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Name list from Index of Death Notices Appearing in the Arkansas Gazette, 1925

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Note: the book itself lists names, ages (when given), and towns from which reported; and the date, page and column number for the newspaper issue in which it appears. This information lets you look up or order copies of the news items themselves from a repository which has the Arkansas Gazette microfilm in its collection. When names below are listed more than once, it means there was more than one item about them in the newspapers.


Aaron, George
Aaron, Joe M.
Abbott, Charles
Abbott, Fred
Abbott, Louvina E.
Abel, Sr., William R.
Able, Violet
Abney, J.N.
Abrams, John A.
Ackerson, Child
Acklin, Lura
Acklin, Lura
Ackney, Louis
Acree, Susan B.
Acworth, Sir William
Adade, Joseph
Adams, Ansel
Adams, B.W.
Adams, Bob
Adams, George
Adams, Gertrude
Adams, H.L.
Adams, Harry Lester
Adams, I.
Adams, I.
Adams, J.C.
Adams, J.C.
Adams, J.D.
Adams, J.W.
Adams, John
Adams, John Walcott
Adams, Katherine
Adams, Lt. Edgar L.
Adams, M.E. "Dink"
Adams, Marvin
Adams, Mrs. Adult Female
Adams, Mrs. Bob
Adams, Mrs. J.A.
Adams, Mrs. John Quincy
Adams, Mrs. T.T.
Adams, Napoleon
Adams, Nellie
Adams, Pearl Newsom
Addington, Mrs. Lonnie
Addison, Mrs. J.M.
Addison, Walter E.
Adkins, A.C.
Adkins, Verlin
Adkisson, Andy Jackson
Adler, Ben
Adler, Mrs. W.M.
Adler, Mrs. W.M.
Adrain, Alec
Aeschliman, Richard
Agan, Mrs. G.D.
Ahart, Jake
Aikens, Hskill
Ailes, Melton E.
Ainesworth, Margaret
Ainsworth, James Edward
Akelund, John
Akers, Capt. William G.
Akerstrom, Homer Oscar
Akines, John T.
Akines, John Thomas
Alana, B.L.
Albright, Mary Matilda
Albright, Mrs. George
Albritton, B.R.
Albritton, Vera
Albro, Mittie Olivia
Aldridge, William Bradley
Alexander, Col Dealva Stanwood
Alexander, Evelyn Mae Crump
Alexander, I.H.
Alexander, LaFayette
Alexander, Walter L.
Alexandra, Queen Mother
Alford, Dr. Plummer
Alford, Girl
Alford, Mrs. J.W.
Alfrey, H.D.
Allbutt, Sir Thomas Clifford
Allen, A.
Allen, Annie M.
Allen, Annie M.
Allen, B.K.
Allen, B.L.
Allen, Carl
Allen, Carolina
Allen, ChRigger E.P.
Allen, Ebbie Jane
Allen, George
Allen, Henry M.
Allen, James
Allen, James Lane
Allen, Jess
Allen, John W.
Allen, Maggie Ann
Allen, Mrs. B.
Allen, Mrs. L.H.
Allen, Mrs. S.D.
Allen, Mrs. S.D.
Allen, Mrs. William
Allen, Mrs. Zack R.
Allen, Myrtle
Allen, Neil B.
Allen, Perry
Allen, Perry I.
Allen, Perry Ingram
Allen, R.H.
Allen, R.H.
Allen, Robert Jefferson
Allen, Thomas
Allen, Toby
Allen, Troy Leslie
Allen, Viola
Allen, W.H.
Allen, William
Allen, William Cooper
Alley, George C.
Alley, George C.
Allison, Blanker
Allison, Clayton
Allison, Cleo
Allison, Cordell
Allison, Esma
Allison, Jim
Allison, Maggie E. Latta
Allison, Mrs. Jim
Allison, Orton
Allison, Scotty
Allred, J.W.
Alls, Harry
Alls, Mrs. William
Alonzo, Severo F.
Alston, O.B.
Alston, O.B.
Alter, Leroy
Althouse, Minnie
Althouse, Minnie
Altman, Willie M.
Altschul, Mrs. Joe
Amatuna, Samuel
Ambers, Bob
Ames, Charles
Ames, Charles E.
Ames, Fred A.
Amidon, Col. Sam S.
Amidon, Priscilla
Ammons, Martha Sumner
Ammons, Mrs. W.E.
Ammons, Tillie
Amtmann, Max
Anderson, Andrew J.
Anderson, Andy "Slim"
Anderson, C.A.
Anderson, C.A.
Anderson, Clara Dale
Anderson, Claude
Anderson, Claude
Anderson, Edgar Hall
Anderson, Edgar Hall
Anderson, Ella
Anderson, Fannie
Anderson, Frank
Anderson, G.L.
Anderson, George "Dutch"
Anderson, George "Dutch"
Anderson, George "Dutch"
Anderson, J.W.
Anderson, Jack
Anderson, James
Anderson, James
Anderson, Jeff
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Mrs. J.S.
Anderson, Mrs. Jack
Anderson, Phil S.
Anderson, Tom
Anderson, Tom
Anderson, William H.
Anderson, Willie
Anderson, Jr., Charles H.
Anderson, jr., Cyril E.
Andrew, James M.
Andrews, Catherine
Andrews, Chase
Andrews, Child
Andrews, Child
Andrews, Col Ralph B.
Andrews, Col Ralph B.
Andrews, Mrs. Calvin
Andrey, Armanda
Angel, Dr. James
Angelo, Tom
Angelo, Tom
Angerstein, Karl
Angotti, Mrs. Stephen
Angotti, Mrs. Stephen
Angotti, Mrs. Steve
Angus, Gen. Felix
Annello, Francisco
Anona, Charles
Anthony, Evelyn
Anthony, John
Anthony, John F.
Appleby, Mrs. C.E.
Applegate, Dee
Apsley, L. Dewart
Arbogast, Delman
Archibald, Louisa
Ardemagni, Michael
Arendt, Harold
Armand, Harry
Armond, W.W.
Armory, Harcourt
Armour, Earnest
Armstrong, Edwin James
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Mary
Armstrong, Taylor
Armstrong, Wayne
Arn, Joseph W.
Arnell, Carl J.
Arney, Fred
Arney, Fred
Arnold, Henry W.
Arnold, John H.
Arnold, Kelly
Arnold, Mrs. Columbus
Arnold, Mrs. Dan
Arnold, Sallie R.
Arnold, Sarah Elizabeth
Arnold, Sr., Adolph
Arrington, Lavelle
Arrington, Lewell
Arrington, R.M.
Arrington, Roy
Arthur, Earl F.
Arthur, James
Asberry, Thomas
Asbury, Thomas Richardson
Ashcraft, Guy
Asher, James
Ashley, Mary
Ashlock, Mrs. J.B.
Ashlock, Mrs. J.B.
Atkerson, G.H.
Atkins, Anne Ray
Atkins, Mrs. Harley
Atkins, Rev. Frank N.
Atkins, Roland Cleveland
Atkinson, E.J.
Atkinson, George W.
Atkinson, Mrs. R.M.
Atkinson, V.E.
Atuesta, M.A.
Atwood, Charles E.
Atwood, Col. James Murray
Atwood, Mrs. W.C.
Atwood, Mrs. W.C.
Audia, Catherine
Audia, John
Aupast, August
Austin, Boy
Austin, Carl
Austin, Lloyd
Austin, Mrs. E.
Austin, Richard
Avery, C.W.
Avery, C.W.
Avitia, John
Axtell, May Cantrell
Axtell, Mrs. F.M.
Aydebitt, Sarah
Ayers, Mrs. J. D.
Ayres, Washington Paschal
Babbage, Henry S.
Babcock, C.W.
Baber, Henry O.
Babich, Joseph
Babry, Shannon
Bacharach, Robert Lee
Backett, O.F.L.
Bacon, Emma
Bacon, Emma
Badders, Orpha
Baedeker, Fritz
Baer, Louisa
Baer, Robert
Baer, Robert
Baggett, Josephine
Bagley, Mrs. Fulton
Bagmano, John B.
Bailey, Adult Male
Bailey, Arline
Bailey, B.G.
Bailey, Ellen
Bailey, Frank
Bailey, G.B.
Bailey, George
Bailey, Grace
Bailey, J.B.
Bailey, Jenele Gene
Bailey, Lawrence
Bailey, Lizzie Jane
Bailey, Mabel
Bailey, Mrs. Thom
Bailey, Mrs. W.L.
Bailey, Rachael Harriet
Bailey, Richard James
Bailey, Richard James
Bailey, Sim J.
Bailey, Thomas
Bain, Charles A.
Bainbridge, Girl
Bair, Samuel
Baird, Ed
Baird, Judge M.H.
Baker, Adult Male
Baker, Anna Jones
Baker, Annie Lee
Baker, Delphus
Baker, Dr. James Hutchins
Baker, E.H.
Baker, Edith S.
Baker, Etta
Baker, Frank
Baker, Josephine
Baker, L.D.
Baker, Martha C.
Baker, Mrs. J.H.
Baker, Mrs. J.H.
Baldock, Mary R.
Baldock, Mary R.
Baldridge, Andrew
Baldridge, George
Baldridge, George
Baldridge, Mrs. J.B.
Baldridge, Opal Rose
Baldus, Carl
Baldus, Mrs. Carl
Baldus, Richard
Baldwin, Ben F.
Baldwin, C.W.
Baldwin, Dr. Benjamin B.
Baldwin, Frank S.
Baldwin, Gen. Theodore A.
Baldwin, Ulys
Baley, Mrs. James
Ball, Benjamin J.
Ball, Benjamin J.
Ball, Geroge
Ball, Henry Spencer
Ball, I.S.
Ball, Mary
Ball, William
Ballard, Child
Ballard, Child
Ballard, George W.
Ballard, Mrs. B.
Ballard, Mrs. Harrison
Ballard, Mrs. Randall
Ballard, Pearl P.
Ballard, Randall
Ballard, Shelby
Balleau, Fannie
Ballinger, Bonnie Mae
Balmat, Mrs. Eugene
Balsley, Mrs. Thomas
Balsley, Thomas
Balthorpe, W.T.
Balton, J.W.
Bancroft, Edgar A.
Bangs, Belle
Banker, Earle P.
Banks, Carrie Wyatt
Banks, Mrs. C.R.
Banks, William
Banning, Lula
Banning, Lula
Barbe, Dr. Waltmwan
Barbe, Gilbert Warren
Barber, C.G.
Barber, Don
Barber, Helen
Barber, John
Barber, Lillian
Barber, Lish
Barbler, George
Barbour, Elizabeth Graeme
Barclay, U.G.
Barcroft, Mrs. E.A.
Barker, Elmer
Barker, Lewis
Barker, Lewis
Barker, Louis
Barkman, Richard H.
Barlow, W.W.
Barnard, Silas
Barnes, C.V.
Barnes, Dr. P.R.
Barnes, Dr. P.R.
Barnes, Earl
Barnes, Elizabeth
Barnes, Joe
Barnes, Leonard
Barnes, Leonard
Barnes, Murray
Barnes, Robert
Barnett, Harley
Barnett, Martha
Barnett, Mary Stanford
Barnett, Mrs. Herbert
Barnett, Tina
Barnhart, Milton
Barnhill, Nora
Baron, Helena
Barr, Dan
Barrentine, Albert
Barrett, "Dad"
Barrett, Charles
Barrett, Dr. Kate W.
Barrett, Elizabeth Ann
Barrett, J.C.
Barrett, Kate Waller
Barrett, Sir William Fletcher
Barrett, V.J.
Barringer, Lt. John D.
Barron, Kate Alma
Barron, Mary
Barron, Mary
Barron, Peter
Barry, Earl E.
Barry, Thomas F.
Barry, Walter E.
Bartholomew, "Bud"
Bartholomew, G.W.
Bartholomew, G.W.
Bartholomew, I.L.
Bartlett, Anderson G.
Bartlett, Anderson G.
Bartlett, Joe
Bartlett, Paul Waqland
Barton, Jack
Barton, James T.
Barton, Mrs. Charles R.
Basham, Earl
Baskerville, Mrs. M.E.
Baskerville, Mrs. M.E.
Baskins, John
Bass, A.D.
Bass, Barbara
Basset, Ellen Louise
Bassett, J.M.
Batchelder, Mary T.
Bateman, Charles Thomas
Bateman, David Harold
Bateman, Judge H.A.
Bateman, Sr., Joe B.
Bateman, Sr., Joe B.
Bates, Allie
Bates, E.W.
Bates, George
Battelle, Mrs. John Gordon
Batten, J.T.
Battenfield, Jesse
Battenfield, Pete
Batterson, J.P.
Battle, Mrs. E.A.
Battle, Mrs. E.A.
Battles, Clayd
Baucom, John
Baughan, W.W.
Baungardner, Marguerite
Baxley, Doyle
Baxter, C.
Baxter, Edna
Bayfinger, Pearl
Bayless, Betty Lou
Baynes, Ernest Harold
Bays, L. Betram
Bazzell, S.K.S.
Beach, Anna
Beall, Anna Hayes
Beall, Anne Hayes
Beall, Penina Collins
Beall, Roderick
Beals, Mrs. A.D.
Bean, C.W.
Bean, Kate
Beard, C.H.
Beard, Mary
Bearden, Mrs. N.J.
Bearden, Rev. John
Beardsley, Bertha
Beardsley, Bertha
Beardsley, William H.
Beasley, Annie
Beasley, Aubrey
Beasley, Capt. James E.
Beasley, James S.
Beasley, Jewell
Beasley, Mrs. L.H.
Beasley, Pauline
Beasley, Sr., Ed
Beaton, W.H.
Beattie, Charlton R.
Beattie, Mrs. Robert
Beaty, James Clifton
Beauchamp, Dr. William M.
Beauchamp, Fay
Beauchamp, J.A.
Beaugard, R.H.
Beaunier, Andre
Beaven, Dr. Samuel W.
Beaver, Child
Beaver, Ethel Anna
Beaver, Jessie
Beaver, L.M.
Beaver, Loretta
Beaver, Paul
Beaver, Zella
Beavers, D.W.
Bechears, Harry
Beck, Joseph Jackson
Beck, Mrs. S.A.
Beck, Mrs. William P.
Beck, Sir Adam
Beck, William
Becker, Helen
Becker, Peter A.
Becker, William Henry
Beckett, Hugh
Beckett, S.C.
Beckham, Mrs. I.L.
Beckham, Mrs. I.L.
Bedford, Alfred Coffin
Beebe, Louis
Beecher, Mary Bayliss
Beeler, Margaret Rebecca
Beery, Eugene
Beery, Joseph
Begin, Louis Cardinal Nazai
Beising, Frank
Belavin, Gen. Adult Male
Belcher, Everett
Bell, A.W.
Bell, Adult Male
Bell, Archie
Bell, Archie
Bell, Charlotte
Bell, Dr. G.W.
Bell, Fannie
Bell, Herman J.
Bell, Isabella
Bell, Jesse A.
Bell, John
Bell, John C.
Bell, Lantia
Bell, Lois
Bell, Lois
Bell, Margaret W.
Bell, Mrs. Ike
Bell, Roy
Bell, Sarah
Bellah, Homer
Bellamy, Ellen Washington
Beller, Boy
Beller, Boy
Bellows, George Wesley
Belote, Hulda
Belt, John L.
Belton, Mrs. William
Benbrook, Ewan
Benbrook, Uen
Bendich, Frank
Benedict, Maj. Carl C.
Benetz, Mrs. Emil P.
Benford, Will
Benitz, Alma Mary
Bennett, Carlos
Bennett, Earl J.
Bennett, Earl J.
Bennett, Elizabeth
Bennett, Ervin
Bennett, L.D.
Bennett, Laura
Bennett, Loren
Bennett, Mary Alice
Bennett, Rebecca
Bennett, Van B.
Bennett, Van H.
Bennett, William E.
Benolt, Girl
Benton, Henry V.
Benton, John T.
Benton, R.L.
Berg, Joseph C.
Bergert, Mary M.
Bergolo, Boy
Berkley, Mrs. "Coots"
Berman, Harry
Bernard, Anna
Bernard, F.X.
Bernard, F.X.
Bernard, Silas
Bernatto, Joseph
Berndson, Frank
Bernhardt, Mrs. Antonio
Berry, Albert S.
Berry, Alice
Berry, Clifford T.
Berry, Emory
Berry, H.C. "Jack"
Berry, Homer "Red"
Berry, Mrs. M.H.
Bertucci, Louis
Besse, Nollie
Besson, Madame Adult Female
Best, Sarah G.
Bettis, Faithey
Bettison, Rev. William
Beverly, Andrew B.
Beverly, Rena
Beyer, Mrs. H.C.
Biard, Kempner
Bickers, Lee
Bickham, Oliver W.
Bickle, John
Biddle, Laura Whelan
Biedsol, Emmet
Bietzen, Harry Joe
Bigelow, Nelson P.
Bigelow, Nelson Pendleton
Bigger, George B.
Biggs, Beulah
Biggs, Fred
Biggs, Margaret
Biggs, Mrs. Fred
Biggs, Neva
Biggs, Neva
Biggs, Price
Bijor, Major Nino
Bilbrey, Helen
Billings, Tessie
Billings, Tessie
Billingsley, Mrs. R.E.
Billingsley, Myrtle
Billsby, Scipio
Bilodeau, Adult Male
Bim, Monroe
Bingaman, Child
Bingaman, Child
Bingaman, George C.
Bird, Ed
Bird, Frank
Bird, I.A.
Bird, Nancy J.
Birge, Sr., Nat
Birkeland, Knute B.
Birtcher, Everett W.
Biscoe, Capt. Cameron N.
Biscoe, Capt. Cameron N.
Biscoe, Dr. Hamilton
Bishop, Col. Giles
Bishop, H.M.
Bishop, James
Bishop, Lake
Bishop, Lillie May
Bishop, Oscar E.
Bittles, Jr., Sam
Bivens, John B.
Bizot, Maurice
Black, John
Black, Logan R.
Black, William
Black, William E.
Black, William E.
Black, William E.
Blackburn, Arthur E.
Blackburn, Laura
Blackburn, Mary
Blackney, Thompson
Blackwell, Arnold
Blackwell, Prentiss
Blackwood, W.H.
Blair, Jennie
Blair, Jimmie
Blake, Bertha Curtis
Blake, Charlotte
Blake, Ivan
Blakeley, Nettie E.
Blakeley, Nettie E.
Blakemore, Ida
Blalock, Fern
Blanchard, Arthur Bailley
Blanchard, Captain George F.
Blanchard, Cora Eddie
Bland, Abe
Bland, Montgomery
Blanding, Sarah
Blanding, Sarah
Blank, Belle
Blankenship, Ardes
Blankenship, D.O.
Blankenship, Dr. A.G.
Blankenship, Eli
Blankenship, Lee
Blanks, Dr. W.L.
Blanks, Joe
Blann, George W.
Blase, Ernest
Blaser, Mrs. John
Blassingame, Mrs. Tom
Blaylock, D.P.
Blaylock, Dave
Blaylock, T.O.
Blaylock, Sr., D.P.
Blazer, Girl
Blazer, Hazel
Blazer, Hazel Ingrit
Bledsoe, Constable R.R.
Bledsoe, R.E.
Blevins, Lena
Blevins, Vernon
Blewster, Mrs. W.C.
Blewstor, Mrs. W.O.
Bliss, Canon William H.
Bliss, J.H.
Bliss, Mrs. J.H.
Block, Fannie Fay
Block, Mrs. Joseph F.
Blohm, Caroline
Blomberg, Frank C.
Bloom, John H.
Bloomes, George
Blount, Mollie
Blue, Ella Lee
Blue, W.C.
Bluerock, Katie
Bluma, Charles
Bluma, Charles
Bock, C.
Bock, Mrs. M.G.
Boffey, Charles
Bogard, Clara A.
Bogart, Amy
Bogaski, Stanton
Bohanan, George
Bohanan, Robert
Bohannan, John H.
Bohannan,Jr., William
Boice, Ida
Boice, Ida M.
Bolen, Elizabeth
Boley, Mrs. E.R.
Bolger, Emma
Bolin, Lafayette E.
Bolin, Vina
Bollen, Vilna
Bolling, Mrs. William H.
Bollinger, William
Bollinger, William
Bond, Frank P.
Bond, R.N.
Bonds, Clarence L.
Bonds, Clenard
Bone, Capt. C.O.
Bone, W.H.
Bonham, Earnestine
Boni, Prof. Giacomo
Bonner, Ed
Bonner, John
Bono, William H.
Bono, William H.
Booker, Granville S.
Bookout, Ulis
Boone, Cora E.
Boone, Lula Preddy
Boone, Maud
Boote, Mrs. R.L.
Booth, John R.
Booth, P.H.
Booth, P.H.
Boozer, Hamp
Borah, G.B.
Bordeaux, Carl
Bordeaux, Sallie
Borden, Jacob
Borders, Mrs. S.F.
Borders, Sallie F.
Boren, Jess
Boren, Rebecca
Borum, J.D.
Bosard, Edgar
Bosard, Mrs. Ralph
Bosard, Mrs. Ralph
Bosard, Ralph
Boshears, Iva
Bosse, Mrs. Harold
Bosshart, Anna Marie
Bossinger, Slater C.
Bossinger, Slater C.
Boswell, Edna
Botch, Edith
Boudousquit, Prof. Paul C.
Bougeous, Leon
Bound, Mrs. Joe
Bourdelais, Frank L.
Bourland, William A.
Bourn, Augustus O.
Bowden, Charles
Bowden, Elizabeth
Bowden, J.D. "Pistol Pete"
Bowden, Mrs. E.C.
Bowden, Victoria
Bowden, W.J.
Bowen, Mary Levitt
Bowen, Mrs Harvey
Bowen, Mrs. Harvey
Bowerman, C.B.
Bowles, Joseph Bernard
Bowlin, Tom
Bowling, Ada
Bowling, Mollie
Bowlker, Mrs. T.J.
Bowman, Ed
Bowman, Elna Elizabeth
Bowman, Luther
Bowser, E.H.
Bowser, E.H.
Box, Doyce
Box, Fred
Box, Fred
Box, Rev. W.T.
Box, Rev. W.T.
Box, W.M.
Boyd, Adult Female
Boyd, Bessie
Boyd, Charley
Boyd, Cynthia
Boyd, David L.
Boyd, F.O.
Boyd, Girl
Boyd, Harvey U.
Boyd, J.L.
Boyd, John Wesley
Boyd, Leonard
Boyd, Mrs. R.R.
Boyd, Mrs. Tom
Boyd, Noble
Boyd, Olivia
Boyd, Robert S.
Boyden, Albert A.
Boyett, T.J.
Boykin, Edgar
Boykin, R.L.
Boyle, Annie L.
Boyle, Annie L.
Boyles, Fannie
Bracco, Mike
Bracher, Girl
Bracher, Girl
Bracken, Clio Hinton
Brackett, Coxwain I.J.
Braden, Roy
Braden, Wilna
Bradford, B.F.
Bradford, Clifford
Bradford, J.D.
Bradley, Blanche
Bradley, Carlos
Bradley, Clarence L.
Bradley, John E.
Bradley, Sarah
Bradley, Thelma
Bradney, Mrs. W.H.
Bradshaw, Crockett T.
Bradsher, Mrs. J.A.
Brady, W. Tate
Brady, William M.
Bragg, Flossie M.
Bragg, W.W.
Brain, Sidney
Brainerd, Lawrence
Braley, Charles Alvin
Bram, David
Bramley, Fred
Branch, James T.
Brandon, George
Brandon, Mary C.
Brandt, Edward
Brandt, Leslie C.
Brandt, Lt. Howard C.
Brannan, Thomas J.
Brannan, Winefred
Brannan, Winefred
Brannon, J.W.
Brannon, Mary
Brannon, Tom A.
Branting, Hjalmar
Brashears, Roy
Brashears, William R.
Brasher, Effie M.
Brassfield, Samuel A.
Braswell, George F.
Bratcher, Mrs. W.A.
Brawley, Jake
Bray, Maxie
Brazzel, Girl
Breathwit, Dr. William
Brechner, Mrs. George
Breckenridge, Lizzie
Breckenridge, Mary
Breech, Mrs. H.S.
Breeding, Child
Breene, Harold Bruce
Breiner, Leon
Brennan, Edwin Albert
Brennan, John
Brent, Charles A.
Brent, Earl
Bresman, James
Brewer, Carl T.
Brewer, Charles D.
Brewer, Child
Brewer, Dr. W.R.
Brewer, Ellen
Brewer, Jack
Brewer, Laurence
Brewer, Martha A.
Brewer, N.M.
Brewer, Nancy A.
Brewer, William R.
Brewster, Arthur B.
Brewster, Arthur W.
Brewster, Louise
Brian, Nancy
Briant, George H.
Brickell, Leila
Bridewell, Jerry
Bridgeman, J.A.
Bridges, Dr. J.C.
Bridges, Drucie
Bridges, Mrs. R.L.
Brierton, Emma
Briggs, Ella Stuart
Briggs, Marion
Brinson, Amanda Gallaher
Brisco, William E.
Briscoe, James I.
Briscoe, James I.
Briscoe, Mrs. Charles S.
Britt, Edwin
Britt, Mary Anne Sager
Britten, John
Brittingham, Joe
Britton, Minnie Ruth
Broadhurst, Dora
Brock, Albert O.
Brock, Frances
Brock, Mrs. A.W.
Brodgen, Alice C.
Brodie, John
Brodie, John
Brodie, John
Broemaer, George J.
Brogan, Alfred
Bromley, Arch N.
Brooke, Rev. Joseph S.
Brookhouse, Howard
Brooks, "Dynamite" Joe
Brooks, Abe
Brooks, Elbert Wayne
Brooks, Margaret
Brooks, Mrs. J.H.
Brooks, Mrs. Johnie
Brooks, Mrs. W.C.
Brooks, W.P.
Broom, A.D.
Broom, ChMach Charles N.
Broomfield, Edna
Broussard, Lt. John S.
Brower, Mrs. S.E.
Brower, Sarah Ellis
Browmser, George J.
Brown, Billy Jean
Brown, Boy
Brown, Boy
Brown, Boy
Brown, Boy
Brown, Boy
Brown, Carl
Brown, Carrie
Brown, Carrie
Brown, Charles
Brown, Child
Brown, Clarence
Brown, Dalton
Brown, Dalton
Brown, Earl T.
Brown, Edwin
Brown, Eli
Brown, Elizabeth A.
Brown, Elsie
Brown, Emma
Brown, Ernest M.
Brown, Ernest M.
Brown, Esther
Brown, Frances
Brown, Fred
Brown, G.R.
Brown, George
Brown, Gerald R.
Brown, Girl
Brown, H.E.
Brown, Harley Rector
Brown, Henry
Brown, Ira
Brown, J. Ed
Brown, J. Epps
Brown, J.D.
Brown, J.E.
Brown, Jack
Brown, Jake
Brown, James
Brown, Jesse
Brown, Jesse
Brown, Joe
Brown, Joe
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John B.
Brown, Lulu
Brown, Marlow
Brown, Marthe
Brown, Milburn
Brown, Mildred
Brown, Mrs. A.D.
Brown, Mrs. C.A.
Brown, Mrs. Charles L.
Brown, Mrs. George
Brown, Mrs. J.G.W.
Brown, Mrs. W.N.
Brown, Nan A.
Brown, Oliver
Brown, Oliver
Brown, Paul Lester
Brown, R.C.
Brown, R.C.
Brown, R.C.
Brown, Rev. Steven Franklin
Brown, Virgil
Brown, W. Jess
Brown, W.F.
Brown, W.L.
Brown, W.T.
Brown, Wallace
Brown, Wayne D.
Brown, William
Brown, Wylie
Brown, Jr., Hugh J. "Buster"
Browne, Will H.
Browning, Dr. E.C.
Browning, Maude
Browning, W.B.
Browning, W.T.
Browning, W.T.
Broyhill, George
Brozie, Stanley
Bruce, Andrew F.
Bruce, Mrs. J.H.
Bruce, Verdie Maddox
Brugh, Edward
Brunden, Dr. G.A.
Bruner, Earl
Bruner, John
Bruney, Oscar
Brunner, Jr., Edwin
Brunner, Sr., Edwin
Brusseau, Harvey
Brusseau, Richard
Brusseau, Jr., Richard
Bruton, Elizabeth
Bruun, Mamie
Brwoning, George
Bryan, Edgar L.
Bryan, Mattie E.
Bryan, Mrs. W.D.
Bryan, Paul
Bryan, William Jennings
Bryant, Emma
Bryant, Essie
Bryant, Mrs. D.M.
Bryant, Samuel Buchanan
Brysen, Robert W.
Bryson, Robert W.
Bryson, Sam Y.
Buchanan, Enoch Bateman
Buchanan, Lawrence
Buchner, Clark A.
Buchran, Jim
Buckley, Edward J.
Buckley, Samuel
Buckley, William
Buckner, Child
Buckner, Child
Buckner, Lee
Buffalo, R.L.
Buffalo, R.L.
Buffalo, R.L.
Buford, G.C.
Buford, George C.
Buford, James
Buford, Mrs. Walter
Bugbee, Thomas S.
Bugg, Mrs. Lee
Bugg, Thomas M.
Bullard, George
Bullard, Mrs. J.D.
Bullock, Andy
Bullock, G.W.
Bullock, Judge Frank A.
Bunch, Harrison
Bunch, Harrison
Bunch, Jack
Bund, Gertrude
Bunyard, John Franklin
Buongore, John
Buranelli, Lawrence
Burbank, Mrs. Fred
Burch, Earl
Burch, Haze
Burch, Ward
Burchett, Claude
Burchett, Dr. J.G.
Burchett, Martha
Burel, Lizzie
Burel, Lizzie
Burge, Bishop Hubert Murray
Burk, John M.
