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Index to Arkansas School Lands Sales 1853-1997

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Following is a list of the people included in Arkansas School Lands Sales 1853-1997.

The book itself lists the date of the land patent, the purchase date, legal description of the land, county, number of acres, and anything additional in margin notes.

Abbott, W.C. Mrs.
Abernathy, J.H.
Ackins, William R.
Acord, Nathaniel T.
Acruman, E.A.
Adair, M.F.
Adair, Mary H. legal representative of Wm. Adair
Adair, Milton
Adair, P.J.
Adams, B.K.D.
Adams, D.C.
Adams, Elmer
Adams, F.E.
Adams, Frank
Adams, G.F. last assignee of J.N. Wheeler
Adams, Isaac M. assignee of D.W. Adams
Adams, Isaac M. assignee of J.S. Adams
Adams, J.A. & Son
Adams, J.E.
Adams, J.E.
Adams, J.W.
Adams, Jesse Jasper assignee of Seth Utley
Adams, John D.
Adams, Richard W.
Adams, Thomas H.
Adams, W.F.
Adams, W.F.
Adams, Willie V.; Annie Mae Meriweather, Carl H. Adams, Mattie B. Adams, Violet L. Adams, & Maxie C. Adams...
Adams, Y.T.
Adams, Z.T.
Adamson, Nathaniel R. assignee of Dennis Trammell
Aday, John R.
Adkins, C.R.
Adkisson, L.E.
Agan, James A. assignee of Thomas M. Agan
Aikman, Samuel
Ainsworth, William
Akin, Ed.
Albaugh, I.B.
Albert, John W.
Albert, T.
Albert, William
Alderson, B.C.
Alexander, Ed.
Alexander, J.R.
Alexander, Martin Lumber Co.
Alexander, S.N.
Alexander, S.W. assignee of Z.T. Daniels
Alexander, W.M.
Alford, J.M.
Alford, W.D.
Alfrey, H.
Allbright, James J. assignee of William Whittle
Allbright, T.F.
Allen Bros. assignees of Hamilton & Roos
Allen West Commission Co.
Allen, Abraham
Allen, Alonzo
Allen, Andrew J.
Allen, Arthur A.
Allen, C.G.
Allen, J. Brooks, trustee
Allen, J.C.
Allen, J.W.
Allen, James H.
Allen, Jas. H.
Allen, Jas. H.
Allen, John F.
Allen, John P.
Allen, R.D.
Allen, William L. and Vaneta M. Allen
Allen, Wm.
Allison, Jas. B.'s heirs
Allison, T.J.
Alloway, Carolyn
Allstatt, Thomas F.
Alphin, J.H.
Alsobrook, David
Alsobrooks, E.P.
Alverson, J.W.
Alwes, Herman assignee of O.M. Clark
Ambler, C.B.
Anders, M.J.
Anderson - Tully Co., a Corporation
Anderson, A.P.
Anderson, Bentley
Anderson, Charles R.
Anderson, Charlie
Anderson, Chas.
Anderson, H.C.
Anderson, J.H.
Anderson, J.T.
Anderson, J.W.
Anderson, John
Anderson, Lum
Anderson, Madison, as guardian of Edward K., Annie Maria, James M., Martha B., and John P. Anderson
Anderson, Nola; Willie Mae Murdock, Betty Jo Pagan, Juanita Whitaker, Frances Byrd & widow & heirs of C.A. Mencer, dec'd
Anderson, Peter
Anderson, Peter assignee of H.C. Tichner
Anderson, S.B. assignee of J.M. Pickard
Anderson, Samuel
Anderson, T.G.
Andress, B.K.
Andrews, C.M. & N.S.
Andrews, J.E.
Andrews, Mignon Knight and Stella Murphy Black
Andrews, W.M.
Andrus, C.M.
Anglin, John C.
Anglin, M.S.
Anglin, M.S. assignee of H.A. Patillo
Anglin, Martin V.
Anglyn, Miles G.
Anglyn, William M.
Angus, H.B.
Angus, H.B.
Anniston?, S.L., assignee of Richard Enlay
Ansley, T.E.
Anthony - Williams Lumber Company
Anthony, John E.
Apple, Samuel assignee of B.F. Mitchel
Applewhite, James
Arkadelphia Cotton Mills
Arkadelphia Lumber Co.
Arkadelphia Lumber Company
Arkadelphia Milling Co.
Arkansas College
Arkansas College trustees
Arkansas Company
Arkansas Land and Lumber Co.
Arkansas Lumber Co.
Arkansas Lumber Company assignee of Southern Lumber Company
Arkansas State Game and Fish Commission
Armstrong, A.L.
Armstrong, David F.
Armstrong, James H.
Armstrong, W.B.
Arnn, James
Arnn, James R.
Arnold, Ardenia N. assignee of William Arnold
Arnold, Carl
Arnold, J.M.
Arnold, W. Joe
Arnold, William B.
Arnold, William L.
Arrington, Joel A.
Arrington, West
Arthur, J.M.
Arused?, William L.
Ashcraft, Sarah
Ashcroft, J.
Ashing, Charles
Ashley Lumber Manufacturing Co.
Ashley, DeWitt C. assignee of Wm. R. Lee
Ashley, H.W.
Ashley, M.G.
Atkins, G.W. Sr.
Atkins, J.H.
Atkins, J.H.
Atkins, J.H.
Atkins, T.J.
Atkinson, Edward Jr. and A.L. Carraway, assignees of Edward AtkinsonJr.
Atkinson, Edward Jr. and A.L. Carraway, assignees of J.H. Meek
Atkinson, John M.
Atkinson, T.J.
Atkisson, E.B.
Attaway, B.F.
Attaway, B.R.
Atwell, John F.'s heirs and legal representatives
Austin, George assignee of J.C. Antny
Austin, M.A., trustee
Austin, S.W.
Austin, W.H.
Ayer and Lord Tie Company
Ayer, E.E.
Ayer, Ed E.
Ayer, Ed. E.
Ayers & Lord Tie Co. assignee of J.M. Dugger
Ayres, C.S.
Baber, Robert
Bacchus, Adolphus W.
Bacchus, Adolphus W. assignee of Joseph Parks
Bacchus, Adolphus W. assignee of Richard Bell
Bacon, Hale, assignee of Jahugh Combs
Badinelli, E.J.
Badley, Henry
Baelard, Dora I.
Bagnell Timber Co.
Bagnell Timber Co.
Bailes, C.E. assignee of E.A. Rolfe
Bailey, E.E.
Bailey, E.E.
Bailey, G.E.
Bailey, H.A.
Bailey, H.A. assignee of W.P. Dunn
Bailey, H.B.
Bailey, J.K.
Bailey, J.M. and J.T. Edrington
Bailey, John M.
Bailey, L.D.
Bailey, L.J.
Bailey, L.L.
Bailey, Luther
Bailey, Luther J.
Bailey, M.H.
Bailey, N.B.
Bailey, O.C.
Bailey, W.J.
Bailey, W.J.
Bailey, Wm.
Bain, Peter
Baird, James M.
Baird, W.A. & T.F. West, assignees of A.L. Martin
Baker Lumber Co. assignee of Ed Talbott
Baker, Baley
Baker, Emma J. and W.S. Deberry
Baker, Grandison
Baker, H.L.
Baker, Henry Lincoln
Baker, J.H.
Baker, James F.
Baker, James R.
Baker, John T.
Baker, John W.
Baker, M.M.
Baker, N.H.
Baker, N.K.
Baker, R.H.
Baker, Samuel
Baker, T.J.
Baker, Thomas N. assignee of Joseph Melton
Baker, Thomas N. last assignee of John Suggs
Baker, W.A.
Baker, W.C.
Baker, W.T.
Baks, A.B.
Baldauf, F.W.
Baldauf, F.W.
Baldwin, Jasper P.
Balentine, J.W.
Ball, C.P.
Ball, Jarred
Ball, John M.
Ball, Sam H.
Ball, W.F.
Ball, William F.
Ball, Wm. F. and M.A. Dooley
Baly, Wm.
Bandy, D.S.M.
Bandy, G.W.
Bandy, G.W.
Bandy, G.W.
Banke, Ruth
Banker's Trust Company of Little Rock, Ark.
Bankhead, James
Banks, A.B.
Banks, Hardy M.
Bantts, John
Bantts, John
Bantts?, Jean
Barber, W.S.
Barger, J.R.
Barham, W.R.
Barker, Hardin
Barker, Hardin assignee of Martin Barker
Barker, James
Barker, James's heirs at law
Barker, Thomas
Barkman, J.E.
Barkman, James E.
Barlow, A.W.
Barlow, James C.
Barnard, Benj. F. assignee of A.R. Parker & David H. Dean
Barnes, J.J.'s heirs
Barnes, James J.
Barnes, James J. Sr.
Barnes, John D.
Barnes, Leonard T. and Kathleen C. Barnes, his wife
Barnes, S.M.
Barnes, T.A.
Barnes, W.H.
Barnes, W.H. and J.H. Campbell
Barnett, J.W.
Barnett, J.W. & M.D.
Barnett, L.F.
Barnett, L.F.
Barnett, L.F.
Barnett, M.S.
Barnett, W.R.D.
Barnette, J.W.
Barnhill, Samuel assignee of S.M. Parker
Barns, Clara A.
Barr, John R.
Barranger, W.H.
Barrett, A.J. and A.F. Yopp
Barrett, A.J. and A.F. Yopp last assignees of E.R. Scruton
Barrett, Benj. F. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Barron, William N.
Barrow, William H. assignee of George M. Kittrell
Barrow, Wm. A. assignee of Wm. A. Koonce
Barrow, Wm. H.
Bartholomew, C.S.
Bartlett, J.H.
Bartlett, J.L.
Barton, A.Y.
Barton, W.P.
Basham, Geo. L.
Bass, Ed
Basset, W.S.
Bassett, H.S.
Bateman, Henry B.
Bateman, T.T.
Bateman, T.T. assignee of F.B. Garrett
Bateman, T.T. assignee of J.B. Moore
Bateman, T.T. assignee of T.B. May
Bateman, T.T. assignee of W.E. Hutchison
Bates, C.E.
Bates, Claud
Bates, Dora J.
Bates, Frank
Bates, Frank D.
Bates, Henderson A.
Bates, J.W.
Bates, John A.
Bates, R.L.
Bates, T.G.
Bates, T.G.
Bates, W.A.
Baty, J.H.W.
Baughfman, J.H.
Baughman, A.P.
Baughman, John W.
Bauldauf, F.W.
Baumgart, Felix
Bayles, W.E. assignee of S.G. and A.D. Phipps
Bayless, H.W.
Bayless, James S.
Bayley, Daniel
Beach, Miles
Beach, Miles A. assignee of J.H. Boyle
Beam, John W.
Bean, Peter
Beard, J.F. and Wm. Brooks
Beard, Samuel
Beard, Thomas
Bearden, John T. last assignee of Henry Cleaner
Beasley, F.F.
Beauchamp, S.R.
Becker, Fred G.
Been, J.E. assignee of John T. Banfoot
Beene, Rufus M.
Beine, B.F.
Bell, Alexander assignee of Jno. Petray
Bell, Asa
Bell, C.S.
Bell, E.M.
Bell, Elihu
Bell, Henry P.
Bell, J.G.
Bell, James F.
Bell, John G.
Bell, John L.
Bell, John W.
Bell, Marcus L.
Bell, Marshall
Bell, Moses
Bell, W.A.
Bell, W.F.
Bell, W.S.
Bellah, J.D.
Bellah, John D.
Bellary, John
Beller, A.T. and R.C. Stuart
Benefield, J.H.
Bennett, George W.
Bennett, J.R.
Bennett, M.A. Mrs.
Bennett, Mary Virien Bishop
Bennett, Thomas J.
Benson, W.F.
Benton, Mary E. and Susan R. Perry
Benton, Mary E. and Susan R. Perry, sole heirs of W.H. Tatum
Benton, Sarah J. assignee of -- Herrington
Benton, Sarah J. assignee of O.H. Hannon
Benton, Sarah J. assignee of Patrick Shelton
Berg, H.L. and Leo Berg
Berg, Leo.
Berger Realty Co.
Bergman, Paul
Bernheimer, Marcus
Berry, Eliza
Berry, Lon W.
Berry, R.L.
Berry, William
Besheras, Al assignee of W.C. Lovett and Ed Harvey
Beshoar, Michael assignee of Wm. Mitchel
Best, A.T.
Bettis, Alex
Bettis, James M.
Bettis, Philip
Betts, Arthur
Betts, J.L.
Bewley, B.M.
Bewley, R.S.
Bezzell, William H. assignee of Anthony Davis
Bibler, D.A.
Bigelow, F.R.
Biggar, R.M. assignee of Thos. Forster
Billingslea, E.L.
Billingslea, E.L. and G.W. Hatch
Billingsley, John
Binns, Burrell
Binns, M.C. and Nollie Binns, Clarence Davis, and Myrtis Davis, James Binns, and Annie Lou Binns
Birchfield, W.B.
Bird, Charles L.
Bird, R.F.
Birkhead, Horace
Birkhead, J.T. assignee of C.P. Trimm
Biscoe, E.K.
Bishop, W.D.
Bispham, W.T.
Bissell, S.S.
Bittick, Nellie
Bittinger, W.M. Dr.
Black, Alexander P.
Black, Allen P. assignee of Ben. L. Loe
Black, Billy Don
Black, Carey A.
Black, Guy
Black, J.J. Mrs. (widow) & J.M., T.W., H.H., A.B., & J.C. Black, children of Thomas A. Black, deceased
Black, John
Black, Raphael
Black, W.L.
Black, W.L.
Black, W.W.
Blackburn, J.A.C.
Blackburn, Mansel
Blackburn, Oather S. and William D. Baker
Blacksham, W.S.
Blackshare, James
Blackshare, Samuel
Blackshaw, James
Blackwell, Benjamin
Blackwell, James
Blackwood, J.W.
Blackwood, W.F.
Blackwood, W.F. assignee of J. Wright
Blackwood, W.F. last assignee of Jno. Blackwood
Blair, R.E.
Blaisr?, John
Blake, Pinkney
Blake, T.T.
Blakeley, T.M.
Blakely, R.L. Jr.
Blalock, Hugh W. assignee of Jno. J. Nichols
Blanchard, B.P. trustee
Bland, Benj.
Bland, Benjamin F.
Bland, Benjamin F. assignee of Henry R. Owen
Bland, Benjamin F. assignee of Wm. H.C. Winfrey
Bland, John D.
Bland, John W.
Bland, Leroy
Bland, W.A. and T.S. Wize
Blankenship, J.E.
Blankenship, J.Y.
Blankenship, Joseph
Blann, W.A.
Blanton, H.T.
Blanton, Harmon last assignee of S.L. Stanfill
Blasingame, J.T.
Blaylock, James L.
Blaylock, John E.
Blazer, J.M.
Blevins, Elizabeth (now Mrs. Elizabeth Satterwhite) assignee of Robert Martin
Blevins, Hugh A.
Blevins, L.H.S.
Block, David and John G. Hamilton
Block, David and Virginia? Block
Block, Isaac and A.J. Harrell
Block, Morris
Block, R.L.
Block, Wm. M.
Block, Wm. M. and W.P. Reeves
Blohm, R.J.
Blood, James M.Y.
Bluethenthal, D.S.
Bluff City Lumber Co.
Boarman, A.R.
Boarman, A.R.
Boas, Henry
Boatman, David F.
Boatright, W.V.
Boatwright, W.V.
Bobo, Joe
Bobo, W.H.
Bodcaw Lumber Company
Bode, Charley and Fred Bode
Bogan, Caswell
Bogard, J.C.
Boggs, W.B.
Bohanan, Cornelius
Bohannon, Walter
Boice, Robert
Bolding, J.O.
Boler, Ruben
Bolin, John R.
Bolinger, H.H.
Bolinger, T.L. assignee of Francis Dunn
Bond, Winfrey
Bond, Winfrey assignee of N.H. Fish
Bond, Wm. P.
Bond, Wm. and Sons
Bondi, Sam
Bonham, Geo.
Bonham, George
Bonner, J.H.
Bonner, Jack
Boon, H.L.
Booth, J.S.
Booth, James H.
Booth, James H. assignee of James C.W. Tolleson
Booth, R.S. and H.W. Booth
Bosset, Kelly
Bost, J.C.
Bost, L.
Bostwick, G.M. last assignee of John W. Crockett
Boswell, D.L.
Botts, J.D.
Botts, W.S.
Bourne, George W., assignee of James Darr
Bovier, Emanuel
Bowden, Francis M. assignee of H.F. Jordan
Bowdre, A.R.
Bowen, Cynthia C.
Bowen, W.J.
Bowers, Samuel
Bowing, Henry
Bowling, James
Bowling, Lonnie
Bowman, B.F.
Bowman, Ed
Bowman, M.H.
Boxley, John and Grace Lee Boxley
Boyd, Archibald J. and David Hewart, assignees of A.B. Hale
Boyd, Henry C.
Boydston, William J.
Boyett, Ruffin A. deceased's heirs and/or assigns
Boyle, James T. assignee of Jane W. Almond
Boyle, Jas. T. last assignee of Jno. A. Beard
Boyley, A.S.
Bradberry, James
Braddock Land & Granite Co.
Braddock, J.S.
Bradford, J.W.
Bradford, O.M. assignee of Jas. B. Lynch
Bradley Lumber Co.
Bradley, D.
Bradley, Daniel
Bradley, J.D. last assignee of James D. Stringer
Bradley, J.H.
Bradley, John H.
Bradley, Samuel
Bradley, W.P.
Bradley, W.P.
Bradley, William C. assignee John D. Jones
Bradley, William C. assignee of Shearwood F. Culberson
Bradshaw, James H. and S.B. Shumbrough
Bradshaw, R.E.
Bragg, Frances T. widow of W.T. Bragg
Bragg, P.N.
Bragg, W.N.
Bragg, Z.T.
Brailey, John M. assignee of Martin Barker
Bramble, Charles E.
Branch, W.A.
Branch, W.F.
Brancumb, Jas. W.
Brandon, J.D.
Brandon, James E. and Edna Brandon, husband and wife
Brannock, M.W.
Brannon, J.A.
Brannon, John S.
Branscomb, James, deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Branscomb, William
Branscum, James W.
Brashler, Theodore H. and Henry L. Kall
Braswell, Charles H. and Mabel Braswell, husband and wife
Bratcher, John Z.
Bratt, J.A. Lumber Co.
Bray, George W.
Bray, J.C.
Bray, J.P.
Bray, J.P.
Bray, M.A.
Breasur, Talton
Breathroit, John H.
Breathwit, John H.
Breckenridge, David
Breckenridge, James
Breckenridge, T.H.
Breece, W.B.
Breece, W.B. assignee of H.J. Breece
Breedlove, S.R. (Ruben)
Brenegar, Joseph
Brenneman, Perry
Brent, H.E.
Brents, William
Brewer, Adam and Son
Brewer, C.W.
Brewer, Daniel J.
Brewer, Edward
Brewer, F.L.
Brewer, J.B.
Brewer, Jess
Brewer, Lee
Brewer, William T.
Briant Bros.
Briant, J.S.
Bridges, L.S.
Briggs, Anderson
Briggs, L.L.
Briggs, Wm. D.
Brinegar, Roy
Brinkley Car Works and Mfg. Co.
Brinkley Stave & Heading Company
Brinkley, J.B.
Brinkley, J.H.
Brinkley, John
Brinkman, Fred
Brison, W.T.
Britt, William assignee of John T. Fisher, Green P. Nunn, & John S. Lindsey
Britten and Pate Co.
Brittin & Pate Co.
Brittin, L.E., W.A. Brittin, and W.J. Pate
Broach, Frank N.
Broad, W.A.
Broadaway, G.M.
Broadway, Flossie
Brock, J.M.
Brock, M.M.
Brock, W.A.
Brock, W.H.
Brocke, John
Brockington, Samuel assignee of R.T. Bellamy
Brodie, George last assignee of Thomas N. Pulliam, Eli Williamson, & Andrew Hampton
Brogden, R.H.
Broodhead, S. Norris; and Paul E. Broodhead, co-executors of the estate of Sam E. Broodhead, deceased
Brooks, A.J.
Brooks, E.C.
Brooks, E.C.
Brooks, Henry
Brooks, J.T. last assignee of Thomas L. Hewitt
Brooks, N.C.
Brooks, Robert C.
Brooks, Sam'l
Brooks, W.J. assignee of T.J. Nichols
Brooks, W.M.
Brooks, W.W.
Brothers, Butts
Brothers, J.L.
Brown, Ab
Brown, Alex
Brown, B.C.
Brown, B.G.
Brown, Daniel
Brown, Dick
Brown, E.C. and Jas. Seals
Brown, E.F.
Brown, F.A.
Brown, G.A.
Brown, G.A. assignee of Geo. B. Zeering
Brown, Isaac
Brown, J.H. assignee of Jas. P. Landrum
Brown, J.J.
Brown, J.P.
Brown, J.W.
Brown, Jacob
Brown, James B.
Brown, John
Brown, John F.M.
Brown, Joseph
Brown, M.A.
Brown, M.F.
Brown, Newton W.
Brown, O.H.P.
Brown, Paulina K., assignee of Martin Goocher, who was assignee of James S. Jones
Brown, Peter M.
Brown, Robert
Brown, Rudolf
Brown, T.M.
Brown, Thomas J.
Brown, Wilson
Browning, John
Browning, John
Browning, S.G. and R.E. Sims
Broyles, James F.
Broyles, R.M.
Bruce, E.L. Company
Bruce, John L.
Bruce, Mary
Bruier, James
Brumley, G.W. Dr.
Brumley, S.M.
Brummett, Jas. G. and Frank Polk
Brummitt, A.G.
Brunscumb, Jas. W.
Bryan, Darius
Bryan, Finis E.
Bryan, Geo. E.
Bryan, J.E.
Bryan, J.E. assignee of Jesse Beane
Bryan, Joel, Jennie Ward, J.H. Bryan, E.A. Bryan, Sarah E. Barrett, Annie Barrett, G.L. Bryan, & Lizzie Swink
Bryant Lumber Company
Bryant, Eli B.
Bryant, George J.
Bryant, Henry assignee of Nathaniel J. Suit
Bryant, J.W.
Bryant, John G.
Bryant, Michael A.
Bryant, W.A.
Bryant, W.J.
Bryson, Arthur
Bryson, J.H.
Buck, J.O.
Buck, J.O.
Buckingham, F.
Buckingham, F.
Buckingham, J.J.
Buckinham, F.
Buckinhisn?, Frederick
Buckley, G.W.
Buckley, Geo.
Buckley, Geo. W.
Buckley, M.S.
Buckley, P.C.
Buckley, W.L.
Buckmaster, A.
Buell, James
Buford, William L. assignee of Wm. G. Shannon
Bull, John
Bullard, R.F.
Bullard, W.S.
Bullard, William S.
Bullington, W.G. and Alex. Powers
Bullock, J.T.
Bunch, L.B.
Bundy, J.W.
Bunham, N.E.
Bunker, Nelson W.
Bunker, Nelson W. assignee of William Lightfoot
Burcham, James
Burcham, Jno. N. adminstrator of Noah Burcham & assignee of Sam'l R. Shepard
Burcham, L.B.
Burcham, L.B.
Burcham, Noah's heirs
Burcher, C.L.
Burd, J.W.
Burhus, Finis and Matt
Burk, Joe L.
Burk, Joseph L.
Burk, Wm.
Burkett, Benj.
Burks, E. for Willard Case Lumber Co.
Burks, M.H.
Burks, W.A.
Burks, Wm. P.
Burleson, Aaron assignee of E.W. McGwire
Burlingame, E.G. assignee of Jno. A. Mayfield
Burlingame, Elim assignee of Jno. Maberry
Burnes, H.A.
Burnett, E.F.
Burnett, E.G.
Burnett, E.R. Sr. and Vina Mae Carter
Burnett, E.T.
Burney, Charles
Burns, C.
Burns, J. Lee
Burns, McCoy and Emolene Burns, his wife
Burns, O.C.
Burns, O.C.
Burns, Sidney and Leola G. Burns
Burrell, Aaron
Burrell, John's estate
Burrell, Robert
Burris, W.A. & Henry
Burriss, W.H.
Burrough, H.D.
Burrow, Laranza K.
Burson, James A.
Burt, Hewell
Burton, J.R.
Burton, John
Burton, O.H.
Burton, W.A.
