joe
Phillips, John
Phillips, John N.
Phillips, John R.
Phillips, Lewis
Phillips, Lt. Pierce S.
Phillips, Maggie
Phillips, Mercer M.
Phillips, Mrs. A. P.
Phillips, Mrs. Jim
Phillips, Myrtle Alma
Phillips, Neva Dell
Phillips, Pvt. Bertram F.
Phillips, Pvt. Bruno
Phillips, Pvt. Charles
Phillips, Pvt. Charles H.
Phillips, Pvt. Clarence R.
Phillips, Pvt. Dawn
Phillips, Pvt. Earl F.
Phillips, Pvt. George M.
Phillips, Pvt. Haywood G.
Phillips, Pvt. Henry M.
Phillips, Pvt. Irving B.
Phillips, Pvt. Jesse N.
Phillips, Pvt. John R.
Phillips, Pvt. Leonard B.
Phillips, Pvt. Lewis
Phillips, Pvt. Sylvester Wendell
Phillips, Pvt. Tom
Phillips, Pvt. Ulis E.
Phillips, Pvt. William O.
Phillips, Rev. A. C.
Phillips, Richard
Phillips, Sgt. Archie
Phillips, Sgt. Claude B.
Phillips, Sgt. Hett
Phillips, Sgt. Jake D.
Phillips, Walter
Phillis, Lt. Louis I.
Phillpott, Ed
Philpott, Ed
Phumphrey, Pvt. John D.
Phund, Fannie
Piacus, Jacob
Piaski, Pvt. Kelsta
Picard, Lazard
Picard, Sgt. Adult Male
Piccini, Pvt. Mario
Piccolo, Pvt. Angelo
Pice, Pvt. Manuel J.
Pichette, Pvt. Tony
Pichotta, Pvt. Raymond
Piciketti, Glacomea
Pickard, Mrs. A. W.
Pickard, Pvt. Jay B.
Pickartz, Pvt. Walter B.
Pickelmayer, Pvt. Johnie
Pickens, Clara
Pickens, Pvt. Fletcher
Pickett, Pvt. Alva Dale
Pickett, Pvt. George
Pickett, Pvt. Sidney H.
Pickett, W. G.
Pickford, Pvt. Walter
Pickooz, Pvt. Joseph?
Pickwall, Pvt. Nelson
Pidcock, Pvt. Samuel A.
Pidich, Pvt. Stephen
Piechter, Cpl. Jacques
Pieh, Pvt. Arnold C.
Piekhrski, Pvt. John
Pielop, Cpl. Edwin P.
Pieper, Pvt. William
Pierce, Eugene
Pierce, Frank E.
Pierce, Henry E.
Pierce, Lee
Pierce, Mrs. Charlie
Pierce, Pvt. Allen
Pierce, Pvt. Claude
Pierce, Pvt. George
Pierce, Pvt. Teddy C.
Pierce, Pvt. Walter
Pierce, Pvt. Willie L.
Pierce, William G.
Pierson, Cpl. Arthur H.
Pierson, Eugene
Pierson, Pvt. Creston
Pierson, Pvt. Julian
Pierson, Pvt. Nils
Pietraszak, Sgt. Charlie
Pietzak, Pvt. Mike
Pieus, Cpl. Oliver H.
Pigg, Luther Roy
Piggot, Pvt. Raymond W.
Pigue, Lt. James J.
Pike, Pvt. Sam H.
Pike, Sgt. Ollie
Pilcher, Pvt. Basil P.
Pilcher, Sgt. Luther
Piler?, Pvt. Porter M.
Pilkington, Marjorie
Pilkington, Marjorie
Pillow, Robert G.
Pillow, Robert G.
Pillow, Robert Gideon
Pillows, William
Pimberton, G. T.
Pincelli, Pvt. Joseph
Pincksey, Pvt. Joseph C.
Pinder, Sgt. Thomas E.
Pinet, Cpl. Arthur C.
Pinewarsky, Pvt. Frank
Pingree, Cpl. Almon R.
Pinion, Sgt. Lilliard
Pinkerson, Pvt. John Oliver
Pinkerton, James A.
Pinkham, Lt. Harold L.
Pinkston, Allen Bernard
Pinson, Pvt. William E.
Piper, Esther
Piper, Pvt. Bill Bransford
Pipkin, Bert
Pique, Mary J.
Piree, Pvt. Sam P.
Pirkle, Pvt. Joseph
Pirtle, Elizabeth Ann
Pirtle, Pvt. Bert D.
Pirtle, Pvt. John A.
Pirtle, Pvt. Robert Wesley
Pirtle, W. O.
Pischt, Pvt. Anthony J.
Piscoli, Pvt. Nicola
Pitard, Robert L.
Pitard, Robert L.
Pitney, Cpl. George E.
Pitrowicz, Pvt. William
Pitt, Pvt. Edward C.
Pitt, Pvt. Nicholas
Pittack, Pvt. Herbert August
Pittard, Robert L.
Pittillo, Pvt. Garnett L.
Pittinger, Sgt. Bearl V.
Pittman, Margaret
Pittman, Pvt. Daniel W.
Pittman, Pvt. Dewey L.
Pittman, Sgt. Arthur C.
Pitts, Pvt. Douthitt B.
Pitzer, Pvt. Lee
Pivitt, Pvt. Josephine E.
Pizer, Natan L.
Pizzuti, Pvt. Dameto
Place, Mary
Placnik, Pvt. Anton J.
Plaff, Pvt. Nelson A.
Plaff, Pvt. William A.
Plaisance, Pvt. Henry J.
Plang, Pvt. Carl P.
Plato, Pvt. Victor
Platt, Cpl. Chester E.
Platt, Pvt. Stewart
Platt, William
Plaumlee, Pvt. Lester
Plaw, Alfred
Pledger, Fletcher Odell
Pledger, Mrs. C. C.
Plemons, Pvt. Garrett W.
Plessinger, Pvt. Harry V.
Pleucker, Pvt. Thomas R.
Plizza, Pvt. Joe
Plogger, Sgt. Fred A.
Ploof, Pvt. Winford
Plowman, Pvt. Yerkes
Plueck, Cpl. John H.
Pluggi, Pvt. Joseph
Plummer, Lt. Charles W.
Plummer, Lt. L. F.
Plummer, Pvt. Harley A.
Plunkett, Mrs. A. N.
Plunkett, Mrs. A. N.
Pluth, Sgt. John
Poague, Pvt. James A.
Poague, Pvt. James A.
Podleany, Pvt. Mike
Podoionik, Sgt. Ladislav
Podymajtis, Pvt. John
Poe, Pvt. Alton C.
Poe, Pvt. Clarence H.
Poe, Pvt. James H.
Poe, Pvt. Raymond A.
Poeriner, Pvt. Otto Ernest
Poettiering, Edward
Pog, Pvt. Charley H.
Pohl, Firtz A.
Pohl, Fritz A.
Pohlman, Pvt. Albert H.
Pohlmann, Sgt. Aloysius J.
Poince, Pvt. Russell L.
Poindexter, Pvt. George A.
Point, Sgt. George E.
Poirier, Amedee
Polaio, Pvt. Guiseppe
Poland, Pvt. Clifford W.
Polanski, Pvt. Mike
Polen, Pvt. Howard M.
Polito, Pvt. Joseph
Polk, Charles
Polk, Cpl. Roland W.
Polk, Dr. William
Polk, Dr. William Macklenburg
Polk, Lt. Latham
Polk, Will
Pollack, George E.
Pollard, Cpl. Roy
Pollard, Lt. D.
Pollard, Pvt. Elvis Q.
Pollard, Pvt. John
Pollard, W. M.
Pollard, W. M.
Polliosero, Pvt. Guiseppi
Polloce, Pvt. Joseph
Pollock, Ralph H.
Polloewoli, Pvt. John D.
Pollys, Pvt. Albert
Poloubu, Pvt. William F.
Polshy, Marion M.
Polubita, Pvt. William E.
Polvado, Pvt. Ernest
Pomarnky, Pvt. Edward
Pomeroy, Cpl. Robert J.
Pomeroy, Robert S.
Ponder, Pvt. Hubert L.
Pons, Sgt. Donal
Pontelick, Cpl. Nick
Ponti, Sgt. Charles William
Pontious, Pvt. Russell M.
Pool, Fred C.
Pool, M. P.
Pool, Orville
Pool, Orville
Poole, Cpl. Albert V.
Poole, Emma May
Poole, George
Poole, Pvt. Sam C.
Poole, Pvt. Shellie J.
Pooler, Pvt. Clayton
Pooler, Sgt. John R.
Poore, Anna E.
Poore, Annie E.
Poore, Annie E.
Popa, Pvt. Frank M.
Pope, Clara
Pope, Col. George
Pope, Mrs. J. T.
Pope, Pvt. Noah Eason
Pope, Thomas A.
Pope, Thomas A.
Popes, Pvt. Herbert C.
Popetka, Pvt. John
Popiacki, Sgt. Martin
Popp, Pvt. Albert
Poppelmier, Reinhard F.
Poquette, Pvt. Paul Alexander
Porbeck, A. H.
Porche, Pvt. Alex
Porn, Pvt. Virgil F.
Porter, Cdt. R.
Porter, Clyde
Porter, Cpl. Donald E.
Porter, Cpl. Homer A.
Porter, Cpl. Loney
Porter, Cpl. William C.
Porter, Lt. Wilfred H.
Porter, Mary
Porter, Mrs. B. A.
Porter, Mrs. C. A.
Porter, Mrs. C. A.
Porter, Mrs. C. E.
Porter, Mrs. Edgar
Porter, Ollie
Porter, Pvt. Auis
Porter, Pvt. Exra
Porter, Pvt. Hezekiah S.
Porter, Pvt. Lee
Porter, Pvt. Matthew
Porter, Pvt. Oscar L.
Porter, Pvt. Verner B.
Porter, Thomas
Porter?, Pvt. Charles
Porthen, Pvt. Ivar
Portis, Mary Derriseaux
Posedol, Pvt. John J.
Poshyitsky, Pvt. Stephen
Posner, Pvt. Harry J.
Pospisil, Enthony
Post, Pvt. Charles L.
Poston, Pvt. Claude
Poteet, Catherine
Poteet, Cpl. Frank D.
Poteet, Pvt. John W.
Poteet, Pvt. Mark L.
Potosky, Pvt. Baleslow
Potter, Cpl. Rufus
Potter, Lt. Edward E.
Potter, Pvt. Albert R.
Potter, Pvt. Burton
Potter, Pvt. F. H.
Potter, Pvt. Guy R.
Potter, Pvt. Harry N.
Potter, Pvt. John R.
Pottie, Pvt. Arthur G.
Potts, Pvt. Daniel C.
Potts, Pvt. J. S.
Potts, Pvt. James E.
Potts, Pvt. Thomas
Potts, W. R.
Potvin, Pvt. Adler F.
Pouica, Cpl. Angelos
Pound, Pvt. Thomas J.
Pounders, William Edward
Pouner, Pvt. August
Powell, George W.
Powell, Hobson
Powell, Lewis
Powell, Lt. John H.
Powell, Lt. Thomas J.
Powell, Mrs. H. P.
Powell, Nona M.
Powell, Pvt. Jessie
Powell, Pvt. Lewis M.
Powell, Pvt. Oudie
Powell, Pvt. Solomon
Powell, Ruth Marie
Powell, Ruth Marie
Powell, Ruth Marie
Powell, Will
Power, Pvt. Henry J.
Powers, Charles J.
Powers, James A.
Powers, Pvt. Clyde W.
Powers, Pvt. David W.
Powers, Pvt. Edward V.
Powers, Pvt. Everett
Powers, Pvt. Martin L.
Powers, Pvt. Maurice J.
Powers, Pvt. Thomas J.
Powers, Pvt. William H.
Powers, Sgt. John W.
Powers, Sgt. Leslie
Powledge, Phillip M.
Poyner, Pvt. Lucius D.
Pozzi, Prof. Samuel
Praeger, Robert P.
Prager, Robert P.
Prager, Robert P.
Prager, Robert P.
Prager, Robert P.
Prager, Robert P.
Prager, Robert P.
Prager, Robert P.
Prager, Robert Paul
Prager, Robert Paul
Prager, Robert Paul
Prager, Robert Paul
Prager, Robert Paul
Prager, Robert Paul
Prater, Mamie
Prather, E. C.
Prather, Henry
Prather, James C.
Prather, Mrs. Percy
Prather, Pvt. Clarence E.
Prather, Pvt. David R.
Prato, Pvt. Rodrick George
Pratt, Joseph U.
Pratt, Pvt. Albert A.
Pratt, Pvt. Emery L.
Pratt, Jr., Pvt. Henry R.
Prause, Elizabeth
Pray, Pvt. Joseph
Preboscwski, Pvt. Stephen Kazmar
Predmore, Pvt. Wesley C.
Premo, Pvt. Louis Albert
Prengel, Pvt. Elmer H.
Prenzler, Pvt. Louis W.
Prescott, Robert H.
Presley, Pvt. William
Prestige, R. L.
Preston, Cdt. Percy T.
Preston, Lt. Raymond
Preston, Pvt. George B.
Preston, William Perry
Prestridge, Pvt. John B.
Prevost, Harold F.
Prewitt, Mrs. E. A.
Prewitt, Mrs. E. A.
Prewitt, Mrs. S. S.
Prewitt, Mrs. S. S.
Preyer, Lt. Arthur
Preysing, Count Kaspar
Prhier?, Pvt. Preston P.
Price, Alex
Price, Elmer
Price, Gen. Samuel Woodson
Price, Goldie B.
Price, Kenneth Eckman
Price, Mrs. R. J.
Price, Newton
Price, Newton
Price, Pvt. Ernest G.
Price, Pvt. Guy E.
Price, Pvt. Ira C.
Price, Pvt. Jack V.
Price, Pvt. James W.
Price, Pvt. John
Price, Pvt. Matthew
Price, Pvt. O. P.
Price, Pvt. Otto
Price, Pvt. Robert L.
Price, Pvt. Robert Y.
Price, Pvt. Samuel
Price, Pvt. Thomas A.
Price, Pvt. William P.
Price, Richard
Price, Theodore S.
Price, W. H.
Price, Walter
Pricer, Pvt. Philip J.
Prichard, Cpl. Edward D.
Prichard, Pvt. Francis L.
Prichard, Pvt. Homer
Prichard, Pvt. Wallace B.
Priddy, Lt. Wilborn S.
Priddy, Pvt. Walter S.
Pride, Pvt. Nathan
Priecho, Pvt. Anthony
Priest, Pvt. Michael
Prim, Pvt. James C.
Prince, Lt. Harry Walter
Prince, Pvt. Melville
Princell, Pvt. Joe E.
Prindle, Pvt. Charles
Prine, Pvt. Jesse
Pringle, Dr. C. E.
Prinne, Pvt. Arthur
Prinz, F. J.
Prinzin, Gavrio
Prioleau, Pvt. Jacob
Priost, Pvt. Frank
Prisdahl, Pvt. Sobend
Prisock, Frank
Pritchard, John H.
Pritchard, John H.
Pritchard, R. L.
Pritchett, Nettie
Pritchett, Nettie
Privett, Cpl. John Henry
Probasco, Pvt. Edwin T.
Probasco, Pvt. Thomas R.
Problys, Pvt. Stanley
Proctiu?lta, Cpl. John
Proctor, Altie E.
Proctor, Merlin
Proctor, Pvt. Edward U.
Proctor, Pvt. John
Prohaska, Pvt. Frank B.
Proht, Pvt. Cornelius E.
Prois, Pvt. Antonio
Pronis, Pvt. Peter
Propes, Pvt. Grover C.
Propper, Pvt. John C.
Props, Rosa
Prosser, Pvt. Fred E.
Prosser, Pvt. Roy
Prost, Pvt. William V.
Prout, Pvt. Ray H.
Prouty, J. R.
Provence, Pvt. Thomas J.
Province, Pvt. Sam Mfi
Province, Jr., Pvt. John
Prtichett, Pvt. Toney
Pruett, Pvt. James
Pruitt, Pvt. Ballard L.
Pruitt, Pvt. Edward M.
Pruitt, Pvt. Joseph
Pruitt, Pvt. William
Prundle, Frank E.
Prusak, Pvt. Bolestaw
Prushinski, Cpl. Leo
Pryer, John T.
Pryo?, James A.
Pryor, Capt. John Porter
Pryor, Maomi?
Pryor, Melinda J.
Pryor, Mrs. A. E.
Pryor, Naomi
Pryor, Pvt. Ben
Przybyiski, Pvt. Steve
Puckett, Ethel
Puckett, Joseph C.
Puckett, Mrs. T. A.
Puckrel, Pvt. Arlo E.
Pugh, Adult Male
Pugh, Ardis
Pugh, Arlie
Pugh, Arthur Cleo
Pugh, Audrey
Pugh, Audrey
Pugh, Cpl. Arthur C.
Pugh, Pvt. Monroe
Pugh, Pvt. William W.
Pulaski, Pvt. Thaddeus Luinin
Pullano, Pvt. Mike
Pullen, Cpl. Emory Lee
Pullen, H. J.
Pullen, H. J.
Pulliam, Pvt. Jesse M.
Pulliam, Pvt. Jo E.
Pullian, Roscoe
Pullian, Sam
Purcell, Pvt. Lester D.
Purcell, William A.
Purcell, Sr., A. J.
Purcelley, Mrs. G. W.
Purdy, Jr., Lt. Robert O.
Purificanto, Pvt. Benjamin
Purifoy, Maggie
Purifoy, Millard H.
Purkey, Pvt. William
Purkey, Sgt. Leonard C.
Pursley, Pvt. Clarence O.
Purvis, Cpl. James M.
Purvis, Pvt. Monte
Purvis, Jr., Pvt. William
Pusika?, Pvt. Louis
Pustal, Adult Male
Pustal, Child
Pustal, Child
Pustal, Mary
Putnam, 1Lt. David E.
Putnam, Cpl. Charles L.
Putnam, Lt. Adult Male
Putnam, Melba
Putnam, Mrs. George
Putnam, Mrs. George
Putnam, Pvt. Floyd
Putney, Pvt. George O.
Pye, Sgt. Lewis A.
Pyle, Beulah Lee
Pyle, Pvt. Pelham P.
Pyles, Pvt. Claude
Pyne, Pvt. Albert N.
Pyrah, Pvt. Clarence F.
Pyron, Pvt. Fred
Pysner, Cpl. Fred Herman
Qalls, Pvt. Orval C.
Quackenbush, Pvt. Clinton F.
Quado, Pvt. Louis O.
Quailes, Edward
Qualls, Cpl. Avery H. F.
Qualls, Pvt. Logan
Quantz, H. T.
Quattlebaum, Pvt. Randle L.
Quereau, Edwin C.
Quesenberry, Lt. Joseph
Quiate, Pvt. John
Quick, Adam
Quigley, Delmar
Quigley, Pvt. Charles
Quillen, Pvt. Byrd T.
Quin, Pvt. Tidman J.
Quinby, Pvt. Herndon
Quinlan, Pvt. Edward E.
Quinlan, Pvt. Frank T.
Quinley, W. T.
Quinn, Bettie
Quinn, John J.
Quinn, John M.
Quinn, Pvt. Claude
Quinn, Pvt. Edgar J.
Quinn, Pvt. Erie D.
Quinn, Pvt. Govan A.
Quinn, Pvt. James J.
Quinn, Pvt. Mark E.
Quinn, Vivian
Quinn, Jr., Pvt. James J.
Quitta, Pvt. Fredianad F.
Quivey, Pvt. Horace H.
Rabel, Pvt. Joseph A.
Rabfield, Pvt. Harry
Rabin, Pvt. Hershell J.
Rabinowitz, Pvt. Rudolph
Raborn, Cpl. Homer G.
Raborn, Mrs. W. J.
Rabun, Pvt. Daniel W.
Rabun, Sgt. Ransom S.
Racco, Pvt. Rocca
Race, Cpl. Robert
Rachinsky, Sgt. Katton
Rachul, Pvt. Reinhold
Rachwal, Pvt. Joseph
Rackley, Lucy
Rackley, Pvt, Mack
Rada, Jr., Sgt. Albert
Rader, Permella
Rader, Philip D.
Rader, Pvt. Claude C.
Radi, Pvt. Leo E.
Radicoff, Pvt. Arthur H.
Radolski, Pvt. John
Radovich, Sgt. John Budeslav
Rafalsky, Mortimer
Rafferty, Cpl. Frank A.
Rafferty, Walter
Ragalaka, Pvt. George F.
Ragalla, Pvt. Peter
Ragan, John
Ragan, John R.
Ragan, Mrs. J. R.
Ragan, Pvt. James W.
Ragan, Pvt. William B.
Raggio, Albert M. A.
Ragland, Pvt. Miles B.
Ragland, Pvt. Talmage T.
Ragland, Pvt. William T.
Ragnor, Pvt. Earl F.
Ragsdale, Fred
Ragsdale, Pvt. Jesse C.
Ragsdale, Pvt. John M.
Ragsdale, Pvt. Paul E.
Rahiwes, Cpl. Otto E.
Rahubik, Pvt. Peter
Raidt, Cpl. Frank H.
Raig, Pvt. Samuel E.
Raikes, D. Rush
Rail?, Pvt. Walter
Railey, G. I.
Railey, G. I.
Rain, Cpl. Samuel G.
Rainer, Pvt. Morris
Raines, Cpl. Clarence M.
Raines, George
Raines, J. M.
Raines, Pvt. Curtis A.
Raines, Pvt. Reed W.
Raines, Sgt. George D.
Rainey, Mrs. B. M.
Rainey, Pvt. William A.
Rains, Pvt. Jesse Carl
Rainwater, Cecil
Rainwater, Cpl. James B.
Rainwater, Riley
Raleigh, Dr. A. S.
Raleigh, Dr. A. S.
Raleigh, Dr. A. S.
Raleigh, Dr. A. S.
Raley, J. W.
Raley, John W.
Raley, Pvt. Barry
Raley, R.
Ramage, Mary
Rambin, Pvt. Martin
Ramble, Pvt. James
Rambo, Joe
Rambo, Lt. Ben M.
Rambo, May'
Ramer, J. F.
Ramer, J. T.
Ramley, Pvt.Earl M.
Rammond, Lt. Charles Allen
Ramsdell, Cpl. Charles
Ramsey, Angeline
Ramsey, Cleveland
Ramsey, Cleveland
Ramsey, Cpl. Everett L.
Ramsey, Cpl. Willie L.
Ramsey, Frank
Ramsey, Pvt. James W.
Ramsey, Pvt. Jewel Bird
Ramsey, Pvt. John
Ramsey, Pvt. Robert L.
Ramsey, Pvt. Roger R.
Ramsey, Willie
Rance, Pvt. Fred W.
Rand, Lt. Gordon Loring
Rand, Pvt. Ole
Rand, Pvt. Walter A.
Randall, MG George M.
Randall, Pvt. Carl F.
Randall, Pvt. Carlton H.
Randall, Pvt. Charles L.
Randall, Pvt. Martin F.
Randall, Sam
Randall, W. C.
Randel, Cpl. Vincent F.
Randell, Pvt. Clarence C.
Randles, R. H.
Randolph, Mrs. R. H.
Randolph, Pvt. Alvin E.
Randolph, Pvt. Bynum
Randolph, Pvt. Jonas H.
Randolph, Thomas
Randon, Pvt. Luigi
Raney, Bryan E.
Raney, Edith
Raney, George
Raney, Pvt. Bryan E.
Raney, Pvt. John H.
Ranft, Pvt. James R.
Rang, Pvt. Fred J.
Rangc, Cpl. Fritz J.
Rankin, Carroll T.
Rankin, Cpl. Charle P.
Rankin, Mrs. Loren
Rankin, Pvt. Claude Elmo
Rankin, Pvt. George R.
Rankin, William L.
Rankin, William L.
Ransom, Henry L.
Rapp, Pvt. Stephen Alfred
Rapp, Pvt. William
Rascoe, Mary
Rasmussen, Maj. Alexander
Rasmussen, Pvt. Svand P.
Rasmussen, Pvt. Walter H.
Rason, Pvt. John V.
Rasp, Pvt. Charles J.
Rassbach, Sgt. Fred J.
Ratcliff, Pvt. Oda
Ratcliff, Pvt. Thomas V.
Ratcliffe, Capt. W. T.
Ratcliffe, Elizabeth
Rathbun, Dr. Richard
Rathburn, Pvt. Earl Bunton
Ratinski, Pvt. Walter W.
Ratledge, Cpl. William
Ratley, Pvt. Roy S.
Ratteree, H. M.
Ratzlaff, Pvt. George
Rau, Maj. George J.
Raub, Pvt. Edwin H.
Rauch, Mattie
Rauch, Mrs. Tom
Rauenbuhler, Cpl. Robert P.
Rauh, Pvt. George A.
Rauschenbusch, Prof, Walter
Rauschkolb, Dr. Charles
Ravin, Pvt. Samuel
Rawdon, Pvt. Lawrence S.
Rawley, Gordon
Rawlings, Adult Female
Rawlings, Adult Male
Rawlings, Child
Rawlings, Child
Rawlings, Pvt. Ebert
Rawlings, Pvt. Rexall J.
Rawlings, Pvt. Russell
Rawton, Cpl. Frank
Ray, Bennie
Ray, Cpl. Laird W.
Ray, Cpl. Leroy
Ray, Earl
Ray, George
Ray, John
Ray, John
Ray, Mary
Ray, Mrs. Walter
Ray, Pvt. Clifford G.
Ray, Pvt. Harry F.
Ray, Pvt. Herman
Ray, Pvt. Herman
Ray, Pvt. Hobert
Ray, Pvt. James W.
Ray, Pvt. Otto
Ray, Pvt. Paul E.
Ray, Robert
Ray, Walter
Ray, Walter
Rayburn, Mrs. R. W.
Rayburn, Pvt. Glenn
Rayburn, Pvt. William R.
Rayl, Pvt. General L.
Raymond, Lt. Samuel William
Raymond, Pvt. Edwin F.
Raymond, Pvt. Herbert G.
Raymond, Pvt. Merrill R.
Raymond, Pvt. Thomas
Rayner, Pvt. Matt E.
Raynor, Lt. Eugene E.
Razvosoff, RADM A. V.
Re??, Lt. L. R. E.
Rea, Pvt. Ted M.
Read, Cpl. Homer
Read, Pvt. Truls A.
Reader, Pvt. Arnold M.
Readout, Pvt. George E.
Ready, Pvt. Virgil
Reagan, Dr. W. T.
Reagan, Pvt. Govan B.
Reagan, Sgt. Daniel David
Reagan, Sgt. Fancher D.
Reagel, Guy H.
Ream, Maj. William
Reams, Elijah
Reams, Pvt. John W.
Reaney, Capt. Joseph Hunt
Reaper, Pvt. William J.
Reardon, John E.
Reardon, Sgt. Charles
Reaves, A. J.
Reaves, E. F.
Reaves, Mrs. John
Reaves, Mrs. W. L.
Reber, Pvt. Jay
Recser, Pvt. Lee
Rector, Albert L.
Rector, Pvt. Adin L.
Red, Cpl. James D.
Redang, Pvt. George I.
Redd, Jacob
Redd, Jacob
Redd, Jacob
Redd, Pvt. Robert L.
Redden, Pvt. Archie G.
Redden, Pvt. John
Redden, Pvt. Lemuel L.
Reddin, Pvt. Cordie L.
Redding, Pvt. Bauppamin J.?
Reddington, Pvt. John J.
Reddlah, Pvt. Ernest Clifton
Reddock, Gaston
Redecki, Pvt. John
Redemake, Pvt. Richard G.
Redetaki, Pvt. Alexander
Redfield, Pvt. Joseph R.
Redman, William R.
Redmond, Harvey W.
Redmond, John
Redmond, John
Redmond, John E.
Redmond, Lawrence E.
Redwine, Mrs. Lewis
Redwood, Lt. George B.
Reece, J. O.
Reece, Oscar
Reed, Arthur Lee
Reed, Arthur Lee
Reed, Bonnie
Reed, Carl
Reed, Cpl. Alfred W.
Reed, Cpl. Francis
Reed, Cpl. Verne O.
Reed, Cpl. William S.
Reed, Creighton
Reed, Frank
Reed, Ida May
Reed, J. L.
Reed, Lt. Richard B.
Reed, Pvt. Benjmain S.
Reed, Pvt. Cyrus
Reed, Pvt. Floyd
Reed, Pvt. Frank E.
Reed, Pvt. James B.
Reed, Pvt. Norman W.
Reed, Pvt. Robert H.
Reed, Pvt. Scott L.
Reed, Pvt. William E.
Reed, Rosa
Reed, Rosa
Reed, Rosa
Reed, Rosa
Reed, Rosa
Reed, Rosa
Reed, Sgt. Austin M.
Reed, Sgt. Glen M.
Reed, Sir George
Reed, W. S.
Reeder, Luther B.
Reeder, Pvt. Charles H.
Reeder, Pvt. Robert
Reedy, Austin F.
Reedy, Pete
Reedy, Pvt. John
Reel, Lawrence
Reese, Capt. Isaac
Reese, Charles H.
Reese, Cpl. George W.
Reese, James D.
Reese, Pvt. Isaiah
Reese, Pvt. Lewis E.
Reese, Pvt. Monty J.
Reese, Pvt. Pleas F.
Reese, Pvt. Ruppert
Reeve, Cpl. Basil O.
Reeves, Child
Reeves, Child
Reeves, Child
Reeves, George Thomas
Reeves, John N.
Reeves, Louise
Reeves, Mrs. J. S.
Reeves, Mrs. John N.
Reeves, Pvt. Clinton
Reeves, Pvt. Jake
Reeves, Pvt. John
Reeves, Pvt. Lee
Reeves, Pvt. Reuben
Reeves, Pvt. William M.
Reeves, Sandy
Regan, Cpl. Charles J.
Regan, Pvt. Edward
Regan, Pvt. Henry J.
Regan, Pvt. Joseph H.
Regenbrecht, Lt. Ferdinand
Regers, Pvt. Ira J.
rego? (Trego), Pvt. Joseph P.
Rehhein, Pvt. Henry A. C.
Rehm, John
Reich, Charles
Reichard, Sgt. Wilbur Lee
Reichle, Pvt. Edward J.
Reid, Cpl. Bufford
Reid, David Sidney
Reid, Pvt. Allen
Reid, Pvt. Grover C.
Reid, Pvt. Jewell
Reid, Pvt. Ross R.