Burk, Paul
Burke, Emma
Burke, Frank
Burke, Harvey
Burke, Kate
Burkes, John Richard
Burkett, Cecil M.
Burkholder, H.
Burks, Miles
Burleigh, Audrey
Burleigh, Lt. Albert P.
Burleligh, Audrey
Burleligh, Audrey
Burlingame, T.E.
Burnett, Dr. I.E.
Burnett, F.P.
Burnett, Gertrude
Burnett, Otto C.
Burnett, Samuel L.
Burnett, Samuel L.
Burnette, Evelyn
Burney, Hattie M.
Burnpass, Mrs. R.C.
Burns, Belle
Burns, Child
Burns, David W.
Burns, Della
Burns, E.N.
Burns, Jack Allen
Burns, James C.
Burns, John
Burns, Luther
Burns, Milton
Burns, Morgan
Burnside, B.L.
Burrell, C.H.
Burrell, Edward Henry
Burrell, J.
Burris, Albert
Burris, Archie
Burris, Edward M.
Burris, Henry
Burris, Henry
Burrows, Swan
Burrows, Swan
Bursi, Luis
Burt, A.M.
Burt, Lulu
Burton, Adult Female
Burton, Adult Male
Burton, Allie B.
Burton, Child
Burton, Dr. Marion L.
Burton, Edith
Burton, Ernest Dewitt
Burton, Gertha
Burton, Martha Helen
Burton, Mary
Burton, Mary
Burton, Mrs. Ida
Burton, Ola
Burton, T.
Burts, Matt
Bury, Lloyd
Busbee, Tillman
Bush, Mrs. D.L.
Bushnell, Nathan
Buster, Jack
Buster, Jack
Butcher, John
Butler, Boy
Butler, Clay
Butler, Col. William C.
Butler, Freda
Butler, Joe
Butler, Lillie
Butler, Marie
Butler, Mary Frances
Butler, Mrs. Joe
Butler, Roosevelt
Buttecavoli, Tony
Butterfield, A.F.
Butterworth, B.J.
Buttram, Mary Joe
Buxton, Ned H.
Byard, W.J.
Byers, Barney
Byers, L.E.
Byford, Grady
Byler, Mrs. John
Bynum, Dr. E.T.
Byrd, A.A.
Byrd, A.A.
Byrd, J.H.
Byrd, Joe
Byrd, Joe
Byrd, T.M.
Byrne, Marie
Byrum, Jane
Cabaniss, Henry
Cabe, Rillie
Cable, George W.
Cabler, Kate
Cabler, Wylie C.
Cachon, Lillie
Cachon, Louis
Cadill, Mrs. H.
Cady, George Byron
Cady, Mrs. George P.
Cady, Rev. Chauncey Marvin
Cagel, Lt. Thomas L.
Cahill, Capt. John J.
Caiten, Delfino
Calbert, George
Caldwell, A.C.
Caldwell, H.T.
Caldwell, Hiram
Caldwell, Isom
Caldwell, J.M.
Caldwell, Mrs. Lonnie
Caldwell, Mrs. Lonnie
Calhoun, James H.
Calk, Mrs. J.L.
Calk, Mrs. J.L.
Callow, Mrs. Lewis C.
Calloway, Joe E.
Calvert, Lee
Calvert, Lewis E.
Calvert, Maj. Henry Murray
Calwagen, Dr. E.
Cameron, C.A.
Cameron, Col. Beneham
Cameron, Mary Frances
Camp, Mrs. M.E.
Camp, Walter
Campbell, Charles
Campbell, Ed
Campbell, H.W.
Campbell, Henry
Campbell, John
Campbell, Mary
Campbell, Mary Ruth
Campbell, Mrs. C.F.
Campbell, Mrs. W.C.
Campbell, Ollie
Campbell, Prince L.
Campbell, Tom
Campbell, Vernon
Campbell, W.F.
Campbell, Will D.
Campbell, Worthy
Canada, Bert
Canada, Lucious T.
Canniff, William H.
Cannon, Anna
Cannon, Robert
Canterberry, Emmett
Cantrell, Mary
Cantrell, William Armour
Caperton, Frank
Caple, Lula
Cappett, Ora
Capps, John
Carden, Powell S.
Cardwell, Arthur
Cardwell, Arthur
Cardwell, George
Carey, Mrs. Charles H.
Carl, Charles
Carl, Charles
Carl, Sara Parks
Carlotte, Nava
Carlton, William
Carmack, W.B.
Carman, Mrs. H.
Carmen, Lee
Carnahan, Gilbert
Carnahan, Helen
Carnahan, J.C.
Carnes, Mrs. Johnnie
Carney, Charles
Carney, Susan
Carpenter, Joseph N.
Carr, Belle
Carr, Katy B.
Carr, Linnie B.
Carr, Linnie B.
Carr, Lucy
Carr, Rebecca D.
Carr, Robert Owens
Carrel, Addie
Carrell, Charles Thomas
Carricutt, Martin E.
Carroll, C.V.
Carroll, Charles A.
Carroll, Charles Arthur
Carroll, James
Carroll, John
Carroll, William H.
Carter, Dr. Henry
Carter, Ed
Carter, Fanny E.
Carter, George
Carter, George Benjamin
Carter, H.G.
Carter, Henry Grady
Carter, J.W.
Carter, Jack H.
Carter, Joe W.
Carter, John M.
Carter, Lizzie
Carter, M.M.
Carter, Mrs. Charles E.
Carter, Mrs. S.M.
Carter, Oscar Herman
Carter, R.A.
Carter, Richard
Carter, Rufus B.
Carter, T.D.
Carter, William
Cartwright, J.T.
Caruthers, James
Caruthers, Mrs. T.J.
Carver, Segal
Cary, Mrs. Joe
Casalman, Mrs. Albert
Casber, Dan
Case, John
Casey, Earle C.
Casey, Lillian
Casey, R.D.
Caskey, Naomi
Cason, B.F.
Cassady, John
Cassagne, Francis
Cassagne, Francis
Cassidy, Ralph Edward
Cassinelli, Jr., Louis Umbert
Cassinelli, Jr., Louis Umbert
Casterol, Eliza
Castro, Dave
Catchings, J.Q.
Caterasso, Gatano
Cates, Mrs. James
Cato, Henry Lewis
Catron, Robert M.
Caughy, Rebecca
Caulkins, Harold H.
Cavanaugh, John
Cavett, Daniel G.
Cavitt, Eva
Cecil, John
Center, Delilah Serrat
Centers, May
Ceravalo, Anthony J.
Cerratt, George O.
Chadick, Henry S.
Chadwell, William Harper
Chadwick, Barney
Chamberlain, John W.
Chamberlain, Thomas
Chamberlaine, BG William
Chambers, J.B.
Chambers, Jessie McClure
Chambers, Mack
Chambers, Mrs. W.E.
Chambers, Oscar
Champion, Capt. W.C.
Champion, T.
Chandler, Callie
Chandler, Dr. C.T.
Chandler, Percy B.
Chaney, Mrs. P.T.
Chapman, George T.
Chapman, Jack
Chapman, Jack
Chapman, Tom
Chapman, W.T. "Dub"
Chapman, W.W.
Chappell, Margaret J.
Chappelle, Louis
Chase, CDR Nathan B.
Chase, Sarah J.
Chastain, Mandy
Chastain, Z.A.
Chavez, Joseph
Cheek, Eveline Kennedy
Cheek, Mrs. W.M.
Cheek, W.H.
Cheek, W.M.
Cheek, W.M.
Chenault, Maude Lindsey
Cherry, Jesse C.
Cherry, Mrs. J.T.
Cherry, Sophia C.
Chew, Col. Sam R.
Chew, Samuel R.
Childers, Charles C.
Childers, James R.
Childress, J.S.
Childress, W.H.
Childs, Samuel Shannon
Chinn, Judson H.
Chinn, Phil
Chipman, Delores
Chism, Gwendolyn
Chism, Nancy Eliza
Chitwood, Martha J.
Chitwood, Vernon
Christ, Roy
Christen, Jack
Christenberry, Ondus
Christian, Dan
Christian, Lt. John D.
Christian, Nathan
Christian, Rev Dr John T.
Christie, Archbishop Alexander
Christman, Alexander
Chronister, Laura
Church, George H.
Church, Theo
Church, W.H.
Cinck, Mary
Claiborn, Mildred
Claiborne, C.H.
Claiborne, Mildred
Clampitt, Catherine
Clanton, Girl
Clanton, Hugh
Clanton, Mrs. Hugh
Clardy, Ann
Clark, Alford M.
Clark, Anna
Clark, Bill
Clark, Cecil
Clark, Charles P.
Clark, Charles W.
Clark, Dr. Samuel M.D.
Clark, F.M.
Clark, Harley
Clark, Henry
Clark, Henry
Clark, Iman
Clark, Joseph
Clark, Mary E.
Clark, Mattie
Clark, Mrs. Charles W.
Clark, Mrs. Clarence D.
Clark, Mrs. H.M.
Clark, Mrs. L.J.
Clark, Mrs. M.D.
Clark, Mrs. R.S.
Clark, Nannie Shannon
Clark, R.M.
Clark, Sam
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Sarah C.
Clark, Will
Clark, William Andrew
Clark, William Franklin
Clark, William J.
Clarke, H.M.
Clarke, H.M.
Clarke, J.H.
Clarke, J.M.
Clarke, Mrs. H.M.
Claunch, Mary J.
Claussen, Louis F.
Clawson, A.R.
Clawson, Aden R.
Clay, Doris
Clay, Edward
Claybourne, A.M.
Clayton, Ollie
Clayton, Rhoda
Clayton, Susan Anne
Clayton, Jr., Fowler
Clement, Carl A.
Clement, Dudley E.
Clement, Joe A.
Clement, John
Clement, John
Clement, Lizzie
Clements, J.S.
Clements, S.H.
Clemons, Arthur
Clemons, Earl
Cleveland, Charles
Cleveland, W.A.
Clevenger, Mrs. T.J.
Clevinger, Ellen
Clifford, Arthur A.
Clifford, Charles W.
Clift, John
Clift, John
Clifton, Mrs. E.C.
Cline, Adult Male
Cline, George
Cline, Mrs. J.E.
Cline, Royce
Clines, Azela
Clingan, Edward
Clinton, W.C.
Clisbee, Guy N.
Clouston, Nellette Tully
Clowry, Robert C.
Clowry, Robert C.
Cluck, Boy
Cluck, Wesley
Cluis, V.M.
Coalbunker, E.I.
Cobb, D.R.
Cobb, Maud Barker
Coble, Peggy
Coburn, Maurice S.
Cochran, Frances H.
Cochran, Frank
Cochran, Frank
Cochran, Frank C.
Cochran, Jack
Cochran, Sullivan W.
Cochran, Will
Cochran, William
Cochran, William D.
Cochrane, Frank
Cochrane, William J.
Cochrell, Louis
Cochrum, Hugh
Cockerman, Elem
Cockrell, Louis
Cockrill, Sterling R.
Cockrill, Sterling Robertson
Coen, Clyde G.
Coffart, R.W.
Coffey, Bessie
Coffey, Josie
Coffie, J.
Coffman, C.T.
Coffman, John H.
Coffman, Ned
Cohen, Barnett L.
Cohen, Dr. Alex H.
Cohn, Al
Cohn, Al
Cohn, Sr., Sam Robert
Coker, Elmer
Colbert, Troy
Colbert, Troy
Cole, Adult Male
Cole, Carey
Cole, Charles C.
Cole, Cicero
Cole, Estella
Cole, Grant
Cole, H.H.
Cole, John H.
Cole, Lucy
Cole, Mrs. C.O.
Cole, Mrs. T.P.
Cole, Mrs. W.T.
Cole, Neal
Cole, Price
Cole, Samuell Valentine
Coleman, Boy
Coleman, Cliff
Coleman, Lenore
Coleman, Lindsey
Coleman, Mrs. J.A.
Coleman, Theodore
Coleman, Tille Florence Brown
Collard, Rupo
Collette, J.B. "Baldy"
Colley, Lorraine
Collier, Henry L.
Collier, Laverne
Collier, Mrs. E.G.
Collins, Ben
Collins, Bessie
Collins, Elijah W.
Collins, Elisa DuVal
Collins, Everett
Collins, Floyd
Collins, Floyd
Collins, J.C.
Collins, Jake
Collins, John Henry
Collins, L.G.
Collins, Lewis
Collins, Marion
Collins, Mrs. Jack
Collins, Nancy E.
Collins, R.L.
Collins, Rev. W.E.
Collins, Will
Collins, William C.
Collins, William E.
Collins, William L.
Collum, Mary
Colston, Electra Semmes
Colston, R. Semmes
Colvin, L.M.
Colvin, Roy
Combs, Clarence
Combs, Isaac G.
Combs, Mary
Combs, Mary
Comeaux, Mary T.
Compton, Ben J.
Compton, Horace
Compton, John Lock
Comstock, Cameron A.
Comstock, Sue
Comstock, Susie S.
Comstock, Jr., Ralph K.
Conant, Carlos Everett
Conant, Rellis
Conatser, M.B."Dock"
Condra, Ed
Cone, Nath
Cone, Nina Johnson
Conery, E.E.
Congden, James
Conley, Bertha
Conley, J.G.
Conley, Michael
Conley, W.M.
Connally, Bernie
Connally, Bernie
Connell, Mary Ellen
Connelley, A.M.
Conner, Mrs. Charles M.
Conners, W.H. "Uncle Bill"
Connolly, James
Connor, James
Connor, Mary
Connor, Rt. Rev. James M.
Conover, W.H.
Conrad, John Thomas
Console, Mary
Console, Mary
Conway, Francis H.
Conway, Francis H.
Conwell, Rev Dr Russell H.
Conyers, G.W.
Coody, Mrs. W.E.
Cook, Alice
Cook, Cherry
Cook, Emma F.
Cook, Emma F.
Cook, Fannie
Cook, Frank
Cook, Fred
Cook, George W.
Cook, Girl
Cook, Johnny
Cook, Lubie
Cook, Lucile
Cook, Mary Evelyn
Cook, Mrs. C.B.
Cook, Myrtle Underwood
Cook, Porter S.
Cook, Rolla
Cook, Stephen E.
Cook, Stephen E.
Cook, Wade
Cooke, Branville
Cooley, Preston
Coolidge, Almon W.
Coolidge, Joseph Randolph
Coolidge, Louis A.
Coomers, Adult Male
Coon, Cassie
Coon, Hattie
Cooney, Frank
Cooney, Frank H.
Cooper, A.C.
Cooper, Anna Belle
Cooper, Charles
Cooper, Dolly Patmore
Cooper, Donna
Cooper, Fannie Belle
Cooper, Frank P.
Cooper, James A.
Cooper, James W.
Cooper, Joe
Cooper, M.T.
Cooper, Mrs. A.B.
Cooper, Mrs. Marion
Cooper, Oscar
Cooper, R.A.
Cooper, R.A.
Cooper, Sallie
Cooper, Tom
Copatco, M.M.
Copeland, W.T.
Coplen, Addie B.
Coppage, Mattie
Coppedge, Anna Lee
Coppock, H.H.
Coppock, Harry
Corbell, J.J.
Corbett, J.I.
Corbett, J.L.
Corbin, Bert R.
Corbit, Jessie
Corbitt, Mrs. O.C.
Corder, Rev. J.P.
Cork, W.O.
Corker, Aurelia
Corley, Albert
Corn, Thomas H.
Corn, Thomas J.
Cornelius, Henry
Corney, Isabell Upham
Corson, Child
Corson, Child
Corson, Child
Corson, Child
Corti, Thomas
Cortiana, Natatia Rosy
Cory, Abigail
Cossey, Helen
Cossey, W.C.
Cossoult, Elizabeth
Costello, William C.
Cotham, E.A.
Cothran, Jack
Cottey, Dorothea
Cottey, Jennie
Cottey, Lincoln
Cottey, Mary
Cottey, Ralph
Cottle, Ora
Cotton, John M.
Cotton, Walter
Coulston, SSG Joseph
Council, Mrs. Rush
Counts, Bruce
Countz, Louis A.
Countz, Louis A.
Courson, Gertrude
Court, Ted
Cousins, Raleigh
Coutellier, Eugene
Coutlee, Frank A.
Coutlee, Frank A.
Covey, Joseph P.
Cowan, John
Cowan, Lloyd
Cowan, Martha
Cowart, Cleve
Cox, Dr. John Alexander
Cox, Ernest
Cox, Girl
Cox, Hilda May
Cox, L. June
Cox, Mrs. John
Cox, Mrs. Menzie
Cox, Mrs. William R.
Cox, Teddie
Crabtree, Hattie
Crabtree, Mrs. A.A.
Crabtree, Vinia
Crabtree, Vinia
Crabtree, W.R.
Craig, A.J.
Craig, Bettie
Craig, David
Craig, David
Craig, Edward B.
Craig, James A.
Craig, James A.
Craig, James A.
Craig, Sallie E.
Craig, Theodore
Craig, Viola
Craig, Jr., Helen
Craig, Jr., Mrs. Will
Crain, Charity Susan
Cramer, Asa
Crampton, Irve
Crampton, Irvin
Crampton, Irvin
Crampton, Irvin
Crane, Capt. A.F.
Crane, Mrs. Otis T.
Crane, W.W.
Cranford, J.F.
Craske, Alfred
Crawford, H.L.
Crawford, Isabel R.
Crawford, Levi
Crawford, Molly
Crawford, Mrs. M.B.
Crawford, Nan
Crawford, O.W.
Crawford, Jr., William A.
Creamer, Dr. Sidney J.
Creek, Child
Creek, Child
Creekmore, Mrs. J.J.
Creel, E.P.
Crenshaw, George Dave
Creston, Bennie
Cribbs, J.D.
Crocker, Martha P.
Cromwell, Elizabeth Mary
Cromwell, Sarah Jane
Cromwell, Seymour L.
Crook, C.E.
Croom, Baston
Croom, Frank
Croom, Gaston
Croom, W.H.
Crooms, Frank
Cross, Frank C.
Cross, George
Cross, George
Cross, Howard M.
Cross, Nancy
Cross, S.C.
Cross, WO W.A.
Crot, Marie
Crouch, Howard
Crouch, Jr., Robert
Crouch, Jr., Robert
Crouse, Mrs. Charles E.
Crouthers, George W.
Crow, John N.
Crow, Mrs. George N.
Crowder, Lillie Mae
Crowder, Mrs. D.O.
Crowe, William
Crowell, Joseph E.
Crowley, W.M.
Crownover, D.E.
Crowson, John T.
Crowson, John T.
Crowson, Rev. W.M.
Croy, Ben
Cruddick, Mrs. J.R.
Cruichshank, James
Cruichshank, James
Crum, W.H.
Crumback, Willard
Crumbliss, Hugh C.
Crump, Mrs. C.D.
Crumpler, E.E.
Cude, Mrs. J.C.
Cudey, Elizabeth
Culberson, Claud
Culberson, Sen. Adult Male
Culbertson, Pearson F.
Culbreath, James L.
Cull, Sr., D.H.
Cullen, Dorothy
Cullen, Frances
Cullinan, MachMt James W.
Culp, J.C.
Culpepper, E.B.
Cumberland, Harvey C.
Cummings, J.E.
Cummins, Patrick
Cummins, Sallie
Cumpton, Jake Lock
Cunningham, Edgar Floyd
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, Mrs. W.A.
Cunningham, Nancy J.
Cunningham, Walter
Cupp, Finis A.
Cupp, Finis Adderson
Cupp, G.W.
Cupp, J.M.
Curl, Tom
Curley, Girl
Curley, Mrs. James
Curren, Nellie
Curry, Charlotte
Curry, Mildred
Curry, Mildred E.
Curry, Mrs. A.L.
Curry, Thusia
Curtis, BG Arthur R.
Curtis, Bob
Curtis, C.L.
Curtis, Charles Densmore
Curtis, George H.
Curtis, Georgia Lee
Curtis, Marjorie C.
Curtis, Mary C.
Curtis, Mary C.
Curtis, Mary E.
Curtis, Millie
Curtis, Robert
Curzon, Marquis Lord
Cusmino, Walter
Custer, Ben
Cutts, Jack
Cypert, Mrs. G.W.
d' Ayras, Garabaldi
Dab, Emma
Dade, Mrs. C.C.
Daggatt, Boy
Daggett, John
Daggett, Johnny
Dagnel, J.B.
Dahl, Albert G.
Dailey, R.S.
Dale, Albert G.
Dale, David T.
Dale, John J.
Dalrymple, Dr. William H.
Dalton, Adeline
Dalton, Elijah
Dalton, Rebecca
Dalton, Rebecca J.
Daly, Edward H.
Daly, John
Daly, Mary
Daly, William
Daly, Jr., Tom
Daniel, Dave
Daniel, Evaline
Daniel, Henry D.
Daniel, Jack
Daniel, Marcus
Daniel, Mildred
Daniel, Oscar
Daniel, P.M.
Daniel, Sarah C.
Daniel, William A.
Daniell, E.N.
Daniell, E.N.
Daniels, D.A.
Daniels, Eliza Terry
Daniels, Elizabeth Terry
Daniels, L.M.
Daniels, Mrs. E.T.
Daniels, O.G.
Daniels, W.L.
Danne, Joseph
Dantzler, J.T.
Darby, Lucett
Darby, Mary Lucett
Darby, Mrs. W.E.
d'Arcy, Hugh Antoine
Darden, Nathan
Darling, Dr. Samuel T.
Darnell, Clem
Darrows, George
Darwiin, W.H.
Darwin, Sir Francis
Das, C.R.
Daugherty, Arnold
Daugherty, Boyd
Daugherty, Charles
Daugherty, J.R.
Daugherty, Michael
Daugherty, Mrs. Ballard
Daunis, George
Davenport, Betty
Davenport, James M.
Davenport, John W.
Davenport, W.C.
Davidson, Earl
Davidson, John
Davidson, Mrs. L.D.
Davidson, Paul
Davis, A.W.
Davis, Ada
Davis, Bill
Davis, C.
Davis, Charles
Davis, Clifford
Davis, D.M.
Davis, Eliza
Davis, Eliza
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Frank
Davis, Frank P.
Davis, Garen
Davis, Garland
Davis, Gaston H.
Davis, H.L.
Davis, Ike
Davis, Iwana
Davis, J.W.
Davis, Jack W.
Davis, James Edward
Davis, James Edward
Davis, Jesse
Davis, Jimmie Lee
Davis, John
Davis, John
Davis, Lonnie
Davis, Mary
Davis, Maude
Davis, Mrs. Albert
Davis, Mrs. Charles
Davis, Mrs. Frank
Davis, Mrs. Jack
Davis, Mrs. James
Davis, Mrs. James
Davis, Mrs. S.V.
Davis, Mrs. S.V.
Davis, Mrs. Sam
Davis, Mrs. Willis
Davis, N.C.
Davis, R.R.
Davis, Robert L.
Davis, Sam
Davis, Sam
Davis, Sebern
Davis, Shadrick Jones
Davis, Stewart A.
Davis, T.G.
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Travis
Davis, Virginia Neal
Davis, William
Davis, William Harden
Davis, Wood R.
Dawkins, Marshall
Dawson, Harry
Dawson, J.A.
Dawson, J.A.
Dawson, Lou
Day, Boy
Day, David T.
Day, John
Day, Joseph J.
Day, Joseph J.
Day, Mrs. Alfie
Days, Harvey
Dazy, John
De Bellis, Mrs. Thomas A.
de Ford, Sgt. Jessie
de Gama, Pana
de Page, Dr. Antoine
de Silva, Cora Elizabeth
De Tavers, Pardo
de Veeder, Lt. Tom Eyck
de Watterville, Bernard Percival
Dean, E.S.
Dean, Harold C.
Dean, Helen
Dean, James
Dean, Mary Ellen
Dean, Stanton
Dean, Stewart E.
Deasoff, Boy
Deaton, Charles
Decamp, Harvey
Declue, Martin
Dedge, A.L.
Dedman, Caroline
Dee, Will
Deering, James
Deffenbaugh, Martha L.
DeFoor, Mrs. W.H.
Defries, J.H.
Dehmer, Fred G.
Dehmer, Joe
Dehmer, Joe
DeJarnett, Nora Mullins
DeLaney, Frank
Delaney, Will
Delap, Aubrey
DeLong, W.E.
DeLuca, Pauline
Demange, Edgar
DeMarce, Frank L.
Dempsey, Katherine L.
Denby, Mrs. Lou
Dennard, Lt. R.L.
Dennehy, Hugh
Dennis, William
Dennison, Ed S.
Dennison, Rev. J.M.
Denson, Raymond I.
Depodesta, 1LT Anthony D.
Derbyshire, Charley
Derrick, Grace
Derrick, Jesse B.
Desidero, Josephine
DeTar, O.A.
DeTar, O.E.
DeWitt, Charles
DeYoung, M.H.
Dial, Reuben
Diamond, Joseph
Diamond, Morris
Dice, Lida A.
Dice, Lydia A.
Dice, Nellie
Dickey, Rachel
Dickey, Russell S.
Dickey, Russell Sage
Dickey, W.W.
Dickey, W.W.
Dickie, Dr. Samuel
Dickinson, Charles Fenner
Dickinson, Elizabeth Wright
Dickinson, Elizabeth Wright
Dickinson, Henry
Dickinson, Mrs. Putnam
Dickinson, Tommie
Dickman, William
Dickson, Girl
Dickson, Grace L.
Dickson, Lizzie
Dickson, Mrs. H.T.
Dickson, Sallie J.
Dicus, Mildred Lorraine
Didaise, Albert
Diffee, Jewell
Diffee, Jewell
Diggs, J.T.
Dihm, Lee
Dihm, William
Dilaberry, Laurie
Dildy, John R.
Dilingham, RADM Caldwell
Dill, Mrs. A.J.
Dillard, C.R.
Dillard, Jeff
Dillard, Mary Jane
Dillard, Missouri C.
Dillard, Sarah E.
Dillard, William
Dillon, Capt. Albert
Dillon, Dr. William A.
Dillon, Howard
Dinges, Charles L.
Dinges, Charles L.
Dinh, King Khai
Dismuke, Robert
Dismukes, John T.
Distesano, Child
Distesano, Child
Distesano, Child
Distesano, Child
Distesano, Joseph
Ditmore, J A.
Ditto, Mrs. G.M.
Diuguld, George C.
Diver, Seaman Adult Male
Divine, Maxine
Dixon, Charles
Dixon, Charles
Dixon, Charlie
Dixon, Flora
Dixon, James
Dixon, James
Dixon, James
Dixon, Mary
Dixon, Molly
Dixon, Rayfield
Dixon, Willie
Dobbins, H.B.
Dobbs, Arnetta
Dobbs, Austin
Dobson, Libbie Patterson
Dobson, Lt. Rodney H.
Dobson, Mrs. V.H.
Dobson, Percy R.
Dobyns, Lilly W.
Dockery, Lois
Dockery, Mrs. William
Dodd, BG George A.
Dodd, Charles
Dodd, Mrs. Daw
Dodgen, Fay
Dodson, A.J.
Dodson, Delphia
Dodson, James
Dodson, Joe
Dodson, Oscar
Dodson, William Frederick
Doering, Sophie
Dohm, John
Doke, Mrs. W.J.
Doke, Mrs. W.J.
Dolan, Dorothy
Dolan, Hugh
Dolan, Winfield Scott
Dollarhide, L.W.
Dolvin, Carl
Donahue, T.J.
Donaldson, Girl
Donaldson, W.H.
Doner, Frank
Donivan, John
Donnelly, Beatrice
Donovan, Edward
Donovan, Mrs. Matt
Dooley, Hugh
Dorroh, Mrs. J.F.
Dorroh, Mrs. J.F.
Dorsett, Talmadge
Dort, Dallas
Doshier, Amond
Doss, John
Doss, N.C.
Dothon, Bee
Dotson, Abe
Dougan, Nell
Dougherty, J.A.
Douglas, Florida
Douglas, Julia Abb
Douglas, Mrs. Adult Female
Douglas, Mrs. T.H.
Douglas, Richard
Douglass, Mary A.
Douthit, J.T.
Douthit, L.E.
Dover, Freeman
d'Ovidio, Francesco
Dowdle, Cecil
Dowling, Durwood
Downey, Capt. Thomas O.
Downey, Col. Dennis
Downing, J.B.
Downing, R.J.
Downs, Aaron
Downs, Jesse
Downs, Lessie
Downs, Lessie
Doyle, ADM Morris
Doyle, J.L.
Doyle, Thomas Newsom
Doyle, Jr., Frank R.
Drabish, John
Drain, Myrtle
Drake, Charlene
Drake, Mrs. R.B.
Drake, Mrs. Thomas
Drake, Mrs. Tom
Drake, W.T.
Dreben, Sam
Dreher, Joe R.
Dreilling, Adult Female
Drenner, Jessie
Drescher, Phillip
Drescher, Phillip
Drescher, Phillip
Drew, Lucille McVey
Drewry, Bate
Drummond, Ralph
Dube, Alphonso J.
Dubose, Mrs. Will
Duckett, George
Duckett, Girl
Duckett, John
Duckworth, James H.
Dudderar, John F.
Dudley, H.B.
Dudley, H.B.
Dudley, H.J.
Dudley, R.M.
Dueaz, Andrew
Dueaz, Miller
Dueaz, Truman
Duerr, Frank
Duff, Carl
Duff, Herbert
Duff, Marion
Dugon, Sam E.
Duhon, Samuel E.
Duhon, Samuel E.
Duhon, Samuel E.
Duke, Bill
Duke, James B.
Duke, Margaret V.
Duke, Minnie Lee
Duke, Orville
Duke, Raymond
Dulap, Odom
Dull, Emma Lewis
Dumas, "Chicken" Adult Fema
Dumas, R.M.