Bush, E.J., F.C. Bush, J.M. Caldwell, and C.L. Storrs
Bush, Fred W.
Bustin, John T.
Butler Planting Co.
Butler, Earnest
Butler, Etta
Butler, Helen Frances, widow, and John L., Wm. E., Isaac G., Jessie M., Adolphus & Cephas Butler, children.
Butler, J.A.
Butler, J.N.
Butler, Joe
Butler, John I.
Butler, John T. assignee of Benj. F. Hawkins
Butler, Sophia's heirs
Butt, F.O.
Buttler, James A. assignee of David C. Gordon
Butts, J.A.
Buzbee, James H.
Buzbee, R.M.
Buzbee, R.M.
Bynum, Jasper
Byram, C.E.
Byram, J.H.
Byrd, P.A.
Cabana Estates, Inc.
Cabaniss, F.W.
Cabean, Daisy M.
Cache Valley Land Company, last assignee of S.W. Atchinson
Caddo River Lumber Co., a corporation
Caddo River Lumber Company
Cagle, Jacob
Cagle, R.M.
Cagle, Walter J. last assignee of Reubin Whitfield
Cahoon, A.M.
Cain and Company
Cain, W.I.
Caldwell, Albert S.
Caldwell, W.R.
Caldwell, Wm. A. and Margaret A. Caldwell, heirs of David C. Caldwell
Calhoun, Brown and Walter Rae Calhoun
Calicott, J.D. and Minnie Calicott
Callahan, J.H.
Callahan, L.E.
Callaway, J.W.
Callen, Hugh T.
Calley, W.D.
Calliot, Jacob assignee of Joseph Derrepheaux
Calloway, Elias
Calvert Distilling Co., a Maryland Corporation
Calvert, J.A. assignee of J.M. Johnston
Camden Lumber Company
Camp, Mortimer H.
Campbell, J.M.
Campbell, James A.
Campbell, James as assignee of Wm. L. Hudson
Campbell, James's heirs and legal representatives
Campbell, R.W.
Campbell, S.J.
Campbell, W.W.
Campbell, William J. security of Wm. McMullen
Campton, D.R.
Canant, Brose and Janet Canant
Caneal, Spencer
Canfield, L.G.
Canfield, W.E. & C.G.
Canfield, Wilber E.
Cannice, Matthew assignee of R.S. Williams
Cannon, B.B.
Cannon, John S.
Cantrell, H.E.
Caple, J.F.
Carbill, Joseph A.
Carden, B.
Carden, B.V.
Carden, Josie assignee of Bota Carden
Carey, A.O.
Carl, Jacob S.
Carlile, J.D.
Carlisle, Doss
Carlisle, John D.
Carlisle, Wm. and Co.
Carlson, Clarence H.; Marcella M. Carlson; Roger D. Carlson; and Patricia L. Carlson, joint tenants in common
Carlson, Eben
Carlton, Dora
Carlton, Jeff and Tara Carlton
Carmical, Frank
Carmichael, J.W.
Carmichal, T.L.
Carnett, L.T.
Carney, H.M.L.
Carolan, Samuel
Caroway, John
Carpenter, S.B.
Carpenter, S.V.
Carpenter, William W.
Carr, E.V. Mrs.
Carr, J.A.
Carr, J.M.
Carrell, William
Carroll, G.W.
Carroll, G.W. assignee of Caleb Ethridge
Carroll, J.L.
Carroll, J.W.
Carroll, Nellie
Carroll, Philip
Carter, Elam
Carter, G.A.
Carter, G.C.
Carter, John
Carter, John H.
Carter, Lewis E.
Carter, S.
Carter, Seabron
Carter, T.A.A.
Carter, T.E.
Carter, T.E.'s heirs and legal representatives
Carter, W.B.
Carter, William
Carter, William H.
Cartwright, J.J.
Carver, F.A.
Carver, Frank A.
Carver, J.H.
Cary, Bob
Cary, J.
Case, J.E.
Case, Joseph W.
Case, Willard Lumber Co.
Casey, R.D.
Casey, William J.
Cash, John
Cash, John M.
Cashier, Thomas M. assignee of John C. Tyer
Cason, Nick
Casper, James
Cassort, P.
Castleberry, B.F. last assignee of W.S. Lane
Castleberry, B.H. assignee of Jno. B. Hurst
Castleberry, J.H.
Catchum, Envity?
Catham, A.T.
Cathey, Alex. B.
Cato, J.H.
Cato, Jno. H.
Cato, T.J.
Caudill, E.D.
Caueter?, J.C.
Causell?, Moses assignee of Jno. Trammell
Cauthorn, F.M.
Cavaness, Garvin W. deceased's heirs at law
Caver, G.P.
Caviness, Jno. assignee of Ed. C.W. Wilkes
Cawthon, E.B.
Caywood, J.B.
Cazort, W.A.
Central Coal & Coke Co.
Chaffin, A.T.
Chamberlain, G.A.
Chamberlain, George A.
Chambers, C.L.
Chambers, J.E. and J.N. George
Chambers, James L. and Hazel M. Chambers, husband and wife
Chambers, John D.
Chambers, N.A.
Chambers, R.P.
Chambers, T.B.
Champion Bros.
Chandler, George B. deceased's heirs
Chapman & Dewey Land Co.
Chapman & Dewey Land Co., a corporation existing under the laws of the state of Missouri
Chapman & Dewey Land Co., a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the state of Missouri
Chapman & Dewey Land Co., assignee of Ed Talbott
Chapman and Dewey Land Co., assignee of Ed. Tolbert
Chapman and Dewey Land Company
Chapman and Thurston
Chapman, E.L.
Chapman, Johnson
Chapman, T.B.
Chapple, James
Chase, W.D. assignee of Nathaniel Hammond
Chastain, J.W.
Chastain, Rainey
Chastain, Rainey assignee of Jno. W. Job
Chatham, L.A.
Chauncy, A.L.
Cheatham, J.G.
Cherry, W.R.
Chess and Wymond Co.
Chesser, F.P.
Chesser, G.W.
Chesser, G.W.
Chessir?, T.P.
Chester, Russell
Cheyne, Hey M.F. assignee of H.W. Collins & others
Cheyne, Hezekial H.M.F. assignee of H.W. Collins
Chicago Land and Timber Co.
Childers, D.L.
Childers, J.C.
Childress, J.C.
Childress, R.P.
Choate, C.S. & J.B.
Choate, J.H.
Choate, Jno. F., J.H. Choate, Cecil Choate, and Geo. L. Cravens
Choate, Samuel
Choctaw Investment Company
Choinski, C.S.
Chops, Joe
Christian, Fletcher
Christian, Joseph D.
Christy, Henry C.
Christy, Henry C.
Chumlea, J.A.
Chumlia, J.A.
Churchill, J.F. and R.C. Dorr
Churchill, J.N. & R.P. Dorr
Churchwell, J.W.
Cincinnati Cooperage Co.
City of Hot Springs
Clabourne, N.C.
Claflin, F.N.
Claflin, F.N. assignee of Reagan and Dyche
Claflin, Frank N. assignee of H.A. Piarce
Clanton, T.F.
Clardy, J.P.
Clarendon Real Estate Co. assignee of T.T. Bateman
Clark - Gay Manufacturing Co.
Clark, A.D.
Clark, C.C.
Clark, Clarence
Clark, David B.
Clark, J.G.
Clark, J.L. and Dessie Clark
Clark, James G.
Clark, James R.
Clark, James W. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Clark, John J. last assignee of Harvey Adams
Clark, L.W. and W.W. Moore
Clark, Lawrence W.
Clark, Moses C.
Clark, O.M.
Clark, Philip M.
Clark, Robert D.
Clark, Ruby J.
Clark, U.L. and J.G. Ferguson
Clark, W.R.
Clark, Wallace Mercantile Co.
Clarke, R.D.
Clary, E.S.
Clary, S.A. Mrs.
Claunch, Jeremiah S.'s heirs at law as assignee of Thomas W. Dunn
Clay, Adelia
Clay, Lackington R.
Claybourne, N.C. assignee of Joe Claybourne
Claybourne, Neal C.
Claypool, Samuel H.
Clayton, Daniel
Clayton, E.E.
Clem, W.T.
Clemens, J.H.
Clemens, John G.
Clement, O.L.
Clements, R.C.
Clements, R.T.
Clements, Thomas J. assignee of Wm. Boyd
Cleveland, W.F.
Clifford, F.
Cline, Jack M. Sr. trustee, Billis Voris Galloway, Lillian Grace BeCraft, Audrey Bernice Branting & Jack M. Cline Sr.
Cloar, C.W.
Cloninger, Adam
Clopton, Jesse P.
Cloud, M.M. deceased's heirs
Cloud, W.A.
Clowers, J.L.
Clowers, J.L.
Clubb, Wm.'s heirs at law
Cluck, Jesse D.
Coates, James
Coates, James assignee of Rowland Abar under decretal sale Oct. 20, 1874 of Pulaski Co. Chancery Court
Cobb, A.R.
Cobb, C.S.
Cobb, George
Cobb, J.M.
Cobb, J.M.
Cobb, S.A.
Cobb, William F.
Cobbs, James H.
Cochran, R.A. deceased's estate
Cochran, William
Cochrane, L.A. assignee of Victor L. Cochrane
Cockeral, W.B.
Cockman, E.S.
Cockrell, W.B. assignee of Jno. W. Dardener
Coe, F.M.
Coe, R.T.
Coffey, John R.
Coffin, James P.
Cogburn, R.S.
Coggin, B.F.
Cohen, E.M.
Cohen, H.
Coker, J. Glenn
Coker, Philip assignee of Kelly Bassett
Coker, Solomon
Coker, T.F.
Cole, C.C. and Arminda
Cole, G.B., W.H. Cole, and John Steadman
Cole, J.M.
Cole, J.M.
Cole, Jas. P.
Cole, Newton J.
Cole, R.A.
Cole, S.E.
Cole, S.H.
Cole, William
Cole, William H.
Coleman, J.A.
Coleman, J.E.
Collier, F.E. and W.T. Champion
Collier, Mac
Collier, Thomas B.
Collins & Co.
Collins, Ben and G.W. Fouke
Collins, J.W. and R.H. Collins
Collins, John
Collins, John C.
Collins, Moses
Collins, Rufus
Collins, W.D.
Colored Citizens of School Dist. No. 5, Faulkner County
Colter, Peter W.
Colvin, J.C. and G.B.
Combs, Annie A.
Combs, C.M. assignee of James Frazier
Combs, Wm. Bradford assignee of John J. Rodgers
Comer, J.E.
Comer, James
Compere, Ebenezer L.
Compton, R.T.
Compton, R.T.
Compton, T.S., W.T. Grigsby, and W.A. Hollandsworth
Conaster, M.B. and Will Hill
Conaster, M.B. and Will Hill, assignees of G.D. Hamm?
Conaster, Wm. B.
Cone, A.D. last assignee of W.M. Cole
Cone, Addie
Congo, John P.
Conley, L.A. assignee of J.P. Johnson
Connecticut General Life Insurance Company
Connell, A.M.
Connell, William
Connell, Wm. C. last assignee of the heirs and legal representatives of James Paul, deceased
Conner, Richard
Connerly, John C.
Constant, W.W. deceased's heirs & legal representatives
Cook, A.B.
Cook, Claud L. and Sadie Cook Weatherford
Cook, Frederick
Cook, Frederick assignee of Sunny Side Co.
Cook, G.W.
Cook, Jasper
Cook, John H.
Cook, M.L.
Cook, Richard
Cook, Sallie M.
Coolidge, H.P. and Chas. R. Coolidge, assignees of S.B. Carpenter
Cooper, Catherine
Cooper, Charles Rufus
Cooper, Henry M.
Cooper, I.J.
Cooper, I.J?.
Cooper, J.O.
Cooper, J.T.
Cooper, P.D.
Cooper, R.T. assignee of H.E. Fisher
Cooper, S.B.
Cooper, Sarah L.
Cooper, Thadeus S.
Cooper, Thompson
Cooper, W.E.
Cooper, Wm. M.
Coopper, Ermarilda R.
Cope, J.H.
Copeland, Charles W.
Copeland, Geo. W. assignee of A.W. John
Corbell, Joseph A.
Corcoran, Jack
Cordell, Absolum
Corley, Clement C.
Corley, R.F.
Cormack, A.J.
Cormack, Claude and Lena Cormack
Cornelius, William G.
Cotham, E.R.
Cotner, M.
Cotton Belt Lumber Co.
Cotton, Carrie M., and James F. Giles, and Ambrose F. Hanegan, and Valladean Hanegan
Cotton, E.L.
Cotton, J.J.
Cotton, L.R. last assignee of G.W. Williamson
Cotton, Susan E.
Cottrell, G., A.A. Cottrell, and W.S. Maddox
Couch, Gwinnett
Couch, Irwin assignee of Joel Jones, and assignee of Sam'l Stuart
Couch, J.I.
Couch, Quincy
Couch, William A.
Coughman, Amos
Coughman, I.G.
Courtney, J.C.
Covert, A.H.
Covington, H.L.
Covington, T.W. and Chlois Covington
Cowan, E.P.
Cowan, Isaac
Cowan, J.J.
Cowan, Jno. G.R.
Cowan, W.R.
Cowan, W.T.
Cowthan, Wm. P.
Cowthon, E.B.
Cox, Ben G.
Cox, C.B.
Cox, C.H.
Cox, C.H. and Sam Nunnelly
Cox, H.L.
Cox, H.L.
Cox, H.L.
Cox, J.M. and R.F.
Cox, Mary E.
Cox, Nash L.
Cox, Robert A.
Cox, Sam
Cox, Stanley
Cox, W.E.
Cox, W.T.
Cox, Willis
Cozby, J.E.
Cozley, James E.
Crabtree, A.A.
Craig, A.B.
Craig, J.D.
Craig, J.L. and William B. Pearson
Craig, John A.
Cratts, S.T.
Crawford, James T.
Crawford, John assignee of Wilson Edison
Crawford, Presley A. assignee of Johnson Crawford
Crawford, S.P.
Crawford, W.E.
Crawford, W.E. and Mildred McGoogan
Crawley, Joe
Creed, J.E.
Creggett, A.C.
Crenshaw, W.L. and T.M. Cathey
Crews, H.G.
Crigler, H.N.
Criner, W.C.'s heirs
Crisp, J.R.
Crittenden Lumber Co.
Crittenden, Geo.
Crockett, James
Croft, T.S.
Crombie, William
Crook, J.O.
Croom, H.
Crosby, D.F.
Cross County Investment Co.
Crossett Lumber Co.
Crossett Lumber Co. assignee of George Norman
Crossland, Joshua D.
Crossno, J.P.
Crouch, J.W.
Crow, Elizabeth
Crow, J.H.
Crow, J.H. deceased's heirs
Crow, J.T.
Crow, James H.
Crow, M.P.
Crow, R.C.
Crow, R.P.
Crowder, D.O.
Crowder, T.S.
Crowder, W.A.
Crowder, W.A.
Crowder, W.J.
Crowder, W.J.
Crowell, John
Crownover, J.C.
Crozier, Ed
Crozier, Ed
Crozier, J.N.
Crudgington, John assignee of C.W. Falure
Crudgington, John assignee of Jos. Keyendall
Crumbley, T.J.
Crumbly, T.J.
Crumpler, A.M.
Crumpler, J.H.
Crumpler, J.H.
Crutchfield, W.H.
Cryer, Thomas M.
Culberson, C.H.
Culberson, C.H. assignee of A.J. Scruton
Culberson, David T.
Culberson, Florence R.
Culbertson, C.B., Bell C. May, Frank May, W.H. Horton
Culbertson, C.H. assignee of R.H. Sanders
Culbertson, Gus
Cullins, G.T.
Cullum, M.M.
Culpepper, R.A.
Culver Co., assignee of E.W. Culver
Culwell, N.H. and Chas. Davis
Cumins, Levi C.
Cummings, Leroy
Cummins, John K. assignee of B.B. Heffington
Cunningham, B.H.
Cunningham, Ed
Cunningham, G.L. assignee
Cunningham, H.J.
Cunningham, Ira
Cunningham, J.R.H.
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, John last assignee
Cunningham, Mattie and heirs of Geo. Cunningham, deceased
Cunnyngham, R.H.'s estate
Cuples, W.J.
Curare?, Mary M.
Cure, J.L.
Curl, J. & J.E.
Curlee, M.E.
Curlock, Thomas T.
Curlock, Thomas T. assignee of Andrew M. McColum
Curry, Harry E.
Curry, J.E.
Curry, James W.
Curry, Jerry
Curtis, Robert
Curtis, Sam
Curtiss, T.A.
Dade, Francis H.
Dadman, Dan assignee of Henry B. Cooper
Daily, George W.
Dale, David T.
Dale, O.E.
Dale, W.L.
Dalrymple, J.D.
Damron, Albert and Sylvia Damron
Dancer, C.D.
Daniel, George B.
Daniel, James Edward and Margaret LaFran? Daniel, husband and wife
Daniel, John
Daniel, John assignee of S.M. Aslbrook
Daniel, Lanear
Daniels, Edward M. deceased's heirs
Daniels, H.C. assignee of Green C. Garner
Daniels, Harry E.
Daniels, J.T.
Danley, Christopher C. and William W. Adams
Dante, Chas.
Daoust, M.J. Mrs.
Darden, J.W.
Darden, John W.
Daring, Conrad C.
Darr, R.C. agent
Darr, R.C. agent for E.A. Farris, J.C. Wolf, et al
Darr, R.C. agent for Jno. I. Wolf, E.A. Farris, et al
Darrah, John
Daugherty, James B.
Davidson, E.E.
Davidson, Julius
Davidson, June
Davidson, R.J.
Davidson, R.J.
Davidson, Tom
Davidson, Van
Davidson, W.C.
Davie?, John C.
Davis, A.F.
Davis, A.G.
Davis, Berien M.P.
Davis, Chas. M.
Davis, Cornelius
Davis, D.D.
Davis, D.J. and J.A. Mackey assignees of Thos. P. German
Davis, E.C.
Davis, Enoch
Davis, G.W.
Davis, Gaston
Davis, Glenn and Deward Jones, f.b.o. Glenn Davis Hunting Club
Davis, H.D. and A.H.
Davis, J.C.R. assignee of Cockereal & Davis
Davis, J.H.
Davis, J.N.
Davis, J.T.
Davis, J.W.
Davis, Jno. M.
Davis, Joseph N.
Davis, L.W.
Davis, Motier L. assignee of Francis G. Vaugine
Davis, Motier L. assignee of John R. Lindsay
Davis, Oliver
Davis, Oliver assignee of W.A. Beasley
Davis, R.S.
Davis, T.D.
Davis, T.J.
Davis, T.J. Jr.
Davis, T.W.
Davis, Thomas J. assignee of Jno. Curtis
Davis, W.S.
Davis, W.W.
Davis, W.W. and J.S. Oneal
Davis, William W.
Davis, Wm. T. assignee of Wm. B. Turman
Dawdy & Sloan
Dawsen, William A. assignee of Wm. W. Galbreath
Dawsen, Wm. A.
Dawson, B.M. deceased's heirs
Dawson, O.H.
Dawson, William A.
Day, T.C.
Day, Thos. C. and A.V. McPherson
DeWoody, James F.
DeWoody, John W.
Deaderick, John S.
Dean, E.L.
Dean, Elisha P.
Dean, J.T.
Dean, W.B. & J.W. Dean
Dean, William B.
Deaton, Nando
Deener, S.W. and T.B. Paschall
Dees, William A.
Delaney, W.H.
Dellingger, E.V.
Demby, Josiah H.
Denison, W.H.
Denney, N.F.
Dennis, J.W. and D.J. Dennis
Dennis, Mary Lee
Dennis, Matthew
Dennis, W.J.
Denson, Wm. J. assignee of W.P. Chandler
Denton, A.J.
Denton, J.R.
Depriest, Lula
Derick, Harvey assignee of Jno. Standley
Deschamp, S.C.
Deter, R.A. Mrs.
Detroit Timber and Lumber Co.
Dewey, J.S.
Dewooddy, Philip G.
Dewoody, John
Dewoody, Philip G.
Dial, M.F.
Dial, M.F.
Dickens Bros.
Dickens, H.E.
Dickens, H.T.
Dickens, H.T.
Dickens, Joseph
Dickens, Samuel
Dickens, T.M.
Dickerson, James P.'s heirs at law
Dickerson, James P.'s heirs at law, assignee of Geo. Lewis
Dickey, James
Dickey, John H. and W.F. & Ludora Black
Dickinson, E.J.A.
Dickinson, John Q.
Dickson, Davidson
Dickson, E.J.A.
Dickson, J.J.
Dickson, John P.
Dickson, Joshua assignee of Joseph Bray
Dickson, N.J.
Dickson, Orlando
Dicky, James assignee of R.H. Butram
Dierks Lumber and Coal Company
Diesch, Nickols
Diffee, J.H.
Diffee, J.T.
Diffie, Alfred
Diffie, J.C.
Diffie, J.R.
Diffie, Jonathan R.
Diggs, J.R.
Dillard, M.W.
Dillard, W.M.
Dilliard, Ander C., Artillia A., Vernon R., and Willis R. Dilliard, heirs of W.B. Dilliard, deceased
Dillon, W.J.
Dines, William
Dipberge, J.J.
Dismang, A.
Dismukes, Thomas H.
Dixon, J.Q.
Dixon, J.Q.
Dixon, John Q. and Alice Dixon, heirs, and Mary C. Dixon, widow of J.G. Dixon deceased
Dixon, W.E.
Dixson, P.S.
Dobbs, M.J.
Dodd, Atlas J. last assignee of Asterides Crow
Dodd, C.C.
Dodd, Elijah
Dodd, Lanham L., Oran L. Dodd, and Harry Dodd
Dodson, A.P.
Dodson, C.M. assignee of T.M. Dodson
Dodson, John M.
Dodson, Robert
Dodson, Robert
Dodson, Sampson
Dodson, Sampson W.
Dodson, T.M.
Donaghey, G.W. and H.B. Ingram
Donaldson, J.L.
Doniphan Lumber Co.
Donnell, F.H.
Dooley, Matilda A. and Wm. F. Ball
Dorch, E.T.
Dorr, Jas. P.
Dorsey Land and Lumber Co.
Dorsey, Alex
Dorsey, Alexander
Dorsey, Alexander assignee of Wm. Eubanks
Dorsey, Nathan A. and Enos S. Alexander
Dortch, James I.
Doss, E.D.
Doss, G.D. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Doss, Green D.
Doss, M.
Dothard, Clark
Douglas, B.A. Mrs. last assignee of James Crockett
Douglass, J.B.
Douglass, S.A.
Dowdy, I.D.
Downing, W.W.
Doyel, N.R.
Doyle, N.F.
Drake, H.C.
Drake, Oliver
Drake, W.B.
Drake, W.B. & J.H.
Drake, W.M. assignee of Wm. Alby
Drake, W.P., F.B. Drake and J.O. Drake, last assignees of William Alby
Draper, A.J.
Draper, Allen
Drew Lumber Co.
Drew, W.J.
Drewry, Payton
Drum, Rex W. and Ruth E. Drum
Drunner, Orville H.
DuLaney, T.B.
Dudley, Ann
Dudley, G.W.
Duensing, W.L.
Duke, Chas. T.
Duke, D.V.
Dumas, L.C. Mrs.
Dun, Thomas
Dunagen, Jasper
Dunagin, Jasper
Dunbar, Daniel's heirs and legal representatives
Duncan, A.M.
Duncan, D.H.
Duncan, Priscella M., widow and exectrix of B.S. Duncan, deceased
Duncan, Priscilla M. exec.
Duncan, S.G.
Duncan, Thomas
Duncan, W.M.
Duncan, W.M. assignee of Sam Nunnelley
Dunlap, John R.
Dunn, F.W.
Dunn, J.E.
Dunn, J.E.
Dunn, Samuel
Dunn, W.C.
Dunn, W.P.
Dunnington, Ephraim M.
Dupree, Allen and Samuel Watson
Dupry, Jane
Duran, J.W.
Durham, Burt
Durham, M.
Durritt, J.M.
Dusek, Joseph
Dusek, Joseph
Dutton, W.W.
Duvall, W.F. trustee for Martha Washington Mining Association, assignee of A.L. McBride
Dyal, John T.
Dyche, E.C.
Dyche, Tilman A.
Dye, W.W.
Dyer, Gibbs Z.
Dyer, Julian M. Mrs.