Reid, Pvt. Tandy
Reid, Pvt. Willard
Reid, Jr., Lt. Samuel J.
Reid, Jr., Lt. Samuel J.
Reidondet, Pvt. Herbert J.
Reife, Fred H.
Reiger, Charles
Reigler, Fred
Reigler, Fred
Reigler, Fred
Reilen, Jr., PVt. Frederick W.
Reiley, Pvt. W. M. T.
Reilly, Pvt. Edward A.
Reilly, Pvt. John L.
Reilly, PVt. Terrence Christopher
Reilly, Pvt. Walter M.
Reilly, Sgt. Thomas
Reindeau, Pvt. Alberic
Reinhardt, Margaret
Reinig, Clarence L.
Reinlander, Pvt. Edward A.
Reinman, Carolina
Reinman, Caroline
Reinman, Caroline
Reins, Pvt. George N.
Reis, Pvt. Eugene John J.
Reise, Pvt. Chester B.
Reisner, 1Lt. Edmund L.
Rekmuskas, Pvt. Sigmund
Rell, Pvt. Joseph
Relous, Pvt. Len O.
Remack, Cpl. Francis R.
Remani, Pvt. Frederick
Remel, Cpl. Harvey T.
Remerl, Daniel L.
Remington, Dr. Joseph Price
Renan, Sgt. Peter
Renaud, Cpl. Aldred J.
Renaud, Pvt. Pierre P.
Renault, Louis
Rendle, Cpl. Herman J.
Reneau, Pvt. James L.
Renfro, Pvt. Wilbur
Renfro, Will
Renfroe, Febron
Renick, F. E.
Renick, Fred E.
Renischler, Pvt. Fred J.
Renkenberger, Pvt. Raymond A.
Rennauk, Michael
Rennenkampff, Gen. Adult Male
Rennie, Pvt. Herman E.
Renninger, Pvt. Raymond R.
Reno, Pvt. Jesse
Reno, Pvt. Roy W.
Repan, Annie
Repardorf, Cpl. John
Rephan, Annie
Reppert, Pvt. Daniel B.
Repphun, Pvt. Fred
Resendez, Pvt. William J.
Resnah, Capt. Antonio Silvio
Resnati, Capt. Antonio Silvio
Retherford, Pvt. John D.
Reuss, Prince Henry
Reuter, Frederick J.
Reuter, Pvt. Henry
Rex, Pvt. Albert S.
Reyell, Pvt. Helmer R.
Reynard, Luke
Reynolds, Bob
Reynolds, Capt. Watson
Reynolds, Cecil
Reynolds, Cpl. Arthur P.
Reynolds, Cpl. Edward L.
Reynolds, Cpl. Irving Todd
Reynolds, D. F.
Reynolds, James W.
Reynolds, Jessie Sherman
Reynolds, Jessie Sherman
Reynolds, Lt. Henry F.
Reynolds, Mrs. A. H.
Reynolds, Mrs. Galen
Reynolds, Mrs. W. E.
Reynolds, Mrs. Walter
Reynolds, Pvt. Brownlow
Reynolds, Pvt. Fordyce
Reynolds, Pvt. George W.
Reynolds, Pvt. Joseph F.
Reynolds, Pvt. Leland M.
Reynolds, Pvt. Patrick
Reynolds, Pvt. Ralph Y.
Reynolds, Pvt. Stewart
Reynolds, Pvt. Walter
Reynolds, Pvt. Willie C.
Reynolds, R. J.
Reynolds, Robert
Reynolds, Sgt. Leslie
Reynolds, Silas H.
Rhea, Pvt. Wade W.
Rheder, Sgt. John H.
Rheinsmith, Ernest
Rher, Francis M.
Rhoades, Lyle Vern
Rhoades, Pvt. Harry
Rhoads, Jesse M.
Rhoads, Pvt. Lee
Rhoden, Pvt. William L.
Rhodes, Cpl. William C.
Rhodes, Earl M.
Rhodes, Lt. John W.
Rhodes, Pvt. William
Rhodes, Pvt. William F.
Rhodes, Pvt. Wirt
Rhodes, Roy E.
Rhomason, Cpl. Willard
Rhoton, Vernon
Rhymes, Pvt. Troy F.
Riano, Pvt. Joseph
Ribbong, Pvt. Alva
Ricci, Pvt. Luigi
Ricciardi, Pvt. Rosario
Rice, Capt. R. R.
Rice, Charles J.
Rice, Jesse
Rice, Jesse
Rice, Judge Ben H.
Rice, Lt. Bernard L.
Rice, Lt. Warren
Rice, Melvin F.
Rice, Pvt. Clarence L.
Rice, Pvt. Coner
Rice, Pvt. Davis K.
Rice, Pvt. Floyd
Rice, Pvt. Harold Edwin
Rice, Pvt. James S.
Rice, Pvt. Raymond E.
Rice, Pvt. William
Rice, Sam
Rice, Sam
Rice, Sir Cecil Spring
Rice, Thurman
Rice, W. H.
Rich, F. A.
Rich, Pvt. Francis
Rich, Pvt. Hiram
Richard, Lt. Gordon
Richards, Jack Marvin
Richards, Pvt. Clinton V.
Richards, Pvt. Edward
Richards, Pvt. Fitzhugh L.
Richards, Pvt. John
Richards, Pvt. Joseph L.
Richards, Pvt. Louis
Richards, Sarah V.
Richards, Sgt. Ammon
Richards, W. O.
Richardson, Anna Lee
Richardson, Cpl. Thomas M.
Richardson, Dr. J. A.
Richardson, Ethel
Richardson, Henry R.
Richardson, James A.
Richardson, Jesse
Richardson, Jesse
Richardson, Leander
Richardson, Lewis C.
Richardson, Mary
Richardson, Mattie
Richardson, Patrick F.
Richardson, Pvt. Clarence
Richardson, Pvt. Claud F.
Richardson, Pvt. Frank
Richardson, Pvt. Jacob
Richardson, Pvt. John F.
Richardson, Pvt. Kinnie L.
Richardson, Pvt. Lowell F.
Richardson, Pvt. Robert C.
Richardson, Pvt. Russ R.
Richardson, Pvt. Samuel J.
Richardson, Robert
Richardson, Sgt. Corbit
Richardson, V. G.
Richemeyer, Pvt. Henry Fred
Richenback, Mrs. August
Richeson, Cpl. Frank C.
Richeson, Oliver D.
Richey, Judge W. B.
Richey, Lt. Herbert S.
Richey, Pvt. Charles V.
Richey, William E.
Richman, Pvt. Henry C.
Richmond, Pvt. Arthur D.
Rickaby, Edward
Rickard, Jr., Lt. Forbes
Rickerd, Pvt. Ralph Lester
Rickerman, Pvt. Russell
Rickett, J. M.
Ricketts, Col. Robert Bruce
Ricketts, Cpl. Ernest F.
Ricketts, Emily
Ricketts, Pvt. Thomas E.
Rico, Pvt. Paul L.
Ridd, Pvt. Earl R.
Riddell, Pvt. William H.
Riddick, Misa Mayo
Riddle, Pvt. Edward
Riddle, Pvt. Elmer
Riddle, Pvt. Elmer
Riddle, Pvt. Tabb
Riddle, Pvt. Tabb
Riddles, Pvt. Fred
Rider, Pvt. Oscar
Ridgely, William
Ridges, Pvt. Elmo
Ridgeway, B. F.
Ridley, Lt. Thomas N.
Ridley, Pvt. Sun
Riebold, Pvt. Frederick L.
Riegler, Jarry G.
Riehl, Pvt. Philip J.
Riehl, Sgt. Edward J.
Rierdin, Pvt. Edmund
Riesz, Lt. Gilbert
Rife, Pvt. Elza
Riff, James Joseph
Riff, Rachel
Riff, Rachel
Riffel, Bayard
Riffel, Bayard
Riffel, Bayard F.
Riffenberg, Pvt. Foster L.
Riffle, Pvt. Loyd H.
Rifford, Pvt. George N.
Rigby, Norbert E.
Rigdon, Cpl. Ivie L.
Riggins, Pvt. Herbert
Riggle, Sgt. Walter B.
Riggs, Pvt. Joseph E.
Righter, H. C.
Rigsby, Pvt. Joseph L.
Rikard, Pvt. Roseair D.
Riley, Anna
Riley, C. V.
Riley, C. V.
Riley, C. V.
Riley, Cpl. Maj. D.
Riley, Cpl. Mark F.
Riley, Lt. G. E.
Riley, Pvt. James
Riley, Pvt. Joseph
riley, Pvt. Wilfred L.
Riley, Sgt. George L.
Rilly, Jr., Pvt. Eugene J.
Rimstidt, Pvt. Harry J.
Rindeau, Sgt. Arthur J.
Rinderly, Pvt. Carl F.
Ring, Cpl. John T.
Ring, Daniel P.
Ring, Pvt. Louis
Ring, Pvt. Louis G.
Ringelhaupt, M. J.
Ringelhaupt, Moses J.
Ringer, Cpl. Stanley A.
Ringer, Lt. Albert Russell
Ringland, James G.
Ringler, Pvt. George Herman
Ringling, Henry
Rinker, Cpl. Roy L.
Rinney, Pvt. Roland A.
Ripley, Payson
Ripley, Pvt. Emmett V.
Ripley, Pvt. Lloyd S.
Ripley, Pvt. William R.
Ripley, Sgt. Edward N.
Ripperger, Oscar A.
Rippey, Forest A.
Rippey, Pvt. Erwin L.
Ripple, Pvt. John
Ripple, Jr., Pvt. Edward C.
Rippy, Pvt. Conrad
Rippy, Pvt. Robert
Rippy, W. A.
Ripton, Pvt. Leonard W.
Rising, Pvt. Howard S.
Risinger, Pvt. Ollie O.
Rison, Mrs. George B.
Rison, Pvt. Guy
Ristine, Lt. Richard
Ritchey, Sgt. Oram
Ritchie, Luke
Ritchie, Luke
Ritchie, Pvt. James Odell
Ritten, Sgt. Clarence
Rittenhouse, Emma
Rittenhouse, Emma W.
Ritter, Frank
Ritter, Frank
Ritter, Henry F.
Ritter, Henry V.
Ritter, Pvt. Amos A.
Ritter, Pvt. Christian J.
Ritter, Pvt. Clarence H.
Ritter, Pvt. Frank H.
Ritter, Pvt. Henry
Rittmeyer, Pvt. Henry
Ritz, Caesar
Ritzman, Pvt. William C.
Rivas, Pvt. Ellmo
Rivera, Sgt. Lester G.
Rivers, Cpl. Clarence
Rivers, Joseph M.
Rivers, Pvt. Henry
Rivers, Pvt. Matthew B.
Rivers, Pvt. Ray
Rixe, Pvt. Henry J.
Rizer, Joseph
Rizoe, Cpl. William
Rizzo, Pvt. Joseph
Rizzuto, Pvt. Philip
Roach, J. Lewis
Roach, James Lewis
Roach, Pvt. James H.
Roach, Pvt. John F.
Roach, Pvt. Samuel
Roach, Sgt. John D.
Roane, Sgt. George B.
Roarig, Felix A.
Roark, Pvt. Enious I.
Roark, Pvt. Joseph
Roark, Sgt. George
Roark, William
Roback, Pvt. John P.
Robarek, Sgt. Martin J.
Robbens, Lt. William Dudley
Robbins, Adeline
Robbins, Cpl. William
Robbins, Cpl. Willie R.
Robbins, Lt. William D.
Robbins, Pvt. Harry B.
Robbins, Pvt. Horatio
Robbins, Pvt. William T.
Robenson, Pvt. Henry H.
Rober, Pvt. Charles
Roberson, Mrs. L.H.
Roberson, Pvt. Granville R.
Roberson, Pvt. Leon H.
Roberson, Pvt. Newsom
Roberson, Pvt. Otto C.
Roberson, Will
Robert, Pvt. Smith
Roberti, Pvt. Gino
Roberts, A. H.
Roberts, Albert L.
Roberts, Cpl. Bernard
Roberts, Cpl. Henry
Roberts, Cpl. Joseph G.
Roberts, Cpl. Thomas J.
Roberts, Elijah
Roberts, Ellis H.
Roberts, Lewis
Roberts, Lizzie
Roberts, Lt. Arthur Meredith
Roberts, Lt. Francis M.
Roberts, Lt. John B.
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Mary Newman
Roberts, Mary Newman
Roberts, Mary Newman
Roberts, Mary Newman
Roberts, Mary Newman
Roberts, Mary Newman
Roberts, Mary Newman
Roberts, Mary Newman
Roberts, Mary Newman
Roberts, Mrs. B. F.
Roberts, Mrs. David
Roberts, Mrs. David
Roberts, Mrs. David
Roberts, Mrs. David
Roberts, Mrs. David
Roberts, Mrs. David
Roberts, Mrs. Newman
Roberts, Otis
Roberts, Pvt. Bernice
Roberts, Pvt. Carlton DeWolf
Roberts, Pvt. Clarence R.
Roberts, Pvt. Ernest
Roberts, Pvt. Glenn
Roberts, Pvt. Hermann
Roberts, Pvt. John H.
Roberts, Pvt. John W.
Roberts, Pvt. Leon John
Roberts, Pvt. Opal H.
Roberts, Pvt. Sam
Roberts, Pvt. Sidney C.
Roberts, Pvt. Willie A.
Roberts, Sgt. Joseph
Roberts, Winfrey
Robertson, Betie
Robertson, Cpl. Lewis H.
Robertson, J. H.
Robertson, J. H.
Robertson, Lt. Phillip
Robertson, Mrs. Bailey
Robertson, Pvt. Andy
Robertson, Pvt. Earl Malcom
Robertson, Pvt. Henry J.
Robertson, Pvt. Malcolm T.
Robertson, Russell
Robertson, Sgt. David
Robertson, Sgt. Roscoe C.
Robey, Pvt. Alphus C.
Robey, Pvt. Carl E.
Robins, Pvt. George W.
Robinson, Addie Mae
Robinson, Albert A.
Robinson, B. G.
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, Cpl. Charles C.
Robinson, Cpl. Dominique J.
Robinson, Cpl. Ervin J.
Robinson, Cpl. Farley
Robinson, Cpl. Joe
Robinson, Cpl. William H.
Robinson, Henry
Robinson, Henry
Robinson, Jack
Robinson, James
Robinson, Jim
Robinson, John
Robinson, Lt. Caldwell C.
Robinson, Lt. Jesse M.
Robinson, McKinley
Robinson, Mrs. G. M.
Robinson, Mrs. Reece
Robinson, Mrs. Reece
Robinson, Osco
Robinson, Pvt. Albert
Robinson, Pvt. Albert
Robinson, Pvt. Arthur H.
Robinson, Pvt. Bryan J.
Robinson, Pvt. Cecil B.
Robinson, Pvt. Charles P.
Robinson, Pvt. Clyde
Robinson, Pvt. Elbert
Robinson, Pvt. Harry
Robinson, Pvt. Harry G.
Robinson, Pvt. Harvey W.
Robinson, Pvt. James
Robinson, Pvt. John E.
Robinson, Pvt. John J.
Robinson, Pvt. John S.
Robinson, Pvt. Julius A.
Robinson, Pvt. Luke
Robinson, Pvt. O'Neal
Robinson, Pvt. Phil A.
Robinson, Pvt. Preston
Robinson, Pvt. Thomas
Robinson, Pvt. Thomas
Robinson, Pvt. Thomas
Robinson, Pvt. William W.
Robinson, Rev. S. N.
Robinson, Sgt. Albert E.
Robinson, Sgt. James P.
Robinson, W. H.
Robinson, Ward B.
Robinson, Will
Robinson, Jr., John
Robinson, Jr., Pvt. George
Robison, Albion E.
Roblfing, Lt. Phillip L.
Robnett, Tobe Samuel
Roby, Pvt. Charlie T.
Rocca, Pvt. Peter D.
Rocco, Joseph Arthur
Roch, Pvt. James M.
Roche, Pvt. Michael A.
Roche, Pvt. William P.
Rochelle, Cordelia
Rochester, Pvt. Theodore
Rochewicz, Pvt. flory
Rochford, Pvt. Ledger
Rochiu, Pvt. Jack
Rochrig, Pvt. Ralph J.
Roci, Pvt. Clyde Richard
Rock, Pvt. Octavia
Rock, Sgt. Harold W.
Rockwell, Cpl. Merl C.
Rockwell, Pvt. Clarence
Rode, Pvt. Richard T.
Rodebaugh, Pvt. Norman B.
Rodel, Pvt. Charles
Roderick, Sgt. Floyd E.
Rodewald, Cpl. Winthrop V.
Rodgers, Cdt. Sewell Willis
Rodgers, Cpl Clarence Otto
Rodgers, Harold P.
Rodgers, Lillian
Rodgers, Lt. George T.
Rodgers, Pvt. Frank
Rodgers, Pvt. Vernon
Rodgers, Sgt. Arthur
Rodgers, Sgt. John W.
Rodgers, Sgt. Sam M.
Rodhein, Pvt. Murich
Rodig, 2Lt. Milton T.
Rodos, George
Rodriguez, Pvt. Aliva
Rodriguez, Pvt. Cirilo
Rodriguez, Pvt. Juan M.
Rodriguez, Pvt. Paul L.
Rodriguez, Pvt. Vick
Rodvanski, Pvt. Thomas
Roe, Cpl. Elwood G.
Roe, Pvt. Mont
Roe, Pvt. William
Roehl, Pvt. Charles L.
Roemer, Lt. Leon F.
Roettger, Pvt. Christ
Roflman, Pvt. Hector E.
Rogers, Canuto
Rogers, Cdt. D. H.
Rogers, Child
Rogers, Cpl. Charles H.
Rogers, Cpl. Charles J.
Rogers, Cpl. William J.
Rogers, Dora
Rogers, Dora
Rogers, Dr. Charles Henry
Rogers, Eva
Rogers, Fred
Rogers, Gladys
Rogers, Gladys
Rogers, J. H.
Rogers, James
Rogers, Jennie
Rogers, John A.
Rogers, Margaret Ellen
Rogers, Mrs. Chelott M.
Rogers, Ola
Rogers, Otho L.
Rogers, Otho L.
Rogers, Otho L.
Rogers, Paul
Rogers, Pierce
Rogers, Pvt. Arthur M.
Rogers, Pvt. Augustus
Rogers, Pvt. Eddie L.
Rogers, Pvt. Emmet R.
Rogers, Pvt. Frank
Rogers, Pvt. Herman
Rogers, Pvt. Joseph V.
Rogers, Pvt. Lee R.
Rogers, Pvt. Pat
Rogers, Pvt. Patrick
Rogers, Pvt. Per B.
Rogers, Pvt. Please B.
Rogers, Pvt. Press
Rogers, Pvt. Thomas S.
Rogers, Pvt. William Arthur
Rogers, Pvt. William Ross
Rogers, Rena
Rogers, Sgt. Alvia W.
Rogers, Sgt. Charles W.
Rogers, Sgt. Fred
Rogers, Sgt. William P.
Rogers, T. C.
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Vivian
Rogers, Willie
Rogerson, Mrs. E. R.
Rogillio, Pvt. Eugene W.
Roherscheir, Nora
Rohletter, Pvt. Luke
Rohn, Pvt. William N.
Rohr, Lyman
Rohrbach, Sgt. Fred S.
Rojcki, Benjamin
Rolan, Pvt. John H.
Roland, C. W.
Roland, C. W.
Roland, G. W.
Roland, Pvt. Clay
Rollins, Pvt. Lloyd
Rollins, Pvt. Lonnie C.
Rollins, Pvt. Louis
Rollins, Pvt. Taylor
Rollins, Pvt. William G. H.
Roloff, Louise
Romagoso, Pvt. Bernard A.
Roman, Pvt. Adam
Roman, Sgt. John
Romannsky, Sgt. Edward George
Romanoff, Alexis
Romanoff, Alexis
Romanoff, Czar Nicholas
Romanoff, Czar Nicholas
Romanoff, Nicholas
Romanoski, Pvt. Anthony
Rome, Ada
Romedica, Pvt. James B.
Romeo, Pvt. Dominico
Romer, Pvt. Arthur E.
Romey, Cpl. Morris E.
Romines, Pvt. William J.
Romocky, Pvt. John
Romsos, Pvt. Anton
Rong, Pvt. Nick
Ronk, Cpl. Ambrose Charles
Rood, Arthur G.
Rood, Safey L.
Rook, Carl
Rooker, Child
Rooker, Claude
Rooks, Cpl. John W.
Rooks, Mary J.
Rooney, Frank
Rooney, Joseph Peter
Rooney, Sgt. Charles T.
Roos, Pvt. John
Roosevelt, Lt. Qeintin
Roosevelt, Lt. Quentin
Roosevelt, Lt. Quentin
Roosevelt, Lt. Quentin
Roosevelt, Lt. Quentin
Roosevelt, Lt. Quentin
Roosevelt, Lt. Quentin
Roosevelt, Quentin
Root, James Porter
Roper, Pvt. John W.
Roper, Pvt. Leslie M.
Rorabaugh, Pvt. Alf
Rorabeck, Pvt. Charles
Rorono, Pvt. John
Rosa, Pvt. Benjamin
Rosa, Pvt. William R.
Rosamond, F. L.
Roschon, Pvt. Max R.
Roscoe, Nelson J.
Rose, B. F.
Rose, Cpl. Richard W.
Rose, Cpl. Wilber McK.
Rose, Edward
Rose, Edward
Rose, H. T.
Rose, Judge H.
Rose, Mrs. George
Rose, Pvt. Ezra C.
Rose, Pvt. George W.
Rose, Pvt. Jesse
Rose, Pvt. Roy W.
Roseborough, Capt. James T.
Rosecrans, Pvt. Guy W.
Rosegger, Dr. Peter
Rosell, Pvt. Charles L.
Rosell, Pvt. Glenn C.
Rosen, Pvt. Abe
Rosen, Pvt. Corwin
Rosenbaum, Pvt. Louis G.
Rosenbaum, Pvt. Willis A.
Rosenberg, Boy
Rosenberg, Pvt. Louis
Rosenberger, Cpl. John S.
Rosenfelt, Adult Male
Rosenfelt, Child
Rosenfelt, Child
Rosenfelt, Mrs. Sam
Rosenfield, Pvt. Harry
Rosenfield, Pvt. Morris E.
Rosenow, Pvt. Theodore C.
Rosenspire, Pvt. Walter
Rosenthal, Max
Rosenthal, Nora
Rosentretter, Pvt. William R.
Rosenwald, 1Lt. John P.
Rosenwald, Lt. John
Rosequiet, Lt. Carl O.
Rosier, Mrs. Olan
Roska, Pvt. Victor Joseph
Rosnick, Pvt. Samuel
Ross, Arline
Ross, Charles A.
Ross, Cpl. Frank
Ross, Cpl. Frank L.
Ross, Eula
Ross, Eulah
Ross, George C.
Ross, Girl
Ross, James Leslie
Ross, Lt. Harry J.
Ross, Mrs. Claude
Ross, Pvt. Benjamin F.
Ross, Pvt. Bud
Ross, Pvt. Carl E.
Ross, Pvt. Charles A.
Ross, Pvt. Clarence J.
Ross, Pvt. Dock
Ross, Pvt. Ernest C.
Ross, Pvt. Frederick J.
Ross, Pvt. James
Ross, Pvt. Jesse P.
Ross, Pvt. Oscar
Ross, Pvt. Paul
Ross, Pvt. Raymond L.
Ross, Pvt. Robert
Ross, Pvt. Thomas S.
Ross, Pvt. Wendel A.
Ross, Pvt. Willie
Ross, Pvt. Woody
Ross, Sgt. George W.
Ross, William
Rosse, Earl Adult Male
Rossick, Pvt. Thomas A.
Rosso, Cpl. John
Rostand, Edmond
Roswell, Annie May
Rotan, Pvt. William H.
Rote, Pvt. George Levi
Roterek, Pvt. Ambers B.
Roth, Child
Roth, Child
Roth, Child
Roth, Child
Roth, Child
Roth, Cpl. William
Roth, Mrs. Phillip
Roth, Phillip
Roth, Pvt. Alexander J.
Roth, Pvt. Clarence I.
Roth, Pvt. William G.
Rothenberg, Pvt. George
Rothery, Mary
Rothery, Mary
Rothery, Mary Agnes
Rothmaier, Sgt. William A.
Rothrock, Cpl. Lionel R.
Rothwell, Pvt. Roscoe L.
Rothwell, Robert
Rottenberg, Pvt. Samuel
Rottenburg, Pvt. Samuel R.
Rouff, Pvt. Edwin V.
Rouffine, Pvt. Andrew
Rough, Lt. Elmer O.
Round, Pvt. Pearson
Rounds, Cpl. Don Corlos
Rounds, Pvt. William L.
Roundtree, Pvt. Joseph D.
Rounsaville, Pvt. William E.
Rourke, Pvt. George L.
Rourke, Sgt. William
Rousch, Pvt. John E.
Rouse, Pvt. Willie B.
Rousseau, W. T.
Routa, Pvt. Troy
Routt, A. M.
Routt, Pvt. Edward L.
Roux, Jules Charles
Roux, Pvt. Frank
Rowald, Pvt. Horace K.
Rowan, J. Scott
Rowan, Pvt. Charles R.
Rowan, Sgt. Bernard J.
Rowbottom, Sgt. George C.
Rowden, Pvt. Herbert S.
Rowden, W. A.
Rowden, Jr., Herbert S.
Rowe, Charles
Rowe, Cpl. Jesse Frank
Rowe, John A.
Rowe, Joseph H.
Rowe, Pvt. William
Rowland, A. M.
Rowland, A. W.
Rowland, Allen M.
Rowland, Elizabeth Ann
Rowland, Guy
Rowland, Pvt. Claud Z.
Rowland, Pvt. Glenn
Rowland, Pvt. Herman A.
Rowland, Pvt. John
Rowland, Pvt. Willie L.
Rowland, Pvt. Willie L.
Rowland, Roy
Rowlett, Pvt. Tom
Rowley, Pvt. Arthur S.
Rowley, Sgt. Morris M.
Roy, 2Lt. Charles H.
Roy, Cpl. Charles Mortimer
Roy, George
Roy, Harry
Roy, Pvt. Charles
Roy, Pvt. Joseph
Roy, Pvt. Odis
Roy, Pvt. Oliver N.
Royal, Pvt. Willie
Royall, Pvt. William M.
Royce, Marvin
Roysland, Pvt. Torgel H.
Royston, Sr., A. H.
Rozarth, Cpl. Louis
Rozell, Pvt. Clarence O.
Rozes, Pvt. William J.
Rozeski, Pvt. Lee
Rozier, John
Ruark, Maggie
Rubano, Pvt. Frank
Rube, Pvt. Fred K.
Rubel, Lt. Solomon
Rubin, Pvt. Samuel
Rubino, Pvt. Walter J.
Rubley, Sgt. Paul F.
Ruchcester, Pvt. Walter
Ruchman, Pvt. Eichel
Ruck, Sophia
Ruck, Sophia
Rucker, Pvt. Bennie
Rucker, Pvt. Eugene C.
Rucker, Pvt. Tinsley
Ruconick, Pvt. Bario
Rude, Pvt. Joseph
Rudy, S. T.
Ruebel, P. H.
Ruebel, Phillip H.
Ruebel, Phillip H.
Ruedisale, Sgt. William Anthony
Ruemy, Flt Lt Fritz
Ruff, Pvt. Jacob
Ruffin, Pvt. Eden
Rugg, Pvt. Jay
Ruggles, Pvt. William T.
Ruhe, Cpl. Durrill H.
Ruhl, Pvt. Albert D.
Ruhnke, Pvt. Leslie C.
Ruhti, Alfred
Ruichie, Pvt. Allen
Ruiry, Lt. Adult Male
Rukey, Pvt. Walter
Rulion, Pvt. Gordon
Rumage, Hannah
Rumbaugh, Cpl. Georg Henry
Rumely, Joseph J.
Ruminer, Emily
Rumiston, John
Rummel, Lester K.
Rumple, George
Runge, Cpl. Walter E.
Runginke, Pvt. John
Runnell, A. J.
Runnells, Pvt. Charlie R.
Runnels, A. J.
Runyan, B. F.
Runyon, Pvt. Fate
Runyon, R. F.
Ruoff, Cpl. John
Rupert, E. W.
Rupert, Pvt. Fersey S.
Rupert, Pvt. William C.
Rupp, Pvt. Charles W.
Rupp, Pvt. Joseph H.
Rupperecht, Pvt. Wilfert
Rush, Cpl. Carroll
Rush, Pvt. Tom
Rushing, Grady E.
Rushing, Lt. Billy Glenn
Rushing, Martha
Rushing, Pvt. Ephraim
Rushing, Pvt. William E.
Russell, Alvan
Russell, Alvan
Russell, Alvas
Russell, Alvin
Russell, Alvin
Russell, Alvin
Russell, Alvin
Russell, Capt. Lloyd B.
Russell, Cpl. Ezra
Russell, Elmer A.
Russell, G. W.
Russell, Henry
Russell, J. A.
Russell, John M.
Russell, Lois
Russell, Lt. William Mair
Russell, Mrs. Nanning
Russell, Mrs. R. Fulton
Russell, Nanning
Russell, Pvt. Artress
Russell, Pvt. Charley B.
Russell, Pvt. Delbert W.
Russell, Pvt. Ernest
Russell, Pvt. Ike
Russell, Pvt. James R.
Russell, Pvt. Jesse
Russell, Pvt. John C.
Russell, Pvt. Lloyd B.
Russell, Pvt. Luther W.
Russell, Pvt. Morris G.
Russell, Pvt. Oscar L.
Russell, Pvt. Ples
Russell, Pvt. William H.
Russell, Sgt. Arthur
Russell, W. O.
Russell, Will
Russell, William Dewey
Rust, Cpl. Daniel T. J.
Rust, Pvt. John W.
Rustin, Pvt. Oscar W.
Ruth, Cpl. William F.
Ruth, Dr. Junius
Ruth, Flora
Ruth, Pvt. Alvin
Rutherford, Adult Female
Rutherford, Forrest B.
Rutherford, Pvt. Alfred
Rutherford, Sarah Emma
Rutkins, Pvt. Tony
Rutledge, G. C.
Rutledge, Pvt. Alvis D.
Rutledge, Pvt. George Washington
Rutter, Pvt. Alfred
Rutter, Pvt. George J.
Rutterford, Pvt. Robert E.