Dumsen, Adolph
Dunaway, Joe
Dunbar, Lillie Dell
Duncan, Andrew Hutt
Duncan, Carl
Duncan, Charlie
Duncan, Earl
Duncan, Erastus
Duncan, Hattie Jane
Duncan, J.W.
Duncan, James
Duncan, James
Duncan, Mrs. Corbett
Duncan, Mrs. George
Duncan, Ras
Dunigan, James C.
Dunigan, John B.
Dunkerson, William
Dunlap, Belle
Dunlap, Mrs. Mose
Dunlap, William
Dunn, Alex
Dunn, Boy
Dunn, Boy
Dunn, Capt. William
Dunn, Marshall
Dunn, Mrs. O.B.
Dunn, Mrs. W.D.
Dunn, Neal
Dunn, R.S.
Dunn, Ralph
Dunn, W.D.
Dunning, Clarence
Dunning, Clarence
Dunnivan, Sarah
Dunston, William "Shorty"
Dupree, Girl
Duprey, Mariel
Durham, Bert
Durham, C.W.
Durham, Charlie
Durham, Mrs. Charlie
Durham, Mrs. Joe
Durham, Opal
Durst, Charles F.
Durst, Charles F.
Durst, Charles F.
Dusenberry, Charles
Dusenberry, Clifford
Dusenberry, Gus
Dusenberry, Iona
Dusenberry, Lida
Dutasta, Paul
Dwyer, Peter
Dye, Richard
Dyer, Mary
Dyer, Mrs. Frank
Dyer, Very Rev Edward R.
Dysert, Maj. Benjamin R.
Eagle, Donald Edward
Eagle, Walter
Eagle, Walter
Earhart, Jacob
Earl, Allen Clifford
Earl, Grover
Earl, J.W.
Earle, Henrietta Brockman
Earling, Albert J.
Earnheart, Robert W.
Easley, Rich H.
Eason, J.L.
East, Eliza
East, Eliza H.
Easteridge, Tom
Easterwood, George M.
Eastman, John C.
Eastridge, Charles
Eastridge, Charley
Eatman, W.F.
Eatman, Will
Eaton, Marquis
Ebert, Frederick
Echols, Elizabeth C.
Echols, Elizabeth Carter
Eddy, Lt. Winston J.
Edelen, Thomas L.
Edgar, J.M.
Edmondson, Highfill
Edmondson, John B.
Edom, Grace
Edwards, Albert
Edwards, Andy
Edwards, Clyde William
Edwards, Flossie
Edwards, Howard
Edwards, J.H.
Edwards, Mrs. George T.
Edwards, Mrs. George T.
Edwards, Mrs. J.T.
Edwards, Mrs. Kirk
Edwards, William
Egan, J.M.
Egbert, Ens. E.W.
Eidson, Burch V.
Eifling, Lavinia
Eiser, Henry D.
Eitenmiller, Mary
Elam, Dan
Elam, Mrs. J. N.
Elder, Martha Ann
Elkan, Mortimer M.
Elkins, John W.
Elkins, William
Eller, Mary C.
Ellingson, Anna
Ellington, Charles E.
Ellington, Charles E.
Ellington, Ervin
Ellington, W.H.
Elliot, George A.
Elliott, B.F.
Elliott, Julia
Elliott, T.P.
Elliott, Thomas F.
Elliott, William
Ellis, Child
Ellis, Child
Ellis, David
Ellis, James A.
Ellis, Mary
Ellis, Mrs. F.G.
Ellis, Mrs. Frank W.
Ellis, Mrs. G.C.
Ellis, Mrs. William
Ellis, Percy C.
Ellis, Sarah L.
Ellis, Sheldon
Ellis, Sheriff R.H.
Ellis, Thomas J.
Ellis, Thomas J.
Ellison, Mrs. N.J.
Elmore, Alice
Elmore, Charles E.
Elmore, Ernest
Elmore, Mrs. Charles
Ely, Willie
Elza, Mrs. C.F.
Embree, Sam
Embree, William Samuel
Embry, Enoch G.
Emerson, Boy
Emerson, Mrs. Sam
Emert, Charles
Emert, William E.
Emert, William R.
Endler, Peter
Enger, Lena
England, A. Ross
England, Gen. Lloyd
England, Gen. Lloyd
England, Mrs. J.A.
England, Mrs. J.C.
England, Sr., J.E.
England, Sr., J.E.
England, Sr., J.E.
Engle, Henry
Engler, Emma
Engler, Mrs. S.E.
Engler, S.E.
Engles, Isabella Kimmbrugh
English, Capt. William
English, Elva Mae
English, Mrs. W.B.
Engstrom, Beda
Engstrom, Beda
Enjekla, Charles
Ennis, J.O.
Enoch, Johnnie
Ensign, Mrs. M.S.
Ensminger, Jr., George E.
Entrekin, Doris
Enyard, Charles
Enzor, Evelyn
Eoff, Jane
Epley, J.J.
Epley, Mrs. S.J.
Epperson, Lydia
Epperson, R.M.
Erb, Newman
Erfft, Fred J.
Erion, Southwick
Erman, Edward William
Ermatinger, Mary
Ernest, Auden
Ernst, Mrs. Anthony
Erwin, George M.
Erwin, J.L.
Erwin, Ralph P.
Escott, Paul
Escue, "Sis"
Escue, Clyde
Eske, Otto William
Eskridge, May
Essex, Joseph W.
Estes, Elizabeth Connett
Estes, John
Estes, Mrs. Gid
Estey, Elmer
Etcher, Mrs. J.R.
Etheridge, J.W.
Ethridge, Charles J.
Ethridge, S.R.
Eubanks, Myrtle
Evans, Amanda V.
Evans, Beatrice
Evans, Cleo
Evans, D.
Evans, Dave
Evans, E.A.
Evans, Francis Josephine
Evans, Harry T.
Evans, Ida Mae
Evans, James
Evans, Mrs. John
Evans, Mrs. Marvin
Evans, N.B.
Evans, Robert M.
Evans, S.N.
Evans, Susie
Evarts, John
Everett, Mrs. J.E.
Everett, Samuel J.
Ewalt, Simeon S.
Ewing, Rev. James Caruthers
Ewing, Samuel A.
Ewton, A.P.
Fagot, Doll
Fahlstedt, Lena
Failing, Mrs. J.K.
Fairchild, George W.
Fairchild, James
Fairchilds, Harry
Falk, Arthur Z.
Falk, Arthur Z.
Falk, Arthur Z.
Fall, Stonewall
Fallon, Rose
Fanning, Alzine
Farabee, Dr. William Curtis
Farley, Elizabeth Gibson
Farley, James B.
Farley, Sr., James L.
Farmer, August
Farmer, Barbara
Farmer, L.T.
Farmer, L.T.
Farmer, Thomas A.
Farnsworth, Mary
Farr, David
Farrar, Dr. William E.
Farrar, Rebecca
Farrell, A.V.
Farrell, George
Farris, William
Fary, W.H.
Fauffman, C.G.
Faulk, J.B.
Faulkner, August W.
Faulkner, Elizabeth
Fay, Arthur
Fearing, Will
Feazell, Jr., Robert E.
Fedoukovitch, Andrae
Feete, Alice
Feingold, Dr. Marcus
Fellows, Fritz
Fellows, Oscar
Fells, Victor
Felt, Maurice E.
Felton, Lucy
Felton, Lucy
Felts, Walter L.
Felty, Harrison
Fender, Dave W.
Fenimore, J.O.
Fenimore, J.O.
Fenimore, J.O.
Fenison, Mrs. S.O.
Fenton, Boy
Fenton, Clarence
Fentress, Nead
Fentress, Nead
Ferguson, A.B.
Ferguson, Della
Ferguson, John A.
Ferguson, Norman
Ferranti, Frances
Ferranti, Frank
Ferrara, Michael
Ferrara, Rosario
Ferree, H.W.
Ferrell, Olin
Ferrier, Margaret
Ferry, John
Fertine, Mary E.
Fertine, Mary Ellen
Fertine, Mary Ellen
Fertine, Mary Ellen
Fess, Mrs. Simon D.
Fessler, Bernard
Fetties, Laura Riddle
Fiddler, J.H.
Field, J.V.D.
Fields, Girl
Figuereda, Antonio Hidalgo
Fike, Billy Pearson
Files, Anna L.
Files, J.M.
Files, Jesse F.
Files, Jesse F.
Filkins, Jacob
Fims, Charles
Finch, Sallie J.
Finch, Sallie J.
Fincham, Calvin
Fine, Mrs. Carroll
Fine, Rebecca
Finger, H.W.
Fink, Rev. G.L.
Fink, Rev. G.L.
Finley, C.B.
Finley, C.B.
Finley, Floyd
Finley, Joe
Finley, Mrs. S.A.
Finley, Sam
Firestone, Gladys Irene
Firm, Rudy
Fischl, Hannah
Fish, Mrs. William H.
Fishback, Louis
Fishback, Louis
Fisher, Annie
Fisher, John J.
Fisher, Marshal Cl
Fisher, Mrs. Charlie
Fisher, Mrs. Clarence
Fisher, Robert
Fisher, Sir Thomas
Fisher, Winifred
Fisk, Thomas
Fiske, Abbey M.
Fitch, Margaret Vaughan
Fitton, W.A.
Fitzpatrick, Mary Louise
Fitzpatrick, Rev. C.O.
Fitzpatrick, Rev. C.O.
Fitzpatrick, Rev. C.O.
Fitzpatrick, Rev. C.O.
Fitzpatrick, Rev. C.O.
Fitzpatrick, Walter J.
Flammarion, Camille
Flanagan, Edward S.
Flanagan, R.E.
Flanders, Christiana Couch
Flannigan, Fannie
Flannigan, Ollie
Fleeman, Sula
Fleischmann, Julius
Fleming, Frank Baker
Fleming, Henry
Fleming, J. Knox
Fleming, Lester
Fleming, Mark Monroe
Fleming, Otto
Fleming, Pearl
Fleming, R.R.
Fletcher, Dora
Fletcher, Eugene Frederick
Fletcher, Mary Ann
Fletcher, Mrs. J.H.
Fletcher, Mrs. John F.
Flippin, Donald
Flippin, James
Flourney, Thomas F.
Flournoy, Mrs. Van O.
Flowers, F.C.
Flowers, George E.
Flowers, John
Flowers, Louis
Flowers, Percy
Flowers, Perk
Flowers, Sally
Floyd, James
Floyd, Mrs. E.A.
Flugard, Marvin
Flynn, Conner
Flynn, John
Foch, Gabriel
Foley, J.D.
Foley, Lee
Foley, Thomas F.
Folsom, Arthur
Folsom, Sally
Fontana, Eleanor
Foot, Mrs. R.F.
Foote, Richard
Forbes, George
Forbes, John Colin
Forbes, Shem
Ford, Amos C.
Ford, Aurelius Hanks
Ford, Aurielius Hanks
Ford, Benjamin
Ford, Charles
Ford, Dennis
Ford, Edra
Ford, George
Ford, Luna
Ford, Luther
Ford, Michael
Ford, Mrs. D.C.
Ford, P.H.
Ford, Thomas
Ford, Wallace
Ford, William S.
Ford, William S.
Fore, Lucy
Forehand, John
Foreman, Mrs. W.S.
Forse, RADM Charles Thomas
Forshag, Jack G.
Fort, James L.
Fortner, Charles
Fortner, Clive
Fortner, William
Fortson, Mrs. William P.
Fortson, Mrs. William P.
Fortune, Elizabeth C.
Fortune, Mrs. W.H.
Fortune, Mrs. W.W.
Fossard, Maude
Fossard, Maude
Fossard, Maude
Foster, Ada L.
Foster, Ada L.
Foster, Andrew Jackson
Foster, Boy
Foster, Frances
Foster, George
Foster, Harry E.
Foster, Harry E.
Foster, James William
Foster, John
Foster, LTjg F.D.
Foster, Mary M.
Foster, Mrs. Caleb
Foster, Mrs. F.S.
Foster, Selwyn
Fotny, Adjutant Adult Male
Foucher, Jean
Fournet, Alexandre V.
Foust, Rev. J.S.
Foust, Thomas G.
Fout, Charles W.
Fowler, Charles D.
Fowler, Claude
Fowler, Elmer
Fowler, Elmer
Fowler, Joe T.
Fowler, Joe T.
Fowler, Lillian
Fowler, Mrs. M.L.
Fowler, Mrs. Mack
Fowler, Robert
Fowlkes, Harriet Massey
Fox, Girl
Fox, Henry
Fox, Martha
Fox, Minnie
Fox, S. Walters
Fox, T. Walters
Foyle, Frank
Foyle, Frank
France, Rev Dr. Joseph H.
Francis, B.T.
Francker, Ambus
Frank, Mrs. Ray
Frankel, Henry
Frankle, Henry
Franklin, Edgar C.
Franklin, Ida
Franklin, Peter
Franklin, Rosetta
Franklin, Walter
Franks, Maggie
Franks, Paul
Franks, Verna Bernetia
Franzen, Ellen
Franzen, Ernest
Franzen, Morris
Frawley, Ella
Frawley, Ellen
Frawley, Ellen
Frazer, Cynthia
Frazer, Troy
Frazer, Troy
Frazier, Granville
Frazier, Harriet Elizabeth
Frazier, Louis B.
Frazier, Miss
Fredericks, Harvey
Free, Adult Female
Freeman, Albert E.
Freeman, Girl
Freeman, Henry
Freeman, Homer
Freeman, Ida M.
Freeman, J.H.
Freiberg, Jake
French, David
French, William B.
French, William Richardson
Frere, Hugh
Fretwell, Harrod
Fretwell, Harrod
Fretwell, Harrod
Fretwell, Harrod
Fretwell, Harrod
Fretwell, James Harrod
Fretwell, James Harrod
Fretwell, James Harrod
Fretwell, James Harrod
Frey, Betta
Frie, William
Friedman, Leah
Friend, Elizabeth
Frings, Severina
Fritts, Claud
Fritts, Claude
Fritzius, Mayme
Frizzell, Child
Frizzell, Lula
Frohn, Carrie
Frost, Mrs. J.H.
Frost, Ora Thelma
Frost, William G.
Frunse, Gen. Michael W.
Fry, Mrs. John C.
Fryatt, William
Frye, Ollie
Fulbright, Beulah
Fuller, John W.
Fuller, Mary Ellen
Fuller, Mrs. J. H.
Fullerton, George Stuart
Funk, Mamie
Funk, Rev. Sidney F.
Funker, Fred
Fuqua, Gladys
Fuqua, Harry
Fuqua, Pearl
Fuqua, Rose Howard
Furey, Joe
Furlong, Peter J.
Furnish, R.S.
Fuselier, Charles
Gaddy, Bertha
Gaddy, Mavis
Gage, Dora
Gage, Lucinda
Gaika, Princess Adult Femal
Gaines, Capt. J.D.
Gaines, Mrs. L.S.
Gaither, Pinie McNutt
Galieciein, L.A.
Gallager, George Melvin
Gallagher, Neill
Gallagher, Sr., Hugh S.
Gallion, Maude
Galloway, Eula
Galloway, Wright
Galmish, Julia
Galmish, Julia
Gamanche, Mrs. Henry
Gamanche, Mrs. Henry
Gamble, Henry C.
Gamble, Mollie Hardy
Gammill, Elmer
Gammon, Jenny L.
Gammon, John
Gann, E.T.
Gant, Joseph R.
Gantz, Daniel
Gantz, Karl
Gardiner, Maj. W.M.
Gardner, Edwin T.
Gardner, Helen H.
Gardner, Louis
Gardner, Maj. William
Gardner, W.E.
Garner, Eliza A.
Garner, Elmer J.
Garney, Jake
Garraton, Ernestine
Garraton, Manuel V.
Garrell, S.A.
Garrett, Edward
Garrett, Lottie
Garrett, Mattie
Garrett, Sarah J.
Garrett, Jr., John
Garrett, Jr., John
Garris, B.F.
Garrison, Don
Garrison, Eddie
Garrity, Mark F.
Garver, Eliza A.
Gaston, Octavia
Gateley, W.K.
Gately, W.K.
Gates, Peter
Gathercoal, Morris
Gathright, J.F.
Gathright, Will
Gatlin, A.E.
Gatlin, Clovis
Gatlin, Girl
Gatling, J.T.
Gatrell, E.D.
Gaudin, F.E. "Emmett"
Gay, Charles A.
Gay, Charles A.
Geary, Ambrose
Gee, Fun Kan
Gee, Warren William
Geib, Jacob F.
Geib, Jacob F.
Geier, James
Geil, Dr. William Edgar
Geissler, Julia Henderson
Gelfer, Mrs. Andrew
Genna, Angelo
Genna, Mike
Genna, Tony
Genna, Tony
Genter, Charles
Gentry, William T.
Gentry, Zela Pauline
George, James C.
George, John A.
George, John C.
George, Lynn
George, S.A.
George, T.M.N.
George, William
Gerald, Elizabeth
Gerard, Mrs. J.F.
German, Pauline
Gerst, Arthur
Geter, Garland
Getts, John Wesley
Gibb, Sir George Steggman
Gibbons, Ida Mae
Gibbs, Girl
Gibbs, H.E.
Gibbs, Mark K.
Gibbs, Russell Vaughn
Gibbs, Russell Vaughn
Gibbs, Jr., Charles N.
Gibbs, Jr., Charlie N.
Gibson, Agatha
Gibson, Harry
Gibson, Hazel
Gibson, Helen
Gibson, J.A.
Gibson, J.A.
Gibson, John L.
Gibson, Marjorie
Gibson, Maurice Lee
Gibson, Mrs. O.P.
Gibson, Paul
Gibson, Walter
Gienke, Lily
Gienke, Sr., Fred
Gies, Chris
Giesler, J.C.
Gifford, Duncan S.
Gifford, Viola
Gilbert, Allen Proctor
Gilbert, H.M.
Gilbert, Lucille Fulbright
Gilbert, Martha Luella
Gilbert, Walter
Gilbert, William
Gilbert, William
Gilchrist, Mrs. H.B.
Giles, Alymer
Gilfry, Henry H.
Gilham, James
Gilham, James
Gilker, Ed
Gillespie, Jack
Gillespie, Jack L.
Gillespie, Janeatt Ward
Gillespie, Jeanett Ward
Gillett, C.J.
Gilley, Omar
Gillham, Riley
Gilliam, James
Gilliam, Olivia
Gilliland, Sarah
Gillis, Georgiana
Gillis, Helen
Gilmore, Leon
Gilmore, Will
Giorgano, Ross
Gladden, Bert
Gladden, E.J.
Gladney, Albert
Gladney, Charles B.
Gladney, Mrs. M.A.
Glardo, Mrs. Carl
Glasgow, S.C.
Glass, Nancy
Glasscock, Earl
Glasscock, Earl
Glasscock, William E.
Glavin, Patrick
Gleason, Edwin B.
Gleason, Edwin D.
Gleaves, Mrs. George W.
Glenhon, James F.
Glenke, John
Glenke, Lillian
Glenn, Dr. William Frank
Glenn, John H.
Glidewell, Elmo
Glimper, Long
Glinderman, Herman
Gloer, Mrs. J.L.
Gloveer, J.M.
Glover, Bessie
Glover, Clarence M.
Glover, Curtis
Glover, Lee
Glover, Mrs. S.A.
Glynn, Norene
Glynn, Norene
Gobson, Carroll
Goddard, Elliot E.
Goddell, Frank
Godlee, Sir Rickman John
Godley, Julia
Godwin, Frances E.
Goedde, Vincent
Goff, John
Goff, Luther
Goff, Roland
Goff, Roland
Goforth, Lucy
Goggin, Dr. R.E.B.
Golden, Edward
Golden, Merle
Golden, Mrs. J.C.
Golden, Ollie O.
Golden, Thomas H.
Goldman, Tom
Goldstein, Abraham
Golleher, N.H.
Golleher, N.H.
Golston, D.
Gommill, Henry C.
Gong, Lue Gim
Gonzales, Dr. Pedro
Gonzelin, Ida
Gonzelin, Mrs. H.J.
Good, Mrs. A.B.
Goode, Val
Goodin, George Albert
Goodlines, Martha A.
Goodman, Clarence
Goodman, Clarence
Goodman, Joseph
Goodman, L.C.
Goodner, J.C.
Goodrich, RADM Casper F.
Goodrum, Blossom Eagle
Goodrum, Boy
Goodrum, Mrs. Trimble T.
Goodson, Ned
Goodwin, Carrie E.
Goodwin, Denvenia
Goodwin, J.J.
Goodwin, Maynard
Goodwin, Mrs. Alfie
Goodwin, Oscar
Goosby, Ada
Goosby, Mrs. Dave
Gordon, Billie
Gordon, Cecil
Gordon, Harold
Gordon, Ralph B.
Gordon, Ralph H.
Gordon, Roy
Gordon, Sue
Gordon, Wyatt
Gore, Earl
Goree, H.G.
Gorgas, Jessie
Gorman, Capt. Karl H.
Gorman, Elizabeth
Gorman, Jesse
Gorman, West J.
Gosney, James R.
Goss, Charles H.
Goss, Harvey
Gossett, Henry David
Gossett, John
Gouch, Charles
Gould, Virginia L.
Govaer, Mrs. John
Gowen, Beryl
Grable, Alice
Grady, Alice M.
Grady, Thomas
Graham, Dr. Clarence
Graham, Erwin
Graham, Gertrude
Graham, Guy
Graham, John
Graham, Judge Royal
Graham, Mrs. J.H.
Graham, Ruby
Graham, Walter E.
Graham, Wesley
Graham, Wesley
Graham, Jr., Earl
Gramling, Joyce
Granger, Mrs. J.T.
Grant, Bernard
Grant, Martha Alice
Grasscock, LTjg T.A.
Grauver, Jr., Dewey
Graves, Col. John Temple
Graves, Dr. Walker
Graves, H.D.
Graves, H.M.
Graves, Hamp
Graves, Laura L.
Graves, Mrs. Walter
Gray, B.P.
Gray, Carrie
Gray, Clem
Gray, Corene
Gray, F.R.
Gray, Fred
Gray, Garfield
Gray, George
Gray, George Henry
Gray, Girl
Gray, Harry
Gray, Hume
Gray, Ida Bassett
Gray, John T.
Gray, Martha A.
Gray, Mrs George W.
Gray, Mrs. E.A.
Gray, Mrs. Eugene A. Steel
Gray, Mrs. Eugene A. Steel
Gray, Mrs. Fred
Gray, Mrs. George W.
Gray, Sidney
Gray, William C.
Gray, Jr., Roy
Greason, James T.
Greathouse, Robert Benton
Greaver, Albert Lee
Green, Annie
Green, Arthur Randolph
Green, Bob
Green, Bob
Green, Boy
Green, Col George Hill
Green, Hampson
Green, Hugh
Green, J.H.
Green, J.R.
Green, J.R.
Green, Jackson
Green, Jim
Green, Jim
Green, John
Green, John R.
Green, John R.
Green, Katherine
Green, Lena
Green, Lloyd
Green, Margaret
Green, Mary
Green, Mary
Green, Mary Bragg
Green, Mrs. J. H.
Green, Mrs. J.R.
Green, Mrs. S.B.
Green, Nancy
Green, Rev. Thomas H.
Green, Thomas J.
Green, W.M.
Green, William
Greene, Willie
Greenfield, Lucy
Greenfield, William Bogy
Greenhaw, George W.
Greenhaw, I.N.
Greenhaw, I.N.
Greenhill, Sam
Greenlea, J.W.
Greenlow, Laura
Green-Truax, Eliza
Greenwald, Jack
Greenwalt, Homer R.
Greenwood, Mary Magdaline
Gregg, Cornelia
Gregg, Frances
Gregg, Frances
Gregoni, Irvin
Gregory, Hattie
Gregory, Hattie C.
Gregory, Julian
Gregory, Mrs. J.H.
Gregory, Venie
Gregory, William
Gregory, Jr., J.H.
Grenfell, Baron F.M.
Gresham, John William
Gresham, Matilda J.
Gresham, Mrs. L.J.
Gridmore, Ella May
Griffey, Louise
Griffin, Herbert
Griffin, Mary Wilma
Griffin, Matthew F.
Griffin, Mrs. Hansel
Griffin, Stephen D.
Griffin, Theoptis
Griffin, Thomas
Griffin, William
Griffith, Child
Griffith, Child
Griffith, Child
Griffith, F.H.
Griffith, J.M.
Griffith, Mrs. James
Grimes, Belle
Grimes, Millard D.
Grimm, Rev. Hugo
Grimsley, William F.
Grindell, J.A.
Grinstead, Minnie J.
Grinstead, Richard
Grinstead, Richert
Grissom, Princess V.
Groom, Lona
Grosenbach, August
Gross, Arthur W.
Grossman, Al
Grossman, Morris
Grossman, William J.
Grove, Lilly Ann
Grover, Elizabeth
Groverman, John
Groves, Thomas S.
Growin, Frank E.
Growson, Rev. W.M.
Grubbs, Tehel
Gruetzner, Prof. Eduard
Grunder, Margaret C.
Grunder, Mrs. Otto
Gruner, Estelle
Gruner, Melissa Estelle
Guenther, Bertha
Guentzel, O.F.
Guerdan, Stephanie
Guerry, Goode M.
Guessaz, BG Oscar C.
Guest, P.T.
Guethle, Edward A.
Guggenheim, Daniel
Guice, John A.
Guillotte, Bill
Guinn, E.J.
Guinn, Mrs. D.N.
Guinn, Mrs. Tom
Guise, Mary A.
Gullatt, S.C.
Gumbinsky, Daniel
Gump, I.L.
Gunderman, Andrew
Gunn, Alice
Gunn, Mrs. W.C.W.
Gunter, Adult Male
Gunter, Noah J.
Gunter, Sam
Gunter, Wesley
Gurley, Pearl
Gurney, Birdie
Guthright, J.F.
Guy, Anna Esther
Guy, Rev. Frederick
Gynn, Mary
Haarman, Fritz
Haarstick, Henry
Haas, Albert J.
Haase, Threse
Hackney, Stella
Haden, Girl
Hadley, Jr., Thomas
Haehn, Carl
Hagan, Margaret
Hager, Charles L.
Hagerman, J.E.
Hagerty, James R.
Haggard, Lewis
Haggard, Sir. H. Rider
Hagwood, Ira B.
Hahne, Mae
Hahne, Mae
Hahne, Mae B.
Hail, Sarah Hankins
Haile, Charles
Haile, Charles H.
Hailey, Pete
Haines, Allie Blanks
Halcome, Curtis
Halden, Capt. Henry I.
Hale, Capt. Francis
Hale, Charles H.
Hale, D.S.
Hale, Elmer S.
Hale, Freda Hargis
Hale, Jimmy
Hale, W.M.
Haley, Ida Bell
Haley, James
Hall, Adult Male
Hall, Child
Hall, Clara
Hall, Cpl. Carlos
Hall, Daniel M.
Hall, Dr. William
Hall, Edgar
Hall, Edwin
Hall, Elmer
Hall, Evelyn
Hall, Frederick Aldin
Hall, H.B.
Hall, J.W.
Hall, Jack
Hall, Jewell
Hall, John
Hall, Lt. Guy B.
Hall, Marion
Hall, Mary E.
Hall, Mattie
Hall, Mrs. J.F.
Hall, Mrs. J.F.
Hall, R.D.
Hall, R.D.
Hall, Rose
Hall, Simms
Hall, Talt
Hall, Victoria Elizabeth
Hall, W.H.
Hall, Jr., Walter Edward
Haller, Dr. Albin
Haller, Maude
Haller, Maude
Halleran, Paul
Hallett, William
Halliburton, Brady P.
Halpin, R.E.
Halstead, Richard H.
Halter, Lawrence E.
Ham, Judge
Hamby, Buster
Hamerick, Lavander
Hames, Alvey
Hames, Alvia
Hames, C.M.
Hames, Rex
Hamilton, Arthur T.
Hamilton, Arthur Tenant
Hamilton, Ed
Hamilton, Emma V.
Hamilton, Emma V.
Hamilton, J.Carroll
Hamilton, Joseph Laurence
Hamilton, Monroe
Hamilton, Mrs. E.J.
Hamilton, Myrtle Elizabeth
Hamilton, Ulysses Grant
Hamilton, W.P.
Hamm, Dr. J.S.
Hammer, David
Hammett, Polly
Hammock, George Washington
Hammock, Mrs. Lum
Hammock, W.L.
Hammock, Worthen B.
Hammond, Charles
Hammond, John
Hammonds, W.F.
Hammons, Emma
Hammons, George
Hammons, John W.
Hamock, W.L.
Hamon, William
Hampton, Ed
Hampton, Nellie O.
Hampton, Jr., Mrs. J.E.
Hamrick, John
Hance, Ben
Hance, Mrs. Ben
Hancock, Bertram
Hancock, Marguerite
Hand, Amos
Hand, Boy
Hand, Girl
Hand, Mrs. Grady
Hand, Mrs. Joe
Hand, Mrs. Nell
Handcock, C.
Handcock, Jr., LtCdr Louis
Handlin, Frank A.
Hands, Hazel
Haney, R.M.
Hanggi, Sr., Herman A.
Hanggi, Sr., Herman A.
Hanggi, Sr., Herman August
Hankins, Charles
Hankins, Mattie
Hankins, Onita
Hankins, Stanley
Hankins, Stanley
Hanley, Will
Hanley, Jr., Harry A.
Hanna, Frank
Hanna, Jack Dempsey
Hannagan, Arthur
Hannagan, Sam
Hannagan, William
Hannum, William N.
Hanrahan, John
Hanson, B.W.
Hanson, Paul
Haralson, Mary
Harber, RADM Giles Bates
Harbison, John
Harcrow, Tobe
Hardaway, Jr., Minge Buchanan
Hardcastle, Helen Gould
Hardcastle, Mrs. Virgil
Hardeman, Dr. Daniel R.