Dyer, Richard H.
Dyer, W.M.
Eagin, J.W.
Eagle Lumber Co.
Eagle Lumber Co.
Eagle Lumber Company
Eagle, J.P. assignee of J.R. Bentley
Eagle, Jas. P.
Eagle, M.E. Mrs.
Eagle, W.H.
Earnhart, Robert W.
Earnhart, W.M.
Easley, Paul H.
Easley, W.P.
Easley, William
Easley, Wm. P.
East, T.M. and Son
East, W.A.
Eastham, J.A., B.F. McGraw, Jno. Collins, W.C. Kimbro, E.C.G. Anderson, and W.R. Kirby
Eaton, H.R. Mrs.
Eavett, John W.
Ebbs, T.T.
Echols, W.J. last assignee of Chas. Mulham, John Nolan, and T.B. Hinson
Echols, W.J. last assignee of William Winn
Echols, W.J. last assignee of Wm. Eli Lefler
Eckstrand, Geo. F.
Eddings, Levi R.
Eden, W.M.
Edens, W.C.
Edgworth, Mary E. as decreed in chancery court Feb. 7, 1888, in partition of lands of J.J. Jaggers, deceased
Edlin, John
Edlin, Sarah G.
Edmonds, W.C. deceased's heirs at law
Edrington, H.M.
Edwards, Asa
Edwards, Gracie
Edwards, J.E.
Edwards, James H.
Edwards, N.D.
Edwards, N.M.
Edwards, S.C.
Edwards, Thomas J.
Edwards, Thos. J.
Edwards, W.A. and G.E. Craig
Edwards, W.L.
Egland, W.H.'s heirs or legal representatives
Ehrisman, Adolph
Eichenberger, J.J.
Eidson, W.H.
Elan, D.F.
Elder, T.J.
Elder, T.J.
Eldridge, J.D.
Eldridge, John H. assignee of Wiley Baldridge deceased
Elins, John M.
Elkins, Jackson
Ellenburg, Bernice Brandon
Elliott, Andrew
Elliott, C.K. last assignee of R.S. Treadwell
Elliott, James
Elliott, James assignee of D.F. Simpson
Elliott, L.Q.E. assignee of B.F. Morgan
Elliott, Sam
Ellis, E.N.
Ellis, L.O.
Ellis, W.K.
Elmore, Fount
Elms, Jonathan
Elms, N.H.C.
Elsken, H.J.
Elsken, H.J. Sr.
Elskins, Conrad
Embree, M.T.
Emerson, E.W.
Emerson, Georgia Ann assignee of Elbert E. Emmerson
Emerson, K.L.
Emerson, R.L.
Emmerson, Carl
Empire Lumber Co.
England, Joseph
England, W.D.
English, J.L.
Enlow, Carty
Eoff, A.J. last assignee of J.O.R. Ruble
Eoff, LaFayette assignee of J.T. Eoff
Epperson, Clark
Epperson, J.T.
Erhardt, Wilber O.; Freddie Gilbert; and Jack D. Erhardt
Erving, G.S.
Erwin, A.L.
Erwin, J.Y.
Erwin, M.M.
Erwin, N.C.
Erwin, S.H.
Esmyer, Henry and J.W. Little
Essex, Isaac
Essex, Isaac
Etherage, A.J.
Ethison, Samuel
Etter, William H.
Eureka Hardwood Lumber Co.
Eureka Lumber Company
Eureka Stave and Heading Co.
Eustis, John W.
Eustis, William W.
Evans, A.L.
Evans, B.W., S.E. Wilson and W.E. Jamison, trustees of M.E. Church, South
Evans, Charles I.
Evans, Chas. J.
Evans, E.A.
Evans, Fred
Evans, Hiram
Evans, Hiram assignee of Jasmine Koonce
Evans, Hiram assignee of Mark L. Prewitt
Evans, John assignee of C.B. Kelley trustee
Evans, Lou V. Mrs. assignee of J.A. Wilkes
Evans, Thomas W. assignee of W.W. Dickey
Evans, Thomas W. last assignee of T.P. German
Everett, Clayton W.
Everett, E.B.
Everett, Hattie Bertha, Ivie Mross, Mattee Kagen, and Opal Bradley
Everett, J.J.
Everett, L.B.
Everett, Quint
Ewan, P.C.
Ewan, Parker C.
Ewing, N.C. and H.L. Ewing, assignees of S.H. Ewing
Ewing, Newton C.
Export Cooperate Co.
Ezell, J.B.
Ezell, J.B.
Ezelle, John D.
Fain, William P.
Fairchild, Catherine
Fairchild, Clarison
Faisst, B. and Company
Faist, Gottlob assignee of C.F. Seiber
Falls, Jesse A.
Faming?, Wm. M.
Fancher, Henry A.
Fanister, C.E.
Fannell, Wm. Lumber Co.
Fanning, George
Fanning, J.J.
Fanning, W.M.
Fant, W.J.
Farian, J.C.
Farish, Sallie A. widow and Edward Farish, et al, heirs of James H. Farish, deceased
Farmer, William, as assignee of J.M. Milliford, and assignee of L.F. Graham
Farmer, William, assignee of Joshua Brown?
Farmers Bank & Trust Company of Magnolia, Arkansas
Farr, J.R.
Farr, James R.
Farrar, S.G.
Farrell, William Lumber Co.
Farrish, James H.
Farrow, Donald L. and Dorothy R. Farrow
Faulkner, John C.
Fawcett, Richard
Fayetteville Wagon Wood and Lumber Co.
Fears, J.L.
Feathergill, William assignee of L.B. McNeil
Featherston, Kelly
Fee - Crayton Hardwood Lumber Co.
Fee, David
Feild, W.P.
Feldman, George G.
Felker, W.R.
Felton, Jno. J. assignee of J.M. Shaults
Felton, John
Fender, D.W.
Fendley, C.B.
Fenter, John assignee of Martha Fenter
Fenton, Wm. E.
Feren, Sam'l deceased's heirs & legal representatives
Ferguson & Wheeler
Ferguson, D.H.
Ferguson, J.W.
Ferguson, Joe
Ferguson, Joseph W.
Ferguson, S.A.
Ferguson, W.W.
Ferguson, W.Z.
Ferguson, W.Z.
Ferguson, Wm. H.
Ferrell, J.W.
Few, Williamson
Fiddler, George W.
Fiddler, James M. assignee of Curtis Birmingham
Fiddyment, J.C.
Field Lumber Co.
Field, Champ T.
Filbeck, D.S.
Files, A.E.
Finch, J.R.
Finch, Percy and S.L. Shaver
Finch, William H.
Finley, John last assignee
Finley, Virginia B.
Finley, Willie G. and Clema
First National Bank of Huntsville, Arkansas
Fish, R. Lee
Fisher, A.E.
Fisher, B.R.
Fitzhugh, J.B.
Flake, John C.
Flamcary?, Oscar and Claude Fulbright
Flanagan, J.L.
Flanagin, Harris assignee of B.S. Duncan
Flanagin, J.L.
Flanery, T.B.
Flannagan, D.W.
Fleischer, Max
Fleischer, Max
Fleisher, Max
Fleming, John T.
Flemming, J.T.
Fletcher, B.A. and T.M.
Fletcher, T.M.
Fletcher, W.A.
Fletcher, W.P.
Flickiger, John
Flinn, Addison D.
Flippin, H.D.
Flippin, T.G. assignee of W.A. Graham
Flippo, William
Florence, Mary
Flowers, Richard
Floyd, Laura C.
Floyd, Laura C.
Floyd, N.A.
Floyd, U.S. and Hattie K.
Floyd, W.S., J.A. Rice, C.A. Blank, and F.F. Floyd
Floyd, W.T.
Flynn, Connelia M.
Fogg, W.O.
Folsom, Lucia D.
Fomby, C.M.
Forbes, J.H. assignee of W.C. Munnerlyn
Ford, Alta M.
Ford, W.M.
Ford, Zadoc and Rowland Almond
Fordyce Lumber Company
Forest & Co.
Forrest, C.E.
Forrester, C.E.
Forrester, L.L.
Forrester, Scott assignee of S.L. Miller
Forrester, W.J.
Forrister, Chas. E. and Jas. T. Matthews
Forrister, Jacob
Forrister, Thos.
Forsyth, Laura Mrs.
Fort, E.B.
Fort, Lewis A.
Fort, Lockie E.
Foster, C.N.
Foster, Dempsey
Foster, Jacob
Foster, John B.
Foster, Josiah
Foster, Josiah assignee of Geo. E. Miller
Foster, R.H.
Foster, Thomas
Fouche River Lumber Company
Fourche River Lumber Co.
Fourche River Lumber Co.
Fowler, J.H.
Fowler, J.J. and Mary F.
Fox, G.W.
Fraker, J.C. assignee of W.A., H.B., Donia, and Maggie H. Cooper
France, Owen
Francisco, E.W.
Franklin, Alfred
Franklin, Marcus's heirs at law
Franklin, Moses
Franklin, P.L. and H.F.
Franklin, W.M.
Franks, Clayton
Franks, D.F.
Franks, H.F. assignee of George W. Pierson
Franks, James and Geo. L. Franks
Franks, T.M.
Franks, W.T.
Franks, Wade
Fraser, Rhoda Mrs.
Frauenthal, Charles
Frazier, Elizabeth
Freeman - Smith Lumber Co.
Freeman Lumber Company
Freeman, A.B.
Freeman, Ausban
Freeman, C.H.
Freeman, J.H.
Freeze, Needum D.
French, W.M.
French, Wm. M.
Frick, Geo.
Fricks, Martin assignee of H.T. Wilson
Frierson, William J.
Frisbie, G.W.
Frisbie, G.W.
Frisbie, G.W.
Frost, E.W., W.T. Ferguson, and G.W. Bottoms
Frost, E.W., W.T. Ferguson, and G.W. Bottoms, partners as E.W. Frost & Co.
Frost, J.W. assignee of Wm. A. Stephens
Frost, Thomas L.
Fry, Joe
Fry, John W.
Fryer, J.W.
Fryer, William
Ft. Smith Lumber Company
Fugua, Joe
Fulks, R.A.
Fulks, R.A. and John W. Fulks
Fulks, Reba
Fuller, E.
Fuller, S.A.
Fulton, Andrew M.
Funkhouser, Jacob
Fuqua, Joe
Furgerson, Joda
Furguson, R.B.
Furr, Henry C. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Futrell, A.
Futrell, Edwin Byron
Gage, Randolph
Gage, Randolph assignee of E.H. Beam
Gailey, Thomas O.
Gaines, Park
Galbreaith, F.P.
Gallaway, John E.
Gallaway, Lorana T.'s heirs
Galloway, J.B.
Galloway, J.E.
Galloway, James
Galloway, Octavia E.
Gambill, John H.
Gamble, Richard K.
Gamble?, Leslie Jr.
Gammel, George L.
Gans, Leon assignee of Jno. C. Stowe?
Gans, Leon assignee of Thomas Watkins
Garden City Stave and Heading Co. assignee of Brinkley Stave and Heading Co.
Gardener, W.W. and Co.
Gardenhire, J.L.
Gardiner, Steven Eddy
Gardner & Price
Gardner, B.F. and T.J. Price
Gardner, J.M.
Gardner, T.B.
Gardner, W.W. & Co.
Garland Timber and Land Co.
Garland, William H.
Garman, W.F.
Garman, W.H.
Garner Stave Company
Garner, A.B., J.T. Garner, J.B. Croom, H.H. Smith, J.H. Wood, & W.J. Copp
Garner, Elvira
Garner, S.C.
Garner, Thos. F.
Garner, W.S.
Garner, W.W.
Garner, Willis S.
Garretson, T.H.
Garrett, Jesse
Garrett, Jesse
Garrett, John L.
Garrett, W.C.
Garvin, I.C.
Gate City Lumber Co.
Gate City Lumber Co. of Texarkana, Texas; assignee of Texarkana & Shreveport Rail Road Company
Gate, R.
Gates Lumber Co.
Gates, Ferdinand's estate
Gates, G.H.
Gates, J.M. executor of F. Gates, deceased
Gates, J.W.
Gates, M.A. Mrs.
Gates, W.
Gates, W.F.
Gathright, J.E.
Gatlin, Thomas T.
Gaughan, T.J.
Gaughan, T.J. and J.T. Sifford
Gault, Joseph
Gay, H.B.
Gay, Sam
Gay, T.A.
Gay, Thomas
Gebhart, J.L.
Gehring, Lonnie Paul
Gentry, C.E.
Gentry, Ed deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Gentry, Ernie
Gentry, Ernie
Gentry, W.W. & Jno. S. Walker
George, C.S.
George, G.P.
George, G.P. and Turner Butler
George, Hosea
George, Jesse J. assignee of J.G. Mulinax
German, Thos. P.
Gertnay, W.G.
Gibbs and Austin Co. Inc.
Gibbs, Ira R.
Gibbs, J.H.
Gibson & Cunningham
Gibson, E.B.
Gibson, E.B. assignee of William H. Gambill
Gibson, Jno. K.
Gibson, John
Gibson, Joseph L.
Gibson, L.B.
Gibson, W.B. & O.H. Cunningham
Gier, Charles
Gilbert, D.C.
Gilbert, J.R.
Gilbert, J.R.
Gilbert, L.W.
Gilbert, Reuben
Gilbert, Thos. W.
Gilbert, W.E.
Gilbert, W.L.
Gilbreath, Lorenzo D.
Gilbreath, M.D.
Giles, Wm. A.
Gill, J.M. last assignee of L.S. French
Gill, R.H.
Gillehan, John
Gilliam, R.A.
Gilliam, Robt. L.
Gillispie, E.E.
Gilluplin?, J.W.
Gilreath, W.K.
Gilstrap, Isaac, assignee of John Robinson
Gilstrop, R.B.
Gingles, Violet B.
Gist, N.H.
Gist, Thomas
Givens, Charles
Gladden, C.S.
Glass, John M. assignee of Joseph C. Morgan
Glasscock, Henry W. & Flavius S. White assignees of W.H. Scott
Glasscock, Jimmy D. and Judieth L. Glasscock
Glenn, John W.
Glenn, May R.
Glenn, Samuel
Glorer, Guy
Glover, F.M.
Glover, J.W.
Glover, John W.
Glover, R.W., B.E. Hope, L.H. Kemp, A.T. Threet, and A.W. Williams, trustees of Philadelphia Cemetery
Glover, S.L.
Glover, Samuel L.
Goalder, R.B.
Going, L.C.
Goins, James L.
Golden, J.L.
Goldman, Adler Commission Co.
Goldsmith, A.
Goldsmith, Z.T.
Golightly, Hiram's heirs and legal representatives
Golightly, R.H.
Gondelock, J.T.
Goodlander, C.W.
Goodman, Thomas G.
Goodman, W.K?.
Goodman, William R.
Goodner, James F.
Goodrum, Belva E. assignee of W.W. Daughtry
Goodrum, William
Goodrum, William assignee of J. Scott who was asignee of J.W. Glover
Goodwin, Bobbie
Goodwin, Joel C. and Linda M. Goodwin, husband and wife
Goodwin, John
Goodwin, L.G.
Goodwin, M.J.
Goodwin, N. Thomas
Goodwin, N.T. and Son
Goodwin, R.J.
Goodwin, T.C.
Goodwin, William
Goodwin, Young
Gordan, D.C.
Gordon, Alvah B., assignee of Jas. W. Kennedy
Gordon, Elizabeth assignee of G.S. Erving
Gordon, Sue deceased's heirs and assigns
Gorman, William F.
Gorman, William H.
Gormillian, Willis
Gorum, H.I. and D.K. Burns
Gossett, John
Gossett, Wm.
Gossvener, George
Goulder, R.B.
Gowdy, W.N.
Gowdy, W.N. assignee of W.D. Maddox
Grable, William
Grady, Hal E.
Grady, N.H.
Graham, B.F. and J.A. Moore
Graham, Carrie May
Graham, J.A.
Graham, James
Graham, L.B. Mrs.
Graham, M.C.
Graham, Mamie Mrs., Mrs. Minnie McKenzie, heirs of Frank Kendall, deceased
Graham, Nathan
Graham, Riley assignee of Wm. Stewart
Grand and Harris
Grant, J.P. last assignee of S.L. Moore
Grant, T.G.
Grant, W.B.
Grantham, C.N.P.
Gravel, P.J.
Graves, E.
Graves, H.W.
Graves, H.W. assignee of George Alexander
Graves, H.W. assignee of S.M. Moss
Graves, Harriett assignee of Herman Alwes
Graves, Louis A.
Graves, Nat
Graves, Nat estate
Graves, Nathaniel S.
Graves, S.A.
Graves, Sterling
Gravette, E.M. and W.H. Austin
Gray, A.W.
Gray, D.L. assignee of W.B. Means
Gray, G.T.
Gray, H.B.
Gray, J.E.
Gray, John Taylor
Gray, L.R.
Gray, Nathaniel
Gray, Thomas
Gray, W.A.
Gray, W.H.
Gray, William A.
Gray, William H. assignee of Jesse Cook
Grayard, W.H.
Grayard, William H.
Grayson - McLeod Lumber Co.
Greeks?, J.M.
Green, B.H.
Green, B.H.
Green, E.W.
Green, Geo. assignee of Thos. F. Mills
Green, J.F.
Green, J.H.
Green, J.M.
Green, James
Green, John F.
Green, John F.
Green, M.F. and J.L. Wilson
Green, R.S.
Green, R.S.
Green, S.J. last assignee of Alfred Lawrance
Green, T.R.
Green, W.O., W.O. Creason and B.L. Creason
Green, Walter
Green, Wm. G. assignee of James Adams
Greenhaw, A.J.
Greenhaw, F.P. and V.C. Bratton
Greenstreet, T.C.
Greenway, S.H.
Greer, Fannie R.
Greer, G.
Greer, Garrett
Greer, N.C.
Greer, T.B.
Greer, T.B. assignee of Eli Kelly
Greeson, Hartwell
Gregg, W.C.
Gregg, W.C.
Gregory, M.C.
Gresham, William G.
Griffen, Geo. M.
Griffin Mill Company
Griffin, J.N.
Griffin, Mitchell
Griffin, Oce S.
Griffin, R.H.
Griffin, W.G.
Griffis, R.D.
Griffith, Geo. C.
Griffith, J.W.
Griffith, Stanmore
Grigg, J.W.
Grigg, John W.
Grigg, John W. assignee of G.D. Coker
Griggs, T.F.
Grim, J.J.
Grim, John J.
Grimes, A.J.
Grimes, John assignee of David Cook and John F. King
Grisham, J.M.
Grissom, Lena Mrs.
Groff, B.F.
Groham, John C.
Groham, John C. assignee of Sam'l Grohan
Grubb, E.A.
Grumbles, J.F.
Grunlee, Wm.
Grupe, Otto H.
Guess, Levi and J.S. Rachell
Guest, A.P.
Guibor, Fannie; Edith Guibor Moss; and Charles R. Guibor
Guin, Walter
Guinn, John
Guinn, Johnie
Gulledge, W.T. & Bro.
Gullick, Etta
Gully, John
Gun, Nathaniel
Gunn, James Sr.
Gunn, James Sr. and Geo. Durham
Gunnells, A.W. last assignee of P.L. Gunnells
Gunnells, A.W., last assignee of S.L. Gladney
Gunnells, J.J.
Gunnels, J.J.
Gunnels, William L.
Gunter, T.M. & J.D. Walker, assignees
Gurley, J.G.
Gurley, William N.
Guthrie, Alpha
Guy, John W. and Theresa M. Guy
Gwaltney, F.M.
Gwaltney, G.W.
Gwatney, P.S. Mrs.
Hackley, Charles H. and Thomas Hume, partners as Hackley & Hume
Haden, Sam A. and Jo Ann Haden, husband and wife
Hadley, O.A. assignee of Keys Danforth
Haggard, W.M.
Hagler, M.M.
Hagood, James A.
Hahn, John W.
Hail, Stevadson A. Jr.
Hairston, R.L.
Halbrook, Burton J.
Hale & Crenshaw Company
Hale, G.D.
Haley, M.F.
Haley, William H.
Halford, Ben, Dod and Dan, devisees of A.G. McKnight
Halford, H.A.
Hall, A.J.A.
Hall, David C.
Hall, E.R.
Hall, Ed
Hall, Edward
Hall, G.D.
Hall, James
Hall, James B.
Hall, James P.
Hall, John W.
Hall, R.J.
Hall, Richmond Jr.
Hall, Thomas
Hall, W.D.
Hall, W.H.
Hall, W.J.
Hall, Wilson
Hall, Wm.
Halloran, P.W.
Halton, B.H.
Ham, George
Haman, L.A. Mrs. last assignee of J.N. Buckman
Haman, L.A. last assignee of Reagan & Dyche
Hambleton, W.H.
Hamblin, Freeman
Hamby, J.W.
Hamby, Marshall
Hamby, Wm. H.
Hamelton, P.V.
Hamer, R.F.
Hames, H.D.
Hames, H.D.
Hames, J.M.
Hames, Wm. assignee of Jno. Lockey
Hamilton, G.W.
Hamilton, John G. and David Block
Hamilton, Lucy assignee of M.T. Norman
Hamilton, T.M.
Hamilton, Thomas H. assignee of J.O. Shinn
Hamilton, William
Hamlin, Emma F.
Hamm, Harry H.
Hamm, Joseph
Hammond, Elmer
Hammond, Robert M. and William Stewart
Hammonds, Homer
Hammons, J.W.
Hampton & Treadwell
Hampton, J.E. and G.M.
Hampton, R.S., T.D., B.M., & J.F., heirs of R.C. Hampton, assignee of C.H. Cobbs
Hampton, R.S., T.D., B.M., and J.F., heirs of R.C. Hampton assignee of James M. Eldridge
Hampton, Richard C.
Hampton, S.S.
Hampton, W.G.R.
Hananer, Lewis [or Hanauer?]
Hananer, Lewis assignee of Wm. Bryant
Hanby, S.R.
Hanby, S.R. and G.M. Roberts
Hancock, Gohnan B. assignee of Isaac T. Shahan
Handel, J.G. and Robert B. Fry
Hanegan, James M.
Hanegan, Jennie Mrs.
Hanelson, J.W.
Haney, W.A. sole heir at law of R.T. Haney deceased
Hankins, Henry A. assignee of William H. Bizzell
Hankins, Joe S.
Hanna, J.H.
Hanna, Wm. B. assignee of Rich'd Ainsworth
Hannaford, J.T. last assignee of Joseph J. Etheridge
Hannah, Andrew V.
Hannah, Robert O.
Haralson, J.G. and T.L. Gardner
Harbour, Elisha's heirs
Harbour, J.H.S.
Hardcastle, J.W.
Hardeman, L.P.
Harden, H.F.
Hardie and Thomason
Hardin, J.S.
Hardin, Leslie and Maggie Nell
Hardin, M.
Hardin, Moses J.
Hardin, R.L.
Hardin, Sam
Hardin, Samuel
Hardin, T.J.
Hardin, W.Z.
Harding, M.E. Mrs.
Hardwick, Jno. M.
Hardwicke, Dillard
Hardy, A.L.
Hardy, Daniel assignee of John Logan and Lilburn Coffee
Hardy, R.F.
Hardy, Thomas assignee of John Cochran
Harger, J.A.
Hargis, J.J.
Hargley, P.H.
Hargrove, John P.
Harkey, Isaac
Harkey, Isaac assignee of J.O. Shinn
Harkey, Jacob W.
Harkey, Jno. K. assignee of Thomas Hamilton
Harkey, John K.
Harkey, John K. assignee of J. Shinn
Harkey, Lara E.
Harkniss, Dan
Harlen, Valentine
Harlin, I.W., H.W. Moore, and W.E. Spence
Harman, Philipp last assignee of J.W. Gregg
Harmon, Kathryn L.
Harmon, Margret assignee of Thomas H. Hall
Harmon, Phebe last assignee of W.N. Riggins
Harmon, W.A.
Harnesberger, J.H.
Harnsberger, S.E.
Harp, Martin M.
Harper, Betty Mrs. and heirs of B.F. Harper, deceased
Harper, Elizabeth
Harper, J.A.D.
Harper, J.B.
Harper, J.D. assignee of G.M. Magbey
Harper, John
Harper, M.K.
Harper, Walter L.
Harrel, J.A. and V.R. Herndon
Harrell, Albert
Harrington, Alfred
Harrington, J.J.
Harris Lumber Co.
Harris, A.W.