Ruuderburg, Lt. Cloyd Doup
Ruxard, Sgt. Emmett E.
Ryall, Pvt. Thomas
Ryan, Benjamin
Ryan, Cpl. Bernard B.
Ryan, Cpl. Bert
Ryan, Ed
Ryan, Pvt. Arthur Cornelius
Ryan, Pvt. Henry N.
Ryan, Pvt. John
Ryan, Pvt. Mathew M.
Ryan, Pvt. Thomas A.
Ryan, Pvt. Walter F.
Ryan, Pvt. William Claud
Ryan, Sgt. John J.
Ryan, Sgt. Keron J.
Rybetrezyk, Cpl. John
Ryder, Cpl. John J.
Ryder, Pvt. George F.
Ryder, Pvt. Thomas A.
Rye, Pvt. Howard
Rye, Pvt. Terrell
Ryerson, J. W.
Ryker, Pvt. Harry
Ryker, Viola
Rykers, Pvt. William
Rylander, Pvt. George E.
Ryley, Lt. George W.
Ryman, Pvt. Richard E.
Rywicki, Pvt. Wadau
Rzsnick, Pvt. Jamse D.
Sabean, Cpl. Morton
Sabine, John G.
Sacage, Pvt. John A.
Sachetti, Pvt. Charles
Sackett, Pvt. Oscar Lee
Saddler, Pvt. Willie K.
Sadkowski, Chester
Sadler, Adult Female
Sadler, Cpl. L. A.
Sadler, Hulbert G.
Sadler, Pvt. Haskell
Sadler, Pvt. James V.
Sadosky, Pvt. Walter
Saenger, Rabbi Israel
Safferstone, Jacob
Safferstone, Jacob
Safferstone, Jacob
Safford, Lt. Ray P.
Safonoff, Wassili
Safonte, Cpl. Joseph
Sage, Lt. A. P. H.
Sage, Lt. A. P. H.
Sage, Lt. Donald M.
Sage, Margaret Olivia
Sage, Mrs. Russell
Sager, Pvt. Frank
Sagle, Sgt. Lewis W.
Sahagian, Pvt. Virdick
Sahonis, Pvt. Frederick G.
Sailors, Cpl. Lee
Sain, Cpl. Calvin
Salac, Pvt. Joe V.
Sale, Pvt. Earl
Salegiver, Pvt. Vernet Durwood
Sales, Louis
Salesicy, Pvt. Maurice
Sallade, Pvt. Raymond
Sallee, Charles
Sallee, Cpl. Carle W.
Salley, Pvt. Palmer L.
Sallis, Harry B.
Salmon, Charles W.
Salner, Pvt. Herman
Salsburger, Rena Paulk
Salsbury, Pvt. James R.
Salser, Cpl. Edward
Saltman, Pvt. Abraham
Saltnetti, Luigi
Salttay?, Pvt. Joseph
Saltzman, Pvt. Benjamin
Salvador, Cpl. William H.
Salyeari, Pvt. Virgilo
Salzberg, Pvt. Bernard
Salzer, Louis
Samara?, Anacisto C.
SamBerger, Pvt. Rudolph
Sammartine, Pvt. Joseph
Sammons, Pvt. Burney
Sammons, Pvt. Robert
Sampart, Pvt. Joseph J.
Sample, Pvt. William L.
Samples, Pvt. Glenn
Sampley, Pvt. James L.
Sampson, Cpl. Harold A.
Sampson, James
Sampson, Jesse C.
Sampson, Pvt. Charles L.
Sams, C. R.
Sams, Mrs. C. R.
Sams, Pvt. Milton
Samuel, Kate
Samuels, Robert
Sanchez, Pvt. Joachim
Sand, Pvt. Julius
Sandage, Moses
Sanday?, Cpl. Henry Albert
Sandermier, Pvt. William
Sanders, Anna B.
Sanders, Anna B.
Sanders, Cpl. Peachy Q.
Sanders, Fred
Sanders, Lt. Frank B.
Sanders, Mrs. Allen
Sanders, Mrs. S. C.
Sanders, Pvt. Ben L.
Sanders, Pvt. Ellis
Sanders, Pvt. Ernest
Sanders, Pvt. James E.
Sanders, Pvt. Leo J.
Sanders, Pvt. Levi
Sanders, Pvt. Marshall I.
Sanders, Pvt. Martin
Sanders, Pvt. Sylvester S.
Sanders, Pvt. Thomas R.
Sanders, Pvt. Willie B.
Sanders, Rev. John R.
Sanders, Sgt. Lockard A.
Sanders, W. E.
Sanderson, Cpl. John C.
Sanderson, George F.
Sanderson, John H.
Sanderson, Pvt. George A.
Sanderson, Pvt. John
Sanderson, Pvt. Niles A.
Sanderson, Walter C.
Sandlin, William D.
Sandman, Cpl. Carl
Sandridge, Pvt. Roy N.
Sands, Cpl. Walter Henry
Sands, Pvt. William A.
Sandstrom, Pvt. Hedley
Sandy, Pvt. G.
Sanford, Allie
Sanford, Cpl. Onie
Sanford, Cpl. Willet C.
Sanford, Lt. Joseph W.
Sanford, Pvt. Henry
Sanford, Pvt. Laman K.
Sanford, Pvt. William L.
Sanford, Jr., Pvt. Peter
Sanger, Isaac
Sanger, Pvt. Joe S.
Sangren, Pvt. Ray H.
Sangster, J. H. "Doc"
Sangster, Pvt. John E.
Sanser, Cpl. Calvin A.
Sanson, William N.
Santa, Pvt. John
Santarelli, Pvt. Angela
Santimaw, Pvt. Walter
Santy, Pvt. Clarence
Sapp, Myrtle
Sapp, Pvt. Grover
Sappenfield, Harry
Sappenfield, Henry
Sappington, Roy
Sargeant, Frank C.
Sargent, Edward B.
Sargent, Pvt. Clare
Sargent, Pvt. Cliff
Sargent, Pvt. Ralph
Sarley, Sgt. Frank J.
Sarver, Pvt. Leroy
Sarver, Pvt. William S.
Sarvis, Pvt. Harry Dudley
Sasak, Pvt. James
Sassin, Pvt. Joe R.
Sastagoa, Pvt. Frank J.
Sasterbrook, Pvt. Albert Thomas
Sastro, Pvt. Fidencio D.
Satchel, Pvt. Charles H.
Satcher, Pvt. Jon
Sateen, Pvt. Paul
Satterfield, Pvt. James P.
Satterfield, Sgt. Duerall C.
Sattlemater, Pvt. Andress
Saturinski, Masloff
Saucir, Pvt. L. M.
Saudler, Cpl. Charles C.
Sauer, Pvt. Herman C.
Saulbine, Pvt. Lynden
Sauls, Pvt. Sam S.
Saulter, Pvt. Quiller
Saunders, Amanda
Saunders, E. B.
Saunders, Pvt. Clayton F.
Saunders, Pvt. Frederick H.
Saunders, Pvt. George L.
Saunders, Pvt. Gladyyn M.
Saunders, Pvt. John E.
Saunders, Pvt. Ralph M.
Saunders, Pvt. Walter W.
Saunders, Pvt. William M.
Sautter, Cpl. Eugene
Sautter, Pvt. Harry R.
Sautter, Pvt. Walter B.
Sauvagoet, Pvt. Oscar Cornelius
Sauve, Pvt. Adelard
Savage, Berry
Savage, Cpl. Charles H.
Savage, Cpl. Rommie
Savage, Lt. Arthur Vandervoor
Saviano, Pvt. Frank
Savill, Pvt. William Darby
Saville, Pvt. William
Savinski, Pvt. Joseph
Sawyer, Cpl. Dudley W.
Sawyer, Enos C.
Sawyer, Henry C.
Sawyer, Louisa
Sawyer, Max
Sawyer, Mrs. Walter
Sawyer, Pvt. Arthur B.
Sawyer, Pvt. Carl L.
Sawyer, Pvt. Edgar
Saxton, Lizzie
Saxton, Pvt. Lee D.
Saxton, Pvt. Pink F.
Sayer, Pvt. Louis C.
Sayers, Pvt. David L.
Sayler, Pvt. Leon
Sayles, Mrs. A. R.
Sayles, Pvt. Claude E.
Saylor, Pvt. William H.
Sayre, Martha N.
Sayre, Pvt. Oliver E.
Sayre, SGM Rosswell Harry
Saysperski, Pvt. Edward
Saza, Pvt. Nicolalt
Sazio, Adult Male
Scadie, Sgt. Herbert I.
Scaff, Pvt. Vuintus A.
Scales, Pvt. Chaster
Scalf, Sarah
Scallan, Pvt. George W.
Scanlan, Pvt. James
Scanlon, Cpl. Daniel J.
Scarborough, Cpl. Milton
Scarborough, Pvt. James B.
Scarbrough, Pvt. James Robert
Scardin, Pvt. Sarfino
Scarlett, Pvt. Clyde W.
Scarr, Lt. James B.
Scasa, Pvt. Emil Joe
Scattottni, Pvt. Nagarino
Scavey, Pvt. John W.
Scerrill, Pvt. Will
Schachtel, Gertrude
Schackleton, Sgt. Fred J.
Schaefer, Pvt. George H.
Schaefer, Pvt. William
Schaefer, Pvt. William J.
Schaeffer, Pvt. Oscar F. L.
Schaer, Pvt. Henry
Schaer, Reaves
Schaer, Reaves
Schaetzel, Pvt. Walter L.
Schafer, Lt. Walter B.
Schafer, Mary
Schaffer, Cpl. Cilfford F.
Schaffer, Pvt. Charles E.
Schaffer, Pvt. Harry M.
Schaffer, Pvt. Jacob J.
Schaffer, Pvt. William S.
Schaffer, Sgt. Morris Jacob
Schaffner, Joseph
Schaffner, Pvt. Basil J.
Schaich, Pvt. Robert Henry
Schaile, Lt. David J.
Schall, Pvt. James S.
Schalle, Lt. David
Schambaum, Pvt. Samuel
Schanning, Cpl. Frank F.
Schapp, Otto
Scharf, Pvt. Joe?
Scharmer, Pvt. Harry
Scharnell, Pvt. Peter
Scharry, Pvt. Mark P.
Schastiano, Pvt. Leon
Schatteln?, Pvt. Chris W.
Schauer, Pvt. Lawrence J.
Schaufele, Pvt. Raymond F.
Schaunaman, Pvt. Otto F.
Schedel, Pvt. Alfred E.
Scheel, James
Scheers, Pvt. Gustav F.
Scheffler, Pvt. Joseph
Scheid, Mary
Scheidel, Frank T.
Schell, Edith B.
Schellick, Dr. T. J.
Scher, Cpl. Louis
Scher, Pvt. Edward
Scherrer, Jacob
Scheufler, Pvt. Alvin
Scheuttenberg, Pvt. William C.
Schichtel, Idell
Schick, Cpl. Charles A.
Schields, Richard L.
Schill, Pvt. Leo
Schilling, Lt. Franz F.
Schinerer, Mrs. Fred
Schipfer, Pvt. Henry W.
Schirer, Pvt. Orla E.
Schirick, Pvt. George F.
Schlageter, Pvt. Merle D.
Schlatman, Pvt. Edward J.
Schlaudt, Pvt. Alfred J.
Schlavone, Pvt. Charles A.
Schleiger, Cpl. William Conrad
Schleip, John F.
Schlesinger, Sebastian
Schlessinger, Hyman
Schley, Lt. J. R.
Schley, Pvt. John J.
Schlict, Pvt. George M.
Schlieman, Pvt. Frank F.
Schliep, John F.
Schlk, Pvt. David S.
Schloneset, Pvt. Laurence M.
Schloss, Jacob
Schlosser, Pvt. Joseph
Schlott, Pvt. Lincoln
Schmand, Albert King
Schmand, Albert King
Schmdtman, Sgt. Bernhard H.
Schmeider, KaptLt. Rudolph
Schmelling, Herman
Schmide, Lt. Irvin
Schmidt, Annie
Schmidt, Cpl. August
Schmidt, George E.
Schmidt, Helmuth
Schmidt, Helmuth
Schmidt, Mrs. Felix
Schmidt, Paul
Schmidt, Pvt. Frank John
Schmidt, Pvt. Herman A.
Schmidt, Pvt. Leslie A.
Schmidt, Pvt. Sam
Schmidt, Pvt. William
Schmitt, Cpl. Alfred C.
Schmitt, Pvt. Cecil
Schmitz, Pvt. Henry
Schmitz, Pvt. Henry J.
Schneider, Pvt. Ferdinan C.
Schneider, Pvt. Frank
Schneider, Pvt. Frederick W.
Schneider, Pvt. Harry
Schneider, Pvt. Harry
Schneider, Pvt. Henry
Schneider, Pvt. Leo Charles
Schneider, Pvt. Nicholas C.
Schneider, Pvt. Paul H.
Schneider, Rudolph
Schneider, Rudolph
Schneider, Rudolph
Schnelber, Pvt. Fred Carl
Schoch, Sgt. Brewster C.
Schocke, Sgt. Carl R.
Schoearock, Pvt. Frank Tony
Schoefelt, John C.
Schoenfeld, Cpl. William P.
Schofield, Sgt. William
Scholtz, Pvt. Tom
Scholz, Pvt. August J.
Schook, Jacob
Schooley, Pvt. James H.
Schooling, Pvt. Finis E.
Schorn, Pvt. Clifford
Schotte, Pvt. Henry F.
Schoville, Pvt. William W.
Schraeder, Pvt. Henry
Schraeder, Pvt. John
Schramkowski, Pvt. John A.
Schramm, Cpl. Frederick
Schrank, Pvt. Fred Herman
Schrank, Sgt. John
Schratt, Katharina
Schreck, Pvt. Andy G.
Schreider, Pvt. Carl S.
Schreier, Pvt. Fred
Schroeder, Cpl. August
Schroeder, Cpl. Frank
Schroeder, Pvt. Herbert H.
Schroeder, Pvt. Paul W.
Schubert, Pvt. Arne M.
Schuchman, Cpl. Morris
Schuettler, Herman E.
Schufalta, Pvt. William E.
Schuh, Fred H.
Schuh, John P.
Schuh, Pvt. John
Schukalsky, Anthony J.
Schuler, Mrs. Sena
Schuler, Pvt. Joan
Schulgen, Ernest
Schull, Pvt. Charles L.
Schuller, Mrs. Henry
Schults, Joseph
Schults, Mary
Schultz, Catherine
Schultz, Cpl. Pete
Schultz, Edward
Schultz, Ella May
Schultz, John Edwin
Schultz, Lt. Herman W.
Schultz, Margaret Catherine
Schultz, Peter
Schultz, Pvt. Herman G.
Schultz, Pvt. Joseph H.
Schultz, Pvt. Rick Walter
Schultz, Sgt. Frank
Schultze, Catherine
Schulze, Pvt. Richard
Schumacher, Cpl. Herman J.
Schumacher, Pvt. Joseph
Schumick, Pvt. Tommie V.
Schupp, Pvt. William G.
Schur, Pvt. Paul
Schuster, Pvt. August
Schuster, Pvt. Sol
Schuth, Pvt. Gustave E.
Schutz, Pvt. Joseph
Schutzman, Pvt. Walter
Schwab, Herbert George
Schwab, Pvt. Frederick G.
Schwab, Sgt. Vincent M.
Schwabaser, Pvt. George
Schwall, Cpl. John F.
Schwantz, Behrthold C.
Schwanz, Pvt. Carl H.
Schwardt, Pvt. Louis R.
Schwartz, Cpl. David
Schwartz, Cpl. Roy F.
Schwartz, Johanna Frances
Schwartz, Johanna Frances
Schwartz, Pvt. David
Schwartz, Pvt. Maurice L.
Schwartz, Pvt. Myer
Schwartz, Samuel
Schwarz, Pvt. Karl F.
Schwebach, Cpl. Joseph B.
Schwebke, Pvt. Bernard A.
Schwee, Pvt. Albert J.
Schweiger, KaptLt. Adult Male
Schweiss, Cpl. August R.
Schwemmer, Pvt. Gottfried
Schwend, William
Schwesinger, Herman G.
Schwieger, LtCdr. Adult Male
Schwind, Pvt. Leo A.
Schymser, James A.
Scifres, Mary
Sciortino, Pvt. Joseph
Scipio, Pvt. Harry
Sclambaugh, Pvt. Lawrence M.
Sco??ll, R. F.
Scoggins, Pvt. Andrew
Scott, Adam
Scott, Alta Mae
Scott, Boswell
Scott, Capt. Frank T.
Scott, Charles E.
Scott, Clyde E.
Scott, Cpl. William G.
Scott, Edward
Scott, Herbert
Scott, Hugh
Scott, Madeline
Scott, Mrs. John
Scott, Mrs. T. A.
Scott, Mrs. T. A.
Scott, Mrs. Wilder
Scott, Pearl
Scott, Pvt. Archie B.
Scott, Pvt. Arthur Cleveland
Scott, Pvt. Charles A.
Scott, Pvt. Dale L.
Scott, Pvt. David
Scott, Pvt. David H.
Scott, Pvt. Earl A.
Scott, Pvt. Early L.
Scott, Pvt. Ed
Scott, Pvt. Elsie F.
Scott, Pvt. Emanuel
Scott, Pvt. Frank
Scott, Pvt. Frank J.
Scott, Pvt. George S.
Scott, Pvt. James
Scott, Pvt. James E.
Scott, Pvt. James H.
Scott, Pvt. Jesse
Scott, Pvt. John C.
Scott, Pvt. John J.
Scott, Pvt. John W.
Scott, Pvt. Middleton H.
Scott, Pvt. Paul D.
Scott, Pvt. Robert F.
Scott, Pvt. Sam
Scott, Pvt. Sherman I.
Scott, Pvt. Theodore T.
Scott, Pvt. Walter A.
Scott, Pvt. William
Scott, Pvt. William H.
Scott, Pvt. Willie
Scott, Ruby L.
Scott, Ruby L.
Scott, Ruby L.
Scott, Sgt. George R.
Scott, Sgt. Leonard L.
Scott, Sgt. Marion F.
Scott, Sgt. Marvin F.
Scott, Sgt. William E.
Scott, Thomas R.
Scougale, Monroe C.
Scougale, Monroe O.
Scougle, Monroe O.
sCounts, Ellen
Scozzafava, Pvt. Louis M.
Scraphin, Pvt. John
Screason, Cpl. Auton M.
Scrivner, Pvt. James
Scroeder, Derwin N.
Scroggin, Howard
Scroggins, Cpl. James H.
Scroggins, Handford
Scroggins, Maggie L.
Scroggins, Mattie L.
Scroggins, Mattie L.
Scroggins, Nona Athleen
Scroggins, Pvt. Orville
Scroggins, Sgt. Walter E.
Scruggs, Ella May
Scruggs, Pvt. Elmer J.
Scudder, Teenie
Scull, Jamie
Scull, Jamie Reyburn
Scully, BG J. W.
Scully, Pvt. Carrol J.
Seaborn, Sgt. Benjamin F.
Seabrook, John S.
Seaburg, Pvt. Carl J. S.
Seal, Pvt. Andrew J.
Seal, Pvt. Max E.
Seale, Cpl. Thomas
Seale, Pvt. Tom B.
Seales, Pvt. Harvis
Seales, Pvt. Sidney
Seals, Henry
Seals, Pvt. Thomas L.
Seamon, Lt. Alexander R.
Searcy, Cpl. Ellis R.
Searcy, Howell
Sears, Pvt. Irwin L.
Sease, Lt. William J.
Seaton, Pvt. Oliver W.
Seats, Isom
Seawackie, Pvt. Joseph A.
Seawright, Pvt. Charles K.
Seay, Pvt. Robert C.
Sebastian, Forest D.
Sebastian, John
Sebert, Pvt. Joseph
Sebo, Sgt. James
Sebon, Mrs. J. M.
Sechrengost, Pvt. Samuel
Secor, Cpl. Cecil R.
Secrest, Pvt. Barney R.
Secrist, Cpl. Howard
Secry, Cdt. Frank L.
Sedamo, Gen. Jose
Seder, Pvt. Thomas C.
Sedinoski, Pvt. Adam
Sedlock, George
Seebohn, Capt. Harry E.
Seeley, Pvt. George C.
Seeley, Pvt. Henry
Seeley, Pvt. Hert W.
Sefersky, Pvt. Meyer
Sefford, William
Seflton, Pvt. Roy S.
Sefold, Cpl. Frank W.
Segars, Cpl. Ed
Segraya, Pvt. Emmet
Seguin, Cdt. R. A.
Sehorn, Pvt. Clifford
Sehorn, Pvt. Nich
Seiarrone, Pvt. Salvatore
Seib, Sgt. Herman C.
Seibert, Pvt. William
Seidenspinner, Pvt. Charles L.
Seidl, Pvt. Louis A.
Seifert, Cpl. Benjamin J.
Seigio, Chester
Seigler, Cpl. Lester T.
Seimer, Jr., Julius J.
Seir, Cpl. James
Seisert, Cpl. Adult Male
Seitz, L. H.
Sejba, Frank
Sekaner, Pvt. Otto U. E.
Sekula, Pvt. Albert J.
Selby, Charley
Selby, Vivian
Seldon, Sgt. Guy W.
Self, J. M.
Self, Lt. Louis
Self, Marcia J.
Self, Pvt. Charlie C.
Self, Pvt. Elijah B.
Self, Pvt. George W.
Self, Pvt. Marion
Selfridge, Mrs. Harry Gordon
Selig, Cpl. Walter
Sell, Pvt. Fred A.
Sellers, Dee
Sellers, Pvt. Edgar W.
Sellers, Pvt. Elmer O.
Sellers, Pvt. George T.
Sells, Cpl. Otto Bernard
Selm, Pvt. William W.
Selman, Pvt. Cooper
Selsor, Frank
Selvage, Therman
Sema, Jacob
Semenske, Pvt. Edward
Semier, Jr., Julius J.
Semievolva, Pvt. Pete
Semlan, Cpl. John
Semmes, Oliver J.
Semmes, Raphael
Semonian, Pvt. Sarkis H.
Senger, Sgt. Emil
Senger, Sgt. William S.
Senier, Pvt. Arthur
Sensey, Cpl. George D.
Senstad, Pvt. George K.
Sepey, Pvt. Thomas R.
Sergal, Bennett T.
Sergia, Pvt. A.
Serra, Cpl. Peter J.
Servat, Pvt. Ulysses R.
Servid, Pvt. Leo
Seskarski, Cpl. William Joseph
Sesnesfsky, Pvt. Lewis
Sessunes, Pvt. Oliver
Settle, Sarah
Settles, Pvt. James F.
Seuberth, Burley
Severance, Pvt. Earl L.
Severn, Pvt. Coney
Severns, Pvt. Sidney
Severson, Cpl. Nute
Severson, Frank E.
Severson, Frank E.
Severson, Frank E.
Severson, Frank E.
Severson, Pvt. Erick
Sewell, Lt. Wilbur Stuart
Sewell, Pvt. Loren W.
Sewings, Pvt. Joseph W.
Sexton, Deion
Sexton, Lt. Ernest Francis
Sexton, Mary C.
Sexton, Mrs. James
Seybert, Cpl. Frank D.
Seymour, Pvt. Samuel H.
Sezepanick, Pvt. Marian
Sfast, Issac Hishersel
Shade, John L.
Shade, Pvt. Mike
Shaffer, Cpl. Perr Pleasant
Shaheen, Pvt. Nass B.
Shakleford, Pvt. Fred
Shallenberger, Pvt. Bradwin W.
Shalmier, Augusta
Shands, Pvt. Oliver C.
Shane, Fern Mavis
Shankle, Grace
Shankle, Pvt. Howard
Shankler, D. N.
Shanklin, Clark
Shanklin, Claude
Shanklin, Claude
Shanklin, Pvt. Carl Ashley
Shannon, Danny
Shannon, Danny
Shannon, Danny
Shannon, Danny
Shannon, Mary
Shannon, Mrs. W. L.
Shannon, Pvt. James M.
Shannon, Pvt. John
Shannon, Pvt. Marshall A.
Shannon, Pvt. Thomas
Shanoff, Sgt. Alexander
Shanon, Cpl. George M.
Shanon, Mary
Sharits, Pvt. Norman
Sharkey, Pvt. Henry W.
Sharp, Elgia
Sharp, Emma
Sharp, J. G.
Sharp, Pvt. Burton
Sharp, Pvt. Charles R.
Sharp, Pvt. Harry W.
Sharp, Pvt. John R.
Sharp, Pvt. Lafayette
Sharp, Pvt. Lee
Sharp, Pvt. Lester W.
Sharp, Pvt. Oscar
Sharp, Pvt. Otts
Sharp, Pvt. William A.
Sharp, Willie C.
Sharp, Jr., John W.
Sharpe, Pvt. T. H.
Sharpley, Sheldon D.
Sharratti, Cpl. Arthur
Sharrock, Mrs. John
Shartley, Ens. William J.
Shatto, Pvt. William F.
Shauger, Lyman Thomas
Shaver, George W.
Shaver, Mrs. Isaac
Shaver, Pvt. Warder G.
Shavlik, Cpl. Joseph L.
Shaw, Capt. William T.
Shaw, Cpl. George
Shaw, Cpl. Stanley J.
Shaw, Cpl. Warren Daniel
Shaw, Earl A.
Shaw, H. C.
Shaw, Howard
Shaw, Lt. Charles Albert
Shaw, Lt. K. D.
Shaw, Pvt. Arthur E.
Shaw, Pvt. Earl G.
Shaw, Pvt. Frank W.
Shaw, Pvt. George M.
Shaw, Pvt. Robert R.
Shaw, Rev. J. F.
Shaw, Sgt. George
Shaw, V. L.
Shaw, William R.
Shawnee, Pvt. Henry
Shawney, Pvt. Howard
Shay, Rev. W. D.
Shea, Cpl. James C.
Shea, Cpl. Michael J.
Shea, Pvt. Earl W.
Shea, Pvt. Michael
Shea, Pvt. Timothy J.
Shea, Sgt. Thomas
Shearer, Lizzie
Shearer, Pvt. Delbert A.
Shearer, Pvt. Omar B.
Shearman, Sgt. Raymond L.
Shedd, Dr. William
Sheehan, Pvt. Daniel J.
Sheehorn, Mrs. Walter
Sheeks, Stella
Sheets, James H.
Sheets, Rebecca Nancy Ann
Shefrid, Cpl. Richard
Shehan, Capt. Edward M.
Shehane, Cpl. Alfred
Shelby, Girl
Shelby, Pvt. Arthur
Shelby, Pvt. Roy W.
Shelby, Vivian
Sheldon, Pvt. Collis V.
Sheline, Pvt. Jesse C.
Shell, Ella Ruth
Shell, Rev. A.
Shelle, Lt. Clarence W.
Shellman, Pvt. Ben L.
Sheltburg, Pvt. Gust
Shelton, Collis V.
Shelton, Cpl. David B.
Shelton, Cpl. Everett L.
Shelton, Cpl. James A.
Shelton, Cpl. Joe
Shelton, Cpl. Ross E.
Shelton, Cpl. Rufus A.
Shelton, Marion
Shelton, Martin
Shelton, Martin Lynn
Shelton, Pvt. Charley W.
Shelton, Pvt. Curtis E.
Shelton, Pvt. Houston?
Shelton, Pvt. Jesse E.
Shelton, Pvt. John
Shelton, Pvt. Leroy C.
Shelton, Pvt. Martin L.
Shelton, Pvt. Martin L.
Shenk, Cpl. Roy H.
Shepard, Cpl. Carl
Shepard, Lt. George G.
Shepard, Pvt. Charles T.
Shepard, Pvt. Frank M.
Shepard, Pvt. Joe
Shepard, Pvt. William B.
Shepherd, Maggie Crowson
Shepherd, Pvt. Frank
Shepherd, Sarah L.
Shepherdson, Pvt. George P.
Sheppard, Andrew
Sheppard, Cpl. Albert
Sheppard, Joseph F.
Sheppard, Mrs. J. M.
Sheppard, Pvt. Clarence
Sheppard, Pvt. Joseph F.
Sherburn, Pvt. Leo F.
Sheridan, BG Michael V.
Sheridan, Cpl. George D.
Sheridan, Cpl. Walter E.
Sheridan, Martin J.
Sheridan, P. J.
Sheridan, Pvt. John B. M.
Sheridan, Pvt. John J.
Sheridan, Pvt. Robert
Sherman, Clark W.
Sherman, Cpl. Ernest G.
Sherman, Cpl. Harry H.
Sherman, Cpl. James W.
Sherman, Edith
Sherman, Frank
Sherman, Lt. George
Sherman, Pvt. Alton M.
Sherman, Pvt. Fred
Sherman, Pvt. Joseph
Sherman, Sgt. Stephen G.
Shero, Pvt. Herbert Walter
Sherrard, Pvt. Edward
Sherrick, Pvt. Howard L.
Sherrill, Cpl. Connie H.
Sherrill, Pvt. Ambrose S.
Sherrod, J. L.
Sherrod, Pvt. Thomas J.
Sherrod, Pvt. William S.
Sherry, John E.
Sherwood, 1Lt. Oliver P.
Sherwood, Joe
Sherwood, Joseph
Sherwood, Pvt. Alfred C.
Sherwood, Pvt. Bertrum C.
Sherwood, Pvt. Joseph M.
Sheshan, Pvt. John
Sheu, Pvt. James J.
Shewalter, Pvt. James
Shewmake, Oscar
Shields, Ellen
Shields, Pvt. James
Shields, Pvt. Lex
Shields, Pvt. Paul Ray
Shields, Pvt. Robert M.
Shields, Sgt. Arthur F.
Shifler, Pvt. George L.
Shillars, Pvt. Thomas J.
Shilliday, Cdt. Rexford
Shillingburg, Pvt. Tony W.
Shimko, Pvt. Domosthne
Shinault, Grace
Shinault, Grace
Shinault, Laura Blanche
Shinault, Louisa Blanche
Shinault, Louisa Blanche
Shinn, C. L.
Shipley, Cpl. Alvin R.
Shipley, Earl
Shipley, Robert E.
Shipp, Andrew J.
Shipp, Andrew J.
Shipp, Bryan
Shipp, Bryant
Shipp, Pvt. Allen
Shipp, Pvt. James T.
Shipp, Pvt. William R.
Shipp, Walter Allen
Shipp, Walter Allen
Shirey, James Ray
Shirk, J. C. Marshall
Shirley, Corilla J.