Hardeman,Sr., Dr. Daniel R.
Harden, Leonard DeWitt
Hardin, Ila Mae
Hardin, James M.
Hardin, W.C.
Harding, Fred
Harding, J.B.
Harding, Minnie E.
Hardis, Anthony
Hardis, Doris
Hardis, Mrs. Anthony
Hardy, Ida
Hardy, John
Hardy, Morris
Hare, Mary D.
Hargree, Camille
Hargroves, Mrs. John P.
Harkins, W.A.
Harlan, Margaret Burch
Harless, Mrs. G.W.
Harley, Harry A.
Harley, Sherwood S.
Harmening, Edward
Harmon, Addie
Harmon, Clyde
Harmon, Mrs. Bates
Harmon, Mrs. Mat
Harmon, W.E.
Harness, Granvil
Harness, Leon C.
Harness, R.M.
Harney, Jr., George Edward
Harney, Jr., George Edward
Harney, Sr., George Edward
Harney, Sr., George Edward
Harp, Boy
Harp, Delphia
Harp, Ike
Harp, Peter
Harp, Thomas
Harper, Horace
Harper, L.C.
Harper, L.G.
Harper, Mary E.
Harper, Maude Lewis
Harper, William
Harrell, Dempsey S.
Harrell, John W.
Harrell, Spencer
Harrelson, Cas
Harriman, Alice
Harrington, John Malone
Harrington, Joseph L.
Harrington, Mrs. A.J.
Harrington, Tom
Harris, Dora J.
Harris, Dr. John H.
Harris, G.W.
Harris, Helen
Harris, Houston
Harris, J.A.
Harris, J.E.
Harris, James M.
Harris, John
Harris, John
Harris, Julia Anderson
Harris, Mary M.
Harris, Mrs. Drew
Harris, Mrs. Hamm
Harris, Mrs. Lewis
Harris, Roberta Grace
Harris, Ruth Caroline
Harris, Tom
Harris, W.F.
Harris, W.K.
Harris, William F.
Harrison, Alice
Harrison, Amanda
Harrison, Anna
Harrison, Bell Mary
Harrison, Claude
Harrison, Ella
Harrison, Ella
Harrison, Job
Harrison, Lucy Roxanna
Harrison, Mary E.
Harrison, Pearl
Harrison, Ruben
Harrison, Sailor Jean
Harrison, Sylvia
Harrison, Thomas C.
Harriss, Charles Langdon
Harrod, Alice May
Harrop, Child
Harrop, Child
Harrop, Child
Harrop, Child
Harrop, Mrs. Robert
Harrop, Robert
Harrower, James
Harshaw, J.N.
Hart, Clarence O.
Hart, David
Hart, Dr. Richard Hickman
Hart, J.B.
Harte, Richard Bert
Hartgraves, William
Hartgraves, William M.
Hartje, Mattie
Hartley, James H.
Hartley, Lena
Hartman, Chaney
Hartsell, Jack
Hartsell, Jonas
Harvey, Cleveland
Harvey, Hettie
Harwell, Clyde
Harwood, Elijah
Haskins, Jack
Hasleden, LTjg J.D.
Hasse, Jack
Hasse, Mrs. Jack
Hassell, Kate
Hassell, Kate
Hassett, Margaret
Hastings, Mrs. M.M.
Hastings, Richard T.
Hatfield, Carl
Hathron, H. Guy
Hatley, Fannie
Hatley, Hilda
Hatley, Mrs. A.H.
Haufschield, Roy
Haufschild, Ray
Haughton, Lt. A.R.
Haughton, Russell L.
Hausberry, Margaret
Havel, Henry
Havel, Henry
Havell, Wandeline
Havell, Wendeline
Haven, George G.
Havena, Mrs. L.L.
Haverty, Harry
Hawkins, Eugene
Hawkins, G.W.
Hawkins, G.W.
Hawkins, G.W.
Hawkins, Henry
Hawkins, John H.
Hawkins, John L.
Hawley, RADM John Mitchell
Hawthorne, Richard
Hawthorne, Richard
Hayden, Ethel Rose
Hayes, Avis
Hayes, Bessie C.
Hayes, Charles L.
Hayes, Joe
Hayes, Joe
Hayes, Joe
Hayes, Mary
Hayes, Mary
Hayes, Mrs. J.P.
Hayford, Prof. John F.
Haygood, William Horace
Haynes, D.M.
Haynes, Elwood
Haynes, Nella
Haynes, Russell
Haynes, Sallie
Haynes, Vada
Haynes, Willie
Haynie, I.W.
Haynie, Mrs. Rice
Haynie, Rev. W.T.
Hays, Mack S.
Hays, O.H.
Haywood, Alda
Haywood, Sr., James
Hazel, Sophie
Hazel, Sophie
Hazzard, H.
Heale, George
Heard, Allen C.
Heard, Sarah
Hearick, Lillian
Hearick, Lillian
Hearn, Clayton
Heath, Gen. Thomas T.
Heaton, Dr. H.W.
Hebard, Emma Esther
Hecht, M. Jacob
Hedgecoth, Everett
Hedges, Job E.
Hedges, Job E.
Hedges, R.C.
Hedrick, Ray
Heffron, Albert
Hefner, C.W.
Heidleberg, Dave
Heike, Otto
Heine, Alice
Heining, Jr., Martin
Heining, Sr., Martin
Helder, Rev. F.O.
Hellums, Thomas A.
Helm, Frank
Helm, Jake
Helmold, W.A.
Helton, Joe D.
Helton, John F.
Hemard, Capt. Charles
Hembert, J.H.
Hemmelrath, Mike
Hemmelrath, Mike
Hemphill, Mollie
Henard, Alonzo
Henderson, Allie
Henderson, James
Henderson, Link
Henderson, Steve
Henderson, Stuart
Hendon, Jennie Nora
Hendren, Elsworth
Hendricks, Catherine
Hendricks, Catherine
Hendricks, J.A.
Hendricks, John "Abe"
Hendricks, Mrs. J.P.
Hendrickson, James D.
Hendrickson, Jennie
Henley, Lloyd W.
Henley, Mrs. James M.
Hennessay, Harry A.
Hennessay, Harry Aritze
Hennessee, J.H.
Hennessey, Katie
Hennessey, Katie
Henry, Arthur
Henry, Arthur
Henry, Asa B.
Henry, Frank
Henry, Mary Elizabeth
Henry, Mrs. J.C.
Henry, Robert
Henry, Sir Dennis
Hensahw, Dollie
Hensley, Adult Female
Hensley, Millie
Henson, Daniel Taylor
Henson, Mrs. George
Henson, Sgt. Adult Male
Henwood, John Burton
Henwood, John Burton
Henwood, John Burton
Hepinstall, William H.
Hepinstall, William H.
Herahberg, William
Hernandez, Barney
Hernandez, Juan
Herr, Samuel Horatio
Herrin, Doris
Herring, Fieldon C.
Herring, LtCol R.E.
Herring, LtCol R.F.
Herrmann, A.R.
Herron, Prof. George D.
Herscheib, W.E.
Hertzog, Florence
Herwig, Charles E.
Herwig, Charles E.
Herzzing, Mary
Hester, A.S.
Hester, Elv
Hetterick, Dorothy E.
Heutig, Capt. William L.
Hewitt, Martha H.
Hewlett, Boy
Hibbert, Wilbur
Hibner, V.H.
Hickey, 1LT Charles N.
Hickey, Irene Conway
Hickey, Jr., James
Hickman, Anna
Hickox, Riley
Hicks, C.C.
Hicks, Capt. Jeff
Hicks, Dr. W.R.
Hicks, Dultsie
Hicks, Frederick W.
Hicks, Girl
Hicks, J.F.
Hicks, James
Hicks, Mrs. Henry
Hicks, Ruth
Hicks, Samuel Bailey
Hicks, W.I.
Hide, Jay
Hidinger, Lydia
Hidinger, Lydia
Higgins, Ed J.
Higgins, Owen
Higgins, Willard
Higgins, William
Higginson, Jeanne Caldwell
Hight, Sid
Hightower, Fannie Ora
Hill, A.A.
Hill, A.W.
Hill, Andrew J.
Hill, Anna
Hill, Anna
Hill, Bertha Walker
Hill, Clara
Hill, Elizabeth
Hill, J.C.
Hill, J.G.
Hill, James B.
Hill, James Barton
Hill, Jess W.
Hill, John C.
Hill, John C.
Hill, Mae Crowder
Hill, Perrival S.
Hill, Sam
Hill, Samuel Ralph
Hill, Till H.
Hill, Tom
Hillebrand, W.F.
Hiller, Mrs. C.F.
Hillman, Mrs. M.A.
Hiltbord, Valentine
Hilton, D.
Hiltz, Joseph
Himstedt, F.W.
Himstedt, F.W.
Himstedt, Frederick W.
Hiner, Robert
Hines, James B.
Hines, Marion
Hinkey, Frank
Hinrichs, Belle
Hinson, I.N.
Hinson, Rev. A.
Hinton, John B.
Hinton, Mrs. George H.
Hinton, Mrs. W.R.
Hirona, W.L.
Hirschbert, Dr. Julius
Hirst, Count Tosuke
Hitchcock, Alex
Hitchcock, Mrs. Gilbert
Hite, Ada
Hite, Ada
Hites, Alice
Hites, Alice Blish
Hjurquist, Charles
Hoag, W.J.
Hobbs, Jess
Hobbs, Mahala Jane
Hobert, James F.
Hobson, Bud
Hoch, E.W.
Hodell, Christiana
Hodge, Helen
Hodges, Alleen
Hodges, Barney
Hodges, Edith Pearl
Hodges, Levica Jane
Hodges, Mabel G.
Hodges, W.H.
Hodges, Zackery Taylor
Hoeltzel, Lydia Reichardt
Hoetzendorf, Baron Conrad
Hoey, Child
Hoey, Child
Hoey, Child
Hoey, Child
Hoey, Child
Hoey, Mrs. John J.
Hoffman, A.J.
Hoffman, Augusta
Hoffman, Augusta
Hoffman, Catherine
Hoffman, Don Jean
Hoffman, Frederick
Hoffman, Lucy Bell
Hoffman, Mrs. Otto
Hoffman, Oscar
Hoffman, Sam
Hoffman, Sam
Hoffman, Selma
Hofmeister, Christian
Hogan, John
Hogan, Rev. C.C.
Hogg, A.M.
Hogg, Lady Elizabeth Brown
Hoggard, Jesse
Hogue, Child
Hogue, D. Verne
Hogue, Mrs. D. Verne
Hoi, Liu Chung
Hokams, Alfred Eugene
Hoke, Mrs. Silas
Holden, Eugene
Holden, Mrs. Barney
Holden, P.
Holden, Thelma Odell
Holder, Elvira Gregg
Holder, Jim
Holder, Richard
Holderby, George
Holderby, Jessie
Hole, J.A.
Hollabaugh, Mrs. G.M.
Holland, J.E.
Holland, Newt
Holland, R.H.
Holland, Ran
Holland, Rev. W.S.
Holland, Jr., Daniel C.
Holley, Alfred Lee
Holley, Alfred Lee
Holley, Elizabeth Jane
Holley, Will
Holliday, Frankie Marie
Holliday, J.M.
Holliday, Mary Lee
Holliday, Mrs. J.M.
Hollingshead, Thomas M.
Hollingsworth, Donald M.
Hollingsworth, Donald M.
Hollington, Wyatt
Hollis, Artle Mae
Hollister, Girl
Hollister, Mrs. Sumner
Hollister, Sumner
Hollohan, Mary
Holly, Elizabeth Jane
Holly, Mae
Holman, James M.
Holman, Mrs. B.F.
Holman, Mrs. George
Holmes, Eugene
Holmes, Eugene
Holmes, Eugene
Holmes, Frank
Holmes, Henry
Holmes, Mrs. C.T.
Holmes, Roger
Holmes, W.M.
Holt, Esta
Holt, Lillie
Holt, Mrs. R.
Holt, Roy
Homer, Aaron
Hommell, Bessie
Hon, Annie
Honea, John B.
Honsinger, Thomas F.
Hood, A.L.
Hood, Col Horace
Hood, Florence Manly
Hood, Florence Manly
Hood, George W.
Hood, Mrs. W.M.
Hood, Roy Elmer
Hooper, Carl
Hooper, Don B.
Hoover, Elmer
Hope, George Meadows
Hope, Robert
Hopkins, Andrew
Hopkins, Annie Emilene
Hopkins, Billie Jim
Hopkins, Gus
Hopkins, Thomas S.
Hopkins, Jr., Albert L.
Hopper, Lillie Enoa
Hopper, Lillie Enon
Hopper, Mrs. M.F.
Hopping, J.E.
Hordly, Oscar
Horn, A. Curt
Horn, Johanna M.
Horn, Mrs. J.W.
Horn, Ruth
Horn, Samuel G.
Horn, W.O.
Hornberger, Mack M.
Horne, John I.
Horne, William
Horner, Cecelia Josephine
Hornsby, Reuben J.
Hornsby, Ruth Anna
Horstman, John C.
Horton, Andy F.
Horton, Palmer
Horton, T.H.
Horton, Virgil
Horton, Wilma Frances
Hosier, M.
Hosier, M.
Hoskins, C.P.
Hoskins, C.T.
Hoskins, Robert Chilton
Hoskins, Sophie
Houchens, Mrs. William T.
Houck, Julia Victoria
Houghtaling, Charles E.
Houghton, LtGen H.B.
House, Lorena
House, Lorenn Alston
House, Will
Housley, Evander T.
Houston, Lew
Howard, Child
Howard, Elizabeth
Howard, Henry H.
Howard, John
Howard, Joseph H.
Howard, Mary
Howard, Walker
Howe, Pearl Williams
Howell, Horace
Howell, Inez
Howell, John W.
Howell, Samuel S.
Howland, Samuel S.
Hubbard, Elbert
Hubbard, Elbert
Hubik, Julius A.
Hubik, Julius A.
Huddleston, Myra
Huddleston, Pauline
Hudelson, William A.
Hudgens, Mrs. L.M.
Hudgins, Myrtle
Hudgins, Myrtle
Hudgins, R.E.
Hudson, Capt. James Madison
Hudson, Frank
Hudson, Ira M.
Hudson, Ira M.
Hudson, Ira M.
Hudson, J.T.
Hudson, Joe
Hudson, Margaret H.
Hudson, Milam
Hudson, T.H.
Hudson, W.D.
Hudspeth, George T.
Hudspeth, Mrs. Jim
Huey, Mrs. Oscar
Huey, Oscar L.
Huff, John M.
Huffman, Lucy Belle
Huges, Elizabeth Phillips
Hughes, Cleveland
Hughes, Ella
Hughes, Gertie
Hughes, Girl
Hughes, H.I.
Hughes, Harold
Hughes, Horace
Hughes, Julia Bond
Hughes, Maggie
Hughes, Mrs. B.W.
Hughes, Mrs. Cleveland
Hughes, Mrs. J.P.
Hughes, Olive
Hughes, Rosena Lindsey
Hughes, Rosena Lindsey
Hughes, W.A.
Huhn, Emil
Huls, Charles H.
Hultquist, Georgia
Humes, L.C.
Hummer, Everett
Hummer, George
Hummer, Mrs. George
Humphrey, Edith
Humphrey, Jack
Humphreys, Howard
Hunker, N.J.
Hunsaker, T.M.
Hunt, Carl
Hunt, Eldon
Hunt, Mrs. H.B.
Hunt, Mrs. H.B.
Hunt, Sherman
Hunt, Thomas J.
Hunt, William Strong
Hunter, Ada Louise
Hunter, Daniel I.
Hunter, Daniel I.
Hunter, Herbert
Hunter, Kate Smith
Hunter, Maj. John H.
Hunter, Maj. John H.
Hunter, Mary
Hunter, Sr., Ben V.
Hurd, Hays
Hurley, Irene Bishop
Hurst, James Buchanan
Hurst, Samuel
Hurst, W.M.
Hurst, Will
Hurt, Christine
Husson, Mildred
Husted, James W.
Hutchen, Mrs. H.H.
Hutchens, Alvin H.
Hutchens, Alvin H.
Hutcherson, Harry Ulman
Hutchins, Charles L.
Hutchins, George
Hutchinsen, E.S.
Hutchinson, Boy
Hutchinson, Lillian
Hutchinson, Mrs. S.J.
Hutchison, Mrs. Lew Wallace
Hutson, Sr., J.T.
Hutt, Jennie L.
Hutton, A.B.
Hutton, James
Hyatt, Sr., William H.
Hyde, Cynthia Jane
Hyde, Herbert
Hyde, Percy D.
Hyde, Virgie
Hyman, Al
Hynes, Maria
Hynes, Robert
Ibach, Harold
Iles, Marie
Ing, Mrs. Monroe
Ingle, Ethel Bell
Ingle, Ethel Bell
Ingram, B.F.
Ingram, Edith
Ingram, W.E.
Ingram, W.R.
Inman, Rolly
Inzer, B.W.
Irby, Inez
Irby, Mrs. Joe
Iron, John
Irvin, Mrs. Eugene
Irwin, Bertha Elizabeth
Irwin, Fred
Irwin, Mrs. Thomas L.
Irwin, William R.
Isbell, J.H.
Isbell, W.J.
Isgrig, Aaron Allen
Isinmann, Mrs. Augustus
Isom, Virgil
Ison, Amanda
Itzkowitz, Samuel
Ivanoff, Alexander
Ives, Paul H.
Ivey, Bernice
Ivey, Mrs. Walter
Ivey, Sinia
Ivnaoff, Gen. Adult Male
Ivy, Albert S.
Ivy, L.Q.
Jack, Harold Boyd
Jackman, Martha E.
Jackson, Alex
Jackson, Anna
Jackson, Bert
Jackson, Capt. Orton P.
Jackson, Charlotte
Jackson, Daniel E.
Jackson, Ethel
Jackson, Fannie O.
Jackson, Isabell
Jackson, James
Jackson, Jeff
Jackson, Lester
Jackson, Lt. W.S.
Jackson, Margaret A.
Jackson, Mose
Jackson, Mrs. Charles
Jackson, Mrs. J.H.
Jackson, Mrs. Kent
Jackson, Mrs. Lee
Jackson, R.J.
Jackson, Thomas J.
Jackson, Thomas P.
Jackson, Thursey E.
Jacobs, D. Marshall
Jacobs, J. Lee
Jacobs, Sarah N.
Jacobson, Hilda
Jacobson, Marion
Jacoway, Guy D.
Jacques, Cora
Jaggars, T.H.
Jaggers, E.J.
Jairrel, George
Jajko, Tillie
Jamerson, J.H.
James, Albert
James, Alonzo
James, Ben Franklin
James, Boy
James, Buddy
James, C.E.
James, Capt. Manzell R.
James, Celey M.
James, Charles E.
James, Elvira Ella
James, Franklin P.
James, Henry
James, Jimmie
James, John F.
James, Melton
James, Milton
James, Mrs. B.
James, Mrs. E.L.
James, Mrs. J.
Jameson, Rev. J.D.
Jamison, Claud
Jamison, Claude
Jamison, Dr. W.B.
Jarman, James E.
Jarrett, Zack
Jasistaz, John
Jastro, Henry A.
Jaynes, A.
Jaynes, A.
Jeane, Martha
Jeane, Sim
Jefferies, James Boyd
Jeffers, 1LT Solomon L.
Jeffers, Mrs. Carl
Jeffers, Mrs. Daniel
Jeffery, Dr. Finis E.
Jeffress, Albert C.
Jeffrey, Rigger Ralph O.
Jeffus, Mrs. D.G.
Jelks, Dr. Jarrett M.
Jelliffe, William Leeming
Jenkins, Charles
Jenkins, E.E.
Jenkins, E.E.
Jenkins, Elizabeth
Jenkins, Elnora
Jenkins, J.P.
Jenkins, Lee
Jenkins, Marshall
Jenkins, Mrs. M.E.
Jenkins, Rev. A.S.
Jenkins, Violet
Jenkins, William
Jennen, Ferdinand
Jennings, Elliott Crews
Jennings, Roy
Jennings, Webbie
Jensen, Axtrid
Jensen, Mrs. Hans C.
Jeremiah, Clement
Jeremiah, Mrs. Clement
Jeske, Eva
Jeske, Henry
Jeske, Ralph
Jessup, Charles R.
Jessup, Charles R.
Jeter, Garland
Jett, Margery
Jett, Marjery
Jewell, Carmel
John, Mrs. G.G.
Johns, Audrey May
Johns, Dr. Percy W.
Johnson, Abra
Johnson, Abra
Johnson, Al
Johnson, Alford
Johnson, Alfred
Johnson, Alfred
Johnson, Ausey
Johnson, Bolling Arthur
Johnson, Carl
Johnson, Carrie
Johnson, Cecil
Johnson, Charles A.
Johnson, Child
Johnson, David A.
Johnson, Dr. Ashley M.
Johnson, Dutch
Johnson, Ed
Johnson, Ed H.
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Flora
Johnson, Gordon
Johnson, Gus
Johnson, Howard
Johnson, Howard
Johnson, J.L.
Johnson, James O.
Johnson, James W.
Johnson, Jim
Johnson, Joe
Johnson, John M.
Johnson, John Madison
Johnson, Joseph French
Johnson, Lester
Johnson, Lillard
Johnson, Lillie
Johnson, Mack
Johnson, Michael M.
Johnson, Mont
Johnson, Mrs. A.J.
Johnson, Mrs. Andrew
Johnson, Mrs. Berry
Johnson, Mrs. J. Riley
Johnson, Mrs. J.H.
Johnson, Mrs. Luther
Johnson, Mrs. Oscar F.
Johnson, Mrs. Robert Underwoo
Johnson, Mrs. W.B.
Johnson, Nasel
Johnson, Rev. P.T.
Johnson, Richard
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Rose
Johnson, Rutledge
Johnson, Sextin
Johnson, Stephen
Johnson, Uva May
Johnson, Vina
Johnson, Wesley
Johnston, J.I.
Johnston, Lillard
Johnston, Lillard
Johnston, Lillard
Johnston, Maj. P.P.
Johnston, Moses C.
Johnston, R.H.
Johnston, Rev. F.P.
Johnston, Rufus E.
Johnston, Samuel
Joiner, Andrew Wiley
Jolley, Mrs. Hearin
Jolly, Frederick
Jolly, J.C.
Jolly, Julius
Jolly, Lt. John Crawford
Jones, Almira
Jones, Alta
Jones, Bert
Jones, Boy
Jones, Bryan Steel
Jones, C.L.
Jones, Claudia I.
Jones, D.K.
Jones, Dan W.
Jones, Dave
Jones, David R.
Jones, Dora
Jones, Dorselle
Jones, Dr. W.J.
Jones, Earl
Jones, Elizabeth B.
Jones, Elizabeth R.
Jones, Essie
Jones, Essie
Jones, Ethel
Jones, Fanning David
Jones, Fred
Jones, Gilbert E.
Jones, Gladys
Jones, John Wesley
Jones, John Wesley
Jones, King
Jones, L.B.
Jones, L.B.
Jones, Louise
Jones, Marjory
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary Jane
Jones, Mollie
Jones, Mrs. D.C.
Jones, Mrs. George
Jones, Mrs. H.R.
Jones, Mrs. R.T.
Jones, Mrs. W.P.
Jones, Myrtle
Jones, Nila
Jones, Pearl
Jones, Pelima
Jones, Pierce
Jones, R.H.
Jones, R.M.
Jones, Robert
Jones, Stephen Franklin
Jones, Sue Somerville
Jones, Suphronia J.
Jones, W.C.
Jones, W.W.
Jones, Wilford W.
Jones, William
Jones, Jr., Arthur
Jones, Sr., James A.
Jordan, Anna
Jordan, Arthur
Jordan, Edith
Jordan, Kinny
Jordan, McKinley
Jordan, Mrs. Gaither
Jordan, Youngue
Jorden, Mrs. John
Joselove, Mike
Joseph, John
Josephs, Minna
Joslin, Emmaline
Jourdan, J.P.
Joy, Salvatore
Juery, Rev. G.W.
Juhl, Catherine
Jumper, Lester
Jungkind, Ed C.
Jungkind, Ed C.
Jutila, Adult Female
Jutila, Arthur
Jutila, Arvie
Kaelin, Rev. Anself
Kaelin, Rev. Anselm
Kahler, William
Kahn, Helmuth
Kahn, Mrs. Sidney
Kahn, Reginald
Kahn, Sidney
Kaibiesch, Oscar J.
Kaiser, Oscar
Kalasinski, Julia
Kaliszewski, Casimir
Kammerer, John
Kane, Florence
Kane, Florence
Kane, Florence
Kanes, Cep
Karl, George "Big Bates"
Karling, Katherine
Karn, George
Karnes, Frank A.
Karnes, Mrs. Tim
Karnes, Randall
Karr, W.H.
Karros, Christ
Kasper, Theresia
Katzki, Herman
Kauffman, Charles
Kaufman, Mrs. Samuel
Kaylor, B.M.
Kaylor, Lillian
Keane, Thomas A.
Keane, Thomas A.
Kearney, Thomas T.
Keating, Terrance
Keaton, Mrs. W.H.
Keaton, Walter Frances
Keefer, Max
Keegan, Loretta
Keeling, Hosea
Keene, J.H.
Keene, James
Keeter, Dr. P.H.
Keeter, Dr. P.M.
Keeth, Rev. John
Kegler, Carl
Kegler, Mrs. Carl
Keith, Dr. Nathaniel
Keith, Mary
Keith, Mrs. Samuel J.
Kellar, Hardy
Kellar, W.S.
Keller, Edward F.
Keller, Hardy
Keller, Mary
Keller, Mike
Keller, Thomas W.
Kelley, Charles
Kelley, Delia
Kelley, G.W.
Kelley, J.B.
Kelley, Mrs. E.L.
Kelley, Mrs. George
Kelley, Mrs. J.A.
Kelley, Mrs. J.A.
Kelley, Mrs. M.H.
Kelley, Norman
Kelley, Patrick H.
Kelley, Rev. Benjamin J.
Kelly, B. ?.
Kelly, Boy
Kelly, C. Claude
Kelly, Dr. J.B.
Kelly, Jesse C.
Kelly, Judge Joseph L.
Kelly, Mrs. George
Kelly, Mrs. M.J.
Kelly, Norman
Kelly, Orse
Kelly, Robert
Kelly, Samuel H.
Kelly, Susannah
Kelly, Toby
Kelly, Sr., Gus
Kemp, George
Kemp, Marion
Kemp, Mrs. George
Kempner, Dr. S.H.
Kendall, Frank
Kendall, Jennie
Kendrick, Fay
Kendrick, Mary
Kendrick, William
Keng, Dorothy
Kennedy, Carroll H.
Kennedy, Claud T.
Kennedy, Paul J.
Kenny, Wendall
Kent, Charles Foster
Kent, Emmett Nolen
Kent, J.W.
Kent, Novis Emma
Kent, Savannah Lee
Keopala, Maggie
Kerley, Betha
Kerley, Ettie
Kerlin, Joe Arthur
Kern, Thomas
Kern, William
Kern, Wilma
Kerr, Emily
Kersey, Henry
Kerwin, Capt. John F.
Kerwin, Capt. John F.
Kesterson, Laura
Kesterson, M.D.
Kesterson, Mrs. M.H.
Ketner, T.B.
Keton, Emma
Key, Matilda
Key, Maude
Keyes, Bill
Keyes, Rollin Arthur
Keys, Charles Henry
Keys, Luddie
Kibiac, A.A.
Kick, Prof. Buck
Kidd, Frederick
Kidd, Sophia
Kientz, Boy
Kilburn, Dan
Kilburn, J. Ed
Kilgore, Minnie
Killebrew, William Laprade
Killian, Child
Killian, Child
Killian, Child
Killian, John A.
Killian, Mrs. John
Killian, Robert
Killian, Robert
Killian, William H.
Killon, W.H.
Killough, Goldie
Kilman, Lillian Louise
Kilman, Lillian Louise
Kilmer, Leverett
Kilroy, Leonard
Kiltner, Ona
Kimbell, William
Kimberlin, Louanna
Kimbrell, Dollie
Kimbrell, Melissa
Kincaid, Clifford
Kincaid, Lewis Clifford
Kinchloe, Mrs. J.W.
King, Albert S.
King, Andrew P.
King, Andy
King, C.C.
King, Felling
King, Henrietta
King, Henry H.
King, Jenny
King, John
King, Lee
King, Mollie
King, Mrs. Andrew P.
King, Mrs. Edward J.
King, Mrs. John J.
King, Mrs. T.R.
King, Rachel Farrel
King, Roscoe
Kingrey, Sarah
Kingsberry, Paymstr Adult Male
Kinloch, Capt. Robert A.
Kinman, Ernest
Kinman, George
Kinnebrugh, Virginia Shreve
Kinney, C.F.
Kinney, Mrs. Frank N.
Kinnibrugh, Virginia Shreve
Kinser, Charles
Kinser, Frances J.
Kinsworthy, Mary Sutton
Kinsworthy, Mrs. E.B.
Kirby, A.J.
Kirby, Harry A.
Kirch, C.V.
Kirk, Henry Kendig
Kirkland, John B.
Kirkland, John B.
Kirkland, L.C.
Kirkpatrick, George
Kirkpatrick, Girl
Kirkpatrick, Hodge
Kirkpatrick, Martha E.
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Hodge
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Walter
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Walter G.
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Walter G.
Kirkpatrick, Prof. Walter
Kirkpatrick, Prof. Walter G.
Kirkpatrick, Roy
Kirks, Mae
Kirksey, Bruce E.
Kirland, John B.
Kiser, W.F.
Kissell, Harry
Kitchen, Bettie E.
Kittrell, Lemuel C.