Harris, Alice
Harris, B.F.
Harris, D.G.
Harris, Daniel M.
Harris, J.B.
Harris, J.C.
Harris, J.H.
Harris, Jesse R.
Harris, John
Harris, John J.
Harris, John S.
Harris, John W.
Harris, John assignee of Carroll Armstrong
Harris, Joseph
Harris, M.J.
Harris, Mary
Harris, N.C. assignee of Jno. S. Harris
Harris, N.S.
Harris, R.D. assignee of W.S. Vannatia
Harris, Robt D.
Harris, S.R.
Harris, Silas R.
Harris, T.W.
Harris, V.V. assignee of Jesse Henry
Harris, W.J.
Harris, W.L. and Dora Angie Harris
Harris, Walter T. and Cathy A. Harris
Harrison, Chas. E.
Harrison, D.B.
Harrison, Levi deceased's administrator of estate
Harrison, Levi deceased's administrator of estate; assignee of John J. Murray
Harrison, Luke R.
Harrison, M.A. Mrs. assignee of C.W. Harrison
Harrison, R.H.
Harrison, Sarah J.
Harrison, Thomas B.
Harrison, W.M. assignee of W.E. Conley
Harrod, John
Harrol, A.J. assignee of Jenkins Newsome
Harrol, H.A. assignee of O.B. Coldwell
Harsley, J.W.
Hartsoe, G.C.
Harvey, E.D.
Harvey, T.C.
Harvey, Wm. R. assignee of Wm. Harvey
Harwell, Rufus S. assignee of John A. Stone
Hastey, J.F., E.H., & W.C. partners as J.F. Hastey & Sons
Hasting, William R.
Hasty, J.F., E.F. Hasty and W.C. Hasty
Hasty, J.F., E.F. Hasty, & W.C. Hasty, partners as J.F. Hasty & Sons
Hasty, Joseph F., Elisshalet F. Hasty, and William C. Hasty
Hasty, T.T.
Hasty, T.T. assignee of Miles McKnight
Hasty, W.C.
Hatch, Geo. W.
Hatch, J.D.
Hatcher, Wm. L. and Mary C. Hatcher
Hatchett, Jno. K.
Hathcoat, James Justin and Jimmie Hathcoat
Hathcoat, John M. and Nora Hathcoat
Hatley, William C.
Hatmaker, S.
Hatrons, John H.
Havner, R.
Hawkins, Lewis
Hawkins, Marcus L.
Hawkins, W.M.
Hawkins, Wm. M. and Henry Goldman
Hawley, E.C.
Hawmaker, S.
Hawthorne, J.O.
Hayden, G.M. Mrs.
Hayden, H.W.
Hayden, Walter and H.D. Stuart
Hayes, J.V.
Hayes, Perry C.
Haygood, I.B.
Haynes, Andrew
Haynes, E.K. and William Payne
Haynes, E.K. assignee of W.P. Burks
Haynes, Eddie
Haynes, Eddie assignee of T.J. Bridges
Haynes, Henry C.
Haynes, L.I.
Hays, Delilah
Hays, George W.
Hays, J.L.
Hays, T.J. assignee of Geo. R. Hays
Hays, Thomas
Hays, W.M.
Hayward Timber Company
Hazelwood, James M.
Hazlett, Will, last assignee of Maurice Block
Hazlewood, J.M.
Hazlewood, S.S.
Head, Clyde
Heading Company
Hearing, B.T.
Hearron, Henry Sr.
Heath, W.H.
Heath, William
Heathley, E.S. and Thomas Blackburn
Hecht, Levi and Brother
Heck, Abraham S. assignee of Mary Hines
Hedrick, Sarah E. assignee of James R. Ruse
Hees, Chas. H. Dry Goods Co., assignee of R.B. Brumfield
Hees, Chas. H. Dry Goods Co., last assignee of G.C. Bowlin
Heffington, Henry
Heffington, J.A.
Heffington, Russell
Heffington, William D.
Hegermann, Ben H.
Heim and Lensing
Heller, Clarence Herbert and Ola Bee Heller, his wife
Heller, Henry
Hellman, L.C.
Hellum, J.H.
Helms, Roger and Ann Helms, his wife
Heloms, John
Helterbran, F.M.
Henderson, Augustus
Henderson, C.B. and H.F. Palenske
Henderson, C.B. and H.F. Polinski
Henderson, C.H.
Henderson, G.B. and H.F. Palenske
Henderson, J.M.
Henderson, J.R.
Henderson, John W. assignee of M.O. Couch
Henderson, John W. last assignee of W.W. Young
Henderson, M.J. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Henderson, Martin M.
Henderson, Thomas J.
Henderson, W.F. et al
Hendricks, John K.
Hendricks, Stephen D. assignee of Matthew Davis?
Hendrix, J.M.
Hendrix, J.M.
Hendrix, Olen
Henegar, F.M.
Henley, A.T.
Henley, A.T.
Henley, B.F.
Henley, G.W.
Henley, Job deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Henley, Samuel
Henley, William L.
Hennin, Alfred and Theodore Caurcier
Hennin, J.B.
Henry, B.D.
Henry, B.F.
Henry, Benjamin D.
Henry, E.C.
Henry, Gilbert and Hattie Marie Barton
Henry, J.M.
Henry, J.T. Dr.
Henry, James
Henry, James M.
Henry, James T.
Henry, Samuel
Hensley, K.S.
Hensley, M.B.'s heirs
Henson, A.E.
Herring, B.E.
Herring, Will D.
Herrington, H.H.
Hervey, Calvin W.
Hess, Binks last assignee of Felicite P. Barisier
Hess, R.W.
Hess, R.W.
Hesterly, S.J.
Hewett, James
Hewitt, C.S.
Hewitt, Chauncey S.
Hewitt, E.J.
Hewitt, Fayette
Hewitt, James
Hewitt, Martha
Hewitt, Martha
Hibbard, Richmond
Hick, T.C.
Hickey, J.B. assignee of Alfred Franklin
Hickey, James M.
Hickman, John B.
Hickman, John B. assignee of Henry Ross
Hickman, Johon B. assignee of J.B. Annis
Hickman, Mary F. assignee of T.S. Jones & B.B. Baxter
Hickman, W.M.
Hicks & Arrington, assignees of Levi Stephens by admn.
Hicks, J.M. and R.T. Elliot
Hicks, Jim
Hicks, Jim
Hicks, T.C.
Hicks, T.C.
Higginbottom, James M.
Higginbottom, Robert J.
Higgins, Luke
Higgins, Richard
Higgins, T.W. assignee of Reagan and Dyche
Higgins, T.W. last assignee of J.C. Hanna
Higgins, T.W. last assignee of J.R. Hambrick
Highfill, H.N. and Mrs. N.A. McLerkin
Highfill, Joseph
Highland Land & Lumber Co.
Hill Farms, Inc.
Hill and Fountaine Land Co.
Hill, Eli H.
Hill, F.P.
Hill, G.W. last assignee of T.L. Bolinger
Hill, Gradalene
Hill, J.F.
Hill, J.N.
Hill, John L.
Hill, John M.
Hill, L.B.
Hill, L.B.
Hill, L.L. assignee of Thomas B. Matlock
Hill, Mary M.
Hill, Milton O., assignee
Hill, Richard H.J.
Hill, Savery? Ann [Sarry?]
Hill, V.D.
Hillhouse, Iva Nova Mrs.
Hillhouse, R.L.
Hillis, Earl
Hillman, E.H.
Hillman, E.H.
Hillman, W.D.
Hillman, W.E.
Hinds, Abram assignee of John Hinds
Hines, M.O. assignee of Reagan and Dyche
Hines, M.O. last assignee of Frank Kirk
Hines, M.O. last assignee of Jacob Mills
Hink, John
Hinkle, E.B.
Hinkle, John
Hinsley, Samuel
Hinson, Ambrose
Hinton, Thomas H.
Hirch, A. & Co.
Hitchcock Lumber Co. assignee of R.P. Hitchcock
Hitchcock, R.P.
Hixon, James assignee of Sarah Anderson
Hixon, Matt
Hixon, Matt administrator of the estate of James Hixon
Hixon, Pleasant
Hobbs, James
Hobbs, James
Hockersmith, E.L.
Hocott, James
Hodges, B.F.
Hodges, Ben F.
Hodges, Page and Cleo Hodges, his wife
Hodges, W.C.
Hoffman, James M.
Hoffman, L.J. assignee of Jno. T. Torrence
Hoffman, L.J. assignee of Zadoc Ford
Hogan, R.B.
Hogan, William M.
Hogue, C.L.
Hogue, Jas. H., executor of estate of Jno. D. Little, deceased
Hogue, Louis
Hogue, W.J. assignee of Jas. W. Roach and W.A. Stone
Hohn, Hugo and John Cole
Hohsapple, Geo.
Holcomb, J.C.
Holcomb, J.R.
Holcombe, James C. last assignee of A.J. Powell
Holcome, Amanda
Holder, A.J.
Holder, Andrew J.
Holefield, T.M.
Holifield, Thomas M.
Holifield, Thomas M. assignee of Robert Brooks
Holifield, Thomas N. assignee of John W. Simmons
Holifield, Thos. M.
Holland, Leonadus W.
Holland, Lewis W. assignee of Abraham M. Elkins
Holland, M.M.
Holland, Marion
Holland, N.W. assignee of N.B. Pearce
Holleman, H.W.
Holleman, H.W. and E.H. Holleman
Holleman, Samuel
Holliday, A.S.
Holliman, R.T.
Hollis, Luther N.
Hollis, Luther N. assignee of Lloyd Onue
Holloway, R.W.
Holloway, T.J.
Holloway, Thomas
Hollowell, W.S.
Holly, James assignee of William M. Evans
Holman, H.B.
Holman, J.D.
Holmes, J.D.
Holmes, J.P.
Holmes, William W. and Mary L. Holmes, his wife
Holoman, John W. assignee of Eli A. Scott
Holt, E.L.
Holt, H.T.
Holt, J.D.
Holt, J.D.
Holt, J.D.
Holt, Jane H. and Rebecca H. Story
Holt, Robt. W. assignee of Thos. Busbey
Holwell, R.P. and W.A.
Holwell, William M. assignee of Jas. Watson
Holwell, William M. assignee of Jesse Watson
Holwell, William M. assignee of W. Casteel
Holyfield, Jacob
Homesley, Matilda
Hon, John
Honea, J.W.
Honea, John
Honeycutt, William W.
Hood, James B. and L.M. Brewer
Hood, William
Hooker, Wm. & E.C. Brown
Hooks, J.A.
Hooks, Seaborne M.
Hooks, W.H.
Hooks, W.H.
Hooper, Eli D.
Hooper, Eli D. and S.A. Ribbin
Hooper, T.H.
Hope Lumber Co.
Hope Lumber Company
Hope, B.L. and W.A. Smith
Hopkins, B.F.
Hopkins, Beverly M.
Hopkins, E.L.
Hopkins, Geneva M. et al
Hopkins, S.M.
Hopp, Cora M. and Robert L. assignees of D.C. Mercer
Horn, Elijah assignee of Robert Anthony
Horn, Frank
Horn, J.H. assignee of J.D. Johnson
Horn, Ruck
Horn, W.T.
Horne, C.C.
Horne, L.N.
Horner, Jno. S.
Horner, John S.
Horseshoe Development Corporation
Horton, G.W.
Horton, G.W. and Thomas E. Dortch
Horton, H.A.
Horton, H.P.
Horton, I.W.
Horton, John
Horton, N.T.
Horton, P.N.
Horton, W.D.
Horton, W.H.
House, J.A. assignee of M.E. Harvey
House, Newton
House, W.L.
Houstion, M.D.
Houston, C.C., W.G. Liggett, and O.W. Kennedy
Houston, J.H. Jr.
Houston, James M.
Houston, Jas. H., John F. Houston, and W.B. Houston Jr., sole heirs of W.B. Houston, deceased
Houston, John
Hovell, W.I.
Hovey, H.N. & J.B. McCrackin
Hovey, H.N. and Jno. B. McCracken, assignees of Geo. W. Norman
Hovey, Horatio N. and Jno. B. McCracken assignees of Geo. Norman
Hovey, Horatio N. and John B. McCracken
Howard, Claud
Howard, Jno. security for Jno. Byrum
Howard, M.T.
Howard, R.L.
Howard, W.F.
Howard, W.F.
Howard, W.M. last assignee of Thomas B. Peebles
Howser, J.T.
Hoyle, William
Hubbard, Henry S.
Hubman, John
Huddleston, David N.
Huddleston, G.W.
Huddleston, J.A.
Huddleston, J.P.
Hudgens, B.B.
Hudson River Lumber Co.
Hudson, C.C.
Hudson, Geo. W.
Hudson, Herod F.
Hudson, James H. assignee of J.D. Mayberry
Hudson, John A.
Hudson, Nobie McMahen
Hudson, Walter C. Inc.
Hudspath, John W.
Hueston, John
Huet, David
Huff, A.S.
Huff, C. Floyd
Huff, J.W.
Huff, Joseph
Huffines, W.H. Sr.
Huffines, William F.
Huffman, A.J.
Hufstedler, John, assignee of James Akers, assignee of Jas. P. Story
Huggins, J.D.
Huggins, L. Gale, Margaret Frances Magruder, and Helen June Huggins
Huggins, Luke
Huggins, Samuel M.
Hughes, C.A. Jr. and Mary L. Hughes, husband and wife
Hughes, E.J. and Ozella Hughes
Hughes, George
Hughes, George P.
Hughes, Sallie E. Mrs.
Hughes, T.M. assignee of J.R. Lane
Hughes, Thomas M.
Hughes, Thomas M. assignee of M.S. Prewett
Hughes, William
Hughey, David
Hughs, John J. assignee of Thomas M. Hughs
Hughs, Moses deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Huie, Elisha R.
Huie, Frank
Huie, J.F.
Huie, James F.
Huie, James M.
Huie, Robert W.
Huie, Thomas B.
Huie, Thos. B. assignee of J.E. Cates
Huke, Charles R. and Arthur Donner, assignees of J.N. Sutton
Hull, Alonzo
Humble, J.W.
Humphrey, Frank M.
Humphrey, J.J. and S.K. Ingham
Humphries, Geo. T.
Humphries, George T.
Humphries, Jack and Louise Humphries his wife
Hunnicutt, C.C.
Hunnicutt, J.R.
Hunnicutt, James W.
Hunniecutt, J.W.
Hunsucker, J.M.
Hunt, George M.
Hunt, John assignee of Russell Lee
Hunt, R.F.
Hunt, W.C.
Hunt, W.S.
Hunt, Wm. C.
Hunter, C.W.
Hunter, C.W., S.B. Anderson, and C.J. Tully
Hunter, Clem
Hunter, Joe, David W. Hunter, Geo. W. Hunter, Emma Williams, Dollie Hunter and Mack T. Hunter...
Hunter, M.E.
Hunter, S.B. and A.L. Harty
Hurley, F.W. assignee of Henry Alfrey
Hurley, Geo. W.
Hurst, R.F.
Hurst, R.J. administrator estate of G.W. Layton, deceased
Hurst, W.B.
Husted, D.W.
Huston, John
Huston, L.H. assignee of P.M. Anders
Hutchens, B.A.
Hutcherson, Z.P.
Hutcheson, R.R.
Hutchingson, Thomas
Hutchins, A.L. et al
Hutchinson, J.R.
Hutson, Geo. W.
Imboden, J.H.
Independence County Agricultural & Mechanical Association
Indiana and Ark. Lumber Co.
Ingraham, Benjamin F.
Ingram, Alexander H.
Ingram, B.F. administrator of John M. Ingram deceased
Ingram, Benjamin F., administrator of Thos. J. Ingram, deceased
Ingram, H.B.
Ingram, Henry assignee of Wm. G. Billingsley
Ingram, James
Ingram, James W.
Ingram, John L.
Ingram, Thos.
Inman, Mary A.
Inman, Setitia A.
International Paper Company, a New York Corporation
Iowa & Arkansas Land Company
Irby, Stephen W.
Irvin, F.
Isaacs, James
Isbell, Jabes
Ishmael, W.R.P.
Ishmael, William R.P.
Ivey, James
Ivie, John A.
Ivy, Francis M. legatee
Ivy, G.W.
Ivy, Thomas
Ivy, Thomas G.
Ivy, Thomas's heirs and legal representatives
Ivy, Thos. J.'s heirs
Jacks, T.M.
Jackson, A.C.
Jackson, A.S.
Jackson, Alfred S. assignee of Wm. H. Deamon
Jackson, C.T.
Jackson, Calvin
Jackson, David T. assignee of Granville Whittington
Jackson, F.L.
Jackson, F.P.
Jackson, Fisher J.
Jackson, Green B.
Jackson, J.F. assignee of J.S. Tibbs
Jackson, J.I.
Jackson, J.M.
Jackson, J.R.
Jackson, J.R. & R. Jackson
Jackson, James A.
Jackson, Jno. H. assignee of H.A. Pearce
Jackson, Joe I.
Jackson, John F.
Jackson, John W.
Jackson, R.
Jackson, Richard
Jackson, Richard assignee of M.F. Collier
Jackson, Robert
Jackson, S.W.
Jackson, Samuel
Jackson, T.F.
Jackson, W.A.
Jackson, W.A. last assignee of C.V. Gilbert
Jaggers, J.T.
Jaggers, Martha E., Annie Lee Jaggers, & Wm. J. Jaggers, heirs of John J. Jaggers, deceased
James, Charles E.
James, Chas. E.
James, D.H. assignee of J.A. Freeman
James, George E.
James, Henry S.
James, Henry assignee of Jacob Jamison
James, Henry last assignee of Allen Green
James, L.M. Mrs.
James, R.R.
James, Robert
James, Robert and B.B. Vaughan
James, S.H.
James, Thomas S. assignee of Josiah Holcomb
James, William
Janssen Lumber Company
Jarnagin, J.P.
Jarratt, J.R.
Jarratt, J.R. and W.S. McClintock
Jarratt, J.R. and W.S. McClintock, assignees of Morris Lesser
Jarratt, John R.
Jarrett, J.R.
Jarrett, John R.
Jarvis, Samuel M. and Rowland R. Conklin
Jeeter, A.B.
Jeffers, W.A.
Jeffries, J.N.
Jeffus, S.A.
Jelks, John R. and Lemuel M. Jelks, assignees of B.F. Bland
Jenkins, Frank
Jenkins, J.M.
Jenkins, J.W.
Jennings, Cecil
Jennings, David H.
Jennings, G.W.
Jensen, Emil
Jensen, Lewis and E.N. Salling
Jett, Edward D.
Joerns, W.M.
Johnson & Wilson
Johnson and Fields
Johnson, A.J. assignee of W.T. Drake
Johnson, Alfred assignee of David A. White
Johnson, Anderson
Johnson, Andrew N.
Johnson, B.A.
Johnson, B.F.
Johnson, C.C.
Johnson, Columbus E.
Johnson, Cyrus and W.F. Housley
Johnson, Edward F.
Johnson, Edward S.
Johnson, F.G. and Charles Givens
Johnson, H.B.
Johnson, H.M. Mrs.
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Henry W. and George M. Fields
Johnson, J.D.
Johnson, J.F.
Johnson, J.J.
Johnson, J.M.
Johnson, J.M. assignee of B.T. Johnson
Johnson, J.M. assignee of William Martin
Johnson, J.N. and Lillie R.
Johnson, J.Q.
Johnson, J.R.
Johnson, J.S.
Johnson, J.T.
Johnson, James
Johnson, James B.
Johnson, James B., assignee of Jas. H. Branch, assignee of Shelby H. Wilson
Johnson, James M.
Johnson, James P.
Johnson, Jno. T.
Johnson, John A.
Johnson, John A.
Johnson, Martha J.
Johnson, O.F.
Johnson, R.M.
Johnson, Robert P.
Johnson, Robert W.
Johnson, S.D.
Johnson, Salathial
Johnson, Samuel H. deceased's heirs at law
Johnson, W.S.
Johnson, William J. assignee of James C. Copeland
Johnson, William J. assignee of W.W. Stepp who was the assignee of Jas. A. Stout
Johnson, William K.
Johnson, Wm. R.
Johnson, Wm. R. assignee of M.R. Yewbanks
Johnston, Carroll W. and Pauline Johnston
Johnston, E.B.
Johnston, Gregory
Johnston, H.W.
Johnston, James M.
Johnston, Lee R.
Jolly, Isaiah
Jones Investment Co.
Jones, A.G.
Jones, A.W. and J.J. Joslin
Jones, B.L.
Jones, B.L.
Jones, C.H. assignee of Sam Nunnelley
Jones, E.R.
Jones, G.T.
Jones, George
Jones, H.B.
Jones, I.P.
Jones, J.C.
Jones, J.C.'s heirs and legal representatives
Jones, J.G.
Jones, J.H. & J.P.
Jones, J.R.
Jones, J.W.L.
Jones, James F. assignee of Joel Dyer
Jones, James M.
Jones, James W. assignee of Coke B. Danniel
Jones, James W. assignee of J.L. Shinn
Jones, James W. assignee of W.S. Petray
Jones, Joel
Jones, Joel assignee of S. Stewart
Jones, John G.
Jones, John H.
Jones, John H. assignee of Hopestill Taylor
Jones, John L.
Jones, L.B.
Jones, L.E. last assignee of Hezekiah Chaney
Jones, Lee
Jones, Malachi
Jones, N.D.
Jones, S.H.
Jones, S.T.
Jones, S.T.
Jones, S.W.
Jones, T.M.
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Thos. M.
Jones, W.A.
Jones, W.H.
Jones, W.K.
Jones, W.N.
Jones, W.R.
Jones, W.R.
Jones, Wiley C.
Jones, Wilson C.
Jonesboro Realty Company
Jonesboro Stove and Hardwood Co.
Jordan, Benjamin F. Jr.
Jordan, G.R.
Jordan, James B.W. assignee of Jno. M. Glass
Jordan, S.N.
Jordan, U.G.
Jordin, Miles and Redick
Joselyn, J.W.
Joslin, Isaac
Joyce, Alexander
Joyce, Alexander
Joyner, Thomas J.
Juniel, J.W.
Juniel, John Sr.
Kagen, T.F.
Kaines?, J.M. last assignee of Jacob Mills
Kaiser, L.H.
Kansas City Lumber Co.
Kansas City and Southern Lumber Co.
Kansas and Texas Coal Co.
Kaplan, Andrew
Kappen, William
Kappen, Wm.
Karnes, Lee R. and Iris Karnes, his wife
Kasminsky, Marks
Kaufman, John
Kavanaugh, C.C. assignee of S.R. Morgan
Kavnes?, J.M. last assignee of T.P. German
Kearney Lumber Company
Keathley, Kermit
Keck, G.W.R.
Keck, Isaac
Keck, S.R.
Keeland, Geo.
Keeler, C.M.
Keeler, C.M. Jr.
Keeling, D.C.
Keeling, E.M.
Keeling, Elijah
Keesee, George
Keith, J.A.
Keith, J.A.'s heirs and legal reprsentatives
Keith, T.M.
Keller, Eli, as assignee of William W. Keller
Keller, J.W.
Kelley Lumber Company
Kelley, C.E.
Kelley, Eli
Kelley, J.A.
Kelley, J.M.
Kelley, J.W.
Kelley, R.F.
Kelley, W.B. assignee of J.H. Scruggs
Kelley, William C.
Kelliam, W.L.
Kelly, Eli
Kelly, J.W.
Kelly, Joel assignee of V.S. Kelly
Kelsey, Joseph assignee of W.A.G. Thompson
Kelso, Thomas
Kelso, Thomas last assignee of G.W. Pendley
Kelso, Thomas last assignee of Isaac T. Shehan
Kelso, Thomas last assignee of Jacob Mills
Kelso, Thomas last assignee of Tibbs & German
Kemp, J.C.
Kemp, J.W.E.
Kemp, Wm. L.
Kendall, Frank Lumber Co.
Kendall, R.A.
Kendrick, John
Kennea, Wm.
Kennedy and Morelock Stave Co.
Kennedy, Daniel R.
Kennedy, Wm. M.
Kennedys & Morelock Stave Co.
Kennedys Morelock Stave Co.
Kennerly, M.M.
Kennerly, Nellie C. Mrs.
Kennerly, William C.
Kennington, Watson C.
Kennison, Ora C.
Kent, J.H.
Kerby, W.A.
Kerby, W.F.
Kerens, Fannie
Keresa, Fannie
Kerley, M.C.