Shirley, Lottie
Shive, Pvt. Luther
Shive, Pvt. William M.
Shive, Sgt. Lawrence W.
Shivley, Pvt. Ralph W.
Shocklee, Pvt. Mieax? R.
Shockley, Pvt. Grant
Shockley, W. A.
Shoe---?, Sgt. William
Shoemaker, Cpl. Jethro
Shoemaker, Cpl. Lonnie O.
Shoemaker, Mrs. V. A.
Shoemaker, Olvey
Shoemaker, Pvt. Ambrose
Shoemaker, Pvt. Elmer William N.
Shoemaker, Pvt. John W.
Shoemaker, Pvt. Lloyd
Shoemaker, Willis R.
Shoepke, Pvt. Angus
Shoffner, M. D.
Shoffner, M. D.
Shoffner, M. D.
Shofner, Claud
Shofner, Sgt. Weaver
Sholly, Pvt. John W.
Shomas, Pvt. Roy C.
Shook, Sgt. Everett G.
Shoop, John D.
Shorbridge, Pvt. Lemul T.
Shore, Paul E.
Shorer, John
Shorer, John
Shores, Cpl. Everett G.
Shores, Mollie
Short, A. B.
Short, Emma Kellam
Short, John
Short, Nathan B.
Short, Nathan B.
Short, Pvt. Lilburn L.
Short, Pvt. Lloyd
Short, Pvt. William A.
Short, Sgt. Abe
Short, W. D.
Short, Winnie
Shoults, Maj. Edward
Shover, Pvt. Oscar E.
Showalter, Mary Bernice
Showers, Sgt. John V.
Shreeves, Cpl. Ernest
Shreve, Pvt. Dewey
Shrewsbury, A. D.
Shrigley, Cpl. Loyd
Shrigley, Girl
Shriver, Pvt. Kennon
Shriver, Pvt. Kennon
Shroyer, Earnest W.
Shrum, Pvt. Frederick B.
Shuck, Pvt. Cecil W.
Shue, Joseph W.
Shugart, Lucy Margaret
Shuizkyz, Pvt. Bazini
Shuler, Pvt. Findley M.
Shull, Lt. Paurence C.
Shull, Pvt. Charles R.
Shulsen, Pvt. Hyram
Shumaker, Pvt. Hugh
Shumate, Pvt. John W.
Shumate, Pvt. William David
Shurn, Pvt. Geroge A.
Shurron, Cpl. Jeffry
Shushereba, Kelly
Shuster, Cpl. James E.
Shuster, Pvt. Clements W.
Shuttlesworth, Pvt. Robert
Shwoers, Pvt. Guy W.
Sibley, BG Frederick
Sibley, Ed
Sicer?, Pvt. Walter
Sidders, Cpl. Frank
Siddons, Pvt. James O.
Sidenstricker, Pvt. Aaron M.
Sidle, Pvt. Alva N.
Sidman, Pvt. Elmer T.
Sidney, Pvt. George L.
Siebers, Cpl. Peter A.
Siefert, Pvt. Louis E.
Siegler, Nancy E.
Sierzycki, Henry
Siesel, Henrietta
Siesel, Henrietta
Siesel, Mrs. M. J.
Sigorski, Julius
Silber, Pvt. Martin W.
Siler, Mrs. John
Siler, Mrs. McFadden
Silk, Pvt. Elmer
Silkwood, Pvt. Quinton I.
Sills, Mrs. Ollie
Silman, Pvt. Benjamin F.
Silokowski, Pvt. Bruno
Silva, Pvt. Frank
Silva, Pvt. Peter
Silver, Pvt. Warren
Silverman, Annie
Silverman, Pvt. Israel
Silverston, Pvt. Albert
Silvia, Pvt. Anthony F.
Silvia, Pvt. John
Silvoy, Pvt. George J.
Sima, Pvt. Rudolph
Simcoe, Cpl. John J.
Simington, William M.
Simmerman, Pvt. John
Simmes, Pvt. Earle
Simmonds, Pvt. Adult Male
Simmonds, Pvt. Connie
Simmons, Ann
Simmons, Cpl. Charles R.
Simmons, Cpl. Elmer H.
Simmons, Cpl. Harold R.
Simmons, Cpl. John
Simmons, Cpl. Walter E.
Simmons, Magdalene
Simmons, Mrs. Ben
Simmons, Pvt. Charlie
Simmons, Pvt. Edgar
Simmons, Pvt. Emmett T.
Simmons, Pvt. Floyd
Simmons, Pvt. Frank Lee
Simmons, Pvt. James S.
Simmons, Pvt. Jesse H.
Simmons, Pvt. John E.
Simmons, Pvt. Will
Simmons, Pvt. William L.
Simmons, Willie
Simms, Pvt. Isaac
Simms, Sgt. George
Simon, Charles M.
Simon, Lt. Herbert J.
Simon, Pvt. Thomas P.
Simon, Sr., Charles M.
Simons, Col. William H.
Simons, Cpl. Floyd J.
Simons, Pvt. Abraham D.
Simons, Pvt. John Joseph
Simons, Pvt. Wright E.
Simonson, Sgt. Richard L.
Simowitz, Pvt. John
Simpson, Bailey
Simpson, Cdt. Ralph T.
Simpson, Cpl. Floyd L.
Simpson, Cpl. Vol
Simpson, Harry
Simpson, John G.
Simpson, Laurena
Simpson, Mary
Simpson, Nancy
Simpson, Pvt. Albert Francis
Simpson, Pvt. Bernard R.
Simpson, Pvt. Dwight
Simpson, Pvt. Estle E.
Simpson, Pvt. Frank
Simpson, Pvt. George
Simpson, Pvt. Oscar Doss
Simpson, Pvt. Renzy R.
Simpson, Pvt. Robert M.
Simpson, Pvt. Roy H.
Simpson, Roy
Simpson, Sgt. Clyde A.
Simpson, Sgt. Floyd E.
Simpson, Sgt. John S.
Simpson, Sgt. Reginald P.
Simpson, Jr., Pvt. James Y.
Sims, Claude
Sims, Irvin
Sims, Jesse
Sims, Mollie
Sims, Pvt. A??ll S.
Sims, Pvt. Arthur D.
Sims, Pvt. Charlie A.
Sims, Pvt. Claude D.
Sims, Pvt. Jason
Sims, Pvt. Jesse
Sims, Pvt. Tom
Sims, Pvt. William F.
Sims, Rev. Albert H.
Sims, Rev. C. F.
Sims, Winfield Scott
Simseys, Edward H.
Sinarski, Pvt. Kasimir
Sing, Charlie
Singeon, Edward
Singer, Cpl. Mike
Singer, Sgt. John
Singer, Susan
Singh, Ram
Singletary, Pvt. Charles N.
Singleton, Claude
Singleton, Lt. Jouett F.
Singleton, Pvt. I. T.
Singleton, Pvt. Oliver
Singleton, Pvt. William J.
Singleton, Jr., Pvt. Richard
Sinkle, Pvt. Smith
Sinkovich, Pvt. Mike
Sinks, George Dewey
Sinks, Pvt. William D.
Sinks, William D.
Sinnett, Pvt. Arthur L.
Siomka, Pvt. Walter
Sione, Ethan A.
Sipes, Pvt. Marvin M.
Sipher, Pvt. Carl A.
Sipple, C.
Sipple, P. Adult Male
Sircy, Pvt. Willie
Siria, Abner Douglas
Sirmons, Pvt. William L.
Sisco, Patsy
Sisk, Jeff
Sisk, Sgt. Hubert C.
Sisson, Pvt. David
Sittelatte?, Pvt. John
Siuba, Benny
Siuett, Pvt. William
Sizzo, Cpl. Joseph
Skaggs, Andrew Donnie
Skaggs, Anna May
Skaggs, Leo
Skaggs, Mary Rose
Skaggs, Pvt. Walter C.
Skaggs, Sophie
Skaleski, Cpl. Charles J.
Skatses, Cpl. Arthur M.
Skeen, Pvt. Estie R.
Skelley, Pvt. Joseph L.
Skelly, Pvt. Frank
Skelton, James K.
Skibinski, Pvt. Andrew
Skibinsky, Pvt. Stanley
Skidmore, Cpl. Isom
Skidmore, Pvt. Van Renneslaer
skiffner, Lt. Sir John Bridger
Skiles, Pvt. James Warren
Skillman, Pvt. Lewis H.
Skinner, Bea
Skinner, James C.
Skinner, Pvt. Harold C.
Skittino, Pvt. Nik
Skratt, Lt. Joseph A.
Slagle, Cpl. George L.
Slagle, Henry
Slagle, J. P.
Slagle, J. P.
Slagle, J. P.
Slagle, J. P.
Slagle, Jr., Nathaniel James
Slaney, Maurice Francis
Slater, Pvt. Herbert
Slater, Pvt. John Sisson
Slaton, Lt. Frank W.
Slaton, Pvt. John F.
Slaughter, Garland
Slaughter, Garland
Slaven, Cpl. Burdette H.
Slaven, Pvt. Jesse
Slawkin, Pvt. Harry M.
Slay, E. E.
Slay, Will
Slayton, Mrs. Fred
Slayton, Mrs. Fred
Sledge, Pvt. Edward L.
Sleith, Pvt. Edward
Sleppy, Capt. Kirby
Slider, Pvt. Clyde H.
Slifling, Pvt. Reuben C.
Slinker, Pvt. Fred
Sloan, Cpl. Joseph
Sloan, David D.
Sloan, John
Sloan, Pvt. Bonnie M.
Sloan, Pvt. Roy
Sloan, Pvt. William H.
Slocum, III, Cpl. Charles R.
Sloss, Pvt. William
Slupecki, Pvt. Frank
sMacDonald, Katherine
Smaler, Pvt. Paul L.
Small, Florence Arleen
Small, Frederick L.
Small, John T.
Small, Lt. Wilbur F.
Small, Maude E.
Small, Maude E.
Small, Pvt. Benjamin
Small, Pvt. Eddie E.
Small, Pvt. Irwin
Small, Pvt. Leon W.
Small, Pvt. Naman
Small, William F.
Smalley, Mrs. Mart
Smallwood, Pvt. Morris
Smart, Cpl. Henry J.
Smart, Cpl. Robert A.
Smart, Jennie Berry
Smart, Pvt. George C.
Smart, Pvt. Hubert
Smart, Pvt. Jessio I.
Smartt, Mrs. Alfred P.
Smartt, Mrs. Alfred P.
Smauley, Pvt. John P.
Smeal, Pvt. Roy S.
Smelley, Pvt. Allen
Smeltzer, Cpl. Clyde A.
Smelzer, Mrs. S. E.
Smiddy, Sgt. Louis
Smith, A. T.
Smith, Adult Male
Smith, Adult Male
Smith, Albert
Smith, Albert
Smith, Amy A.
Smith, B. S.
Smith, Bertha
Smith, BG Jacob Hurd
Smith, Bud
Smith, Burley
Smith, C. J.
Smith, Cala
Smith, Cala Barbee
Smith, Capt. Richard Frederick
Smith, Caroline B.
Smith, Caroline B.
Smith, Caroline Buddenburg
Smith, Charles
Smith, Col. Hamilton
Smith, Col. Hamilton A.
Smith, Cpl. Charles
Smith, Cpl. Charles R.
Smith, Cpl. Frank A.
Smith, Cpl. George W.
Smith, Cpl. Harvey
Smith, Cpl. Henry K.
Smith, Cpl. Henry P.
Smith, Cpl. Hershell R.
Smith, Cpl. Isaac R.
Smith, Cpl. James
Smith, Cpl. John H.
Smith, Cpl. John P.
Smith, Cpl. Lewis Laroy
Smith, Cpl. Loyd W.
Smith, Cpl. Neal
Smith, Cpl. Robert Kedsie
Smith, Daniel A.
Smith, E. L. "Dick"
Smith, Edward
Smith, Elbert
Smith, Eleneious
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Elsie
Smith, Frances
Smith, Frances
Smith, Frankie
Smith, G. W.
Smith, Grant Wheeler
Smith, Halliday
Smith, Hamp
Smith, Hampton
Smith, Homer
Smith, Hosea
Smith, Hugh
Smith, Hugh
Smith, Ida
Smith, Ida M.
Smith, Ida M.
Smith, Ira L.
Smith, J. E.
Smith, J. M.
Smith, James Coy
Smith, Jesse
Smith, Joe
Smith, John Levi
Smith, John W.
Smith, Joseph F.
Smith, Joseph Fielding
Smith, Joseph Fielding
Smith, Josephine A.
Smith, K. B.
Smith, L.J.
Smith, Lt. Cecil G.
Smith, Lt. Clarence W.
Smith, Lt. Frank H.
Smith, Lt. Herman H.
Smith, Lt. Herman H.
Smith, Lt. Howard R.
Smith, Lt. Joseph C.
Smith, Lt. Lewis A.
Smith, Lt. W. W.
Smith, Lt. Walter W.
Smith, M. Fulwood
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary C.
Smith, Mary E.
Smith, Maud
Smith, May'
Smith, Morris G.
Smith, Mrs. Asa
Smith, Mrs. Earl
Smith, Mrs. Joe
Smith, Mrs. N. A.
Smith, Mrs. W. A.
Smith, Mrs. W. A.
Smith, Mrs. W. O.
Smith, Nannie
Smith, Noble
Smith, Oscar L.
Smith, Paralee
Smith, Paul K.
Smith, Pvt. Adam E.
Smith, Pvt. Alfred
Smith, Pvt. Alonzo K.
Smith, Pvt. Andrew J.
Smith, Pvt. Andrew J.
Smith, Pvt. Ben
Smith, Pvt. Benjamin E.
Smith, Pvt. Bert L.
Smith, Pvt. Blair W.
Smith, Pvt. Brady V.
Smith, Pvt. Burley
Smith, Pvt. Burrell
Smith, Pvt. Carl J.
Smith, Pvt. Charles
Smith, Pvt. Chase A.
Smith, Pvt. Clark D.
Smith, Pvt. Clifford A.
Smith, Pvt. Clifton
Smith, Pvt. David R.
Smith, Pvt. Earl
Smith, Pvt. Eddie C.
Smith, Pvt. Edgar C.
Smith, Pvt. Edmond
Smith, Pvt. Edmund T.
Smith, Pvt. Emmet A.
Smith, Pvt. Emmet C.
Smith, Pvt. Eppilips
Smith, Pvt. Ernest Aaron
Smith, Pvt. Evan M.
Smith, Pvt. Everett A.
Smith, Pvt. Everett L.
Smith, Pvt. Everett P.
Smith, Pvt. Frank
Smith, Pvt. Frank H.
Smith, Pvt. Fred
Smith, Pvt. Fulton C.
Smith, Pvt. George O.
Smith, Pvt. Glen A.
Smith, Pvt. Guston K.
Smith, Pvt. Harlie G.
Smith, Pvt. Harold
Smith, Pvt. Harold A.
Smith, Pvt. Harry
Smith, Pvt. Harry W.
Smith, Pvt. Henry F.
Smith, PVt. Herbert G.
Smith, Pvt. Homer Tecumseh
Smith, Pvt. Hugh B.
Smith, Pvt. ira L.
Smith, Pvt. Isaac
Smith, Pvt. Isham A.
Smith, Pvt. Isham M.
Smith, Pvt. Ivan E.
Smith, Pvt. Jacob H.
Smith, Pvt. James
Smith, Pvt. James C.
Smith, Pvt. James Edward
Smith, Pvt. James G.
Smith, Pvt. James S.
Smith, Pvt. James W.
Smith, Pvt. Jesse E.
Smith, Pvt. Jessie S.
Smith, Pvt. Jim
Smith, Pvt. John
Smith, Pvt. John
Smith, Pvt. John A.
Smith, Pvt. John C.
Smith, Pvt. John E.
Smith, Pvt. John Frank
Smith, Pvt. John L.
Smith, Pvt. John S.
Smith, Pvt. Johnnie
Smith, Pvt. Jose F.
Smith, Pvt. Joseph
Smith, Pvt. Joseph A.
Smith, Pvt. Joseph H.
Smith, Pvt. Joseph J.
Smith, Pvt. Joseph L.
Smith, Pvt. Joseph R.
Smith, Pvt. King J.
Smith, Pvt. Lawrence Clapp
Smith, Pvt. Leander
Smith, Pvt. Lee E.
Smith, Pvt. Leon R.
Smith, Pvt. Leslie H.
Smith, Pvt. Lewis M.
Smith, Pvt. Looney
Smith, Pvt. Louis
Smith, Pvt. Louis W.
Smith, Pvt. Marion J.
Smith, Pvt. Marshall C.
Smith, Pvt. Marvin W.
Smith, Pvt. Meril
Smith, Pvt. Newman
Smith, Pvt. Norman E.
Smith, Pvt. Oliver J.
Smith, Pvt. Oliver R.
Smith, Pvt. Pearl G.
Smith, Pvt. Perry L.
Smith, Pvt. Peter C.
Smith, Pvt. Phillip C.
Smith, Pvt. Raymond
Smith, Pvt. Raymond W.
Smith, Pvt. Reginald
Smith, Pvt. Reginald W.
Smith, Pvt. Reuben J.
Smith, Pvt. Robert
Smith, Pvt. Robert
Smith, Pvt. Robert M.
Smith, Pvt. Robert O.
Smith, Pvt. Ronald M.
Smith, Pvt. Royal A.
Smith, Pvt. Russell I.
Smith, Pvt. Samuel H.
Smith, Pvt. Samuel J.
Smith, Pvt. Stacy
Smith, Pvt. Thomas C.
Smith, Pvt. Thomas E.
Smith, Pvt. Thomas L.
Smith, Pvt. Thomas R.
Smith, Pvt. Thurlow Weed
Smith, Pvt. Vernon O.
Smith, Pvt. W. J.
Smith, Pvt. Walter L.
Smith, Pvt. Walter P.
Smith, Pvt. Warren C.
Smith, Pvt. Will
Smith, Pvt. Will P.
Smith, Pvt. Willard G.
Smith, Pvt. William
Smith, Pvt. William F.
Smith, Pvt. William H.
Smith, Pvt. William J.
Smith, Pvt. William T.
Smith, Pvt. William T.
Smith, Pvt. Willie
Smith, Pvt. Willie
Smith, R. J.
Smith, R. L.
Smith, Robert
Smith, Robert R.
Smith, Roger W.
Smith, Ruby
Smith, Sam F.
Smith, Sgt. Charlie D.
Smith, Sgt. Curtis E.
Smith, Sgt. Donald F.
Smith, Sgt. Elbert L.
Smith, Sgt. Hamilton
Smith, Sgt. Hearl
Smith, Sgt. Howard H.
Smith, Sgt. James A.
Smith, Sgt. Lloyd A.
Smith, Sgt. Shelby
Smith, Sgt. Shelby
Smith, Sidney J.
Smith, Terry M.
Smith, Thomas F.
Smith, Thomas F.
Smith, Thomas F.
Smith, Van
Smith, W. A.
Smith, W. M.
Smith, Walter E.
Smith, Walter J.
Smith, Wheeler T.
Smith, Will
Smith, William
Smith, Willis Roswell
Smith , Cpl. Clifford E.
Smith, Jr., Charles M.
Smith, Jr., Edward Augustus
Smith, Jr., Edward Augustus
Smithpeter, Cpl. William L.
Smithpeter, William V.
Smithton, J. W.
Smoin, Faldy
Smoin, Fandy
Smoin, Fandy
Smoin, Fandy
Smolik, Pvt. August
Smoot, Pvt. Louis C.
Smott, Pvt. Claude
Smulczynski, Pvt. Peter
Smyden, Pvt. Frank J.
Smythe, Lt. Edward J.
Smytuski, Anton
Smytuski, Pvt. Anton
Sneberger, Pvt. George J.
Snedeker, Cpl. Elephalet
Snell, R. F.
Snelson, Mrs. N. E.
Snelson, Pvt. Zeb
Snepp, I. C.
Snepps, F. C.
Snider, Pvt. Frank
Snider, Sgt. Perry B.
Snipes, J. W.
Snipes, Pvt. Tolbert Joseph
Snodgrass, Elisha Kelley
Snodgrass, Mrs. Leland
Snodgrass, Mrs. Lelend
Snodgrass, Pvt. Columbus F.
Snovel, Ralph
Snover, Pvt. Oscar
Snow, Cpl. Earl
Snow, D. N.
Snow, Lizzie
Snow, Lizzie
Snow, Louise
Snow, Mary
Snow, Mrs. Harold
Snow, Pvt. Frank Hamilton
Snow, Pvt. George D.
Snowden, Pvt. Stapley
Snoyer, Pvt. Oscar
Snyder, Cpl. Charles Edward
Snyder, Cpl. Howard U.
Snyder, Cpl. John A.
Snyder, Cpl. Joseph
Snyder, Eugene W.
Snyder, John Harry
Snyder, Lt. Robert Yarnall
Snyder, Orra L.
Snyder, Pvt. Anthony
Snyder, Pvt. Daniel Albert
Snyder, Pvt. Frank E.
Snyder, Pvt. Frank K.
Snyder, Pvt. Henry C.
Snyder, Pvt. James B.
Snyder, Pvt. John E.
Snyder, Pvt. John H.
Snyder, Pvt. Leonard C.
Snyder, Pvt. Lester F.
Snyder, Pvt. Milton M.
Snyder, Pvt. Raymond
Snyder, Pvt. Roy Nicholas
Snyder, Pvt. Samuel
Snyder, Pvt. Solomon
Snyder, Pvt. William Miller
Snyder, Pvt.Frank S.
Soat, Pvt. Robert W.
Sobezak, Pvt. Joseph
Sochtieben, Cpl. Fred C.
Socia, Pvt. Arthur L.
Socia, Pvt. John E.
Socia, Pvt. Joseph P.
Sockel, Cpl. Frank
Sockey, Pvt. Robert
Sodemann, Capt. Clarence John
Sodoski, Pvt. Vasiel
Sokovich, Sgt. Joseph
Solari, Pvt. Angel
Solenberger, Pvt. Ira
Soles, Pvt. Council
Soles, Pvt. Walter H.
Solida, Mrs. J. H.
Sollenberger, Robert Franklin
Solley, Pvt. Carl L.
Solmen, Martin William
Solmen, Martin William
Solomon, Pvt. Dixon
Solomon, Pvt. Guy F.
Solomon, Pvt. Lee A.
Solomon, Pvt. Raymond F.
Soluski, Cpl. Marion
Somerville, Cpl. William A.
Somerville, Pvt. Clayton C.
Sommer, Lt. George
Sommer, Lt. George C.
Sommerla, Pvt. Emile
Sone, Pvt. James S.
Songer, Pvt. William
Sonlat, Sgt. Gustav L.
Sonnier, Pvt. Mayour
Sontarpia, Pvt. Ferdinand J.
Sorbe, Pvt. Garrett
Sorg, Pvt. Walter M.
Sosnowski, Pvt. Stanley
Sosthein, Cpl. Vernon N.
Soto, Pvt. Manuel
Sottilo, Corado
Sottingham, Pvt. Thomas R.
Sottosante, Pvt. Joseph
Souder, Pvt. Herman H.
Souder, Pvt. Jesse C.
Souila, Pvt. Angeles
Souley, Eli
Souppo, Pvt. Denpio
Sousa, Pvt. Mathew D.
Soutall, Pvt. Henry G.
South, Pvt. Luther
South, Pvt. Stanley V.
South, William H.
Southand, E. V.
Southard, U. V.
Southeard, Pvt. Daniel E.
Southers, Pvt. Curtis
Sovell, Grover
Sovertoby?, Cpl. Clarence
Sowell, Pvt. Charlie L.
Sozzi?, Pvt. Francisco
Spaedtke, Pvt. Otto
Spain, Pvt. Goerge F.
Spainhour, Myrtle
Spake, Pvt. Jacob W.
Spallas, Pvt. Nicholas
Spangler, Pvt. James H.
Spangler, Pvt. Louis C.
Spanker, Adult Female
Spansfelt, Pvt. Haylor D.
Sparaco, Pvt. Joseph
Sparkman, Pvt. Acie
Sparkman, Pvt. James F.
Sparks, Cleveland
Sparks, Cpl. James H.
Sparks, Harry
Sparks, Joey
Sparks, Joey
Sparks, Mrs. Bill
Sparks, Mrs. Russell
Sparks, Pvt. James H.
Sparks, Pvt. Reese D.
Sparks, Pvt. Trimble C.
Sparks, Pvt. Verdie G.
Sparks, Pvt. William E.
Sparr, Sgt. Donald D.
Spatch, Cpl. Daniel F.
Spaulding, Capt. George R.
Spaulding, Lt. Paul Summers
Spaulding, Pvt. Ralph R.
Spaulding, Wiley
Speaks, Sgt. William E.
Spear, Sgt. Amos
Spearing, Pvt. Walter J.
Spears, Pvt. Elmer
Spears, Pvt. George W.
Speck, Cpl. Thomas G.
Speed, Lucy Landon
Speed, Pvt. Arthur Ernest
Speegle, Sgt. Giles
Speer, Annie
Speer, H. L.
Speer, Robert W.
Spellman, Pvt. John Anthony
Spence, Bret
Spence, Pvt. Charles E.
Spencer, Alonzo
Spencer, Alonzo
Spencer, Cpl. Charlie
Spencer, Cpl. Robert F.
Spencer, Dumasque
Spencer, Eva
Spencer, George
Spencer, Pvt. Earl L.
Spencer, Pvt. Frank
Spencer, Pvt. Herbert G.
Spencer, Pvt. James
Spencer, Pvt. James H.
Spencer, Pvt. Jason I.
Spencer, Pvt. John C.
Spencer, Pvt. Lyndley T.
Spencer, Pvt. Robert S.
Spencer, Pvt. Theron M.
Spencer, Pvt. William L.
Spencer, Sgt. Frank W.
Spencer, Sgt. Joseph M.
Spencer, Sgt. William C.
Spencer, William E.
Spergeon, Pvt. William L.
Spetz, Pvt. Lloyd W.
Speyer, Cpl. Harry
Speyers, RADM Arthur Bayard
Spicer, Pvt. Robert E.
Spickles, Pvt. James A.
Spidel, Pvt. Howard L.
Spidell, Elizabeth
Spiegelburg, Lt. Sidney L.
Spielberg, Pvt. Herman
Spieler, Pvt. Albert J.
Spies, Pvt. Lewis P.
Spiker, Cpl. Burney
Spiker, Donald
Spiller, Calvin
Spiller, Mrs. S. H. T.
Spince, Clemmie
Spinos, Angelo
Spire, Sgt. William J.
Spires, Sgt. Howard F.
Spirito, Pvt. Peter
Spirodenova, Adult Female
Spitzer, Pvt. D???ian A.
Spivey, Pvt. Kirby
Spivey, Pvt. Sullivan R.
Spning, Cpl. George E.
Sponagle, Woodfin H.
Sponholtz, Cpl. Harry O.
Sponsky, Pvt. Bearnard
Spooner, Ralph J.
Spott, Fred
Spotts, Pvt. Clifford C.
Spraberry, Pvt. George A.
Spradlin, Pearl
Spradlin, Pvt. Lyman T.
Spradlin, Pvt. Walter B.
Spraggins, Cpl. Oscar J.
Spragins, James R.
Sprague, Pvt. William G.
Spratt, Pvt. Grover K.
Sprawls, Pvt. Tracy
Springer, Andrew
Springer, J. G.
Springer, Pvt. Frank
Springer, Pvt. George C.
Springer, Pvt. Gildon E.
Springer, Pvt. John
Springer, Pvt. Robert
Springer, Pvt. Robert
Sprinkle, Cpl. Carl
Sprinkle, Henry T.
Spritz, Pvt. Harry
Spruce, Cpl. William E.
Spruell, Pvt. Ben W.
Spurgeon, Alfred
Spurgeon, Mont
Spurlock, Virgil
Squire, Lt. Yale H.
Squires, Lt. George
Squires, Pvt. Hugh A.
Squires, Pvt. Jon J.
Sranigan, Sam
Srazier, Pvt. Frank S.
Srnebny, Pvt. Stanley
Srouch, Pvt. John M.
St. Aber, Cpl. Raymond
St. Clair, Pvt. George F.
St. Clair, Pvt. Harry
St. Clair, Pvt. Kenneth L.
St. Clair, Thomas E.
St. George, Cpl. Howard
St. James, Pvt. Robert J.
St. John, Michael F.
St. John, Pvt. Clarence
St. John, Pvt. John E.
St. John, Sgt. Aleide N.
St. Lawrence, Cpl. Joseph C.
St. Ledgers, Cpl. Harry D.
St. Louis, Sgt. Roland G.
St. Peter, Cpl. Fred
St. Peter, Pvt. Alfie
Staaz, Pvt. Charles S.
Stacey, John A.
Stacey, Pvt. Luther L.
Stack, Pvt. George
Stack, Pvt. John J.
Stackhouse, Pvt. Eugene
Stacy, Jim
Stadler, Edward
Stadler, Pvt. Frank B.
Stafankoh, Cpl. Anthony
Stafford, Cpl. John S.
Stafford, Mrs. Oscar
Stafford, Oscar
Stafford, Pvt. Ernest L.
Stafford, Pvt. Guy N.
Stafford, Pvt. Herbert
Stafford, Roy
Stageni, Msgr. P. P.
Stagg, Pvt. Malcolm M.
Staggers, Pvt. Lawrence L.
Stahl, A. P.
Stailey, Pvt. William A.
Stainton, Lt. Marvin E.
Stake, Pvt. Raymond
Staley, Cpl. David R.
Stall, Cdt. R. E.
Stalling, Pvt. Ray
Stallings, Pvt. Charles B.
Stallings, Pvt. Paul
Stallings, William
Stalwinsky, Pvt. George
Stamnitz, Pvt. Herman E.
Stamps, Lt. Loftin
Stanberry, Pvt. E. D.
Stand, Cpl. Harry A.
Standfel, I. M.
Standfield, Mrs. William
Standingwater, Pvt. Mike
Standish, Pvt. James F.
Standlee, Mrs. John
Standler, Maud
Standler, Maud
Standler, Maude
Standler, Maude
Standridge, Pvt. John E.
Standridge, Pvt. Ross
Stanfield, Pvt. George
Stanfield, Pvt. Henry
Stanfield, Pvt. Marvin
Stanfield, Pvt. Marvin T.
Stanfield, Pvt. Marvin T.
Stanfill, Mrs. W. F.
Stanfill, Pvt. Albert G.
Stanford, Pvt. John K.
Stanford, Pvt. Will H.