Kizer, Ellen
Klasinn, John
Kline, Mrs. J.W.
Kling, Carolyne Beatty
Knabe, Mattie Loucaine
Knapp, A.B.
Knee, B.F.
Knick, J.L.
Knight, Abigail
Knight, Charles N.
Knight, Francis
Knight, Francis
Knight, Martha
Knight, Mary Ellen
Knight, Mary Ellen
Knight, Mrs. J.M.
Knight, R.L.
Knight, Ralph
Knight, Ralph
Knight, Ruby
Knight, Ruby
Knight, William T.
Knorpp, Gottford Wesley
Knott, Jimmy
Knott, William A.
Knotts, T.S.
Knowles, Ivey
Knox, A.H.
Knox, T.B.
Koberlein, F.W.
Kocefes, George
Koch, George C.
Koch, Louis
Kock, Walter
Koehler, Alben
Koehler, William
Koers, Clara
Koers, Jr., Louis
Kohl, Robert A.
Kokomoor, Flo
Kokomoor, Harry L.
Kollen, Mamie
Konkle, E.S.
Korda, Frank
Koretz, Leo
Korucek, Anna
Kothe, Marie
Koval, John
Kozina, Girl
Kozina, Jose
Kozina, Mrs. Jose
Krause, Jacob Emmanuel
Krause, Mrs. Frank
Krauss, Gladys
Kregor, Sarah E.
Kreichbaun, Betty
Kreichbaun, Mary
Kreichbaun, Mrs. Arthur
Kreton, George T.
Kroll, Marion
Kronberg, Ike
Krupp, Anna Eliza
Kruse, William
Kruttschnitt, Julius
Kuebbler, Berta
Kuhl, John
Kuhlman, Edward
Kuhlman, Mildred
Kuhlman, Mrs. Edward
Kulak, Mary
Kummer, T.K.
Kuno, Mlle. Adult Female
Kunts, Margaret
Kupotinski, Raymond
Kuropatkin, General
Kursh, Myrtle
Kuusisto, Mrs. Eiis
Kviatkovsky, M.
Kwiatkowski, Dr. V.S.
Kyle, Mrs. B.
Kyle, Jr., Lt. James I.
La Follette, Sen. Robert Marion
La Grone, Robert J.
Labd, A.
Lablanc, W.T.
Laciche, Lester
Lack, J.B.
Lack, William R.
Lackey, Bithia
Lackey, Florence
Lackey, Girl
Lackey, Mrs. J.B.
Lacy, Elizabeth Arnold
Ladd, Carl
Ladd, Carl
Ladd, Mary
Ladd, Sen. Edwin Fremont
Lael, Mrs. J.A.
Lafayette, Mrs. Elzie
Lafear, John
LaFera, Louis
Lafferty, Aaron
LaFollette, Bob
Lagan, Drewery T.
Laggers, Harry A.
Lake, Mary Logan
Lake, Mrs. L.B.
Lake, Ontila
Lake, Roy
Lakey, Dixie
Lale, May
Lamb, Boy
Lamb, Boy
Lamb, John T.
Lamb, Mrs. J.
Lambert, Adult Female
Lambert, Bettie
Lambert, William
Lamberton, Mrs. E.C.
Lambeth, William R.
Lamentes, A.G.
Lamer, Grace
Lamonds, A.G.
Lamonds, A.G.
Lamouret, Francois
Lampkin, Minta
Lampley, John
Lampley, Monroe
Lancaster, Genevieve
Lancaster, Mrs. John
Lanciano, Frank
Lanciano, Rose Attillio
Lander, Samuel
Landers, D.J.
Landers, Douglas J.
Landers, Florence Woods
Landers, Lila
Landrum, Hugh
Landrum, Lige
Lane, Boy
Lane, J.C.
Lane, W.R.
Lane, William
Lanford, Isaiah
Lang, Mrs. H.W.
Lang, Mrs. J.I.
Lang, Jr., Fred
Lange, Albert C.
Langford, Ann
Langford, E.M>
Langley, Tennie
Langley, Tennie
Langstan, Mrs. I.T.
Langston, C.J.
Langston, I.T.
Langston, W.H.
Lanier, J.A.
Lanier, J.A.
Lanier, James A.
Lanna, Patrick H.
Lansburgh, Henry
Lansdall, E.B.
Lansdowne, Elizabeth Knox
Lansdowne, LtCdr Zachary
Lantrip, T.M.
Lantrip, T.M.
Lanzer, J.
Lape, Margaret C.
Lapook, Genevieve
Largent, Mrs. Jesse
Larkowski, William
Larson, Adult Female
Larson, Sevard
Lascelles, Francis John
Laseter, Mrs. W.F.
Lasker, Sr., Harry
Lassater, John B.
Lassiter, Bill
Lathain, Dr. Norman
Latham, F.S.
Lathrop, H.G.
Latimer, Madeline
Latimer, Madeline
Latta, Ed
Lattyak, Edward
Lau, Charles W.
Laughlin, James Key
Laughlin, Mrs. James
Laus, Henry
Laus, Joseph
Lausier, G.A.
Lavin, J.T.
Law, Child
Law, Child
Law, Mrs. Herbert
Law, Mrs. Herman
Lawhon, Newberry
Lawler, Charlie
Lawr, A.
Lawrence, Anna
Lawrence, Carrie
Lawrence, Clara J.
Lawrence, Dr. E.J.
Lawrence, J.M.
Lawrence, Lt. J.B.
Lawrence, Mrs. Eugene
Lawrence, Mrs. J.E.
Lawrence, Richzrd
Lawrence, Samuel
Lawrence, Willie Wright
Lawson, George W.
Lawson, Henry
Lawson, James
Lawson, James
Lawson, Margaret
Lawson, Myrtle
Lawson, Thomas W.
Lawson, Thomas W.
Lawson, Victor
Lawton, Walter Edward
Laymon, Pearl
le Roux, Sen. H.
Lea, Sarah
Leach, Clarence
Leadford, Mrs. Johnny
Leady, Emma
Leaming, Thomas H.
Lear, Robert
Lebach, Mrs. Stanley
Leblanc, Judge Ernest
Leblanc, Mrs. Ernest
Ledbetter, Amanda
Ledbetter, James H.
Ledbetter, Mrs. S.M.
Lee, Charlie
Lee, E.O.
Lee, Henry
Lee, Imogene
Lee, J.C.
Lee, Mrs. A.G.
Lee, Mrs. E.O.
Lee, Mrs. L.R.
Lee, Myrtice
Lee, P.K.
Lee, R.E.
Lee, R.H.
Lee, Ralph
Lee, Richard
Lee, Sgt. Robert L.
Lee, W.H.
Lee, Jr., Charles
Lee, Jr., Charles
Leech, John I.
Leer, John
LeGrange, Albert
Lehrsen, Louis F.
Leigh, Emma A.
Lemming, Will
Lenox, Joe
Lensing, Herman
Lensing, Sr., Herman
Lent, Simeon
Leonard, Girl
Leonard, J.A.
Leonard, Minerva
Leonard, W.C.
Lepidi, Rev. Alberto
Lerri, George
LeSevers, Cinda
Leshman, F.D.
Leslie, D.W.
Lessley, May
Lester, Claude
Lester, Dora
Lester, Doris
Lester, Ellen
Lester, Ellen
Lester, Mary
Lester, R.D.
Lester, Troy
Letbetter, Mrs. W.S.
Letterman, K.M.
Levasseur, Anais
Leverhulme, Viscount
Levesque, Adam
Levillian, Mrs. Hohn H.
Levillian, Rebecca
Levington, Tom R.
Levy, Vetta
Levy, Winfred
Lewis, Ada
Lewis, Earl
Lewis, Elmer
Lewis, Elsie Neomi
Lewis, Frank
Lewis, George
Lewis, Grace Irene
Lewis, Harlan
Lewis, J.W.
Lewis, James P.
Lewis, John Quincy
Lewis, Lorraine
Lewis, Myer
Lewis, Rosemonde Cooper
Lewis, Sol
Lewis, W.M.
Lewis, W.M.
Lewis, William
Liab, Roberts
Lightfoot, Adult Male
Lightfoot, Jane
Likely, Harry
Liles, W.B.
Lin, Tom
Linaker, Charles A.
Linana, Sister
Linares, Fidel
Lincoln, Lina
Lincoln, Lina
Lincoln, Lina
Lincoln, Mrs. Warren J.
Lincoln, Jr., Thomas
Lindabury, Richard V.
Lindeman, John
Lindeman, John
Lindeman, Josie
Linder, Max
Linder, Mrs. Max
Linder, Sam
Linder, Sam
Lindner, Mrs. William
Lindsay, Mrs. Burl
Lindsey, Ben
Lindsey, Brady Domore
Lindsey, Felix G.
Lindsey, Felix G.
Lindsey, Homer
Lindsey, John
Lindsey, Rosena
Lindsey, Rosena Hughes
Lindsey, Shannon C.
Linenweaver, Nicholas
Linn, Mrs. William R.
Linville, C.E.
Linville, Letha
Linzmayer, Mary A.
Lipe, Albert
Lipe, Dorothy
Lipe, Natalie Caroline
Lipsmeyer, Mayme
Lipsmeyer, Mrs. Stephen E.
Little, Col. William J.
Little, David
Little, David
Little, Letta
Little, RADM William Nelson
Little, William
Littlejohn, Mrs. A.W.
Lively, John
Livingston, Dr. C.A.
Livingston, Jacob Carl
Livingston, Tom R.
Livingston, William
Lloyd, Emily
Lloyd, J.J.
Lobdill, O.R.
Lock, Ernest
Lockett, Ed
Lockridge, Gladys Aileen
Loeb, Wanda
Loeb, Wanda
Lofton, Edna Beatrice
Logan, B.H.
Logan, B.H.
Logan, Dr. John
Logan, Jewell
Logan, Jewell
Logan, Mrs. J.F.
Logan, Robert W.
Logan, Sgt. Douglas E.
Loggains, Latisia
Logue, D.M.
Lokey, Josephine
Lombard, Charles M.
Lombardi, Paul
Lonergan, Richard "Pegleg"
Long, Bart
Long, Callie
Long, Claude
Long, Edith C.
Long, Frank P.
Long, George M.
Long, Hugo
Long, Laura
Long, Mattie
Long, Mrs. George M.
Long, Paul
Long, Smith
Long, Tom
Long, Tom
Longdon, S.C.
Longfellow, Laura
Longino, Dr. H.A.
Longshore, Frank
Lookadoo, Bill
Lookadoo, Doris
Loomis, Fred
Loomis, L.B.
Looney, Bettie
Looper, M.P.
Loper, F.M.
Lord, Russell
Loren, Bessie
Loretz, W.H.
Lorillard, Emily Taylor
Loring, Alden
Louis, Marshall
Loux, Robert Forrest
Lovejoy, Burt
Lovelady, Mrs. Joseph
Loveless, Walter
Lovett, "Wild Bill"
Lovett, Milderd
Lovett, Woodrow Wilson
Loving, Ernest
Lowe, Albert
Lowe, Child
Lowe, Henry C.
Lowe, Mildred
Lowell, Amy
Lowery, Warren
Lowery, William Walter
Lowman, Annie
Lowry, William Walter
Loyd, John
Lucas, Aubrey
Lucas, Aubrey
Lucas, Child
Lucas, Child
Lucas, Harrison
Lucas, Mark
Lucas, Sarah
Lucas, Stephen Decatur
Luck, Mrs. J.J.
Luckey, Mrs. T.B.
Ludders, Henry F.
Ludwig, Boy
Ludwig, Jane
Luepps, William H.
Luhrson, Louis F.
Lukman, Charles
Lung, Francis G.
Lungen, BosunMate Adult Male
Lunsford, James
Luparini, Adult Male
Lusby, Irene
Lusby, Irene
Lusk, Dan
Lusk, Dan
Lusk, Dan L.
Lusk, James T.
Lussier, Sarah
Luter, Mrs. Willie
Luttenberger, Mary
Luttrell, Clarence
Lux, Frank
Lyerly, Capt. Charles A.
Lynch, Blanche E.
Lynnville, Letha Gregory
Lynxwiler, Mrs. Jasper
Lyons, Child
Lyons, Child
Lyons, Child
Lyons, Col. U.G.
Lyons, Richard Turner
Lyons, S.N.
Lyons, W.L.
Lytle, Ernest
Lytle, Harold
Mabrey, Shannon
MacAuley, Lt. Alexander V.
MacCauley, Michael
Mach, Martin
Mackall, Graham
MacKenzie, W.W.
Mackey, SSG Irwin
Mackie, George
Mackley, Peter
Macon, Robert Bruce
Macon, Robert Bruce
Maddock, Marchant
Maddux, John Henry
Madeke, Jennie
Madonick, Irving
Madrazo, Paulino
Magee, George
Magee, Jr., Carl C.
Maher, Mrs. John
Mahon, James P.
Mahoney, Stella Bell
Major, O.L.
Major, O.L.
Major, T.J.
Majors, Mrs. G.W.
Malcolm, Harry
Malesky, Edward
Mallory, Josh
Malloy, Capt. John
Malone, John A.
Malone, Judge Arthur Yewell
Malone, M.F.
Malone, Nancy
Malone, Walter B.
Malone, Walter B.
Manahan, Laura Eugenia
Mandela, Henry
Mandelbaum, John W.
Mandlebaum, John W.
Mandrell, James Albert
Maness, Elvie
Mangin, Gen. Charles
Mangrum, Luther
Mankilewicz, Joe
Manley, Anna
Manley, J.P.
Mann, Commander R.R.
Mann, Dewey
Mann, Dewey
Mann, Elizabeth
Mann, Horace
Mann, Mary
Mann, Mathile
Mann, Roy
Mann, Thelma Lerline
Mann, Victoria
Mann, W.L.
Manning, Gordon E.
Manning, Green
Manny, John
Mansfield, Katherine
Mansville, T. Frank
Manuel, John
Manus, Mrs. J.A.
Manville, Thomas Franklin
Maples, Adult Male
Maples, Catherine
Maples, Catherine
Marano, Julia
Marano, Julia (Adult Female)
Marcelli, Vito
Marchbank, Ella
Marconnot, Joseph
Margot, Antoinette
Marguth, Eliza H.
Mark, James "Jaybird"
Markham, W.F.
Markis, Mrs. Miner M.
Markley, Josie
Marks, Hannah
Marlar, Esther Gayle
Marmonga, Joseph
Marquardt, Armund
Marquette, George
Marr, W.H.
Marrs, Fannie Sneed
Marschall, Mattie
Marsh, Italine C.
Marsh, Marguerite
Marshall, E.D.
Marshall, E.D.
Marshall, Edward
Marshall, Edward D.
Marshall, Ella
Marshall, Essie
Marshall, Essie
Marshall, L.C.
Marshall, Mrs. Dolph
Marshall, Robert
Marshall, Robert
Marshall, Sarah McGinnis
Marshall, South L.
Marshall, Thomas Riley
Marshall, Thomas Riley
Marshall, W.B.
Marshall, W.B.
Marshall, Walter E.
Marsten, Asena
Martin, Alice L.
Martin, Alice L.
Martin, Benjamin B.
Martin, Benjamin R.
Martin, Bessie
Martin, Bessie
Martin, Boy
Martin, Evelyn
Martin, G.H.
Martin, George
Martin, Henry H.
Martin, Jack
Martin, James
Martin, Jennie
Martin, John
Martin, John A.
Martin, John D.
Martin, Joseph Henry
Martin, L.J.
Martin, Lee
Martin, Lt. Abbott C.
Martin, Martha Evans
Martin, May
Martin, Mrs. Andrew
Martin, Mrs. J.W.
Martin, Mrs. J.W.
Martin, Nina
Martin, Sol
Martin, Sol
Martin, Theodore
Martin, W.W.
Martin, Wiley P.
Martin, Will
Martin, William L.
Martin, Winnie
Martina, Rose
Martine, James Edgar
Martine, James Edgar
Martinez, Julio
Martinez, Sam
Martinez, Sam
Marvel, Rev. A.G.B.
Mascarelli, Marion
Mashburn, Ida Lea
Mashburn, Sillvanus
Masling, Walter
Mason, Dr. W.D.
Mason, Tom
Mason, Tom
Massenburg, Hugh P.
Massenburg, Hugh P.
Massey, A.J.
Massey, H.F.
Massey, H.J.
Massey, Joe J.
Massey, M.E. "Matt"
Massey, William Ferguson
Masters, Walter C.
Masters, Walter C.
Mateer, John
Mathews, Frank
Mathewson, Christy
Mathias, Marion A.
Mathis, Lester
Mathis, Mary Warfield
Mathis, Mrs. J.H.
Mathis, Mrs. M.J.
Matich, Isadore
Matlocha, Paul
Matlock, John B.
Matlock, Mrs. J.W.
Matt, Mark
Matthews, Charles
Matthews, Elizabeth
Matthews, Girl
Matthews, Harve
Matthews, Sam
Matthews, William
Mattingly, Hazel L.
Mattingly, Hazel L.
Mattox, H.T.
Matull, Blanche
Matzele, Frank
Matzen, Thomas
Maulden, W.D.
Maupin, J.Will
Maurer, Joseph
Maurer, Joseph
Mavelle, Earl
Maxwell, A.G.
Maxwell, George Ben
Maxwell, Harvey
Maxwell, James Wiley
Maxwell, Loima
Maxwell, Lou
Maxwell, Mrs. John
Maxwell, Warren
Maxwell, Warren
May, Boy
May, Frances
May, Lillian Beatrice
May, Nuborn
Mayberry, Boy
Mayer, Augusta
Mayer, Augusta
Mayer, Augusta
Mayers, Mrs. Charles
Mayers, Mrs. David
Mayfield, Elizabeth L.
Mayfield, John
Maynard, Annie
Mayo, Mrs. J.R.
Mayo, Walter B.
Mays, Henry
Mays, Henry
Mays, W.S.
Mazzucco, MachMt C.P
McAbee, Florida
McAdams, Mrs. Samuel C.
McAlister, Mrs. J.T.
McAllister, Joe J.
McAllister, Mary
McAllister, Paul
McAlvey, Peter
McAnear, Ruby Tennyson
McArthur, Sarah J.
McAvoy, E.A.
McBride, Charles
McBride, Lizzie
McBride, Lloyd
McBride, Nealey
McBride, Jr., William
McBridge, Floyd Victor
McBroom, Walter
McCabe, Eugene John
McCabe, Thomas J.
McCain, C.L.
McCall, Neut
McCall, Newt
McCallister, Claude
McCammon, Charles
McCandless, Lewis
McCann, James
McCann, T.E.
McCart, Preston
McCarthey, Laura L.
McCarthy, J.J.
McCarthy, Jean
McCauley, Mrs. Herbert
McClain, A.J.
McClanahan, E.K.
McClintock, Billy
McClintock, William
McClintock, William Nelson
McClintock, William Nelson
McClure, Carl C.
McClure, Wiley J.
McClurg, Monroe
McCoakley, Raynor J.
McCobb, Ada
McCobb, Ida
McConnell, S.W.
McConnell, Samuel William
McConnell, Jr., B.A.
McCool, John Jacob
McCool, Rev. William J.
McCorkle, Exie
McCorkle, Norine
McCormack, Alexander A.
McCormeik, Marie
McCormick, Charles
McCormick, Mary
McCowan, Minnie
McCoy, Carlton
McCoy, J.J.
McCoy, Mollie E.
McCracken, SSGT Henry
McCrary, Julia
McCray, Frances
McCright, Grady E.
McCromick, Daniel U.
McCromick, Medill
McCullock, Lee
McCullough, D.F.
McCullough, William M.
McCurley, Florence
McCurry, Dr. William Thomas
McCurtain, Tom
McDaniel, Andrew
McDaniel, Bob
McDaniel, Eula
McDaniel, Jasper
McDaniel, Joseph
McDaniel, Mandiville
McDermott, Hugh
McDonald, A.H.
McDonald, Andy
McDonald, Dr. J.A.
McDonald, Dummy
McDonald, Grover
McDonald, Grover C.
McDonald, Grover C.
McDonald, Janie Majors
McDonald, John B.
McDonald, John B.
McDonald, Lovell
McDougal, George
McDowell, David
McDowell, John C.
McDowell, Nannie H.
McElroy, Darah J.
McElroy, L.T.
McElroy, Mrs. Frank
McElroy, Mrs. Hershel
McElroy, Mrs. Willis
McElroy, William
McElwee, Effie
McEntire, Henry
McFall, Jessie
McFalls, Nancy
McFarland, George E.
McFarland, J.S.
McFarland, Robert F.
McGahee, James A.
McGahee, Mrs. James A.
McGannon, Mrs. M.C.
McGaugh, Henry V.
McGaughey, Mattie
McGaughey, T.L.
McGee, Adult Female
McGee, Bennie
McGee, Bennie
McGee, Carrie
McGee, H.A.
McGee, John F.
McGee, Mrs. H.P.
McGehee, Mrs. J.H.
McGeorge, Andy
McGeorge, Mrs. R.H.
McGhee, Mary Hane
McGilvray, Robert S.
McGinness, Mrs. Homer
McGinnis, Hall
McGinnis, John
McGinnis, Mrs. J.L.
McGinnis, Sarah Shoots
McGintis, James
McGovern, Patrick
McGovern, Patrick
McGowan, James
McGowan, John
McGowan, Joseph
McGowan, Robert
McGowan, Rose
McGraw, W.W.
McGregor, Leroy
McGriffin, David G.
McGrimes, Donald Percy
McGuaghey, Nettie
McGuffey, Girl
McGuffey, James L.
McGuffie, James
McGuire, Capt. W.F.
McGuire, George William
McGuire, James
McGuire, John G.
McGuire, Mrs. W.S.
McGurn, Thomas
McGurthy, Alcoma
McGurthy, Alcoma
McHugh, D.C.
McHugh, Mrs. Owen
McIntire, Margaret
McIntosh, Effie
McIntosh, Randolph
McIntyre, H.G.
McIntyre, H.G.
McIntyre, Martha
McIntyre, Mrs. Jessie
McKee, Mrs. Lou
McKee, William Edward
McKenzie, David Calvin
McKenzie, Henry
McKenzie, J.T.
McKenzie, J.T.
McKenzie, Mrs. David Calvin
McKenzie, Mrs. Henry
McKenzie, Ruth
McKie, Mrs. L.A.
McKim, Emily
McKinley, Albert
McKinney, Bate
McKinney, Charles C.
McKinney, Della
McKinney, Hampton
McKinney, John
McKinney, John
McKinney, Mrs. Daniel
McKinney, Mrs. Earnest
McKinnie, Herman
McKnight, Cora
McKnight, E.C.
McKnight, Mrs. J.B.
McKnight, William F.
McKown, Charles S.
McKown, Mrs. Will
McLain, Nancy
McLain, Robert
McLauchlin, Mrs. J.J.
McLaughlin, Annie G.
McLaughlin, Child
McLaughlin, Irene
McLaughlin, John J.
McLaughlin, Mrs. W.R.
McLaughlin, Ruth Evelyn
McLavy, Peter
McLemore, B.A.
McLemore, John C.
McLeod, Sallie
McMahan, Windy
McMahon, Mary
McMahon, Mary
McMahon, Mrs. Warren A.
McManama, Mrs. F.E.
McManama, Mrs. F.E.
McManama, Mrs. F.E.
McManus, Francis M.
McMasters, Jack
McMillen, Andrew
McMillen, W.D.
McMillen, W.D.
McMillin, Robert
McMinn, William
McMinn, William C.
McMurian, Mattie I.
McMurry, Capt. James
McNeil, Susan
McNeily, Prof. R.M.
McNew, Henry
McNew, Henry
McPeeters, Lucy
McPhail, Harry
McPherson, Charles
McPherson, Mary Jane
McPherson, Mrs. R.C.
McPhetrige, Hal
McQueen, J.W.
McQueen, Mary D.
McRae, Lena
McRae, Maude
McVay, Daniel T.
McVay, David P.
McWharter, James
McWhirter, Della
McWilliams, John
Mead, C.W.
Meadows, Child
Meadows, Fred
Meadows, Mrs. L.G.
Medlock, Eliza J.
Meeham, Pawnee
Meeker, Jane
Meeker, Jane
Meeks, Bonner
Meeks, Bonner
Meeks, Bonner
Meeks, E.E.
Meeks, Marcus Henry
Meeks, Woodrow Wilson
Mefford, Gertha
Meglemery, Clarence E.
Melerovicsai, Sigfried
Meline, Felix Jules
Mellies, C.
Melton, Ed
Melton, Susan
Menier, L.A.
Menier, Louie A.
Menier, Louie A.
Menton, Lee
Mepham, E. Blanche
Mepham, Edward E.
Merarrier, Fannie
Mercer, Mrs. Lee
Merideth, W.H.
Meriwether, Mrs. Daniel
Meriz, Sarah
Merlowe, Calvin C.
Merrarier, Fannie
Merrill, Ernest Lee
Merrill, Lucille
Merriman, Dr. E.L.
Merriman, E.B.
Merriman, E.B.
Merriman, E.B.
Merringer, James C.
Merritt, Jim
Merryman, William
Mershon, Joseph H.
Messenger, N.O.
Metcalf, Andrew
Metcalf, Henry H.
Metcalf, Henry H.
Metcalf, Rev. Joel Hastings
Metcalf, Willard Leroy
Metz, Henry
Meux, Edward
Meyer, Adolph
Meyer, Child
Meyer, Child
Meyer, Child
Meyer, Child
Meyer, Child
Meyer, Child
Meyer, Conrad
Meyer, Eugene
Meyer, Felix
Meyer, Mrs. Conrad
Meyers, Ira
Meyers, John N.
Meyers, W.H.
Meyers, William F.
Meyers, William F.
Meyers, William H.
Micaelis, Ellen
Micaelis, Helen
Michau, Ben
Michau, L.
Mick, Mrs. W.H.
Middlesworth, Harry Van
Middleton, Columbus
Midelsen, Christian
Milburn, Maybelle
Miles, LTG Nelson A.
Miles, Melvin
Miles, Mrs. W.A.
Milford, Mark
Millar, James H.
Millen, Tom E.
Miller, A.
Miller, A.C.
Miller, A.C.
Miller, Acey
Miller, Ada
Miller, Ambrose
Miller, Arthur
Miller, Boy
Miller, C.D.
Miller, C.H.
Miller, C.U.
Miller, C.W.
Miller, C.W.
Miller, C.W.
Miller, C.W.
Miller, Charles W.
Miller, Christian
Miller, Christine
Miller, Christine
Miller, Clayton
Miller, Dan H.
Miller, E.B.
Miller, Frank G.
Miller, George
Miller, Hugh
Miller, James
Miller, Jesse
Miller, Joe
Miller, Joe
Miller, John
Miller, Leo
Miller, Linville Armstead
Miller, Maj. Charles H.
Miller, Maj. Charles H.
Miller, Maj. Charles H.
Miller, Minnie
Miller, Mrs. Captain
Miller, Pauline
Miller, Pauline
Miller, Pauline
Miller, Rev. William D.
Miller, Russell
Miller, Sam
Miller, Samuel
Miller, Samuel
Miller, Thomas R.
Miller, W. Elmer
Miller, Jr., F.R.
Miller, Jr., Linzille Armstead
Millikin, Alf
Milliner, Dr. Frederick Hoyer
Million, Hazel
Millner, A.L.
Mills, John Andrew
Mills, John H.
Mills, Mrs. E.W.
Mills, Mrs. E.W.
Mills, Rev. B.F.
Mills, Rev. B.F.
Milot, Oscar Joseph
Milton, Charles
Mims, Frank Lester
Mims, W.H.
Minatti, John
Mincey, James
Minetree, Mrs. J.W.
Minetree, Rye Powell
Minor, Harry Edgar
Minton, Louis G.
Mintz, Josephine
Mira, Melinda L.
Miranda, Dr. Angel
Mitchell, Andy
Mitchell, C.M.
Mitchell, Caroline
Mitchell, Dollie W.
Mitchell, Dr. J.A.
Mitchell, Dr. J.A.
Mitchell, Elijah B.
Mitchell, Miller
Mitchell, Mrs. Boyce
Mitchell, Mrs. J.T.
Mitchell, Mrs. J.T.
Mitchell, Norma Louise
Mitchell, Paul
Mitchell, W.F.
Mitchell, William H.
Mitchell, William H.
Mitchner, R.W.
Mizzell, Rev. J.M.
Moak, C.C.
Moak, O.O.
Moark, C.C.
Mobbs, H.J.
Mobbs, Jr., John A.
Moberly, Luther
Moeller, Archbiship Henry
Moeller, Archbiship Henry
Moeller, Boy
Moeller, Jr., Jerome H.
Moir, Edwin L.
Monahan, Thomas
Moncrief, Tug
Monikey, Kenneth
Monk, Mrs. C.C.
Monk, Jr., Mrs. Alonzo
Montaigu, Countess de
Montgomery, Col. W.A.
Montgomery, Dr. S.K.
Montgomery, Joseph I.
Montgomery, Mrs. Jack
Montgomery, Mrs. N.M.
Montgomery, Sylina Bland
Montijo, Edward
Moody, Ben
Moody, Claude
Moody, Henry W.
Moody, Mrs. Harry A.
Moody, Mrs. John W.
Moody, W.T.
Moody, Will
Moon, James M.
Moon, Virginia B.
Moon, Walter J.
Mooney, John
Mooney, Robert
Moore, Atha
Moore, Ben F.
Moore, Beulah
Moore, Carrie
Moore, Charles
Moore, Charles
Moore, Clyde
Moore, Clyde
Moore, Clyde
Moore, Clyde B.
Moore, Clyde S.
Moore, D.C.
Moore, Dr. Thomas Brent
Moore, E.H.
Moore, Ed H.
Moore, Ellis
Moore, Elsie
Moore, Ida M.