Kersh, N.B.
Kersh, W.D.
Kesterson, M.M.
Ketchersid, Katie E.
Key, R.B.F.
Kibler, A.H. assignee of G.W. Hill
Kibler, A.H. assignee of Micheal Beshoar
Kick, G.W.R.
Kidd, John W.
Kidd, Otis M.
Kidd, Tandy K.
Kiefner, John Jr.
Kieman, B.F.
Kilburn, Carroll
Kilburn, W.M.
Kilgore, D.L.
Killgore, Dawson L.
Killingsworth, Elijah assignee of Thomas M. Gibbs
Killingsworth, James assignee of Joseph Clark
Kilpatrick, Nellie? F.
Kilpatrick, William
Kilpatrick, Wm.
Kimberlin, A.W.
Kimbro, J.W.
Kimes, T.M.
Kindall, Azariah
Kindall, Frank
Kindred, Z.T.
King Lumber Co.
King Ryder Lumber Company
King, Alfred
King, D.L.
King, F.S. Mrs. and J.K. Brodie
King, G.W.
King, J.A.
King, J.P.
King, J.S.
King, J.S.
King, Jesse
King, John
King, Ruben
King, Thomas
King, Thomas B. assignee of W.C. Petty
King, Thos. J. and Sam'l B. Milwee
King, W.D. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
King, William C.
Kingree, Alfred assignee of F.M. Hunsucker
Kinner, W.R.
Kinnison, Ora C.
Kinsworthy, Ezekiel
Kinsworthy, P.S.
Kirby, Albert G.
Kirby, Albert H.
Kirby, Haybun
Kirby, J.C. legal heir of H.F. Kirby
Kirk, T.F. and R.G., last assignees of Francis? A. Terry and T.W. Steele
Kirk, T.F. and R.G., last assignees of Wright Williams
Kirkham, Wm. B.
Kirkland, Lee
Kirkpatrick, A.N. & H.T.
Kirkwood, T.B.
Kitchens, J.H. assignee of F.L. Saffell
Kitchens, Wade 85%; J.R. Wilson 9.75%, and E.B. Kimpel Jr. 5.25%
Kitta, Adam
Kizer, A.J.
Kizer, A.J. assignee of E.F. Friedell
Kizer, Nick
Klein, Cadi and Sig Klein
Klein, F.J. last assignee of A.S. Prather
Kleinhaus, Chas. A.
Kligehoeffer, G.
Klingelheiffer, Gustavus
Klingelhoeffer, Gustavus
Klinglehafer, assignee of F. Buckingham
Knapp Stout and Company
Knapp, Duane C. and Frances P. Knapp
Knight, Abe
Knight, E.R.
Knight, E.R. assignee of Jas. L. Izard
Knight, G.W. and Walter Murray, assignees of Advance Lumber Co.
Knowles, Wm.
Knox, J.C.
Kober, A.A.
Kocourek, John
Kuis, J.L. Jud
Kurtz, John
Kuykendall, B.
Kuykendall, M.J.
Kyle, Gayle H? assignee of Chapman Williams & William Destindge?
Kyle, T.B.
Kytle, Ed
LaFargue, L.E.
Lackey, B.F.
Lackey, J.W.
Lacy, D.M. assignee of J.J. Hunter
Lain, James P.
Laird, Nathan
Lake, Daniel
Laman, J.A.
Lamar, Stephen E.
Lamb, J.W.P.
Lamb, Reuben and A.C.
Lamb, Shirl and Jessie Lamb, his wife
Lambert, John assignee of Jacob Lambert
Lambert, Matthew
Lambert, Perry
Lambert, Walter
Lambeth, Alston G.
Lamford, Gilbert deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Lammers, J.B.
Lancaster, F.A.
Lancaster, William
Lance, Horace
Lance, Thomas
Land, J.A.
Land, R.C.
Land, R.C.'s heirs
Land, R.H.
Landrum, J.T.
Lane, E.L. President, and J.I. Fudge, Secretary of Mt. Moriah Church and Burying Ground and their successors in office
Lane, S.P.
Laney, W.D.
Langford, W.G. assignee of W.A. Graham
Langford, W.H.
Langley, C.A.
Langley, W.A.
Langston, Moses G.
Langston, Owen
Lannins, T.R.
Lannins?, William
Lansdale, John G.
Lantom, Peter
Larkin, Charles W.
Larkin, W.E.
Lasater, H.T.
Laser, Sam
Laster, Robert C. assignee of Samuel A?. Luster
Latta, William R.
Launius, W.H.
Lawler, Ed
Lawless, J.W.
Lawrence, A.B.
Lawrence, W.H.
Lawson, E.B.
Lawson, J.C.
Lawson, J.R.
Lawson, Nancy H.
Lawson, R.H.
Lay, F.A.
Lay, G.C.
Lay, W.H.
Layman, H.H.
Layman, T.H.
Layne, G.A.
Layson, John
Layton, A.S.
Lazier, Fred
Lea, J.A.
Lea, Jackson
Lea, John H.
Leach, Amanda
Leach, Ella Mrs.
Leach, Finis
Leach, J.A.
Leadbetter, T.W. assignee of original purchaser
Leadford, James assignee of Daniel Lacewell
Leali-?, Lewis
Leatherwood, Paul
Leavill, J.G.
Leavitt, Herburt B.
Ledbetter, A.P.
Ledbetter, Emma
Ledford, James
Lee & Robinson Tie Co.
Lee, A.J. Mrs.
Lee, J.F.
Lee, James B.
Lee, Jno. C. deceased's heirs & legal representatives
Lee, John C.
Lee, Stephen M.
Lee, W.T.
Lee, William
Leebhaben, Joseph
Leeper, Zadie
Legate, A.J. assignee of Wm. A. Bludin?
Leggett, Ray H.
Lemley, J.W.
Lemley, W.E.
Lemmonds, Alfred R.
Lemons, John asignee of N. Bradshaw
Lemoyne, George W., assignee of William Wyatt
Lena Lumber Co.
Lenon, W.E.
Lenox, John P.
Lesser, Morris
Lester Mill Company
Lester, C.O.
Lester, P.K.
Lester, P.K. and Thomas J. Mellon
Lester, P.K. and Thomas J. Meltin
Leszynsky, E.G.
Levy, Joseph and John Lazarus
Lewallen, R.M.
Lewallen, W.D.
Lewallen, W.H.
Lewallen, W.P.
Lewelling & Co.
Lewis, C.L., and Lula L. Scott, and Lena Lewis
Lewis, Grady
Lewis, John B.
Lewis, Julia
Lewis, Lonnie and Andie Lewis
Lewis, M.J. Mrs.
Lewis, Q.H.
Lewis, Simon V.
Lewis, Stanley
Lewis, Stephen D.
Lewis, W.R. assignee of P.H. Jackson who was assignee of A.M. Campbell
Lewis, William R.
Lewisville Lumber Company
Librand, Emanuel assignee of James M. Dison
Liddell, Robt.
Lifford, John
Light, P.G. assignee of W.A.H. Light
Ligon, W.T.
Liley, Anthony W.
Liley, Lewis D.
Lindley, B.F.
Lindsay Land and Lumber Company
Lindsey, Elizabeth
Lindsey, Elizabeth assignee of Jno. Standley
Lindsey, Felix G. Jr.
Lindsey, Felix G. and Wm. W. Thomasson
Lindsey, Joseph
Lindsey, S.D. and J.A. Pearson
Linebarger, A.F.
Linebarger, A.F.
Lineberger, Anne assignee of M.E. Lineberger
Lingard, Samuel B.
Linn, J.O.
Linthicum, Joseph A.
Lipe, Andrew
Lippman, L. and S.W. Chatterson
Lipps, C.A.
Lipps, J.B. deceased's heirs
Litles?, F.M.
Little Bay Lumber Co.
Little Rock Cooperage Co.
Little Rock Cooperage Co. assignee of J.H. Cardell
Little, Alexander
Little, Henry A. assignee of John R. Holcomb
Little, J.A.
Little, W.J.
Littleton, Reader
Littleton, Reeder
Littleton, W.D.
Livesay, L.O.
Livingston, C.A.
Livingston, Jno. A. assignee of the heirs and legal representatives of Wilson Hildreth deceased
Livingston, R.C.
Lloyd, L.A.
Lloyd, L.A. assignee of R.J. Stell
Locke, Thomas T.
Locke, William J.
Lockett, Thomas W.
Loetscher, Christian F.
Loffland, J.S.
Lofland, J.S.
Lofland, Joseph
Lofland, Joseph S. assignee of Charles Crowley
Loftin, S.W.
Loftin, T.H.
Logan, George W.
Logan, George W. assignee of John B. Billings
Logan, H.G.
Logan, Mary S. Mrs. and Eva Belle Anderson
Long, Geo. W. assignee of J.W. Weble
Long, J.R.
Long, John B.
Long, L.
Longino, H.A. and D.D. Goode
Longview Lumber Company
Looney, I.D. assignee of G.W. Mosely
Lord, J.D.
Loretz, H.S.
Lott, James assignee of J.S. Lemons
Louis, W.R.
Louis, W.R. assignee of B.B. Holt
Louis, W.R. assignee of N. Holt
Love, B.F.
Love, Darling
Love, F.O.
Love, J.C.
Love, J.C.
Love, William C. assignee of F.M. Spraudling and W.H. Spraudling
Love, Wm. E. assignee of Jno. Melton
Love, Wm. E. assignee of W.P. Evans
Lovelace, Alvan
Lowder, J.W.
Lowder, M.A.
Lowder, W.C. assignee of L. Lawrence
Lowdermilk, Elliott
Lowdermilk, Elliott assignee of Jesse Johnson
Lowell, Wm. assignee of Wm. E. Scott
Lowry, T.N.
Loyd, L.A. last assignee of G.W. Stell
Luberth, G.L.
Lucas, H.R. assignee of Oscar Norton
Lucky, Eugene T.
Lucy, J.E.
Lueker, G.
Lugenbell, Peter
Lumpkins, W.R.
Lumsden, O.C.
Luna, Andrew
Lunda and Sessions
Lundy, I.J.
Lunn, T.F.
Luper, H.M.
Luper, Henry
Luper, W.H. and R.R. Luper [could be Leeper]
Luster, John
Luther, N.J. assignee of J.D. Mayberry & R.A. Rhodes
Luxora Gin Company, Inc.
Luxora, city of
Lybrand, Isaac
Lyle, J.M.
Lyle, Thomas
Lyle, W.H.
Lynch, I.P.
Lynch, Odess L.
Lynn, G.W. assignee of W.R. Vandiver
Lynn, M.A. Mrs. assignee of N.C. Charles
Lyon, C.L.
Lyon, Samuel R.
Lyons, W.C.
Lytle, Ernest L.
Maberry, A.F.
Maberry, John
Mack, W.H.
Macon, L.B.W.
Maddox, H.P.
Maddox, S.B.
Maders, Wm. J.
Magers, John B.
Magness, R.P.H.
Magness, T.D.
Magruder, Francis Huggins; L. Gale Huggins; and Helen June Huggins Lowrie
Maguffee, Freelyn
Mahan, W.N.
Mahan, W.N.
Main, H.T. assignee of Isaac T. Epples
Main, J.H.T. assignee of R.S. McCarty
Main, John H.T.
Major Stave Co.
Majors, J.E.
Majors, N.A. and Daisy Majors, his wife
Maldin, Jesse
Malicoat, Deadmond assignee of A.R. Sharp
Malicoat, James
Mallory, Geo. B. assignee of J.S. Boney
Malloy, David
Malloy, J.T.
Maloch, D. Smead
Malone, Freeman and F. Bates
Malvern Lumber Co.
Manck, W.D.
Mangold Stave and Cooperage Co.
Mangrum, N.P.
Mankins, Peter
Manly, James
Mann & Garanflo Land and Lumber Co., assignee of F.M. Quertermous
Mann and Garanflo Land and Lumber Company
Mann, C.B.
Mann, Cyrus B.
Mann, E.P.
Mann, J.W. assignee of Wm. M. Mann
Mann, Philip
Mansfield Lumber & Mer. Co., assignee of B.F. Brumon
Maples, A.B.
Maples, J.S.
Maples, James
Maples, James A.
Maples, James A. assignee of J.L. Washington
Marcotte, Carl
Marcum, Hughes
Marion County Land Company
Markham, William
Marks, E.P.
Marks, W.D.
Marr, H.D. and Joel Kelly
Marriott, Ruben
Marrs, Aaron A.
Marsh, A.J.
Marsh, A.J. assignee of James M. Russey who was assignee of Daniel Tayler
Marsh, E.I. Mrs.
Marsh, G.O.
Marshall, C.J. assignee of M.T.C. Marshall
Marshall, O.N.
Marshall, Thos. R. assignee of G.S. Lee
Marston, Chas. T. and M.H. Camp
Martin C.H.
Martin and Burnside
Martin, Andrew
Martin, B.B.
Martin, D.P.
Martin, Elizabeth L.
Martin, J.A. and J.W.
Martin, J.T.
Martin, J.W. and T.L. Burnside
Martin, James
Martin, James E.
Martin, Jas. L.
Martin, Jas. L. assignee of J.B. Lee
Martin, John W.
Martin, L.J.
Martin, Lillie May
Martin, Roy, trustee
Martin, Thomas B.
Martin, W.J.
Martin, W.P.
Martin, W.R.
Martindale, John
Martindale, John security of Thomas H. Smith
Marzoll, Francisco
Marzoll, Francisco assignee of Jas. Smith
Masengill, E.
Mason, Asa deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Mason, David C.
Mason, Francis Mrs., widow, and Catherine Mason, Charles Mason and Wm. Mason, children, heirs of Richard E. Mason dec'd
Mason, J.F.
Mason, J.W.
Mason, L.W.
Mason, Laura C. widow, and Marcus C. Mason & Harry F. Mason, sole heirs at law of J.H. Mason deceased
Mason, Richard E.'s heirs
Massey, J.B.
Massey, L.M.
Massey, W.E.
Massey, W.M.
Massey, W.S.
Massman, Franciska
Masterson, T. Michael
Mathews, Benjamin R.
Mathews, John T.
Mathis, N.J.
Matkins, J.F.
Matlock, George W.
Matlock, John
Matlock, S.S.
Matlock, S.S.
Matlock, Stephen T.
Matlock, Thomas
Matlock, Thos. B.
Matthews, A.W.
Matthews, H.
Matthews, Hurbert
Matthews, J.T., T.G. Bates, C.E. Forrester, J.T. Forrester, and A.E. Goolsby
Matthews, Jas. P. assignee of Jas. S. Lamplin
Matthews, Jas. T.
Matthews, Laurence
Matthews, Lawrence assignee of Thos. M. Hughs
Matthews, Thomas H.
Mattison, G.E.
Mattox, John C.
Mattox, Reddin B.
Mattox, William J.
Mattson, E.
Mauldin, B.A.
Mauldin, Jesse assignee of J.J. McGough
Maxfield, Theodore
Maxfield, Theodore Co.
Maxfield, Theodore assignee of M.C. Holland
Maxwell, Benjamin
May, D.Y.
May, David
May, David, last assignee
May, Novelee Cook
May, T.B.
May, U.C.
Mayberry, A.F.
Mayberry, E.T. Mrs.
Mayberry, John
Mayfield, J.M. and Ruby A. Mayfield, widow...
Mayfield, John A.
Mayfield, Ruby A., widow, H. Jean Mayfield, C. Fred Mayfield, & Ross C. Mayfield, sons of A.M. Mayfield, deceased
Mayfield, Ruby C., H. Jean Mayfield, Ross C. Mayfield, and C. Fred Mayfield
Maynard, John
Mayo, J.L., assignee of F.A. Mayo
Mayo, Sallie
Mayo, William M.
Mayo, Winston A., assignee of F.A. Mayo
Mayo, Wm. M. adminstrator of Jas. B. Bowers
Mayor, Eugene and wife, Frances Mayor
Mays, Samuel W.
McAdams, J.L.
McAdams, Robt.
McAlister, C.W.
McAlister, S.G.
McAllester, J.N.
McAlmont, John J.
McAlpine, Aurelius E.
McAnally, John
McBride, I.N.
McBurnett, J.E.B.
McCabe, Jas. H.
McCain, George W. assignee of John Snider
McCain, Miranda
McCain, W.S.
McCalib, Ira A.
McCall, W.H.
McCallister, C.C.
McCallum, Edward
McCamy, Robert
McCarley, Jno. W.
McCarrell, John W.
McCarrell, R.E.
McCarroll, R.G.
McCarson, J.H.
McCarson, Jacob H.
McCarson, W.F.
McCarthy, J.C.
McCartney, W.A.
McCarty, Jacob
McCarty, Nelson
McCaslin, J.C.
McCauley, B.F.
McCawley, T.H.
McCew, J.C. assignee of J.C. Hanna
McCew, J.C. assignee of Jacob Mills
McCew, J.C. assignee of T.P. German
McCew, J.C. assignee of T.P. German who was assignee of Jacob Mills
McCew, J.C. assignee of W.R. Vandiveer
McCew, J.C. last assignee of Chas. Pyron
McClain, John B. assignee of Mercer Burch
McClain, W.J.
McClanahan, Louis assignee of J.T. Abraham
McClancy, William
McClard, A.N.
McClard, J.E.
McClay, J.J. and V.J. Trotter
McClay, W.S.
McClelland, Ross and Leo McClellan
McClintock, J.M.
McClintock, J.M.
McClintock, James R.
McClung, J.H.
McClure, John
McClure, W.H. assignee
McCollen, H.C.
McComb, A.C.
McCombs, W.F.
McConnell, E.E.'s heirs at law
McConnell, Jno. G.
McCorkle, J.M.
McCothen, T.H.
McCowan, John
McCoy, Daniel
McCoy, J.T. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
McCoy, Jas. L.
McCoy, Jas. L. assignee of W.J. Lauck
McCoy, R. & Co.
McCoy, T.K. assignee of Elizabeth Harwell
McCoy, T.R.
McCracken, Gus
McCracken, James B.
McCracken, Joseph T.
McCray, J.Z.
McCuen, J.D.
McCullar, Jno. J.
McCurdy, R.D.
McCurley, John Washington
McDade, Nancy
McDade, Nancy executrix on the estate of John M. McDade
McDaniel, H.L.
McDaniel, Jas.
McDaniel, Jno. L. last assignee of Jasminee Koonce
McDaniel, John L.
McDaniel, Newt
McDaniel, Rasco
McDanield, H.F.
McDaniell?, Edward
McDavit, E.
McDermott, B.C.
McDonald, A.
McDonald, Dan & Jack
McDonald, E.E.
McDonald, Ed assignee of W.T. McDonald
McDonald, J.B.
McDonald, J.W.
McDonald, James
McDonald, Kenneth G. and Carolyn B. McDonald, husband & wife; & J.T. Littrell & Joetta Littrell, husband & wife
McDonald, R.
McDonald, T.F.
McDonald, W.T.
McDougal, J.F.
McDowell, V.M.
McDowell, W.D.
McElhaney, T.J.
McElhaney, T.J.
McElheinney, James
McElhenny, J.G.
McElmurry, Clyde
McElroy, J.W. and W.P. Ru--s?
McElroy, James J.
McElroy, Josiah
McFalls, Jno. P.
McFalls, John
McFerrin, Ben E.
McGee, Benton
McGee, G.W.
McGee, J.F.
McGee, John F.
McGehee, F.M.
McGehee, F.O.
McGehee, Samuel M.
McGhee, Frank
McGhee, Green G.'s legal representative of the estate
McGlasson, J.W.
McGonigil, James H.
McGoogan, Mildred
McGough, C.H.
McGough, R.A.
McGougin, John T.
McGowan, John
McGraw, B.F.
McGuigan, W. and A.
McGuire, T.R.
McHenry, E.O.
McHenry, J.W.
McHenry, R.H. and T.E. Carter
McHenry, R.R.
McIlroy, Andrew
McIlroy, Martha Josephine
McIlvoy, Andrew assignee of Jefferson Tyloe
McIlvoy, Andrew assignee of W.B. Williams
McIntosh, W.P.
McIver, M.A.
McKay, A.M.
McKee, Geo.
McKee, H.F. Mrs.
McKenzie, J.F.
McKenzie, Larkin F.
McKenzie, Larkin T.T. assignee of Jesse J. Busby
McKiel, Josiah S.
McKilroy, T.B.
McKiney, Kesiah's heirs
McKinney, Geo. P.
McKinney, J.A.
McKinnie, J.H.
McKinzie, J.G.
McKleroy, T.B.
McKnight, G.M.
McKnight, John F.
McLain, J.V.
McLaughlin, W.F. and J.F. McLaughlin
McLendon, E.L.
McLeod, A.
McLeskey, L.A.
McLuer, William P.
McMahan, Francis M. assignee of H.H. Mayben
McMahan, Francis M.'s heirs
McMath, Lula May Mrs. widow of S.S. McMath, deceased...
McMath, S.S. and L.M. assignees of J.M. Witt
McMellon, Thomas
McMelon, Thomas
McMillan, D.W.
McMillan, Dougald
McMillion, Thomas
McNair, H.L.
McNair, J.M.
McNamee, P.A.
McNeely, Robert
McNeil, James
McNeil, Walter E.
McNeill, Hecter assignee of Peter B. Siler, assgn of A.W. Collins, assgn of Chas. Horsley, assgn of Jas. B. Palmer
McNeill, James A.
McNeill, W.B.
McPeake, William
McPherson, Joe
McQuinny, Luke
McRae & Company
McRae, J.M.
McRae, J.M.
McRae, Thomas C.
McRay, George
McRay, Thomas C.
McReynolds, S.D. last assignee of A.J. Giddon
McReynolds, S.D. last assignee of James Hix
McSpadden, Wm. L.
McWha, John W.
McWilliams, J.S. assignee of S.J. Ethridge
Meaders, Jacob
Meaders, William J.
Meador, J.G.
Meadors, J.J. assignee of J.A. Russell
Meadows, J.F.
Meadows, Jno. R.
Mears, G.W.
Mears, Geo. W.
Mears, T.E. and Thos. Compere
Meath, P.G.
Medley, J.H.
Medley, John S.
Meek, J.R.S.
Meek, S.B.
Meeks, Abner D.
Meeks, J.D.
Meeks, J.D.
Meeks, J.D. last assignee of Mrs. Mary Salmon
Meeks, John D.
Meeks, John D.
Meeks, William J.
Meeks, Wm. J.
Meghebey, George
Meiser Lumber Company
Mellson, Washington G.O.
Melton, A.Q.
Melville, Hugh M. and Enid E. Melville his wife
Mengoz, Peter
Menick, John
Mercer, David
Merch & Elskins
Merett, John
Merewether, J.M.'s heirs and legal representatives
Meriwether, C.L.
Meroney, J.M.
Merrick, Griffith
Merrill, W.P.
Merriman, C.P.
Merritt, W.F.
Metcalf, Isaac Franklin last assignee of T.L. Bolinger
Meyer, A.
Meyer, A.
Meyer, Carl and Ruby L. Meyer
Meyer, Charlie and Virginia Meyer
Meyer, H.H. Mike; Bruce H. Shaw; Fred McLane; and Evelyn McLane
Meyer, S.
Middlebrook, T.
Middleton, J.C.
Middleton, John T.
Middleton, John T. and H.A. Williams
Miesen, D.J.
Miles, B.F. assignee of Charles Smith
Miles, Dallas deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Miles, David
Miles, John J.
Miles, John J., father and legal heir of James Thomas Miles, deceased
Miles, Oscar L. and Lovick P. Miles
Miller Brothers
Miller, Charles
Miller, Charley
Miller, Frank
Miller, Frank assignee of M.C. Miller
Miller, Geo. W. assignee of J.A. Yeager
Miller, Geo. W. assignee of S.A. Swift
Miller, Henry G.
Miller, J.A.
Miller, John F.
Miller, Jonas
Miller, Joseph W.
Miller, Joseph W. assignee of Henry Ward
Miller, Lawson
Miller, Lucretia F.
Miller, S.E. Mrs.
Miller, Wilson
Miller, Wilson N.
Miller, Wilson assignee of Thomas H. Penn
Mills, J.B.
Mills, Joseph W.
Milton, A.B.
Milton, Anderson B.
Milton, J.W.
Milton, James M.
Milton, Walker
Mims, Joseph F.
Minchew, Milton
Minden Lumber Co.
Minnick, John
Minor and Co.
Minton, R.E.