Stange, Pvt. Frederick
Stange, Pvt. John A.
Stango, Pvt. Ancillo
Stanislauski, Pvt. Joseph
Stanke, Pvt. Frank
Stankiewicz, John
Stanklowich, Stefan
Stankowicz, Pvt. Marian
Stankus, Pvt. Gustav
Stanlan, F. E.
Stanleq?, Pvt. Patrick J.
Stanley, Girl
Stanley, Harriet Vivian
Stanley, Lee
Stanley, Pvt. Arthur R.
Stanley, Pvt. Glen
Stanley, Pvt. Lee R.
Stanley, Pvt. Lloyd A.
Stanley, Pvt. Will
Stanley, Sgt. Hulen F.
Stanley, Sgt. Sherman
Stannard, Pvt. Archie C.
Stanorski, Pvt. Alexander
Stanorski?, Pvt. Alexander
Stansberry, E. N.
Stansburg, Lillie Bell
Stansbury, Pvt. Charles E.
Stansel, Garland Kaufman
Stanton, John
Stanton, Pvt. Archibald L.
Stanton, Pvt. Edward F.
Stanton, Pvt. Guy M.
Stanton, Pvt. James J.
Stanworth, Mrs. Samuel
Stanworth, Mrs. Samuel
Staples, Pvt. Vernon J.
Staples, Pvt. Wesley E.
Stapp, Cpl. James
Stapp, Ernest E.
Stapp, Ernest E.
Star, Pvt. Joseph
Starbuck, Cpl. George H.
Starbuck, Pvt. Harry
Stark, Cpl. Joseph D.
Stark, Dr. James H.
Stark, Dr. James H.
Stark, Jake
Stark, Pvt. George
Stark, Pvt. Hugo J.
Stark, Pvt. Morris J.
Stark, Sgt. Gilbert L.
Starkdale, Adult Male
Starkey, Pvt. Harry W.
Starkey, Sgt. William H.
Starks, Pvt. William H.
Starks, Thomas
Starnes, PVt. Charlie W.
Starr, Clayton W.
Starr, Mrs. C. A.
Starr, Pvt. MIlton J.
Starrett, Pvt. David H.
Startz, PVt. Josept
Staton, Cpl. George L.
Statz, Pvt. Jacob J.
Stauber, Pvt. John Richard
Stauffeq?, Cpl. James L.
Stavely, Pvt. William A.
Stavros, Peter
Stavros, Pvt. John C.
Stead, W. H.
Steadom, Pvt. Willie
Stearn, Pvt. Stanley
Stearns, Lt. William S.
Steaves, Pvt. Rosewll F.
Steawart, Pvt. David
Stebbins, Bessie
Stebbins, Bessie
Stebbins, Mrs. A. R.
Steber, Pvt. Louis F.
Stechell, Pvt. Walter L.
Steci, Mrs. Charles
Stecker, Pvt. John A.
Steed, C. A.
Steed, Mrs. Lester
Steed, Wesley
Steeg, Pvt. Dan L.
Steeg, Pvt. Dan L.
Steel, Edith
Steel, Opal Page
Steel, Opal Page
Steel, Pvt. Henry I.
Steele, Elizabeth B.
Steele, Elizabeth B.
Steele, Elizabeth B.
Steele, Henry
Steele, Mrs. E. H.
Steele, Pvt. James M.
Steele, Pvt. Linville H.
Steele, Pvt. Robert W.
Steele, Sgt. Edward E.
Steele, Thomas B.
Steelman, Pvt. James D.
Steen, Pvt. Philip
Steenkiste, Pvt. Andreas
Steensland, Sgt. Theodore A.
Stefanik, Sgt. Albert
Stefaniski, Pvt. Stanislau
Stefi, Pvt. Albert J.
Stegab, Pvt. Bernard A.
Stegal, Pvt. Ed
Stegall, Cleona
Stegall, Pvt. Jesse D.
Steimassek, Pvt. Walter
Stein, Capt. Jacob
Stein, Lt. George
Steinbach, Augusta
Steinbach, Augusta
Steinberg, Pvt. Sam
Steinkamp, Cpl. Jacob
Steinmetz, Pvt. Louis A.
Steitler, John
Steitler, Pvt. John L.
Steklenberg, Pvt. John
Stell, Maye
Stell, Pvt. William K.
Stell, Sgt. Fred
Stelzer, Cpl. Albert E.
Stemer, Pvt. William
Stemmans, Pvt. Rauol
Stemme, Pvt. William M.
Stemmer, Pvt. William J.
Stemple, Pvt. Louis F.
Stengel, Pvt. Alfred
Stenger, Pvt. Vincent J.
Stenhom, Cpl. Harry R.
Stenseth, Pvt. Joseph
Stenson, Pvt. Thomas A.
Stephan, Pvt. Adolph
Stephen, Cpl. Robert A.
Stephens, Belle
Stephens, Cpl. William
Stephens, Dr. D. L.
Stephens, John
Stephens, Maude
Stephens, Mrs. John
Stephens, Pvt. Alfred W.
Stephens, Pvt. Araket E.
Stephens, Pvt. Clare S.
Stephens, Pvt. Homer A.
Stephens, Pvt. Oscar W.
Stephens, Pvt. Otto E.
Stephens, Pvt. Thomas W.
Stephens, Sgt. Charles
Stephens, Jr., Lt. Clay G.
Stephens, Jr., Walter W.
Stephenson, Isaac
Stephenson, Lt. A. B.
Stephenson, Lt. U. S.
Stephenson, Lt. U. S.
Stephenson, Pvt. Frank G.
Stephenson, Pvt. Harry
Stephenson, Sgt. Claude A.
Stephenson, Vada
Stepp, Maj. William D.
Sterling, Judge S. G.
Sterling, Pvt. George
Sterling, Pvt. Melvin C.
Stern, Dr. Heinrich
Stern, Nathan S.
Sternberg, Pvt. Arnold L.
Sternberg, Pvt. Oscar O.
Stevena, Pvt. Joe
Stevens, Arthur J.
Stevens, Cpl. William E.
Stevens, Dr. W. L.
Stevens, J. B.
Stevens, J. H.
Stevens, Jules P.
Stevens, Julia P.
Stevens, Lt. John H.
Stevens, Pvt. Charles Pascal
Stevens, Pvt. Floyd A.
Stevens, Pvt. Howard L.
Stevens, Pvt. Jesse
Stevens, Sgt. George
Stevens, Wylie
Stevenson, Cpl. Elmer D.
Stevenson, Pvt. Clayton
Stevenson, Pvt. Harry L.
Stevenson, Pvt. John
Stevenson, Pvt. Milton C.
Stevenson, Pvt. Willie
Stevenson, R. M.
Stevenson, Sgt. Alfred
Stevenson, Walter
Stevensons, Cpl. James C.
Stever, Pvt. Delmet
Steves, Pvt. Stanley
Steward, Cpl. James D.
Stewart, Capt. John
Stewart, Cpl. George L.
Stewart, Cpl. Leroy L.
Stewart, Eldon
Stewart, Guy
Stewart, John Findley
Stewart, Pearl Mixon
Stewart, Pearl Mixon
Stewart, Prof. L. A.
Stewart, Pvt. Abraham
Stewart, Pvt. Alpheus E.
Stewart, Pvt. Bee
Stewart, Pvt. Charles G.
Stewart, Pvt. Clark
Stewart, Pvt. Elton J.
Stewart, Pvt. Henry C.
Stewart, Pvt. James D.
Stewart, Pvt. John R.
Stewart, Pvt. Lambert D.
Stewart, Pvt. Ray E.
Stewart, Pvt. Simon
Stewart, Pvt. Virgie A.
Stewart, R. G.
Stewart, Renwick Orto
Stewart, Sgt. George F.
Stewart, Sgt. Richard H.
Stewart, Sgt. William H.
Stewart, Warner H.
Stewienick, Pvt. Stanley
Stich, Pvt. Maxwell B.
Stickler, Pvt. John J.
Stickman, Pvt. Rawls F.
Stickney, Pvt. Edwin
Sticks, George W.
Stidham, William H.
Stifel, William
Stigall, Pvt. John Wilson
Stiles, Cpl. Andrew
Stiles, Cpl. Frank
Stiles, Pvt. Edman Struman
Still, Pvt. Arthur C.
Still, Pvt. Hiram L.
Still, Pvt. Lloyd H.
Still, Pvt. Marion S.
Still, Pvt. Thomas J.
Stiller, Sgt. Alvin C.
Stillings, H. Garrand
Stillman, Cdt. J. F.
Stillman, James
Stillman, Pvt. J. Leslie
Stillwell, Cpl. Charles E.
Stillwell, Isaac N.
Stilwell, Isaac N.
Stimpson, Cpl. Lonnie
Stimpson, Pvt. George C.
Stinchoomb, Pvt. Jesse E.
Stine, Sgt. George C.
Stinebrook, Pvt. Vernie
Stinebrook, Vernie
Stinehcomb, Pvt. Ernest C.
Stineman, Pvt. Thomas H.
Stiner, Cpl. Monroe
Stines, Pvt. William J.
Stingleton, Pvt. Clellie M.
Stining, Pvt. Ole
Stinnett, Pvt. Westley I.
Stinson, Pvt. Rodney
Stinson, Pvt. Sanford R.
Stipeky, Pvt. Vincent M.
Stipp, Charles H.
Stirling, Pvt. Hugh A.
Stites, J. W.
Stites, Jonathan
Stiver, Pvt. Audy
Stivers, Pvt. Lester
Stmesstreet, Pvt. Robert W.
Stockburger, Sgt. Jacob C.
Stockel, Pvt. Henry E.
Stockham, Sgt. Fred W.
Stockman, Cpl. David E.
Stockman, Pvt. George W.
Stoddard, Mrs. Carlos
Stoddard, Pvt. Joseph M.
Stoffel, Peter
Stoffel, Pvt. Peter
Stoffet, Sgt. Edward K,
Stokeberg, Cpl. William C.
Stokes, Charles
Stokes, James
Stokes, James
Stokes, Morris G.
Stokes, Mrs. M. E.
Stokes, Pvt. Frank
Stokes, Pvt. Jesse S.
Stolleis, Pvt. Alfred J.
Stolte, Pvt. Louis E.
Stondamire, Pvt. Elijah
Stone, Cpl. Allen W.
Stone, Cpl. Benjamin L.
Stone, Cpl. Harden E.
Stone, Cpl. Huston
Stone, E. S.
Stone, Elsie
Stone, George B.
Stone, Herbert
Stone, James L.
Stone, Lillian
Stone, Pvt. Angus
Stone, Pvt. Byron E.
Stone, Pvt. Guy O.
Stone, Pvt. Leslie M.
Stone, Pvt. Robert
Stone, Pvt. Thomas P.
Stone, Pvt. Verne F.
Stone, Pvt. William E.
Stone, Ray F.
Stone, Tom
Stone, William D.
Stone, Jr., Melville E.
Stonebraker, Pvt. Hubert
Stonecipher, Sgt. Manippe
Storch, Cpl. William G.
Storch, Despina Davidovitch
Storeley, Pvt. Leslie L.
Storer, Pvt. Charles H.
Storer, Pvt. Evert A.
Storey, Pvt. Ralph J.
Storey, W. F.
Storing, Sgt. Dan M.
Stork, Sgt. James L.
Storm, Pvt. Bert E.
Storn, Pvt. Ira D.
Story, Cdt. W. C.
Story, Pvt. Charles L.
Story, Pvt. George
Stoser, Pvt. Major M.
Stott, Lt. Gerald R.
Stotts, Mrs. W. E.
Stotts, Pvt. Joseph H.
Stough, Pvt. Donald C.
Stout, Cpl. Ford A.
Stout, Joe B.
Stout, Pvt. Joe D.
Stout, Pvt. Leon
Stout, Tom J.
Stout, William
Stovall, Pvt. Alvin M.
Stover, Naomi J.
Stover, Pvt. Charles C.
Stover, Pvt. Roy H.
Stover, Sgt. John O.
Stover, Velora A.
Stow, Lt. James R.
Stowasner?, Sgt. Harold C.
Stowell, Arthur J.
Stoyer, Sgt. Curtis A.
Straach, Pvt. Arthur
Strach, John
Straga, Pvt. George
Strain, John
Strain, Laurens Bennett
Strain, Oshea J.
Strain, Sgt. Benjamin T.
Strainburg, Lt. Charles M.
Strait, Pvt. Lee B.
Straitwell, Pvt. Wesley G.
Strange, Pvt. Francis Q.
Strange, W. M.
Strassbough, John R.
Strasser, Capt. Adult Male
Strasser, Pvt. Walter F.
Stratemeyer, Pvt. Charles
Straton, Pvt. Walter M.
Stratton, Pvt. William A.
Straub, Pvt. Max A.
Straud, James W.
Straudwell, Pvt. Melvin
Strausburg, Capt. Julien M.
Strause, Willie L.
Strauser, Pvt. George D.
Strauss, Pvt. Julius
Strawbridge, Sgt. George Irwin
Strawbridge, Jr., George W.
Strazeleski, Frank
Strazynski, Pvt. Walter
Streatman, Pvt. Mance
Strech, Sgt. Roy C.
Street, Pvt. Velpo Wright
Street, Pvt. Walter G.
Street, W. T.
Strehlow, Pvt. Herbert A.
Streit, Pvt. William N.
Stretch, Rowland
Strett, Pvt. Karl
Stribling, Pvt. Furman D.
Strickland, Addie
Strickland, Addie
Strickland, Dora
Strickland, John
Strickland, Lt. Paul O.
Strickland, Pvt. Harry
Strickland, Pvt. Joe
Strickland, Pvt. Lewis T.
Stricklin, Opal May
Stringer, Pvt. Ivan
Stringer, Sgt. Lum C. C.
Strippi, Pvt. Steve
Strobel, Mrs. Frank
Stroebel, Mrs. Frank
Strohl, Lt. Howard Lee
Stromberg, Pvt. David
Stromberg, Pvt. Harry J.
Stromberg, Pvt. Leonard W.
Stromei, Giovanni
Strong, Belle
Strong, Boy
Strong, Capt. Joel W.
Strong, Lillie Osborne
Strong, Lillie Osborne
Strong, Mary S.
Strong, Pvt. Dennis
Strong, Pvt. Fred L.
Stroud, Cpl. James P.
Stroud, Pvt. Charles A.
Stroud, Pvt. Henry
Strough, Pvt. Fred R.
Stroum, Cpl. Samuel
Stroup, Pvt. William L.
Stroupe, A. E.
Strunce, Pvt. Edward
Strunk, Cpl. Albert L.
Stryker, William
Stuart, Bertha
Stuart, Cecil
Stuart, Charlotte May
Stuart, Charlotte May
Stuart, Cpl. Arthur Julius
Stuart, Elbert
Stuart, Granville
Stuart, J. M.
Stuart, Pvt. Buford
Stuart, Pvt. Hugh A.
Stuart, Pvt. Jackson
Stubblefield, Mrs. J. T.
Stubblefield, Mrs. John
Stubbs, Lt. David H.
Stubbs, Pvt. Wesley J.
Stubbs, Ray D.
Stubbs, Wesley J.
Stuck, Cpl. Herbert
Stuckey, Judge M. M.
Stuckey, Judge. M. M.
Stuckey, Mrs. John
Stucky, Arthur
Stults, V. O.
Stultz, Sgt. Fred B.
Stunkard, Pvt. Roy
Sturdevant, Henry
Sturdevant, Pvt. Charles C.
Sturgeon, Pvt. Miles Sheldon
Sturgis, Sgt. Thomas A.
Sturm, Morris
Sturtz, Cpl. Clarence V.
Stute, Hannah
Stutts, Claude W.
Stutz, Pvt. Edward J.
Styron, Pvt. Robert
Suarez, Pvt. Miles A.
Sudbury, J. G.
Suddaby, Cpl. Earnest
Sueper, Pvt. Bernard
Sugg, H. M.
Suggs, J. M.
Suggs, Joseph M.
Suggs, Pvt. Judson
Sugrue, Pvt. Joseph F.
Suhocki, Pvt. Charles
Suits, Fred R.
Suiziki, Pvt. John
Sullins, David
Sullivan, Charles J.
Sullivan, Cpl. Jeremiah F.
Sullivan, Cpl. Jesse D.
Sullivan, Cpl. John J.
Sullivan, Edward Vincent
Sullivan, Grover
Sullivan, John J.
Sullivan, John L.
Sullivan, John L.
Sullivan, John L.
Sullivan, Lt. E. B.
Sullivan, Patrick J.
Sullivan, Pvt. Cecil R.
Sullivan, Pvt. Charles A.
Sullivan, Pvt. David
Sullivan, Pvt. Emmett D.
Sullivan, Pvt. Francis
Sullivan, Pvt. Frederick J.
Sullivan, Pvt. Howard J.
Sullivan, Pvt. James J.
Sullivan, Pvt. James P.
Sullivan, Pvt. John
Sullivan, Pvt. John L.
Sullivan, Pvt. Patrick
Sullivan, Pvt. Patrick J.
Sullivan, Pvt. Roger
Sullivan, Pvt. Sylvester F.
Sullivan, Pvt. William C.
Sullivan, Pvt. William M.
Sullivan, Pvt. William W.
Sullivan, R. L.
Sullivan, R. O.
Sullivan, Rinda
Sullivan, Sgt. Arthur G.
Sullivan, Sgt. Charles M.
Sullivan, Sgt. Daniel E.
Sullivan, Sgt. Dennis A.
Sullivan, Sgt. Frank F.
Sullivan, Sgt. Jerry
Sullver, Pvt. John
Sumba, Sgt. John
Sumler, Pvt. Alvin H.
Summer, 1Lt. David K.
Summer, Jesse
Summer, Lt. Adult Male
Summer, Pvt. Frederick F.
Summer, Pvt. John B.
Summerhill, Louise
Summerlin, Pvt. Sam S.
Summers, Pvt. Bonnie T.
Summers, Pvt. Clement M.
Summers, Pvt. James
Summers, Pvt. John H.
Summers, Pvt. Webster T.
Summers, Sgt. Thomas R.
Summersby, Cpl. Kenneth J.
Sumner, Annie
Sumner, Capt. Allen M.
Sumpter, William
Sundell, Pvt. Walter W.
Sunderland, Sgt. Grover E.
Sundvall, Lt. August L.
Sunflot, Pvt. Martin
Surfree, Pvt. Harry C.
Suski, Pvt. Joseph
Sutea, Pvt. Mike
Suter, Pvt. Edward D.
Sutherland, Cpl. Gordon A.
Sutherland, Della Hathaway
Sutherland, Pvt. Gilbert
Sutherland, Pvt. Kenneth L.
Sutherland, Sgt. George
Sutherlin, Pvt. Richard H.
Sutphin, Pvt. Raymond
Sutter, Ernest
Sutter, Pvt. Charles W.
Sutter, Pvt. Henry G.
Sutterfield, Ben
Sutterfield, Child
Sutterfield, Mrs. Will
Sutterfield, Pvt. Ben
Sutton, Charley
Sutton, Cpl. James C.
Sutton, Cpl. William
Sutton, Cpl. William A.
Sutton, Lt. Clinton L.
Sutton, Mildred E.
Sutton, Mildred E.
Sutton, Mollie
Sutton, Pvt. Clair G.
Sutton, Pvt. Don S.
Sutton, Pvt. Fletcher B.
Sutton, Pvt. John M.
Sutton, Pvt. Raymond B.
Sutton, Pvt. Thomas
Sutton, Pvt. William J.
Sutton, Rev. D. A.
Sutton, Rev. D. A.
Sutton, Thomas
Svek, Pvt. Stephen
Svetlik, Cpl. Henry P.
Svrgn?, Andrew
Swab, Frank
Swaffer, Pvt. Willie
Swafford, Pvt. George R.
Swaim, Eloise
Swaim, Louis Frank
Swaim, Louis Frank
Swain, Charlie
Swain, John Oliver
Swain, Mrs. Henry T.
Swain, Pvt. John O.
Swain, Pvt. Walter J.
Swan, Cpl. William H.
Swan, Lt. LeRoy
Swann, Cpl. John
Swann, Pvt. Archie
Swann, Pvt. Philetus C.
Swanson, Mrs. W. S.
Swanson, Otis R.
Swanson, Pvt. Albert E.
Swanson, Pvt. Walter E.
Swart, Pvt. McKinlley
Swartz, George
Swartz, Pvt. Ray
Swasey, Cpl. Lyman K.
Sweard, Lt. Charles D.
Swearingen, Pvt. Hewitt A.
Swearingen, Susan
Swearington, Susan
Sweatman, Helen Marie
Sweatman, Helen Marie
Sweatman, Thomas Henry
Sweatman, Thomas Henry
Sweeney, Pvt. Henry J.
Sweeney, Pvt. Ivan D.
Sweeny, Pvt. John
Sweet, Cpl. Ora A.
Sweet, Jack
Sweet, Pvt. Percy
Sweet, Pvt. Percy W.
Sweet, Pvt. Theodore W.
Sweet, Sgt. Roy L.
Sweeting, Alfred A.
Sweetland, Pvt. Maurice G.
Sweetner, Pvt. Joseph M.
Sweetser, Sgt. Clayton D.
Swetman, Mrs. J. A.
Swett, Raymond A.
Swiebocki, Sgt. Bruno
Swift, C. A.
Swift, Johnnie
Swift, Mary Elizabeth
Swift, Pvt. Arthur
Swift, Sam
Swiggins, Lt. Russell H.
Swiggle, Pvt. William H.
Swindler, R. L.
Swingle, Sgt. Gray
Swink, Pvt. Max
Swirskey, Pvt. Isador
Swisher, Pvt. Masil A.
Sword, Pvt. Leonard
Sword, Pvt. Wesley
Sykes, Cpl. Edgar W.
Sykes, Pvt. Troy R.
Sykes, Sgt. Edmund R.
Sykora, Pvt. Peter
Sylvester, B. H.
Sylvester, Pvt. Herbert L.
Sylvestre, Pvt. Francis
Symonda, Pvt. Floyd H.
Syn, MG Adult Male
Synnolt, Lt. Joseph A.
Syrvto, Pvt. Byron L.
Szczepanski, Pvt. Leo
Taake, Pvt. Elmer William
Tabb, Pvt. Billy B.
Taber, Pvt. Herman R.
Tabor, Rev. E. A.
Tack, Claude
Tack, Pvt. Claude W.
Tack, Pvt. Gustave
Tackett, Leonard
Taggart, John E.
Taggart, Joseph J.
Taggart, Pvt. David Alfred
Taggart, Sgt. Frederick P.
Taggrt, Mayo E.
Tait, Sgt. Fred A.
Talaska, Pvt. John
Talaski, Walter P.
Talbert, Emma
Talbert, Emma
Talbert, Emma Edmondson
Talbert, Pvt. Henry V.
Talbot, J. F. C.
Talbot, John Beauregard
Talbot, Pvt. William L.
Talbutt, Pvt. Bert K.
Taliman, Cpl. Andrew O.
Tallarico, Leigh
Tallent, Pvt. Rumin
Talley, Pvt. Melville O.
Talley, Sgt. Lawrence M.
Tallimino, Sam
Tallroth, Leo
Talotras, Pvt. Phento?
Taltaval, Thomas R.
Tande, Pvt. Ludwig
Taneoh, Pvt. Edwin A.
Tangen, Pvt. Erward
Tangerini, Pvt. Emilliano
Tanguay, Horace
Tankersley, A. E.
Tankersley, Allen
Tankersley, Ted
Tankersley, William Zachary
Tanner, Annie
Tanner, Dr. Harry S.
Tanner, Grover K.
Tanner, Lt. Olaf John
Tanner, Pvt. George H.
Tanner, Sgt. Ralph P.
Tanner, William Henry
Tapp, Pvt. John Perry
Tapscott, A. B.
Tapscott, Dr. A. B.
Tapscott, Dr. A. Byron
Tapscott, Pvt. Robert A.
Tarastuck, Pvt. Vitoid
Tardy, Cpl. Jackson R.
Tariff, Emile
Tarkayekes, Pvt. Nicholas J.
Tarpley, Cpl. Ben W.
Tarr, GySgt. William C.
Tarr, Pvt. Charles L.
Tarsant, Pvt. Robert
Tarter, Pvt. Ellis H.
Tartt, Pvt. Vance E.
Tarus, Pvt. Nicholas
Tash, Lizzie
Tate, Adult Male
Tate, Boy
Tate, Cpl. Albert L.
Tate, Pvt. Alfred
Tate, Pvt. Charles F.
Tate, Pvt. James C.
Tate, Pvt. Robert
Tate, Pvt. Steven N.
Tatom, Cpl. Bartels N.
Tatro, Pvt. John H.
Tattlett, Mrs. J. T.
Tatum, Cpl. Bee
Tatum, Cpl. Oscar
Tatum, Mrs. Jim
Tatum, W. M.
Tatum, W. M.
Taylert, Sgt. Orie J.
Taylor, Ada
Taylor, Annice
Taylor, Capt. John L.
Taylor, Cpl. John
Taylor, Cpl. Lewis K.
Taylor, Cpl. Ralph C.
Taylor, Cpl. William E.
Taylor, Dr. G. W.
Taylor, Dr. W. G.
Taylor, Dr. W. H.
Taylor, Dr. William Houston
Taylor, E. E.
Taylor, Jack B.
Taylor, John
Taylor, Lt. Herbert Jones
Taylor, Lydia
Taylor, Lydia B.
Taylor, Mabelle
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mrs. George H.
Taylor, Mrs. J. C.
Taylor, Pvt. Aertus G.
Taylor, Pvt. Alfred J.
Taylor, Pvt. Arthur J.
Taylor, Pvt. Barney O.
Taylor, Pvt. Bert G.
Taylor, Pvt. Bob
Taylor, Pvt. Bryan B.
Taylor, Pvt. Don C.
Taylor, Pvt. Edward
Taylor, Pvt. Finley R.
Taylor, Pvt. Frank H.
Taylor, Pvt. George Estil
Taylor, Pvt. Harrison E.
Taylor, Pvt. Harry
Taylor, Pvt. Herbert
Taylor, Pvt. Howie G.
Taylor, Pvt. Jacob M.
Taylor, Pvt. Joel
Taylor, Pvt. Johathan
Taylor, Pvt. John
Taylor, Pvt. John L.
Taylor, Pvt. John N.
Taylor, Pvt. Joseph S.
Taylor, Pvt. Lee A.
Taylor, Pvt. Leonidas
Taylor, Pvt. Morgan
Taylor, Pvt. Nathaniel
Taylor, Pvt. Robert H.
Taylor, Pvt. Wiley A.
Taylor, Pvt. William A.
Taylor, Pvt. William P.
Taylor, Pvt. William R.
Taylor, Pvt. William T.
Taylor, Pvt. Willie S.
Taylor, Rev. Dr. Arthur Russell
Taylor, Sgt. Arthur Francis
Taylor, Sgt. Homer
Taylor, Sgt. Lester W.
Taylor, Sgt. Marlon F.
Taylor, Sgt. William F.
Taylor, Shelby
Taylor, W. M. C.
Taylor, William G.
Taylor, William H.
Taylors, William H.
Teachener, Pvt. Iven B.
Teachenor, Brooks
Teachenor, Fred
Teague, Cpl. Charles L.
Teague, Pvt. Marvin D.
Tearnahan, Cpl. William
Tearney, Pvt. Andrew
Teater, Jennie
Tebbe, Cpl. George W.
Tebeau, Oliver P.
Tebeau, Oliver Patrick
Tech, Pvt. William
Tedder, Pvt. Willie
Teed, Herman D.
Teel, Sgt. James H.
Tegethoff, Pvt. Clem A.
Tegler, Pvt. Frederick George
Teichtgr, Sgt. John Carl
Teigeler, Sgt. Henry
Teller, Fred
Teller, Henry
Telles, Pvt. Antonio
Tellone, Henry
Temple, Dr. G. W.
Temple, Herman E.
Temple, Pvt. Jesse W.
Temple, Robert L.
Temple, Robert L.
Temple, William Chase
Templeton, Lt. Raymond
Templeton, Pvt. Preston
Temuicvich, Pvt. Peter D.
Ten Eyck, Breckenridge
Tenbroeck, Sgt. Edward A.
Tennant, Pvt. John Henry
Tennant, W. C.
Tennant, W. C.
Tenney, Pvt. Golden
Tennimon, Pvt. James F.
Tennyson, Pvt. James P.
Tepe, Henri
Terepezynski, Pvt. Frank Andrew
Terhune, Boy
Teriara, Pvt. Louis J.
Terras, Ens. Hugh
Terrell, Dr. John L.
Terrell, Ernest
Terrell, James
Terrell, Maj. Adult Male
Terrell, Pvt. Joseph
Terrence, Henry
Terrill, Cpl William R.
Terrolle, Pvt. Ephriam
Terry, Cpl. Paul
Terry, Henry G.
Terry, Julia
Terry, M.G.
Terry, Pvt. Claud B.
Terry, Pvt. Daniel M.
Terry, Pvt. Emery R.
Terry, Pvt. John B.
Terry, Pvt. Thomas E.
Terry, Pvt. William Reed
Terry, Queen
Terzia, Fensky C.
Teschnor, Pvt. Fred
Tesoro, Pvt. John J.
Tesson, Cpl. Nick J. T.
Tester, Pvt. Leon R.
Teusoncu, Pvt. Carl J.
Teutsch, Pvt. Roy P.
Tew, Harry
Thabodeau, Pvt. William H.
Thacker, Charles M.
Thacker, Jewel Guyer
Thacker, Lonnie
Thacker, Pvt. Thomas J.
Thacker, Sgt. Aubrey B.
Tharp, Lt. Lewis M.
Tharp, Pvt. Jaems P.
Thatcher, Maggie
Thatham, Pvt. Lewis E.
Thaw, Lt. Alexander Blair
Thaw, Lt. Blair
Thayer, Pvt. Charles D.
Thayer, Pvt. George Lawson
Thayer, Pvt. Samuel H.
Theimann, Pvt. Walter M.
Therrell, Mrs. G. C.
Therry, Joseph
Theus, Pvt. Walter I.
Thibedau, Pvt. Filfred
Thibodeaux, Cpl. William
Thigpen, 2Lt. Arthur
Thigpen, Alpha
Thill, Pvt. Robert
Thimb, Pvt. George
Thime, George A.
Thime, George A.
Thime, George A.
Thoemmel, Pvt. John J.
Thoete, Sgt. Carl G.
Tholtz, John R.
Thomas, Buster
Thomas, C. L.