Moore, Ida May
Moore, J.D.
Moore, J.E.
Moore, Jack
Moore, James
Moore, James
Moore, James C.
Moore, James H.
Moore, James M.
Moore, James W.
Moore, Jim
Moore, John E.
Moore, John G.
Moore, Lizzie
Moore, Lucy Cook
Moore, Luther
Moore, Luther
Moore, MachMt James A.
Moore, Mary A.
Moore, Mrs. A.M.
Moore, Mrs. Charles F.
Moore, Mrs. W.A.
Moore, Nelsie
Moore, Ora
Moore, R.R.
Moore, Rev. A.H.
Moore, Robert
Moore, Robert
Moore, Warren
Moore, Will
Moore, William
Moore, Sr., Herbert O.
Moorehead, Robert B.
Moose, III, John M.
Moppin, Delois
Morales, Angelica
Morales, Lopez
Moran, Laura
Moran, Laura
Moran, Patrick J.
Moranz, John
Morehart, Mae
Morehouse, Silas
Moreich, Mary
Moreland, J.P.
Moreland, J.P.
Morelock, Pluma
Moren, Ellen
Moren, Ellen
Moreton, Sarah
Morf, Conrad
Morgan, Billy
Morgan, Dr. Cary Elmore
Morgan, Edward M.
Morgan, Girl
Morgan, Jane Grew
Morgan, Jenie
Morgan, Jennie
Morgan, Joe
Morgan, John Tyler
Morgan, Kate
Morgan, Mary Margaret
Morgan, Mrs. Charlton
Morgan, Mrs. James
Morgan, Mrs. T.A.
Morgan, Mrs. Thomas
Morgan, Mrs. W.B.
Morgan, Roma
Morgan, Virginia
Moriarty, George W.
Morris, Charles Bradford
Morris, Charles J.
Morris, Clara
Morris, Conley Allen
Morris, Dallas
Morris, Girl
Morris, John
Morris, Marshal N.
Morris, Marshall N.
Morris, Mary
Morris, Mrs. J.F.
Morris, Wayne
Morris, William Weston
Morris, Jr., Bradley
Morris, Jr., Stuyvesant Fish
Morrison, Hamp A.
Morrison, J.A.
Morrison, J.A.
Morrison, Lorena
Morrison, Sue
Morrison, Sue
Morse, 1LT Charles L.
Morse, Prof. Edward S.
Mortashed, Eleanor
Morton, Bettie
Morton, Fay
Morton, Lotta
Morton, Martha
Morton, W.A.
Morton, Jr., J.B.
Mosby, Charles K.
Mosby, J.R.
Moseley, Dr. H.P.
Mosely, Dora
Moses, Robert S.
Mosher, Dr. George W.
Mosher, Sarah L.
Mosher, Sarah L.
Mosier, Cecil
Mosier, Cecil
Mosier, Charles Albert
Mosley, Judd
Moss, James
Moss, Mrs. Joe D.
Moss, Will D.
Mostiero, J.
Moszkowski, Mortz
Motz, C.Henry
Moulton, Dr. Joseph S.
Mowen, Charles D.
Moxley, Claude Noah
Moyer, Brutus
Moyer, Walter B.
Moyle, Mrs. J.M.
Mozier, Ed
Muir, Mrs. George
Mulberry, Beatrice
Mulberry, Beatrice
Muldrow, Boy
Muldrow, Uncle Cato
Mulford, J.L.
Mulheron, Naoma
Mulkey, Mrs. M.P.
Mulkey, Sr., Mrs. N.E.
Mull, Rev. C.V.
Mullen, James
Mullen, Marie C.
Mullenix, George W.
Mullicane, Mrs. Frank
Mullicane, Mrs. Frank
Mullikin, J.F.
Mullins, Alma E.
Mullins, Thomas S.
Mummert, Sarah
Munday, Child
Munding, Anna
Mundo, Elizabeth
Mundo, Elizabeth
Mundo, Elizabeth
Munn, J.E.
Munroe, Helen Knudsen
Munroe, Helen Knutson
Munsey, Frank A.
Munsey, Frank A.
Munson, Alfred
Murchison, Silas
Murph, Inez
Murphey, Girl
Murphree, Freda
Murphy, Cyrus
Murphy, Dewey
Murphy, Henry
Murphy, Joe E.
Murphy, Joe E.
Murphy, John
Murphy, John Speed
Murphy, Margaret
Murphy, Mrs. John
Murphy, Pink H.
Murphy, Sir Michael
Murphy, T.B.
Murphy, W.E.
Murphy, W.E.
Murphy, William
Murphy, William
Murphy, William A.
Murphy, Jr., William Henry
Murrah, Bishop William B.
Murray, Charles P.
Murray, Grace
Murray, Herbert
Murray, Jean
Murray, Jr., Mrs. William T.
Murry, Adult Female
Murry, Pearl Harris
Musselwhite, H.F.
Mustachia, Maggie
Myatt, Sam
Myer, Charles E.
Myers, D.C.
Myers, David
Myers, E.D.
Myers, E.D.
Myers, Elizabeth
Myers, Girl
Myers, Girl
Myers, J.P.
Myers, James Ralph
Myers, Mrs. David
Myers, R.D.
Myrick, Malissa Mae
Myron, Robert Lee
Nabholz, Josephine
Nagillis, Georgia
Nagillis, Helen
Nagle, William
Nance, Permilla
Nance, W.L.
Nance, William L.
Napier, Mrs.
Napier, Mrs. E.D.
Napier, Rufus
Narkinsky, Rebecca
Narkinsky, Sam
Narramore, Girl
Nasep, Mrs. J.S.
Nash, Arthur Franklin
Nash, Bobby Simpson
Nash, K.C.
Nash, Richard
Nash, T.B.
Nash, William M.
Nathan, Della Mendel
Nation, Jack
Neagley, Clarence
Neal, Annie R.
Neal, Annie Rogers
Neal, Bland A.
Neal, James
Neal, Margaret
Neal, Neosha Boyd
Neal, Sallie
Neal, Sally Anderson
Neale, Lou M.
Nealey, William
Nebel, Bessie
Neber, Louis
Nebily, Frank
Needham, Mrs. Tom
Neel, Rebecca Luiza
Neeley, Will
Neely, Carl
Neely, Hugh M.
Neely, Irene
Neely, John H.
Neely, Rev. Thomas B.
Neff, W.J.
Neff, William J.
Neidirk, W.G.
Neighbors, Felix
Neil, Mary
Neilson, Rev. Dr. W.P.
Nellas, Harriet
Nelms, Mary E.
Nelson, Blanchard
Nelson, Blanchard
Nelson, J.B.
Nelson, Mack
Nelson, Morgan Fletcher
Nelson, Mrs. Willie
Nelson, Nancy Jane
Nelson, Neils
Nelson, Newt
Nelson, Robert J.
Nelson, Sam Houston
Nelson, W.A.
Nesbit, Clarence
Nesbit, Joe
Nesbitt, Huldy
Nesbitt, L.F.
Nestor, Henry
Netting, Kate
Neumann, Maria T.
Neumann, Maria Theresa
New, Boy
New, Mrs. W.N.
Newart, Rev. Jacob
Newby, Child
Newhart, J.J.
Newhart, Rev. Jacob
Newhouse, Richard
Newman, Buford
Newman, Lizzie
Newman, M.E.
Newman, Marion
Newman, Miles F.
Newman, Sarah
Newsom, Meredith Gentry
Newton, Mrs. Arthur
Newton, Rev.W.H.
Nicholas, Adam
Nicholds, G.T.
Nichols, D.W.
Nichols, Grover C.
Nichols, Leona
Nichols, Mrs. Charles
Nichols, Mrs. L.V.
Nichols, W.J.
Nickels, Lillie
Nickerson, Ziba C.
Niemeyer, Mary A.
Niles, Col Lotus
Nimo, Carrie
Nipper, Jeff
Nipper, Sarah
Nix, Marshall
Nixon, Alfred F.
Noble, Harrold
Noble, Harrold W.
Noble, Laura Baker
Noble, R.S.
Nobles, Jr., Mitton
Noe, W.E.
Noel, Mrs. Charles
Noey, Joe
Nojeda, Carmen
Nolan, John
Nolan, John
Nolan, William
Nolin, William
Noobaey, Helen
Noonan, Robert
Nooner, Ora Eileen
Norcross, Joseph M.
Norcross, Paul
Norcross, Paul H.
Norcross, Rev. Virgil Chalmers
Nordin, Bert
Nordin, Leone
Norfleet, J.Cham
Norfleet, Mrs. Joe R.
Norman, Boy
Norman, Boy
Norman, Callie V.
Norman, J.C.
Norman, Judge H.H.
Norrell, Daisy
Norris, Elma
Norris, G.N.
Norris, William
Norrison, Edwin
Northcutt, Elizabeth
Norton, Dora
Norwood, Elder J.W.
Norwood, J.D.
Norwood, Kate S.
Norwood, Rebecca T.
Nosari, Boy
Nothwang, Wymbert
Nottingham, Thomas
Novotny, John
Nugent, Bill
Nunn, H.B.
Nunn, J.B.
Nusbaum, Albert
Nute, Arthur C.
Nutman, Frank
Nutt, Blan
Nutt, Rachel
Nye, George
Nye, Jr., George
Oates, James
Oates, Sallie Boone
Oats, Harry G.
Obanion, Edward
Oberholtzer, Madge
Oberholtzer, Maude
O'Boyle, John
O'Brian, May
O'Brien, Carl
O'Brien, James
O'Brien, James
O'Brien, Mrs. James
O'Brien, V.J.
O'Brion, Hazel Weaver
Ochlman, Emma
Ochsner, Dr. Albert J.
O'Connell, Michael
Oden, Dr. Israel
O'Donaghue, Bishop Denis
O'Donnell, Bartholomew
Oehrile, Jr., Johnnie Dewey
Ogden, Florence
Ogden, Ida
Ogden, Malcolm
Ogden, Reuben
Ogden, Walter
Oglesby, Frank
O'Hara, Thomas
Ohls, Jr., Paul
Okerson, Adult Male
Old, Mrs. S.A.
Oldham, James
Olds, Susie
O'Leary, James Patrick
Olinberger, Herbert
Oliver, Adult Male
Oliver, Kent
Oliver, Margaret
Oliver, Mrs. John
Oliver, Mrs. Manton
Oliver, Nancy L.
Oliver, Shelby
Oliver, William J.
Oller, Mrs. Olla
Oller, Ollie
Olmsted, Frederick Erskine
Olsen, Harry
Olson, Edward
Olson, Harold F.
O'Neill, Hugh James
O'Neill, W.H.
O'Nell, Boy
Onks, Sidney
Oppenheimer, Fannie Ehrman
Orebaugh, Marie
Orlando, Amelia
Orlando, Louise
Orlando, Mary
Orlando, Paul
Orr, Ida
Orr, J.R.
Orr, James H.
Orr, William Brown
Orsen, Michael
Orth, Johann
Orto, Charles H.
Orto, Charles H.
Osborn, Serena
Osborne, J.C.
Osborne, Lorain
Osburn, Jane
Oster, Thomas
Osterdock, O.
O'Sullivan, MachMt B.B.
O'Sullivan, O.C.
Otis, Mrs. Coulter
Otten, Susie
Otts, Irene
Ouimet, Josephine
Ousley, Kenneth
Outram, Sir James
Overstreet, Rhoda
Overton, B.
Overton, Mrs. Frank
Overturf, Mrs. Robert
Ovlatt, Millicent Parmlee
Owen, Elizabeth
Owen, Velma
Owen, Warren S.
Owens, Earl
Owens, Emma
Owens, Emma
Owens, Harry C.
Owens, Johnny
Owens, Johnny
Owens, Lana
Owens, Lana
Owens, Margaret
Owens, W.J.
Owens, W.W.
Ownbey, Andy C.
Ownby, James
Oxford, A. Clem
Oxford, Amy
Oxford, Geraldine
Oxford, Lawrence
Oxford, Mildred
Oxford, Odessie
Oxford, Omer
Oxford, Theodore
Oxford, Velvie
Oxford, Jr., A. Clem
Pack, Oliver
Packebush, Charles
Paden, James Dallas
Pagagtotelis, George
Page, Sen. Carroll S.
Pahotski, Ike
Paige, Acie
Painter, James
Palanca, LTG Carlos
Palina, Dr. Johann
Palmer, Ensign
Palmer, Morgan
Palmer, Mrs. John P.
Palmeri, Joseph
Palson, Mrs. Arthur
Pam, Max
Pamplin, Mrs. John
Panhorst, C.A.
Panovich, Amelia
Panovich, Steve
Parcell, John
Parchman, Dr. W.L.
Paret, Robert Rathbun
Parish, Catherine
Parish, Catherine Louise
Parish, Lorene
Parish, Mrs. Will
Parker, Ben
Parker, Child
Parker, Elizabeth
Parker, Floyd
Parker, Floyd
Parker, Jean
Parker, Leonard
Parker, Lucy Cooper
Parker, Mrs. Ben
Parker, Mrs. M.J.
Parker, Paul
Parker, Paul
Parker, Pvt. Walter H.
Parker, RtRev Edward Melvill
Parker, T.T.
Parkhill, David
Parkhill, David
Parkhurst, Versus O.
Parkins, Otto
Parks, Dr. M.R.
Parks, Hamilton
Parks, Judge W.B.
Parks, Nancy
Parks, Nancy
Parrett, W.M.
Parrish, H.W.
Parrish, Herbert T.
Parrot, G.H.
Parrott, H.H.
Parrott, Marcus J.
Parsley, Sherman
Parsons, Deo R.
Parsons, Deo R.
Parsons, Evelyn
Parsons, Herbert
Parsons, Lora
Parsons, Mrs. D.F.
Partna, John
Paschal, Anne
Paschal, Dr. Frank
Paschal, Thelogon
Pasha, Sir Abrahim
Pasqua, Rosalie
Pasquall, Bernice de
Pate, Mrs. W.H.
Pate, W.W.
Patenotre, Jules
Patillo, Dr. Charles E.
Patrick, Girl
Patterson, B.W.
Patterson, D.V.
Patterson, Florence A.
Patterson, Grace
Patterson, J.H.
Patterson, L.G.
Patterson, L.G.
Patterson, Mrs. J.W.
Patterson, Mrs. J.W.
Patterson, Roscoe
Patterson, Walter
Pattillo, Girl
Patton, J. Harrison
Patton, James M.
Patton, Mrs. M.
Patton, Virgil
Patton, William J.
Patton, Zeboin C.
Paulos, James
Paulson, Jr., Carl
Paxton, Dr. G.M.
Paxton, Dr. G.M.
Payne, Charles
Payne, James
Payne, James
Payne, Milla M.
Payne, Troy
Payne, Troy
Paysee, Sylvan
Peacock, Adult Male
Peacock, Bonnie Belle
Peacock, Mrs. John
Peak, Dr. F.A.
Peak, Mrs. F.A.
Peak, Mrs. F.A.
Pearce, Jeffie
Pearcy, G.W.
Pearson, Billy Ann
Pearson, Patricia
Peas, Clara
Peck, Joshua Taylor
Peck, Lloyd
Peckham, Child
Peckham, Child
Peckham, Jr., Dr. George William
Peckham, Jr., Mrs. George William
Pedigo, Grant
Pedigo, Grant
Pedron, Frank
Peed, Bernice
Peed, Prof. M.T.
Peek, Mrs. Bob
Peel, George Washington
Peel, Sue Gertrude
Peeples, Gibbs
Peer, John
Peers, Vivian Tomlin
Peers, Vivian Tomlin
Peglow, William
Pemberton, Child
Pemroy, H.K.
Pence, A.S.
Pence, Mrs. John A.
Pender, Louis
Pendergrass, Mary
Pendergrass, Mary
Penella, Louis
Penney, Elizabeth
Penninger, Olin
Pennings, Twebbie
Pennington, Mary M.
Pennock, Dean
Penny, Thomas
Penrose, Charles William
Pentcost, I.S.
Pentecost, Bryan
Peoples, Fred
Peoples, Fred
Peppard, William J.
Peppard, William Joseph
Percefull, Catherine A.
Percefull, Mrs. C.V.
Perdicaris, Ion
Peres, Israel H.
Perez, Etela
Perkins, A.E.
Perkins, A.E.
Perkins, Capt. Alva H.
Perkins, David B.
Perkins, John L.
Perkins, John W.
Perkins, Julia E.
Perkins, Mrs. Charles E.
Perkins, S.L.
Perkins, S.L.
Perry, Albert C.
Perry, D.H.
Perry, Jane
Perry, Louis
Perry, Mrs. D.I.
Perry, Rosa
Perry, Sarah E.
Perry, Jr., Hunter H.
Perryman, Ada
Perryman, Ada
Perryman, Rev. C.E.
Perse, George R.
Peters, George
Peters, Judge J.J.
Peterson, John W.
Peterson, John W.
Petri, Sally
Petrie, Dr. Charles B.
Petterson, Nora Luker
Pettey, E.C.
Pettigrew, Glenn
Pettigrew, Mrs. Glenn
Pettit, Mrs. S.A.
Petts, Harry
Petts, Mrs. Harry
Pettus, Joseph
Petty, Edward D.
Petty, Helen
Petty, Mrs. G.S.
Pevia, Herman Frederick
Pevia, Herman Frederick
Pewitt, Bertha
Pewitt, Bertha
Pfeiffer, S.C.
Phal, Louis
Pharr, Dale Roy
Pharr, Dale Roy
Pharr, Dale Roy
Pharr, Dave
Pharr, David
Phaton, Janette
Phelan, C.E.
Phelps, Marggie Joan
Phelps, Walter L.
Phifer, Jefferson D.
Philbrook, Leonard H.
Phillips, Abe
Phillips, Albert
Phillips, Albert
Phillips, Ben
Phillips, Bernard
Phillips, Billy Joe
Phillips, Charles W.
Phillips, Charles W.
Phillips, Disk
Phillips, Dr. R.Y.
Phillips, Dr. R.Y.
Phillips, E.L.
Phillips, Earl
Phillips, Harold
Phillips, Ida Robertson
Phillips, Jeff
Phillips, Lula May
Phillips, Madge
Phillips, Martha J.C.
Phillips, Mary D.
Phillips, Matt
Phillips, Mrs. Ferguson
Phillips, Mrs. S.S.
Phillips, Rugh
Phillips, S.D.
Phillips, S.S.
Phillips, Sallie
Phillips, Sallie
Philpot, Alice Shoupman
Philpot, R.J.
Philyaw, Isabella
Phipps, BG Frank H.
Picchi, Stephen
Pickard, Letha Mae
Pickens, Robert A.
Pickett, B.C.
Picton, Mrs. L.M.
Pierce, Anna Louise
Pierce, Florine
Pierce, Frank
Pierce, Mrs. R.A.
Pierce, N.P.
Pierce, Raymond
Pierce, Walter Homer
Pierce, William
Pietro, Frank
Piety, Everett
Piety, Everett
Piety, Nobel
Piety, Noble
Pilcher, Norman
Pilkington, Harrett A.
Pinney, Onea
Pino, Ltjg Harlow M.
Pinson, W.R.
Pironi, Michael
Pittman, Edward
Pittman, Rev. Marion
Pittner, Mrs. Michael
Pitts, J. Frand
Pitts, Mrs. Albert
Pitts, Pauline
Plain, N.C.
Plake, Walter
Pless, Arch
Plumlee, Omer
Plummer, T.L.
Plunkett, Elizabeth
Plunkett, Elizabeth
Plunkett, Tom
Plyly, Marie
Podlesak, Rose
Poe, Frances Willard
Pogue, J.M.
Pogue, J.M.
Poindexter, Corley W.
Pointer, Jesse A.
Poland, Clyde
Poleski, Sophie
Polk, Collie Moore
Pollard, Norman L.
Pollock, Nancy Samantha
Pollock, W.G.
Polston, Bud
Polston, Emma
Ponder, Jr., Asa
Ponds, Rev. John E.
Poole, Nancy
Poole, W.S.
Pope, Alice Kathleen
Pope, Tom
Poppe, Herman H.
Porch, Mrs. J.S.
Porter, C.C.
Porter, J.A.
Porter, Lt. Arthur L.
Porter, Mildred
Porter, Peter A.
Porter, Rhoda
Porter, TSGT Aaron
Porter, William E.
Porter, William F.
Porter, William M.
Porter, Willie
Poston, Jack
Potter, Amanda D.
Potter, Judge Walter E.
Potter, Madeline
Potter, Mrs. Chalmers
Potter, William T.
Potts, J.L.
Potts, Ramsey
Potts, Waymon
Powe, Mrs. Sherman
Powell, Allen F.
Powell, Eliza A.
Powell, Girl
Powell, Josephine
Powell, Millard
Powell, Mrs. M.A.
Powell, Mrs. Violet
Powell, Rev. L.M.
Powell, Sir Richard Douglas
Powell, Walker V.
Power, Rev. Frank
Powers, Bertie
Powers, Charles
Powers, Charles
Powers, Dan G.
Powers, Louisa Ann
Powers, Sarah
Powers, W.L.
Prall, George
Prather, Bernice
Prather, Sam
Prather, V.O.
Pratt, Oliver
Prejean, Joe
Prentice, John H.
Presley, Centers L.
Presley, Centers L.
Presley, Centers L.
Presley, Guy
Presley, Helen
Pressley, E.E.
Preston, James B.
Preston, Pat
Preston, Robert
Preston, Robert
Preston, Thomas
Preus, Frances
Preuss, Dr. Hugo
Price, Ben S.
Price, Ernest
Price, Hester
Price, Lutie
Price, Lutie
Price, Mae
Price, Marshall
Price, Mrs. Leonard J.
Price, Mrs. Leonard J.
Price, Phillip B.
Price, Wiley
Price, William
Price, William E.
Priest, Frank
Priest, Mary
Priester, Benny F.
Primm, J.M.
Prince, Child
Prince, J.F.
Pritchard, Mrs. Harrison
Pritchard, Mrs. Terry
Pritchett, Frank
Pritchett, Fred H.
Pritchett, John H.
Pritchette, Fred
Proctor, Bell
Proctor, Ison G.
Proctory, Simon
Prophet, Samuel J.
Pruett, Amanda
Pruitt, Dora
Pruitt, Mary
Pruitt, Nancy
Pruitt, W.W.
Pruitt, Wilshire
Pry, Dr. E.T.
Pryne, Mrs. G.S.
Pryor, Alice
Pryor, Elizabeth
Pryor, Loretta
Puckett, Fannie
Puckett, Fannie G.
Puckett, Grace Lillian
Puckett, J.M.
Puckett, Lulu May
Puckett, Mrs. W.S.
Puckett, Myrtle
Pugh, G.D.
Pugh, Lillie
Pugh, Lillie
Pugh, Maie
Pugh, Mary
Puig, Pedro
Pulitzer, Mrs. Joseph
Purdue, Eugene H.
Purkiss, Essie
Puska, William
Pusken, David L.
Puterbaugh, George W.
Putman, Emma
Putsche, Charles T.
Putzel, Lee L.
Pye, D.L.
Qualls, Jesse
Quayle, Bishop William A.
Quesenbury, Argyle
Quick, Herbert
Quidor, Edith
Quinn, Charles B.
Quinn, Mrs. D.N.
Quinn, Robert N.
Quisenberry, Dr. W.Y.
Raber, Cora Mae
Raby, George
Rachels, Jim
Rackley, Mrs.
Radcliff, Nancy J.
Rader, Henry
Rader, John
Rader, John
Rader, N.H.
Radford, R.R.
Ragan, Edward
Ragan, George
Ragan, George
Ragen, Thomas V.
Raggio, Frank
Raggio, Frank
Ragland, Lucile
Ragland, Rebecca Irvin
Ragle, Andrew J.
Railey, Dan
Railey, Dr. B.S.
Raimey, Lillian
Raines, Dr. Newton Ford
Raines, Eva Mae
Raines, J.H.
Raines, Lester
Rainey, Deboria
Rainwater, F.P.
Rainwaters, Aubrey R.
Rakes, Irene Martin
Rales, Cora
Ralph, Andrew
Ralston, Mrs. Angus
Ralston, Sen. Samuel M.
Ramin, VI, King
Ramsey, George
Ramsey, Judge W.H.
Ramsey, Mrs. Nicholas
Ramsey, Sarah Dickson
Ramson, Dr. Brayton H.
Rand, J.C.
Rand, J.C.
Rand, J.C.
Rand, S.L.
Randall, Andrew L.
Randall, Andrew L.
Randolf, Bentley
Randolph, Bartley
Randolph, William Cantrell
Raney, Julia
Raney, William
Range, Nate
Rankin, Epworth
Rankin, Eston
Ransone, Sallie
Rasco, Bonnie
Ratcliff, Lee
Rather, Ollo
Rather, Ollo
Rausch, John H.
Rawles, Gertrude
Rawles, Gertrude
Rawles, Gertrude H.
Rawlings, Edward
Rawlings, Mrs. N.J.
Rawlinson, General Lord
Ray, Boy
Ray, Charles A.
Ray, Child
Ray, Child
Ray, James
Ray, John
Ray, Mildred Edwards
Ray, Mrs. John
Ray, Ruth Collins
Ray, Virginia
Ray, Wallace
Ray, Walter
Ray, Walter W.
Ray, Wiley
Ray, Wiley
Rayburn, Mrs. A.D.
Raymond, Edward H.
Rea, Loyal
Rea, Royal
Reagan, Amy A.
Reagan, Ida
Reagan, Ira
Rease, J.T.
Reaume, Philip J.
Reavis, J.N.
Reavis, Jasper
Reck, Mary
Records, Alva C.
Rector, Charles
Rector, Oley
Rector, William
Redd, A.H.
Redding, Clydia
Redford, James Anderson
Redkey, Della Mae
Redmon, C.C.
Redmond, Mary Elizabeth
Redmond, Walter
Redwine, Mrs. Thomas
Reece, John
Reece, Mary Lee
Reed, Charles E.
Reed, Charles H.
Reed, D.D.
Reed, D.W.
Reed, Ed J.
Reed, Ed J.
Reed, F.A.
Reed, Goebel Lee
Reed, James
Reed, John
Reed, John
Reed, John C.
Reed, Levi S.
Reed, Levi S.
Reed, Levi S.
Reed, Mary Jane
Reed, Mrs. Allen
Reed, Mrs. J.N.
Reed, Mrs. W.G.
Reed, Raymond
Reed, Thomas
Reed, W.G.
Reed, William M.
Reedy, J.J.
Reese, Nellie
Reeves, Frank
Reeves, George
Reeves, Harold
Reeves, Mary
Regan, P.C.
Reichert, Charles E.
Reid, John B.
Reid, John Raymond
Reid, Mrs. E.W.
Reid, Mrs. E.W.
Reid, Mrs. J.W.
Reid, Robert
Reiger, Frank
Reiley, J.H.
Reilly, Gladys
Reilly, T.M.
Reily, W.
Reinberger, Irving
Reinhardt, Col. R.S.
Reinman, Felix
Relman, Joe
Renfroe, J.F.
Renfroe, Z.T.
Renneker, J.R.
Renten, Florie
Rentrop, Carl
Rentrop, Carl
Rephan, I.J.
Rephan, I.J.
Repington, LTC C.A.
Resky, John
Resky, John
Rester, Thomas N.
Reszke, Jeanne de
Retig, Charles
Rexroad, G.W.
Rexroad, George W.
Reymont, Wladislaw Stanislaw
Reynolds, "Dad"
Reynolds, A.J.
Reynolds, Bert
Reynolds, Ed
Reynolds, Edward
Reynolds, Edward
Reynolds, Emma
Reynolds, J.A.
Reynolds, J.P.
Reynolds, Maj. A.J.
Reynolds, Mrs. J.A.
Reynolds, Mrs. J.A.
Reynolds, Mrs. J.H.
Reynolds, Nan
Reynolds, Wilbur
Rhea, O.L.
Rhea, Oscar
Rhodes, D.M.
Rhodes, Doc
Rhodes, Dorothy Josephine
Rhodes, Ida
Rhodes, James Mauran
Rhodes, Mrs. Lee
Rhodes, R.J.
Ribblesdale, Baron
Ricca, Tony
Rice, J.R.
Rice, Minnie
Rice, Mrs. J.R.
Rice, Patrick J.
Rice, Patrick J.
Rice, Sam O.
Rich, Mrs. R.C.
Rich, Pattie Sue
Rich, William B.
Richards, Paralee
Richards, Sarah Mildred
Richardson, Barney
Richardson, G.A. "Bud"
Richardson, John L.
Richardson, Mrs. G.E.
Richardson, R.K.
Richardson, Sallie
Richardson, Sallie
Richardson, Jr., Mrs. Herbert E.
Richey, Otey
Richmond, Hazel
Rickard, Mrs. George A. "Tex"
Rickrood, Elieen
Riddle, Joe
Riddle, Joe
Rider, Ralph M.
Riegler, John H.
Riegler, John H.
Riggs, Cordelia
Riggs, James M.
Riggs, John
Rigsby, Boy
Rigsby, John
Rigsby, William
Rigsby, Woodrow
Riley, Benjamin W.
Riley, Boy
Riley, Joseph
Riley, Lulu
Riley, Mrs. Elvin
Riniz, Hozie
Rinke, Boy
Rinke, Gertrude
Rinke, Joseph
Rinke, Josephine
Rison, Archie L
Rison, John
Rison, John
Risser, John L.
Rissinger, W.L.
Ritchey, Armour
Ritchey, Elizabeth
Ritchie, C.D.
Ritchie, Evelyn
Ritchie, Paralee
Ritchie, T.B.
Ritter, Delilah F.
Ritter, Luther
Rittman, Ben
Rittmeyer, Rev. George A.
Rivers, Alvin
Roach, Boy
Roach, C.E.
Roach, Caroline Ellen
Robbins, Charles
Robbins, Charles L.