Minyard, Charlton
Mirus, W.D.
Misee, Thomas
Miser, Thomas
Mississippi County Union Mission, Inc.
Missouri Lumber Co.
Missouri Mill Co.
Mitchell, F.C.
Mitchell, F.C. assignee of James Arnn
Mitchell, J.E.
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, Robert L.
Mitchell, Robt. L.
Mitchell, S.R.
Mitchell, Thomas R.
Mitchell, Viola Ford
Mitchell, W.W.
Mitchell, William H.
Mizell, J.L.
Mizell, Joe
Mode, J.A.
Mode, J.A.
Moffatt, J.B., assignee of A.L. Moffatt
Moll, Samuel
Molochawski, Max
Monroe Lumber Company Ltd.
Monroe, James C.
Montgmoery, J.P.
Montgomery, D.B. [or V.B.?]
Montgomery, David J.
Montgomery, George W. and Lois B. Montgomery, his wife
Montgomery, H.W.
Montgomery, H.W. and C.E. Gentry
Montgomery, James M.
Montgomery, Kindred
Montgomery, L.A.
Montgomery, W.C.
Montz, Grant
Moock, Z.H. assignee of Wiley Stoots and Sam'l Casey
Moody, B.F.
Moody, Benjamin F.
Moody, Benjamin F. assignee of T.M. Chipman
Moody, Benjamin T. assignee of Thos. W. Chipman
Moody, Hudson
Moody, J.W.
Moon & McCloud
Moore & Sheeton
Moore, A.W.
Moore, Aaron J.
Moore, Alford
Moore, Andrew B.
Moore, B.A.
Moore, Chas. B. et al
Moore, David M. assignee of Loyd Jenkins
Moore, Guy A.
Moore, H.C.
Moore, Harry
Moore, Isaac
Moore, J.A.
Moore, J.L. & L.E.
Moore, J.R.B.
Moore, J.R.B. assignee of J.L. Leffler
Moore, J.S.
Moore, J.W.
Moore, Jas. P.
Moore, John A.
Moore, John F.
Moore, John I.
Moore, John P.
Moore, L.E.
Moore, M.E.
Moore, M.L. and Nat Martin
Moore, Martin L.
Moore, Mary J.
Moore, N.W.
Moore, Oscar S. and Alice S. Moore
Moore, Pauline J.
Moore, Robert E. and Clara Dean Moore; and Jimmie Johnson and Anna Johnson
Moore, Samuel
Moore, W.E.
Moore, W.L.
Moore, William F.
Moore, Wm. G. assignee of Samuel Carter
Moores and Bush
Mooring, John E. assignee of John Richards
Moory, J.R.
Moose, J.S.
Moran, M.Y.
Moran, W.J.
More, H.D.
More, James S.
Moreton, Stephen F.L.
Morgan and Stewart
Morgan, C.H. assignee of W.S. Morgan
Morgan, C.L.
Morgan, C.L.
Morgan, E.M.
Morgan, F.L.
Morgan, Isaiah N.
Morgan, J.G.
Morgan, Randall
Morgan, Thomas J.
Morgan, Thomas J.
Morgan, William T.
Morledge, George B., assignee of T.O. Fitzpatrick
Morphus, D.S.
Morrell, E.E.
Morris, Henry
Morris, Isaac
Morris, J.D. and M.T. Murphy
Morris, J.G. and Charlene Morris
Morris, James
Morris, Jas. D.
Morris, Robert D. and Elaine Morris, his wife
Morris, Swain
Morris, W.B.
Morris, William B.
Morrison, J.W.
Morrison, John
Morrison, William M.
Morrison, Wm. M.
Morrow, Mark
Morrow, Wm. P.
Mort, John W.
Morton, Lillie last assignee of W.W. Dickey
Morton, Stephen F.L.
Moseley, Jordan H.
Moses and Hollingsworth
Moses, E.H.
Moses, J.W.
Moss, Fletcher
Moss, J.B. and L.T. Weaver
Moss, Joe and L.T. Weaver, asignees of W.R. Williams
Moss, Joe and L.T. Weaver, assignees of W.W. Bruce
Mott, William
Moulder, S.C. assignee of Geo. Sloan
Mouser, Jno. D.
Mouser, John
Moyer, A.W.
Mt. Ida Real Estate and Investment Co.
Mullens, William W.
Mullin, John
Mullings, J.D.
Munch?, Basil H.
Mundy, Daniel assignee of Mary Mundy
Mundy, Daniel last assignee of Hecht & Brother
Munn, Malcum
Munn, Z.T.
Murdock, C.S.
Murdock, J.P.
Murphy, Eathan A.
Murphy, John P. guardian of Mary G. McNally and George F. McNally
Murphy, R.D.
Murphy, Thomas
Murphy, W.H. Jr.
Murrah, Chas. I.
Muskegon Lumber Company of Little Rock, Ark.
Myers, A.M.
Myers, S.V.
Myers, W.J. and wife Maggie Myers
Nall, John M.
Nalls, G.H.
Nance, J.B.
Nash, E.
Nash, Edmon
Nash, J.D. assignee of Jas. H. Pool
Nash, J.L.
Nash, L.V. Mrs.
Nashville Lumber Company
Natho, J.H. and Chas. Natho
Natho, J.H. and Clas. Natho, assignees of E. Tallman
Naylor, Calvin C.
Neal, C.T.
Neal, John C.
Neal, O.F.
Neal, Wm. assignee of Wm. Dale
Neaton, T.W.
Neel, William
Neeles, W.J. Jr. and C.J. Julien
Neemeyer, A.J. Lumber Co.
Neff, J.R.
Neighbors, James C.
Neill, George D. Newton
Neill, George W.
Neill, Henry assignee of Isaac Groomes
Neill, J.T.
Neimeyer, A.J. Lumber Co.
Nelms, T.P.
Nelms, Thomas P.
Nelson, Charles
Nelson, Guy last assignee
Nelson, Harvey assignee of W.S. Sexson & Son
Nelson, J.H.
Nelson, N.P.
Nelson, R.L.
Nelson, R.L.
Nelson, William
Nelson, Wm. Riley
Nepear, Joseph
Nettle, Wm. R.
Nettles, Robert E.
Neuman, J.A.C.
Neumier, August F.
Nevils, Will
Newcomb, George
Newgass, Benjamin
Newman, A.W.
Newman, Aaron H.
Newman, B.E.
Newman, C.G.
Newman, Horace C.
Newman, J.A.C.
Newman, James
Newman, Jonathan
Newman, M.H. Estate
Newport Land Company
Newsom, Ella R.
Newsome, Jenkins
Newton, G.B. assignee of John B. Pittman
Newton, I.J. Jr.
Newton, L.P. Mrs.
Newton, S.E. and Thos. Dixon
Newton, Tilford
Newton, W.A.
Nicholas, A.T., J.W. & C.W. Roberts, Mary D. Osborne, Sarah A. Giddens, Fannie Primrose...
Nicholds, T.A.
Nicholl, Jo.
Nichols, Frank
Nichols, Jesse
Nichols, John
Nichols, K.D.
Nichols, M.J.
Nichols, Philip
Nichols, T.A.
Nichols, T.E.
Nichols, Wm. E.
Nickle, R.C.
Niel, George W.
Niel, John C.
Nieman, S.H.
Nipper, J.H.
Nipper, J.H., J.F. Nipper, W.M. Nipper, Ivory B. Nipper, Jessie May Nipper, Eunice Nipper, Connie Nipper...
Nipper, Jessie May; Eunice Nipper, Connie Nipper, Ussery Nipper, Aurelius Nipper, Sterling Nipper, Verdie Nipper...
Nippler, Ivory B.
Niven, D.B.
Niven, D.B. and J.D.
Niven, John
Nix, J.E.
Nix, W.R.
Nixon, D.E.
Nixon, H.G.
Nixon, J.T.
Noble, Elsie
Noe, B.
Noe, Hiram J.
Nolan, C.W.
Noll, Geo. H.
Noll, Margaret K.
Nollner, R.H.
Nordin, A.J.
Nordin, Bud and Eula May Nordin
Norman, G.H.
Norman, Geo. assignee of S.B. Baird
Norman, George
Norman, George assignee of B.I. Jackson
Norman, George trustee
Norman, William S.
Norrell, S.E.
Norris, Ananias
Norris, G.B. and J.C.
Norris, J.A.
Norris, J.C.
Norris, J.C. & G.B.
Norris, J.E.
Norris, J.M.
Norris, J.W.
Norris, John L.
Norris, Jonathan
Norsworthy, Galbanum
North, George C. assignee of W.B. Taylor
North, W.C.
Northcut, Sam
Norton, A.D. assignee of David Weatherly, Jerremiah C. Watson, Wm. J. Watson, and William M. King
Norton, E.C.
Norton, E.C. and J.I. Hagins
Norton, E.R.
Norton, E.R. and A.G. Wheeler
Norton, E.R. and A.G. Wheeler
Norton, J.J.
Norton, J.M. and J.J. Norton Jr.
Norton, M.C.
Norton, P.H.
Norvell, Isaac F.
Norwood, James K.
Norwood, John A. assignee of Wesley Norwood
Norwood, Josiah N.
Norwood, Kate
Norwood, Robert heir of John Norwood
Norwood, Robt.
Nott, William H.H.
Nott, William H.H., assignee of Calvin Rutherford
Nottinkamper, Paul
Nowell, S.J. widow
Nowlin, E.
Nunnalley, Sam and E.A. Routh
Nunnally, Len
Nunnally, William
Nunnelee, J.F.
Nunneley and Routh
Nunneley, Sam
Nunneley, Sam, E.A. Routh, and F.M. Young
Nunneley, Samuel L.
Nunnelly, Sam
O'Bar, William and John O'Bar
O'Neal, Abijah
O'Neal, John S.
O'Neal, M.
O'Neal, Peter
O'Neill, John
Oakley, Elsby assignee of Wm. Hazlewood
Oakley, G.H.
Oakley, J.W.
Oakley, J.W. assignee of Elsby Oakley
Oakley, R.C.
Oakley, Ruffin C.
Oaks, J.H.
Oates, J.N.
Oates, W.C. assignee of James C. Green and W.B. Worsham
Oats, John F. assignee of Darling Love
Oats, John F. assignee of Joseph N. Marshall
Ogden, Earl
Olinghouse, H.L.
Oliphant, T.W.
Olive, Wm.
Oliver, C.S.
Oliver, Francis
Oliver, G.H.
Oliver, G.H. correction deed
Oliver, G.W.
Oliver, Genett L. assignee of Jas. Gouger
Oliver, Henry T.
Oliver, Henry T. assignee of W.H. Irvin
Oliver, J.M. and Mary L. Oliver
Oliver, Jeptha
Oliver, Richard
Oneal, A.H.
Oneal, J.F.
Oneal, Noyel
Opitz, J.G.
Orsbun, Pleasant M.
Orsburn, P.M.
Osborn, Pleasant M.
Osborne, Tom
Osburn, Pleasant & Peter Osburn
Osburn, Pleasent M.
Osceola Chamber of Commerce
Ott, Wesley
Ott, Wesley, W.D. Hillman, and J.W. Evans
Ottinger, Frank
Ottinger, J.F.
Overstreet, R.E. assignee of O.M. Clark
Owen, R.D. administrator of Thos. Owen, deceased
Owenby, E.
Owens, A.
Owens, G.R.
Owens, W.E.
Owens, William N.
Oxley Stove Company
Ozan Lumber Company
Ozark Investment Co.
Ozark Land Company
Pace, George and Myrtle Pace, husband and wife
Pachl, Joe and Kate Pachl
Pack, Thomass asignee of Josiah Brooks
Pack, Wm. M.
Packard, G.C.
Paddon, J.E.
Paden, Robert
Paden, Robert assignee of Reuben J. Wilson
Page, Henry
Page, Jas. T.
Paine, Gabriel W.
Paine, Thomas B.
Palmer, H.D.
Paragould Stave & Heading Manfg. Co.
Parish, Spencer N. assignee of Robert Brooks
Park, Wm.
Parker, Allie M., last assignee of H.T. Bradford
Parker, B.C. assignee of Geo. Pettigrew
Parker, G.T.
Parker, G.W.T. assignee of John C. Parker and James A. Garrett
Parker, George W.T.
Parker, Hosea
Parker, J.M.
Parker, Jno. W.
Parker, John
Parker, L.C.
Parker, L.J.
Parker, Riley
Parker, Verd E. and Nina G. Parker, husband and wife
Parker, W.H.
Parker, Wiley A.
Parker, William H.
Parkerson, Walter
Parkes, Geo. W.T. assignee of Robert E. Nettles who was the assignee of James D. McBride
Parkinson, Robert
Parks, Anna S. legal heir of John Parker, deceased
Parks, Melvin
Parks, Ruth
Parminter, James Q.
Parrott, W.D.
Parsons, A.A.
Paschal, W.H.
Paslay, H.W.
Pate, W.A.
Pate, W.C.
Patillo, Harriet F. assignee
Patillo, Lovelace
Patillo, W.E.
Patillo, William
Patrick, J.M.
Patterson, A.H.
Patterson, Frank and J.W. Patterson
Patterson, John B.
Patterson, Rich
Patton, Denver S. and Margueretta L. Patton
Patton, James D.
Patty, H.F.
Paul, Addison
Paul, Addison
Paul, E.L.
Paul, O.L.
Paul, P.F., H.F. Polson, and A.J. Cavey
Payne, C.F.
Payne, Chesley assignee of S.W. Loftin
Payne, Jno. and Ona Belle Payne
Payne, William and E.K. Haynes
Payton, Sarah F.
Peacock, J.W.
Peak, J.M.
Peak, James S.
Pearce, D.N.
Pearce, Mary C. Mrs.
Pearce, N.R. Mrs. assignee of N.B. Pearce
Pearcy, J.L.
Pearson, John
Pearson, P.F.
Pearson, P.F. assignee of J.M. Lively
Pearson, W.R.
Peay, Gordon N. trustee for W.B. Worthen Co.
Peden, Givens
Peebles, Earl V.
Peebles, James B.
Peek, J.M.
Peel, Thomas P.
Peeples, Sam
Peerson, John
Peeton, J.M. [or I.M.]
Peggington, William Q.
Pekin Stave and Mfg. Co.
Pelley, Munford
Pelton, I.M.
Pence, M.H.
Pence, M.H.
Pendergrass, Lee, R.C. Burk and E.C. Hornor
Pendleton, Earl
Penney, James
Penney, James as assignee of John S. Devirs
Penrod, Sarah
Penticost, J.M. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Perian, Franklin
Perkins, M.L.
Perrin, J.M. assignee of E.L. Killian
Perrin, J.M. assignee of Jno. T. Markham
Perry, James M. assignee of J.H. Bradshaw
Perry, Rolls Jr.
Perrymore, Jesse
Persons, W.E.
Peter, Lily
Petersen, F.A. assignee of D.L. Killgore
Petersen, F.A. assignee of Isaac Newton
Peterson, Chas.
Peterson, F.A.
Peterson, F.P.
Peterson, T.M.
Pettes, John C.
Pettigrew, George assignee of B.C. Parker
Pettigrew, George assignee of B.C. Parker who was assignee of Elisha Harbor
Pettijohon, J.H.
Pettit, W.H.
Phelps, James L.
Phifer, George W.
Philback, D.A.
Phillips, Abe
Phillips, H.D.'s heirs and legal representatives
Phillips, James E.
Phillips, James M.
Phillips, James W.
Phillips, T.J.
Phillips, W.P.
Philpott, Minnie R.
Phipps, J.H. Lumber Co.
Pickard, H.S.
Pickens, R.A.
Pickett, B.H.
Pickett, James M.
Pickler, George T.
Pierce, Ed
Pierce, F.F.
Pierce, J.A.
Pierce, M.H. and Guss Young
Pierce, R.S.
Pierce, R.T.
Pierce, W.H.
Piersen, John
Pigman, I.R.
Pilgrim, George W.
Pilkington, J.H.
Pillow, James
Pinkertin, B.F.
Pinkertin, John
Pinkertin, Mary
Pinkerton, B.F.
Pinkerton, Leonard
Pinnick, J.A.
Pinnick, J.A.
Pinnick, J.A.
Pinson, Bobby L. and Jo Anne Pinson, husband and wife
Pinson, J.H. assignee of Pleasant Larogue
Pipher, Ruth
Pipkin, J.M.
Pitkin, E.
Pitkin, J.M.'s estate
Pitkins, Joel M.
Pitman, Jno. M.
Pittman, E.N.
Pittman, J.B.
Pittman, Jerry
Pitts, H.T.
Pitts, L.
Plant, C.F.
Plant, C.F.
Plant, C.F.
Plant, Tatum C.
Pluck, J.L.
Plunkett, C.M.
Plunkett, J.H.
Plunkett, J.H.
Plunkett, J.N.
Plunkett, J.N.
Plunkett, James W.
Plyler, G.B.
Poe, H.F.
Poe, W.T. and Co.
Poiner, M.B.
Pointer, Samuel R.
Polk, Allen J.
Polk, R.W. agent
Polk, Robert H.
Pond and Decker Manufacturing Co.
Pool & Thompson
Pool, A.W. and E.L. Watson, as assignees of Wm. Underwood
Pool, Chas. K. and Juanita
Pool, G.H.
Pool, J.K.
Pool, J.M.
Pool, J.M. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Pool, James C.
Pool, James M.
Pool, John T.
Pool, Otho B.
Pool, Tom W.
Poole, C.L.
Poole, C.L.
Pope, Benjamin
Pope, John H.
Pope, John's heirs
Pope, O.T.
Pope, R.G.
Porter Mercantile Co.
Porter, J.I.
Porter, J.I. Lumber Company
Porter, M.T. assignee of Ira Rice
Porter, W.E.
Portis, J.C.
Posey, Warren
Potlatch Forests, Inc.
Potter, Fred J. and Margaret E. Potter
Potter, Julina M.
Potts, David
Potts, Geo. W.
Potts, John E.
Potts, Kirkbride
Potts, S.W.
Powell, Geo. F.
Powell, Geo. F.
Powell, Henry
Powell, J.L.
Powell, J.M.
Powell, J.T.
Powell, John
Powell, R.T.
Powell, W.G.
Powell, Wm. L.
Prater, Bazil
Pratt, H.C.
Pratt, H.M.
Pratt, J.H.
Preston, John T.
Prewett, Emma C. assignee of John M. Prewett
Prewett, O.P.
Prewitt, G.H.
Price, Benjamin
Price, J.B.
Price, John L., Joseph Adkins & Samuel Torvell, Trustees
Price, L.W.
Price, Reece
Price, Z.T.
Priddy, J.B.
Prigmore, G.W.
Primm, John T.
Prince, John
Prince, Robert A. last assignee of J.W. Eubanks
Pritchard, E.C.
Proctor, Andrew J. deceased's heirs at law
Prophet, O.S.
Provence, Gerald
Pruit, David L.
Pruitt, A.S.
Pruitt, T.B.
Pruitt, W.W.
Puckett, J.W. and J.C.
Puckett, Marie
Pugh, E.W. last assignee of Y.K. Light
Pugh, Frank
Pullen, John E. and Linda K. Pullen
Purcell, James
Purcell, William J.
Purcell, Wm. J. assignee of J.J. Son
Purdy, H.J.
Purtell, B.F.
Puryear, Robt. E.
Pye, R.P.
Pyron, T.T.
Quaile, James F. and James Moore, assignees of Jas. Cargill
Qualls, O.N.
Qualls, O.N.
Quandt, H.
Quarles, Thomas
Quearles, Thos.
Quick, Thomas J.
Quigley, A.
Quinn, Corine S.
Quinn, E.M. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Quinn, E.M. deceased's heirs and legal representatives, assignee of L.G. Oates
Quinn, Spencer
Quinn, W.E.
Rabb, John
Rachley, William C.
Rackley, J.A.
Ragsdill, Jeremiah
Rainbolt, S.P.
Rainey, R.F.
Rains, John C.
Rainwater, Laid, bank commissioner in charge, People's Bank, Ozark, Ark.
Ramick, W.L.
Ramsey, J.A.
Ramsey, Joe M.
Ramsey, John A.
Ramsey, W.S.
Rana, J.E.
Rana, J.E.
Ranch, Daniel
Ranch, Henry
Randolph, R.F.
Rands, Frances F., individually and Frances F. Rands, trustee
Raney, Hannah assignee of Isaac Harkey
Raney, Margain
Raney, Morgan
Raney, Morgan assignee of Casper Harget
Rankin, Francis assignee of J.L.K. Honeycutt
Rankin, Frank
Ratcliff, Richard M.
Ray, Elza H.
Ray, Emerson H. and Laura E. Ray, husband and wife
Ray, G.W.
Ray, George C.
Ray, J.S.
Ray, James
Ray, R.C.
Ray, Ralph E.
Ray, T.J.
Reader, F.H. assignee of James Smith
Reagan, J.T. last assignee
Reass, E.C.
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Record, F.M.
Red River Lumber Co.
Red River Lumber Co. assignee of Henry Moore
Reddin, James
Redfern, Albert and Artie Redfern
Redman, M.B.
Redman, W.A. last assignee of T.L. Bolinger
Redwine, Green D. and James R.W. Cameron, assignees of William Smith
Redwine, P.M.
Redwine, Travis
Reece, George W.
Reece, J.F.
Reece, T.P.
Reed, Albert
Reed, Edwin
Reed, Phelix J.
Reed, T.F.
Reed, Thomas
Reed, W.E.
Reeder, William
Reedy, E.E.
Reese, Jefferson C.
Reeves, E.T.'s heirs and legal representatives
Reeves, Francis M.
Reeves, O.L.
Reeves, W.D. assignee of John I. Moore
Reeves, W.F.
Reeves, Willis G.
Regan, M.R.
Reid, J.M. Lumber Co. limited, composed of R.L. Alexander, Scott Alexander, D.W.C. Awburg, H.C. Awburg, J.M. & Dee Reid
Reid, Thomas J.
Reidel, Osker
Reider, Mike
Reiger, Michael deceased's heirs & legal representatives who was last ssignee of Wm. E. Dickson
Reinsch, Philip trustee
Reinsch, Phillip
Reiny, William H.
Rembert, J.C.
Remley, C.C.
Remley, E.P. & Co.
Remley?, E.P. & Co.
Remy, William J.
Renfroe, W.C.
Renfroe, Wm. and Jess Brewer
Renow, Amos
Revard, Charles A. and Agnes L. Revard, surface & 3/4 minerals; L.B. Kersey & Myrtle C. Kersey, 1/4 minerals
Reynolds, B.S. assignee of Benj. F. Thomason
Reynolds, Chester A.
Reynolds, D.L.
Reynolds, Ed.
Reynolds, H.R.
Reynolds, J.B.
Reynolds, J.D.
Reynolds, J.M.
Reynolds, James H.
Reynolds, S.J. Mrs.
Reynolds, Sam B. and Robert W. McCoy
Reynolds, T.W.
Reynolds, Terry
Reynolds, Thomas R.
Reynolds, W.W.
Reynolds, W.W. and J.A. Reynolds, and S.L. Vancleve
Reynolds, William D.
Rhea, W.H.
Rhea, W.P.
Rhea, Walter P.
Rhea, William H.
Rhem, Henry
Rhinehart, R.L.
Rhoads, Thomas
Rhodes, Rufus
Rice, Grover C.
Rice, John G.
Rice, Nathaniel assignee of Henry T. Oliver
Rice, R.R.
Rich, Adison H.
Richardson Land and Timber Co.
Richardson, D.C.
Richardson, D.C.
Richardson, F.M. and Gip Taylor, last assignee of W.A., H.B., Donia, & M.H. Cooper
Richardson, G.W.
Richardson, George R.
Richardson, Hattie
Richardson, Idos?
Richardson, J.W.
Richardson, J.W. & Bro.
Richardson, Mary L. widow of J.L. Richardson, deceased
Richardson, Mary L. wife of Jas. T. Richardson
Richert, A.J.'s heirs, assignee of J.H.M. Dougal
Richey, H.W. last assignee of John B. Billings
Richie, J.B.
Richie, John B.
Rickard, C.W.
Rickenbough, M.C. last assignee of T.P. German and R.J. Gray
Rickett, Edmond and Martha C. Rickett
Ricketts, M.
Ricketts, W.L.
Ricketts, William L.
Riddick, J.E.
Riddle, Ebb and Verna Riddle, husband and wife
Rider, Henry
Ridling, M.F.
Riggins, B.F.