Thomas, C. L.
Thomas, Cpl. Albert E.
Thomas, Cpl. Arless
Thomas, Cpl. Earl
Thomas, Cpl. John B.
Thomas, Cpl. Lionelio
Thomas, Edward Ray
Thomas, Eugene
Thomas, Harrison
Thomas, J. C.
Thomas, J. L.
Thomas, Jack
Thomas, Jane
Thomas, John
Thomas, L. E.
Thomas, Lt. Otis B.
Thomas, Lt. William H.
Thomas, Mrs. Harve
Thomas, Mrs. Woods
Thomas, Nona
Thomas, Pvt. Alvey S.
Thomas, Pvt. Arthur W.
Thomas, Pvt. August? A.
Thomas, Pvt. Charley Thomas
Thomas, Pvt. Cody C.
Thomas, Pvt. Collins Daniel
Thomas, Pvt. Columbus
Thomas, Pvt. Daniel W.
Thomas, Pvt. Earle A.
Thomas, Pvt. Edward E.
Thomas, Pvt. Guy
Thomas, Pvt. Henry
Thomas, Pvt. Herbert Lee
Thomas, Pvt. Howard S.
Thomas, Pvt. Isaac A.
Thomas, Pvt. John
Thomas, Pvt. Leonard J.
Thomas, Pvt. Morris M.
Thomas, Pvt. Ralph W.
Thomas, Pvt. Roy C
Thomas, Pvt. Shalmer N.
Thomas, Pvt. Travis
Thomas, Pvt. Walter E.
Thomas, Pvt. William A.
Thomas, Pvt. William M.
Thomas, Sgt. Albert
Thomas, Sgt. Cossie R.
Thomas, Sgt. Gunner
Thomas, T. A.
Thomas, Thorp R.
Thomas, W. M.
Thomas, W. P.
Thomason, G. E.
Thomason, G. E.
Thomason, G. E.
Thomason, Pvt. Jasper
Thomason, Pvt. Soloman L.
Thomasson, Capt. W. B.
Thome, Pvt. Walter J.
Thomison, Mary
Thomison, Mary
Thompson, Allie
Thompson, Asa Walton
Thompson, Braden
Thompson, Breckenridge
Thompson, Capt. Orville R.
Thompson, Charles N.
Thompson, Cpl. Charles
Thompson, Cpl. John W.
Thompson, Cpl. Lawrence E.
Thompson, Cpl. Raymond H.
Thompson, Cpl. Roy A.
Thompson, Cpl. Stuart D.
Thompson, Dr. Charles E.
Thompson, Dr. W. A.
Thompson, Dr. W. A.
Thompson, Emily A.
Thompson, Emily H.
Thompson, Emily H.
Thompson, Frank M.
Thompson, George
Thompson, Girl
Thompson, Howard N.
Thompson, Ida L.
Thompson, Ida L.
Thompson, J. W.
Thompson, James
Thompson, Jeff
Thompson, Lelia
Thompson, Louise
Thompson, Lt. Marvin T.
Thompson, Lt. Ribert E.
Thompson, Lt. William Dean
Thompson, Margaret
Thompson, Margaret
Thompson, Marshall
Thompson, Marshall
Thompson, Mattie
Thompson, Mrs. John
Thompson, Mrs. W. M.
Thompson, Mrs. Wade
Thompson, Mrs. Will
Thompson, Pvt. Acy A.
Thompson, Pvt. Alf
Thompson, Pvt. Arthur
Thompson, Pvt. Braxton
Thompson, Pvt. Calvin
Thompson, Pvt. Carl
Thompson, Pvt. Charles R.
Thompson, Pvt. Charles V.
Thompson, Pvt. Charlie
Thompson, Pvt. Dave T.
Thompson, Pvt. Delwis A.
Thompson, Pvt. Douglas S.
Thompson, Pvt. Edgar
Thompson, Pvt. Ephriam
Thompson, Pvt. Fred P.
Thompson, Pvt. George
Thompson, Pvt. George S.
Thompson, Pvt. GLonnie S.
Thompson, Pvt. Hugh
Thompson, Pvt. James Fred
Thompson, Pvt. Jessie J.
Thompson, Pvt. John J.
Thompson, Pvt. John P.
Thompson, Pvt. John W.
Thompson, Pvt. Joseph B.
Thompson, Pvt. Levi
Thompson, Pvt. Loranzo
Thompson, Pvt. Marenus
Thompson, Pvt. Marson D.
Thompson, Pvt. Ollie
Thompson, Pvt. Perry
Thompson, Pvt. Perry J.
Thompson, Pvt. Ralph S.
Thompson, Pvt. Russell John
Thompson, Pvt. Samuel
Thompson, Pvt. Slyde
Thompson, Pvt. Wade
Thompson, Pvt. Walter G.
Thompson, Pvt. Walter M.
Thompson, Pvt. William O.
Thompson, Pvt. William S.
Thompson, Pvt. William W.
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Ruth
Thompson, Sgt. Archie W.
Thompson, Sgt. Henry
Thompson, Sgt. Kenneth H.
Thompson, Sgt. Lewis
Thompson, Susie
Thompson, Tulia B.
Thompson, W. L.
Thompson, W. L.
Thompson, W. L.
Thompson, Will
Thompson, Will
Thompson, William H.
Thompson, William H.
Thoms, Cpl. Leonard E.
Thomson, Pvt. Albert
Thomure, Pvt. Ferdinand
Thorau, Sgt Herman
Thorkelson, Cpl. Paul J.
Thorn, Lizzie
Thorn, Pvt. Grover H.
Thorn, Pvt. Robert
Thornburg, Pvt. Clarence E.
Thornburg, Sgt. Roy E.
Thorne, Lizzie
Thornton, A. E.
Thornton, A. E.
Thornton, A. E.
Thornton, A. E.
Thornton, A. E.
Thornton, A. E.
Thornton, Cpl. James
Thornton, J. M.
Thornton, Joe
Thornton, Lena
thornton, Pvt. Dock
Thornton, Pvt. Henry V.
Thornton, Pvt. Hiram
Thornton, Pvt. Howard
Thornton, Pvt. Nathaniel G.
Thorr, Cpl. David L.
Thorsen, Lt. Edward B.
Thorwegan, Capt. William H.
Thrash, T. H.
Thrasher, Pvt. Harry F.
Threet, James
Threet, James
Threlkeld, Mrs. C. D.
Thromer, Pvt. William
Thronson, Tryzo
Thuman, Pvt. Joe F.
Thurlsby, Myrtie
Thurman, Dr. E. J.
Thurman, Pvt. Joseph C.
Thurman, Pvt. Robert E.
Tibbetts, Cpl. Charleston E.
Tibbitts, Cpl. Clarence
Tice, Pvt. Fred Julius
Tickard, Mrs. A. W.
Tidball, charles Brown
Tidball, Clarence
Tidball, Frank
Tidball, Jack
Tidd, Pvt. Leroy Newton
Tidwell, Cpl. Henry R.
Tidwell, Ezel
Tidwell, Pvt. Ellis
Tidwell, Sgt. Roy A.
Tiega, Emil
Tieman, Pvt. Raymond
Tiernan, Mike
Tierney, Cpl. James J.
Tigan, 2Lt. Walter J.
Tiger, Mrs. George
Tiger, Pvt. Oscar
Tigert, Jesse
Tignor, Sgt. Frank L.
Tilden, Girl
Tiley, Emma
Till, Pvt. John C.
Tillar, Mrs. J. T. W.
Tillar, Mrs. J. T. W.
Tillar, Mrs. J. W. T.
Tillery, Sgt. James M.
Tilley, Henry
Tillman, Adult Male
Tillman, J.
Tillman, Pvt. Anthony J.
Tillman, Pvt. Martin V.
Tillman, Sgt. Jesse F.
Tilly, Jr., Pvt. William K.
Timm, John August
Timme, Frank
Timmerman, Mrs. Wilhelm
Timmerman, Wilhelm
Timmins, Rev. Frederick
Timmon, Pvt. John H.
Timmons, Ira B.
Timmons, Pvt. Basil A.
Timothy, Lt. Christopher S.
Timothy, Lt. James S.
Tims, Pvt. Edmond
Tims, Pvt. Horace A.
Tindall, Pvt. Marvin
Tiney, Eason
Tingle, Pvt. John M.
Tingler, Pvt. Nelson T.
Tinker, Jr., Pvt. William
Tinkey, Samuel E.
Tinkle, Almeda
Tinnerholm, Lt. Ivar Eugene
Tinsley, AFC Benjmain T.
Tinsley, Child
Tinsley, Clara
Tippen, Cpl. Roy E.
Tippie, Pvt. Charles
Tipps, Sgt. John F.
Tipton, David F.
Tipton, J. C.
Tipton, Pvt. Charles H.
Tipton, Pvt. S. Rodgers
Tipton, Pvt. Walter
Tipton, R. N.
Tipton, Robert N.
Tira, Florenzo
Tisato, Pvt. James August
Titsworth, Omer
Titsworth, Omer
Titsworth, Omer
Titus, Pvt. Rene J.
Titzel, Pvt. Robert Henry
Tlusen?, Cpl. Alfred G.
Tndrykowski, Victor
Tobey, Pvt. Herbert A.
Tobey, Pvt. Willard
Tobin, Pvt. Nolan W.
Tobin, Wyatt M.
Toble, Lt. Heath E.
Tockhoro, Pvt. Henry
Todd, Adult Female
Todd, Cpl. Henry M.
Todd, Cpl. Hyman B.
Todd, GSgt R.
Todd, Mary
Todd, Mary F.
Todd, Pvt. Edwin C.
Todd, Pvt. Frederick H.
Todd, Pvt. Grover C
Todd, Pvt. Hiram B.
Todd, Pvt. Joseph
Todd, Pvt. Joseph M.
Todd, Pvt. Leroy
Todd, Pvt. Roy D.
Todd, Sgt. Hugh M.
Toepfer, Pvt. Henry W.
Togan, Pvt. Herbert
Togniotti, Pvt. Domenico
Tolbert, Josh
Tolbert, Mrs. Joseph
Tolekianik, Lowan
Toler, James Marshal
Toler, Pvt. Morris T.
Toles, Cpl. Donald T.
Tolford, Pvt. Van R.
Tollefson, Cpl. Leland Anton
Tolleson, John
Tolleson, John D.
Tolleson, Pvt. John
Tolleson, Pvt. John
Tollo, Sgt. John W.
Tolman, Daniel H.
Tolson, Allve
Tomaka, Pvt. George
Tomaloma, Jr., Pvt. Joseph
Tomczak, Chester
Tomlin, Cpl. Ludy C.
Tomlins, George W.
Tomlinson, 2Lt. John Willier
Tomlinson, Cpl. Fred M.
Tomlinson, Lt. Edward G.
Tomlinson, Pvt. Clyde
Tomlinson, Pvt. Earnest R.
Tomlinson, Pvt. John
Tompkins, Pvt. John H.
Tompkins, Sgt. Fred W.
Tompkovorowski, Jacob
Tomshack, Pvt. Joseph J.
Tonetti, Pvt. Adolphus
Toney, Joe
Toney, Mrs. Joe
Tonkowitz, Hyman
Tonks, Pvt. Mank
Toole, Maude
Toomer, Anna
Toomey, D. Prescott
Toomey, Pvt. James
Toothman, Pvt. Kenneth R.
Topinka, Cpl. Frank
Topp, Justis
Topping, Lt. Samuel H.
Topps, James
Torcetta, Pvt. George
Torco, Pvt. John
Torgerson, Pvt. James A.
Torian, Pvt. James A.
Torkiep, Pvt. John A.
Tormey, Sgt. Cecil G.
Torne, Sgt. Ernest
Torrence, J. H.
Tosch, John A.
Tosel, Pvt. Edward H.
Toste, Pvt. Frank B.
Toth, Cpl. Charles K.
Totti, Pvt. Andy
Totty, Pvt. Rudolph
Touart, William
Touhey, Pvt. Owen F.
Tourman, Pvt. Charles D.
Tousant, Pvt. Ludger J.
Tout, Pvt. LeRoy
Toutloff, Pvt. James F.
Tovey, 1Lt. E. Clair
Tovey, Augusta G.
Tovey, Augusta G.
Tovey, Augusta Gates
Tovey, Augusta Gates
Tower, Charles
Towers, Pvt. Russell
Towle, William
Towne, Pvt. Oral A.
Towns, Pvt. Benjamin
Townsend, Bert
Townsend, Capt. Richard W.
Townsend, Capt. Richard Warren
Townsend, Pvt. Harrison
Townsley, Cpl. John E.
Towry, Pvt. Willey S.
Towson, Pvt. Charles A.
Trabue, Sgt. James S.
Tracy, Pvt. Clarence
Tracy, Pvt. Edward
Trader, Sgt. John P.
Trafton, Cpl. William A.
Tragwski, Pvt. Tibert
Trahan, Sgt. Rogers E.
Trailor, Pvt. Henry
Trainer, Charles
Trainer, Charles
Trainor, Charles
Trainor, John J.
Trainum, Pvt. Major B.
Tramble, Stanley
Tramel, Tom
Trammell, Pvt. Lee
Trammell, William H.
Trantham, Bud
Trantham, Pvt. Birdie M.
Tranton, Pvt. James C.
Trapp, Albert
Trapp, Pvt. Donald L.
Trapp, Pvt. Willow
Travenner, Pvt. Walter L.
Travis, Orville H.
Travis, Pvt. John M.
Travis, William L.
Travis, William L.
Traynor, Pvt. Oakley O.
Treadman, Pvt. William W.
Treadway, Lt. Walcott W.
Treadway, Mrs. P. H.
Treadway, Nettie Fay
Treadway, Nettie Fry
Treat, Burnett Francis
Trees, Lt. Joe G.
Trego, Sgt. Lawrence
Treiber, Pvt. John A.
Tremblay, Cpl. George
Trembley, Pvt. Paul Joseph
Trent, Pvt. John W.
Trent, Pvt. Leonard T.
Trentham, Pvt. Richard Z.
Treptow, Pvt. Martin A.
Tresser, Pvt. Samued?
Tressler, Pvt. Vallie L.
Trevathan, Allen
Treveler, Hollis
Trevino, Pvt. Alejandro G.
Trexler, Pvt. Martin
Trezevant, Lt. Roy H.
Tribaldi, Joseph
Tribble, Cpl. Ernest W.
Tribble, Cpl. Joseph
Trice, Pvt. Bill
Trichel, Pvt. James F.
Tridge, Pvt. George
Trier, Maj. Adolph
Trigg, Sgt. Wyatt R.
Trigg, Susan
Trimble, Judge N. W.
Trimble, Judge Nathaniel Williams
Trimble, Pvt. John
Trimble, W. Y.
Trimble, W. Y.
Trimbly, Pvt. Jerome
Triplet, Pvt. Erna W.
Triplett, A. S.
Triplett, Arthur
Triplett, Pvt. Jacob B.
Triplette, Cpl. Silas
Tripllet, William
Tripp, Pvt. Buford R.
Tripp, Pvt. George W.
Trippett, Sgt. John R.
Tritt, Lt. Herschel C.
Tritt, Pvt. Walter J.
Trobridge, Daniel W.
Trock, Lt. Michel J.
Trogan, Pvt. Peter
Trola, Frank
Troney, Pvt. Noel
Trost, John
Trott, Pvt. Wilfred
Trotter, Cpl. Engene
Trotter, Lt. Augustus M.
Trotter, Nathan
Trotter, Nathan
Trotter, Pvt. Loren M.
Trotter, T. R.
Trotter, T. R.
Troughber, Pvt. Adron L.
Troupe, Pvt. James F.
Troupe, W. D.
Trout, Clyde M.
Trout, Pvt. Else A.
Trout, Pvt. Richard
Troutman, Pvt. Henry V.
Trouty, Pvt. Galico
Trowbridge, Cdt. Moultrie C.
Trowbridge, Dr. Charles Christopher
Trowbridge, Pvt. Glenn E.
TRUE, Cpl. California
Truitt, Cpl. Cassius C.
Truitt, Pvt. Willie
Trujillo, Pvt. Jose F.
Trussler, Henry Elmo
Trusty, H. B.
Truxal, Jr., Cpl. Jacob Q.
Tschiemer, Elizabeth C.
Tschiemer, Elizabeth C.
Ttrazhey, Thomas
Tubberville, Pvt. Joe
Tubbs, Estella
Tubbs, Estella
Tubbs, Pvt. Benjamin T.
Tuberville, Sgt. Robert E.
Tubyrake, Joseph
Tucel, Pvt. Guiseppi
Tuck, Pvt. Robert R.
Tucker, C. M.
Tucker, Cpl. Frank
Tucker, Cpl. Harry C.
Tucker, Elmer
Tucker, Eugene E.
Tucker, Isaac M.
Tucker, Lewis F.
Tucker, Lott
Tucker, Mrs. Cecil
Tucker, Mrs. J. H.
Tucker, Mrs. John
Tucker, Phil E.
Tucker, Phil E.
Tucker, Phil E.
Tucker, Phil E.
Tucker, Phil E.
Tucker, Phil E.
Tucker, Phil E.
Tucker, Phil E.
Tucker, Pvt. Frank
Tucker, Pvt. Herbert J.
Tucker, Pvt. Richard
Tucker, Pvt. Ross C.
Tucker, Sgt. Richard B.
Tucker, T. O.
Tucker, T. O.
Tuckerman, Pvt. Emil
Tuckett, Walter
Tudor, Pvt. John H.
Tudor, Pvt. Virgil P.
Tudor, Pvt. Virgil P.
Tudor, Pvt. Virgil P.
Tuggle, Pvt. Joe L.
Tuggle, Pvt. Sam
Tull, Henry J.
Tull, Pvt. George
Tulliston, Pvt. Warren
Tulliston, Pvt. Warren
Tully, Cpl. George M.
Tune, Pvt. John R.
Tune, Sgt. Sam W.
Tunnah, David N.
Tunnah, David Newman
Tunnell, Pvt. Coy C.
Tunno, Pvt. Samuel
Tunstall, Cdt. William R.
Tunstall, Pvt. Olly B.
Turbeville, Pvt. James
Turborough, Pvt. Orville
Turcott, Pvt. Florian
Turelino, Dominica
Turkofski, Pvt. Otto
Turley, E.
Turley, Mrs. John
Turman, Pvt. Jasper
Turnage, Pvt. Henry
Turnbull, Dr. Charles S.
Turnbull, Pvt. Albert
Turnbull, Sgt. August W.
Turner, 1Lt. Frank Browne
Turner, Clarence
Turner, Cpl. Benjmain F.
Turner, Cpl. Clarence
Turner, Cpl. James W.
Turner, Cpl. John R.
Turner, E. L.
Turner, Ernest O.
Turner, H. Clay
Turner, Hayes
Turner, Henry B.
Turner, Hugh
Turner, J. Graves
Turner, J. Graves
Turner, J. Graves
Turner, Lassie
Turner, Lassie
Turner, Leo
Turner, Leo
Turner, Leo
Turner, Lester R.
Turner, Lt. Robert F.
Turner, Marguerite
Turner, Mary
Turner, Mrs. A. P.
Turner, Mrs. A. P.
Turner, Otis
Turner, Pvt. Albert Lee
Turner, Pvt. Charlie M.
Turner, Pvt. Don F.
Turner, Pvt. Florence W.
Turner, Pvt. Fred E.
Turner, Pvt. Robert Henry
Turner, Pvt. Roy
Turner, Pvt. Rubin H.
Turner, Pvt. William F.
Turner, Sgt. Clarence N.
Turner, Sgt. Elisha
Turner, Sgt. Elisha L.
Turner, Sgt. Elisha L.
Turner, W. A.
Turner-Gossett, Georgia
Turney, Pvt. Ben F.
Turngren, Gust A.
Turnoe, Louis
Turpin, Mrs. J. I.
Turpin, Pvt. Nemeyi B.
Turpjin?, Mrs. T. J.
Turrentine, Mrs. Fred
Tutor, Pvt. Wilsie A.
Tutt, Cpl. Benjamin V.
Tuttle, Mrs. G. P.
Tuttle, Pvt. George M.
Tuttle, Pvt. Victor
Tuuks, Pvt. Rolla N.
Tweedale, Pvt. Elmer J.
Tweten, Pvt. John N.
Tybulski, Pvt. John
Tyler, Mrs. G. M.
Tyler, Pvt. Albert H.
Tyler, Pvt. Henry R.
Tyler, Pvt. Jerry V.
Tyree, Cpl. Otis J.
Tyska, Pvt. Alexander
Tyson, Pvt. Benjamin R.
Tyson, Pvt. Thomas J.
Tyson, Uncle Joe
Udell, Cpl. Michael John
Udic, Pvt. Harvey
Uhlam, Cpl. Ralph W.
Uhlanhop, Pvt. Henry
Uhrig, Pvt. Jake M.
Ulan, Pvt. John
Ulbrich, Pvt. Gus A.
Ulearey, Edward H.
Ulgren, Pvt. Oscar l.
Ulit, Cpl. Alvin H.
Ulmer, 2Lt. Charles H.
Ulmer, Pvt. Glen D.
Ulnio, Pvt. William L.
Underwood, Cpl. Von C.
Underwood, Dr. R. B.
Underwood, Pvt. Clyde S.
Underwood, Pvt. Grant
Underwood, Pvt. Henry A.
Underwood, Pvt. Lester
Underwood, Pvt. Lillard M.
Underwood, Ward C.
Unger, Flora
Unger, Flora
Unger, Florence
Ungerecht, Cpl. John D.
Unicke, Pvt. John
Unnewehr, Pvt. August P.
Upchurch, Cpl. Aubrey
Upchurch, Pvt. Buren
Upchurch, Pvt. Herbert
Updike, Cpl. Frank
Updyke, Cpl. Lum?
Upson, Pvt. Willaim C.
Upton, Cpl. Thomas
Upton, Lt. Charles R.
Upton, Pvt. Grover C.
Upton, Pvt. Silas L.
Upton, Pvt. William
Uraoizo, Pvt. Giro
Urbach, Albert O.
Urban, Pvt. Bruno
Urbaniak, Steve Andrew
Urbanowski, Pvt. Henry
Urbanski, Pvt. Joseph A.
Urbon, Pvt. John
Urdahl, Pvt. Martin
Uren, Pvt. Thomas G.
Urey, Pvt. John
Uriechio, Carmenjo
Urquehart, Sgt. Douglas
Urquidi, Francisco I.
Usher, Pvt. Isaac L.
Usoskin, Joseph
Uthlant, Pvt. George E.
Utland, Pvt. William F.
Utterback, Cpl. Verdner E.
Utz, Pvt. Charles A.
Uxa, Pvt. James
Vaccaro, Charles
Vadiska, Pvt. Anton J.
Vail, Pvt. Howard L.
Valant, Pvt. Manuel G.
Valcourt, Pvt. Leo P.
Valden, Pvt. Emamette
Valdez, Ada
Valdez, Dr. Ramon
Vale, George
Valentine, Capt. Frank C.
Valentine, Hugh
Valentine, Lt. S. T.
Valentine, Sgt. Lowell D.
Valentino, Cpl. James T.
Valenzuela, Pvt. Joseph
Valesi, Dino
Vallahcourt, Pvt. Frank K.
Vallanca, Pvt. George
Vallanua, Sgt. Carl C.
Valle, John
Valleley, Pvt. Francis P.
Valley, Pvt. Ephraim
Valley, Pvt. Oscar
Vallone, Cpl. Joseph
Van Alstine, Pvt. James
Van Alt, Pvt. Herbert
Van Antwerp, Vera May
Van Auken, Cdt. Jerome T.
Van Bramer, Pvt. Frank
Van Camper, Pvt. Howard
Van Cleve, Pvt. Andrew J.
Van Cotton, S. T.
Van Dyke, George W.
Van Eman, Cpl. Claro L.
Van Fleet, Cpl. Elmer H.
Van Fossen, Pvt. William M.
Van Hennik, Sgt. Burtis W.
Van Hise, Charles R.
Van Hook, John
Van Kueren, Adult Male
Van Meter, Pvt. David M.
Van Meter, Pvt. Lloyd H.
Van Meter, W. G.
Van Pelt, Pvt. Milton E.
Van Settes, Pvt. Gerett A.
van Tassel, Pvt. James D.
Van Valkenberg, Pvt. Roy
Van Wagner, Pvt. Howard A.
Van Wert, Peter
van Wettering, Pvt. Frank J.
Van Winkle, Mrs. J. W.
Van Wyck, Robert Anderson
Van Zanton, Pvt. Ralph Herman
Vanakin, Hiram
Vanarnum, Pvt. Charles Eugene
Vanatta, Pvt. Jasper W.
Vanbriggle, Pvt. Walter John
Vance, Pvt. Jess A.
Vance, Reedy
Vance, Reedy
Vance, Reedy
Vance, Williamson L.
VanCleve, Marvin
Vandegriff, Pvt. Jesse
Vandemark, Pvt. Ernest S.
Vandeputte, Pvt. Josef
Vanderhof, Pvt. Harvey
Vanderjagt, Pvt. Morris C.
Vanderveer, Pvt. Zue
Vandeveer, Pvt. Glenn S.
Vandine, Pvt. Walter W.
Vandrual, Pvt. Arthur P.
Vandyke, Pvt. Russell
Vandyne, Pvt. Arthur C.
Vaneck, Pvt. Miketo
Vanella, Cpl. Andrew V.
Vanheuze, Pvt. Edwards
Vanker, Pvt. Emil H.
Vanlayanee, Pvt. Joseph A.
Vann, Lige
Vann, Jr., Pvt. Robert P.
Vannett, Cpl. George
Vannorden, Pvt. Harold G.
Vannorden, Pvt. John D.
Vanosdel, Pvt. James E.
VanSandt, Pvt. William
Vansickle, Cpl. Jesse M.
Vanstory, Pvt. Sam
Vanthof, Lt. Bernard
Varando, Pvt. Virgin V.
Vardam, Pvt. Cornelius
Varisco, Cpl. Charles
Vasques, Mattie V.
Vasser, Pvt. Oliver G.
Vath, Earl J.
Vaughan, Cpl. Hazen A.
Vaughan, Cpl. Lennard W.
Vaughan, James F.
Vaughan, Mary E.
Vaughan, Nary E.
Vaughan, Pvt. Elmer C.
Vaughan, Pvt. John
Vaughan, Pvt. Joseph A.
Vaughan, Pvt. Okey
Vaughan, Pvt. Robert F.
Vaughan, Vistula O.
Vaughn, Charles
Vaughn, Cpl. Samuel R.
Vaughn, Pvt. Elwood
Vaughn, Pvt. Isaac M.
Vaughn, Pvt. James G.
Vaughn, Pvt. Pink
Vaughn, Pvt. Samuel C.
Vaughn, Pvt. Sterling
Vaughn, Pvt. T. M.
Vaughn, T. E.
Vaugine, Ellen Franklin
Vauhessen, Pvt. Copie
Vauighn, Cpl. Wassie
Vaupel, Pvt. Ernest
Vautrain, Pvt. Alexander E.
Vaux, Pvt. Winifred H.
Vavro, Pvt. Edward
Vavrosky, Pvt. Robert
Vavrusa, Cpl. Frank
Veale, Pvt. Hugh F.
Veary, John R.
Veary, Pvt. John N.
Veasey, Jr., Edward J.
Veillette, Pvt. Joseph A.
Veillnes, Pvt. John L.
Veitch, Pvt. Benjamin E.
Vella, George J.
Velt, Pvt. Joe B.
Velz, J. H.
Venable, Lt. Paul C.
Venn, Pvt. Edwin J.
Ventura, Pvt. Leslie
Verboukes, Pvt. George J.
Verde, Pvt. Peter
Verdell, Lt. ??son C.
Verdier, Lt. Louis
Vergara, Pvt. Joe
Vergens, Pvt. Fred J.
Vernon, Pvt. Grover W.
Vestal, Nettie
Vestal, Pvt. Jim
Vestal, Pvt. Rex B.
Vette, Cpl. Richard H.
Viau, Pvt. Napoleon J.
Vibbert, Pvt. Edward Thomas
Vichland, Pvt. Hugh F.
Vick, Pvt. Charlie
Vick, Pvt. Luster
Vickers, William E.
Vickery, Pvt. Chester H.
Vickery, Sgt. William Henry
Vickroy, Cpl. George B.
Victor, Margaret
Vidacovich, Pvt. Demetro
Vie, Cpl. Fred
Vienz?, Pvt. Arthur
Vigil, Pvt. Reuben
Vigna, Pvt. Mike
Villalovoz, Pvt. Chris S.
Villeneauve, Pvt. Alexander
Villereal, Pvt. Jean
Villmer, Pvt. Albert A.
Villotto, Pvt. Thomas
Vinal, Alberton W.
Vincenheller, Ashton
Vincenheller, George Ashton
Vincent, Lt. Jefferson D.
Vincent, Sgt. David M.
Vincetn, Pvt. Theron S.
Vinci, Pvt. Giuseppe
Vindal, Pvt. Arthur A.
Vinson, Pvt. Perry L.
Vinson, Pvt. Sessel
Vinson, Pvt. Walter
Viogt, Pvt. Gruin P.
Viola, Pvt. James
Violet, Cpl. Earl C.
Viotti, Pvt. Michael
Virehono, Pvt. Mattio
Virgers, Sgt. Roy
Virgilio, Pvt. Salvatore
Visage, Pvt. Jake
Viscusi, Pvt. Girelamo
Visesky, Pvt. John
Vitovec, Sgt. Thomas
Vittatoe, John
Vivian, Pvt. D. L.
Vivola, Pvt. Antonio
Vobejda, Pvt. William
Vockla, Pvt. Michael
Vodraska, Pvt. Anton J.
Vodzak, Joseph Mike
Vogel, Cpl. Herman P.
Vogel, Pvt. Charles A.
Vogel, Pvt. John W.
Vollmar, Pvt. John Logan
Volmer, Abe
Volmer, Abe
Volmer, Abe
Volpe, Pvt. Alexander
Volz, Henry
von Auar, MG Adult Male
von Blittnitz, Gen. Paul Block
von Buchau, Prince Adult Male
Von Diederichs, Adm. Adult Male
von Eichhorn, Field Marshall Adult Male
von Eichhorn, Gen. Adult Male
von Frankenthern, Baron Gautach
von Glahn, Pvt. Herman H.
von Hindenburg, Field Marshall Adult Male
von Hindenburg, Field Marshall Adult Male
Von Hoefer, Gen. Franz
von L. Meyer, George
von Mirbach, Count Adult Male
von Mirbach, Count Adult Male
von Richthofen, Baron Adult Male
von Richthofen, Baron Adult Male
von Richthofen, Capt. Adult Male
von Ruck, Dr. Silvo
von Treschow, Helmuth Leopold
Voorheis, Jacob
Voorkis, R.