Robbins, David L.
Roberson, Alex
Roberts, Austin
Roberts, Bill
Roberts, Ellen
Roberts, Ellen
Roberts, Ellen
Roberts, Florence Smythe
Roberts, Georgia
Roberts, H.A.
Roberts, John A.
Roberts, Leroy
Roberts, Lillie Hester
Roberts, Oliver R.
Roberts, Walter
Robertson, Agnes
Robertson, Albert
Robertson, E. Thurston
Robertson, E.L.
Robertson, Edith
Robertson, Elsde
Robertson, Fannie J.
Robertson, Helen
Robertson, Jean
Robertson, Mrs. Hale
Robertson, Octavia
Robertson, Pauline
Robinett, J.J.
Robinette, Chester H.
Robins, Child
Robins, Child
Robins, Child
Robins, Child
Robins, David Damon
Robins, Martha Rebecca
Robins, R.B.
Robins, Robert Ellis
Robins, Ruff B.
Robins, Sally Nelson
Robinson, Alice
Robinson, Denton L.
Robinson, Denton L.
Robinson, Denyse
Robinson, E.M.
Robinson, Edward M.
Robinson, J.W.
Robinson, James A.
Robinson, Mattie
Robinson, Mose
Robinson, Mrs. Orrin S.
Robinson, Narine
Robinson, Octav
Robinson, Stoney
Robinson, T.M.
Robinson, Virginia B.
Robinson, W.F.
Robison, Rev. W.M.
Rodgers, Mrs. J.B.
Rodgers, Mrs. J.B.
Rodgers, Mrs. S.E.
Rodgers, Tom
Rodgers, Tom
Rodkey, Della Mae
Rodkey, Frank
Rodman, Mrs. W.C.
Rodriguez, Joseph
Rodriguez, Louis
Roe, F.M.
Roe, F.M.
Roe, J.A.
Roebers, Henry
Roebuck, J.C.
Roedenbeck, Ralph
Roehrle, Rudolph P.
Roesch, Henry
Roesch, Henry
Rogers, Charley
Rogers, Gen. Harry L.
Rogers, George
Rogers, George
Rogers, Herman
Rogers, Hollis B.
Rogers, John Jacob
Rogers, John Jacob
Rogers, Manda
Rogers, Mrs. Otis
Rogers, Mrs. W.S.
Rogers, Prof. W.W.
Rogers, W.H.
Rogers, W.W.
Rogers, Will
Roland, Steven
Rollins, Garnett
Rollins, Hunter
Rollman, Elizabeth
Romaine, Dr. A.L.
Roman, Clayton
Rone, Wiley
Roney, Emma Blythe
Roney, Mrs. J.H.
Rooker, G.W.
Rooker, J.M.
Rooker, J.M.
Roop, W.E.
Root, Mrs. Jack M.
Root, Mrs. Jack M.
Rorie, Ralph
Rose, C.
Rose, Celia
Rose, John
Rose, Margaret
Rose, Margaret T.
Rosenbaum, Fred L.
Rosenbloom, Myrtle
Rosenbloom, Samuel
Rosenbloom, Samuel
Rosenbloom, Samuel
Roser, John Francis
Ross, Dr. James Sloan
Ross, G.C.
Ross, Joe J.
Ross, Judge J.W.
Ross, Mary
Ross, Phillip
Ross, Ray
Ross, Sue
Ross, Sue L.
Ross, Jr., Adam
Ross, Jr., Adam
Roth, William
Rothenhofer, J.R.
Rotremel, Richard H.
Rotton, M.L.
Roulhac, Sr., Joe P.B.
Roullier, Raymond
Roundebush, Ethleen Minetree
Rout, Troy Ciifford
Rout, Troy Clifford
Routough, Clinton
Routough, Lizzie
Routough, Noah
Routough, Paul
Routough, Robert
Routough, Virginia
Rowe, Bettie
Rowe, Dora M.
Rowe, Mrs. Elmer F.
Rowe, Mrs. L.D.
Rowland, Bessie
Rowland, Hardy "Kid"
Rowland, John
Rowland, Lock
Rowland, Mrs. T.M.
Rowland, Rosa Grier
Rowlands, Laura L.
Rowlands, Laura L.
Roy, C.J.
Royal, Mrs. Charles
Royall, B.L. "Lon"
Ruane, Thomas E.
Rubles, Dallas J.
Ruck, Caroline
Ruck, John
Ruck, John
Rucker, Sallie
Ruckles, Adult Male
Rudd, Mary Anne
Ruddles, Luther
Rudokas, Elbert
Rudolph, James Alton
Rugh, Mrs. M.H.
Rule, Dee
Rumley, Geraldine
Rumph, Martha Proctor
Rumsey, Judge W.H.
Runnels, Andy P.
Runyan, W.T.
Rupe, H.M.
Rupe, Mary E.
Rupe, W.E.
Ruple, Allie M.
Ruple, Queenie
Rush, Maurice
Rusher, Allen
Rusher, Gus
Rushing, Arthur
Russ, Tom
Russell, Belle
Russell, Charles Leighton
Russell, Clinton P.
Russell, Dr. W.B.
Russell, E.R.
Russell, E.R.
Russell, E.R.
Russell, Frederick
Russell, Homer J.
Russell, Homer James
Russell, J.R.
Russell, John
Russell, Mary
Russell, Mary Ann
Russell, Mary Goforth
Russell, Maudie
Russell, May
Russell, Nancie E.
Russo, Sam
Rust, Edward Gray
Ruth, L.J.
Ruth, M.S.
Rutherford, C.R.
Rutherford, Mrs. George
Rutherford, R.A.
Rutherford, Robert
Rutland, Duke of
Ruyscher, Lillian de
Ryan, J.W.
Ryan, Laura
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Tom K.
Rye, William
Ryland, Nina Porter
Sachs, Rosalyn
Sadler, Dr. Henry D.
Saeler, William Edward
Saffold, H.C.
Sain, Robert M.
Saintor, Demetrias
Sale, Ashley
Sale, Ashley
Salle, Charles Edward
Sallee, Murdock
Salmon, Adult Male
Salmon, William Carls
Salyers, Allie
Sammons, Grace
Sampson, S.M.
Sams, Mrs. Eli
Sams, Mrs. Fred
Samson, S.M.
Samuels, George E.
Samuels, John
Samuels, John
Sanderlein, Dr. J.A.
Sanderlin, Dr. J.A.
Sanders, Auburn
Sanders, H.H.
Sanders, Janie
Sanders, Jewell
Sanders, Mary A.
Sanders, Mrs. Fred
Sanders, Mrs. Young
Sanders, Newt D.
Sanders, Olga Harper
Sanders, Roy
Sanders, Sam D.
Sanders, W.N.
Sanders, Young
Sanderson, George A.
Sandow, Eugene
Sands, A.C.
Sands, Ray
Sandy, P.J.
Saner, Sue
Sang, Charles S.
Sanger, Hannah
Sanguily, Col Manuel
Sansett, William H.
Saransin, Henry Albert
Sareckfus, Capt. John
Sargent, John Singer
Sassaman, Margaret C.
Satterwhite, W.W.
Saulisak, Seaman Adult Male
Saunders, Leonard
Sausett, William H.
Savary, Isabelle
Savinkoff, Gen. Boris
Sayers, Eliza
Scales, John J.
Scarborough, George R.
Scarborough, Jr, James L.
Scenna, Child
Scenna, Child
Scenna, Child
Scenna, Child
Scenna, Child
Schachleiter, Frank
Schader, Jr, Charles H.
Schader, Jr., Charles A.
Schaer, Lucy Alexander
Schaer, Lucy Alexander
Schaer, Mary
Schaer, Mary
Schanlon, Jacob
Schatz, J.H.E.
Schaum, Jacob
Schekley, Isabelle
Scherer, Lydia
Scheuman, Joseph D.
Schiamameo, Vinzenzo
Schirker, Elizabeth Dorothy
Schirmer, Nancy
Schlaff, Gerhard
Schlafke, Caroline Soyk
Schleisser, Minnie
Schlichter, Ray
Schlieper, Augustus E.
Schlig, Irving
Schloss, Samuel
Schlotterback, Wilhemina
Schmalbach, Hugo
Schmidt, Edward
Schmitz, Catherine
Schmuck, Mrs. Peter
Schmuck, Mrs. Peter
Schnabel, Mrs. Harry
Schnabel, Vera
Schneider, Henry
Schneider, Pauline
Schneider, Pauline
Schnitzer, CPO George C.
Schnuch, Frederick
Schoffner, Michael L.
Schoffner, Michael L.
Schofield, George
Schofield, J.M.
Schofield, Tom
Schofield, Tom
Schollner, Michael L.
Schooler, Benton Ward
Schorstein, Mathilda
Schoweiler, C.J.
Schrauger, Mrs. William
Schrebneck, Karl
Schroeder, Child
Schroeder, Child
Schroeder, Child
Schroeder, H.D.
Schroeder, Herman
Schroeder, Herman
Schuchart, D.O.
Schuing, Fred
Schuler, Pearl A.
Schultz, Matilda
Schultz, Mrs. Charles A.
Schuster, Phillip
Schute, Kate
Schwartz, Charles Henry
Schwartz, Charles Henry
Schwartz, John Otto
Schwartz, Mrs. John Otto
Scission, Carrie
Scofield, Edward
Scoggins, Will C.
Scopins, Clara
Scothan, W.
Scott, A.H.
Scott, Allan
Scott, Bettie
Scott, Della
Scott, George F.
Scott, Grady
Scott, LeRoy
Scott, Lucille
Scott, Mary Lee
Scott, Mary Lee
Scott, Opal
Scott, Robert
Scott, Rowlett F.
Scott, Samuel B.
Scott, Tom
Scott, Tom
Scott, Walter
Screeton, Durwood
Scroggin, Laura
Scroggin, W.M.
Scroggins, Homer
Scroggins, Will C.
Scruton, Col. George H.
Scull, Mrs. Sam C.
Seabrook, William Henry
Seacell, Jr., Robert E.
Seamster, Robert
Searles, Capt. A.W.
Sears, Cecil
Sears, James
Sears, James
Sears, Mrs. R.T.
Sears, Mrs. R.T.
Sears, Stephen F.
Seat, George
Seawell, Waldo
Sebour, John
Second, Nacional
Seeger, O.M.
Seelbach, Sr., Louis
Seelhorst, Capt. William G.
Seelig, Simon
Seese, Martha
Seese, Martha
Seidman, William W.
Seigworth, John
Sejack, Mary
Selbiger, Samuel
Selby, Rose Mary
Selfreld, Herman
Sellers, Annie
Sellers, J.W.
Sellers, Margaret J.
Sellers, Mary Rebecca
Sellers, William C.
Selvitz, Maxine
Selvitz, Maxine
Semmes, Iorantha Jordan
Semple, Fr. Henry Chirchill
Sengel, Sr., George
Senior, J.B.
Senior, J.B.
Sequine, Mrs. A.M.
Serogham, W.G.
Sessions, Adult Male
Sessoms, S.G.
Setser, Dan M.
Settle, Vernie
Settle, Vernie
Severance, Cordenio A.
Severin, Agnes
Severin, Matthew
Severin, Jr., Matthew
Seward, Laura
Sewell, A.J.
Sewell, J.A.
Sewell, T.M.
Sewell, Jr., William J.
Sexton, Child
Sexton, Mrs. W.M.
Seymour, VADM Sir Michael C.
Shadell, Horace
Shaffer, Mrs. William H.
Shaffer, R.H.
Shaffer, William H.
Shamblin, Mrs. John S.
Shanahan, Edward J.
Shane, Sammie
Shannon, Henry
Shannon, Mickey
Shannon, William
Sharher, J.L.
Sharlow, Herman R.
Sharp, Annie
Sharp, Edward
Sharp, Mrs. Ernest
Sharp, S.P.
Sharp, William
Sharpe, Eddie
Shaul, Jacob
Shaver, B.D.
Shaver, Elizabeth
Shaver, Mrs. Frank
Shaver, Stinson
Shaw, Lowell
Shay, Timothy
Shea, ChBsnMte J.R.
Shea, Frank Archibald
Shea, Lula
Shea, Patrick
Sheahan, William
Shearer, C.E.
Shearer, Charles E.
Shearer, Edith
Shee, E.H.
Sheehan, David A.
Sheehan, J.J.
Sheehan, Violet
Sheehan, Walter
Sheets, Lee
Shelby, Bertie Irene
Shelby, R.W.
Shelby, R.W.
Shelton, A.D.
Shelton, Chloa Salina
Shelton, Dave
Shelton, James
Shelton, Mrs. Jack
Shelton, Thurman
Shelton, Thurman
Shemwell, L.L.
Shepard, Frank
Shephard, Dr. Hubert
Shepherd, Capt. Harry H.
Shepherd, Lulu
Shepherd, Lulu
Shepherd, Mrs. R.L.
Shepley, Laura Lavina
Sheppard, Lt. E.W.
Sherer, Lydia
Sheridan, Alley
Sheridan, Anthony J.
Sheridan, Joseph V.
Sheridan, Prudence
Sheridan, William
Sherlin, A. L.
Sherlin, A.L.
Sherlin, A.L.
Sherman, Elmer
Sheron, Harold
Sherrell, Malissa Paralee
Sherrill, J.W.
Sherrill, Lanora
Sherrill, Mrs. Bill
Sherry, Gregory Patrick
Sherry, Gregory Patrick
Sherwood, Charles J.
Sherwood, Charles J.
Sherwood, Charles J.
Sherwood, Gen. Isaac R.
Sherwood, Theron
Sherwood, Theron
Shew, Rush
Shew, Rush
Shew, Thomas
Shew, Tom
Shew, Tom
Shield, George
Shilane, Timothy
Shillcut, Anderson Mills
Shillcut, Anderson Mills
Shilling, Julia
Shipp, Capt. Joseph F.
Shipp, J.L.
Shipp, Melissa
Shippery, Bert
Shirley, Ed
Shirley, Fred Raymond
Shirley, Henry
Shiry, Ed
Shock, J.W.
Shockley, Ella Hardwick
Shoenberg, Moses
Shoffitt, Mrs. W.T.
Shoffner, Charles Lock
Sholokhoff, Adult Male
Shook, J.H.
Shook, William Alexander
Shopinski, Mrs. Adult Female
Shoppach, Mrs. Will
Shoppach, Mrs. Will W.
Shore, Clara
Short, Genevieve
Short, Lloyd
Short, Luther
Short, Mrs. E.L.
Short, Thomas J.
Short, W.M.
Short, Willilam A.
Shortridge, John
Shoup, Byron
Shoup, Byron
Shoup, Byron
Shoup, Jr., John
Shrabel, L.F.
Shrabel, Lewis
Shrodt, Jack P.
Shropshire, Otto
Shu-Cheng, Gen. Hsu
Shuck, Mrs. Paul
Shue, Mrs. Arthur
Shumate, W.L.
Shurgar, Mrs. J.E.
Shurgar, Mrs. J.E.
Sibley, Margaret C.
Sibley, Walter F.
Sibley, Weyman William
Sides, C.H.
Sieffers, Joe
Sigler, W.J.
Sigmon, Lonzo
Sikora, Capt. William
Sikorski, Mrs. Thomas
Sikorski, Thomas
Siler, Frank
Siler, Girl
Silliman, C.E.
Sills, Dick
Sills, Dick
Sills, Fannie
Silva, Sylvester Pavon
Silver, Mrs. Pete
Simmons, Bessie
Simmons, Boy
Simmons, Harold Ray
Simmons, Mrs. G.W.
Simmons, Mrs. Ted
Simmons, Ted
Simmons, Walter R.
Simmons, Walter R.
Simmons, William P.
Simms, Dan
Simms, Floyd
Simms, Floyd
Simms, Mattie Chapman
Simon, Bascom
Simon, Pearl
Simon, Samuel
Simons, Gabe
Simpkins, Mrs. R.
Simpson, Annie
Simpson, Brasilla
Simpson, Capt. George A.
Simpson, Earl
Simpson, Fannie
Simpson, Frank
Simpson, John W.
Simpson, Margaret
Simpson, Moody
Simpson, Moody
Simpson, Mrs. Charles
Simpson, Mrs. Fannie
Simpson, Sidney Smith
Simpson, W.T.
Simpson, William
Sims, Adult Male
Sims, David Allen
Sims, Floyd
Sims, John Edward
Sims, Judge Frederick Wilm
Sims, Ralph
Sims, Rev. John Warren
Sims, Tom
Simshack, Madaline McGuire
Sinai, Joseph
Sinclair, Lt. Arthur
Singleton, Curtis
Singleton, Mrs. Curtis
Singley, Boy
Singley, Mrs. A.A.
Sinks, Lafayette
Sinnect, Agnes
Sinnott, Bridget
Sinnott, Bridget
Sinnott, Bridget
Siratt, Mrs. H.C.
Siratt, Mrs. H.C.
Siskouski, Telka
Sisney, Blanche
Sisson, J.B.
Sisson, J.W.
Sisson, James C.
Sisson, John
Skaggs, Shirley
Skaggs, T.M.
Skelly, James
Skelly, James
Skelton, Ed
Skelton, William
Skidios, John
Skillern, Nannie B.
Skinner, Adult Male
Sklansky, George
Slade, Mrs. William G.
Slagle, Elbert
Slater, Dr. Henry
Slayton, Grady
Sloan, B.A.
Sloan, George
Sloan, Gladys Frances
Sloan, Jack
Sloan, Margaret
Sloan, Margaret
Sloan, Mrs. Jim
Sloan, Sam S.
Sloan, Sam S.
Sloan, Sam S.
Sloan, W.E.
Sloan, Jr., John
Sloane, A. Baldwin
Small, James Morris
Smallwood, Bud
Smart, Amanda Arminta
Smart, Don M.
Smedley, Mary
Smeets, Joseph
Smiddy, Mary
Smiley, William Herbert
Smith, "Uncle Alf"
Smith, A.E.
Smith, Albert
Smith, Albert
Smith, Alice
Smith, Alice
Smith, Alice
Smith, Almo
Smith, Anna Lee
Smith, Annie Dora
Smith, Augustus Alexander
Smith, Barton
Smith, Belle
Smith, Bertha
Smith, Bill
Smith, Billy Bryan
Smith, Bob
Smith, Boy
Smith, C.E.
Smith, C.O.
Smith, Capt. John E.
Smith, Capt. Walter L.
Smith, Carroll Frances
Smith, Charles
Smith, Charles
Smith, Charles H.
Smith, Charles J.
Smith, Child
Smith, Child
Smith, Child
Smith, Clyde
Smith, Col. T.O.
Smith, Dan
Smith, Dave
Smith, Deeds
Smith, Dick
Smith, Eaker
Smith, Edward
Smith, Effie
Smith, Elder Ben J.
Smith, Emily
Smith, Emma
Smith, Emma
Smith, Enoch
Smith, Ernest
Smith, Etta B.
Smith, Eugene A.
Smith, Eugene Allen
Smith, Eugene Hanes
Smith, Freddie
Smith, Girl
Smith, Hattie
Smith, Herman
Smith, Herman
Smith, Hubert Q.
Smith, Ida
Smith, Ida
Smith, Ida A.
Smith, Ira
Smith, J.S.
Smith, Jack
Smith, Jack
Smith, Jack
Smith, James
Smith, James A.
Smith, James A.
Smith, James B.
Smith, Jim
Smith, Joe W.
Smith, Joe W.
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John B.
Smith, John G.
Smith, John H.
Smith, John L.
Smith, Joseph Edward
Smith, Julius
Smith, L.A.
Smith, L.M.
Smith, Lillian Hartman
Smith, Lizzie
Smith, Lonnie
Smith, Lt. Talcott P.
Smith, Luther
Smith, Luty
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mattie L.
Smith, May
Smith, Melvon
Smith, Mrs. Edward L.
Smith, Mrs. Henry
Smith, Mrs. J.A.
Smith, Mrs. J.W.
Smith, Mrs. Jack
Smith, Mrs. Joe
Smith, Mrs. John
Smith, Mrs. L.A.
Smith, Mrs. L.L.
Smith, Mrs. Sidney
Smith, Mrs. W.R.
Smith, Mrs. Walter
Smith, Mrs. Whit
Smith, Mrs. Whit
Smith, Oriel
Smith, Otto
Smith, Pearl
Smith, Pleas
Smith, Pvt. Fred
Smith, Rebecca Jane
Smith, Rev Dr George Willia
Smith, Rowland
Smith, Roy
Smith, Roy
Smith, S.R.
Smith, Sally
Smith, Sarah F.
Smith, Sarah F.
Smith, Silas Pick
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Thomas J.
Smith, Thomas J.
Smith, Tom W.
Smith, W.B.
Smith, W.K.
Smith, W.L.
Smith, W.P.
Smith, W.T.
Smith, W.T.
Smith, Webb
Smith, Wilburn
Smith, Willie B.
Smith, Willlam
Smith, Jr., Wilbur
Smithey, Flora
Smithson, Andrew
Smithson, Girl
Smithwick, J.T.
Smothers, Ivan
Smothers, Joseph L.
Smythe, J.H.
Snedeker, Lymna
Snell, Florence
Snell, Walter
Snell, Walter
Snellgrove, John
Snider, Dan
Snider, Mrs. Menjo
Snipes, J.A.
Snook, E.S.
Snow, Eldridge Gerry
Snow, Grace
Snow, Mary E.
Snow, Mary Elizabeth
Snow, Mrs. F.M.
Snyder, Henry R.
Snyder, Herbert Eadleman
Snyder, J.A.
Snyder, J.A.
Sobey, Eliza E.
Solars, Leslie
Sollender, Child
Son, Mrs. John
Sondheimer, Max
Sorce, Kosario
Sorkin, Isaac
Sorrels, Larmon Odell
Sorrels, Tillman
Sory, Herbert
Soulia, Salvatore
South, Mrs. S.O.
South, Rudy
Sowards, Mrs. T.J.
Sowerby, Fred
Sowers, John
Spain, Julia Peterson
Spanales, Adult Male
Sparks, Cordie
Sparks, George
Sparks, James M.
Sparks, Mary Elizabeth
Sparling, Mrs. William
Sparling, Mrs. William
Speaks, Otto Thurman
Spears, Jimmie
Speer, G. Hopkins
Spellman, Mrs. O.M.
Spence, Frances Jane
Spence, Frances Jane
Spencer, C.L.
Spencer, Charles L.
Spencer, George
Spencer, Mary
Spencer, Mrs. A.J.
Spencer, Perry
Spencer, Selden P.
Spencer, Senator
Spicer, Henry
Spikes, John W.
Spilker, Carolina Kremeyer
Spillars, John
Spillers, Jennie
Spillman, Sallie
Spoon, Mrs. J.M.
Spoon, Mrs. John
Spradling, Mary Ray
Spradling, Mrs. J. H.
Spradling, Otis
Spraggins, Edwary Koy
Spraggins, Joe
Sprague, Delbert
Sprague, Katherine
Sprague, Leora
Sprague, Mary A.
Spratley, MachMt W.A.
Spray, John L.
Springer, Alice Virginia
Springer, D.D.
Springer, John
Springer, John
Springer, P.J.
Springer, Triona Louisa
Sprinkel, Anna
Spurlin, Audie
Spurlock, Mrs. Ben
St. Monds, Arthur
Stabler, Jarrett W.
Stacey, John
Stacey, Mildred
Stachowski, Joseph
Stackford, William G.
Stafford, Frank
Stafford, Gur
Stafford, Gus
Stafford, Mrs. S.A.
Stafford, Mrs. S.A.
Staggs, Harold
Stainins, Makles
Stakes, Basil
Staley, Alma
Stallings, Charles
Stallman, Cora
Stallman, Cora
Stallman, Cora
Stallman, Cora
Stallman, Cora
Standley, Muldah
Stanley, Child
Stanley, Levi
Stanley, Mary E.
Stanley, Mrs. J.J.
Stanley, Sarah E.
Stanton, Minnie
Stanton, Minnie
Stapleton, Earl R.
Starbuck, Charles A.
Stark, J.M.
Stark, Monroe "Dolly"
Starkey, Joe
Starkey, Rhoda
Starks, Mrs. James
Starmer, Hester Southerland
Starnes, Mary Jane
Starnes, Mrs. Eugene O.
Starns, Brent Clio
Starns, Brent Clio
Starns, Mahaley
Starvow, James
Stathakis, Diamondo
Stathakis, Mrs. Angelo
Stearns, Julia
Stecess, Boy
Steele, Albert Wilbur
Steele, Girl
Steele, Mrs. John A.
Steele, W.V.
Steele, Willie
Steelman, Mrs. Nathan
Steen, C.R.
Steiger, Adolph
Stein, Joseph
Steiner, Dr. Rudolph
Steiner, Matthew
Steinhart, Sr., Jefferson D.
Steinhart, Sr., Jefferson Davis
Steinheil, Thadieus
Steinheil, Thadieus
Steitz, Lillie
Stell, Mrs. D.A.
Stell, Vinnie
Stephens, Alberta
Stephens, Amanda
Stephens, David Grant
Stephens, E.Y.
Stephens, Joe
Stephens, Joe
Stephens, Pauline
Stephens, R.S.
Stephens, Theodore
Stephens, Thomas
Stephens, Thomas J.
Stephens, William
Stephenson, Dr. John S.
Stephenson, George
Stephenson, Kyle
Stephenson, Robert
Stermer, Annie V.
Stern, Mose
Stettinius, Edward R.
Stevens, Capt. F.E.
Stevens, Ella L.
Stevens, Emma
Stevens, James Henry
Stevens, Lee
Stevens, Lee
Stevens, Mrs. A.L.
Stevens, R.R.
Stevenson, Edward
Stevenson, Eliot Grassett
Stevenson, Franklin A.
Stevenson, William R.
Steward, B.T.
Stewart, C.W.
Stewart, Callie
Stewart, Charles
Stewart, Charles
Stewart, Corwin
Stewart, Elmer
Stewart, G.
Stewart, Lula Mae
Stewart, Merle
Stewart, Mrs. H.F.
Stewart, Mrs. H.F.
Stewart, Mrs. Robert
Stewart, Mrs. Will
Stewart, Richard
Stewart, Thomas
Stewart, Tom
Stiesberg, Joe
Stigers, Abner H.
Stillers, Jennie
Stimmett, J.W.
Stimpson, James E.
Stinett, Dee R.
Stinnes, Adeline
Stinnette, Ben F.
Stinson, John P.
Stirman, W.F.
Stobaugh, Mary
Stobaugh, Rev. F.O.
Stockdale, C. Lee
Stockton, Russell T.
Stoddard, William O.
Stokes, Boyce
Stokes, H.T.
Stokes, James Robert
Stokes, Thomas H.
Stoll, Anna
Stoltenberg, Fred
Stone, Anna A.
Stone, Cornelia B.
Stone, Farris C.
Stone, James
Stone, Jimmy
Stone, Julia
Stone, Mrs. Frank
Stone, Mrs. N.L.
Stone, Mrs. W.J.
Stone, Warren S.
Stone, Zaniel
Stoneberger, Paul
Storey, Dr. Dave
Storey, L.E.
Storm, Frank
Stotts, Charles
Stotts, Charles
Stotts, Mrs. Jack
Stough, Oliver J.
Stout, Dr. J.T.
Stout, George W.
Stout, Lew
Stout, Marion
Stovall, Mary
Stover, Jewell
Stover, Margaret J.H.
Stowe, James
Strate, Ellen
Stratton, R.W.
Stratton, Richard S.
Straus, Franklin
Strauss, Adalbert
Strauss, Gus
Strauss, Irvin A.
Strauss, Mrs. Gus
Strawn, Tommie
Street, Ida
Street, Ida
Streeter, Scott
Streeton, A.J.
Strickland, Mrs. Ray
Strickland, Pearl
Stricklin, Joyce D.
Stricklin, Newt
Stringfield, James R.
Stringfield, R.N.
Strobsahl, W.J.
Stroder, Tillie Brown
Strohsahl, W.J.
Strong, Allan H.
Strong, Anna M.
Strong, W.A.
Stroud, A.M.
Stroud, D.M.
Stroud, Nellie
Stroud, Price
Stroul, Ralph M.
Struthers, Dr. O.C.
Struthers, Dr. O.C.
Stuart, John Logan
Stubbs, Fred A.
Stuck, Margaret A.
Stucker, Isaac L.
Sturdee, Sir Doverton
Sturdwant, D.
Sturdy, Rebecca
Sturm, Jacob
Suarez, Antonio
Sugg, J.D.
Suide, Oliver
Sulkerson, James Madison
Sullivan, Daisy
Sullivan, Daisy
Sullivan, E.
Sullivan, F.E.
Sullivan, Girl
Sullivan, J.W.
Sullivan, Martin Paul
Sullivan, Michael
Sullivan, Mrs. Silas
Sullivan, Oscar
Sullivan, W.F.
Sullivant, Pearl
Summerhall, Charles
Summers, Ben
Summers, John
Summers, Mrs. Ben
Summers, William E.
Sung-Lin, Gen. Kuo
Sung-Lin, Mrs. Adult Female
Surrett, W.M.
Sutherland, Alfred
Sutherland, George
Sutherland, Mrs. S.
Sutton, Allie
Sutton, Beatrice
Sutton, Inez
Sutton, Margaret Cooper
Sutton, Mrs. A.T.
Sutton, Mrs. Clinton
Sutton, Norborne
Swaffar, Lucy
Swaim, F.G.
Swain, Girl
Swan, Hulda Cheshire
Swan, R.K.
Swaney, Verne
Swanson, Olga
Swearingen, Tobe
Sweeney, J.
Sweeney, Lucille
Sweeney, Mrs. Suella
Sweet, Alfred
Swindle, Wilbur
Swiney, Harry
Swink, Dan A.
Swinney, C.S.