Riggins, W.N. assignee of J.M. Gray
Riggins, W.N. assignee of W.G.W. Gray
Rigor, Michael
Riley, J.G.
Riley, J.O.
Ringgold, Wm. assignee of R.T. Bellamy
Ringgold, Wm. assignee of Sam'l Ringgold
Ringold, Wm.
Ringold, Wm. assignee of Samuel Ringold
Risher, J.S.
Risner, Louis
Risner, Ray
Ritchey, S.I.
Ritchie, G.L.
Ritchie, John C.
Ritchie, Robert deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Roach Wholesale Groc. Co.
Roady, Ott and L.D. Burnham
Roane, Julia
Roane, Julia, assignee of Drew White
Robbins, Elbert assignee of A.J. Walker
Robbins, H.E.
Robbins, J.B.
Robbins, J.D. assignee of B. Brumley
Robbins, John G.
Robbins, T.D.
Robbs, T.J.
Roberts, A.J.C. last assignee of John C. Smith
Roberts, Albert
Roberts, Benj. F.
Roberts, E.U.
Roberts, G.M.
Roberts, H.O.
Roberts, Henry O. assignee of Geo. R. Autry
Roberts, Ida B.
Roberts, J.N.
Roberts, John W.
Roberts, Johnson M.
Roberts, Johnson M. assignee of Stewart H. Carlisle
Roberts, Johnson M. assignee of Wilson Eidson
Roberts, Mathew H.
Roberts, Z.
Robertson, Alma
Robertson, E.C.
Robertson, E.R. & W.W. Reynolds
Robertson, Felix R. assignee of Jonathan Smith
Robertson, J.T.
Robertson, John
Robertson, John N.
Robertson, John N. and James T.
Robertson, Thos.
Robertson, W.M.
Robins, J.W.
Robinson, Elam N.
Robinson, Henry T.
Robinson, Hester, et al, see note
Robinson, I.T.
Robinson, J.N.
Robinson, J.P.
Robinson, J.W.
Robinson, Jacob
Robinson, John assignee of N.J. Walker
Robinson, Phineas Y.
Robinson, Robert W. and Ruth E. Robinson
Robinson, Samuel L.
Robinson, Silas B.
Robinson, Susie T.
Robison, Milville
Rocket, Edmond B.
Roddy, W.J.
Rodgers, Anderson A.
Rodgers, Dave and Grady
Rodgers, J.C.C.
Rodgers, J.R.
Rodgers, Levi
Rodgers, Valentine P. administrator of Thomas Mull
Rodgers, W.
Rodgers, William P.
Roe, C.A.
Roe, C.O. 1/3 interest, and Beatrice Gaynor, Barbara McCulloch, Elizabeth Eckstrom, & Blanche Flannigan 2/3 interest
Roe, H.A. and Sarah L.
Roetzel, F.W.
Rogers, Albert L.
Rogers, D.P.
Rogers, David R.
Rogers, E.A.
Rogers, Granville P.
Rogers, Green W.
Rogers, H.L. assignee of Joshua M.H. Hicks
Rogers, J.J.
Rogers, J.L.
Rogers, J.T.
Rogers, John
Rogers, John T.
Rogers, L.C.
Rogers, Lollie
Rogers, Margaret
Rogers, R.J.
Rogers, R.M.'s heirs and legal representatives, last assignee of T.B. Fowler
Rogers, Thomas J.
Rogers, Thos. J. assignee of W.M. Neal
Rogers, Wiley
Rogers, William J.
Rogers, Willis
Rogers, Wm. J. assignee of E.M. Williams, assignee of P.H. Wheat
Rogerson, James B.
Rolfe, E.A.
Rolfe, W.D. assignee of W.D. Moore
Rolfe, William G.
Rollans, A.
Rollans, C.A.
Roney, Benjamin F.
Ronnsaville, F.M. assignee of Wm. D. Briggs
Rooks, J.W.
Rosa, Wm. H., Mayor, & Thurdus Maxfield, Alfred H. Joblin, F.J. Smith, J.W. Reed & S.R. Reed, Aldermen of Batesville
Rose Bud Special School Dist.
Rose, C.M.
Rose, G.W.
Rose, Joe Jr.
Rose, L.A.
Rose, R.J.
Rose, S.B.
Rose, W.B., T.B. Smith, & W.T. Levesque
Rose, W.P. & J.M. Durnett
Rose, William assignee of Wm. H. Smith
Rosenberg, F.M. and Sol Miller
Rosenberg, George
Rosenberg, S.F.
Ross, G.J.
Ross, J.S.
Ross, Jacob S. assignee of John G. Warfield
Ross, Jacob S. assignee of Richard Dedman
Ross, John
Ross, John
Ross, W.N.
Rosser, W.B.
Rowbotham, Paul
Rowden, Thad W.
Rowell, G.W.
Rowland, E.A.
Rowland, J.A.
Rowland, J.A. and Son
Rowland, James A.
Rowland, Jane
Rowland, John S.
Rowland, Rebecca Z.
Rowlett, T.J.
Roy, R.C.
Royal, W.J.
Royall, E.N. assignee of J.M. McLeskey
Royall, Elbert N.
Royl, Young R.
Rucker, Edgar
Rudasell, W.M.
Rudd, J.B.
Ruddsill, S.C.
Ruffin, John M.
Ruffin, W.H.
Runnels, J.K.
Runsch, Phillip trustee
Runsic, Henry assignee of Alfred Gay
Runsie, Henry
Runyan, Henry J.
Runyon, Durell
Rush, Joseph
Rush, Paul D.
Rushing, W.N.
Russell, J.I.
Russell, J.M. assignee of Wiley Russell
Russell, L.J.
Russell, R.H.
Russell, Wiley
Russell, William M.
Russey, J.M. deceased's heirs & legal representatives
Russum, W.R.
Rust, Paul D.
Rutherford, J.F.
Rutherford, J.H.
Rutherford, N.G.
Rutherford, R.L.
Rutherford, Sherman
Rutledge, W.H. assignee of E.L. Mondy
Rutledge, W.O.
Ryan, John
Ryan, John
Ryan, W.F.
Sabb?, Isaac M.
Sabine Lumber Co., assignee of Chas. W. Dodson
Sabine Lumber Co., assignee of Ed B. Mooney
Sabine Lumber Co., assignee of Jesse M. Young
Sabine Lumber Co., assignee of Jno. W. DeWoody
Saddler, J.M.
Sadler, Frank
Sadler, G.W.
Saffald, F.L.
Saffel, F.L.
Saginaw Lumber Company
Sale, Wade
Saline River Lumber Co.
Saline River Shingle & Lumber Co. assignee of J.J. Ray
Sammons, S.A.
Sanders, Alex
Sanders, B.B.
Sanders, Benj.
Sanders, Coy and Elise; Carl and Helen Ruth Sanders
Sanders, E.A. Mrs.
Sanders, Elijah's heirs and legal representatives
Sanders, G.W., assignee of Isaac Anderson, assignee of William Hinds
Sanders, J.G.
Sanders, Jesse assignee of Russell Williams
Sanders, John C.
Sanders, John C.
Sanders, Julius
Sanders, Owen
Sanders, R.H.
Sanders, R.H. assignee of J.G. Thweatt
Sanders, William
Sanders, William assignee of E.N. Williams
Sanderson, H.G. and J.J. Battle
Sands, T.C.
Sanford, Julia Mrs.
Sanford, Wyatt assignee of Fielding Price
Sapp, Wm. S.
Sarret, John L.
Sarter, Erie
Satchfield, J.M.
Satterwhite, Thos. assignee of Riley Moody
Saunders, R.S.
Saunders, W.J.
Savage, James assignee of John Hinkle
Savage, James assignee of Michael Lynch
Sawyer and Austin Lumber Co.
Saxan, C.L. and Ollie Saxan
Saxon, Chas. L.
Sayles, A.R. last assignee of J.C. Hanna
Sayre, J.F.
Scantlin, George W.
Scantling, George W. assignee of C.F. Brown
Schield, Margaretha
Schill, Flora
Schillcutt, A.A.
Schillcutt, Chas. E.
Schmidt, M.C.
Schnatterer, Ottie Cross
Schneider, Max
Schneider, P. and J.
Schuellbacher, G.W.
Scoggin, A.H. assignee of M.J. Dowdy admn estate of M.V. Dowdy deceased, assignee of J.A. Meadows
Scott, Edward A.
Scott, Eliza A.
Scott, G.F.
Scott, Jno. B.H. assignee of Sam'l A. Cordell
Scott, John F. assignee of John F. Scott
Scott, John M. deceased's heirs at law
Scott, John R. assignee of John O. Brown
Scott, John R.H. assignee of James Holmes
Scott, John T. and Rosa Lou Scott his wife
Scott, R.C. and Mrs. M.L. Scott
Scott, S.
Scott, Samuel
Scott, Samuel S.
Scott, T.A.
Scott, W.J.
Scott, W.W.
Scott, William H.
Scraper, W.H.
Scraper, Wm. H.
Screeton, E.R.
Screeton, J.J.
Scrivner, J.A.
Scroggins Farms Corporation
Scroggins, Mahaly J. estate
Seaborn, George W.
Seals, Delmar
Seals, M.E. Mrs.
Seals, W.M. and John D. Brown, assignees of W.M. Seals one-half interest in
Seamster, Francis M.
Searcy, John R. and Ira V. Ross
Searcy, R.L.
Searight, David
Seawell, G.Q. and John O'Neill
Seay, Columbus C.
Seay, Columbus assignee of William H. Rhea
Seay, J.H.
Seay, J.M.
Sedgwick Tie Co.
Sedgwick, L.M.
Sedgwick, Lee M.
Sedgwick, Lee M. trustee for Sedgwick, Phillips & Co.
Seegraves, John H.
Seharn?, W.T.
Seigler, B.V.
Seimeyer, A.J. Lumber Co.
Seiter, Charles and Peter, assignees of F.M. Gwaltney
Self, A.W.
Self, A.W. & Co.
Self, James A.
Sellmeyer, B.H. & J.
Sellmeyer, B.H. & Joseph Sellmeyer
Sellmeyer, Joseph
Semple, R.E.
Sevier?, G.W.
Seward, Lucinda
Sewell, J.H.
Sewell, J.N.
Sewell, John H.
Seymour, Alexander assignee of Jas. W. Barnhill
Seymoure, Alex T.
Shackelford, E.A.
Shackelford, William H.
Shackleford, Wm. H.
Shadwell, John
Shadwick, Francis E.
Shaffer, J.J. and J.H. Vore
Shahan, Hiram S.
Shahan, Jno. S.
Shannon, Granville B.
Shannon, J.W., E.R. Henderson, C.F. Shannon, and C.H. Henderson
Shannon, Nancy
Shannon, T.J.
Sharp, Henry M.
Sharp, William last assignee of Stephen M. Smith
Sharum, T.J.
Shaver, F.M.
Shaver, W.M.D.
Shaw, Bruce H. and B.C. Reed
Shaw, Lebon H.
Shaw, R.W.
Shaw, R.W. and L.D. Ingram
Shaw, S.L. Mrs.
Shaw, Seabone H.
Shaw, W.V.
Sheek?, E.H.
Sheet, Berry
Sheets, A., E.F. Sheets, and C.W. Sheets
Shehorn, J.B.
Shell, Thomas J.
Shelton, W.H. and Ada Shelton
Shepherd, D.M.
Shepherd, Olive
Sheppard, D.M.
Sheppard, Geo. O.
Sheppard, Julius K.
Sheppherd, Arlis
Sherman, E.M.
Sherman, George W.
Sherman, J.J. Jr.
Sherman, O.K.
Sherman, O.K.
Shettleworth, Elijah
Shewmaker, R.L. & P.E.
Shibley Rural Special School District No. 56
Shinn, J.W.
Shipman, James
Shipp, John S.
Shirey, A.W.
Shirley, J.W.
Shockley, Gideon
Shoffer, J.J. and J.H. Vare
Shoffner, C.L.
Shofner, Henry P. last assignee of Brown and Tomme
Shofner, L.M.
Shook, J.M.
Shoope, David T.
Shoppach, James H.
Shoppach, Jas. H.
Shoptaw, J.J.
Shores, Henry A.
Shoulders, Alfred
Shoup, D.P.
Shouse, Wesley P.
Shropshire, Alfred
Shropshire, H.J.
Shrum, J.H.
Shuffield, W.D. and Claudine Shuffield, his wife, and Wash Standridge, and Lula Standridge, his wife
Shuffield, W.T.
Shull, O.L.
Shults, J.B.
Shumate, S.M.
Shumurhorn, E.B.
Shuts, A.W.
Sigman, M.L.
Sigman, M.L.
Siler, Ira and Alton Siler, his wife
Simco, Tom
Simmons, J.A., and John Lee Rogers, and Ruth Irene Rogers, husband and wife, and Wade Roberts
Simmons, W.R.
Simms, J.N.
Simonson, S. Everly
Simpson, B.F.
Simpson, Emma Medlock
Simpson, H.E.
Simpson, J.W.
Simpson, Jack
Simpson, James H.
Simpson, Joseph assignee of J.W. Warrick
Simpson, Lewis
Simpson, M.L.
Simpson, Thomas C.
Sims, A.E. deceased's heirs at law
Sims, E.L.
Sims, J.H. and B.F. Quinn
Sims, J.N.
Sims, T.S.
Sims, Thomas C.
Sims, W.E.
Simscheck, Stanley and Virginia Lea
Singleton, J.W.
Sisemore, T.J.
Sitton, H.W.
Sitton, J.H.
Sitton, W.C.
Sizemore, T.J. assignee of Wm. T. Murphy
Skaggs, N.B.
Skaggs, N.B.
Slate, Rufus C. and Mary H. Slate
Slaton, Wm. M.
Slewig, William H.
Sloan, Alphonso B.
Sloan, Clay
Sloan, Martha
Sloan, Thomas B.
Sloan, Thomas B. assignee of Wm. P. Key
Slocum, W.H. Sr.
Slover, J.E.B. assignee of Sarah Tomberlin
Smelser, J.W.
Smiser, Alfred and John Smiser
Smith, A. Calvin
Smith, A.C.
Smith, A.J.
Smith, A.R.
Smith, Alfred
Smith, Andrew
Smith, B.E. and Y.K. Light
Smith, B.F.
Smith, B.F. Sr.
Smith, B.G. and his heirs and legal representatives
Smith, Benj. S.
Smith, C. assignee of Wm. C. Hess
Smith, C.A.
Smith, C.A. and L.H. Smith
Smith, C.F.
Smith, C.H.
Smith, Charles
Smith, Charles assignee of J.A. Mitchell
Smith, Fanny A.
Smith, Ferdenand
Smith, G.F.
Smith, G.F. assignee of Julius Lesser
Smith, G.F. assignee of R.A. Dewberry
Smith, G.L.
Smith, G.W.
Smith, H.B. last assignee of W.W. Anderson
Smith, H.S.
Smith, H.S.
Smith, Hezekiah W.
Smith, Isaac and William Weatherly
Smith, J.A.
Smith, J.F. Jr.
Smith, J.J. and A.M.
Smith, J.M., W.M. & C.M. and J.B. Harper
Smith, J.P.
Smith, J.T.
Smith, J.W.
Smith, James
Smith, James B.
Smith, Jas. A.
Smith, Jeremiah assignee of E.E. Ammons
Smith, Jno. E. assignee of Adam Clemens
Smith, Joel
Smith, Joel's heirs
Smith, John
Smith, John Jr.
Smith, John M.
Smith, Kirby
Smith, L.H.
Smith, L.H.
Smith, L.S. and H.
Smith, Levi
Smith, Lottie, Rosie Smith, Annie Smith, & Johnnie Smith
Smith, M.W.
Smith, O.C.
Smith, O.W.
Smith, P.H. assignee of L.T. Connell
Smith, Porter
Smith, Presley R.
Smith, Robert S. Jr. trustee
Smith, S.D.
Smith, S.G.
Smith, S.M.
Smith, Samuel W.
Smith, Solomon
Smith, T.B.
Smith, T.B. and W.T. Levisque
Smith, T.G.
Smith, T.J.
Smith, Thomas C.
Smith, Thomas M.
Smith, V.E.
Smith, V.E.
Smith, W.G.
Smith, W.J.
Smith, W.J.
Smith, W.L.
Smith, Walter
Smith, William
Smith, William N.
Smith, William O.
Smithton Lumber Company
Smyth, J.M.
Smyth, R.S.
Snapp, L.D.
Sneed, Charles
Sneed, Ira
Sneed, M.L.
Sneed, Seaborn G.
Sneed, Sebron G.
Snell, John Em
Snipes, W.B.
Solinger, Saul and Co.
Sorrells, Mary I. and C.H. Bollinger
Sorrells, W.S.
Sorrels, W.W. and legal heirs of D-?- Emerson Thomas
Sout Lumber Co., a Delaware Corp.
South Western Land and Improvement Company
Southerland, B.F.
Southerland, H.L.
Southerland, James N.
Southern Cooperage Co. of St. Louis
Southern Land and Lumber Co.
Southern Lumber Co., a corporation organized under the laws of the state of Arkansas
Southern Lumber Co., a corporation organized under the laws of the state of Louisiana
Southern Lumber Company
Southern, B.E.
Spainshower, Alpha N. assignee of B.B. Cave
Spainshower, Alpha N. assignee of B.B. Cave & G.W. Umphrey
Spann, C.L.
Spann, S.E.
Sparkman Lumber Company
Sparks, J.C.
Spaulding, M.J.
Spaulding, M.J., assignee of F.M. Campster
Spears, Wm. F.
Speer, A.C.
Speer, Clara R. Jr.
Speer, Joseph H.
Speer, W.A.
Speer, William B.
Spence, A.B.
Spence, Abner assignee of Wm. Nichols
Spencer, Abner assignee of James J. Nichols
Spencer, Charley
Spencer, Ed
Spencer, T.J.
Spicer, R.E.
Spivey, J.R.
Spivey, J.R. Estate
Spradling, J.M.
Spradling, Nancy E. administratrix of Leonard Spradling deceased
Springer, G.F.
Springfield Lumber and Cooperage Co.
Springner?, W.H.
Spurlock, W.L.
Spurlock, W.L. and Lula Spurlock
St. Louis Refrigeration and Wooden Gutter Company
St. Louis Refrigerator and Wooden Gutter Co.
Sta--t?, T.C.
Stafford, Peter
Staggs, F.E.
Stahl, D.S.
Stalnaker, J.D.
Stanby, Thomas L. assignee of Alexander Brown
Standlee, Joseph S.
Standley, John
Standly, Thomas L. assignee of Rice & Cross
Standridge, George and Nola Standridge
Standrige, Joseph S.
Stanfield, C.A.
Stanfield, James
Stanfield, Jas. assignee of J.M. Farris
Stanley, T.E.
Staples, J.J.
Staples, J.J. assignee of Peter Davis
Starbird, C.R.
Stares, William R.
Starks, L.T.
Starnes, J.R.
Starr, David
Starr, John assignee of J.L. Carter
Starret, T.C.
Starret, T.C.
Starret, Thos. C.
Starrett, T.C.
Statham, Geo. S.
Statham, George S.
Statler, H.W.
Statom, Geo. S.
Staudt, John Company
Stayton, David H.
Stearns, Justus S.
Steel, A.C.
Steel, A.C.
Steel, A.C. & J.S.
Steel, Custer; Frank Steel; Allene Steel; Mary Latimer; and Irene Hinton
Steel, J.I. assignee of B.B. Beavers
Steele, Elias
Steen, J.B.
Stell, J.P.
Stell, Milus L.
Stell, R.J. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Stell, Robert
Step, William W.
Stephens, Charles N. and Marion T. Stephens
Stephens, H.C.
Stephens, J.H.
Stephens, John A.
Stephens, John H.
Stephens, John J.
Stephens, Samuel
Stephens, T.S.
Stephens, W.S.
Stephens, Will
Stephenson, C.F.
Stephenson, J.S.
Stepp, Clarissa, widow, et al, see note
Stepp, W.W.
Stepp, W.W. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Sterling, E.D.
Stermer, B.F.
Sternur, Geo.
Stevens, Curtis
Stevens, L.B. assignee of Wm. Vinston
Stevens, L.E.
Stevens, M.M.
Stevens, W.
Stevens, W.
Stewart, Alexander assignee of W.B. Archer
Stewart, Andrew, Wm. Stewart, & Hugh Stewart, under firm of Stewart & Brothers
Stewart, C.R.
Stewart, Harvey and Feba Stewart
Stewart, John
Stewart, T.J.
Stewart, Thos. J.
Stewman, Arthur
Stiles, G.W.
Stiles, George W.
Stiles, Nathan
Stille, Lilburn J.
Stilley, Jordan H.
Stillwell, Wm. J.
Stillwell, Wm. J.
Stinson, M.L.
Stinson, S.T.
Stirens, M.M.
Stobaugh, G.W.
Stobaugh, James
Stocks, W.C.
Stokes, Dudley G.
Stokes, M.E.
Stokes, M.E. last assignee of Ayer and Lord Tie Co.
Stone, George H.'s heirs
Stone, H.
Stone, Richard F. and George J. Stone, joint tennents with right of surviorship
Stone, Samuel D.
Stonecipher, J.M.
Stoner, J.H.
Stoner, W.H.
Stonesifer, Lee
Stontz, L.
Storms, Eva
Storthz, L.
Storthz, Levi
Story, A.R.
Stosberg, Hazel Clyma; Helen Nelson; Ray Clyma and Wilma Clyma
Stotts, Arnold
Stout - Greer Lumber Co.
Stovall, D.H.
Stover, Elijah
Stover, Samuel
Stow, F.M.
Stow, S.N.
Stracener, H.W. and P.G.
Stracener, Tommy
Straight, Powhatan N. assignee of Henry T. McFarland
Strain, S.P.
Strange, Martha widow and admx of estate of George J. Strange, deceased
Strange, Thomas
Strate, John
Stratton, Henry
Strawn, Thomas J.
Street, Berry
Street, John
Street, John last assignee
Stribling, Sabra
Strickland, Arminta, heir at law of Jno. Milam, deceased
Strickland, Authur
Strickland, B.P.
Strickland, Joseph
Strickland, William
Stringer, R.L.
Stripling, G.W.
Strong, E.O.
Strong, E.O. & Dwight C. Strong
Strong, J.A. assignee of A.J. Wormack and W.A. Crowder
Strong, James
Strong, Nathan
Strong, W.K.
Stroop, William S.
Stroope, W.S.
Stroope, Wm. S.
Stroops, John P.
Stroud, A.O.
Stroud, A.P.
Stroud, Dora Mrs.
Stroud, J.O.
Stroud, John
Stroud, S.B.
Stroud, Walter C. and Hazel
Stuart, E.G.
Stuart, James W.
Stubblefield, Jno. R.
Sturdivant, C.W.
Sturgis Brothers, a partnership composed of W.P. Sturgis and C.F. Sturgis
Sturgiss, Franklin
Sublett, A.A.
Suggs, J.W.
Sullivan, H.A.
Sullivan, L.A.
Sullivan, L.S.
Sullivan, M.J.
Sullivant, D.D.
Summit, D.S.
Summit, J.H.
Sumner, Jesse assignee of David Rice
Sumner, Jesse assignee of Elzy Taylor
Sumpter, E.D.
Sumpter, J.J.
Suthards, Owen
Sutherland, B.F. and R.S. Pierce
Suttle, Joe
Sutton, David W.
Sutton, David W. assignee of John Spillers
Sutton, J.N.
Sutton, James E.
Sutton, W.B.
Sutton, W.N.
Swaimagaim, Samuel
Swan, A.H.
Swan, B.J.
Swan, J.W. and S.B. Swan
Sweeney, James
Swiney, James assignee of P.H. Cloud who was assignee of J.C. Cornelius
Swinny, James
Switzer, Utah and Veda Dale Switzer
Swofford, H.S.
Swope, M.W.
Symonds, Henry assignee of Wm. E. Beavers
Symons, Henry assignee of Franklin Rucker
Symons, Henry, assignee of Thomas Sims
Tackett, J.R.
Talbert, C.A.
Talbert, C.A. last assignee of W.L. Williams
Talbert, Charley W.
Talbert, Walter
Talburt, Ernest
Talburt, H.C.
Talburt, T.J.
Talburt, Thomas J.
Talburt, W.L.
Tallman, E.
Tally, W.E.
Tankersley, Bettie F.
Tarver, B.F.
Tarwater, D.C. assignee
Tate, J.L.