Vorasoka, Pvt. Euphim
Vore, Ralph E.
Vorhies, Lt. Floyd
Voris, Pvt. Charles E.
Voris, Pvt. Frank Landes
Voslaya?, PVt. Toddocio
Voss, Henry
Voss, Henry
Voss, Henry
Voss, Pvt. Luther F.
Votta, Pvt. John
Vowell, Pvt. James F.
Vowels, Pvt. Anthony J.
Voyles, Pvt. Tilman T.
Vrana, Pvt. Edmond
Vranesich, Cpl. Mathew
Vreeland, Pvt. Albert
Vrooman, Pvt. Harman M.
Vurelich, Pvt. Jove
W??ulu, Pvt. William J.
Wabberson, Pvt. Charles F.
Waddell, Alice
Waddell, C. E.
Waddell, Katherine
Waddle, Mrs. J. S.
Waddle, Pvt. James A.
Wade, Burette W.
Wade, Child
Wade, Cpl. Charles
Wade, Cpl. Irvin
Wade, Fannie
Wade, Lizzie Tilson
Wade, Mrs. G. W.
Wade, Pvt. Burett W.
Wade, Pvt. Claude J.
Wade, Pvt. Herbert E,
Wade, Pvt. Percy C.
Wade, Pvt. Thomas J.
Wade, Robert
Wadkins, Pvt. Frank E.
Wadley, Mrs. George
Wadley, Mrs. George
Wadsworth, Pvt. Henry E.
Wadsworth, Pvt. James I.
Wadsworth, Tom
Wafer, Jr., Pvt. Richard
Wafford, J. J.
Wagaman, Cpl. Lewis
Wagbrant, Cpl Albert
Wagenfuhr, Pvt. Alvin
Wagenfukr, KaptLt. Paul
Waggener, Balie P.
Waggett, Lt. Harold C.
Wagner, Cpl. Andrew F.
Wagner, Cpl. Ivan J.
Wagner, Cpl. Richard O.
Wagner, Frederick
Wagner, Karl George
Wagner, Kathlene
Wagner, Kathlene
Wagner, Pvt. Alton D.
Wagner, Pvt. David
Wagner, Pvt. Ezra F.
Wagner, Pvt. Felix
Wagner, Pvt. John F.
Wagner, Pvt. Karl
Wagner, Pvt. Stanley L.
Wagner, Werner R.
Wagoner, Pvt. Henry
Wagoner, Pvt. Wesley Clyde
Wainwright, Audie
Wainwright, Capt. John W.
Wainwright, Pvt. Edgar E. Clifton
Wair, Pvt. Lawrence A.
Wair, Pvt. Lawrence A.
Wait, Charles
Wait, Pvt. William W.
Waiton, Pvt. Jesse
Waits, Pvt. Lee
Wajeciendraiaski, Pvt. Stanislaus
Wake?, Pvt. ???? L.
Wakefield, B. O.
Wakefield, Cdt. Raymond
Wakefield, Hiram
Wakefield, Mrs. Ollie
Wakefield, Pvt. Russell J.
Wakefield, Roy
Wakefield, T. H.
Waker, Garland
Wakin, Abraham
Wakler, Sgt. Aledaner W.
Walburn, Pvt. Alfred C.
Walchio, Pvt. Fred
Walcott, Sgt. Edward H.
Walczak, Pvt. Frank W.
Walda, Pvt. Clinton C.
Walden, E. E.
Walden, Edgar E.
Walden, Mrs. J. M.
Walden, Pvt. Ray C.
Walden, W. H.
Walden, William Henry
Waldo, Sgt. George A.
Waldran, Pvt. Raleigh
Waldraun, Ada
Waldron, Pvt. Charles
Waldrop, Lt. Bergen N.
Waldrop, Pvt. Geroge W.
Walentic, Sgt. Marcus
Wales, Sgt. Thomas H.
Waligurski, Pvt. Joseph
Walkenhorst, Pvt. Charles E.
Walker, A.
Walker, Boy
Walker, Boy
Walker, Charles
Walker, Charles
Walker, Clarence
Walker, Cpl. Charles Albert
Walker, Cpl. Charles F.
Walker, Cpl. Chauncey D.
Walker, Cpl. Clyde J.
Walker, Cpl. Edward F.
Walker, Cpl. Jesse R.
Walker, Cpl. William Harvey
Walker, D.
Walker, D.
Walker, David D.
Walker, Ellis
Walker, Fred A.
Walker, Fred A.
Walker, Henry
Walker, John
Walker, John Thomas
Walker, Kate
Walker, L. T.
Walker, Mrs. N. E.
Walker, Mrs. Ralph
Walker, Nancy Jane
Walker, O. K.
Walker, Pvt, James C.
Walker, Pvt. Amos
Walker, Pvt. Amos E.
Walker, Pvt. Clarence M.
Walker, Pvt. Claude W.
Walker, Pvt. Clyde
Walker, Pvt. David F.
Walker, Pvt. Edgar
Walker, Pvt. Edward
Walker, Pvt. Ernest
Walker, Pvt. Finis
Walker, Pvt. George H.
Walker, Pvt. Gilbert M.
Walker, Pvt. Henry
Walker, Pvt. Ira W.
Walker, Pvt. Ivan C.
Walker, Pvt. John
Walker, Pvt. John R.
Walker, Pvt. Lee A.
Walker, Pvt. Ocia
Walker, Pvt. Ralph H.
Walker, Pvt. Raymond L.
Walker, Pvt. Riley A.
Walker, Pvt. Robert
Walker, Pvt. Robert R.
Walker, Pvt. Robinson C.
Walker, Pvt. Roy B.
Walker, Pvt. Thomas L.
Walker, Pvt. Virgil
Walker, Pvt. William J.
Walker, Pvt. Willie J.
Walker, Robert S.
Walker, Robinson
Walker, Samuel F.
Walker, Tom
Walker, Velvie O.
Wall, Lt. Edward Berry
Wall, Lt. Lee H.
Wall, Neal
Wall, Pvt. George W.
Wall, Pvt. John W.
Wall, Pvt. Preston V.
Wallace, Alfred
Wallace, Crenmore N.
Wallace, Elston
Wallace, Elston
Wallace, Leola
Wallace, Leota
Wallace, Lt. Mahlon D.
Wallace, Mrs. B. E.
Wallace, Mrs. B. E.
Wallace, Pvt. Eugene
Wallace, Pvt. Fred W.
Wallace, Pvt. Joe T.
Wallace, Pvt. John J.
Wallace, Pvt. Nicholas E.
Wallace, Pvt. Samuel
Wallace, Pvt. Samuel A.
Wallace, Pvt. William A.
Wallace, Sgt. Henry Robert
Wallace, Sgt. Hugh M.
Wallace, Sgt. Victor D.
Walleigh, Pvt. Harry R.
Wallen, Pvt. James
Waller, Pvt. Albert H.
Waller, Pvt. Isaac W.
Waller, Sgt. Conrad
Wallern, Cpl. Bill
Walley, Cpl. Jacob
Walley, Pvt. Alexander
Wallgopolski, Knowras
Wallinsford, Cpl. Jim T.
Wallinsford, Pvt. Sam H.
Wallis, Dr. J. C.
Wallis, Pvt. George H.
Wallis, Pvt. Harry Dean
Walls, Coy
Walls, Edna
Walls, H.
Walls, Lewis E.
Walls, Martha
Walls, Mrs. L. A.
Walls, Pvt. Edward
Walrod, Pvt. Jesse L.
Walsh, Cpl. James Albert
Walsh, John R.
Walsh, Lt. Edmond V.
Walsh, Mrs. M. A.
Walsh, Pvt. Ambrose
Walsh, Pvt. Anthony A.
Walsh, Pvt. John J.
Walsh, Pvt. Joseph
Walsh, Pvt. Patrick A.
Walsh, Pvt. Phillip
Walsh, Pvt. Thomas F.
Walsh, Sgt. James T.
Walter, Pvt. Edwin A.
Walter, Sgt. Joseph
Walterman, Pvt. Hic W.
Walters, Alfred
Walters, Mrs. H. B.
Walters, Pvt. Bert
Walters, Pvt. Carl Moore
Walters, Pvt. Jesse
Walters, Pvt. Oscar M.
Walters, Pvt. Otto
Walters, Sgt. Charlie W.
Walters, Sgt. Valentino R.
Walters, Walter
Walthall, John L.
Walther, Mrs. L. E.
Walthers, Mrs. L. E.
Walton, Edward William
Walton, Helen
Waltz, Cpl. Roy O.
Waltz, Pvt. Harry F.
Waltzck, Pvt. Joseph T.
Wampler, Pvt. Albert
Wanicki, Pvt. Pieter
Wansie, Pvt. Daniel J.
Wansley, Pvt. Irby L.
Waples, 2Lt. Cary L.
Warath, Sophia
Warburton, Mrs. J. B.
Ward, Charlie
Ward, Cpl. Clarence
Ward, Cpl. James G.
Ward, Cpl. Raymond B.
Ward, Elizabeth
Ward, Girl
Ward, James Allen
Ward, James Allen
Ward, John
Ward, Lee
Ward, Maj. Lyman C.
Ward, May Alden
Ward, Pvt. Bibby
Ward, Pvt. Dulen A.
Ward, Pvt. Henry C.
Ward, Pvt. Horace A.
Ward, Pvt. Hubert F.
Ward, Pvt. John H.
Ward, Pvt. Joseph F.
Ward, Pvt. Lloyd J.
Ward, Pvt. Michael J.
Ward, Pvt. Sampson
Ward, Pvt. Walter J.
Ward, Pvt. Wilbur
Ward, Pvt. William E.
Ward, Pvt. William F.
Ward, RADM Aaron
Wardell, Cpl. Earle
Wardell, Pvt. John R.
Warden, Cpl. William Horace
Warden, John
Warden, Pvt. Barney M.
Warden, Pvt. John T.
Wardlaw, Mary J.
Wardlaw, Mary J.
Wardle, Pvt. Harry N.
Ware, Cpl. Hugh H.
Ware, Cpl. Leon
Ware, Lt. Baxter
Ware, Pvt. Gus B.
Ware, Pvt. Ollie G.
Warford, Pvt. Thomas A.
Wargo, Pvt. Tom
Wark, Pvt. Frank M.
Warn, Mrs. Charles
Warnell, Pvt. Henry
Warner, 2Lt. Stephen R.
Warner, Dorsey O.
Warner, Lt. Goodwin
Warner, Pvt. Bernard
Warner, Pvt. Charles
Warner, Pvt. Delmar J.
Warner, Pvt. Fritz
Warner, Pvt. John R.
Warner, Pvt. Madison C.
Warner, Pvt. Nathan W.
Warnock, Rev. C. C.
Waroski, Pvt. John
Warra, Sgt. Fair R.
Warrell, Sgt. Marion H.
Warren, Cpl. Roy L.
Warren, Jim
Warren, John C.
Warren, Lou
Warren, Lt. Arthur B.
Warren, Mrs. H. J.
Warren, Mrs. H. J.
Warren, Mrs. H. J.
Warren, Mrs. H. J.
Warren, Pvt. Alvin
Warren, Pvt. Arch C.
Warren, Pvt. Guy E.
Warren, Pvt. John
Warren, Pvt. John M.
Warren, Pvt. Luther
Warren, Pvt. Millard F.
Warren, Pvt. Simth M.
Warren, Pvt. William H.
Warren, Pvt. William H.
Warren, Sgt. Edward C.
Warren, Sgt. Joseph B.
Warren, W. L.
Warren, Willie E.
Warren, Jr., Pvt. Sam
Warwas, Pvt. Stephen
Waschter, Pvt. Lloyd U.
Wase?, Capt. Lester S.
Wasgatt?, Lt. Harold Clinton
Wash, Pvt. Robert E.
Washburn, Pvt. Earl
Washburn, Pvt. Jasper Newton
Washburne, Hemsted
Washington, Pvt. William
Washington, Pvt. Allen
Washington, Pvt. Arthur
Washington, Pvt. Drew
Washington, Pvt. Harry
Washington, Pvt. Peter
Washington, Pvt. Willie
Washington, William W.
Washman, Arthur
Wasiowski, Josef
Waskoski, John
Waslewski, Boleslaw
Wass, Pvt. Frank G.
Wassarab, Pvt. Mike
Wasser, Pvt. Levy N.
Wasserman, Cpl. Jack
Wassis, Pvt. William
Wasson, Cpl. Bresig T.
Wasson, Lt. Lowell T.
Wasson, Mattie
Wasson, Pvt. Thomas S.
Wasson, Thomas S.
Wasson, W. L.
Wataworth, Sgt. Earl S.
Waterfield, Pvt. Lloyd L.
Waterhouse, Charles Mackay
Waterhouse, Lt. Hescall F.
Waterman, Chandler
Waterman, Gus
Waterman, Pvt. Walter
Watermeier, Pvt. Lee
Waters, Cpl. Philip J.
Waters, Mrs. R. V.
Waters, Peter
Waters, Pvt. Clarence
Waters, William
Watin, Pvt. Solomon
Watkins, Clendennin
Watkins, Cpl. Emerson Morgan
Watkins, Floyd
Watkins, Ira C.
Watkins, James
Watkins, Lt. Charles L.
Watkins, Maj. Frederick W.
Watkins, Pvt. Doss S.
Watkins, Pvt. Henry E.
Watkins, Pvt. Monroe
Watkins, Pvt. Paul V.
Watkins, Pvt. Ulysses G.
Watson, Alexander J.
Watson, Cpl. John C.
Watson, Cpl. Reuben J.
Watson, Cpl. Roy W.
Watson, Elmer
Watson, Elmer
Watson, Isabel
Watson, Isabel
Watson, Isabell
Watson, J. T.
Watson, John
Watson, John
Watson, Lt. Percy L.
Watson, Lt. T. H.
Watson, Mrs. Jessie
Watson, Pvt. Fred
Watson, Pvt. Fred
Watson, Pvt. George
Watson, Pvt. Jim
Watson, Pvt. John G.
Watson, Pvt. John V.
Watson, Pvt. Marvin
Watson, Pvt. Mississippi
Watson, Pvt. Tom
Watson, Pvt. Tom B.
Watson, Pvt. Virgie M.
Watson, T. J.
Watson, W. M.
Watson, William E.
Watsons, Pvt. Frank J.
Watt, Cpl. Earl J.
Watt, James C.
Watt, Pvt. Ernest F.
Watt, Sgt. James W.
Wattieson, Pvt. Theodore C.
Watts, Cdt. Ellis B.
Watts, Cpl. Katle
Watts, Hall W.
Watts, J. C.
Watts, John C.
Watts, P. M.
Watts, Pvt. Bedford
Watts, Pvt. Charles H.
Watts, Pvt. J. D.
Watts, Pvt. J. D.
Watts, Pvt. Joe D.
Watts, Pvt. Joseph D.
Watts, Pvt. Ralph B.
Watts, Pvt. William O.
Watts, Samuel Houston
Watts, Sgt. Charles N.
Watwood, Pvt. John W.
Waugh, Pvt. Tom T.
Way, Cpl. Ora O.
Way, Cpl. Thomas D.
Way, Lt. Pennington E.
Waymack, Mandie
Wayne, Pvt. Harvey C.
Wayrynen, Cpl. Peter David
Weakley, Pvt. Mack
Wear, Pvt. William L.
Weast, Mrs. L. S.
Weatherall, Mrs. T. J.
Weathered, Pvt. Charles B.
Weatherford, Charles
Weatherills, Pvt. George T.
Weatherman, Pvt. Charles
Weatherman, Pvt. Hugh
Weathers, Cpl. Homer E.
Weathers, Cpl. John Lee
Weathers, Pvt. P. G.
Weathersby, Mrs. O. J.
Weaver, Cpl. Arthur L.
Weaver, Cpl. Culver E.
Weaver, Cpl. William B.
Weaver, Jim
Weaver, Pvt. Clayton
Weaver, Pvt. David D.
Weaver, Pvt. John
Weaver, Pvt. Tony C.
Weaver, Pvt. Virgil E.
Weaver, Sgt. Ernest W.
Weaver, Sgt. Ernest W.
Weaver, Sgt. William
Weaver, William
Webb, Bascum
Webb, Capt. Edwin P.
Webb, Cdt. James H.
Webb, Cecil
Webb, Cpl. Frank D.
Webb, Cpl. Frank S.
Webb, Cpl. Henry L.
Webb, Earl
Webb, Harry J.
Webb, J. T.
Webb, J. T.
Webb, K. R.
Webb, Luther
Webb, Pvt. Benton
Webb, Pvt. Delma C.
Webb, Pvt. Earl
Webb, Pvt. Fo??e
Webb, Pvt. Frank G.
Webb, Pvt. Granville N.
Webb, Pvt. Horace Hale
Webb, Pvt. Joseph F.
Webb, Pvt. Sam J.
Webb, Pvt. William E.
Webb, Sgt. William P.
Webber, Jacob
Webber, Nell
Webber, Pvt. Arthur B.
Webber, Pvt. Frederick A.
Weber, Cpl. Chris N.
Weber, Pvt. Edgar J.
Weber, Pvt. Edward N.
Weber, Pvt. Frederick O.
Weber, Pvt. George John
Weber, Pvt. Nicholas
Weber, Pvt. Pliny M.
Weber, Sgt. William W.
Webre, Pvt. Walter B.
Webster, Capt. Drew
Webster, Harry J.
Webster, Lt. Drew S.
Webster, Pvt. Henry G.
Webster, Pvt. James A.
Webster, Pvt. Robert R.
Weckner, Pvt. Noah R.
Weddell, Thomas McMillan
Wedge, Clara
Weeks, Cpl. Albert S.
Weeks, M. L.
Weeks, Mrs. A. B.
Weeks, Pvt. George L.
Weeks, Pvt. Nathaniel
Weeks, Pvt. William E.
Weeks, Pvt. William F.
Wehrkamp, Pvt. Feney
Weibel, Capt. Ernest
Weibel, Pvt. William A.
Weible, Pvt. William
Weich, Lt. Joseph W.
Weidman, Mrs. Elmer
Weier, C. O.
Weigel, Pvt. Fred M.
Weigel, Pvt. Morita
Weigel, Sgt. Roy
Weigent, Pvt. Frank
Weigunast, Pvt. Fred A.
Weil, Pvt. Edward F.
Weiler, Max
Weiler, Max
Weiler, Pvt. Sidney
Weiman, Pvt. Solomon
Weinke, Pvt. William A.
Weinrich, Pvt. Albert
Weinstein, Pvt. George
Weinstein, Pvt. Isidore
Weintraub, Pvt. Samuel
Weir, Cdt. William Vann
Weir, Fannie E.
Weir, Mrs. J. R.
Weir, Pvt. James P.
Weir, Pvt. James V.
Weirvhill, Pvt. Charlie
Weis, Albert
Weisbrod, John Fred
Weisbrod, John Fred
Weise, O. H.
Weise, Otto
Weise, Otto
Weise, Otto
Weiss, Cpl. Joseph W.
Weiss, Pvt. Richard J.
Weiss, Pvt. William
Weiss, Pvt. William
Weissinger, Lt. William J.
Welch, C. A.
Welch, Joe
Welch, Pvt. Carhle
Welch, Pvt. Dorian A.
Welch, Pvt. Ellsworth E.
Welch, Pvt. James I.
Welch, Pvt. James T.
Welch, Pvt. Jesse W.
Welch, Pvt. Mark
Welch, Pvt. William A.
Welch, Pvt. William F.
Weldon, Cpl. James W.
Weldonborner, Pvt. Frederick L.
Welker, Pvt. William C.
Wellage, Capt. George F.
Weller, Cpl. Leonard
Weller, Lt. Elliott C.
Weller, Pvt. John H.
Welles, Pvt. Francis
Wellington, Charles Burton
Wellington, Charles S.
Wellington, Pvt. Andrew S.
Welliver, Pvt. Ira
Wells, Adult Female
Wells, Albert
Wells, Boy
Wells, Capt. Hallock
Wells, Cpl. Ray S.
Wells, Dr. J. R.
Wells, Edward H.
Wells, Florence
Wells, James
Wells, Judge Charles
Wells, Lizzie
Wells, LtCol William S.
Wells, Maj. Maynard A.
Wells, Mrs. George
Wells, Pvt. Carl A.
Wells, Pvt. Everett C.
Wells, Pvt. Jess
Wells, Pvt. Laurence G.
Wells, Pvt. Leroy S.
Wells, Pvt. Lester
Wells, Pvt. William A.
Wells, Sgt. Cooper D.
Wells, Thelma
Wells, Thelma
Wellwood, Rev. Robert
Wellzareq, Pvt. Andol
Welsh, Cpl. Bart L.
Welsh, Cpl. John J.
Welsh, Pvt. John
Welsh, Pvt. John
Weltzel, Cpl. William H.
Wempkner, Pvt. Emmett
Wendel, Pvt. Harry A.
Wendell, Pvt. Edward H.
Wendt, Pvt. Fred
Wenell, Pvt. Lawrence
Wengel, Pvt. Frank M.
Wengert, Pvt. Bernie
Wenlock, Pvt. Clarence
Wentworth, Sgt. Lester J.
Wenz, Pvt. Albert L.
Weppler, Cpl. John L.
Werley, Carl
Werner, Edward Joseph
Werner, Mrs. John
Werner, Pvt. Lewis
Werseba, Capt. George W.
Werstalli, Pvt. Truman E.
Wertz, GSgt. James Clair
Wescott, Sgt. Elisha W.
Wesdoski, Pvt. Joseph
Wesling, Pvt. Raymond W.
Wesp, Pvt. Franklin P.
West, A. H.
West, Addie M.
West, Clayton B.
West, Cpl. Herbert McK.
West, Cpl. Robert D.
West, G. B.
West, Gertrude
West, Hattie
West, J. W.
West, Lynn M.
West, Pvt. Alfred
West, Pvt. George F.
West, Pvt. Green W.
West, Pvt. Harold R.
West, Pvt. J. Roby
West, Pvt. James L.
West, Pvt. John
West, Pvt. John
West, Pvt. Kirby F.
West, Pvt. Loies
West, Pvt. Roy M.
West, Pvt. Silas
West, Pvt. Tom R.
West, Pvt. Warren Winslo
West, Sgt. Carroll S.
West, Sgt. Charles
West, Sgt. Henry
West, Sgt. James W.
West, Sgt. John
Westbrook, Floyd
Westbrook, Pvt. Eugene
Westbrook, Pvt. Willie M.
Westcott, Pvt. Charles E.
Westcott, Wayne H.
Westergard, Pvt. Jess Iverson
Westerman, Pvt. Waldo A.
Westfall, Pvt. John Elmer
Westmoreland, Eric, Duke of
Westmoreland, Pvt. Aaron
Westmoreland, Pvt. Regan Q.
Westmoreland, T. C.
Westmyer, Pvt. Charles Edward
Weston, Pvt. John Hodges
Weston, William
Westphal, Pvt. Herman
Wetchert, Pvt. Evans
Wetherell, Albert Edward
Wetz, Pvt. Carl T.
Wetzler, Boy
Wetzler, Pvt. Albert E.
Wever, Sgt. Joseph F.
Weyand, Pvt. Don F.
Weynand, Pvt. Ernest Henry
Whalen, Cpl. James J.
Whalen, Emma
Whalen, John
Whalen, Pvt. Herbert D.
Whaley, Pvt. Austin R.
Whaley, Pvt. William C.
Wharton, Jr., William Langley
Whatley, Cpl. Wellman P.
Whatley, Pvt. Vincent
Whatley, Sgt. Albert D.
Whayne, Thena Ball
Whealton, Guy
Wheatley, Pvt. Charles
Wheatley, S. M.
Wheatly, Lt. Eugene R.
Wheaton, Cpl. Homer J.
Wheaton, MG Lloyd
Wheelan, Pvt. Thomas J.
Wheeler, Col. A. M.
Wheeler, Cpl. Commie D.
Wheeler, Dominic William
Wheeler, Jim
Wheeler, Jim
Wheeler, Lt. David E.
Wheeler, Lt. James B.
Wheeler, Prof. Arthur Martin
Wheeler, Pvt. Charles S.
Wheeler, Pvt. John R.
Wheeler, Pvt. Joseph
Wheeler, Pvt. Nevel Edward
Wheeler, Rev. C. C.
Wheeler, William H.
Whelan, Pvt. William
Whetstose, Pvt. John
Whiltzich, Lt. William
Whinery, Adult Female
Whipple, Cpl. James B.
Whipple, Pvt. John B.
Whipple?, Sgt. Henry M.
Whirtenour, Pvt. James
Whisenhunt, Charles
Whisler, Capt. Lewis
Whisler, Capt. Lweis
Whisler, Lewis J.
Whitaker, Marion
Whitaker, Paul
Whitaker, Pvt. Herbert O.
Whitaker, Pvt. William J.
Whitaker, Jr., Pvt. Charles
Whitcomb, Cpl. Myron L.
White, A. Stanford
White, Albert
White, B. Duke
White, B. Duke
White, B. Duke
White, Bertha
White, Calvin
White, Cdt. G. J.
White, Clarence G.
White, Clarence G.
White, Clarence R.
White, Cpl. Allen R.
White, Cpl. Loyal
White, Dr. Andrew D.
White, Fred
White, Girl
White, Gladys
White, J. Dudley
White, James B.
White, Joseph B.
White, Judge S. H.
White, Katherine
White, Leonard T.
White, Lester F.
White, Lt. John W.
White, Maggie
White, Marcelius
White, Morris
White, Mrs. Dave
White, Mrs. T. B.
White, Mrs. T. B.
White, Preston
White, Preston
White, Pvt. Albert L.
White, Pvt. Alvie S.
White, Pvt. Arnold G.
White, Pvt. Arthur
White, Pvt. Benjamin C.
White, Pvt. Benjamin R.
White, Pvt. Bruce
White, Pvt. Fred C.
White, Pvt. Fred J.
White, Pvt. Fred Orlan
White, Pvt. J. D.
White, Pvt. James H.
White, Pvt. Joe H.
White, Pvt. John
White, Pvt. John A.
White, Pvt. John D.
White, Pvt. John R.
White, Pvt. John R.
White, Pvt. John W.
White, Pvt. Joseph E.
White, Pvt. Malcolm R.
White, Pvt. McFratus
White, Pvt. Melvin E.
White, Pvt. Morgan
White, Pvt. Orris A.
White, Pvt. Oscar
White, Pvt. Patrick H.
White, Pvt. Paul E.
White, Pvt. Rudolph V.
White, Pvt. William A.
White, Pvt. William J.
White, Robert Bragg
White, Robert Bragg
White, Robert Bragg
White, Robert Bragg
White, S. H.
White, S. H.
White, Sgt. Edward K.
White, Sgt. Harry L.
White, Sgt. Willie H.
White, Shep
White, Stanford
White, W. B.
White, W. H.
Whitefield, James R.
Whitehead, Mrs. M. A.
Whitehill, James Arthur
Whiteman, Pvt. Frank C.
Whiteman, Pvt. Leslie G.
Whitemore, Pvt. Franklin H.
Whiteside, George
Whiteside, Lindsey C.
Whiteson, Pvt. Joseph S.
Whitestone, Simon
Whitestone, Simon
Whitfield, Cpl. Frank J.
Whitfield, Cpl. Ivory
Whitfield, James
Whitfield, James W.
Whitfield, Judge A. H.
Whitfield, Mrs. C. M.
Whitfield, Pvt. Elmer Clayborn
Whitfield, Pvt. Fayette
Whitfield, Pvt. William
Whitford, Pvt. Corlice
Whitford, Pvt. Phillip
Whitingslow, Mrs. Jessie
Whitington, Walter Leonard
Whitley, W. R.
Whitman, Cpl. Louis C.
Whitman, Gladys
Whitman, Pvt. John R.
Whitmore, Emma
Whitmore, Emma
Whitmore, W. H.
Whitner, Lt. Richard H.
Whitney, 1Lt. Adult Male
Whitney, Sgt. Emory Wadd
Whitshill, Cpl. Leonard L.
Whitson, Mrs. Sal
Whitson, Pvt. Bert B.
Whittaker, Samuel J.
Whittaker, Thomas
Whittaker, Thomas W.
Whitten, Jack
Whittenburg, Edith
Whittington, George W.
Whittington, Virginia C.
Whittle, 2Lt. James B.
Whittle, Cpl. John Q.
Whittle, Pvt. John B.
Whitwell, J. C.
Whitwell, Louise
Whitwell, Sgt. Peter T.
Whlosak, Pvt. Frank
Whoifeld, Pvt. Clarence
Whyte, Cdt. William J.
Wice, Pvt. George J.
Wicekaski, Joseph
Wicha, Cpl. Benedik
Wichlacz, Pvt. Barney
Wick, Harry
Wickersham, Jasper
Wickett, Samson W.
Wicserzecinski, Pvt. Casimir
Wiczaski, Joseph
Widdifield, Cpl. Clarence P.
Widenham, 2Lt. John M.
Wiebusch, Cpl. William M.
Wiecher, Sgt. Henry W.
Wiegio, Pvt. Joseph
Wiemer, Pvt. Buchard Henry
Wierling, Pvt. Edward J.
Wiesel, Cpl. Albert Godfrey
Wiesomerski, Pvt. James
Wiggins, Cpl. Lewis
Wiggins, Pvt. Benjmain
Wiggins, Pvt. Benny
Wiggins, S. J.
Wiggins, Sgt. Edwin Wolfley
Wigstrand, Fred
Wilatoe, Pvt. Robert
Wilbanks, Kile
Wilbourn, Ollie
Wilbourne, Pvt. John A.
Wilbur, Pvt. Arthur
Wilbur, Pvt. Seamon O.
Wilburn, Johnnie
Wilburn, Pvt. Bill
Wilburn, Pvt. Marlow F.
Wilcayoski, Adam
Wilcox, Col. Frank A.
Wilcox, Cpl Robert E.
Wilcox, Cpl. Robert M.
Wilcox, DeWitt Gifford
Wilcox, Gretchen
Wilcox, Pvt. Ernest R.
Wilcox, Pvt. James H.
Wilcox, Sam B.
Wilcox, Theodore B.
Wilcoxon, Pvt. Jesse Rollin
Wilcoxon, Pvt. Jessie C.