Swinney, Kate
Switzer, A.F.
Sydnor, Sallie Norwood
Sykes, H.A.
Sylesberry, Earl
Tackett, James R.
Taff, Luther
Taff, Mrs. Sam
Tagart, W.D.
Taggart, Harry A.
Taggart, W.D.
Talbert, Mrs. J.D.
Talmadge, Fred L.
Taner, Carolina Rose
Taneyhill, F.H.
Tankersley, Mrs. J.C.
Tankersley, Mrs. J.C.
Tanner, Guy
Tapley, Sarah
Tapscott, I.W.
Tarbutton, Lem
Targett, Charles
Tarleton, Rev. Robert E.
Tarpley, J.E.
Tarrant, J.A.
Tarrant, Jane
Tate, Bessie Monroe
Tate, Dr. V.H.
Tate, Dr. V.H.
Tate, Mrs. L.W.
Tate, Robert
Tate, Sarah
Tate, Turner
Tatman, Dr. Albert E.
Tatum, Dr. O.H.
Tatum, Mrs. R.H.
Taughtenbaum, J.W.
Taule, George
Taylor, A.D.
Taylor, Alice
Taylor, Amanda
Taylor, Becia
Taylor, Boy
Taylor, C.
Taylor, Charles H.
Taylor, Col. Hancock
Taylor, David E.
Taylor, Dotson
Taylor, Dr. R.H.
Taylor, Dr. William Wood
Taylor, E.L.
Taylor, Edna
Taylor, F.M.
Taylor, Flora Etta
Taylor, Flora Etta
Taylor, Floyd
Taylor, H.L.
Taylor, J. Matt
Taylor, James L.
Taylor, John
Taylor, John V.
Taylor, Judge W.M.
Taylor, Judge William M.
Taylor, Leslie
Taylor, Mrs. H.S.
Taylor, Naoma Mae
Taylor, Pauline
Taylor, R.M.
Taylor, Rev. Giles C.
Taylor, Rev. Giles Chapman
Taylor, Rev. W.F.
Taylor, Rueben
Taylor, Rueben
Taylor, Sarah
Taylor, Tobe
Taylor, W.W.
Taylor, Walter
Taylor, Wesley
Taylor, William H.
Taylor, Willis
Tayne, Ophelia
Teachemacher, Frederick Peter
Teague, Sue Elizabeth
Teale, W.D.
Teaters, J.T.
Tedder, W. M.
Tedder, W.M.
Tedder, W.M.
Tedder, W.M.
Tedder, W.M.
Teeters, J.M.
Tejavudh, Chao Fa Asdarg
Temple, Mrs. D.J.
Templeton, Thomas
Templeton, Thomas
Templeton, Vivian Roberts
Tenn, Liberty
Terrell, Dr. S.D.
Terrell, Ed
Terrell, Lela
Terry, Fannie Jones
Terry, Lora Anna
Teske, August
Thacker, C.G.
Tharp, Gerald
Thatcher, J.W.
Thayer, Richard
Theby, Henry
Theby, Henry
Theby, Henry
Theissling, Most Rev. Louis
Theobold, Robert
Thery, Edmond
Thibodaux, A.J.
Thierry, Robert
Thirkill, Jr., Frank
Thomas, Albert D.
Thomas, Anna G.
Thomas, C.D.
Thomas, Charles L.
Thomas, Charles L.
Thomas, Claude
Thomas, Dr. Earl
Thomas, E.J.
Thomas, Eddie
Thomas, Edna
Thomas, Eura
Thomas, James Q.
Thomas, Johnnie
Thomas, Madge
Thomas, Mrs. Ben
Thomas, Mrs. J.A.
Thomas, Mrs. J.Y.
Thomas, Mrs. L.A.
Thomas, Ora
Thomas, Roscoe
Thomas, Walter E.
Thomas, Warren
Thomas, William Payton
Thomas, Jr., Robert Y.
Thomason, Elma
Thomason, Fred T.
Thomason, Mrs. T.W.
Thompson, Bruce
Thompson, Bruce
Thompson, Charles T.
Thompson, Dewey
Thompson, Dr. M.G.
Thompson, Edward Earl
Thompson, Elmer Vance
Thompson, Emma Bernette
Thompson, Etta B.
Thompson, F.A.
Thompson, Fannie
Thompson, Gene
Thompson, George
Thompson, H.C.
Thompson, J.F.
Thompson, J.H.
Thompson, J.J.
Thompson, J.S.
Thompson, James
Thompson, Lillie
Thompson, Lillie
Thompson, M.C.
Thompson, Margaret Earline
Thompson, Milton
Thompson, Mrs. Burley
Thompson, Mrs. D.L.
Thompson, Mrs. Martin
Thompson, Mrs. Virgil H.
Thompson, Mrs. Will
Thompson, Ola
Thompson, Ray
Thompson, Rufus
Thompson, Walter
Thomson, James R.
Thornton, J.R.
Thornton, May
Thornton, Ozella
Thornton, Ozella
Thornton, Pat
Thornton, W.T. "Bud"
Thornton, Jr., J.R.
Thorpe, Sir Edward
Thorsson, F.V.
Thrash, P.C.
Thrasher, L.E.
Threadgill, E.A.
Threadgill, Mrs. B.S.
Thresher, Mrs. E.E.
Throgmorton, Girl
Thrower, Mrs. Samuel
Thurman, Mrs. M.A.
Tice, Dave
Tilghman, Walter
Till, Mrs. R.N.
Tilles, Jr., Albert J.
Tilley, Ida
Tillis, Beatrice
Tillis, Child
Tillman, A.E.
Tillo, Frank
Tillotson, Helen
Tilson, Caroline Read
Timberlake, R.M.
Timmerman, Caroline
Tindel, Laura
Tiner, T.J.
Tinker, J.G.
Tinker, Mrs. Frank
Tinsley, C.W.
Tinsley, Ellen
Tinsley, J. Belton
Tinsley, Judge W.A.
Tipton, Hazel Hill
Tipton, Mary
Tipton, Tressie
Tipton, Tressie
Tirrelle, Alfred
Tittle, Dr. Christopher C.
Tittsworth, William F.
Tobey, June
Tobey, June Jennes
Tobey, June Jenness
Todd, Burros
Todd, Mrs. R.L.
Tokuriki, Kazuo
Tokuriki, Saburo
Tolar, Susan
Tolar, Susan
Tolbert, Noah B.
Tolizzotto, Pasquale
Tollerson, William
Tolson, Virgil
Tolt, Mrs. G.A.
Tombs, Girl
Tomlinson, Mollie Mathews
Tomplains, Mrs. Lige
Toney, Jack
Toney, William
Toombs, Cora
Toombs, Mrs. Edgar S.
Torrjo, John
Totty, Dennis
Towler, Mrs. John
Towne, Charles A.
Towne, Charles P.
Towne, Charles P.
Townes, Sidney
Townsend, B.M.
Townsend, Mrs. Ernest
Townsend, Thomas Athol
Townsend, William A.
Townsend, William A.
Tracey, Dwight
Tracy, Walter C.
Trank, Si
Transue, Oliver F.
Traut, J.F.
Travener, Clyde
Treadway, Alex H.
Treadway, Theodore
Treadway, Theodore
Treadway, W.M.
Treadwell, Thomas
Treadwell, Thomas
Treadwell, Tom
Treas, Tollie
Treher, Mrs. George W.
Trejo, Jesus
Trentham, M.J.
Trentham, Nathan
Tribble, Nancy E.
Tricholl, A.F.
Triffitt, Stephen Hartley
Trigg, Caroline
Triplett, Leonard
Triplett, T.M.
Triplett, T.M.
Trivers, Earl C.
Trobough, John
Trobough, Mrs. John
Troike, Lois
Trotman, Emmie Eppes
Truden, John
Truelove, James W.
Truex, Eliza Green
Trull, Cora Gaddy
Truman, Vin
Trumbull, Clara
Tryon, Dwight W.
Tubb, James M.
Tuck, Ashley Davis
Tuck, Sarah McCatherine
Tuck, Sophi E.
Tucker, Jack
Tucker, Johnnie
Tucker, Mary
Tucker, Meyer
Tucker, Mrs. A.J.
Tucker, Robert Lee
Tucker, T.N.
Tuggles, Doc
Tull, Harvey
Tulley, James
Tulley, Mrs. T.A.
Tune, Susie
Tune, Susie
Tunnell, Mrs. M.C.
Turley, Carl
Turley, Sarah
Turley, Sarah
Turner, Della
Turner, Dr. H.H.
Turner, Ethel Marie
Turner, George
Turner, Halbert
Turner, Isaac
Turner, J.L.
Turner, James
Turner, James Blair
Turner, John W.
Turner, Lewis
Turner, Milton
Turner, Oscar E.
Turner, Phillip
Turner, Sandy J.
Turney, Elizabeth
Turney, Joe
Turpin, Carrie Lemieux
Tussey, David Franklin
Tussey, Mrs. David Franklin
Tutt, Anna
Tutt, Anna
Tutt, Charles
Tweedy, William M.
Twiggs, Maj. A.J.
Tydings, Dr. Oliver
Tyler, Girl
Tyler, Harriett
Tyler, James Hogue
Tyler, Lillian
Tyler, Jr., George
Tyman, Norman B.
Tyra, W.M.
Tyrrell, Casey
Tyson, Catherine
Tzankoff, Dunoso
Ulmstead, Sidney A.
Umholtz, A.D.
Underwood, A.J. "Jack"
Underwood, Henry L.
Underwood, Howard F.
Underwood, J.C.
Upchurch, Mrs. Eugene
Upham, Frederick W.
Upton, Jack
Upton, Jack
Upton, Mary
Usrey, Hugh
Vaden, Clyde
Vail, Boy
Vail, Robert Newton
Vail, Robert Newton
Vaile, Philip E.
Valentine, Ethel
Valentine, Tom
Valern, Tony
Valleria, Elwena
Vallot, Joseph
Van Alley, Leslie
Van Cleve, Chester
Van der Gracht, Walter
Vance, B.E.
Vance, Genia
Vance, Genia
Vandeet, John
Vanderbilt, John H.
Vanderbilt, Reginald C.
Vanderfoord, Ben
Vanderford, Edward Earl
Vanderford, Mrs. V.R.
Vandervroot, Rev. R.P.
Vandeventer, Mrs. John D.
Vanetta, Caroline
Vanhorn, Dewey
Vanhorn, Dewey
Vann, E.B.
Vann, F.B.
Vansant, Elizabeth
VanSlyke, C.B.
Vanteest, John
VanVleet, B.E.
Vanway, Harry
Vanway, Helen
Vasknise, Peter
Vasser, J.E.
Vasser, Walter Neal
Vatcher, Capt. Joseph
Vaughan, Dave
Vaughan, William
Vaughn, Lewis B.
Vaughn, William
Vauix, Dolly Smith
Vauthir, Adult Male
Vautrain, A.E.
Veleta, Tennie
Velvin, Juanita
Venable, Fabron
Venable, Mrs. O.L.
Venerable, Octavia
Vennard, Col. George H.
Vera, Frank
Vermillion, William H.
Vester, W.H.
Viascoff, Adult Male
Vick, Lacy
Vick, Mrs. L.O.
Vick, William L.
Vick, William Ludlow
Vickers, Mary
Vickery, James B.
Vidler, Frances
Vincent, Hollis
Vinci, Jimmy
Vinci, Jimmy
Vinci, Mike
Vine, Fielding
Vinogradoff, Sir Paul
Vinsett, J.C.
Vinson, Dorothy Lee
Vinson, Dorothy Lee
Vinson, Vance V.
Virzzi, Samuel
Viviani, Rene
Vocque, Junie
Vogler, Emma Jean
Vogler, Eugene Frances
Vogler, Eugene Francis
Vogler, Fred William
Vogt, Joseph S.
Volentine, Mrs. W.O.
Vollmer, L.E.
von Ach, Mary E.
von Seggern, Anna
von Seggern, Fred
von Seggern, Gustave
von Seggern, Louisa
von Seggern, Mrs. Fred
von Strumm, Baron Ferdinand
von Teller, Ivan Dahl
von Valentini, Prof. Rudolph
Von Vetzern, Baroness
Vorrhels, C.S.
Voss, Earnestine
Vredenburgh, Peter
Vyles, J.W.
Wade, Edna Allen
Wade, Mattie R.
Waggoner, Guy
Waghtaff, L.
Wagner, Carmen
Wagner, Carmen
Wagner, Helen
Wagner, Joseph
Wagner, Lloyd
Wagner, William
Wagoner, Girl
Wagucapack, Felician
Wainright, Leslie
Waits, John R.
Walden, G.T.
Walden, James R.
Waldron, G.T.
Waldron, W.H.
Walker, A.H.
Walker, A.J.
Walker, Alex
Walker, Arthur
Walker, Arthur
Walker, C.E.
Walker, Esther
Walker, Frank
Walker, George W.
Walker, Girl
Walker, Girl
Walker, Harvey
Walker, Jack
Walker, Jack
Walker, John
Walker, John Brandt
Walker, Latisha V.
Walker, Lloyd
Walker, Lucille
Walker, Lucy
Walker, Mary
Walker, Mollie
Walker, Nancy E.
Walker, Owen
Walker, Raymond
Walker, W.O.
Walker, W.O.
Walker, William B.
Walker, William L.
Walker, Jr., Mrs. W.W.
Walker, Jr., Mrs. W.W.
Walker, Jr., Tommie
Wall, Clem
Wall, Dora Susan
Wall, Lorena
Wallace, Adult Male
Wallace, Alice M.
Wallace, J.T.
Wallace, Joseph B.
Wallace, Joseph D.
Wallace, Mary E.
Wallace, Orville
Wallace, Richmond C.
Wallen, Charles E.
Waller, Mrs. William
Wallin, Jessie
Walling, L.W.
Walling, Mary C.
Walling, Sgt. Henry D.
Wallis, Fred
Wallis, Sarah L.
Walls, Donald
Walls, J.G.
Walpole, Mary Frances
Walsh, Charles B.
Walsh, L.L.
Walsh, McKinnen
Walsh, Mrs. Johannae
Walson, Joe
Walters, Ortrey
Walters, Oscar P.
Walton, Len
Walton, William Y.
Wampler, Bonnie
Wampler, Davie
Wampler, Girl
Wampler, Mrs. C.R.
Wandschneider, Louis
Wanzer, Frances
Warboys, John
Warbritton, Ella
Ward, Anna Alice
Ward, BG Henry Clay
Ward, Girl
Ward, J.J.
Ward, John M.
Ward, John W.
Ward, Lewis
Ward, Lewis
Ward, Lloyd
Ward, Mary
Ward, Mary Jane
Ward, Mathel
Ward, Nancy C.
Ward, Powell
Ward, Richard
Ward, Samuel David
Ward, Will H.
Wardlaw, Jane
Warford, James Kirby
Warlick, Otis
Warner, Fred
Warner, H.T.
Warner, Lizzie
Warner, Lt. Duane G.
Warner, Maude
Warner, Maudie
Warrane, Louise
Warren, Bessie
Warren, Child
Warren, Child
Warren, Clarence E.
Warren, Claude
Warren, Frank
Warren, Helen
Warren, Martha E.
Warren, Mrs. Claude
Warren, unknown
Washington, Mrs. S.O.
Washington, Rose
Washington, Willie
Wasserman, Prof. August Von
Wasson, Renna Conner
Waterhouse, Stephen
Waters, Dr. Harry Jackson
Waters, Dr. J.A.
Waters, Elizabeth
Waters, Ernest
Waters, Farathna
Waters, Frances Walker
Waters, Lindsey
Waters, Mary
Waters, W.D.
Watkins, A.D.
Watkins, A.T.
Watkins, Alex C.
Watkins, Amanda
Watkins, Boy
Watkins, Capt. C.A.
Watkins, Dorsey
Watkins, Girl
Watkins, John Thomas
Watkins, Jones B.
Watkins, Mrs. C.A.
Watkins, Rev. Thomas H.
Watkins, Rev. Thomas H.
Watkins, Rev. Thomas H.
Watkins, William W.
Watkinson, Rev. W.L.
Watson, F.D.
Watson, Frank A.
Watson, Gerald
Watson, James
Watson, Jasper
Watson, L.O.
Watson, Lt. Adult Male
Watson, Lucinda
Watson, Margaret Collins
Watson, Mary Josephine
Watson, Mrs. Jord
Watson, Mrs. Tom
Watson, Russell
Watson, Tom
Watts, Adult Female
Watts, Annie
Watts, Clarissa
Watts, Elizabeth
Watts, Margaret
Watts, Mrs. J.E.
Watts, Mrs. J.E.
Watts, Rubin J.
Watts, Sherman
Way, Dora B.
Weathers, Dr. Earl W.
Weaver, J.E.
Weaver, Matilda J.
Weaver, Seburn J.
Webb, Arterburn Bridger
Webb, Bert
Webb, Charles
Webb, Charles
Webb, Cletus
Webb, Dan
Webb, Dr. H.F.
Webb, Dr. H.S.
Webb, Ella Louise
Webb, George
Webb, George W.
Webb, Hubert
Webb, J.M.
Webb, Jewell
Webb, Jewell Christine
Webb, John B.
Webb, Lena Merle
Webb, Lula Belle
Webb, M.A.
Webb, M.A.
Webb, Marion A.
Webb, Marion A.
Webb, Mrs. Charles
Webb, O.S.
Webb, O.S.
Webb, Tony
Webb, William M.
Webb, Willie Jane
Webber, Aretta
Webber, Aretta
Webber, L.J.
Webster, Mrs. R.W.
Webster, Olive
Webster, William A.
Wedington, Edna
Wedly, Clarence
Weeks, Carrie
Weeks, Mrs. W.M.
Wegner, Magdaline
Wehrle, Rev. Othmar
Weichel, Alexander
Weil, Helen
Weiland, Mrs. E.E.
Weinstein, Isadore
Weintraub, Clara
Weintraub, Louis
Weintraub, Louis
Weir, O.L.
Weitzenkorn, Mabel
Welch, D.C.
Welch, Earley
Welch, Early
Welch, W.D.
Welch, William
Welder, Mrs. W.L.
Weldower, G.H.
Welk, Sidney J.
Wellington, William H.
Wells, Claud
Wells, Claude
Wells, Claude
Wells, Claude Sullivan
Wells, Grace Mae
Wells, Harry L.
Wells, Luther
Wells, Mrs. E.T.C.
Wells, R.T.
Wells, R.T.
Welty, Isaac Thomas
Wendler, Nellie
Werkhoven, Edward
Wern, Mrs. Charles F.
Wernich, Charles F.
Wessinger, Lina
Wesson, Ben
Wesson, Herman
Wesson, Mrs. W.F.
West, Clinton
West, Dazel C.
West, Emily
West, Evie
West, Girl
West, Ida J.
West, J.W.
West, Jack
West, Jennie
West, Lola
West, Lora R.
West, Marshall A.
West, Martha
West, Mrs. Jonathan
West, Nona
West, Oliver
West, Rose
West, Tennie
Westall, Martha Ellen
Westerman, Mrs. Oscar
Westmoreland, C.P.
Whaley, V.H. "Pink"
Wharton, Electra Waggoner
Whayne, Mrs. M.J.
Wheatley, Lula C.
Wheeler, 1LT William L.
Wheeler, Earl
Wheeler, Everett P.
Wheeler, John N.
Wheeler, R.S.
Wheeler, W.C.
Whellis, Roy
Whiffin, Mrs. W.B.
Whipple, Mary Dodge
Whitaker, B.M.
Whitaker, Elber
Whitaker, Henry A.
White, Adult Male
White, Alexander
White, Amos
White, Annie Nell
White, E.M.
White, E.M.
White, Early
White, H.A.
White, J.C.
White, J.C.
White, J.S.
White, John Hazen
White, Leola
White, Leona
White, Lewis
White, Lt. Edward O.
White, Lt. Frank E.
White, Lucinda
White, Madeline
White, Madeline
White, Mrs. D.C.
White, Mrs. Graham E.
White, Mrs. Hiram S.
White, Mrs. T.J.
White, Mrs. W.E.
White, Nath
White, Passmore
White, Prof. Lee
White, Rev. Paul
White, Robert
White, W. Cleveland
White, W.A.
White, W.A.
White, W.B.
White, W.W.
White, Willilam Herbert
Whitefield, Child
Whitfield, Child
Whitley, F.F.
Whitley, George W.
Whitley, Olga Virginia
Whitmore, Anna
Whitney, Lonnie
Whitney, Lonnie
Whitney, William
Whitsitt, Sarah E.
Whitson, Art
Whittaker, Pen
Whitted, Frank T.
Whitten, Z.T.
Whittendon, Hubert
Whittington, James S.
Whittington, Mrs. Oscar
Whttington, J.A.
Whyte, Nannie E.
Wickham, Mrs. Frederick
Wickwire, Frederick Henry
Wiedermann, SGT Harry J.
Wiggins, Jr., Ralph
Wigley, Maudie May
Wiker, Samuel
Wilborn, Paul
Wilborn, Verta
Wilbourn, William Bonner
Wilbourne, Maggie K.
Wilburn, Mrs. M.A.
Wilburn, Wiley J.
Wilcox, Ed
Wilcox, Mrs. S.P.
Wilcox, S.R.
Wilcox, Tom
Wild, Caroline Augusta
Wild, Mrs. Ernest
Wildenhain, Mary G.
Wiles, Drom
Wiles, Mrs. Gip
Wiles, Mrs. Robert H.
Wiley, Joseph
Wilgameir, Mrs. Adult Female
Wilheit, Gentry
Wilhelm, Charlotte Christine
Wilker, Paul
Wilkerson, Bryan
Wilkerson, Morilla
Wilkerson, T.O.
Wilkes, William
Wilkins, J.F.
Wilkins, J.F.
Wilkinson, C.M.
Wilkinson, Fred C.
Wilkinson, Rev. William
Willard, Ela Graeme
Willcockson, Thomas R.
Willett, Leslie
Williams, Albert
Williams, Alpha
Williams, Alva N.
Williams, Andrew
Williams, Arlie
Williams, Arthur B.
Williams, B.F.
Williams, Bertha
Williams, BG Roger D.
Williams, C.
Williams, Carrie
Williams, Charles Lee
Williams, Charles Leo
Williams, Charles Leo
Williams, Charlie
Williams, Child
Williams, Child
Williams, Clara
Williams, Clyde
Williams, Dan
Williams, Edith Hare
Williams, Elbert
Williams, Ellen
Williams, Eloy
Williams, Golden
Williams, H.N.
Williams, Harvey
Williams, Henry
Williams, Ida
Williams, Isaac
Williams, J.C.
Williams, J.R.
Williams, J.S.
Williams, J.W.
Williams, James
Williams, James
Williams, James
Williams, James
Williams, James W.
Williams, Jim
Williams, John A.
Williams, John Alfred
Williams, John Henry
Williams, Leon
Williams, Levi
Williams, Levi
Williams, Lillie Lee
Williams, Lou
Williams, Minnie
Williams, Minnie
Williams, Mrs. Alf
Williams, Mrs. Elmer
Williams, Mrs. J.W.
Williams, Mrs. James
Williams, Mrs. James
Williams, Mrs. James
Williams, Oliver Percival
Williams, Otis A.
Williams, Paul
Williams, Robert W.
Williams, Rose
Williams, Roxanna
Williams, Sam
Williams, Van H.
Williams, Van H.
Williams, Van H.
Williams, Wesley
Williams, Willard
Williamson, Charlie
Williamson, Eugene
Williamson, Joseph
Williamson, Thomas J.
Williamson, Jr., Ben
Williard, Thomas
Willie, Adolph
Willie, Catherine
Willingham, Mary
Willis, Frank
Willis, John W.
Willis, Martha
Willis, Mrs. N.E.
Wills, Alexander
Wills, David C.
Wills, Robert Holland
Wilmont, O.S.
Wilmoth, J. Henry
Wilmoth, J.Henry
Wilson, Adult Male
Wilson, Alice Gray
Wilson, Anne Belle
Wilson, Ben
Wilson, Bob
Wilson, Charles Greenwood
Wilson, Clarence
Wilson, Daily
Wilson, Dr. S.D.
Wilson, Elizabeth Martin
Wilson, Elsa
Wilson, Elvin
Wilson, F.F.
Wilson, George
Wilson, George
Wilson, Guy
Wilson, Hayden
Wilson, Howell
Wilson, Howell D.
Wilson, Hugh I.
Wilson, J. Thomas
Wilson, John
Wilson, John A.
Wilson, L.B.
Wilson, Louis Loren
Wilson, Lucy Moody
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Mary Ella
Wilson, Mary Helen
Wilson, Mattie L.
Wilson, MG James Harrison
Wilson, Mrs. J.E.
Wilson, Mrs. Oscar
Wilson, Mrs. Oscar
Wilson, Mrs. Richard
Wilson, Mrs. W.J.
Wilson, Nannie K.
Wilson, Raymond
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Ruth
Wilson, Sam
Wilson, Sam
Wilson, Steward H.K.
Wilson, Thelma
Wilson, William H.
Wilson, Winfred Allen
Wimberly, Hattie
Windsor, Eliza
Winegar, M.G.
Winegar, Mattie
Winfree, Thomas
Wing, Shirley T.
Wing, Shirley T.
Wingfield, Sam
Winkleman, John
Winkleman, John K.
Winman, W.W.
Winn, Tommie
Winn, Winfred
Winningham, Theodore
Winslow, William Copeley
Winston, George
Winters, Hal
Winters, Margaret
Winters, Mrs. John
Winters, William
Wire, Nimrod
Wirea, D.R.
Wise, George
Wise, J. Walter
Wise, J.S.
Wise, J.S.
Wise, James
Wise, Simon
Wise, W.H.
Wiseman, Anna
Wiseman, Ernest
Wiseman, Frank Collins
Wishon, N.B.
Wishon, Napoleon B.
Wishon, Rina E.
Wishon, Rina E.
Withee, Irving K.
Witherspoon, M.A.
Witherspoon, Paul F.
Witt, Robert
Wittenberg, Frank
Wodell, Marvin C.
Wofford, Pauline J.
Wolfe, Bill
Wolfe, Bill
Wolford, Austin
Womack, Frances Lloyd
Womack, Frances Lloyd
Wommack, Jasper
Wonby, Andrew C.
Wood, C.C.
Wood, Charles
Wood, Charles
Wood, Dr. V.A.
Wood, E.B. "Buck"
Wood, Elbert R.
Wood, Ernest
Wood, Ethel
Wood, James
Wood, Lemark
Wood, Lt. Walter J.
Wood, Marvin
Wood, Mrs. J.E.
Wood, Sarah E.
Wood, William M.
Woodiel, Dwight
Woodruff, L.Grace
Woodruff, Rev. Joseph Eugene
Woodruff, Rollin S.
Woods, Billy
Woods, D.A.
Woods, D.A.
Woods, Dr. William Hervey
Woods, Frank
Woods, Judge Charles A.
Woods, Margaret
Woods, Marguerite
Woods, Mary S.
Woods, Otho
Woods, Riley
Woods, Sarah
Woods, Virgil
Woods, William
Woodward, C.C.
Woodward, Josephine
Woodward, T.Q.
Woodworth, Newell B.
Wooldridge, Hunter
Woolf, A.B.
Woolstein, Lee
Woolstein, Lee
Woolwine, E.A.
Wooten, N.R.
Wooten, Shade A.
Workman, Lester J.
Workman, Lt. Calvin E.
Works, S.A.
Worley, Guy
Worley, Mary
Wortham, C.C.
Wortham, Thomas
Wousbinsky, John
Wray, Bedford
Wray, John F.
Wrenn, H.B.P.
Wrenn, Isabell
Wrenn, Robert D.
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, Floyd
Wright, James
Wright, James
Wright, Jesse T.
Wright, Jimmie
Wright, Jimmy
Wright, Joe B.
Wright, Joe B.
Wright, Lucy
Wright, Maj. Leo
Wright, Mrs. J.B.
Wright, Newton
Wright, Richard A.
Wright, Silas A.
Wright, W.C.
Wright, W.E.
Wright, Walter
Wright, Walter
Wsidom, Oscar
Wyatt, 1LT John A.
Wyatt, Fannie
Wyatt, J.H.
Wyatt, Mrs. R.H.
Wyatt, Nettie
Wyatt, Nettie
Wyatt, Neva
Wyatt, W.J.
Wycoff, Mrs. George
Wycoff, Mrs. George
Wyers, Coda
Wyeth, Huston
Wylie, Helena Gray
Wynn, Thomas F.
Wynne, T.F.
Wysong, Bedford
Yarber, George
Yates, Mrs. G.W.
Yates, Wes
Yeager, George T.
Yearta, James
Yee, Que
Yelton, Aaron
Yerks, Mrs. W.H.
Yessinin, Sergei
Yonke, Paul
York, Daniel E.
York, Sheldon
York, Y.W.
Young, Andrew
Young, Boy
Young, Dr. Thomas W.
Young, Floy
Young, Grace
Young, H.T.
Young, John
Young, Leonard A.
Young, Mary Bates
Young, Mrs. Albert
Young, Mrs. William B.
Young, Nina
Young, R.L.
Young, R.M.
Young, S. Glenn
Young, S. Glenn
Young, T.E.
Young, W.E.
Young, Wood
Younts, Charles Tollie
Younts, Charles Tollie
Ypres, Earl of
Yurasko, ChMachMt Adult Male
Zehnder, John G.
Zilnar, D.
Zilnar, Mrs. D.
Zimmerman, Fred
Zimmerman, Roslyn
Zine, Eddie
Zola, Emile
Zuayoc, Joe
Zuayoc, John
Zuayoc, Steve
zue Muehlen, Baronss Helen
Zuendt, Mrs. Robert E.
Zuendt, Mrs. Robert E.
Zwikia, Brown
Zwirn, Henry
Zwirn, Henry

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