Tate, James M.
Tatem, Stephen W.
Tatum, Joshua P.
Tatum, R. Miller
Tatum, Wm. H.'s heirs
Tayler, A.D.
Tayler, George W., P.H. Thomas, and B.C. Hailey
Taylor, Arniel?
Taylor, C.M.
Taylor, C.O.
Taylor, Charles M.
Taylor, F.C.
Taylor, F.W.
Taylor, G.H.
Taylor, J.O.
Taylor, J.W.
Taylor, James H.
Taylor, John A.
Taylor, John P.
Taylor, John R.
Taylor, Noah
Taylor, S.L.
Taylor, Stephen assignee of David L. Anderson
Taylor, Stephen last assignee of J.B. Pemberton
Taylor, W.W.
Teague, N.N.
Teague, W.W.
Tebbs, W.H.
Tebbs, W.H. assignee of Cain Carnega
Tebbs, W.H. assignee of G.P. George Jr.
Tebbs, W.H. assignee of T.D. Hudson
Tedford, A.H. and Velma Tedford
Tedford, John L.
Telford, R.
Temple, John N.
Temple, Wm.
Temple, Wm. and Nora Carrigan
Terry, B.J.
Terry, J.B.
Terry, J.E.
Terry, Thomas
Teters, Martin
Teverbaugh, McBride
Texarkana Cooperate and Mgf. Co., assignee of M.W. LaRue
Thane, H.
Thatch, Cecil
The Present Owners
The Present Owners as their Interest may appear
Thomas, Benj.
Thomas, F.W.
Thomas, F.W.
Thomas, H.F.
Thomas, J.A.
Thomas, J.E.
Thomas, J.E.H. assignee of W.D. Wallace
Thomas, J.H. and John Sisk
Thomas, J.S. and J.P. Lee
Thomas, J.W.
Thomas, J.W. assignee of W.S. Sexson and son
Thomas, James E.H. assignee of James Williams
Thomas, James; Donald Thomas; and Ronald Thomas
Thomas, Jeremiah
Thomas, Luke assignee of Daniel McLeod
Thomas, M.P.
Thomas, Philip H.
Thomas, S.W.
Thomas, William deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Thomason, D.H. assignee of Samuel D. Dicksen
Thomason, D.H. assignee of W.F. Slemons
Thomason, W.W.
Thomasson, J.B.
Thompson, A.E.
Thompson, A.G.
Thompson, Arthur and Lucius E. Polks assignee of John C.O. Smith and Jas. W. Nevell
Thompson, B.R.
Thompson, H.L.
Thompson, J.B.
Thompson, J.T.
Thompson, James
Thompson, James A.
Thompson, James A. assignee of Wm. A. Moreland
Thompson, John T. assignee of John W. Guest
Thompson, Mary E.
Thompson, R.W.
Thompson, S.E.
Thompson, W.A.G.'s heirs at law
Thompson, W.A.G.'s heirs at law, assignee of S.W. Kelsey
Thompson, W.G.
Thompson, W.J.
Thompson, William
Thompson, William assignee of A.N. Thompson
Thompson, Wm.
Thompson, Wm.
Thorn, Amanda J. assignee of Issac Winningham, sole heir of Jno. A. Winningham, deceased
Thorn, H.J., assignee of A.S. Thorn
Thornton, Etta
Thornton, F.A.
Thorpe, A.W.
Threet, J.M.
Thrower, John B.
Thrower, Lown
Thurman, B.T.
Thurman, M.P.
Thurmond, William R.
Thurmond, Wm. R.
Thurmond, Wm. R.
Thweatt, J.G.
Thweatt, J.G.
Tidwell, N.M.
Tidwell, N.W.
Tidwell, Thomas
Tigrit, E.A.
Tillar, J.T.W. and J.S. Russ
Tillar, J.T.W. assignee of Macon Simpkins
Tillar, T.F.
Tillery, L.T.
Tillery, L.T.
Tillery, Tavner
Tilley, Chas.
Tillman, K.D. assignee of C.P. Thomson
Tilly, Martha
Tilson, M.D.
Tilson, M.D. assignee of Harry Bizzell
Timmons, Loyd
Timmons, Loyd; Jannie Pharr, J.M. Timmons, Laura Broom, Hughey Timmons and Zelma Timmons
Timmons, Wm.
Tindall, A.A.
Tiner, D.S.
Tinsley, J.T.
Tinsley, James T.
Titsworth, John
Titsworth, John R.
Todd, J.T.
Todd, J.W.
Todd, J.W. and J.T. Hannaford
Todd, John W.
Todd, W.D.
Toland, H.S. and Co.
Toland, Jas.
Tolleson, M.E.
Tolson, Mae B.
Tomlinson, Charles
Tomlinson, H.A.
Tomlinson, Joe
Tomlinson, Van R.
Tomlinson, Van Ransalaer assignee of Charles Tomlinson
Tomlinson, Vann R. assignee of O.H.P. Tomlinson
Tompkins, Adna
Toney, James R.
Tony, George's estate
Townley, V.V.
Townsend, W.H.
Townsend, W.W.
Trammel, Thomas R.
Trammell, M.J.
Trammell, Thomas R.
Travis, Billie S.
Trawick, Geo. W.
Trawick, George W.
Trawick, J.F.
Traylor, Adam
Traywick, A.M.
Traywick, George W.
Traywick, J.J.
Traywick, Jas. F.
Treadway, S.B.
Treadwell, Stephen
Treadwell, W.C.
Treat, S.S.
Tredaway, S.B. assignee of H.F. Rhodes
Tredwell, J.M. assignee of F.H. Skinner
Treece, Jasper E.
Trezevont, N.M.
Tribble, J.W.
Trice, J.P. et al
Trickett, G.A.
Trigg, James M.
Trimble, John D.
Trimble, Thos. C. Jr.
Trimm, C.P.
Triplett, C.H.
Triplett, Pearl Mrs.
Trollinger, James N. assignee of Enoch Trott
Trotter, V.J. Sr., V.J. Trotter Jr. and H.F. & R.F. Trotter, composing the firm of V.J. Trotter & Sons
Trout, J.Q. assignee of J.J. Leard
Trout, Josiah assignee of W.F. McCormick
Trout?, W.M.
Trucks, Johnson
True, John
True, Wallace
Trunkey, Frank
Trussell, W.L.
Tucker, E.M.
Tucker, J.M.
Tucker, Julia A.
Tucker, Louisa
Tucker, S.W.
Tucker, T.O.
Turman, Charles B.
Turman, John B.C.
Turnbow, James T.
Turner, B.E.
Turner, B.K.
Turner, C.C. and T.G. Butte
Turner, Dorothy assignee of William Taspon
Turner, F.E.
Turner, H.J.
Turner, J.E. assignee of Z. Claxton
Turner, J.T. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Turner, Jesse
Turner, Jessee administrator of Alexander McLean
Turner, Jno. P. assignee of Wm. Marcum
Turner, John T.
Turner, S.G.
Turner, Samuel A. deceased's heirs and legal representataives
Turner, W.C.
Turner, W.E.
Turner, W.R.
Turpin, E.S. last assignee of J.M. Baird
Turrell?, Theodore assignee of H.G. Miller
Tuttle, James J.
Twin City Lumber and Shingle Co.
Tyas, Robert B.
Tyler, A.
Tyler, Asberry
Tyler, Benj. C. assignee of A.I. Phelps
Tyler, Daniel R.
Tyson, J. Sam
Tyus, Robt. B. assignee of John Barnard; and assignee of Thos. Jackson
Uhles, J.E.
Union Saw Mill Co.
United States of America
Upton, John last assignee of A.D. Brown
Uric, J.M.D.
Urmstan, S.S. assignee of Richard Enlay
Usery, Paulina
Usrey, Samuel
Utley, F.N.
Valentine, Margaret Y.
Valentine, Mark and Margaret Y.
Valentine, W.E.
Van Etten, G.H.
Van Gilder, J.W. assignee of Mary E. Robins
Van Hoose, J.H., assignee of The Southwestern Tie & Timber Co.
Van Patten, Philip
Van Valkenburgh, H.B.
Van Vorhis, Nancy
VanHoose, John J. assignee of P.P. VanHoose
VanVorhis, George
VanVorhis, John
Vance, Lucy A.
Vance, Lucy A. assignee of O.A. Porter
Vance, Will D.
Vandergriff, Lewis
Vandergriff, Ruffin assignee of B.M. Sammons
Vandyke, T.J. & J.D. Fuller
Vangilder, Jno. W.'s heirs and legal representatives
Vann, J.M. last assignee of Mose Krisell
Vann, William K.
Varnadore, John B.
Varnell, John H.
Vaughan, Benjamin B.
Vaughan, E.L. deceased's heirs at law, assignee of R.S. Crow
Vaughan, H.W. as assignee of Wm. Suit? & Wesley Sowards
Vaughan, Jas.
Vaughan, John W.
Vaughan, Leila May
Vaughan, R.F.
Vaughan, Taylor
Vaughan, William B.
Vaughn, Charles assignee of Bishop Wasson
Vaughn, J.E.
Vaught, A.P.
Vaugine, Adiel Mrs.
Vaugine, F.N.'s heirs at law
Vaugine, Francis N.'s heirs at law
Veatch, James W.
Venable, J.H.
Venable, Joseph C.
Venable, Joseph M.
Venible, W.W.
Verdell, John T.
Verden, F.E.
Verden, O.B.
Vernon, J.B.
Vest, A.H.
Vester, D.Y.
Vick, William
Vickers, A.C.
Vickery, Jess and Ruth Vickery
Villiness, James A.
Vinson, Joseph
Vinson, N.A. Mrs.
Virden, M.W.
Virdin, C.E. Dr.
Vogler, Beulah B.
WIlson, R.W.
Waddle, Augusta L. assignee of Jacob D. Lacy
Wade, J.E.
Wade, Martin
Wadkins, H.F.
Wadley, Emma F.
Wagner, Nicholas
Wagoner, Nick
Wakefield, A.C.
Waldrip, Ada heir of P.W. Haller, deceased
Waldrip, Francis M.
Waldrip, Fred
Walker, Andrew
Walker, Charlie
Walker, Floyd C. and Ernest C. Walker
Walker, H.B.
Walker, H.E.; J.W. Vincent, J.E. Edwards, directors of school dist. No. 73 Greene Co., Ark.
Walker, J.G.
Walker, J.W.
Walker, James G.
Walker, James H.
Walker, James H. assignee of Andrew Caldwell
Walker, Jesse H.
Walker, Jno. J. assignee of Robt. Adams, deceased
Walker, John S.
Walker, Nelson
Walker, Rachael D.
Walker, Robert D.
Walker, W.M.
Walker, W.P.
Wall, Grandison M.
Wallace, Alfred
Wallace, George W.
Wallace, J.G.
Wallace, J.H.
Wallace, S.B.
Wallace, W.D.H.
Wallace, W.M.
Wallace, W.W. assignee of Big Pine Lumber Co.
Wallace, William B. assignee of Sol'm Millson
Wallace, Wm. M.
Wallace, Wm. R.
Wallbrann, Joe
Wallis, J.C.
Walls, A.J. assignee of R.G. Kirk
Walls, Jas. A.
Walters, A.
Walters, Amos
Walters, Anderson
Walters, Bird
Walters, Clyde
Walthall, B.F.
Walthall, J.E.
Walton, J.P. and W.W.
Wann, H.
Ward, B.E.
Ward, Ben
Ward, John
Ward, John V.
Ward, S.A.
Ward, T.L. assignee of J.A. Adams
Wardlow, A.C.
Wardlow, P.A.
Wardlow, Robt. H.
Ware, Abram L.
Ware, James E. assignee of E.M. Williams and Wm. J. Rogers
Warfield, John G.
Warford, John
Wargo, Andy
Warnack, T.P.
Warnock, R.S.
Warren Stave Co.
Warren, A.L.
Warren, Bufford
Warren, Caleb P.
Warren, Geo. W.
Warren, Luther
Warwick, W.I.
Washington, J.S.
Wasson, C.W.
Wasson, J.N.
Wasson, W.G.
Waters, John
Waters, Tennessee
Watkins, H. Inc.
Watkins, Henry K.
Watkins, John A.
Watkins, John W., Willie M. & James T. Ezell
Watkins, Robert J.
Watson, A.C.
Watson, Elbert L.
Watson, Emma D. Mrs.
Watson, J.R.
Watson, J.W.
Watson, Jesse S.
Watson, Lou
Watts, S.D.
Watts, T.J.
Watts, Thomas Y.
Waymire, Andrew
Weatherly, John A.
Weaver, Jno. S.
Weaver, M.C.
Weaver, M.C.
Webb, J.P.
Webb, James H.
Webb, John B.
Webb, R.P.
Webb, V.N.
Webster, A.H.
Weemes, S.R.
Weiburg, C.
Weibury, C.
Weidman, J.C. and J.C. Walls
Weimer, A.W.
Weimer, Adam W.
Weir, Leslie
Weith, Otto
Welch, A.L.
Well, Leroy R.
Weller, Minnie O.
Wells, Andy C.
Wells, C.T.
Wells, Claiborn L.
Wells, D.S. last assignee
Wells, Henry A.
Wells, Henry A., assignee of E. Dunahoo
Wells, J.D.
Wells, J.H.
Wells, J.T.
Wells, Jonathan
Wells, S.R. & J.W.
Wells, T.H.
Wells, W.T.
Wells, W.T. and E.B.
Werner, Louis Saw Mill Company
Wesack, Jacob
Wesbrook, Bartley A. assignee of Wm. Pope
Wesson, Edward, assignee of Josiah Patterson
Wesson, Edward, assignee of Wm. H. Farley
Wesson, J.M.
West, Crawford
West, G.C.
West, James S.
West, L.L.
West, S.H.
West, T.C.
West, W.H.
West, W.P.
West, William H.
Westbrook, Cole J. and Eula
Westbrook, J.R. assignee of Hugh Ross
Westbrooks, H.J.
Westbrooks, Hardy J.
Westbrooks, James A.
Western Tie and Timber Co.
Western Tie and Timber Co., assignee of J.F. Blosser
Westmoreland, J.G.
Westmoreland, J.P.
Westmoreland, W.E.
Weyerhaeuser Company
Wharton, Wm. M. assignee of David Smith
Wheat, Patrick H.
Wheeler, J.N.
Wheeler, J.N. and B.F. Gardner
Wheeler, John N.
Wheeler, W.B.
Wheeler, W.H.
Wheeler, Will W.
Wheeless, A.J. assignee of B.F. Wood
Wheeless, S.W.
Whetstone, Jake
Whisnant, D.P. and P.S. Fortune
Whistanhunt, R.O?.
Whitaker, J.H.
White River Lumber Co.
White River Stave Co.
White, A.P.
White, Berry
White, Billie
White, Bud
White, C.B.
White, D.C. as guardian of Joel B. and Rich'd S. White and Samantha McKinney
White, David
White, Drew [entry is marked out]
White, E.P. and Minter Williams
White, F.S.
White, Fred
White, Geo.
White, Geo. W.
White, Geo. W., J.E. Smith, B.F. Dudney, A.J. Harrington, and P.V. Duke
White, George T.
White, I.K.
White, Ira and J.F. White
White, J.H.
White, J.N.
White, J.R.
White, Jackson
White, James
White, Jerry D. and Carolynne J. White
White, Jno. C.
White, John M.
White, L.C. assignee of Jos. W. Spivey
White, Luther C. assignee of Geo. Burns
White, Martin
White, O.E.
White, Perry
White, R.C.
White, Rex
White, Richard C.
White, Robt. J.
White, T.H.
White, T.H.
White, T.H.
White, Thomas J. and Irene White
White, W.D.
White, W.E.
White, William T.
White, Wm. F.
White, Wm. F. assignee and legatee of A.N. Thompson
Whitehead, S.H.
Whiteside, John M.
Whitesides, Emanuel
Whitesides, Jacob B.
Whitfield, L.J.
Whitfield, Reuben
Whitfield, Rewbin
Whiting, Sam
Whitlow, Paschal assignee of Wm. P. Moore
Whitmire, Thos. K. assignee of Wm. Mulkey and Jacob Custer
Whitner, H.A.
Whitson, Garl [overwritten]
Whitstone, Jake and W.E. assignees of J.W. Simpson
Whittaker, Thomas
Whittaker, Thos. assignee of J. Wiseman
Whittaker, Thos. assignee of Joseph Davis
Whitten, Paul
Whitten, W.L.
Whittington, Granville last assignee of Cotton and Belden
Whorton, E.H. assignee of D. Whorton
Wickes, S.P. assignee of Wm. Brown
Wiedemann, Ernest last assignee
Wieson, J.H.
Wigal, A.L.
Wiggins, M.M.
Wiggins, Samuel A.
Wigginton, J.R.
Wilburn, F.
Wilken, August assignee of E.C.W. Wilken
Wilken, Ed C.W.
Wilkens, Ed C.W. and John Kocourek
Wilkerson, Robert
Wilkes, Kennard
Wilkins, M.H.
Wilkinson, E.T.
Wilkinson, William W.
Wilkinson, Wm. W.
Wilks, O.C. and Louise Wilks, his wife
Willbanks, M.R.
Willbanks, W.H.
Willett, Clara F.
Willett, E.S.
Willhite, B.G.
Williams, Andrew J. assignee of B.B. Brinkley
Williams, C.S. and Lorene Williams
Williams, Chap
Williams, Charles David
Williams, Chas. Y.
Williams, Council
Williams, D.H.
Williams, D.W.
Williams, Daniel O.
Williams, E.P.
Williams, Edward
Williams, Elisha
Williams, G.H.
Williams, H.D.
Williams, H.D. Cooperage Co.
Williams, H.T.
Williams, J.L.
Williams, James
Williams, Jas. W.
Williams, Jasper A.
Williams, Jesse W.
Williams, John
Williams, John H.
Williams, John H. assignee of Jeremiah Moreland and Mary Ann Moreland
Williams, John M. and C.W. and Nora English, his wife
Williams, John assignee of Reubin Hogue
Williams, O.H.M.
Williams, Oscar
Williams, Russell
Williams, Sam'l. assignee of Wm. McLain
Williams, T.J.
Williams, Urias
Williams, V.W. assignee of James Brown
Williams, W.A.L.
Williams, W.R.
Williams, Walter C. assignee of A.W. Cole who was assignee of B.C. Parker, who was assignee of Wm. R. Batchelor
Williamson Bros.
Williamson, Geo. W.
Williamson, Geo. W. assignee of J.M. Baird
Williamson, James B. assignee of David Tuttle
Williamson, John N. assignee of John T. Bustin
Williamson, Martha
Williamson, W.L.
Willingham, Frank
Willis, Harry
Willson, W.A. assignee of J.M. Willson
Willy, E.L. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Willy, M.D.
Wilmoth, Dallas W.
Wilmoth, H.C.
Wilson, A.H. assignee of G.P. George
Wilson, Benj. F.
Wilson, C.F.
Wilson, Clarence and Leathel Wilson
Wilson, Elias
Wilson, Emzy
Wilson, Geo. S.
Wilson, H.B.
Wilson, H.M.
Wilson, Hugh assignee of G.N. Jennings
Wilson, J.F. assignee of Steve and Leila Treadwell
Wilson, J.L.
Wilson, J.T.
Wilson, James R.
Wilson, Jesse
Wilson, Joe
Wilson, John T.
Wilson, John assignee of Jesse Cook
Wilson, M.W.
Wilson, Mack
Wilson, R.E. Lee
Wilson, R.J.
Wilson, R.M. assignee
Wilson, R.R.
Wilson, W.A.
Wilson, W.D.
Wilson, W.W. Stave Co., assignee of Sam P. Tarver
Wilson, W.W. assignee of I.H. Pillow
Wilson, W.W. assignee of I.H. Pillows
Wilson, Willis
Wimberly, L.M.
Wimmer, I.N.
Wimmer, Isabelle
Wimmer, W.A.
Winchester, D.G.
Windell, Jacob
Wine, Thomas last assignee of Sam Bender
Winfield, F.A. assignee of H.P. Rose
Winford, J.A.
Winford, S.L.
Winfrey, W.P.
Wingfield, Edward
Wingfield, J.G. [or J.E. - page torn]
Wingfield, J.H. deceased's estate
Wingfield, J.S.
Wingfield, James
Winkle, P.R.
Winn, Albert
Winner, W.M.
Winnie, Fox
Winstead, Stephen assignee of Thos. J. Reid
Winston, A.D.
Winston, Aubrey
Wiscaver, Chas. E. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Wisconsin and Arkansas Lumber Co.
Wisdom, Francis M. assignee of G.W. Barham
Wiseman, J.K., E.R. & D.T.
Wisinger, J.M.
Witherington, H.D. [or A.D.?]
Witherspoon, James L.
Witt, Gibson
Wolf, J.E.
Wolf, Leonard
Wolf, Martin J. administrator of Jas. G. Duggan
Wolf, Robert Charles
Wolff, J.R.
Wolff, Sigman and Isaac Goldman
Wolverton, E.A.
Womack, A.J.
Womack, David H. assignee of B.F. Hammond
Wonn, Charlotte J.
Wood, Albert S.
Wood, Carter
Wood, Carter E.
Wood, Eliza T. Mrs.
Wood, G.W.
Wood, George
Wood, George R.
Wood, H.C.
Wood, Henry C.
Wood, J.H.
Wood, James A.; William J. Woods; and Marion B. Washner
Wood, W.J.
Woodcock, E.E.
Woodland, Edward N.
Woodman, C.C.
Woodruff Electric Cooperative Corporation
Woodruff, B.E.
Woodruff, B.E.
Woodruff, Wayatt F.
Woodruff, Wayatt F. assignee of Henry McCinza
Woods, Archable
Woods, Jno.'s heirs at law
Woods, John
Woods, John T.
Woodward, Elbert's heirs at law
Wooldridge, J.C.
Wooldridge, John
Woolfolk, Mary R.
Woolingohn, Christ
Woolverton, E.A.
Woosley, James assignee of William A. Matlock
Worthen, W.B.
Wrape, Henry Co.
Wrape, Henry Co., assignee of J.A. Patrick
Wrape, Henry Company, assignee of J.A. Patrick
Wray, William J.
Wright, Amos
Wright, Barner
Wright, C.W.
Wright, Edgar
Wright, H.E. Sr.
Wright, H.R.
Wright, Henry F.
Wright, Idrell assignee of Jmaes J. Jeffries
Wright, J.L., Lena Graddy and Lillian Martin
Wright, J.M.
Wright, James T.
Wright, James W.
Wright, Jas. W.
Wright, John C.
Wright, John F.
Wright, John assignee of William Barnes
Wright, Lee, trustee, and Loyd Kilman, trustee
Wright, Levi
Wright, Morehead
Wright, O.C.
Wright, S.T.
Wright, W.B.
Wright, W.M.
Wroten, G.S.
Wyatt, B.A. deceased's heirs and legal representatives
Wyatt, W.J.
Wyche, R.E. and G.W. Smith
Wylie, J.G. assignee of Eugene Key
Wylie, L.S.
Wylie, Ross
Wynn, W.H.
Wynne Stave Co.
Yancey, G.W.
Yancey, T.A. assignee of O?.W. Waller
Yancey, T.A. assignee of T.D. Porter
Yancy, J.L.
Yates, Arthur
Yates, Ben N. & D.L. King
Yates, Jno. W.
Yaunt, R.
Yearns, J.H.
Yeatts, Gabriel S.
Yoes, Jacob
Yore, N.W.
York, Adam
Young, A.J.
Young, A.P.
Young, B.B.
Young, Berry and Martha L. Young
Young, Dean and Peggy Young, his wife
Young, E.
Young, E.
Young, F.C.
Young, F.M.
Young, F.M. and E.A. Rough
Young, F.M. and E.A. Routh
Young, Gus and M.H. Pierce
Young, J.R.; Charles G. Palmer; and Ralph Freeman
Young, John and William Young, last assignees of G.D. Munn
Young, P.H.
Young, Robert C.
Young, Robert Coleman, assignee of E.B. Crouch
Young, Robert W. assignee of J.M. Young
Young, W.L.
Young, W.T. and Edna Pearl Young
Young, William C.
Young, William N. and Joseph F. Schaer
Younger, Wm. M.
Yount, Robert
Zachery, B.H.
Zachery, V.H.
Zager, Joe, Tony Zager, and Steve Zager
Zentz, W.H.
Zernstein, Carl
Ziffzer, Georgia
Zoller, John F.C.

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