Wilder, Cpl. James C.
Wilder, Dr. A. W.
Wilder, Mark
Wilder, Victor
Wildrick, Pvt. Joseph
Wiles, Clarence Alton
Wiley, Dr. J. E.
Wiley, Mollie
Wiley, Mrs. E. E.
Wiley, Pvt. Edd S.
Wiley, Pvt. Frank Miller
Wiley, Pvt. John E.
Wiley, Pvt. Jonas L.
Wilford, 2Lt. John
Wilfred, Lt. John C.
Wilheit, Pvt. George H.
Wilhelm, Pvt. Stanley W.
Wilhelm, Walter E.
Wilhoite, Pvt. Thomas R.
Wiliby, Chap. William H. J.
Wilken, Anthony
Wilkening, Mrs. A.
Wilkens, Frank W.
Wilkenson?, Sgt. John W.
Wilkerson, Edith
Wilkerson, Esther
Wilkerson, Mildred
Wilkerson, Sarah E.
Wilkerson, Sgt. James C.
Wilkes, Edward
Wilkes, Minerva
Wilkes, Pvt. Joseph S.
Wilkie, Pvt. John
Wilkins, C. W.
Wilkins, C. W.
Wilkins, Cpl. Ralph
Wilkins, Kit M.
Wilkins, Pvt. Dean M.
Wilkins, Pvt. Frank J.
Wilkins, Pvt. George H.
Wilkins, Pvt. John E.
Wilkins, Pvt. Lester
Wilkins, Pvt. William H. G.
Wilkins, Sgt. James Clement
Wilkinson, Child
Wilkinson, Child
Wilkinson, Child
Wilkinson, Child
Wilkinson, Child
Wilkinson, Child
Wilkinson, James R.
Wilkinson, Mrs. Theodore
Wilkinson, Pvt. Claude L.
Wilkinson, Pvt. Phillip M.
Wilks, George
Wilks, George N.
Wilks, Pvt. Clyde L.
Will, Pvt. Theodore
Willard, A. M.
Willard, Pvt. Grover C.
Willard, Richard C.
Willbon, Russ D.
Willeford, Sgt. Seburn G.
Willemain, Pvt. Ralph J.
Willenbring, Emma
Willer, Pvt. Clarence C.
Willert, Sgt. Walter W.
Willett, Sgt. Napoleon
William, Pvt. Ben Q.
William, Pvt. Fred D.
Williams, Adolph
Williams, Adult Male
Williams, Adult Male
Williams, Bell N.
Williams, Bill M.
Williams, Boy
Williams, Boy
Williams, Boy
Williams, C. E.
Williams, C. W.
Williams, Capt. E.
Williams, Capt. Jewett
Williams, Capt. Lloyd W.
Williams, Cdt. Howell W.
Williams, Charles F.
Williams, Clyde
Williams, Cpl. Albert W.
Williams, Cpl. Alexandria
Williams, Cpl. Arthur H.
Williams, Cpl. Forrest G.
Williams, Cpl. Francis E.
Williams, Cpl. John C.
Williams, Cpl. Laurence B.
Williams, Cpl. Morris
Williams, Cpl. Robert C.
Williams, E. B.
Williams, Edgar H.
Williams, George
Williams, George A.
Williams, Harold H.
Williams, homer
Williams, Homer
Williams, J. J.
Williams, J. J.
Williams, J. J.
Williams, J. J.
Williams, J. R.
Williams, Jack D.
Williams, James T.
Williams, John
Williams, John L.
Williams, Lt. Boyd
Williams, Lt. Charles S.
Williams, Lt. Spencer Charles
Williams, LtCol. Allen R.
Williams, Maj. James C.
Williams, Malcolm
Williams, Malcolm
Williams, Mary
Williams, Maude
Williams, Michael J.
Williams, Mrs. Frank
Williams, Mrs. John
Williams, Mrs. John A.
Williams, Mrs. Ross
Williams, Mrs. Sam
Williams, N. M.
Williams, Paul A.
Williams, Pvt. Abe
Williams, Pvt. Albert F.
Williams, Pvt. Andy D.
Williams, Pvt. Arthur
Williams, Pvt. Barney B.
Williams, Pvt. Bell M.
Williams, Pvt. Ben
Williams, Pvt. Benjamin
Williams, Pvt. Capus
Williams, Pvt. Charles F.
Williams, Pvt. Charles F.
Williams, Pvt. Clarence
Williams, Pvt. Claude M.
Williams, Pvt. Dee
Williams, Pvt. Dewey A.
Williams, Pvt. Earl B.
Williams, Pvt. Earl R.
Williams, Pvt. Emanuel G.
Williams, Pvt. Emanuel G.
Williams, Pvt. Ernest
Williams, Pvt. Floyd W.
Williams, Pvt. Fred L.
Williams, Pvt. Gaskin P.
Williams, Pvt. George
Williams, Pvt. George
Williams, Pvt. George E.
Williams, Pvt. George E.
Williams, Pvt. Henry Murray
Williams, Pvt. Herger
Williams, Pvt. Hiram
Williams, Pvt. Horace F.
Williams, Pvt. Hugo J.
Williams, Pvt. Isaac
Williams, Pvt. Jabez A.
Williams, Pvt. Jack
Williams, Pvt. James E.
Williams, Pvt. James O.
Williams, Pvt. James O.
Williams, Pvt. James W.
Williams, Pvt. Jerry M.
Williams, Pvt. Jesse
Williams, Pvt. Joe
Williams, Pvt. John C.
Williams, Pvt. John W.
Williams, Pvt. Joseph
Williams, Pvt. Joseph
Williams, Pvt. Judge
Williams, Pvt. Lester
Williams, Pvt. Lloyd
Williams, Pvt. Lon A.
Williams, Pvt. Louis
Williams, Pvt. Malachi
Williams, Pvt. Mansell C.
Williams, Pvt. Marvin
Williams, Pvt. McClure
Williams, Pvt. Mitchell C.
Williams, Pvt. Oliver J.
Williams, Pvt. Oscar
Williams, Pvt. Paul A.
Williams, Pvt. Paul E.
Williams, Pvt. Philip Roy
Williams, Pvt. Ray T.
Williams, Pvt. Rayburn E.
Williams, Pvt. Robert
Williams, Pvt. Robert H.
Williams, Pvt. Robert Wells
Williams, Pvt. Sam J.
Williams, Pvt. Theodore Colley
Williams, Pvt. Walter
Williams, Pvt. Walter K.
Williams, Pvt. Watkin
Williams, Pvt. Wesley
Williams, Pvt. Willard L.
Williams, Pvt. William H.
Williams, Pvt. William J.
Williams, Pvt. William L.
Williams, Rachel
Williams, Sgt. Albert J.
Williams, Sgt. Alvin W.
Williams, Sgt. Asident
Williams, Sgt. Cleve
Williams, Sgt. Franklin C.
Williams, Sgt. Grover C.
Williams, Sgt. Headley
Williams, Sgt. Ray
Williams, Sgt. Rothsbey E.
Williams, Sgt. William A.
Williams, Will P.
Williams, William
Williams, William Ralph
Williams, Jr., Lt. Edward
Williams, Jr., Pvt. Alfred
Williamson, Cpl. William C.
Williamson, LtCdr William Price
Williamson, Pvt. Jesse C.
Williamson, Pvt. John P. H.
Williamson, Pvt. John T.
Williamson, Pvt. Kavanaugh A.
Williamson, Pvt. Pete
Williamson, Pvt. Pres
Williamson, Pvt. Samuel
Williamson, Pvt. Tom
Williamson, R. B.
Williamson, R. W.
Williamson, Rev. W. J.
Williamson, Vina
Williard, Sgt. Roscoe A.
Williford, Samuel T.
Willinsky, Pvt. Anthony
Willioski, Pvt. Vincent
Willis, Amy Jane
Willis, Cpl. Randolph B.
Willis, Girl
Willis, Mrs. Azro
Willis, Noel
Willis, Pvt. Chester
Willis, Pvt. Harry W.
Willis, Pvt. William C.
Willis, Raymond
Willis, Sgt. Paul
Willis, Vera
Willis, Vera
Willis, W. W.
Willison, Sgt. Warren Henry
Willits, Pvt. Anson W.
Willman, Cpl. Hobert N.
Willoughby, Beauchem W.
Willoughby, Pvt. Benjamin F.
Willoughby, Pvt. James W.
Willoughby, Pvt. John B.
Willoughby, Pvt. Roy E.
Wills, Maj. John H.
Wills, Pvt. Mense Otto
Willsford, Pvt. Robert
Willyoung, Pvt. Frederick E.
Wilman, Pvt. Michael W.
Wilmarth, Charles S.
Wilmot, Pvt. Harry
Wilsey, Pvt. Charles
Wilson, A. L.
Wilson, A. L.
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, Anna M.
Wilson, Ashley
Wilson, B. F.
Wilson, Bolden
Wilson, Caludia
Wilson, Cdt. Arthur H.
Wilson, Cdt. James E.
Wilson, Cdt. William G.
Wilson, Claudia
Wilson, Cpl. Charlie K.
Wilson, Cpl. General
Wilson, Cpl. Harry M.
Wilson, Cpl. James W.
Wilson, Cpl. John A.
Wilson, Cpl. John R.
Wilson, Cpl. John W.
Wilson, Cpl. Lonnie L.
Wilson, Cpl. Merle J.
Wilson, Cpl. Rufus S.
Wilson, Cpl. Sullivan
Wilson, Cpl. William
Wilson, Daisy
Wilson, Daniel E.
Wilson, Dr. Moses
Wilson, Dr. William A.
Wilson, Edmund
Wilson, Fannie H.
Wilson, Fred
Wilson, J. H.
Wilson, Jesse
Wilson, John
Wilson, John P.
Wilson, Lonny
Wilson, Louis L.
Wilson, Lt. Joseph B.
Wilson, Lt. Joseph N.
Wilson, M. K.
Wilson, Malvin G.
Wilson, Mrs. Cons P.
Wilson, Mrs. E. N.
Wilson, Mrs. Homer
Wilson, Mrs. Ray A.
Wilson, Mrs. Ray A.
Wilson, Pvt. Charles
Wilson, Pvt. Charles
Wilson, Pvt. Charles
Wilson, Pvt. Clair
Wilson, Pvt. Clarence J.
Wilson, Pvt. Curtis J.
Wilson, Pvt. David F.
Wilson, Pvt. David H.
Wilson, Pvt. David L.
Wilson, Pvt. Edmund M.
Wilson, Pvt. Edward R.
Wilson, Pvt. Edward V.
Wilson, Pvt. Elbert H.
Wilson, Pvt. Ernest A.
Wilson, Pvt. Fred Secrets
Wilson, Pvt. Gilbert
Wilson, Pvt. Herbert
Wilson, Pvt. James B.
Wilson, Pvt. Jay H.
Wilson, Pvt. Joe
Wilson, Pvt. John
Wilson, Pvt. John
Wilson, Pvt. John
Wilson, Pvt. John R.
Wilson, Pvt. Johnnie
Wilson, Pvt. Lewis W.
Wilson, Pvt. Mahlon J.
Wilson, Pvt. Oscar E.
Wilson, Pvt. Raymond Allen
Wilson, Pvt. Reidus E.
Wilson, Pvt. Richard J.
Wilson, Pvt. Robert P.
Wilson, Pvt. Roger
Wilson, Pvt. Ross
Wilson, Pvt. Ruben L.
Wilson, Pvt. Sam
Wilson, Pvt. Samuel C.
Wilson, Pvt. William
Wilson, Pvt. William A.
Wilson, Pvt. William C.
Wilson, Pvt. William E.
Wilson, Pvt. William M.
Wilson, Roley D.
Wilson, Rusell
Wilson, Russ D.
Wilson, William
Wilson, William R.
Wilson, Jr., Frederick W.
Wilton, Pvt. Thomas J.
Wimberly, Pvt. Frank P.
Winandy, Pvt. Joseph John
Winch, Sgt. Percy
Winchenbach, Pvt. Roland C.
Windahl, Pvt. Bert B.
Winders, Pvt. Frank L.
Windham, Pvt. Brown F.
Windybank, Pvt. Richard W.
Wineholt, Pvt. Paul A.
Winelead, Lt. Guy J.
Winemen, Cpl. Lesher A.
Winfield, Johnson T.
Wing, Cpl. Edward P.
Wing, Pvt. Douglas K.
Wing, Pvt. William N.
Wingate, Pvt. George L.
Wingert, Pvt. Jacob H.
Wingfield, John
Winholtz, William
Wink, Pvt. Henry C.
Winkle, Cpl. Edward
Winklemeyer, Pvt. Carl A.
Winkler, Cpl. Robert E.
Winlecki, Pvt. Edward L.
Winn, Charlie
Winn, E. W.
Winn, James
Winn, James
Winn, James
Winn, W. C.
Winner, Charles A.
Winnett, E. L.
Winnett, Pvt. Robert V.
Winningham, Cpl. Robert E.
Winsell, Merritt
Winslow, Capt. Kenelm
Winslow, Lt. Allen F.
Winslow, Pvt. Arthur E.
Winston, John W.
Winston, Pvt. Charlie
Winston, Pvt. John W.
Winter, 2Lt. Clarence H.
Winter, Cpl. Sheddon E.
Winter, Pvt. Henry
Winter, Jr., Cpl. W. L.
Winters, C. Fuller
Winters, Pvt. George E.
Winters, Pvt. William M.
Winters, Sgt. Robert D.
Winterton, Lt. Roland J.
Wirketie, Pvt. Peter
Wirth, Pvt. Charles Calvin
Wirth, Pvt. Edward
Wisdom, Mrs. Marion
Wise, Edith
Wise, John
Wise, John
Wise, Pvt. Forest Alvin
Wise, Pvt. James L.
Wiseman, Pvt. Charles F.
Wisner, Ella
Wisner, Ella M.
Wisner, Ella M.
Wisner, Mrs. Alvin
Wisowaty, Felix
Wist, Pvt. Walter
Wisted, Pvt. David G.
Wisthoff, Charles W.
Witbeck, Cpl. Alden M.
Witherden, Mary
Withers, Pvt. Michael P.
Withington, Cpl. Eugene S.
Withrow, Pvt. Merrill B.
Witkowski, Frank E.
Witouski, Pvt. John
Witt, James
Witt, Pvt. Thomas S.
Witte, Cpl. Adolph O.
Witter, Cpl. Walter G.
Witter, Lester L.
Wittkopp, Pvt. Ansel
Wittstein, Pvt. Ely
Witzel, Joseph J.
Wix, Cpl. Buford L.
Wix, Pvt. John M.
Wlatman, Pvt. John J.
Wofford, Frank D.
Wofford, Pvt. John
Wojoiechowski, Sgt. Alex
Wold, Lt. Ernest G.
Wolf, Cpl. Jacob H.
Wolf, Joseph Mitchell
Wolfe, Cpl. Lawrence R.
Wolfe, Pvt. Horace J.
Wolfe, Pvt. Hyman
Wolfe, Pvt. John W.
Wolfe, Pvt. Paul B.
Wolfe, Pvt. Turner
Wolff, Pvt. Lawrence
Wolford, Mrs. Eugene
Wolford, Mrs. Eugene
Wolley, Sir Phillips
Wollne, Carl A.
Wollny, Pvt. Teador
Wollum, Pvt. Ols S.
Wollum, Pvt. Turleif
Wolpi, Pvt. Antonio
Wolters, Mollie
Womack, Dorothy May
Womack, Dorothy May
Womack, Frank
Womack, Frank
Womack, J. M.
Womack, James
Womack, Pvt. William C.
Womble, Pvt. John J.
Wongrowski, Pvt. Frank
Wood, Ben
Wood, C. W.
Wood, Charles E.
Wood, Cpl. Arthur
Wood, Cpl. Carl J.
Wood, Cpl. Donald R.
Wood, Cpl. Edwin M.
Wood, Cpl. Harry F.
Wood, Cpl. Rufus C.
Wood, Dr. John S.
Wood, Frankie
Wood, Grace Frances
Wood, Grace Frances
Wood, Harold C.
Wood, Harry
Wood, Henry O.
Wood, J. C.
Wood, Jim
Wood, Jim
Wood, John N.
Wood, Louis
Wood, Louis
Wood, Lt. Alton P.
Wood, Lt. Lambert A.
Wood, Lt. Thurston E.
Wood, Margaret
Wood, Mary
Wood, Mrs. William A.
Wood, Pvt. Benjamin
Wood, Pvt. Bert O.
Wood, Pvt. Charles
Wood, Pvt. Charles H.
Wood, Pvt. Charles H.
Wood, Pvt. Elba N.
Wood, Pvt. Henry O.
Wood, Pvt. James A.
Wood, Pvt. James C.
Wood, Pvt. James C.
Wood, Pvt. James F.
Wood, Pvt. Jeremiah
Wood, Pvt. Robert Henry
Wood, Pvt. Roy O.
Wood, Pvt. Stephen C.
Wood, Pvt. Thomas W.
Wood, Pvt. W. L.
Wood, Pvt. William
Wood, Sarah
Wood, Sgt. Ray A.
Wood, Vina Harrington
Wood, W. W.
Wood, Jr., Lt. Robert H.
Wood?, Pvt. Floyd H.
Woodal, Sgt. Charles E.
Woodall, Mrs. C. A.
Woodard, Dr. R. E.
Woodard, Dr. R. E.
Woodard, Ethel
Woodard, Frank H.
Woodard, Mrs. Lue
Woodard, Pvt. Ephriam H.
Woodard, Pvt. Hugh A.
Woodbury, Lt. Robert D.
Woodford, Pvt. William O.
Woodgrift, Cpl. Charles E.
Wood-Lynch, Mrs. Augustus J.
Woodmansee, Cpl. Leslie
Woodrow, Pvt. Harry R.
Woodruff, Kate E.
Woodruff, Kate E. McIntosh
Woodruff, Pvt. Wilbert A.
Woodruff, Sgt. Henry G.
Woods, Ben
Woods, Cdt. Horace
Woods, Cpl. Twig L.
Woods, Cpl. Wylie
Woods, Gertrude
Woods, Gertrude
Woods, L. A. F.
Woods, Louis
Woods, Mrs. John
Woods, Otis
Woods, Pvt. Ezra
Woods, Pvt. Harry Charles
Woods, Pvt. Horace
Woods, Pvt. John A.
Woods, Pvt. Oscar L.
Woods, Pvt. Rene
Woods, Pvt. Richard
Woods, Pvt. Robert A.
Woods, Pvt. William N.
Woodside, Sgt. James L.
Woodson, Gracie
Woodson, Milton
Woodson, Mortimer
Woodson, Pvt. John H.
Woodsworth, Tom
Woodward, Girl
Woodward, Lt. Leroy Gates
Woodward, Minor
Woodward, Pvt. Burley
Woodward, Pvt. Emmett M.
Woodward, Sgt. Lasie
Woodward, Sgt. Louis S.
Woodward, W. C.
Woodward, W. C.
Woodwine, Sgt. John I.
Woodyard, Pvt. Luther B.
Wooldridge, Fay
Wooldridge, Hastings
Woolery, Sgt. Burton
Woolery, William Walter
Wooley, Mrs. W. O.
Wooley, Pvt. Archie M.
Woolrey, Pvt. Walter Floyd
Woolridge, Pvt. William
Woolvine, Pvt. George W.
Wootan, Pvt. Silas S.
Wooten, C. M.
Wooten, Garland Mayes
Wooten, Garland Mayes
Wooten, Kane
Wooten, Lt. James Council
Wooten, Luther
Wooten, Mrs. J. S.
Wooten, Stella
Word, Pvt. Arthur A.
Worden, Pvt. Eddie W.
Worden, Pvt. Harvey C.
Worlds, John
Worley, Thomas S.
Worme, Pvt. Arthur W.
Wormer, Pvt. Alex J.
Wormlight, Pvt. Lester H.
Worms, Pvt. George T.
Worms, Jr., Pvt. William H.
Wornski, Pvt. Farlow
Worrall, Sgt. Harold J.
Worrdmann, Cpl, Raymond L.
Worsham, Patty
Worsham, Pvt. Jorge
Worsham, Pvt. Thomas
Worsley, William Henry
Worslty, W. M.
Worthington, Capt. Henry M.
Worthington, Cpl. Henry F.
Worthington, F. A.
Worthy, Cpl. Joseph
Worthy, Emily R.
Worthy, Emily R.
Wos?, Pvt. Stephen
Wosenski, Pvt. Julius
Wosniak, Child
Wosniak, Child
Wosniak, Child
Wothington, Pvt. Wilford
Wouroaillon, Pvt. Jean B.
Wowlfe, Pvt. John J.
Wrasse, Cpl. Earl G.
Wray, 1Lt. J. L.
Wray, Cpl. Pleasant L.
Wren, Pvt. Oscar
Wright, Arthur R.
Wright, Carl C.
Wright, Cpl. Charles
Wright, Cpl. Leland L.
Wright, Dr. H.
Wright, Dr. H.
Wright, Dr. L. R.
Wright, Frank
Wright, J. L.
Wright, John A.
Wright, Leonard
Wright, Louisa
Wright, Louisa
Wright, Maggie Belle
Wright, Maj. Benjamin F.
Wright, Mrs. J. A.
Wright, Nannie Jane
Wright, Pvt. Albert D.
Wright, Pvt. Arnold L.
Wright, Pvt. Benjamin C.
Wright, Pvt. Benjamin P.
Wright, Pvt. Chandler P.
Wright, Pvt. Charles O.
Wright, Pvt. Clyde Lain
Wright, Pvt. David M.
Wright, Pvt. Ernest U.
Wright, Pvt. Frank
Wright, Pvt. Garland
Wright, Pvt. George C.
Wright, Pvt. Harold H.
Wright, Pvt. James T.
Wright, Pvt. Jess C.
Wright, Pvt. John B.
Wright, Pvt. Johnnie
Wright, Pvt. Lynn E.
Wright, Pvt. Mac
Wright, Pvt. Marvin G.
Wright, Pvt. Phillip M.
Wright, Pvt. Ralph T.
Wright, Pvt. Reuben O.
Wright, Pvt. Richard M.
Wright, Pvt. Robert
Wright, Pvt. Roy D.
Wright, Pvt. Vernon
Wright, Pvt. Will W.
Wright, Pvt. William
Wright, Sadie
Wright, Sgt. Adolph K.
Wright, Sgt. Daniel B.
Wright, Sgt. Samuel James
Wright, T. J.
Wright, William
Wright, William W.
Wtilansky, Pvt. George G.
Wubben, Lt. Eugene Paul
Wulcekausky, Pvt. Antahas
Wunsch, Pvt. Charles H.
Wunsch, R. W.
Wunsch, Robert
Wurabach, Cpl. Oscar Ervin
Wurst, Cpl. Fred
Wurster, John A.
Wuseclona, Cpl. Alphonso D.
Wuslich, Cpl. Miller
Wyatt, Mrs. A.
Wyatt, Pvt. Clarence Vinton
Wyatt, Pvt. Homer
Wyatt, Pvt. James O.
Wyatt, Pvt. Richard
Wycoff, Judge S. B.
Wycoff, Pvt. Ernest D.
Wycough, Judge S. B.
Wyke, Sgt. Charles S.
Wylds, Mrs. Grover
Wyley, Pvt. Van
Wylie, Annie
Wylie, Cpl. Russell Ewing
Wylie, Mrs. C. Y.
Wylie, Mrs. Elliott
Wylie, Pvt. Frank
Wylie, Pvt. James L.
Wymer, Pvt. Vernon
Wynn, Pvt. Aubrey A. R.
Wynne, Mrs. J. C.
Wynne, Pvt. Matthew
Wynne, Sgt. Patrick J.
Wynt, Max
Wyrick, Pvt. Benjamin
Yacuro, Pvt. Mike
Yaczunsky, Pvt. Albert
Yaeger, Johanna
Yaeger, Johanna
Yaffee, Asher
Yancey, Mrs. J. M.
Yancey, Sgt. Roy A.
Yancy, Mrs. Frank
Yancy, Mrs. Frank
Yancy, Pvt. Bertram B.
Yannuzzi, Pvt. Giuseppe
Yanoscak, Cpl. John Andrew
Yansaman, Harry J.
Yapla, Pvt. Mike
Yarbaugh, Lee
Yarborough, Lt. George H.
Yarborough, Pvt. James C.
Yarbrough, Pvt. Charlie W.
Yarnell, Lt. William H.
Yarnell, Lt. William H.
Yasell?, Sgt. Robert W.
Yasulevch, Pvt. Charles
Yates, A. B.
Yates, Dr. W. N.
Yates, Ella Augusta
Yates, Ethel
Yates, Mrs. S. J.
Yates, Sgt. James L.
Yauch, Eva
Yaugh, Eva
Yawger, Perry
Yawn, Pvt. William
Ybarra, Pvt. Jose
Yeager, Johanna
Yeager, Lt. Carrick H.
Yeager, Lt. Carrick Heiskell
Yeager, Pvt. Beeman C.
Yeager, Pvt. William W.
Yeager, William W.
Yearwood, Rev. G. M.
Yearwood, Rev. J. M.
Yelle, Pvt. Adrian L.
Yetter, Cpl. George
Yevanovitch, Pvt. Joseph
Yick, Lee
Yochum, Pvt. Walter L.
Yocum, Pvt. Fred V.
Yodoha, Pvt. Peter
Yoes, Hazel
Yonker, Pvt. Harry H.
York, Colonel
York, Cpl. Guy E.
York, Pvt. Asa C.
York, Pvt. Loraine
York, Sgt. James A.
Yorkes, Pvt. Joseph A.
Yost, Pvt. Anthony J.
Yost, Pvt. Frank E.
Young, 1Lt. Robert W.
Young, Charles W.
Young, Col. James R.
Young, Cpl. Charles Ed
Young, Cpl. John H.
Young, Cpl. Paul
Young, Cpl. Roscoe D.
Young, D. R.
Young, Dave
Young, Dave
Young, Edward F.
Young, Edward J.
Young, Ella Flagg
Young, Frank
Young, Irene
Young, J. H.
Young, J. R.
Young, J. R.
Young, L. A. P.
Young, Lt. Alfred K.
Young, Lt. Edward S.
Young, Lt. Frank L.
Young, Lt. Thomas H.
Young, Maggie
Young, Maj. S. W.
Young, Maj. S. W.
Young, Pvt. Cecil L.
Young, Pvt. Charles A.
Young, Pvt. Charles F.
Young, Pvt. Clifford
Young, Pvt. Earl M.
Young, Pvt. Edgar L.
Young, Pvt. Floyd S.
Young, Pvt. Francis E.
Young, Pvt. Frank
Young, Pvt. Frank C.
Young, Pvt. Frederick
Young, Pvt. George L.
Young, Pvt. Gleason W.
Young, Pvt. Henry
Young, Pvt. Henry A.
Young, Pvt. j. H.
Young, Pvt. James H.
Young, Pvt. James R.
Young, Pvt. Jazy
Young, Pvt. John Guion
Young, Pvt. Morten W.
Young, Pvt. Odis
Young, Pvt. Reginald
Young, Pvt. Walter H.
Young, Pvt. William E.
Young, Pvt. Willie Martin
Young, R. R.
Young, Samuel
Young, Sgt. Raymond L.
Young, T. P.
Youngblood, Clarence
Youngblood, Cpl. Clyde L.
Youngblood, Marion
Youngell, Pvt. Joe C.
Younger, Pvt. Mike
Younginger, Pvt. George
Yount, George W.
Yount, Pvt. Russell
Yount, Pvt. Russell
Younts, Mata Adeliade
Younts, Mata Adeliade
Younts, Mata Adeliade
Yow, C. A.
Yowell, Sgt. John
Zaber, Pvt. Ernest
Zadig, Charles
Zafren, Pvt. Max
Zahniser, Pvt. Norman M.
Zaico, Pvt. Paoset
Zakaroska, Pvt. Paul P.
Zakrewski, Sczepan
Zalesky, Cpl. Charles George
Zanetti, Birtie
Zangara, Pvt. Thomas
Zannette, Pvt. Julius
Zanovit, Cpl. Stanley
Zaoata, Pvt. Estantslao
Zapalac, Pvt. George A.
Zaslona, Pvt. Stanley
Zauisan, Pvt. John
Zebrozwki, Pvt. Stanley
Zecota, Pvt. Dominick
Zegilder, Mrs. E. C.
Zeh, Pvt. Denis F.
Zeigler, Charles
Zeigler, Sue Lusby
Zeigler, Sue Lusby
Zelas, Pvt. Edward
Zeller, John C.
Zellin, Pvt. Bennie R.
Zelonganski, Pvt. Leo S.
Zeman, Frank
Zender, Pvt. Jay E.
Zermatten, Morris
Zermatten, Morris
Zermatten, Morris
Zernick, Pvt. John E.
Zewark, Pvt. Walter
Zhanel, Cpl. John
Zhoran, Pvt. Joseph
Ziegler, Pvt. John P.
Ziegler, Sue Lusby
Ziegsweid, Pvt. Frank J.
Zieman, William A.
Zihala, Pvt. Joseph A.
Zimeur, Pvt. John D.
Zimmerle, George W.
Zimmerman, Edward L.
Zimmerman, Pvt. Victor
Zimmerman, Sgt. Henry
Zimmerman, Walter O.
Zinc, Darrell Dean
Zinc, Darrell Dean
Zinc, Darrell Dean
Zink, Pvt. Andreas
Zink, Pvt. Louis F.
Zinn, Pvt. Guy Lester
Zion, Sgt. Grover A.
Zippay, Pvt. MIchael
Zippen, Cpl. Abraham
Zirbee?, Pvt. Anthony W.
Zitattis, Pvt. Frank
Zitinita, Pvt. Fidosay
Zoeliner, Cpl. Roy G.
Zoffke, Pvt. George A.
Zok, Pvt. Joe D.
Zolotorov, Pvt. Sam
Zona, J.
Zona, Pvt. Orazlo
Zorner, Pvt. George L.
Zosso, Pvt. Felix A.
Zuber, Pvt. Victor
Zueladorf, Pvt. Oscar W.
Zuhonow, Walter A.
Zukerman, Pvt. Saul
Zulpe, Pvt. James
Zulpo, Pvt. James
Zumwalt, Pvt. Grifford J.
Zumwalt, Pvt. Hurbert E.
Zurcher, Cpl. Louis L.
Zusching, Pvt. Elmer George
Zuver, Cpl. Edward Lewis
Zuzman, Sgt. John O.

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